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7-25-12 Pane Andov predicts 2012 - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes...
Feb 23, 2012 – According to Pane Andov, sometimes it isn't what's being said by 'experts' and the media,
It's what's not being said that is most important.

My reason for not accepting Pane's predictions is because I know that something different is on the way - It's called "THE TUNING",
and it's akin to Ascension, but not quite the same.  The Tuning involves many planets in the Universe that are similar in consciousness,
and all these planets, when they are ready will 'tune' at the exact same moment, and it will happen in less than a second and won't
stress anyone at all.  It'll be that easy when that moment comes.   See:  for more details.

23 Dec 2012 passed – Nothing happened?

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Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay I just returned from the Triangle zone yesterday and I was with limited interned access there. We meet some wonderful souls, that were there for the same reason and made friendships that will last for a long time.

Dec 27 2012, we are still here and nothing major has happened from the expected predictions for this year.

I received high number of emails from people all over the world, asking questions, attacking that is was all a fraud from the beginning, it was all about generating funds, spreading fear etc.

I feel obligation to say few words about it and to answer the questions that were most logical.

1.  On December 23 2012 nothing happened. The impact of the hot magnetic plasma should hit the sun by now and moving the star into its next phase of evolution. How come when all the data from various sources was pointing towards this time reference?

- A huge wave of negative energy transmitted from the thoughts of so many people, containing anger, disappointment, aggression and judgment had reached my bio-field. I had to use all my knowledge to block it since the thought energy of some is very strong and can do harm.

From DAY ONE always and I mean always everywhere on my websites, on everything that I have written it was clearly stated: Information purposes only, just my personal observation of things and reality, nothing more and nothing less. I have never pointed a gun to any head; force someone or whatever.  Never!

Everyone was free to explore the gathered information, checked on the internet, find the measurements, the data and to make their own mind what resonates with them and what not.

Despite the fact that the great expected change didn’t happen, the UFO phenomena is real, deep underground bases with combined ET/Human personnel are real, crop circle phenomena is real and Shadow Government attempts to disregard it and block it by sending helicopters and fighter jets to chase the balls of light, psionic powers of the consciousness are real, the ancient civilizations were real with all the knowledge they left behind, Illuminati and secret societies are real, the planetary changes are real, solar system changes are real and galactic changes are real.

We all know that things always change and they will not stay as they are forever…


As I clearly noted many times, I lost the contacts for the last two years with the beings from the stars…there were 5 attempts for contact from their side, but every time the transmission was interrupted by other outer force.

Shadow Government has acquired a high tech by ETs that signed the treaty with, but I felt that SG is not the only one that is blocking the download of data on the NEXUS/Superwave subject.

I’m fully aware of Shadow Government satellites that are able to trace and detect certain brain frequencies in individuals that are capable to receive intelligent messages from beings out of the planet and to block it.

Shadow Government has the technology by now to see on their screens everyone on the planet that has some form of implant put in the biological body by the other beings.

Some people do not have implants, like I but they are still capable of receiving because of some difference in some part of the genetics.

Every time the contact is happening the brain operates on a frequency that is measurable by the sensitive high-tech scanners installed on some ultra-secret satellites.

Things in Space are often turbulent and ever changing…the last updates that I received was exactly like I passed to the people…The published information was not a lie, deception, wasn’t published to cause fear or to mislead. In fact it was published as a warning of possible future event. Things obviously changed in the last two years since my contacts were cut off by other unknown force.

I spend lot of hours thinking and analyzing what went wrong and why the expected event didn’t unfold like it was predicted.


These are my thoughts on the subject:

The time reference for Dec 23 2012 was given three times. Twice in crop circles and once in the night sky of New Zealand by amazing blue light display that lasted few hours.

The crop circle message from Avebury Manor on July 15 2008 was showing the above view of our solar system on 23 Dec 2012.

Showing the position of the planets of our solar system seen from above.

For everyone who wants to check this:

The second crop circle indicating the same time reference was delivered on June 17 2012 in Santena in Italy near the zone of Poirino….showing the position of the four inner planets of our solar system seen from bellow.

New Zealand by amazing blue light display that lasted few hours>

Previous information was delivered regarding to energetic outburst and powerful wave of energy>>

Certain symbolism recognized in masonic societies were also detected referring to the Milky Way and the Son of the Creator Comes with a time reference>

The impact of this energy to our Sun and our world was described in many crop circles…

Some indicating the closure of a Great Cycle…

Especially with the one that was an update from the Avebury Minor crop circle from 2008.

The interesting thing was the reference of something becoming visible in the sky like a comet.

The logical data pointed toward Dec 13 when there was a new moon, but perhaps an interesting parallel was that inside the Triangle Area watching the Sunrise on Dec 24 2012 we saw something interesting on the sky.

We didn’t know what it was but it was impressive.


We were on a top hill on the morning of Dec 24 since the data in two cc were pointing 23rb…but Australia is always ahead of UK and Italy where two cc were delivered (in fact 9 hours difference between Brisbane time and London time zone).




Summarized, inside the Triangle Area there were many spiritual people, many on the similar page, we all had many interesting discussions and had a great time together.

It was a quite spiritual experience. We were all surprised what the simplicity of Australian outback can do to your inner being. You start to respect things that you have like never before.

Anyway, we have no clue what that thing was, we saw numerous UFOs but this thing didn’t looked like one. We had a night vision equipment and good telescope. We really enjoyed. There were some reports that the rotation of Venus had changed this year and even Jupiter axis has tilted to some degree in Oct this year.

So things are happening and it indicates further changes…what that exactly means, its difficult to say since there is no more time reference…could be tomorrow, next year, decades in future, far future…

From one point of view, perhaps we lost the chance to evolve, from other point many people were glad that it didn’t happen so they can continue with their lives.


This spherical UFO image was taken by friend of ours from Italy on the same morning, during the sunrise of Dec 24 2012.


Crop Circles were backed up with data published by NASA, ESA and sensitive Agencies…

Chandra managed to record the cosmic jet that was ejected from the super massive black hole in the centre of the Milky Way. The above image was taken directly from Chandra Website with absolutely no alternation from my side. So they know for sure!

From 05 Jan 2010 Chandra never published any new photographs of Sgr A* and galactic center.


NASA’s “Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope” was launched on 11 June 2008 and its importance is that it provided unbreakable proof that the galactic core of the Milky Way galaxy did exploded in the distant past resulting with detectable powerful cosmic jet perpendicular with the galactic plane and spreading pulse of energy that travels along the galactic plane towards the edges of the galaxy.

For the record, “Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope” formerly referred to as the “Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope” (GLAST), is a space observatory being used to perform gamma-ray astronomy observations from low Earth orbit. The spacecraft orbits about 300 miles above our planet, scanning and imaging the universe for gamma rays that, unlike optical light and x-rays, cannot be captured and reflected in mirrors.  Its main instrument is the Large Area Telescope (LAT), with which astronomers mostly intend to perform an all-sky survey studying astrophysical and cosmological phenomena such as active galactic nuclei, pulsars, other high-energy sources and dark matter. Another instrument aboard Fermi, the Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM; formerly GLAST Burst Monitor), is being used to study gamma-ray bursts.

Using data from NASA’s Fermi, scientists have recently discovered a gigantic, mysterious structure in Milky Way galaxy. This feature looks like a pair of bubbles extending above and below our galaxy’s center. Each detected lobe is 25,000 light-years tall which means the whole feature spans 50,000 light-years providing solid confirmation what Chandra detected before. It clearly shows an energetic eruption from a supersized black hole at the center of our galaxy.

A giant gamma-ray structure was discovered by processing Fermi all-sky data at energies from 1 to 10 billion electron volts. The dumbbell-shaped feature emerges from the galactic center and extends 50 degrees north and south from the plane of the Milky Way, spanning the sky from the constellation Virgo to the constellation Grus. After processing the data enormous energy was detected in the galactic plane.

The pulse from the energetic outburst of Sgr A*  that is spreading from the Milky Way galactic plane was also detected by FERMI.

Without processing the data:

After processing the data:


Even bigger surprise come when our Sun started to behave strangely and being almost without sunspots for full two years. (See conclusion bellow) The low solar wind caused weakness in the solar system’s heliosphere and that resulted with the collapse of Earth’s Thermosphere. World had witnessed electro-magnetic currents moving in the upper atmosphere where they shouldn’t exist. At high levels of intelligence secret meetings were conducted and the main theme was the new born situation and how will all that influence power grids and the whole life on Earth.

The funny thing was that after 400 years of observation, just when we thought we are starting to understand the most complex dynamics of our star, our Sun had showed us that that is not the case, by doing something that we have never observed before.

It went extremely quiet and blank without sunspots during 2008/2009 resulting with the collapse of our planet’s rarefied layer of gas called “the Thermosphere”. We have never seen the sun so quiet before, neither we have ever seen the puzzling collapse of the Thermosphere, high above Earth’s surface where the atmosphere meets space.

It further resulted with deviations of Earth’s magnetic field and creating major openings in the Earth’s Magnetosphere. The same anomalies are still appearing and the statistics are showing that anomalies are not stopping but increasing.

As far is known, back in 2008 the only logical thing to do was to search for a clue why our star and the solar system in whole are experiencing extreme and before unseen changes on every level. The conclusion was to scan for some disturbance close to our solar system and to discover is there any interaction between our solar system and interstellar space, which can be the cause of such extreme detected anomalies.

Was something detected?

Yes. There was something major detected at the edge of our solar system, or to be more specific in the region where the galactic equator is positioned.

Believe or not, the “Big Affirmative” came from low-cost NASA spacecraft known as “IBEX” - Interstellar Boundary Explorer, launched in space on Oct 19, 2008.

The real “terror” began among the people “in the know” when IBEX discovered a Giant Ribbon of magnetics at the edge of e solar system. It was about 30 light years wide and contains a wispy mixture of hydrogen and helium atoms at a temperature of more than a Million °C and it is highly magnetised. This Giant Ribbon of magnetics is powerful enough to energize our Sun and cause our star to move from its main sequence to its Red Giant Phase. That is a FACT!

NASA published few articles about the discovery, stating that our solar system is surrounded by enormous hot cloud of magnetic interstellar gas referred as Local Bubble.

It was also stated that our heliosphere - the protective bubble around our solar system is the first line of defense against cosmic rays and interstellar clouds that try to enter our local space.

This gigantic interstellar hot cloud appeared just in time when our heliosphere got weaker, when our sun started to behave strangely, when our planet’s thermosphere collapsed, when magnetic poles of all the planets in our solar system including Earth are experiencing reversal – is all this just a coincidence?

I don’t think so.

Just as an impressionist artist makes an image from countless tiny strokes of paint, IBEX was building an image of the outer boundary of the solar system from impacts on the spacecraft by high-speed particles called energetic neutral atoms. These particles are created in the boundary region when the solar wind blows out in all directions from the sun and plows into the gas of interstellar space.

It is important to understand that our heliosphere is a vast bubble of magnetism that springs from the sun and extends far beyond the orbit of Pluto, and although is huge and literally fills the sky, it emits no light and no one has actually seen it - until “IBEX” came to the field of play.

No spacecraft had ever imaged the collision zone, which occurs in a region known as the heliosheath, because as mentioned it emits no light. But the two detectors on IBEX are designed to “see” what the human eye cannot. The interaction of the solar wind and interstellar medium creates energetic neutral atoms of hydrogen, called ENAs, that zip away from the heliosheath in all directions. Some of these atoms pass near Earth, where IBEX records their arrival direction and energy. As the spacecraft slowly spins, the detectors gradually build up pictures of the ENAs as they arrive from all over the sky.

The spacecraft has made the first all-sky maps of the heliosphere and the results have taken many researchers by surprise. The maps are bisected by a bright, winding ribbon of unknown origin. IBEX's all-sky map of energetic neutral atom emission reveals a bright filament of unknown origin. On the image V1 and V2 indicate the positions of the Voyager spacecrafts. It is interesting to mention that Voyager I and Voyager II didn’t detected anything unusual there before. "It's like having two weather stations, but missing the big storm that runs between them."

In reality they didn’t miss the energetic storm. It wasn’t there before, it just appeared recently and now it is confirmed by the “Cassini spacecraft” too, which as Voyager Spacecrafts didn’t detected before. They all missed it because what we are seeing is the spreading pulse of energy from our galaxy’s supper massive black hole explosion in the distant past. It just reached our region.

Although the ribbon looks bright in the IBEX map, it does not glow in any conventional sense. The ribbon is not a source of light, but rather a source of particles--energetic neutral atoms or ENAs. IBEX's sensors can detect these particles, which are produced in the outer heliosphere where the solar wind begins to slow down and mix with interstellar matter from outside the solar system.

Every six months NASA receives update from IBEX. When scientists had finished assembling a second complete sweep around the sky, IBEX has again delivered an unexpected result: the map has changed significantly. The new observations showed that the interaction of the Sun with the interstellar medium is far more dynamic and variable than anyone envisioned.