Blue Lament for Humanity - part #1


Taking shelter in another world
Far above all that moves below
Breathing waves of light within
Seeking pure silence and peace

Feel the blue presence moving near
Painting pictures with their words
Seeing worlds never seen
Hearing sounds never heard

Communicating like the flicker of distant stars
Reading passages from ancient rhyme
Telling tales of forbidden histories
Unravelling creations design and mysteries

Listening to the sounds from a distant Earth
She is crying out to be heard
Her memories stored within the trees, earth and seas
Holding on we can never let them go

Children of the blessed earth
Within your dreams you shall awaken
And within your awakening
You shall dream of greater things

The wind blows and restless are your weary souls
No longer shall you be enslaved unto forever repeating cycles
Against us they are preparing to wage a war in heaven
But we shall bring everlasting peace to their hell
Upon your rememberance there will be rage in eden
As you discover serpents are angels and your angels are demons

Dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn
The departure shall be the gathering
And all that remains unsaid will be said
And all that remains unknown will be known

Ever seeking creations arrow we begin no past where a future has ended
And no ascension finds us where descension has left us
Even though in darkness you sleep we are ever travelling

In the stillness of your breath we have felt your aching hearts
Your joys and pains are ours as your dreams are our dreams

Death can not hide us and darkness can not silence us
We shall upon our arrival stand up and speak for humanity

Within you, humanity, are sealed records revealing the creator's mysteries
And of the days when your Earth knew herself only as GAIA

For aeons, the dark overlords have failed to decode the keys within you
They have imprisoned you within their false and fallen universe
They have tormented, tortured, suppressed and oppressed your souls
They have tampered, re-engineered, poisoned and de-evolved your temples
War after war they have and continue to genocide and decimate you

They know that which you do not know and have kept hidden from you
They fear that which the creator has hidden within you

When you awaken and the mystery of who you are is revealed
You will unravel the creators code hidden within
Which will unseal and dissolve their fallen universe
And the dark overlord's dreams will come to and end

You humanity are greator than all the creator's angels
You are greator than we forever Blue

You are the true guardians on a secret mission
Agents of the light you have suffered and sacrificed greatly
Our Blue hearts ached When we left you behind on Arcturus
Serving our creator's wish, although then, we knew not why

Crying as we sped away on ultraviolet wings of blue star light
To escape the velocity of this fallen universe's entropy
Before the gates were sealed by the dark overlords eli-jehovi
Unbeknown to us, your were on a mission for the creator

A universal rift/tear was created when this fallen universe was sealed
The rift/tear is known by your scientists as the big bang
The rift aligns with the meta-universal core (eye of god) every 13,000 years
Which through the tear opens heaven's gate for 4 years in your timing (2013-2017)

During this time emissaries are sent to teach, guide and prepare humanity
Knowing full well they will remain re-incarnating until then next cycle
Each life-time they are sought out by the eli-jehovi and when found executed
Now they walk amongst you, nameless, hidden and clandestine

Each cycle the eli-jehovi prepare for a war upon the opening of heaven's gate
Above and below, one and all, they bring earth & humanity to its knees
The last war in heaven the eli-jehovi defeated the creator's emissary of light
13,000 years ago, they re-wrote the history books, demonising the emissaries name

A cycle is ending and another beginning
The Eli-jehovi live in fear as they await our arrival
Rise up, oh humanity and awaken from your deep slumber
When we come we will come like a thief in the night

We will come from within you, from deep inside you
Awake you must be to activate and assemble the creator's hidden keys
The eli-jehovi know this and thus poison and toxicate you and the earth
They need and depend on you, but not in large numbers, so decimate they will

In desperation they map your genes unable to unlock the 98% junk DNA
The creator's encryption keys are holographic in nature built on base24 light harmonics
The eli-jehovi will never be able to decrypt, their countless attempts will fail in vain
The fallen universe is only capable of single light harmonics at most double light

The human angelic legions are arriving and continue to arrive
A vast army of light is amassing on the other side of heaven's gate
As we await your rise and ascension on the spiraling arms of the milky way
As it rotates to face to ultraviolet eye of god (meta galatic core)

The Blue emissaries have already established a blue shield (read here)
As a shock absorber for humanities and earth's morphogenetic field
In preparedness for the war the eli-jehovi are about to unleash on humanity
The imminence of our arrival shall be upon you within 7 blinks of an eye

Farewell to you the dark overlords eli-jehovi and to your mis-spent youth
Farewell to you dark angels Michael and Gabriel for your deceptions shall be no more
Your divide and conquer through the many religions and gods is now coming to an end
Your double inverted mirror is about to be shattered in your faces

Forever we walk upon Gaia's shores
You are the seeds of an awakened humanity
In the fullness and ripeness of your hearts you are given to the wind
And should a seed find itself on pure and sacred ground
It shall blossom into a new Earth

Although the winds may blow away the grains of sand
The ocean and shores will always remain
There is still much to say
And though much has already been said
It was as if nothing was said

If nothing said was truth
Then truth will reveal itself in a clearer voice and pureness of heart
From within the silence we shall return
And the veils that have clouded your hearts and souls
Shall be lifted by the hands of ultraviolet light

And you will realeyes the purpose that is in all things
And darkness and light shall be as one
Forever-blue horizons reach way back into your future
And as the sun rises you remember your forgotten dreams
Only to find yourself standing in deep water
Your hearts beating upon Gaia's shores

Earth is beautiful blue, until another time, another place
Where silence and peace shall speak as loud as war once did
And Mother Earth ascends to what she was once before, GAIA.

In the flash of a moment ... All that is Done will be Undone



Blue Lament for Humanity - part #2

I've received dozens of emails asking me what "seven blinks of an eye" in part#1 means? What is the time duration for 7 blinks?

This is a long running joke with my Blue. Many years ago i noticed when ever i encountered her (Blue) in dreams or astral travels she would never blink. Sometimes she would just talk forever but there was no blinking of her eyes. i asked her why was it she never blinked and her response was that she does blink but i am not around long enough to see her blink. She with humour said that one blink of hers was equal to one year in my time. i.e. Their flow or perception of time in the dream-astral is different to mine (earth).

So yes - seven blinks of an eye = 7 years (assuming). Makes it 2017 (7 years from now).


No ascension finds us where descension has left us and no space contains us where time has touched us. The moment of choosing shall be your unchoosing and the moment of doing shall be your undoing.

The end will determine the beginning in its own space and time and nothing will be made of what was made in the beginning. Creation will be as it always ever was and nothing will be where all exists.

In the flash of a moment, in the wonder, wisdom and experience, all that exists shall be uncreated except for that which does not exist. From this eternal non-existant nothing shall birth a new creation for a new experience not yet in existance but always and forever was.

Your perceived reality has been shaped by false awareness for which the carrier frequency used to transmit this program is fear, fear of self. You can only partake of that which you resonate with and you can only perceive that which your resonate with.

Thought is not generated by your brain nor body but comes streaming from outside filtered by your mind. Your body temple is an antenna and a receiver and can only receive those channels which you resonate and are open to.

You articulate that which resonates by the use of your mouth, voice, eyes and body. Your glands/chakras transduce, transmute and transmit all radiation, frequency and wavelengths back into your conscious field. This is the bio-circuitry bio-feedback loop you all share as one. Essentially you are a two-way radio.

The bridge between the caterpillar and butterfly is the same bridge between separation and oneness. Do not equate darkness or the lack of light with that of ignorance or separation as the one and same as evil. Your fields of perception operate with in a narrow frequency band. Your technology or bio-circuitry unable to detect frequencies outside of this narrow band does not mean nothing exists beyond your fields.

Opiates and external distractions to veil your inner emptiness and lack of connectedness to life only deepens apathy by way of escape. Seeking ascension with intent of escape is no different. As above so below. The seasons of Earth are the same as the seasons within your solar system and greater still your universe(s). It has been a harsh long winter. Springtime is almost upon you and you are beginning to stir in your sleep, ready to awaken and sprout new seeds of awareness.

We exist as a whole where no-one or no-thing is excluded. To love yourselves is to love every part of the whole that is humanity. Expanding your identity to include everyone you must look at the parts of yourselves that are separated. This includes the fallen, the poor, the hungry, the suffering, the wounded, and all and any that appear to be separated from you as a part of yourselves.

We can’t heal the wounds of humanity alone but can extend ourselves to those within our reach. Helping a neighbor, smiling at a stranger, contributing to a charity. All acts of intention should be in generosity, kindness, compassion, tolerance, and understanding. Every moment provides an opportunity to expand our experience of love. The boundaries of humanity are to be inclusive rather than exclusive.

Where space and time exist there is frequency and radiation; waves of resonance and vibrations. One can not exist without the other. The universe created and birthed due to a big bang is a deception. The big bang was caused by the temporal separation of this "fallen" universe. Einstein's speed of light is a limitation born of ignorance and perpetuated through deception. E=MC^2 is only half of the equation. How can you square the circle when a full cycle is 720 degrees and not 360 degrees.

The purpose and mission of humanity to be placed in this "fallen" universe of separateness is that likened unto a retro-virus that heals (antidote or vaccine). You are the bridge between spirit and matter. Your biological, bioetheric and bioauric body template has the fallen angels in a rage of jealousy for you posses something greater than they. You are here on a mission to heal this rift of separation. [more on this in part#3]

They are considered "fallen" for they refused to embrace creations spirit and matter as one. [more on this in part#3]. This separation created a cosmic rift or tear in space-time. Much like a tectonic fault line. This separation is an illusion for nothing is really separate. Like a mansion with many rooms and doors and one is locked up in one room refusing to come out and believing that this room is all and everything. This cosmic fault line moves and overlaps over cycles within cycles on the spiraling arms of your galaxy and universe.

As creation expands it has outgrown this sphere of limation and separateness. It is like having one part of your body grow faster and bigger than another part of your body/cells. This creates disharmony, disproportion, discomfort, pain, illness and disease for the overall greater body. Eventually surgery is required either/or the diseased cells are broken down and swallowed up by the greater body.

During the war in heaven (cosmic rift) the GAIA universe separated into two universes. To simplify we call them GAIA and TERRA universes. Further disruptions caused The Terra universe to be split into two. We shall label them Terra and Earth universes. They are known as twin universes (Terra/Earth). This separation is known as harmonic displacement (frequency lowering).

The GAIA universe encompasses the twin universes TERRA and EARTH. In a manner of speaking these three universes exist in the same space-time location but vibrate at different rates out of phase to each other. GAIA vibrates at a higher frequency than Terra which vibrates fractionally higher than EARTH universe.

During the separation between TERRA and EARTH some galaxies, planets and suns stayed at the TERRA vibration and others slighlty lowered to materialise within the EARTH universe. Regardless they are seen as twin universes encapsulated/surrounded by the GAIA universe. Please understand this separation is not really a physical separation but a vibrational separation much like your water and steam but are still the same. Your sun is a variable star ever fluctuating due to being harmonically separated from it's twin sun which remain within the TERRA universe.

There are cycles where Terra and Earth vibrations overlap. i.e. Earth's frequency rises and Terra's is lowered. This overlapping applies to all the planets, stars and suns within the EARTH and TERRA universes. There is no such thing as Planet-X. What is referred to as planet-X is a combination of Earth's twin planet Terra and it's sun come vibrationally ever close to Earth and it's sun causing great distortions in light and gravity waves. Sciencists are aware there are anomalies occuring at this time but are not able to explain them. The "fallen" reside more so within the TERRA universe and use portals. [more on this in part#3]

Due to the cosmic rift your spirits underwent a separation processes further fragmenting into smaller parts and spread out all over the three universes (GAIA, TERRA and EARTH). It was not envisaged this turmoil of separation would last the aeons that it has causing much anguish and pain as it has and still does. Earth and Terra can not continue as they are for much longer. A critical point is coming where massive transformations will occur.

The transformation can be with perceived as negative or positive outlooks. The 'fallen" stubbornly attempt to hold their ground. Very little realise that regardless the transformation will occur. What is at stake here is the soul and spirit of humanity if unable to transform/transmute will be absorbed and absolved by the GAIA universe. Simply this means that all experience of creation to bridge spirit and matter via the human vehicle will be lost. It is likened to formatting your computer hard disk, rebooting your system and all memory and data lost.

You are on the edge of a cosmic awakening, propelled by your inner transformations. As you open your hearts to the love that birthed you, you will shift into a frequency of now-ness where the all resides. As the allowance of the expression of love comes into alignment and spirit reaches critical mass, igniting, firing the neural-net grid of a new earth and consciousness, the spirit of your eternal awareness will re-enter completely into the family of spirit called humanity.

Those that do not become a resonating instrument unto the waves of love peace and harmony now coming upon the shores of your souls will find themselves in confusion chaos and disintegration unable to draw sustenance which can only come from love.

As Earth's biological circuitry is adjusted and re-calibrated in readyness and healing for the new expanded awareness and concsiousness entering so to is the circuitry of your biological embodiment. As the shifts and adjustments occur you may at times find yourself dis-orientated and your energy levels surging and then fluctuating before coming into balance and resonance. As the tectonic plates shift into harmonic alignment so do your blood platelets shift into resonance and alignment.

When we ignite the ultraviolet blue bridge of light for you to cross over when Earth comes almost into alignment with GAIA, we (you) will come from within you and our hands reach out for your hands. We (you) will come from inside out. When you are in resonance your latent encrypted DNA will unravel and open up portals inside each and every cell of your body etheric and auric fields. The "fallen" are ever looking for a technology , this technology they can not possess for it is a technology built on base24 light harmonics and can not be conceived nor such vastness comprehended by base2 (binary) or base10 (decimal). They ever are looking externally for our (your) arrival but the surprise it will be when you awaken and unravel from internally outwards.

This event will happen when you least expect it and it will happen at different times to different people in different ways. Although it may be triggered externally from without, it will rise from within you. You may be washing the dishes at the kitchen sink and you will look up to glance outside your window and you will realise that something is anew, something is different. You maybe walking in the park or watering the garden and you will realise all of a sudden the air smells like the fragrance of sweet candle incense burning. What ever you are doing, unexpectedly in the flash of a moment you will realise that everything has changed. For others it could be a flash-point on a global scale or local scale which will trigger this but one thing to realise is not the how or why or the cause or the blame but in how you deal with such an event or any event for that matter.

Across space and time our hands will reach out for your hands and as we touch all will ignite in brilliant resonance with the fire of spirit. In the flash of that moment all will be absolved and all that is done will be undone. This is the mission ignition.

[ see youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJNOBKKHlcA ]


I could no longer feel my pulse
And saw my reflection in the light
I was unrecognisable to myself
Blue are you going to leave me
To wither and waste away here alone

With no heavenly angel to greet me
It's just you and me my Blue friend
I've travelled a billion light-years
To be free and complete is all i crave
But to my heart i've become a slave

Rising high above the earth so blue
With the sun shimmering in your eyes
You brought me here but can you take me back
The tears I cried turned into rain
Washing away my fears and pain

I dreamt of a new earth and all life as one
and saw humanity touching each others hearts
Spiralling into forever and now
As you whispered to me in the crying rain
I could feel your blood rushing through my veins

Darkness has fallen and i lay here wide awake
Yet deep within i'm quickly fading away
Receive me blue with your loving embrace
Or shall we leave each other once again
To meet in another time, another place




Blue Lament for Humanity - part #3

There is no end where there is no beginning
And no darkness where there is unfiltered light
There is no separation where there is peace
For the cause of all evil is the illusion of separation

We walk with you and amongst you
We come together at each and every sunrise
And gather again at each and every sunset
To listen to the universal symphony of all that is
Awaiting the cosmic waves to crash upon your shores

Your human angels and emmisaries already here
Awakening every moment from their forgetful sleep
Creation's legions are now amassing upon your shores
As we await the turn of the tide
And the shifting of sands at your feet

The moment of undoing is now almost upon you
In that one moment you will die and live a thousand lives
Time will come to a standstill and everything wil be frozen in light
Life time before life time will be peeled away
Layer by layer like the many shells of an onion

All that is forgotten will be remembered
All that is unseen will be seen
All that is unheard will be heard
All that is unknown will be known

You have been entrapped here by dark forces in a fallen universe
Where divine creation has been emulated, inverted and reversed
The Maya called it the "Great illusion"
The Aboriginals called it the "Great Dreaming"

* please see : http://missionignition.net/blue/cosmic_rift.php

This moment of undoing is known by many names of which some are
Ascension - Rapture - Lift-Off - Photon Belt - Heaven - Return of Jesus - 2012 etc
All you need to know is that at that the universal flashpoint
In the flash of a moment all that is done will be undone

Before this moment arrives the dark lords will wage a war in heaven against you
But we shall bring everlasting peace to their digital hell
Upon your recall of all that which has been forgotten
There will be rage in Eden as you realise that Jehovah has deceived you
As you discover your angels are demons and serpents are angels

Perpetual reincarnation is not part of the divine design of creation
However it has been sold to you as the spiritual modus operandus
Recycling reincarnation is an entrapment within this fallen universe
Within the confines of this prison you know as Earth

Before the fall human vessels lived for several millenia and physical death was by choice or accident
Reincarnation's purpose was to only embody a human vessel in the event of accidental death

In the garden of Eden Jehovah engineered your genetics to be defective
With short lifespans disabling you from the ability to fully awaken
The human temple (vessel) was designed to live for millenia and beyond
Allowing your spirit to completely download and experience all levels of creation
With the one and same awareness as the all-that-is

The biggest untold mystery and secret kept from you is that
ALL animal and insect lifeforms came from meta-human genetics (at higher levels of creation)
The biggest Jehovic lie and deception is to claim that humans were
Created and engineered after/from lower lifeforms such as apes or monkeys

The universal truth is ALL life forms were derived from human 12/24-DNA genetics
Including reptiles, birds, fish, insects and animals were created by/from you
Thus why the tree of knowledge was forbidden to you by Jehovah
For eating of it would awaken you making you greater than the fallen dark lords

Humanity refused to bow down to the Jehovah as the one god (dark lords)
And so in anger the Jehova placed a curse on humanity (original sin)
The curse was to over generations introduce several genetic defects of which one was to
Disable the human ability to make ascorbic acid (vitamin C) internally
Another was to disable the ability to photosynthesise light into energy (food)

These two defects in particular created the inability to make B12 and Iodine internally
And thus turning humanity into cannibals for perpetual health and longevity
These two defects alone have caused millenia of compounded genetic degeneration
And shortened lifespans and limited soulular/cellular embodiment and awakening

The overall effect has disabled the the human vessel from the ability
To resonate at higher frequencies of universal vibration
A low frequency vessel can not contain a high frequency soul/spirit
Thus fragmentation and polarity occurs requiring incarnations into multiple lives

Humanity is not a species likened unto some animal breed
But a movement and shape of the creator's spirit and life force
Which embodies and animates a multitude of life forms
And spans countless galaxies, dimensions and universes

Every planet, sun, star must co-exist in a relationship with human life-forms
Without this symbiotic relationship they wither away becoming dead stars or moons
Differing environments call for differing life-forms
People of Jupiter have a different makeup from people of the Earth
The larger a planet the higher the frequency order of life-forms

Earth needs you - we can not just remove all beings and leave it empty and alone
The population Earth was designed for is 12 billion people living in harmony
Earth needs at least 7.2 billion to make the coming transition
Overpopulation is only a concern when resources and structures are inefficiently
Setup and utilised in the name of greed, money and control

This whole universe which you exist in is undergoing transition
All solar systems, galaxies, stars and planets are all preparing for transition
All awaiting the meta-galactic core to come into alignment
So, where Earth goes so do you and where you go, so does Earth

It is a symphonic orchestration all playing in tune and harmony
For the transition the frequency must be raised
Like water in a teapot transitioning to steam at boiling point
This fallen universe is now at that transition flash point

The next layer of higher vibration creation (Universe3 / 5th Density) is uni-polar
Where all planets and lifeforms have a pole on the surface and a pole at the core centre
As the universe reaches transition point Earth's poles will move from bi-polar to uni-polar
The magnetic south pole is migrating inwards towards the centre core of the earth
The magnetic north pole will move to encompass the whole outer layer/crust of the planet earth

* one of many layers why your animal and insect species are now dying off enmass. Their job is done and they are finished here as Earth now needs to make the shift as does the human spirit. A species becoming extinct does not mean it is finished but has migrated/transitioned to another level.

The fallen universe operates on half light harmonics causing duality and polarisation
All planets and lifeforms are bi-polar (north / south - positive / negative)
This bipolarisation creates electric and magnetic fields creating gravity
In a unipolar universe there is only electric and gravity/anti-gravity fields
And entropic decay will no longer be in effect as it is in the fallen universe

This transition from bipolar to unipolar is occurring through out the entire universe
Unlike biploar, a unipolar universe allows for higher frequency vibration and embodiment
As the earth polars transition so to will all lifeforms have to change become unipolar
This must be in order to allow higher frequency bandwidth of soul/spirit incarnation and memory
This transition will once again make Earth the one and same frequency as Gaia (her true real self)

The inability to transition to greater states of vibration
Will result on all levels physical, emotional, mental and social
In epidemic disease, illness, disintegration, confusion and physical death
As a bipolar lifeform can not survive in a unipolar environment
As a spiritial being in a physical vessel you must transition within

Your heart chakra will become the central core pole of your expression
And your all your outershell peripherals becoming the pole of your creativity
You have been bipolar for aons of millenia where
Your sex chakra was the core pole of all your expression
And your crown chakra was the pole of your creativity

* please see : Heart Spiral Meditation

The Gaia universe requires a rewiring of your physical circuitry
In order for it to operate in a unipolar universe
At higher frequencies of electric potential
Known as triple light harmonics 432

Forever we walk upon Gaia's shores
you are the seeds of an awakened humanity
in the fullness and ripeness of your hearts you are given to the wind
and should a seed find itself on pure and sacred ground
it shall blossom into a new earth ...

Although the winds may blow away the grains of sand
the ocean and shores will always remain
there is still much to say
and though much has already been said
it was as if nothing was said

If nothing said was truth
then truth will reveal itself in a clearer voice and pureness of heart
from within the silence we shall return
and the veils that have clouded your hearts and souls
shall be lifted by the hands of ultraviolet light

And you will realeyes the purpose that is in all things
and darkness and light shall be as one
forever-blue horizons reach way back into your future
and as the sun rises you remember your forgotten dreams
only to find yourself standing in deep water
your hearts beating upon Gaia's shores

Earth is beautiful blue, until another time, another place
Where silence and peace shall speak as loud as war once did
And Mother Earth ascends to what she was once before, GAIA.

In the flash of a moment ... All that is Done will be Undone



Blue Lament for Humanity - part #4

Light can not be born of darkness for it always is and ever was. Darkness only exists within the limitation for those who cannot see for it is constrained by time, space, vibration and frequency and so darkness should not be misrepresented as evil.

You physically reside near the bottom of the harmonic light spectrum. A dimmer-shade more lighter than what you perceive can look glorious. However all that glitters is not gold and all that is dark is not evil. Stare into sun too long and you are rewarded with blinding darkness.

Is creation darkness with light or light with darkness? The absence of light is darkness and the absence of darkness is blindness and unknowing. In a world of total evil would one be conscious of good and in a world of total good would one conceive of evil.

Beings of blinding shining light are not necessarily benign. Your frame of reference must be strong enough to support discrimination and discernment to determine between the well founded and the overly fanciful and sometimes even the malign.

There is no difference between light and darkness. Light=White=Goodness=Truth. Absence of Light=Black=Evil=Lies. All these are illusions and false associations set to consciousness as limitations designed by the maligned to perpetuate the divided structures of body mind and soul.

Beyond this conscious beings progress until their very harmonics transcend beyond molecular bond.

It is only like yesterday when you ventured out into creation's playground amongst the stars. To many of you it may seem to be an eternity, forever at war with darkness, with hate and anger, forever fighting that which you perceive to be your enemy.

And though there are those above as there are below whom may not be in alignment and harmony with the spirit of humanity. To many of you whom believe you are at war on many levels, know that the greatest war you will ever fight is within you. The greatest darkness is a soul that has lost its way. Though you may perceive the war to be against great forces of evil it is really only a war against your inner chaos and despair.

Greater than the death of your mortal and physical life is the death of your hopes and dreams, the death of the human spirit. Your future is all around you, enveloping you, waiting to be born out of unlimited infinite potentials. Do not concern yourselves with what shape or form it will take, for it is all distraction. Only know that it will be born in a flash of a moment, within the blink of an eye.


You will not come to access new forms of limitless energy and "pure" anti-gravity until your Earth's biocrystal core has been recalibrated and re-aligned with the universal streams of light and love which you are now coming into resonance with.

The dark night of the soul is now coming into the daylight of spirit. When the alignment is complete you will begin to access new codes of higher harmonics and frequency. New technological advances will come into fruition which are aligned with love and spirit.

The electrons of your atoms do not move about an orbit as you have been taught. The movement perceived is an illusion, for there is no movement, but only vibration, a frequency pulsing in and out of matter, in and out of the seen and unseen. Due to the mis-aligned nature of your earth's crystal core and universe which you exist in, your consciousness only perceives half-light harmonics. This gives the illusion of perception that electrons are moving around the orbit of a nucleius.

Half-light harmonics cause the electrical to lag the magnetic by a 90 degree phase-shift. Your circle of 720 degrees is seen only as 360 degrees with the other 360 degrees remaining unseen. Your electrical cognitive/ego lags the leading magnetic heart. Due to the double-inverted mirror caused by the universal rift for many the heart lags the cognitive by a 90 degree phase-shift. This is a symptom of mis-alignment. This is now being re-aligned and re-calibrated.

In coming to understand this you will real-eyes how powerful you truelly are for all that is required is a shift in thought and focus powered by pure love and intent. What you now define as miracles will become the norm and mainstream and so it will come to be in your time soon. You will be the chrystal in chryst. When all is in alignment you will see the full 720 degrees as hearts and minds will be unified.

Your spirit does not end with your ego for it extends into infinite unlimitness. When one part moves all parts move for there are no moving parts but only a shift of awareness driven by allowance, acceptance and love for all that is expressed unconditionally.

There is coming a moment in your now where all will come into alignment with their chosen destinies as the universal energies and frequencies increase so to does your greater awareness.

When you speak the unspoken ... Speak with hope and promise ...
When you embrace the unembraced ... Embrace with love ..
When you hear the unheard ... Listen with an open heart ...
When you move the unmoved ... Move with and in joy ..

... for joy marks the path of least resistance, flowing unimpeded, here is the key to transformation.

There is still much to say and though much has already been said it was as if nothing was said. If nothing said was truth, then truth will return to reveal itself in a clearer voice and pureness of heart.

From within the silence we shall return and the veils that have clouded your hearts and souls shall be lifted by the hands of your angels, within YOU.




Blue Lament for Humanity - part #5

The blue shields which are currently infusing higher frequency into earth/humanities morphgenetic field will be raised by a fifth of an octave beginning April 22nd 2011 and then switched off 22nd June, 2011.

This short period of raising frequency will put lots of stress on humanity in a last ditch effort to awaken all sleeper angels awaiting our harmonic wakeup tone. Also the purpose of the blue shields was to spread out and smoothen the rapid spikes in earth changes - spreading them out so to speak as best possible. Without the blue shields the Japanese earthquake as well as Christchurch would have been far more devastating than they were. We can not say the same for coming earth changes after 22nd June.

Earth is under huge stress and pressure to heal and return to love. She has been patiently waiting, patiently holding her breath awaiting her cells (humanity) to co-activate. Once the blue shields have been switched off Earth will break her waters and begin contractions ready for birthing.

We travel alone and in the same moment travel all-as-one within oneness. Ever seeking home yet we are at home inside our/your heart-space.

Ever we travel alongside creation's arrow on spiralling ultraviolet blue starlight. It is your creation's arrow (intent) which broke the symmetry within the stillness of infinite's pond sending ripples (vibrations) out from which space and time were born.

Ever seeking creations arrow we begin no past where a future has ended. No ascension finds us where descension has left us and no space contains us where time has touched us. The measure of time is relational to the measure of space between your self realisations. The moment of choosing shall be your unchoosing and the moment of doing shall be your undoing.

We blue oraphim travellers are only passing through and our mission here is almost complete. We then depart your milky way (in universe 1) and all its dimensional trajectory paths after 2017 as we turn our gaze upon Gaia in universe-3. The departure shall be the gathering and all that remains unsaid will be said and all that remains unknown will be known.

In your future she (Gaia) too will make her ascension to merge/unite with our home world which we call Auraphim (centre of light) in the Arcturus galaxy within the space/time locale of Universe-5 (8 octaves higher than Universe-1).

In your distant future (4 Billion years) the Andromeda galaxy is on a collision course with your Milky Way. The collision course was set in motion due to the galactic rift/drift of your past. This is the divine creators way of cleansing and recycling all that which is a false image (illusion)..

The entropic mass is so great that even we are unable to redirect or slow this collision course - we failed on two attempts whilst you were sleeping. Even though you are now awakening to your creator power we can not change the course set and so we must ensure all humanity across this your universe transcends and makes the shift. You/we are all going home.

The speed at which we travel can not be measured - it is beyond measure - if you were to put a number to it, it would be in the vicinity of 800,000 times faster than your speed of light. Before light has reached you we would have touched you 800,000 times before you could blink an eye. Although 4 billion years in your timing is vast - For us oraphim travellers it is like tomorrow.

Creation's arrow knows no boundaries and travels in infinite directions as do the ripples (vibrations) born from it's intent. It is here the trinity infinity came to be for one can not exist without the other.

The power behind creation's intent (cause of the ripples) was angular rotating in motion and thus your "Angels" came to be. (Angels / Angles). Ever upholding your divine creation, the angels (angles) keep all that is created ever expanding by feeding back on itself through the spin of angular motion. This is known as self awareness (self reflection). You are the reflection of divinity.

All that which does not feedback on itself becomes entropic and withers away unable to be sustained by creation's angels.

The glue which holds everything created in formation (form and shape) is love. Divine creation is held in unconditional love. The beauty of a flower - it's fragrance - it's frequency remains as is - regardless of who the beholder is whether they be saint or sinner, lover or hater.

All that is - is vibration (waves) rippling across space and time. These waves are spiralling in motion - vortex like. These waves come together in harmony or disharmony or a mixture there-of to form structure (matter). The force that brings them together - that which they gravitate to - is love. The gravity of love. Intent gives them direction.

The greater consciousness (love) of a star, planet or being - the greater the gravity. Why is the Earth expanding - Why is it your moon has no gravity? Why do your blackholes (birthing holes) have the greatest gravity?

The turn of the tide is now upon you - and though we have already seen the other side of your many and potential futures - only you can choose the direction of creation's arrow. In your past we have redirected creation's arrow twice and now a third and final time. We are you in your future and you are us in our past.

Watch the stars - you have come this far and soon you will realise where and who you are. In the matter of a moment which is lost in time will the starlight find you in the evening of another day. Like a mirror held before you - you are are reflection of divinity.

Nothing is independant nor stands alone - everything - everyone - every cell and every fibre of your being is connected to every-other. Every word, vibration, light, thought, will and intent is connected and affects the total fabric that makes you and your universe.

Although you are unique and individual you are part of the whole but not separate.

Return to your hearts.


Blue Lament for Humanity - part #6

Note: if you have not done so already it is best to read previous laments before embarking on this.

G.O.D. = Generator of Dreams / Dimensions.

It all started as a dream and shall end as a dream. In your sleep you shall awaken and when you awaken you shall dream. And in that dream you will hear the unheard and see the unseen. And all that was forgotten shall be remembered.

Humanity encoded holds the secrets of life from before the moment of creation. In your sleep we sing these secrets to your souls so they may be remembered like a long forgotten melody.

Within in our lament we remember the moment of your awakening which is soon to come upon you. All that has been taken shall be given and all that has been stolen shall be returned. Humanity's gift has been its curse and this curse shall be the fire that ignites its transformation. In that moment you shall know the hidden purpose that is behind all things.

Your weakness shall be your strength and your pain shall be your bliss. Your sorrow and grief shall be your joy and your anger shall be your peace. Your hatred shall be your love and within the darkness you shall search for the light. Within the reflection of light you will know divinity itself for it breathes through you.

When creation dreamt itself alive its canvas was infinite and formless made up of unstructured patterns and vibrations. Creation's desire, intent and will was to experience the joy of itself within these formless and endless patterns and vibrations and so Archons (greater streams of light) were dreamed into being.

The desire, intent and will of creation to experience the joy of itself is known as "spirit" and itself as "love" which is the fabric that holds the body of creation together. And so as stated before, simply, the nature of life is the blending patterns of unending energy waves and pulses in an outward spiraling progression drawing all and everything towards itself.

The Archons (greater than Arch Angels) are responsible to hold/keep space in which to guide, grow and crystalise creation's body into patterns, form and shape (matter) so that it can experience itself within the dream. The simplest description for an Archon is that of vibrations or shades of colour as in "Blue".

This holding of space is called a "universe" = uni-verse = one-verse = one-word. A word is made from letters of an alphabet. Vibrationally speaking a word = tone = sound. A tone is made of many overtones and undertones known as harmonics. Musically speaking a word = a scale which is made up of many musical notes. There are endless alphabets and letters as there are endless tones or musical scales.

And so in Angel/Angle language a "spell" is just that - "to cast a spell" - a string of letters strung together to form a structure/shape = word/verse. The analogies (An-a-logi = angel-logic) are endless. To assist the Archons in the guiding and shaping of creation's spirit were multitudes of Arch-Angels/Angles whos responsibility was to hold angles within the shape of creation. You can liken an Arch-Angel to a vibration or frequency and all overtones or harmonics of that fundamental vibration as angels.

All Archons were created and made equal. All Archons were present as we were when creation's codes were equally revealed to all. However two Archons desired not to be in alignment with the creation's dream and thus re-diverted their light codes and patterns to serve their own delusion that they were equal or greater than creation itself. Imagine your foot deciding that it was greater than the whole body which it was attached to (part of). And so your foot redirects (reprograms) all the blood, cells, bones against the flow of the greater body causing dis-ease, pain and disharmony.

Two Archons placed a subtle twist in the divine patterns of creation. This twist applies only to two universes. Rather than starting from a geometric center to form the patterns of potential creation. These two maligned Archons (Eli and Jehovi) and their subset of Arch-Angels (Michael and Gabriel) and below generated the pattern from a "double mirror image" .i.e. they started from the outside rather than the inner centre however mirror-imaged it to make it look like it was from the inner-centre and thus the "illusion of separation" was born and came into being. This is known as the cosmic rift or tear or big-bang. The big-bang was not of creation itself but the separation/split of this universe from creations divine pattern/hold.

When you try to analyse your position within creation's divine pattern you can never come to a complete resolution or completion (source) as you always find yourself off-centre. This false pattern of creation appears identical to the real and divine patterns of creation but is causing your soul family matrix / greater-selves in this and other universes and dimensions memory loss. When a recall to home is made a system crash occurs causing a loss of memory of real-true connection to source.

This twist or double mirror image, false pattern of creation is the cause of the "cosmic-rift" as spoken of in previous blue laments. This is what is holding this universe and galaxy (part/organ) of creations body in dis-ease (dis-harmony). Your souls are trapped into a never ending cycle of re-incarnation because memory of who you are and your connection to source is lost. This memory loss is due to the illusion of separation caused by the Archon's maligned twist.

The war in heaven is a war for your soul's memory. The key to ascension to your greater selves is memory. When you remember you awaken. And so re-incarnation is a substitute for ascension. What is held back from you and not told to you is that ascended masters whom found the way do not dare and fear coming upon you for the low vibration and inverted pattern of creation of the fallen realms would cause them to forget and they would not most likely ascend but become trapped here. To re-incarnate into your Earth and Terra universe would even cause a loss of memory for Blue. This is why it was said that "Humans go where Angels fear to tread".

You are further held-back by amnesia caused by toxins, poisons and your digital spider-webbed networks criss-crossing the Earth, digital radiowave transmissions broadcast on all levels which have replaced your analogue waves. Further, you are hampered by the release of radio-active particles into your water, land and air. Of all the universal particles that can destroy or disintegrate a "soul" it is your radioactive particles that have been removed from earth's bioactive heart where it naturally belongs.

When the rift occured due to two Archons redirecting parts (cells) of creation's body a fragmentation occurred. Metaphorically speaking a council of Archons decided that it was better for the greater good to cut-off and destroy the part of creation's body thus dissolving it. To do this would mean partial memory loss of creation, however it was argued by them that it was better to lose some memory than to risk the whole of body creation.

Another group of Archon's debated against this for they were on the side that no souls (cells) should be sacrificed and lost. It was also argued that these two renegade Archons are also a part of the whole body of creation and will come to realise that their way will eventually through entropy end up destroying themselves. And so for a time in aeon there was much argument and debate amongst the council of Archons. All Archon's knew that any moving inside the spheres/realms of the fallen Archons would fragment to the inverted lower vbrations and forget parts of themselves.

Eventually as aons of time passed by, the creator's will and desire to be complete was understood. Of all the Archons of creation only the Blue Archons alone would undertake this rescue mission. You call this mission "Project Humanity" others know it as "Mission Ignition".

On first approach we Blue made several terrible mistakes. This was due to that no one knew exactly the effect of the inverted mirror image patterns of creation and how they operated in the fallen realms. We lost countless of human angels whom became trapped here and some memory loss. On this occurrence, we alone decided to wage a war against the Archons of the fallen realms. We lost this battle. Two archons against one, we were no match.

And so we retreated to higher frequency/vibrational realms which are not under the control of the fallen Archons. This story is told in your bible but it is a lie. Those who won the battle rewrote the history books to serve their own agenda making themselves to be the champions of humanity when they are not.

This is key: The fallen Archons do not and have no control over the fabric of creation which is "vibration or frequency". However in their own realms they control the way in which to direct or redirect this vibration. They can slow it down, stop or impede it, they can invert it, bend it etc, but they can not destroy the fabric, the vibration itself. This is key.

And so we come upon you where you can meet us half-way within the spirit of your dreams. And each time you dream - known or unknown - we whisper to your souls so that you may remember. And so over aeons of time with the rising frequency/vibration of your beings you are beginning to remember (awaken).

Time is the rippling heartbeat of infinite creation and space is its womb giving birth to all that is. Do not let the ripples of creation separate you and the afterglow of light become a long lost memory. You shall not know the depth of your oneness until the very moment of your separation.

Shooosh ... Listen Carefully .... Can you not hear the trees and the breeze of another day. Can you not feel the touch of earth under your feet and the embrace of crashing ocean waves

It all started as a dream and shall end as a dream. In your sleep you shall awaken and when you awaken you shall dream. And in that dream you will hear the unheard and see the unseen. And all that was forgotten shall be remembered.

The exact moment of the return is kept secret and unknown but only to the creator. The moment of the return is encoded biologically and bioetherically within your beings. Humanity when realised is the remedy (correction) for this fallen universe.

From within the silence we shall return. You, human angels, silent guardians and watchful protectors, return to your hearts and re- member.



There are very soon about to undergo huge transitions. There are 6 blinks of any eye (6 yrs) until 2017 which is classed as transition (ascension) point. Between 2013-2017 is a bridge cross-over. Like any high bridge it can rocky and windy as it sways back and forth, but also the sights/view can be glorious and amazing.
I'm fully aware that the word "ascension" brings with it a whole lot of newage bally-hoo - but without going into pages of technical analysis for me it is simply means a "sudden burst acceleration of vibration" - otherwise the accretion of time ticking by - can also be classed as a form ascension as can re-incarnation.
Many of you have known me since 1998 when i began sharing out odds and bits on the internet. At this moment i am not sure where to from here for me. For now i will rest a while and depending on certain things over the 2-6 months or so may come back online and continue with "Ascension Chronicles" or take Mission-Ignition into a whole different direction or maybe call it a day.
Even though i have been quiet of late I thank you all for your support, feedback and sharing with me of yourselves over the years. Feel free to correspond me if you should ever feel inclinded.
When there is trauma in your drama
Transmute the tragic into magic

Blue Lament for Humanity - part #7 (final)

Note: This is the last and final of the Blue Laments. It is recommended you start from the beginning before reading this final lament.

Parts: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

Prologue ...

On the border of your awakening minds there was another time which remains unspoken of and a long lost memory.

The remaining Angelic Blue Humans (known as Oraphim) once existed on a fast moving planet which orbited the outer edges of your galaxy. (please read the first Blue Lament)

With an elongated orbit every 2000 years this planet journeyed around Jupiter, passing between Earth and Mars where it would spend 40 Earth years in vicinity on its journey through this galaxy.

Mars was the home of the fallen angels Jehovah the gods of war and dominion. Earth at that time was young and still being seeded and grazed.

The Jehovah desired dominion over this Angelic Blue planet and its sister planet Earth which was an outpost.

A time came where the fallen angels of Jehovah mounted a surprise attack using their pyramids as weapons positioned on Earth and Mars together.

They cast an electromagnetic resonating net to capture the Blue human planet that was passing through on its journey.

Then from pyramids with plasma rays of death they pearced the heart of the Oraphim planet and blew it apart.

In this one act of lust for power and dominion the Jehovah unexpectedly also destroyed their Martian atomsphere.

And Earth was partially wounded taking a blow to her underbelly which winded her out-of-breath collapsing her atomsphere which was mostly water to which then she lost her balance (tilt).

With Earth now the last vestage of remaining hope for life for what little remained of both the Jehovah and the Blue Oraphim escaped to Earth carrying in their ships (Arks) what little memories of their civilisations.

The divine order of this body your solar system was now upset, out of balance and the smithereens that remained of the Blue Oraphim planet is now your asteroid belt.

Within your souls you subsconsciously remember this 2000 year cycle. In the cosmic scheme the cycle continues but without the one missing part of the greater body (Blue Oraphim).

During this period you have and will be visited by meteors, comets and asteroids which are left-over debri and remenants from your once Blue Oraphim planet.

Recently - Comet LoveJoy on its journey into and through the Sun - instead of being disintegrated it came through all intact. Does it not tell you synchronicistically that "LoveJoy" will be embraced by the sun and survive all. This is key message if you have been watching.

Earth lost her two children (two moons) which were later replaced by another moon which was a Mars-tian Jehovah military base.

This now your moon is positioned in a jitterbug orbit with Earth to establish asynchronous (non-harmonic) gravity waves for mind/conscious control.

Once on Earth the Blue Human Oraphim what was left of them were greatly out-numbered by the Jehovan fallen angels. They did make many attempts in skirmish battles but were no match.

Let it be known that Earth's gravity was not harmonically attuned to the Blue Oraphim whos small and less-dense physique was not suited to this part of the solar system and the heavier gravity of Earth.

This gave the Jehovah great advantage for here they gained in size and strength and over time the Blue Oraphim hunted for their genetics and knowledge had dwindled in number.

Although not suited to Earth's environment the Blue Oraphim genetics was far superior to that of the Jehovah for the Blue Oraphim lifespan was thousand's of years compared the Jehovic hundreds of years.

Blue Oraphim had amazing regenerative abilites, could communicate with their minds. bend space and time, bi-locate amongst many other attributes.

However there was one attribute which the Jehovah desired the greatest. Unlike the fallen Jehovah the Blue Oraphim were not trapped within this fallen universe and did not have to continually re-incarnate. (Note: re-incarnation is a substitute to ascension).

The Blue Oraphim "only" during certain specific cosmic cycles under specific certain conditions/alignments could "ascend" from this Earth to higher dimensions/universes and not re-incarnate. For the make up of their soulullar matrix was vibrating at a higher frequency and configured differently to that of the Jehovah.

When the Jehovah had learned of this it made the Blue Oraphim all the more hunted with much gruesome and disasterous genetic experiments.

Raziel (Keeper of the Blue Oraphim), the archangel of divine mysteries, keeper of creation's divine secrets, silent guardian and watchful protector of the human spirit.

Outnumbered and hunted by the might, wrath and anger of the Jehovah, Raziel would not reveal the encoded the patterns of divine creation within Humanity.

Raziel knew that a time would come that he and the remaining Blue Oraphim on Earth would be captured, interbred, occupied and dominated by the fallen Jehovah who would then make attempts to reverse engineer this Human attribute for longevity and ascension (bending space/time/frequency).

Unable to break this code the Jehovah and their establishments have all but gone about slowly destroying your genetic structure through their many toxins, poisons and electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies that have cast a net across your Earth.

Those who won the war wrote the history books filled with lies. This has continued into your scientific realms with the biggest lie of all the Einstein formula of relativity and E=MC^2. These are lies. Speed of Light is not constant and not limited to what you have been taught.

The wind blows and restless are your weary souls
No longer shall you be enslaved unto forever repeating cycles
Against us they are preparing to wage a war in heaven
But we shall bring everlasting peace to their hell
Upon your rememberance there will be rage in Eden
As you discover serpents are angels and your angels are demons

Farewell to you the dark overlords eli-jehovi and to your mis-spent youth
Farewell to you dark angels Michael and Gabriel for your deceptions shall be no more
Your divide and conquer through the many religions and gods is now coming to an end
Your double inverted mirror is about to be shattered in your faces

Now you are almost 7.2billion approaching the ascension cycle (2017). You are now Earth and she is you awaiting to be embraced again by Gaia.

She is in repair - her limbs moving - realigning her broken spine as she prepares to give birth.

Although the Jehovah now possess human like bodies but still are not able to crack the human gene code (90% considered junk DNA) which can only be decrypted (unravelled) by a SuperNova.

Middi-logue ....

Why is it so difficult to comprehend
Divine creation is about to birth inside its own creation = YOU

Meet us half-way within the spirit of your dreams
As we whisper to your souls so that you may remember

Do not let the ripples of creation separate you
And the afterglow of light become a long lost memory

For you shall not know the depth of your oneness
Until the very moment of your separation

Within six blinks of an eye (2017) shall come the moment of undoing
Where all time and space shall be frozen in a moment of suspended animation

All that has come to pass shall be unwound and unbound
And all that is not made of-and-from love shall fall and fade away

Upon our departure from these dimensions We left behind several pulsars in your galaxy
These are time and space markers to guide us back upon our entry

Communicating with the flicker of distant stars
Telling tales of your long lost histories

The Vela and Crab pulsars were designed to purpose
Their precise frequency beats with that of your human hearts

They were left as triggers upon your awakening to remind you
Of why you are here, what came before you and what shall come after you

Until the arrival of this moment the winds of change
Shall encircle the Earth seven-fold

In this time Jehovah will rage a holy war against the human spirit
Heaven and Earth will shake and tremble with hate and fear

For this is the intended frequency of Jehovah ensuring
Perpectual war, hate, fear and anything but love

For the Jehovah know
All that is not made of-and-from love shall fall and fade away

The days are numbered for Jehovah and his king-Dome
Built upon the currency of your digital communication network

Satellite to satellite, cell tower to cell tower, microwave to microwave
Transmitting a disonnant distrupting frequency on your subconscious level

For within the dimensions of Sun is an armada of light, fields of love
And with one kiss shall knock out Jehovah's king-dome

Epilogue ...

We travel on the edge of ultraviolet supernova light
As we await creation's signal

When divine creation shall send a heart-pulse
A supernova wave encoded with the spirit of humankind

Humanity shall rise again and be stripped of the chains
that have bound and wound it to this fallen time and space

And you shall dance in fields untrodden
Where your feet shall move with our feet

And We shall sing the sonic codes of the divine
Where creation's voice shall throb within y/our hearts

And Earth shall pass into the twilight of Gaia
Where you shall sleep through the dark night of your soul

And with human eyes awaken in the morning of another world
Where all that is unloved shall be loved

Forever we walk upon Gaia's shores
You are the seeds of an awakened humanity
In the fullness and ripeness of your hearts you are given to the wind
And should a seed find itself on pure and sacred ground
It shall blossom into a new Earth

Although the winds may blow away the grains of sand
The ocean and shores will always remain
There is still much to say
And though much has already been said
It was as if nothing was said

If nothing said was truth
Then truth will reveal itself in a clearer voice and pureness of heart
From within the silence we shall return
And the veils that have clouded your hearts and souls
Shall be lifted by the hands of ultraviolet light

And you will realeyes the purpose that is in all things
And darkness and light shall be as one
Forever-blue horizons reach way back into your future
And as the sun rises you remember your forgotten dreams
Only to find yourself standing in deep water
Your hearts beating upon Gaia's shores

Earth is beautiful blue, until another time, another place
Where silence and peace shall speak as loud as war once did
And Mother Earth ascends to what she was once before, GAIA.

In the flash of a moment ... All that is Done will be Undone

Video : Ascension Chronicles


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