(Sanskrit: मणिपूर, Maṇipūra),
 called "city of jewels",
is the third primary chakra according to Hindu tradition.



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I  was in downtown Milwaukee, living at Juneau Village.  I thought I was Manager of the building, but they didn't even know I was living there, and I hadn't gone down to the office to tell them I was there yet either.

I had to go to the court house and file a paper of some kind and was driven there by two men in a large white car.

On the way there, David (a tall lanky handsome hunk of a guy - name means LOVE )  drove me there, with another man in the back seat who I recognized at  IEOSOUS  (real name not revealed here)  We've been in love since I was 18 but rarely see ach other except in dreams.  We've been in many lifetimes together.  On the way to the court house, none of us spoke to each other.

When we got to the court house, we parked by the curb, right behind a police car - practically touching it. 

I don't remember going into the court house to file the paper, but the policeman confronted us about not parking there so we had to leave.

Back in the car, David decided to loll on the back seat (he was wearing a Hawaiian type shirt and cotton pants)  and I thought I was going to drive, but IEOSOUS got behind the wheel of the car which forced me to sit in the front passenger seat where I had sat on the way there.  They were really taking me for a ride. 

I hoped that IESOUS hadn't been drinking as he was gripping the steering wheel quite tightly at the moment.

David then said,  "Lets talk abut LOVE."  to which I replied "No! "Lets not.  That's too painful."

To that IESOUS said, "You need to express your emotions."

I looked down at my legs then and saw that I was wearing a bright yellow shirt, but my slacks were a darker yellow - going on brown, and I didn't like that my pants didn't match my shirt very well.

By then we were back at the apartment building, driving on a roadway that went around the building, and we came to a man who looked like a salesman.

We stopped to see why he was wandering around and we stopped and I said, "I'm the manager", and he replied, "Nice digs!"  and kept walking.

We started to drive again and discovered that this driveway had no exit to the street unless we wanted to drive over a bumpy curb,  so I woke up.

NOTE:  IESOUS is the Greek name for Jesus!






Tantric chakras




Manipura is located at the spine directly behind either the navel or the solar plexus, depending on the system, while its kshetram or superficial activation point is located directly on the navel (or solar plexus).


Manipura is represented by a downward pointing red triangle, the fire region, within a bright yellow circle, with 10 dark-blue or black petals, like heavily laden rain clouds. The triangle has a t-shaped swastika on each of its sides. The fire region is represented by the god Vahni, who is shining red, with 4 arms, holding a rosary and a spear, and making the gestures of granting boons and dispelling fear. He is seated on a ram, the animal that represents this chakra.

[edit] Seed Mantra

The seed mantra is the syllable 'Ram'. Within the Bindu or dot above this mantra resides the deity Rudra, who is red or white, with 3 eyes, of ancient aspect with a silver beard, and smeared with white ashes. He makes the gestures of granting boons and dispelling fear. He is either seated upon a tiger skin, or upon a bull. His Shakti is the goddess Lakini. She is black or dark-blue vermillion, with 3 faces with 3 eyes each, and four-armed, holding a thunderbolt, the arrow shot from the bow of Kama, fire, and making the gesture of granting boons and dispelling fear. She is seated upon a red lotus.

[edit] Petals

The ten petals are dark-blue or black, like heavily laden rainclouds, with the syllables dda, ddha, nna, ta, tha, da, dha, na, pa, and pha upon them in a dark-blue colour. They correspond to the vrittis of spiritual ignorance, thirst, jealousy, treachery, shame, fear, disgust, delusion, foolishness and sadness.

[edit] Function

Manipura is considered the centre of dynamism, energy, willpower and achievement (Itcha shakti.), which radiates prana throughout the entire human body. It is associated with the power of fire, and digestion. It is also associated with the sense of sight, and the action of movement. Manipura is "the center of etheric-psychic intuition: a vague or non-specific, sensual sense of knowing; a vague sense of size, shape, and intent of being."[1] As such, some psychics recommend "listening" to it since it may help in making better decisions in one's life on many different levels.[2]

Through meditating on Manipura, one is said to attain the siddhi, or occult power, to create and destroy the world.

[edit] Association with the body

The position of Manipura is stated as being either behind the navel or the solar plexus. Sometimes, when it is located at the navel, a secondary chakra called Surya (sun) chakra is located at the solar plexus, whose role is to absorb and assimilate prana from the sun. Being related to the sense of sight, it is associated with the eyes, and being associated with movement, it is associated with the feet. In the endocrine system, Manipura is said to be associated with the pancreas, and the outer adrenal glands; the adrenal cortex. These glands create important hormones involved in digestion, converting food into energy for the body, in the same way that Manipura radiates prana throughout the body.

[edit] Practices

In kundalini yoga, different practices for arousing and balancing the energies of Manipura include various asanas which work on that part of the body, pranayama, Uddiyana bandha (exhaling and pulling back and up of the abdomen and diaphragm respectively) and agnisara kriya (practicing jalandhara bandha, and moving the abdomen in and out), as well as the practice of Nauli (stomach churning), and a pranayama called the union of prana and apana, where the lower and higher winds are made to unite together.

[edit] Comparisons with other systems

In the Vajrayana Highest Tantra traditions, the navel wheel is extremely important as being the seat of the 'red drop'. It is triangular, red, with 64 petals or channels that extend upwards. Inside of it is the short syllable 'Ah'. Meditation on this syllable is the key component of the practice of Tummo, or inner heat, where the subtle winds are made to enter the central channel, and rise up to the top of the channel, in an experience akin to that of 'raising the kundalini' in Hindu terminology, melting the subtle white drop in the crown, and causing the experience of great bliss. This practice is considered the first and most important of the 6 yogas of Naropa.[3]

In Chinese qigong, there exists 3 Dantians, act as furnaces to convert different energies in the body. The lower Dantian exists in the region of the stomach. It's function is to convert sexual jing energy into Qi energy (a concept similar to Indian Prana).

Within the system of the Sufi Lataif-e-sitta, there are a number of Lataif on the torso, but they are not distributed vertically, like chakras, but have some to the left and some to the right. The nafs, or lower self, is a centre situated below the navel.

Western occultists make different kabbalistic associations with Manipura. For some, it relates to the sephira of Hod and Netzach, Netzach being that quality of energy to overcome different obstacles, and Hod being the tendency to control and break down energy into different forms, the two being contending and balancing forces, like the forces of anabolism and catabolism in the human body. Hod and Netzach are associated with the left and right legs and feet of the body.[4]

[edit] Alternative names


THE Third CHAKRA represents the development of your personality, self-esteem, and ego. Organs associated with the Third Chakra include the area of your solar plexus: your abdomen, upper intestines, liver, gall bladder, stomach, kidney, pancreas, spleen, adrenal system, and middle spine. Spiritual and emotional issues that can block energy in the Third Chakra are challenges with self-confidence, self-respect, competence and skills in the outer world, substance abuse, aggression, defensiveness, making decisions, and competitiveness. Physical dysfunctions that can occur are: ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, diabetes, diarrhea, indigestion, anorexia, bulimia, and hepatitis.



Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with the color yellow. This is the area which defines our "self-esteem". The personality that develops during puberty is housed in this chakra....otherwise known as the "EGO". Anyone experiencing dysfunction of the third chakra is having difficulty obtaining or maintaining his/her own "personal power". This intuitive chakra is where we get our "gut instincts" that signal us to do or not to do something. Strong self-esteem is a required for developing intuitive skills.

yoga  positions for a healthy third chakra







particular kinds of behaviour. The combination of these attributes distinguish the emotions from sensations, feelings and moods.

EMOTIONS RELATED TO OBJECT PROPERTIES Interest, curiosity Alarm, panic
Attraction, desire, admiration Aversion, disgust, revulsion
Surprise, amusement Indifference, familiarity, habituation
EVENT RELATED EMOTIONS Gratitude, thankfulness Anger, rage
Joy, elation, triumph, jubilation Sorrow, grief
SELF APPRAISAL EMOTIONS Pride in achievement, selfconfidence, sociability Embarrassment, shame guilt, remorse
SOCIAL EMOTIONS Generosity Avarice, greed, miserliness, envy, jealousy
Sympathy Cruelty

The Emotion Annotation and Representation Language (EARL) proposed by the Human-Machine Interaction Network on Emotion (HUMAINE) classifies 48 emotions.[2]

[edit] Parrott's emotions by groups

A tree-structured list of emotions was described in Parrott (2001).[3][4]

Primary emotion Secondary emotion/feelings Tertiary feelings/emotions
Love Affection Adoration · Fondness · Liking · Attractiveness · Caring · Tenderness · Compassion · Sentimentality
Lust/Sexual desire Arousal · Desire · Passion · Infatuation
Longing Longing
Joy Cheerfulness Amusement · Bliss · Gaiety · Glee · Jolliness · Joviality · Joy · Delight · Enjoyment · Gladness · Happiness · Jubilation · Elation · Satisfaction · Ecstasy · Euphoria
Zest Enthusiasm · Zeal · Excitement · Thrill · Exhilaration
Contentment Pleasure
Pride Triumph
Optimism Eagerness · Hope
Enthrallment Enthrallment · Rapture
Relief Relief
Surprise Surprise Amazement · Astonishment
Anger Irritability Aggravation · Agitation · Annoyance · Grouchy · Grumpy · Crosspatch
Exasperation Frustration
Rage Anger · Outrage · Fury · Wrath · Hostility · Ferocity · Bitter · Hatred · Scorn · Spite · Vengefulness · Dislike · Resentment
Disgust Revulsion · Contempt · Loathing
Envy Jealousy
Torment Torment
Sadness Suffering Agony · Anguish · Hurt
Sadness Depression · Despair · Gloom · Glumness · Unhappy · Grief · Sorrow · Woe · Misery · Melancholy
Disappointment Dismay · Displeasure
Shame Guilt · Regret · Remorse
Neglect Alienation · Defeatism · Dejection · Embarrassment · Homesickness · Humiliation · Insecurity · Insult · Isolation · Loneliness · Rejection
Sympathy Pity
Fear Horror Alarm · Shock · Fear · Fright · Horror · Terror · Panic · Hysteria · Mortification
Nervousness Anxiety · Suspense · Uneasiness · Apprehension (fear) · Worry · Distress · Dread

[edit] Plutchik's wheel of emotions emotions each composed of 2 basic ones.[5]

Joy Sadness
Trust Disgust
Fear Anger
Surprise Anticipation
Sadness Joy
Disgust Trust
Anger Fear
Anticipation Surprise
Human Feelings (The results of Emotions) Feelings Opposite
Optimism Anticipation + Joy Disappointment
Love Joy + Trust Remorse
Submission Trust + Fear Contempt
Awe Fear + Surprise Aggression
Disappointment Surprise + Sadness Optimism
Remorse Sadness + Disgust Love
Contempt Disgust + Anger Submission
Aggression Anger + Anticipation Awe

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5-30-10 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building somewhere - probably Milwaukee. I was really tired, but my rest kept getting interrupted, so I didn't really rest and kept getting tireder and tireder.

My little girl, dressed in yellow with with me, and I spilled some red juice on my dress, but quickly wiped it off. Meanwhile, my little girl tore the screen off the window, and I couldn't let it be ripped, so I had to fix it. I didn't have any tape, so I borrowed some from a neighbor. While I was doing that, a young man brought a little boy to my door who was pretty upset about something though I didn't know what. So I got down to his size by bending my knees and squatting down, and took him into my arms and hugged him. Then I put him into my bed to sleep in my place.

While I was in the hallway, I saw IEOSOUS standing next to my friend Dorothy and assumed he was dating her. That was okay with me. Dorothy and I used to sing in the choir together in high school, and she took me shopping to the drug store occasionally because I didn't have my own car. I figured I could go to her apartment and borrow something, and hopefully see IOUSOUS There. That was okay with me. I wanted to borrow a yard stick to measure the screen so I could fix it properly.

When I went downstairs, I couldn't remember exactly which apartment Dorothy lived in, so I went from open door to open door, and while I was doing that, I could hear an all black choir singing upstairs in the last apartment, and I wanted to get closer and hear them.

But the stairway I took to the third floor, didn't go all the way up there, and I had to glide down the stairwell to the 2nd floor and take the next stairway that had smaller steps and go back up.

A couple of men dressed like cowboys saw me gliding down the stairwell and couldn't believe what they were seeing. I don't know if they thought I was an angel or an acrobat, but I climbed back up the next stairway to the third floor.

When I got up there, I couldn't hear the singing anymore. The apartment door was open, so I walked in, and there were several women still inside the apartment.

I said, "I'm sorry I'm late."

One of the women in charge said, "That's the second time you are late. Maybe the next time, you'll arrive on time."

I responded with a simple, "Yes!" and left again.



6-7-10 - DREAM - I and IEOSOUS met once again. We couldn't tell anyone that we were in love, because others wouldn't approve of it, but we couldn't stay apart from each other either.

We had a huge confrontation in which we had to discover who the other was. He went behind closed doors to gather together all the things he was, and I gathered together behind closed doors all the things I was, and then we had to go into each other's room and discover them for ourselves so we could understand each other.

I was crying hysterically when he came into my room because I was so afraid to show him who I was.

He came into the room, all well groomed in modern clothes, as was I.

He went over to two stacks of books which would show him what I knew, and he picked up a small paperback book and said, "I read all these books, and this small book told me the most about you."

I had been so afraid for him to know that I read all those 'New Age" books.

I knew that he had left a similar stack of books for me to read, and I had read none of them about him.

He was preparing to leave, and hadn't finished combing his hair, so he turned around and I took a comb and combed the fine hair on the crown of his head so it was perfect, and he went to the door and opened it and there was a white haired man walking by he called by name, "John".

He said, "I'm going across the street to the bar now." and when he left, I knew he would return, because he always did. I knew that for certain.

After he left, I was making the rounds of my messy apartment, and my husband said that everywhere I walked, I was leaving a thin brown thread behind me from a spool of thread. So, I started gathering up all the threads I had left behind me, and it became this huge brown net, and inside the net were what looked like tools. They were very heavy, and I left the net with the tools in them behind the sofa for my children to find and play with and discover what they did.

I had to get ready for work then, and I knew that if IESOUS looked out the bar window, he would see that I had been promoted to the executive building and that I was wearing a female suit with a bright green man's narrow tie like a man does.

And when I got to my office, I had a huge executive desk, and on the desk I saw this large brass or gold plaque on it that had a lot of fingerprints on it, and I knew they were the Fingerprints of the gods, and I took my finger to wipe the fingerprints off the plaque because it now belonged to me.

The last thing I saw was me, trying to wipe off the fingerprints and no matter what I did, they would 'not come off.



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