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Rangel: ‘We have to have a draft’  Dec 7, 2011


3-11-12   WE'RE IN THE ARMY NOW!!!

DREAM -   I don't know specifically where I was, but my Mom was with me so it was probably Wisconsin. It was wintertime with ice on the ground everywhere.

We went to an Army recruiting station as volunteers as far as I know - but we could have been drafted.  There were no children there with us.

It was very crowded with people from the age of 18 through at least 50 or so - could have been higher, but those were the ages I saw there.

While in line, everyone was walking over metal plates on the floor that gyrated back and forth or up and down in a variety of ways.  One older man actually fell over as he couldn't keep his balance on the side to side plate on the floor.

I went over them all too and some vibrated,, but I didn't feel hardly anything.  When my turn came to sign in, I told the guy at the desk that I don't know why all those people were falling over and acting weird, I didn't feel anything at all."

The guy at the desk said, "Oh?  You need to go directly to Sergeant  ....  I forgot his name immediately.

He said, "Just initial this piece of paper."  It was a very small piece of paper -  like a posted miniature size piece of paper.  I put a giant sized F on it and he said, "You're in."  and waved me towards the door.

I immediately purchased two puppies, a Dachshund and a Chihuahua which were the same color as the Army uniforms.  I put them on a piece of newspaper and they immediately started pooping the same color as themselves and the Army uniforms. 

I then picked up the puppies and carried them over to my Mom who was sitting nearby in a side chair.  (She hated dogs), but this was for a good cause.

I then went to the door and met two young black men who were shorter than I was. I assumed they were 18 years old.  They wanted to know if they could hang out with me and I said "Sure!"  I didn't see any other young females around at the time, mostly older people and young men.

A few minutes later, one of the army guys came outside. a large burly shaped guy, wearing  a white T shirt, army pants, and ice skates and carrying a hockey stick.  He said to the two kids I was with, "Lets go play a game of  'wrassle-tail"  and off they went to the hockey rink which was in full ice and with lots of people on it.


THE MODERATOR. Mr. Reynolds.

MR. REYNOLDS. Mr. President, when you came into office, you spoke very eloquently of the need for a time for healing. And very early in your administration you went out to Chicago and you announced, you proposed a program of case-by-case pardons for draft resisters to restore them to full citizenship. Some 14,000 young men took advantage of your offer, but another 90,000 did not. In granting the pardon to former President Nixon, sir, part of your rationale was to put Watergate behind us, to, if I may quote you again, truly end "our long national nightmare."






2-19-03 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin, WI house.

I was talking to a young woman. She was in tears because she hadn't seen some people from her
school in a long time and she missed them. She showed me her report card and pointed to the names
of the teachers and the principal listed on the far right side of the card.

I told her she should go find them.

I then saw my son Bill's report card and under the subject 'Patriotism', it was written in heavy
black ink, 'SKIPS OUT'.
(The name Bill represents 'WILL')

I had no idea he did that.

My brother-in-law was spending the night because he and my sister had split up and he went
upstairs on the third floor and slept in the Master bedroom.

I slept on the 2nd floor in the library on a cot.

When I awakened in the morning, my talking woke him up and he came downstairs with two
blankets (a white one and a yellow one) and a white bedspread. He intended to go into the
basement to launder them. He said he was going to give the yellow blanket to one of my sons.

My brother-in-law (who now looked like Dr. Ben Davidson) from One Life to Live, TV show, headed
for the basement and I saw that he was wearing cowboy clothes, a red, white, and black plaid shirt
and blue jeans.
(Ben means 'son')

He went down a few stairs and looked

very sad and stood there and I rubbed his head to comfort him.

Then my sister appeared, looking even sadder. She suddenly changed in a dove and she had a sharp
pointed scissors in her right wing, and plunged it deep into her heart.

NOTE: I'm not naming names of who the cowboy might represent, but you can probably guess who it is.






7-9-04 - DREAM - I was living somewhere in the northern part of the U.S. where there were forested high hills everywhere.

We were told via the radio that the Russians were going to attack us and they would be coming at us through Canada.

None of us had guns to protect ourselves with. The army was spread out all over the world - none of them were near us in the U.S.

The only thing I could think of was suicide. I thought maybe the quickest way to go would be to dive into the swift flowing deep river off a nearby bridge. I'd drown before anyone could rescue me. I shuddered when I thought about how cold that would be to dive into the water before I died.

Meanwhile, my husband was visited by a neighbor and while they stood talking to each other, I stood in the exhaust of the still running vehicle, hoping I would breathe enough carbon monoxide to die right there. Anything was better than dying at the hands of the Russian army.

My husband saw what I was doing and grabbed me by the arm and pulled me out of the exhaust before I passed out.

I hoped the men could figure out a way to defend ourselves and our families ...




-1-05 - I couldn't go to sleep to save my life. Every few minutes I would have a vision of the words, "Dave and the Stalemate!" I would change positions in bed and wait to fall asleep and I'd have the same vision a gain, "Dave and the Stalemate!"

After what I knew was hours had gone by and I had changed positions numerous times, the vision changed and I saw that every one of those statements about the Stalemate had been imprinted on the front page of my website and now they formed a long paragraph, telling about Dave and the Stalemate.

Now I felt better that I wasn't wasting good hours of sleeping time seeing the same vision over and over 'Dave and the Stalemate'.

Finally I fell asleep and went into a dream.

DREAM: I was with my mother-in-law Audrey and she had written a novel. The novel was large - over 900 pages and the publisher told her it was too expensive to publish. She couldn't afford to publish it herself, so she decided to have her manuscript copyright just the way it was.

She gave her manuscript and the outline to the copyright people in the government and got nothing for all her work.

I was writing a novel also about a beautiful woman and a serviceman going to war and I wanted to know how she had outlined her book, but now she had nothing to show me. She had just given everything she wrote to the copyright people.

So she sat down for a few minutes to instruct me in outlining my novel.

We were writing in the office where I worked and all of a sudden we all got called to the bosses office and were told to stand in line and get our shots.

I didn't even know what these shots were for, but everybody had to have them, men and women alike.

As soon as we got our shots, the younger men were told to get into a different line that they were being taken to the navy ship at the dock because we were now at war.

The young guy named Dave was standing right in front of me. He was so scared, he vomited on the floor right in front of me. What was even worse, I saw a tape worm in the vomit.

I turned around to tell Dave that he was sick, and the men had already been escorted out the door and the door was slammed in our faces. Nobody could know where they were going.

I tried to force the door open and I yelled to the Navy officer in charge, "I've got to get a message to Dave."

The Navy officer said back, "I'm sorry Maam!" but we can't send telegrams to the men now! We're at war."

I yelled back, "But I've got to tell Dave that he's really sick."

The Navy officer yelled back as he left the door area, "I'm sorry Maam! Like I said, "We're at war!"

I knew that all the men in our office were in the reserves just like Dave. They just hadn't had to ship out because they were older.

So I went back down the hall to where the older men were working. I actually had to step over 3 long fishing rods with reels on, that were leaning against a desk.

These guys all had stern looks on their faces and had taken their suit-coats off and sleeves were rolled up and they were working hard.

I knew the protocol of how to get a message to Dave. - it had to go through chain-of-command. War or no, Dave had to notified that he was sick with more than just fear.

So I walked up to the youngest guy's desk after I passed the fishing rods.

I didn't know if I should salute or not. All these guys were in the naval reserve and could be called off to war at any second.

I knew they'd be able to get Dave the message and they were all within hearing distance when I spoke.

So I walked up to the youngest guy's desk and said loudly, "Sir!"

and woke up.







A Dream of my Friend:

7-16-07 - DREAM - My son Brian had just turned 17 and he got drafted to go fight in Iraq.

He hadn't been gone all that long and there was a knock at the door.

Two soldiers stood there, holding my son's bloody body in their arms. They said, "Your son served valiantly Ma'am! and then they threw my son onto the floor at my feet.

I picked up my son's dead body and held him in my arms and rocked him like a baby. He had been shot in the head.

I just cried and cried over my son's body until I woke up and I still couldn't stop crying.

NOTE: My son will be 16 in a few months and I will guarantee you, he will be sent to Canada for safekeeping if they re-institute the draft.

NOTE: In case you don't realize it, every high school now has military personnel spending their lunch hours with the kids, coercing them to join up and sometimes making false promises of large amounts of money to sign on the dotted line. This starts at age 14, when the schools are required to submit a list of students to the military.

these are some of the predictions made by \seen David Morton that same year:


-4-07 - DREAM by a reader

This dream feels all too real. Noting that Iraq is destroyed for all time from the uranium bombs and bullets used there and who knows what else.

Iran is certain to be worse. I hate to think that it is 'our' boys and girls who are going to have to be there and get all those shots which destroy the body all by themselves, not to mention side effects - long term.


In a message dated 3/4/2007

I was in Iran with my son, not sure the purpose of our trip there. We were in some large mall or airport carrying a single carry-on with groups of others traveling. A tall dark man brought us these small zip bags for survival. I looked inside and there were several very large turquoise blue elongated pills that were used to put into water to make the investors immune to disease. The man gave me a larger black flight bag...that looked military. It had many used pens and pencils in it. I asked about those pencils as they were not what we needed but we did need the antibiological drug. I saw were being watched and I was cautious to not draw attention but I didn't want to get into trouble for sharp objects on a plane. I also noticed patch what you would plug into amplifiers or the back of DVD's and TV's for sound. I finally packed these bags in my main bag with the wheels...

My son and I stopped to eat at a food court...then on to a transport to travel to a further remote area. A man spoke to us of our instructions and who we were to meet there and where we were to stay. The primary concern here...was a biotoxin was being tested where we were going near Pakistan across a border in a remote area away from the cities. Those pills we had were to protect an antidote. We were not part of this project but had to report the source so we could prevent a major epidemic. I didn't think I had enough I planned on educating the families on what to avoid...then sharing them...although that was not why we were sent. I woke up at that point.

** My thoughts on waking...this was a test for a future major bio attack using this agent.





12-13-08 - DREAM - I was going out early in the morning with my husband. Our car didn't work in the parking lot, so my husband told me to get in this big old yellow station wagon, which appeared to be from the 1950's and we drove to another place near a park where my husband met someone he knew named Bob and his wife - who called herself Tee.

My husband left me in the car and went into the restaurant with Bob and they were talking and talking and talking.

Finally they came out and I found out that his wife Tee had been eating breakfast with them too.

I asked him how come I hadn't been invited in, and he ignored me. I was really mad by now, because I hadn't been invited to join in the conversation and all of a sudden he got out of the car and went somewhere and left me in the car.

My daughter-in-law Debe and my son Ken appeared in the park along with some other friends and I was talking to them, and then they left to collect stacks of old newspapers.

I was waiting for my husband to come back, and all of a sudden I heard this weird noise behind me, and I turned around and there was my Father spraying the inside of the car with a bug sprayer like we had back in the 40's.

I got mad because I was sitting in the car and he's spraying for bugs, so I got out of the car on the driver's side, and all of a sudden my Father goes and throws himself down on a bench and I went over to see what was the matter and he started saying, "Ever since WWII ... C. F. Pirnie and the Koreans .... and he paused so I said, "And?????" and he didn't say anymore and I woke up.

I looked up C.F. Purney and that didn't work, so I tried Purney and that didn't give me anything, then suggested Pirnie - so I pursued Pirnie and found a lot of Pirnies killed in the Korean war - but that still doesn't fit what my Father said.

However, I found that Representative Alexander Pirnie was the head of the Selective Service System in 1969 - when they held the last draft for the Vietnam war.

On December 1, 1969, the Selective Service System of the United States held a lottery to determine the order of draft (induction) into the U.S. Army for the Vietnam War.

PIRNIE, Alexander, (1903 - 1982)

PIRNIE, Alexander, a Representative from New York; born in Pulaski, Oswego County, N.Y., April 16, 1903; graduated from Pulaski Academy in 1920, Cornell University in 1924, and from Cornell Law School in 1926; was admitted to the bar in 1926 and commenced the practice of law in Utica, N.Y.; in 1924 was commissioned a second lieutenant, Infantry, Officers Reserve Corps; during the Second World War, served in Europe and retired as a colonel; awarded Bronze Star and Legion of Merit; elected as a Republican to the Eighty-sixth and to the six succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1959-January 3, 1973); was not a candidate for reelection in 1972 to the Ninety-third Congress; member, Interparliamentary Union, 1965-1982; resumed the practice of law; presiding officer of a clothing firm, Mohawk, N.Y., 1977-1980; resided in Utica, N.Y. until his death in Canastota, N.Y. on June 12, 1982; interment in Pulaski Cemetery, Pulaski, N.Y.







1. 2008 will be a year of shocking news and large explosions with a serious increase of earthquakes and volcano eruptions. (Feb and Aug 2008)
2. Expect a full restructure of the internet.
3. Total restructure and merging of many television networks.
4. More action with UFO and new planets discovery
5. Merging of many airlines and terrible explosions/accidents
6. A full restructure of the US economy is ahead and the reinstitution of the draft will bring much more death with children in Iraq.
7. Tremendous medical (heart) and technological discoveries are ahead of us.
8. Upsurge in earthquakes in the ring of fire (Japan) Aug/Feb. 2008
9. The US will experience an upsurge of earthquakes, large explosions and volcanoes activity (July/Aug/Feb 08)
10. Serious scary news pertaining to nuclear plants and nuclear technology secret deals in the US / Russia
11. Nuclear accident at sea and/or in land - Feb/Aug 2008
12. Tremendous planetary action/changes in our Universe
13. Death news for many famous people including President Bush, Larry King, and Clinton (Feb/Aug 08)
14. Negative news from France and Italy Aug 2008
15. Serious fires and explosions Feb/Aug 2008
16. Many famous people to die of heart attack and suicide in 2008
17. An upsurge of accident involving children
18. US total financial restructure (Feb/Aug 08)
19. NASA full restructure.




9-23-09 - VISIONS - Approximately 9 a.m. I got so tired, I felt like I was going to fall down if I didn't lay down, so I went to bed to take a nap, but I didn't fall asleep. So, I decided to meditate a bit, and started off with prayer as I usually do.

As soon as the prayer was done, a voice said, "With regard to December 7th!" - and I saw a photo album open up with colored pictures on the right-hand page of ships at dock - large ships. These pictures could have been Memorial Stamps put out by the government.

That vision faded and then the voice said, "And as a baby turns around!" and the album opened up again, and on the left-hand page, I was seeing black and white pictures like one sees of babies in the womb before birth, and the baby was in the process of getting ready to be born. There were 6 or 7 photos of the baby as it turned.

Then I had a third vision - this one was of a person holding a green water hose and the water was shooting out full blast towards the left.

Lastly, I felt an electrical shock go through my head from my right ear toward the left, and I knew it was over.

NOTE: The reference to December 7th is ominous, because I've had visions and dreams about it before about a New Pearl Harbor attack to occur just like the old one in 1941.

The other thing is that the attack on New York City on 9/11/2001 was also called the Second Pearl Harbor, and I've written about the Third Pearl Harbor coming. Especially now with talk about new terror threats especially on Chicago and perhaps other cities. But it feels to me like the threat is going to come from the sea this time.




With Trembling Fingers
Posted: 07/08
From: Rense .com

Despite the worst foreign policy blunder in American history, George W. Bush and his millionaire supporters don't know the meaning of the word shame.

I used to take a drink on occasion with a network newsman famed for his impenetrable calm--his apparent pulse rate that of a large mammal in deep hibernation--and in an avuncular moment he advised me that I'd do all right, in the long run, if I could only avoid the kind of journalism committed to the keyboard "with trembling fingers." I recognized the wisdom of this advice and endeavored over the years to write as little as possible when my blood pressure was soaring and my face was streaked with tears. The lava flows of indignation ebb predictably with age and hardening arteries, and nearing three-score I thought I'd never have to take another tranquilizer--or a double bourbon--to keep my fingers steady on the keys.

I never imagined 2004.

It would be sophomoric to say that there was never a worse year to be an American. My own memory preserves the dread summer of 1968. My parents suffered the consequences of 1941 and 1929, and my grandfather Jack Allen, who lived through all those dark years, might have added 1918, with the flu epidemic and the Great War in France that each failed, very narrowly, to kill him. Drop back another generation or two and we encounter 1861.

But if this is not the worst year yet to be an American, it's the worst year by far to be one of those hag-ridden wretches who comment on the American scene. The columnist who trades in snide one-liners flounders like a stupid comic with a tired audience; TV comedians and talk-show hosts who try to treat 2004 like any zany election year have become grotesque, almost loathsome. Our most serious, responsible newspaper columnists are so stunned by the disaster in Iraq that they've begun to quote poetry by Rupert Brooke and Wilfred Owen. They lower their voices, they sound like Army chaplains delivering eulogies over ranks of flag-draped coffins, under a hard rain from an iron sky.

Yeats' "blood-dimmed tide is loosed." The war news had already deteriorated from bad to tragic to pre-apocalyptic, which left no suitable category for these excruciating reports on the sexual torture of Iraqi prisoners. Fingers, be still. In less than a year, the morale of the occupying forces had sunk so low that murder, suicide, rape and sexual harassment became alarming statistics, and now the warriors of democracy--the emissaries of civilization--stand accused of every crime this side of cannibalism. Osama bin Laden has always anathematized America's culture, as well as its geopolitical influence. To him these atrocities are a sign of Allah's certain favor, a great moral victory, a vindication of his deepest anger and darkest crimes.

Where does it go from here? The nightmare misadventure in Iraq is over, beyond the reach of any reasonable argument, though many more body bags will be filled. In Washington, chicken hawks will still be squawking about "digging in" and winning, but Vietnam proved conclusively that no modern war of occupation would ever be won. Every occupation is doomed. The only way you "win" a war of occupation is the old-fashioned way, the way Rome finally defeated the Carthaginians: kill all the fighters, enslave everyone else, raze the cities and sow the fields with salt.

Otherwise the occupied people will fight you to the last peasant, and why shouldn't they? If our presidential election fails to dislodge the crazy bastards who annexed Baghdad, many of us in this country would welcome regime change by any intervention, human or divine. But if, say, the Chinese came in to rescue us--Operation American Freedom--how long would any of us, left-wing or right, put up with an occupying army teaching us Chinese-style democracy? A guerrilla who opposes an invading army on his own soil is not a terrorist, he's a resistance fighter. In Iraq we're not fighting enemies but making enemies. As Richard Clarke and others have observed, every dollar, bullet and American life that we spend in Iraq is one that's not being spent in the war on terrorism. Every Iraqi, every Muslim we kill or torture or humiliate is a precious shot of adrenaline for Osama and al Qaeda.

The irreducible truth is that the invasion of Iraq was the worst blunder, the most staggering miscarriage of judgment, the most fateful, egregious, deceitful abuse of power in the history of American foreign policy. If you don't believe it yet, just keep watching. Apologists strain to dismiss parallels with Vietnam, but the similarities are stunning. In every action our soldiers kill innocent civilians, and in every other action apparent innocents kill our soldiers--and there's never any way to sort them out. And now these acts of subhuman sadism, these little My Lais.

Since the defining moment of the Bush presidency, the preposterous flight-suit, Fox News-produced photo-op on the Abraham Lincoln in front of the banner that read "Mission Accomplished," the shaming truth is that everything has gone wrong. Just as it was bound to go wrong, as many of us predicted it would go wrong--if anything more hopelessly wrong than any of us would have dared to prophesy. Iraq is an epic train wreck, and there's not a single American citizen who's going to walk away unscathed.

The shame of this truth, of such a failure and so much deceit exposed, would have brought on mass resignations or votes of no confidence in any free country in the world. In Japan not long ago, there would have been ritual suicides, shamed officials disemboweling themselves with samurai swords. Yet up to this point--at least to the point where we see grinning soldiers taking pictures of each other over piles of naked Iraqis--neither the president, the vice president nor any of the individuals who urged and designed this debacle have resigned or been terminated--or even apologized. They have betrayed no familiarity with the concept of shame.

Thousands of young Americans are dead, maimed or mutilated, 100 billion has been wasted and all we've gained is a billion new enemies and a mouthful of dust--of sand. Chaos reigns, but in the midst of it we have this presidential election. George Bush has defined himself as a war president, and it's fitting that he should die by the sword--in fact fall on it, and quick. But even now the damned polls don't guarantee, or even indicate, his demise.

Conventional wisdom says that an incumbent president with a $200 million war chest cannot be defeated, and that one who commands a live, bleeding, suffering army in the field is doubly invincible. By this logic, the most destructively incompetent president since Andrew Johnson will be rewarded with a second term. That would probably mean a military draft and more wars in the oil countries and, under visionaries like Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz, a chance for the United States to emulate 19th-century Paraguay, which simultaneously declared war on Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay and fought ferociously until 90 percent of the male population was dead.

What hope then? Impeachment is impossible when the president's party controls both houses of Congress, though Watergate conspirator John Dean, who ought to know, claims in his new book that there are compelling legal arguments for a half-dozen bills of impeachment against George W. Bush. Peer pressure? At the White House, world opinion gets no more respect than FBI memos or uncomfortable facts. Many Americans seem unaware that scarcely anyone on the planet Earth supported the Iraq adventure, no one anywhere except the 40-50 million Republican loyalists who voted for George Bush in 2000.

Among significant world leaders he recruited only Great Britain's Tony Blair--whose career may be ruined because most Britons disagree with him--and the abominable Ariel Sharon, that vile tub of blood and corruption who recently used air-to-ground missiles to assassinate a paraplegic in a wheelchair at the door of his mosque. (Palestinians quickly squandered any sympathy or moral advantage they gained from this atrocity by strapping a retarded 16-year-old into a suicide bomber's kit. Such is the condition of the human race in the Middle East, variously known as the Holy Land or the Cradle of Civilization.) Says Sharon, oleaginously, of Bush: "Something in his soul committed him to act with great courage against world terror."

The rest of the known world, along with the United Nations, has been dead set against us from the start. But they carry no weight. Thanks to our tax dollars and the well-fed, strong but not bulletproof bodies of our children--though mostly children from lower-income families--George Bush and his lethal team of oil pirates, Cold Warriors and Likudists commands the most formidable military machine on earth. No nation, with the possible exception of China, would ever dare to oppose them directly.

But the Chinese aren't coming to save us. Nothing and no one can stop these people except you and me, and the other 100 million or so American citizens who may vote in the November election. This isn't your conventional election, the usual dim-witted, media-managed Mister America contest where candidates vie for charm and style points and hire image coaches to help them act more confident and presidential. This is a referendum on what is arguably the most dismal performance by any incumbent president--and inarguably the biggest mistake. This is a referendum on George W. Bush, arguably the worst thing that has happened to the United States of America since the invention of the cathode ray tube.

One problem with this referendum is that the case against George Bush is much too strong. Just to spell it out is to sound like a bitter partisan. I sit here on the 67th birthday of Saddam Hussein facing a haystack of incriminating evidence that comes almost to my armpit.

What matters most, what signifies? Journalists used to look for the smoking gun, but this time we have the cannons of Waterloo, we have Gettysburg and Sevastopol, we have enough gun smoke to cause asthma in heaven. I'm overwhelmed. Maybe I should light a match to this mountain of paper and immolate myself. On the near side of my haystack, among hundreds of quotes circled and statistics underlined, just one thing leaped out at me. A quote I had underlined was from the testimony of Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg trials, not long before Hitler's vice-Fuhrer poisoned himself in his jail cell: "It is always a simple matter to drag people along whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. This is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country."

Goering's dark wisdom gained weight when a friend called me and reported that Vice President Cheney was so violently partisan in his commencement speech at Westminster College in Missouri--so rabid in his attacks on John Kerry as an anti-American peace-marching crypto-communist--that the college president felt obliges to send the student body an e-mail apologizing for Cheney's coarseness.

If you think it's exceptionally shameless for a man who dodged Vietnam to play the patriot card against a decorated veteran, remember that Georgia Republicans played the same card, successfully, against Sen. Max Cleland, who suffered multiple amputations in Vietnam. In 2001 and 2002, George Bush and his Machiavelli, Karl Rove, approved political attack ads that showed the faces of Tom Daschle and other Democratic senators alongside the faces of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. And somewhere in hell, Goering and Goebbels toasted each other with a schnapps.

Am I polarized? I've never been a registered Democrat, I'm sick of this two-party straitjacket, I wish to God it didn't take Yale and a major American fortune to create a presidential candidate. The only current Democratic leaders who show me any courage are Nancy Pelosi and old Bob Byrd--Hillary Clinton has been especially cagy and gutless on this war--and John Kerry himself may leave a lot to be desired. He deserves your vote not because of anything he ever did or promises to do, but simply because he did not make this sick mess in Iraq and owes no allegiance to the sinister characters who designed it. And because his own "place in history," so important to the kind of men who run for president, would now rest entirely on his success in getting us out of it.

Kerry made a courageous choice at least once in his life, when he came home with his ribbons and demonstrated against the war in Vietnam. But Sen. Kerry could turn out to be a stiff, a punk, an alcoholic and he'd still be a colossal improvement over the man who turned Paul Wolfowitz loose in the Middle East. The myth that there was no real difference between Democrats and Republicans, which I once considered seriously and which Ralph Nader rode to national disaster four years ago, was shattered forever the day George Bush announced his cabinet and his appointments for the Department of Defense.

I'm aware that there are voters--40 million?--who don't see it this way. I come from a family of veterans and commissioned officers; I understand patriots in wartime. If a spotted hyena stepped out of Air Force One wearing a baby-blue necktie, most Americans would salute and sing "Hail to the Chief." Cultivating these reliable patriots, President Bush cultivated his patriots by spending $46 million on media in the month of March alone. Somehow I'm on his mailing list. (Is that because my late father, with the same name, was a registered Republican, or can Bush afford to mail his picture to every American with an established address?) Twice a week I open an appeal for cash to crush John Kerry and the quisling liberal conspiracy, and now I own six gorgeous color photographs of the president and his wife. I'm sure some of my neighbors frame the president's color photographs, and fill those little blue envelopes he sends us with their hard-earned dollars.

I struggle against the suspicion that so many of my fellow Americans are conceptually challenged. I want to reason with my neighbors, I want to engage these lost Americans. What makes you angry, neighbor? What arouses your suspicions? Does it bother you that this administration made terrorism a low priority, dismissed key intelligence that might have prevented the 9-11 catastrophe, then exploited it to justify the pre-planned destruction of Saddam Hussein, who had nothing to do with al Qaeda? All this is no longer conjecture, but direct reportage from cabinet-level meetings by the turncoat insiders Richard Clarke and Paul O'Neill.

If the Pentagon ever thought Saddam had "weapons of mass destruction," it was only because the Pentagon gave them to him. As Kevin Phillips recounts in American Dynasty, officials of the Reagan and first Bush administrations eagerly supplied Saddam with arms while he was using chemical weapons on the Kurds. They twice sent Donald Rumsfeld to court Saddam, in 1983 and 1984, when the dictator was in the glorious prime of his monsterhood.

This scandal, concurrent with Iran-Contra, was briefly called "Iraqgate," and, yes, among the names of those officials implicated you'll find most of the engineers of our current foreign policy. (They also signaled their fractious client, Saddam, that it might be all right to overrun part of Kuwait; you remember what happened when he tried to swallow it all.) Does any of this trouble you? Does it worry you that Dick Cheney, as president of the nefarious Halliburton Corporation, sold Iraq $73 million in oilfield services between 1997 and 2000, even as he plotted with the Wolfowitz faction to whack Saddam? Or that Halliburton, with its CEO's seat still warm from Cheney's butt, was awarded unbid contracts worth up to $15 billion for the Iraq invasion, and currently earns a billion dollars a month from this bloody disaster? Not to mention its $27.4 million overcharge for our soldiers' food.

These are facts, not partisan rhetoric. Do any of them even make you restless? The cynical game these shape-shifters have been playing in the Middle East is too Byzantine to unravel in 1,000 pages of text. But the hypocrisy of the White House is palpable, and beggars belief. If there's one American who actually believes that Operation Iraqi Freedom was about democracy for the poor Iraqis, then you, my friend, are too dangerously stupid to be allowed near a voting booth.

Does it bother you even a little that the personal fortunes of all four Bush brothers, including the president and the governor, were acquired about a half step ahead of the district attorney, and that the royal family of Saudi Arabia invested $1.476 billion in those and other Bush family enterprises? Or, as Paul Krugman points out, that it's much easier to establish links between the Bush and bin Laden families than any between the bin Ladens and Saddam Hussein. Do you know about Ahmad Chalabi, the administration's favorite Iraqi and current agent in Baghdad, whose personal fortune was established when he embezzled several hundred million from his own bank in Jordan and fled to London to avoid 22 years at hard labor? That's just a sampling from my haystack. Maybe I can reach you as an environmentalist, one who resents the gutting of key provisions in the Clean Air Act? My own Orange County, chiefly a rural area, was recently added to a national register of counties with dangerously polluted air.

You say you vote for the president because you're a conservative. Are you sure? I thought conservatives believed in civil liberties, a weak federal executive, an inviolable Constitution, a balanced budget and an isolationist foreign policy. George Bush has an attorney general who drives the ACLU apoplectic and a vice president who demands more executive privilege (for his energy seances) than any elected official has ever received. The president wants a Constitutional amendment to protect marriage from homosexuals, of all things. Between tax cuts for his high-end supporters and three years playing God and Caesar in the Middle East, George Bush has simply emptied America's wallet, with a $480 billion federal deficit projected for 2004, and the tab on Iraq well over $100 billion and running.

"A lot of so-called conservatives today don't know what the word means," Barry Goldwater said in 1994, when the current cult of right-wing radicals and "neocons" had begun to define and assert themselves. Goldwater was my first political hero, before I was old enough to read his flaws. But his was the conservatism of the wolf--the lone wolf--and this is the conservatism of sheep.

All it takes to make a Bush conservative is a few slogans from talk radio and pickup truck bumpers, a sneer at "liberals" and maybe a name-dropping nod to Edmund Burke or John Locke, whom most of them have never read. Sheep and sheep only could be herded by a ludicrous but not harmless cretin like Rush Limbaugh, who has just compared the sexual abuse of Iraqi prisoners to "a college fraternity prank" (and who once called Chelsea Clinton "the family dog"--you don't have to worry about shame when you have no brain).

I don't think it's accurate to describe America as polarized between Democrats and Republicans, or between liberals and conservatives. It's polarized between the people who believe George Bush and the people who do not. Thanks to some contested ballots in a state governed by the president's brother, a once-proud country has been delivered into the hands of liars, thugs, bullies, fanatics and thieves. The world pities or despises us, even as it fears us. What this election will test is the power of money and media to fool us, to obscure the truth and alter the obvious, to hide a great crime against the public trust under a blood-soaked flag. The most lavishly funded, most cynical, most sophisticated political campaign in human history will be out trolling for fools. I pray to God it doesn't catch you.

From itis fiesta


Could you please add the following to the above article :

John Kerry : "I will support the Administration's request for emergency funds for our troops. The situation in Iraq has deteriorated far beyond what the Administration anticipated. This money is urgently needed, and it is completely focused on the needs of our troops. We must give our troops the equipment and support to carry out their missions in Iraq and Afghanistan".

Source :

My comments : Representative "democracy" = corruption by Big Business
The only democracy is direct democracy

By Hal Crowther, The Independent, Durham, North Carolina


The Military Draft

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
Feb. 3, 2004

A mandatory draft is coming and it will come soon. Make no mistake about it. If you have a 'specialty' field such as health care worker or even computer skills (such as a degree in computer science), you could be 'drafted' into government service up to the age limit of 44 years old. You will have no choice in the matter as the Presidential Executive Order has already been signed and has become the "law", without the messy annoyance of congressional voting or debate, of course. The new age limit of conscription will also be pushed up to 36 years (update: June 2006. now changed to 42 years ) of age, not 26 years as was the traditional limit. They have now tied in Selective Service Registration with applying for a driver's licence in some 34 states so far.

One of the articles below touches on staying out of the military based on a claim of Conscientious Objector, but you should explore every possible idea to stay out of the Meat Grinder, not just this traditional technique. Once you're in the military, you're in and you can't do a damn thing about. It's a lot harder to get out or avoid being shot once you're standing on foreign soil wearing your battle gear and your spiffy Nazi style steel helmet taking orders from Sargeant Gung Ho. Even if you register as a Conscientious Objector, you've still registered. They have your name and all your other vital info in order to seek you out. You also need to explore your avoidance options BEFORE they pull off another staged 'terrorist' attack and close the borders and airports.

I voluntarily joined the military many years ago and thought it was the right thing to do. I felt good about it and told others that it was a good way to grow up and see the world. At the time, of course, I thought that the government was legit, that the U.S. was the "good guy" of the world, and that we were 'maintaining the peace' and preventing the spread of communism and all of that brainwashing crap that they keep feeding us, generation after generation. Now I know better. The government is in the hands of satanic, globalist traitors who are following a script to destroy America and its people (from within & without), in order to decimate the only country remaining that could (or would) offer any real opposition to the one world government takeover.

You have to be careful when visiting government web sites from your home computer. They undoubtedly keep record of anyone who visits their sites. If you are a person looking to avoid the draft, you are notifying them that you are interested in this topic, along with your computer ID, etc. Even the Conscientious Objector web sites listed below may be covert operations to gather information on draft resisters. One has no way of knowing for sure, so it's better to go to a library or Internet cafe to visit these sites, or use the home computer of a person who is beyond draft age.

In any event, if you want info sent to you via snail mail, use the PO Box of a business person or of an older friend, but don't send anyone your real name and home address. Please remember, if you list your Social Security number or date of birth, along with your name and address on any sort of application, rental lease, driver's licence, school registration, doctor's office, etc., the government can find you in a micro second. All such computers are tied into big government data collecting computers. Use a PO Box and voice mail number for contact on every form you fill out (don't use your real home address to get a PO Box either. If necessary, find someone who already has a PO Box, and add your name to it). If they insist on a home address, pre-arrange to use the address of a friend or the parents of your friend, or better yet, use your imagination.

**Must Read! Excellent compilation of anti-draft information from David Icke:**
Refuse the Draft Campaign! By David Icke

The Right to Refuse to 'Volunteer' When Called for the Coming Draft

[Editor's Note: I wrote my first draft of the New World Order Overview in 1996. I included in that first draft the statement that an historically unprecedented number of Americans will eventually be inducted (drafted) into the military to fight an endless series of "conflicts' in the Middle East and maybe even in Europe. The idea-stated then and repeated here in 2008- is to deplete America of its fighting men and disperse them around the world so that the home front itself-America-is left DEFENSELESS. When the NWO traitors who have infiltrated the Executive, the Pentagon, the Legislative, and the Judicial finally complete their betrayal and bring in coast to coast marshal law, it will not be AMERICAN troops who will be pushing us around following the imposition of marshal law, it will be FOREIGN TROOPS under the guise of UN 'Peacekeepers' and similar titles.

Do not wait to discover at the last moment-as when the Nazis told people brought to the concentration camps in Auschwitz that they were going to be given "showers" -that you are being betrayed--because it will be too late to do anything about it. Take action NOW and set up conditions so you are not trapped and become yet another victim of neo-Nazi "showers"....Ken Adachi]
Posted August 14, 2008

The Right to Refuse to 'Volunteer' When Called for the Coming Draft (Aug. 14, 2008)


The requirement to “submit to registration” for selective service is mandatory.
The United States Congress produced the law, and the United States Executive (President) signed into law, the mandatory requirement for every male citizen between 18 and 26 “to present himself for and submit to registration.” 50 Appendix United States Code § 453(a). [Statute and Regulation reproduced below]

When military draft is authorized, Selective Service Registrants are those individuals from whom the military selects their cannon fodder.



1. When reaching the age of 18, a male citizen is required by statute to present himself for, submit to, and provide such information required by regulation for registration. (See statute below)
2. Pursuant to the regulations, 34 CFR § 1615.4(a), the Registrant is required:
a.“… to complete the registration process by a method prescribed by the Director of Selective Service …”
3. The Director of Selective Service has devised a means of registration by mail, and has conveniently provided for the prospective registrant to receive a “Mailback Card” in the U.S. mail, on or about the 18th birthday, or, such “Mailback Card” may be picked up at any U.S. Post Office and mailed to Selective Service.
4. Upon receipt of the Selective Service “Mailback Card,” (or if one is not received by mail, get one at the Post Office), do not enter any data onto the Selective Service Mailback Card.
5. On a single sheet of paper enter the following:
a. Name
b. Date of birth
c. Sex
d. Social Security Account Number (SSAN) [if you have one]
e. current mailing address
f. permanent residence [usually Mom - Dad’s address]
g. telephone number
h. date the information is provided
i. signature
6. Sign the paper in front of a notary, and have the embossed seal applied to the paper. Make several original copies, the notary won’t mind. (ALWAYS KEEP AN "ORIGINAL" FOR YOUR RECORDS) (See sample FORM) PDF
7. Staple the information sheet to the “Mailback Card” and mail it to:
Selective Service System
National Headquarters
Arlington, Virginia 22209-2425
8. That’s it. You just “presented,” “submitted,” and “provided,” as required by statute in order to complete the registration process. Now it is up to Selective Service to do the actual registration.
a. Did you ever see a horse register for a race? The horse is “registered” by the promoters of the race – not the horse.



9. After “registration” for Selective Service, you may receive a "draft notice," the order to report on a certain date and time to a certain place must be obeyed. It’s the LAW.
10. After reporting, the Selective Service Registrant will receive physical and mental tests … after which a Selective Service Classification will be assigned. (Usually a number indicating whether the Registrant is A1 (first called) … all the way down to 4F (unfit for duty).





11. The Registrant is then told to report for "induction." (This may take place where the physical and mental tests are conducted).
12. At the final phase of the induction process, a military recruiting officer will order the Registrant, and any other Registrants present, to "line up on the line.” (a line, or several lines, is/are painted on the floor).
13. A military recruiting officer will then order all those "joining the army,” (or whatever) to “take one step forward” …




15. The oath is administered:

"I, (name) do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America and will defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic, and will obey the orders of the President and the officers appointed over me, so help me God."

a. Those who "voluntarily" stepped forward CANNOT NOW CLAIM THEY WERE "DRAFTED" … they voluntarily lined up, stepped forward, and took the Oath -- voluntarily!
16. A FREE American CANNOT be forced to VOLUNTARILY SWEAR ALLEGIANCE TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES AND TO OBEY THE ORDERS OF THE PRESIDENT AND HIS APPOINTED OFFICERS, an act that is required after one takes the voluntary “one step forward” to indicate acquiescence to induction into the armed forces.
a. It doesn’t even matter if someone is holding a gun on you with the threat of immediate execution. If you take that “one step forward,” you did it voluntarily because you were allowed the choice. Comply because of the threat, and volunteer, or refuse, and suffer the consequences.
b. The same concept applies to a soldier who is ordered to murder innocent children. The soldier has the choice of refusing to comply with a criminal order, or complying with such criminal order and becoming a murderer. (It would be the honorable action for the soldier to turn his weapon on the officer issuing such a criminal order and execute THAT son of a bitch.)
17. TAKING ONE STEP FORWARD AND THEN SWEARING ALLEGIANCE TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES AND TO OBEY THE ORDERS OF THE PRESIDENT AND HIS APPOINTED OFFICERS IS A WAIVER OF ALL OF THE PROTECTIONS OF THE CONSTITUTION. As paradoxical as it may sound, taking that “one step forward,” is the indicia that you just stepped out from under the protections of the Constitution, what ever that may be, and stepped into the purview of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).
18. WHAT IS NOT MANDATORY, is that the Selective Service Registrant TAKE ONE STEP FORWARD and swear allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and to obey the orders of the President and his appointed officers.
19. It is unlawful for anyone, including the United States, to force you by threat, coercion, or violence, to VOLUNTARILY swear allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and to obey the orders of the President and his appointed officers.
20. A Selective Service Registrant cannot be “inducted” without first having demonstrated, in front of witnesses, some outward sign or signal of being of a mind to VOLUNTEER for induction and service in the military, and that such action is taken without reservation, coercion, threat, or violence.
21. When commanded to "LINE UP ON THIS LINE," DO NOT LINE UP WITH THE REST OF THE IDIOTS!! sit down on the floor wherever you happen to be. Resist going to the line!
22. If you wake up out of your stupor long enough to discern that you have actually "lined up on the line," when commanded to "TAKE ONE STEP FORWARD,” DO NOT MOVE FORWARD, just sit down right where you are standing. RESIST THE ALMOST UNCONTROLLABLE URGE TO STEP FORWARD!
23. This will draw immediate attention from the recruiter.
24. The recruiter will probably say something like:
a. "What's the matter with you, don't you know what 'go to the line,' or ‘take one step forward' means?"
25. Registrant responds,
a. "Sure I do, but I AM NOT VOLUNTEERING TO SERVE IN THE MILITARY … I will not voluntarily swear myself into the service.”
26. All of the other Registrants will be excused from the room, or you will be taken away.
27. Registrant will be coerced to volunteer … at first … then, possibly, when it is determined that the Registrant intends to stand his ground, the military officer will get loud. In your face. Registrant may be yelled at, called names and insulted, possibly even assaulted.
28. If Registrant stands his ground, eventually the tormentors will give up and may even make an arrest on some frivolous charge. However, the Registrant has violated NO LAW, and will eventually be released and allowed to go home.
29. The military is composed only of VOLUNTEERS.
30. There is a Constitutional prohibition against "involuntary servitude," which is why NO ONE IS TRULY EVER "DRAFTED" AND MUST BE "SEDUCED" INTO VOLUNTEERING!





(with that answer you are also not volunteering! and you are not breaking any laws!)

Get a copy of the 1970 film "AKA: Cassius Clay,"

you will hear a Lt. Col. reveal the secret

of avoiding being drafted into the military.

Listen to 51 Second Explanation of "Induction Scene"

by a military Lt. Colonel type person from

"AKA: Cassius Clay" 1970 film

Listen to 3min.:57sec. Explanation of "Induction Scene"

by a military Lt. Colonel type person as shown in the film

"AKA: Cassius Clay" 1970

You can avoid being all you can be in the military --


Do you know what happens to military targets?


If you do this correctly, you will be released, and may go on your way.


If told that you are required to follow instructions, ask:
"Are you ordering me to follow your command?"
If the recruiter says “No,” then obviously you're OK.
If the recruiter says anything else, repeat the question until you get “Yes” or “No.”
If the officer says “Yes,” then:
"By what authority do you, a military officer, order me, a civilian to follow your command?"
If the recruiter says "I order you by the authority of the United States Government" (or “the President” or some other equally ridiculous bullshit) then:
"I’d like to read the law that gives you the authority to order me to “take one step forward” “swear an oath” to evidence voluntary acceptance of servitude.
"Will you please show me such law in the United States Code?"
"I want to see the law as it is printed in a volume of the United States Code."
Another thing to say is:
"Am I free to go?"
If the recruiter says “Yes,” then leave.
After a “Yes,” answer to the "Am I free to go?" question, the officers would look bad ordering an arrest.
If the recruiter says “No,” then
“Am I under arrest?”
“Am I your prisoner?”
“Am I kidnapped?”
“If I'm not free to leave, then what is my status?"
Keep repeating the question(s) until you get an answer.
If you ask the question three times and don't get a yes or no, then
"Well I must be free to go, because I asked you three times and you won't give me an answer."
Then, turn around and leave.
If the military person keeps trying to interact, just keep repeating the question.
Another thing to say is:
"I want an attorney."
i.e. "conscientious objector," “I got rights!” etc.
The outward sign or signal of being of a mind to VOLUNTEER for induction and service in the military, and indicated by;
to the command – “LINE UP ON THIS LINE," and
to the command – “TAKE ONE STEP FORWARD," and
to the command – “RAISE YOUR RIGHT HAND,” and
to the command – “REPEAT AFTER ME,” and








ACT JUNE 24, 1948, CH. 625, 62 STAT. 604

Sec. 453. Registration [in part – emphasis added]

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this title

(sections 451 to 471a of this Appendix)

it shall be the duty of every male citizen of the United States,

and every other male person residing in the United States,

who, on the day or days fixed for the first or any subsequent registration,

is between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six, to

present himself for


submit to


at such time or times and place or places,

and in such manner, as shall be determined by proclamation of the President

and by rules and regulations prescribed hereunder.

(b) Regulations prescribed pursuant to subsection (a)

may require that persons

presenting themselves for


Submitting to registration

under this section provide, as part of such registration,

such identifying information

(including date of birth, address, and social security account number)

as such regulations may prescribe.

(June 24, 1948, ch. 625, title I, § 3, 62 Stat. 605; June 19, 1951, ch. 144, title I, § 1(c), 65 Stat. 76; Pub. L. 92-129, title I, § 101(a)(2), Sept. 28, 1971, 85 Stat. 348; Pub. L. 97-86, title IX, § 916(a), Dec. 1, 1981, 95 Stat. 1129.)



32 CFR Chapter XVI

§ 1615.3 Registration procedures.

Persons required by selective service law and the Proclamation of the President to register shall be registered in accord with procedures prescribed by the Director of Selective Service.

32 CFR Ch. XVI (7– 1– 01 Edition)

§ 1615.4 Duty of persons required to register.

A person required by selective service law to register has the duty:

(a) To complete the registration process by a method prescribed by the Director of Selective Service and to record thereon his


date of birth,


Social Security Account Number (SSAN),

current mailing address,

permanent residence,

telephone number,

date signed,

and signature, if requested; and

(b) To submit for inspection, upon request,

evidence of his identity

to a person authorized to accept the registration information. Evidence of identity may be

a birth certificate,

motor vehicle operator’s license,

student’s identification card,

United States Passport, or

a similar document.

[45 FR 48130, July 18, 1980, as amended at 65 FR 60101, Oct. 10, 2000]

Soldiers Speak Out
July 22, 2008

Soldiers Speak Out (July 24, 2008)

Subject: Soldiers Speak Out
From: "Empowerment Project" <>
Date: Tue, July 22, 2008 9:39 am


We noticed that you are involved in counter-recruiting, and we want to let you know about an important DVD called “Soldiers Speak Out.” You may have heard of it. It is being used successfully around the country
by anti-war and counter-recruiting groups as part of their activist work. It is designed to be an effective tool for outreach and organizing, and a critical resource for young people who are targeted by military recruiters.

“Soldiers Speak Out” is a powerful, first-hand testament to the reality of the military experience, told in the words of American veterans who have been to war and are now opposing it. Produced by the Academy Award-winning team at the Empowerment Project, the DVD consists of the half-hour “Soldiers Speak Out” documentary, a shorter version for classroom use, plus 92 minutes of compelling extended interviews with the veterans. Also included are 30 minutes short videos including “Camp Casey” and “Leave My Child Alone,” and an extensive Resource Guide listing 52 websites with live links for information and activism.

See the Trailer
If you haven’t seen the documentary, take a look at our 5-minute

Discounted Prices
With help from our donors, we have been able to duplicate in large quantities for much lower prices. We can now offer the following discounts:

Single DVD price: $14.95
10 or more DVDs: $7 each
30 or more DVDs: $5 each
50 or more DVDs: $4 each
100 or more DVDs: $3 each

We are also willing to donate part of the proceeds to any organization that would like to help promote the film. To order, or for more information, contact:

Andrew Johnson
Empowerment Project


Dear Andrew,

This is Ken Adachi from I just read your e-mail sent to my web site's mailbox, but I'm responding from my personal e-mail address as it contains much less mail to wade through. Use this address to reply.

I'm very much against any naive US citizen being sucked into a training camp for what has become America's answer to "Nazis Go to War"; the abomination of human morality that is collectively referred to as the US military, with the Army and Marine Corp being the worst offenders in this regard - "Defenders of Freedom", "Honor", "Duty", and "A few Good Men" not withstanding.

I was a volunteer enlisted man during the Vietnam era and I knew back then just how how pathetically stupid, incompetent, wrong-headed, inhumane, uncaring, unjust, and unconcerned the US military command hierarchy (including grunt level officers and NCOs) could be towards innocent civilians in Vietnam and towards their own troops. Far more officers and NCOs got killed in Vietnam by their own men than was ever known by the public or acknowledged by the military. Sure, we all read about "fragging" in Time and Newsweek magazine towards the end of the Vietnam war, but it wasn't an occasional event, it was a ROUTINE event. Why" Because when stupid men without a moral compass become officers and NCOs in the Army or Marines, many of them buy into the Nazi training mentality and allow themselves to become a servant of the Beast. They, in turn, want the men under their command to also behave like fanatical Nazis and will either get you killed due to their stupidity or turn you into a murderer of innocent people in order to bump up the "body count:" stats which will look so good for the commanding officer who's at the head of the parade for that particular unit.

If there's but one thing you learn while in the US military, it's that the US military is controlled by Neanderthals who, by and large, are exclusively concerned with the "forward" movement of their military career and will crush ANY number of men, women, or children "Slope Heads" or "Hahgees" underfoot--along with any US military officer or NCO underling who doesn't understand that "need."

They will see to it that reports are filed which will cast their military 'goals" (meaning whatever is politically expedient to the Illuminati politcal/corporate 'complex' that engineered the war into existence in the first place) as "job well done," so the promotions keep coming, and up the ladder they go

Today, with Iraq and Afghanistan, the sitruation is far worse. The Neanderthals have been replaced by Satanic, Mind Controlled, New World Order Neanderthals who are in every measure destroying the reputation of America as the good guys of the world and replacing that hard won heritage with unending bitterness and hatred towards America by beleagured Arab people in those ravaged Middle Eastern countries that we have so cruely and unjustifiably devastated.

We, the American people, will reap the bitter whirlwind: not the politicians, nor the corporate war parasites, nor their Pentagon henchmen who are responsible for this diasater. We will pay the price. And we will pay with our liberty and with the lives of our children.

If you send me a copy of your DVD, I can write up a review and it may help stimulate distribution and exposure.

I average 2.5 million hits per month at my web site.

Regards, Ken Adachi

K. Adachi
PO Box 3046
Costa Mes, CA 92628

Review on the Coming Military Draft

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
April 27, 2008

Review on the Coming Military Draft (April 27, 2008)

I'm prompted to write this short essay because of a recent e-mail received from an anonymous critic who was asking why my 2004 essay predicting a coming military draft had not yet materialized. His tone was derisive, so I couldn't respond to him directly as I never honor abusive and/or anonymous mail, however, it's an issue that should be briefly reviewed for those who don't understand the Big Picture.

After ten years of posting articles on the Who, Why, What, Where, and How of the New World Order takeover of America, I would think that's it not necessary to re-state the obvious, but it is necessary, I suppose, to remember that new readers are always coming on board and the level of perception of the NWO game plan will range from rank beginner to tenured professors. So, for those who don't know, let's review the basics:

1. America is being subverted from within to break this country spiritually, economically, and militarily in order to transform this nation into a totalitarian police state which will become a mere vassal of a larger One World government. When the takeover is complete, America will no longer be a world leader in anything. China will become the dominant nation of the world and what is left of the United States (to be renamed the Union of North America) and its people will be a shadow of its former self. Most of the American population will be destroyed through disease induction (chemtrails, vaccines, microwaves), internment and liquidation (FEMA 'detention' camps), and for those who remain to become obedient workers for the NWO, they will survive at a subsistent-level existence with Big Brother monitoring every second of their lives.

2. Foreign troops (largely Chinese and Russians, but also others, including Pakistani, Turkish, and German) dressed up in UN uniforms will round up American citizens on the Red list and Blue list for internment and eventual liquidation after being delivered by railroad cars to AMTRAC depot facilities set up for the purpose of identification and transfer. Those on the Yellow list will be microchipped and mind controlled.

3. The Illuminated NWO traitors-already installed into every decisive echelon of government and military-will use the pretext of a national 'crisis' or national 'emergency' to suspend constitutional freedoms and impose martial law--"temporarily" of course, "until the crisis is under control". It might be limited to only a certain section of America in an earlier stage and then proceed to include all of America in a later stage. They will create the 'crisis' by either staging false flag sabotage operations similar to 911, The Oklahoma City bombing, or the first World Trade Center "terrorist attack" in 1993, or they will use Tesla earthquake technology or HAARP weather modification technology to create earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes which will bring massive destruction and the "need" for FEMA (and Blackwater mercenaries) to step in again, much as they did in 2005 in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. Except, the destruction will be so wide scale the next time around, that they will have to call on the UN to "send" troops to help us out. Just so you know, these UN troops are ALREADY billeted here in America: in deep underground bases and deep forest bivouac facilities. In fact, they've been in North America for well over a decade, just waiting to be called up for "duty." Somewhere in the midst of this engineered chaos, we will also be subjected to the Extraterrestrial Threat scenario laid out in Project Blue Beam which will further escalate the "need" for emergency controls and suspension of constitutional guarantees. . .

4. In order to prevent strong American youth from resisting or rebelling against having their parents and family members loaded onto prisoner railroad cars for delivery to FEMA concentration camps by our UN saviors, the NWO orchestraters plan to remove most fighting-age American youth from American soil by drafting them into the military in order to have them die by the millions in endless Middle Eastern bloodbaths (and perhaps in other parts of the world as well)

Anyone who takes the time to review news articles posted on the Internet in the past four years quoting military commanders or military planners, will read the same mantra about 'concerns' that there will not be enough troops available "to defend democracy" in the wars yet to come beyond the disaster of Iraq. For the time being, they are bribing citizens and non-citizens alike to join the U.S. military with easy-to-print Federal Reserve fiat money, but the day will come when the expansion of war into Iran, Syria, etc. will "require" a huge expansion of military forces and that's when the draft will come quickly ("national emergency", you know)--and STAY --for years to come.

Following the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq in 2002 and 2003, I had expected that the fascist jackals occupying the Executive would push forward with their plans to invade Iran, but the disaster called Iraq created enough impediments to slow down the advance, coupled with the 2006 election, which at least shuffled around the deck chairs on the Titanic for a brief respite.

Now that the multi-cultural bird brains known as the American Left have finally come to realize that Democrat traitors march to the exact same NWO cadence as Republican traitors, we are once again on a firm warpath footing. We just need to wait for the November election to install one of the Three Stooges, and then it's "Yee-haaa" as Slim Pickins would say, as he's riding down that plutonium bronco heading straight for Armageddon.

Ken Adachi

West Point Cadet Ready to Serve Despite Us Crazy Vets
November 29, 2007

West Point Cadet Ready to Serve Despite Us Crazy Vets (Dec. 1, 2007)

Subject: The Draft and America
Date: Thu, November 29, 2007 10:39 am
To: Editor

I have to admit that your views are off of the wall and in my opinion downright crazy.....but I appreciate your opinion and I appreciate all the work you have done to bring togther so much information on the various topics. I am an open minded cadet at West Point and it is interesting to read things from an opposite perspective. I hope you have good upcoming Christmas and I want you to know one matter what...every man and women at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point is preparing to lead soldiers into battle on your and America's behalf. No matter the opposition against the governments view, we appreciate the support of the people and we are willing to lay down our lives for every single citizen in this country from murderers to drug addicts, wife beaters to alcoholics, from college students to CEO's, we stand for YOU. Have a good Christmas and a happy New Year.


Cadet Seaton,
USMA Company B-3
United States Corps of Cadets


Hi Jonathan,

OK, thanks for your gallantry & dedication to duty. I know that your heart's in the right place. I've already replied to a letter from an active duty Marine that was similar to yours, so I won't repeat myself other than to say that I was 18 years old when I went into the military and I was quite certain that I knew everything about everything. I was gung ho, dedicated, trusting, and believing. Eventually, I came to understand (it took some years) that the entire politico/military/industrial complex is a huge intertwined Killing combine that reaps obscene profits and power for the Haves-at the expense of innocent civilians- while extracting the cost from the Have-Not's.

Life is a learning curve and you are at the beginning of yours. Let's hope that when push comes to shove, you'll remember that you are a child of God and that you will not allow yourself to be used as yet another complicit cog in that Killing machine because when you get to the far side of the journey, you'll only have your conscience to either sustain you or imprison you.

I hope you have a pleasant Christmas as well.

Good luck, Ken

The Coming Draft and the Rockefeller Stooge Who's Fronting It
November 1, 2007

The Coming Draft and the Rockefeller Stooge Who's Fronting It (Nov. 1, 2007)

----- Original Message -----
From: anastasia
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2007
Subject: Hi

Hi Ken,

You have been tracking the draft and so many other subjects now for some time, yes? I am just now beginning to study a potential draft for US citizens. Can you please refer me to the Executive Order that speaks of Selective Service and the age limits? Or, guide me to an article that sites the sources for that knowledge?

Thank you so much for sharing what you know and also for writing in the personal. Life experience is with so much knowledge and I do appreciate your life experience and your service. I read that you are not happy with the current administration or the military. You have real life experience in the military and I read your history with that seriously. “Meat grinder”, ay? It was bad, yeah? I have not ever been in the military, but I do have my observations and as a US citizen, well, here we are with 2 wars raging and it looks to me as if we are headed for a war with Iran. Much pain and suffering goes with war. Physical pain is not the only suffering that exists with military service. Even those individuals who did not go to war, have suffered tremendous emotional pain from the “line up here” forced submission of human will. I don’t think that many of those who signed up for service understood how deep the “submission of the will” is in the military. ]

I almost became an officer in the Air Force. I was in my interview to sign the papers and the officer, with the tape recorder on said, “have you ever smoked marijuana”? I said, “yes”. He looked so bummed out with that answer. He got up and turned the tape recorder off. He said, “yeah, most everyone, even if they have, answers “no” with that”. I could not though. I don’t lie. That was that for me. Off to the business world. Plenty of bullies in the business world, let me tell you…

I can see by your website that you are an educational site and I do so very much appreciate that your site is not with ads. I can’t stand ads. I train my eyes to avert the ads.

Well, I won’t write too much here because I am guessing that you get quite a few letters and are really busy. Just wanted to say, “so sorry for the service that was with the crap”. Thanks for your reporting.

I am 43 years old. I have a good history with business and computer science. I am also a writer… (dah…) I’m doing research now about the draft. I have a younger brother. Genius. Much younger. I will look for a reply from you with the Executive Order reference.

Thanks again, Ken.



Hi Anastasia,

When I was in the service, the military was still the US military. Today it's the NWO's military. The Pentagon is top heavy with NWO minions and traitors to the people and the Constitution. Of course, I'm talking about upper level military, not the grunts. The US military isn't the US military any longer. It's the Mexican, South American, Philippine, Central American mercenary force masquerading as the US military with some genuine US citizens mixed in among the cannon fodder. .

The military has been infiltrated with satanists who have worked their way into every possible position of influence within the military It's not an organization I could recommend joining.

The draft is not based on an Executive order.

Rockefeller stooge, Trilateralist, and congressional sell-out Charles B. Rangel (D-15 cong. district NY) sponsored the new American Youth to Middle Age Military Meat Grinder draft legislation. Rangel, like all of his sold-out NWO stooge colleagues in congress talks out of BOTH sides of his mouth at the same time. Here's the Rockefeller shill who SPONSORS the new draft legislation, and yet he goes on Fox News to tell the camera that only people "who can't have a decent career" go into the Army to serve in Iraq. In other words, it's only chumps. losers, and A-holes who are dumb enough to go into the military.

Here's the junk from the skunk:

If you want to help, focus your efforts on outing Rangel as a Rockefeller NWO stooge who should be run out of town on a rail.The black voters of his 15th district need to KNOW what a two timing, treasonous SNAKE they have for a representative and recall or impeach his Illuminati-serving butt right out of office.

Regards, Ken

Structured Cruelty - Learning to be a Lean, Mean Killing Machine

By Sgt. Martin Smith, USMC, ret.<>
February 20, 2007

02/20/07 "Counterpunch" -- -- I will never forget standing in formation after the end of our final "hump," marine-speak for a forced march, at the end of the Crucible in March, 1997. The Crucible is the final challenge during Marine Corps boot camp and is a two-and-a-half day, physically exhausting exercise in which sleep deprivation, scarce food, and a series of obstacles test teamwork and toughness. The formidable nine-mile stretch ended with our ascent up the "Grim Reaper," a small mountain in the hilly terrain of Camp Pendleton, California. As we stood at attention, the Commanding Officer made his way though our lines, inspecting his troops and giving each of us an eagle, globe, and anchor pin, the mark of our final transition from recruit to Marine. But what I recall most was not the pain and exhaustion that filled every ounce of my trembling body, but the sounds that surrounded me as I stood at attention with eyes forward.

Mixed within the repetitive refrains of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA," belting from a massive sound system, were the soft and gentle sobs emanating from numerous newborn Marines. Their cries stood in stark contrast to the so-called "warrior spirit" we had earned and now came to epitomize. While some may claim that these unmanly responses resulted from a patriotic emotional fit or even out of a sense of pride in being called "Marine" for the very first time, I know that for many the moisture streaming down our cheeks represented something much more anguished and heartrending.

What I learned about Marines is that despite the stereotype of the chivalrous knight, wearing dress blues with sword drawn, or the green killing machine that is always "ready to rumble," the young men and women I encountered instead comprised a cross-section of working-class America. There were neither knights nor machines among us. During my five years in active-duty service, I befriended a recovering meth addict who was still "using," a young male who had prostituted himself to pay his rent before he signed-up, an El Salvadorian immigrant serving in order to receive a green card, a single mother who could not afford her child's healthcare needs as a civilian, a gay teenager who entertained our platoon by singing Madonna karaoke in the barracks to the delight of us all, and many of the country's poor and poorly educated. I came to understand very well what those cries on top of the Grim Reaper expressed. Those teardrops represented hope in the promise of a change in our lives from a world that, for many of us as civilians, seemed utterly hopeless.

Marine Corps boot camp is a thirteen week training regimen unlike any other. According to the USMC's recruiting website, "Marine Recruits learn to use their intelligence . . . and to live as upstanding moral beings with real purpose." Yet if teaching intelligence and morals are the stated purpose of its training, the Corps has peculiar way of implementing its pedagogy. In reality, its educational method is based on a planned and structured form of cruelty. I remember my first visit to the "chow-hall" in which three Drill Instructors (DIs), wearing their signature "smoky bear" covers, pounced upon me for having looked at them, screaming that I was a "Nasty Piece of Civilian Shit." From then on, I learned that you could only look at a DI when instructed to by the command of "Eyeballs!" In addition, recruits could only speak in the third person, thus ridding our vocabulary of the term "I" and divorcing ourselves from our previous civilian identities.

Our emerging group mentality was built upon and reinforced by tearing down and degrading us through a series of regimented and ritualistic exercises in the first phase of boot camp. Despite having an African American and a Latino DI, recruits in my platoon were ridiculed with derogatory language that included racial epithets. But recruits of color were not the only victims, we were all "fags," "pussies," and "shitbags." We survived through a twisted sort of leveling based on what military historian Christian G. Appy calls a "solidarity of the despised."

We relearned how to execute every activity, including the most personal aspects of our hygiene. While eating, we could only use our right hand while our left had to stay directly on our knee, and our eyes had to stare directly at our food trays. Our bathroom breaks were so brief that three recruits would share a urinal at a time so that the entire platoon of sixty-three recruits could relieve themselves in our minute-and-half time limit. On several occasions, recruits soiled their uniforms during training. Every evening, DIs inspected our boots for proper polish and our belt buckles for satisfactory shine while we stood at attention in our underwear. Then, we would "mount our racks" (bunk beds), lie at attention, and scream all three verses of the Marine Corps hymn at the top of our lungs. While the DIs would proclaim that these inspections were to insure that our bodies had not been injured during training, I suspect that there were ulterior motives as well. These examinations were attempts to indoctrinate us with an emerging military masculinity that is based upon male sexuality linked to respect for the uniform and a fetishization of combat.

After the playing of Taps, lights went out. At which time, a DI would circle around the room and begin moralizing. "One of these days, you're going to figure out what's really tough in the world," he would exclaim. "You think you've got it so bad. But in recruit training, you get three meals a day while we tell you when to shit and blink," he continued. The DI would then lower his voice, "But when you're out on your own, you're gonna see what's hard. You'll see what tough is when you knock up your old woman. You'll realize what's cruel when you get married and find yourself stuck with a fat bitch who just squats out ungrateful kids. You'll learn what the real world's about when you're overseas and your wife back in the states robs you blind and sleeps with your best friend." The DI's nightly homiletic speeches, full of an unabashed hatred of women, were part of the second phase of boot camp, the process of rebuilding recruits into Marines.

The process of reconstructing recruits and molding them into future troops is based on building a team that sees itself in opposition to those who are outside of it. After the initial shock of the first phase of training, DIs indoctrinate recruits to dehumanize the enemy in order to train them how to overcome any fear or prejudice against killing. In fact, according to longtime counter-recruitment activist Tod Ensign, the military has deliberately researched how to best design training for how to teach recruits how to kill. Such research was needed because humans are instinctively reluctant to kill. Dr. Dave Grossman disclosed in his work, On Killing, that fewer than 20 percent of U.S. troops fired their weapons in World War II during combat. As a result, the military reformed training standards so that more soldiers would pull their trigger against the enemy. Grossman credits these training modifications for the transformation of the Armed Forces in the Vietnam War in which 90-95 percent of soldiers fired their weapons. These reforms in training were based on teaching recruits how to dehumanize the enemy.

The process of dehumanization is central to military training. During Vietnam, the enemy in Vietnam was simply a "gook," "dink," or a "slope." Today, "rag head" and "sand nigger" are the current racist epithets lodged against Arabs and Muslims. After every command, we would scream, "Kill!" But our call for blood took on particular importance during our physical training, when we learned how to fight with pugil sticks, wooden sticks with padded ends, how to run an obstacle course with fixed bayonets, or how to box and engage in hand-to-hand combat. We were told to imagine the "enemy" in all of our combat training, and it was always implied that the "enemy" was of Middle Eastern descent. "When some rag head comes lurking up from behind, you're gonna give 'em ONE," barked the training DI. We all howled in unison, "Kill!" Likewise, when we charged toward the dummy on an obstacle course with our fixed bayonets, it was clear to all that the lifeless form was Arab.

Even in 1997, we were being brainwashed to accept the coming Iraq War. Abruptly interrupting a class, one of numerous courses we attended on military history, first aid, and survival skills, a Series Chief DI excitedly announced that all training was coming to a halt. We were to be shipped immediately to the Gulf, because Saddam had just fired missiles into Israel. Given that we lived with no knowledge of the outside world, with neither TV nor newspapers, and that we experienced constant high levels of stress and a discombobulating environment, the DI's false assertion seemed all too believable. After a half-hour panic, we were led out of the auditorium to face the rebuke and scorn of our platoon DIs. It turned out that the interruption was a skit planned to scare us into the realization that we could face war at any moment. The trick certainly had the planned effect on me, as I pondered what the hell I had gotten myself into. I also now realize that we were being indoctrinated with schemes for war in the Middle East. Our hatred of the Arab "other" was crafted from the very beginning of our training through fear and hate.

Almost ten years since I stood on the yellow footprints that greet new recruits at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, I express gratitude for my luck during my enlistment. I was fortunate to have never witnessed a day of combat and was honorably discharged months after 9/11. However, joining the military is like playing Russian Roulette. With wars raging in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the likelihood of military action against Iran, troops in the Corps today are playing with grimmer odds. In these "dirty wars," troops cannot tell friend from foe, leading to war crimes against a civilian population. Our government is cynically promoting a campaign of lies and deception to justify its illegal actions (with the complicity of both parties in Washington), and our troops are fighting to support regimes that lack popular support and legitimacy.

With over 3,100 U.S. troops now dead and thousands more maimed and crippled, I look back to the other young men I heard sobbing on that sunny wintry morning on top of the Reaper. The reasons we enlisted were as varied as our personal histories. Yet, it is the starkest irony that the hope we collectively expressed for a better life may have indeed cost us our very lives. When one pulls the trigger called "enlistment," he or she faces the gambling chance of experiencing war, conflicts which inevitably lead to the degradation of the human spirit.

The war crimes committed by U.S. troops in Iraq, such as the brutality exhibited at Mahmoudiya in which soldiers allegedly gang-raped a teen-age Iraqi girl and burned her body to destroy the evidence, are, in fact, part and parcel of all imperialist wars. The USMC's claim that recruits learn "to live as upstanding moral beings with real purpose" is a sickening ploy aimed to disguise its true objectives. Given the fact that Marines are molded to kill the enemy "other" from TD One (training day) combined with the bestial nature of colonial war, it should come as no surprise that rather than turning "degenerates" into paragons of virtue, the Corps is more likely capable of transforming men into monsters.

And yet as much as these war crimes reveal about the conditions of war, the circumstances facing an occupying force, and the peculiar brand of Marine training, they also reflect a bitter truth about the civilian world in which we live. It speaks volumes that in order for young working-class men and women to gain self-confidence or self-worth, they seek to join an institution that trains them how to destroy, maim, and kill. The desire to become a Marine-as a journey to one's manhood or as a path to self-improvement-is a stinging indictment of the pathology of our class-ridden world.

Martin Smith

Martin Smith is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and can be reached at

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The Coming Military Draft Will Mean Compulsory Induction of
American Men and Women age 18-42

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
January 10, 2007

I posted a new addition to in February of 2004 titled the Military Draft and stated in the very first sentence of my commentary that a renewed military draft was coming soon and that the age of compulsory service would be extended from its former limit of 26 years, up to 42 years of age (initially decided to be 44 years, but then changed to 42 years), and will include BOTH men and women. I wish I had kept the chiding and derogatory e-mails that I had gotten from a dozen or so people who were so upset and outraged that I should suggest such a thing, as there was "no chance", they said, of bringing back the draft "because it wasn't needed or necessary." How "irresponsible" it was of me to create such "alarm" and "needlessly scare" people. I "should be ashamed of myself" was the typical sign off (in case any of those original chiders might be reading these words, this would be a good time to send me a note of apology-if you retain a sense of responsibility, that is).

I will post in another article the entire draft bill that was put forward by House of Rockefeller representative Congressman Charles Rangle (D-NY) , a proud member of David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission since 1990, but in the paragraph below, note that the Rangle/ (House of Rockefeller) bill states in plain English that the new draft will "require all persons" between the age of 18 and 42 years to perform "national service" in either the uniformed military or civilian service sector. That means that all American women will now be drafted right along with men, irrespective of whether they are mothers, housewives, office workers, burger flippers, college students, or recent high school graduates.

Never in the 231 year history of the United States of America has the government ever attempted to require compulsory military service of women, yet this new draft bill does precisely that.

When and where, my fellow Americans, did we have a national debate about this incredible and fundamental change to the requirements of a military draft?

When did the American PEOPLE agree that their daughter and wives would now be drafted into the military?

The debate, of course, never took place and the American people had not been given the opportunity to voice their approval or opposition to this profound change. The wording for the bill was worked out by unseen NWO minions, unconcerned about the will of the American people and then quietly inserted within the body of this proposed "legislation" introduced into the House by an obedient Trilateral servant of the One World government Machiavellians.

It's one thing for a woman to decide to join the Military Meat Grinder of her own volition, but it's an entirely different story to have the women of this country inducted into compulsory military service. I realize that government apologists and brain washed flag wavers will retort that only men engage in hand to hand combat, but realize that the lines are evaporating and that woman are now functioning as combat pilots, etc. American service women are also dying and becoming severely injured (physically and psychologically) in Iraq and in Afghanistan because that's what happens when you find yourself in a no-holds-barred war zone.

If you are a mother or father under 42 years of age, it's entirely possible that you and your children will be drafted into the military.

We used to have a national slogan that reminded us that "The Family that Prays Together, Stays Together" Now, we're going to have to re-arrange that a bit to accomodate the new imperative. How about "The Family that Gets Drafted Together, Disintegrates Together"?

It's time to organize on the local level and initiate Recall and Impeachment drives against those legislators, like Rangle, who are frontline warriors for the Destroy America/ One World government House of Rockefeller planners. ..Ken Adachi

The Universal National Service Act of 2007 (HR.393)


January 10, 2007

Mr. RANGEL introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Armed Services, and in addition to the Committee on Ways and Means, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned


To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or in civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to make permanent the favorable treatment afforded combat pay under the earned income tax credit, and for other purposes.

Full text of Rangle's draft bill found here along with a great article by Michael Chossudovsky

Waging Psyops, Psychotronics, Stalking, and Theater on Military Personnel

"It is a form of socio-economical warfare, psychological warfare, and electronic warfare. It is the reason why families don't stay together and the reason there is no love for people, only money and material things. Using all of the above to punish, reform and replace certain people in the family structure, and to change the courses of family history and inheritance. The stealing of souls, and the categorization of people like cattle, tagged and tracked ...."

From " T " <>
December 7, 2006

Original title
"No Cries for the Wicked, The Secret War in America"

There is a secret war going on. It is battle that is going on that I didn't know existed. Its purpose is to totally destroy your well being and your reality of what is real and what is not. For the past few years I have been in a state of disarray because of it. This is my testimony about the government, family, and strangers who use psychological warfare against me to blackmail, defame, shame, or extort money or ideas from me.

First off, I would like to say that I am not perfect. I don't even try to be, but it is not fair for people to manipulate, or bend your arm to get you to submit to something, whether it is family members or the government.

I was discharged from the military with a supposed mental illness. I didn't think I had one. They just wanted to to see how much they could do to me, and get away with. At my housing unit, things would turn up missing. The doors would be left open, when I knew that I had closed and locked them. I would receive obscene phone calls, and calls would turn up on my phone bills that I hadn't even made. They were all to military bases, and out of state. There wasn't caller ID during that time, and when the people would call and hold the phone, you were not able to tell who it was.

My car was unsecured. Someone would open my vehicle, and turn on my interior light, and leave it on. This was done many times. I didn't know who it was that was doing this. When I told people in my troop, they said," Maybe it's your kids that were doing it!" The thing about it, all my kids were barely 2 and 3, and the last one a few months old. My wife swore that she had nothing to do with it, and at first we witnessed these events together.

During this time I was going for my E-5 and I was going to PLDC, Primary Leadership Development Skills and they started doing it there too. I just came to the realization that they didn't want me there, and they were trying to find any type of thing to scare me off.

The straw that broke the camel's back was when afterwards, when I didn't finish the school, because of a hazing that had sexual undertones, which made me feel uncomfortable, and a ethical dilemma with the concepts of being NCO, was when I was placed in a mental ward at the VA Hospital.

I didn't have a choice on whether or not to take the drugs that were administered to me. My wife didn't know where I was. I was locked in for almost two months.

When I finally did get out, I was subjected to scrutiny, because of hazing incidence, I was taken out of a position of authority. Cars started following me and would turn off. Cars would pull over to the side of road and put their hazard lights on. People would have conversations and would talk about me, but they would deny that they were talking about me.

Everywhere I had an appointment to meet, a fire truck would be there. In the early to late 90's it was kind of the "in" thing to have a Toyota truck , or an Isuzu truck with letters missing. If it was a Toyota, it would say "Toy t ". If it was a Isuzu, it would be " Is u". I finally realized that they were trying to get me to read in this organized code that they had created.

The cars that started following me were of a particular class of cars. At first, they were Grand Ams, and Geo Metros, and Ford Probes. You could tell that these cars were following, because they would have erratic patterns. Some would stick close, and some would turn off, and another would pick up where the other turned off. Some would set up traps to try to make you have accidents. I would take down the license plates to try find out who they were and they would immediately take off. Some cars would try to trail you by being in front of you and try to guesstimate where you were going, because it's hard to make you think they are following you, when they are in front of you.

During the process, when my chapter [discharge proceedings] was going through, at the same time, I was falsely accused, and later found innocent of a crime, I did not commit. I think it was just anything to further intimidate me and to distress me. I was fingerprinted, separated from my family members. They took my children, and I was coaxed into signing a false statement. My chapter went through and I was separated from the military, but the military still had my children in their custody.

Can you imagine? Being separated from the Armed Forces and they still had your children-in another state yet?. It was just unreal, and it happened! The deciding verdict was after I had ETS from the military.

During that time, my children can remember being whipped by the foster parents. My wife could see them, but I couldn't. When I was found not guilty, they released them back to us, and we left that state for our own and I was through with the military, Right? ----Wrong!

What had happened to me was leaked through channels, from where I was stationed, to bases located near my home. Also, relatives and so called "trusted" personnel on both sides of the family, started gossiping and the rumor mill started. So because my so called chapter was for a psychological disorder, because of the incidence that the government tried to pull, it made people think that it was for a sexual misconduct- G-A-Y!

Before I got out, they did testing for the VA, to find out what my strength and weakness were in math, English, comprehension, and they were documented. Also when I was being interrogated, I was subjected to a lie detector test. I think that this was to pattern the form of psychological warfare that they were going to use on me, and also to know some of my body processes, whether I was lying, telling the truth or whatever.

I was on anti psychotics, and during the last 6 or 7 years, I have tried nearly all of them to the point where it started causing serious sexual and breathing problems. (i.e., panic attacks) This was all to slow me down, and keep me from being alert. I didn't actually believe that I had a psychological problem, but the doctors kept insisting it. And the more someone tells you that something is wrong with you, or something negative about you, the more you begin to believe it yourself.

So what happenings when you place a person who could be perfectly normal on antipsychcotics? First off, you have no creditability. People second guess what you have to say. You are passed over for jobs, because you have to put that on job applications. You are a sitting duck for justifiable homicide, and anything bad that happens can easily be blamed on you. When your kids finally are grown enough to realize what an advantage it is, they try to see how much they can get away with, and play mommy against daddy.

I believe that I was racially profiled and classified by the members of the Government because I had a social security number from California, but I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. I believe that I am being framed for entertainment purposes. It is a combination of the government, Hollywood, and professional businessmen. It is a form of socioeconomic warfare, psychological warfare, and electronic warfare. It is reason why families don't stay together and the reason there is no love for people, only money and material things. Using all of the above to punish, reform and replace certain people in the family structure, and to change the courses of family history and inheritance. The stealing of souls, and the categorization of people like cattle, tagged and tracked to keep down the spread of mad cow.

This type of psychological warfare is to take a normal person, twist him to a certain point, and the end result, being crazy, with drugs and behavior modification. I tried to work. I took the medicine, it didn't really make a difference. I found that the places that I worked, were doing intel for the government using people's information and backgrounds against certain persons in my situation.

The VA was checking back and forth through it's people, collecting information, and along with secret agencies, followed me, surveiled me, and tried to make me do harm to myself. At first, it drove me to a point in which I tried committing suicide, because I didn't understand why all of this was happening to me. Military housing is supposed to be more secure than an average apartment, because it is the military, so I knew that it was someone military that was doing this to me, but when I got out, personal records, bills, certain things that you know you placed in a particular area, started turning up missing again, and I did not know who was doing it.

Neighbors would watch you, even if it was 3 o'clock in the morning and you went outside for fresh air, they would come outside at the same time. The exact same time. When I would leave to go to the store, they would either be coming or going at the same time. So I started thinking that it had to be more than a psychological situation, it was combined electronic warfare with a patterned psychological profile. The government has all of my information, and although I had never been convicted of a crime, or had a criminal record, I was a target. My service record was good. I was prior service. I served in Desert Storm. Maybe, that was a hint, with the extent of psychological and electronic warfare that was used in that war. I was found innocent of what they were accusing me of in my last duty station, but I think that was just for the government to get their foot in the door; just to have something.....

I started realizing that the doctors weren't really trying to help me. They were only experimenting and testing their theories of what they wanted to secretly investigate. I think for dirt, other women, hearsay from envious people, and lies from evil people. They were psychoanalyzing me, and I knew it. The area that we moved to wasn't too far from a major Air Force base.....And that's all I got to say. I couldn't keep any jobs, because of fear that I had that people were spying on me. I didn't like going into stores, because people would be making obscene or sadistic remarks that were aimed at you, but they acted like they were talking to others.

When cell phones started becoming more and more popular, there were "phone mobs" where people would call and let who was in control of this operation be informed where I was at anytime. I don't know for sure if this was the Masons, a government agency, or just ex-military that were doing this, but no one came up to me and told me anything. I never received any mail or notification, and to this point, I still don't know what my rights are, if any.

My family relationship started suffering a bit. All the things that my wife and I experienced in the military, I still noticed things, but she didn't. We didn't see eye to eye on the strange occurrences, that were still happening. All this time, I never heard voices, hallucinations, or anything whatsoever. Since she couldn't see it, or wasn't experiencing it, we became divided, and I started to alienate myself from her and family members to a certain degree.

I knew the police were in on whatever was going on, but they wouldn't tell me anything, (although I know they knew everything.) They would just observe and watch my actions. Now, if a person is guilty of something, they should at least know what they are accused of. I figured at worse, it was someone who was jealous of me, because I was doing well to a certain degree in the military. Or maybe it was someone who was jealous of me and my wife. Or maybe it is a just a systematic process that this society uses on certain individuals, especially when you want to keep them from success.

I became aware that I was being tracked and characterized by what I bought, where I went, what particular brand of merchandise I represented, and what car I drove. My computer was being tracked and monitored, and I was being openly exploited by what web sites I went to, and what my interests were. So much for curiosity. I couldn't keep a job, so that resulted in having yard sales and picking up trash off the road. I enjoyed it for a while until I finally realized what the real purpose of it was.

It was to make you lose your self esteem, and to make you feel inadequate. To debase you and to make you feel like you're not as good as everyone else. I really couldn't look anyone in the eye. I would look down. Everyone else had disposable income, and I was dwindled down to mere nothingness, from working on, and operating million dollar equipment, to picking up trash off the road.

This is when they started working the psychological warfare, that is patterned for gays, when you are at your weakest point, to try to make you feel that you are not good enough,that no one is on your side, no one can see your point of view, and either people don't understand, or do understand, and don't care. It was also to see how low they could make me fall, spread vicious rumors, make people think I was gay, and then laugh about it.

They were trying to break me down, I know that I have been brainwashed, and they were using Army acronyms, and slang to incorporate it. I trusted in my religion, but I noticed that the secret societies and "cliches" are all in the church, and the sermons are not patterned for trying to save souls, but to help the government to spy on whoever the target is, and a matchmaking service for the women, for when they get tired you, they can get a "spiritually enhanced man", fresh from the prisons.

I was becoming to realize, but hoping that I was not part of an underground slave trade of personnel being bounced from place to place, to see who could set up who, for whatever. I believe that I am being railroaded, but information, and certain information could only be coming from certain bodies, my ex-employer, my relatives, and so called friends. I don't want to be a plant, and I served my country faithfully on the battlefield already. And although they try to make you feel like a toy soldier, I know I am not.

The language that I have been taught is in variables, that represent Army acronyms. They can represent anyone, or anything, at any particular time. Non verbal communication is also used, with old style phonetic language, and jargon. Post hypnotic suggestion is used, along with psychological "triggers" which can make you respond two minutes from now, to a point of 20 years later. I remember instances where everything that has happened to me, was told to me almost 20 years before. It was like it was already pre patterned,.

I can see patterns and symbolism, that have happened before, in my family histories, and now they are trying to pattern it for me. They have been using "remote viewing", conventional conditioning, (to get me to respond to triggers) and game theory.

For example...My name starts with a "T". Everything that has an abbreviated association with T, they have been using it on me: TD, TV, TC, etc/

TD = Touch Down, which is a football term. An abbreviated name as in TD Jakes, To touch down, as in a sexual or perverted sense, TD = Titty, as in a sexual sense. All of these are variables that represent whatever in abbreviated form. But, when you have been to the military, and you have been non-caring and a promiscuous person with a foul mouth from being in the military, you are bound to think this way, because I didn't curse until I went into the military.

TV= Television. T+V= My name starts with a T, My wife's name starts with V.

TC = Tank Commander, a military term. The one who is in charge of a military vehicle. TC = T, See,

I believe that this is pre patterned association that can be used on anyone who's name starts with the letter T. I believe it is code that is computer generated, and depending on your level of awareness, it can be used to give and receive subconscious messages. It can be pattern for whoever depending on what letter their name starts with, and what acronyms or abbreviated letter associations there are.

It is a form of research and development. It is designed to make you self destruct. It is a way of people influencing the subject without anyone directly knowing it, except the subject.

TV, the first two letters of mine and wife's name would explain why all of a sudden I started being attacked by the television. The commercials, the movies, the media, seemed as if they were talking about me. All kind of coincidences started happening, At one point I started having psychic encounters. I wouldn't sleep for days, It felt as if people were reading my mind. Things that me and my wife and kids would talk about privately, I would go down the street, and people would be talking about the same exact thing, or let me know that they knew. When they got me to breaking down words into syllables, they started implementing the nonverbal communication, where people, can just pick up something off the ground, or make a gesture, and it would mean something. People have genetic characteristics or traits that can be used to used signify whether someone is telling the truth or lying.

Just like if you're puzzled, you scratch your head. There can be many documented answers that are prearranged, without even saying a word, and done nonverbally.

So a television can be used to relay a message, or a taunt a particular person, or give a signal on when to burn down a house, or when someone is going to die, or whatever the message or the command is. This is electronic and psychological warfare that is knowingly being used on civilians, and used in the secret war to manipulate, control, or deter individuals. So it is true, when some little kid says a song told him to do a harmful act. Are video games going to be used to secretly tell someone when to kill and who to kill?

These are no more than press gangs, who along with Hollywood to document, and control your personal information, and use it, (if you are government) to force you back in the military, shame you, and then try you in court, with information gathered while you are a so-called "civilian".

Just like any gang, you're in the gang for life, but I have never joined a gang before, in my life; I just joined the military. So for me talking about this, I have three choices: Conform and bow down to the imperialistic powers of this secret society, Die in the hood like a thug, or Die gallantly on the battlefield. But to hell with that. Just because I understand the psychological warfare doesn't make me the robot they want, They can't make be what they want me to be. So they can keep on spreading their propaganda

If you have any questions, email me at

This is for the real soldiers, who survive this bullshit.


WASHINGTON - Lawmaker Says Volunteer Military May be Overwhelmed by Military Challenges in Iran, North Korea and Syria requiring more troops who will have to be drafted

Congressman Charles Rangel today introduced new legislation to reinstate the military draft that will include draftees up to 42 years of age.

"Every day that the military option is on the table, as declared by the President in his State of the Union address, in Iran, North Korea, and Syria, reinstatement of the military draft is an option that must also be considered, whether we like it or not," Congressman Rangel said. "If the military is already having trouble getting the recruits they need, what can we do to fill the ranks if the war spreads from Iraq to other countries? We may have no other choice but a draft."

The bill would mandate military service for men and women between the ages of 18 and 42. Deferments would be allowed only for completion of high school up to the age of 20, and for reasons of health, conscience or religious belief. Recruits not needed by the military in any given year would be required to perform some national civilian service.

"My bill conforms to the age standards that have been set by the Army itself," Congressman Rangel said, referring to the Army's recent announcement raising the top age for Army volunteers from 39 to 42. "With volunteers now being accepted up to the age of 42, it makes sense to cap the age of draftees at 42," Congressman Rangel said.

Congressman Rangel first proposed legislation for the draft in January 2003 before the invasion of Iraq. Since then more than 2,200 American troops have been killed and 16,000 wounded. Despite dramatic increases in military bonuses, the Army failed to meet its recruiting goal last year by 6,000 recruits. In the face of that failure, last month the Army announced that it was doubling enlistment bonuses to $40,000 for Special Forces. Enlistment bonuses for Reservists were also doubled to $20,000 from $10,000. Reenlistment bonuses for specialized active duty soldiers were also increased drastically, going from $60,000 to $90,000.

"The Pentagon's own researchers have reported that the military is broken and there's no plan to fix it," Congressman Rangel said. "It's not unusual for active-duty and Reserve units to see two and three deployments. Troops are spending about a third of the time on deployment, instead of a fifth of the time, as preferred, to adequately rest, train and rebuild units.

”Our military is more like a mercenary force than a citizen militia. It is dominated by men and women who need an economic leg-up. Bonuses of up to $40,000 and a promise of college tuition look very good to someone from an economically depressed urban or rural community. But, as events unfold in Iran, Syria and North Korea and become even more dangerous, at what point will the risks outweigh the attraction of money--even to the hungriest recruits?

"I don't expect my bill to pass; my purpose in introducing this legislation is for it to serve as a constant reminder that we have lost 2,200 of the best, brightest and bravest Americans, have had thousands more maimed, and countless Iraqi citizens killed. As the President speaks of a national response involving the military option, military service should be a shared sacrifice. Right now the only people being asked to sacrifice in any way are those men and women who with limited options chose military service and now find themselves in harm's way in Iraq. A draft would ensure that every economic group would have to do their share, and not allow some to stay behind while other people's children do the fighting.

"It is shameful for high ranking government officials who have never placed themselves in harm's way to promote military solutions as a substitute for diplomacy. It's disheartening to hear the most strident champions of war in Iraq or anywhere else who have never thought or voted in Congress to send their own children to war.

"I dare anyone to try to convince me that this war is not being fought predominantly by tough, loyal, and patriotic young men and women from the barren hills and towns of rural and underprivileged neighborhoods in urban America where unemployment is high and opportunities are few. As we see who are the troops coming home wounded and killed, I challenge anyone to tell me that the wealthiest have not been excluded from that roll call.

The Republican Leadership responded to my first bill by procedurally preventing debate on the issues it raised; let us see how they try to avoid facing the question of shared sacrifice this time.}


2354 Rayburn House
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-4365

163 W. 125th Street #737
New York, NY 10027
(212) 663-3900

On the floor of the House today, Democratic congressman Charlie Rangel once more offered his support for a mandatory draft as a way of ensuring the military doesn’t draw overwhelmingly from the lower-earning echelons of American society.

Though the United States has had an all-voluntary military since the Vietnam war, Rangel believes that, at least in some cases, the decision to join the military is not freely made, and that socioeconomic conditions drive poor people disproportionately toward the armed forces.

Responding to Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s remarks applauding the efforts of American troops to protect Afghan civilians, Rangel sympathized with Kinzinger’s message but cautioned that all Americans should bear the burden of military intervention.

“If America is going to take this position, all Americans should be prepared to make the sacrifices as the gentleman before me has. It’s abundantly clear that everybody does not assume the same sacrifices, whether we’re talking about taxes or loss of life,” Rangel said.

“I submit that we have to have a draft … not a plea for those people who for economic reasons have to protect themselves,” he added.

Rangel offered a personal footnote to his plea for compulsory military service, recounting how he volunteered for the military prior to the Korean War, and how his brother signed on just before World War II.

“I would like to walk away saying how patriotic we both were, but really what motivated me was the excitement my mother would get in receiving a check for my older brother,” Rangel said.

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