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3-21-12 -  DREAM -  I was with a pretty woman who said she heard that a friend of ours named David had gone to look at a house that only cost  $259 a month rent and when he got there, he decided to buy the house outright because it was only  $4,000. 


I asked her if he had already paid the money, and she responded, "No!  That's why I want to go look at it myself and see if it's worth buying."  Then she asked me to go with her and I agreed.


Just about the same time, another woman and her husband came up to me and aid that they were going to radionics treatments and that she was terrified to have it done.  She asked me to go with her, and I agreed because she was a good friend.


That et up a dilemma for me - which friend do I please - the woman who wanted to buy a house before someone else did, or the woman who need medical treatment.  Of course, I chose the woman who was terrified to get the radionics treatment.  So I went with that woman and her husband.


We got into the building and met the clinician who was going to do the treatment, and she showed us to a room where we could change clothes into hospital gowns. 


While we were doing that, I noticed a brochure about the treatment, and a piece of paper talking about the time schedule of the treatment which was going to take two successive days.  Including in the treatments was listed several sumptuous meals being served.


So I wondered how bad could the treatment be, if you were able to eat all your meals while being treated, and then I asked the clinician what time the treatment was going to start, and she said  , "12:16 p.m.  after lunch.  She also said, she would be out of the building herself until that time.


By then, the pretty woman, who was Erica Cain from "All My Children TV show walked into the room also, and I saw she was wearing white shoes that were pristine clean.  I also realized, it was only just past 9:15 a.m. and we'd have three hours to go see that house she wanted to see so I could please both women within three hours, so I started putting my clothes back on and go see the house.  Who knows, maybe I'd like the house and buy it myself.


AT the time, I didn't stop to think how David would feel if we snatched the house out from under him, but he didn't have the $4,000 so we could still rent the house to him.


The name David means LOVE!"


NOTE FROM DEE:  I've been hearing about Radionics treatments from a friend for about 6 months now, and have heard how wondrous healing this is, and have gone to where things seem to be reasonably priced and found some machines selling for $750 to $1600  and when I suggest getting one of these, I don't get favorable responses to any machine sold there.


I still don't know what radionics actually is, so decided to look it up.


Radionics is the use of blood, hair, a signature, or other substances unique to the person as a focus to supposedly heal a patient from afar.[1] The concept behind radionics originated in the early 1900s with Albert Abrams (1864–1924), who became a millionaire by leasing radionic machines which he designed himself.[2] Radionics is not based on any scientific evidence, and contradicts the principles of physics and biology and as a result it has been classed as pseudoscience and quackery by most physicians.[3] The United States Food and Drug Administration does not recognize any legitimate medical uses for such devices.[1][2][3]


Description of Radionics

According to radionics practitioners, a healthy person will have certain energy frequencies moving through their body that define health, while an unhealthy person will exhibit other, different energy frequencies that define disorders. Radionic devices purport to diagnose and heal by applying appropriate frequencies to balance the discordant frequencies of sickness. Radionics uses "frequency" not in its standard meaning but to describe an imputed energy type, which does not correspond to any property of energy in the scientific sense.[4]

In one form of radionics popularised by Abrams, some blood on a bit of filter paper is attached to a device Abrams called a dynamizer, which is attached by wires to a string of other devices and then to the forehead of a healthy volunteer, facing west in a dim light. By tapping on on his abdomen and searching for areas of "dullness", disease in the donor of the blood is diagnosed by proxy. Handwriting analysis is also used to diagnose disease under this scheme.[1]

Having done this, the practitioner may use a special device known as an oscilloclast or any of a range of other devices to broadcast vibrations at the patient in order to attempt to heal them.[1]

Albert Abrams claimed to detect such frequencies and/or cure people by matching their frequencies, and claimed them sensitive enough that he could tell someone's religion by looking at a drop of blood.[1] He developed thirteen devices and became a millionaire leasing his devices,[1][5] and the American Medical Association described him as the "dean of gadget quacks,"[5] and his devices were definitively proven useless by an independent investigation commissioned by Scientific American in 1924.[6]

Modern practitioners now conceptualize these devices merely as a focusing aid to the practitioner's proclaimed dowsing abilities, and claim that there is no longer any need for the device to have any demonstrable function. Indeed, Abrams' black boxes had no purpose of their own, being merely obfuscated collections of wires and electronic parts.[6]

[edit] Radiesthesia

Radiesthesia is the claimed paranormal or parapsychological ability to detect "radiation" within the human body. According to the theory, all human bodies give off unique or characteristic "radiations" as do all other physical bodies or objects. Such radiations are often termed an "aura".

A practitioner of radiesthesia claims to detect the interplay of these radiations. Thus radiesthesia is cited as the explanation of such phenomena as dowsing by rods and pendulums in order to locate buried substances, diagnose illnesses, and the like. Some radiesthesia practitioners like Israeli mentalist Uri Geller or German astrologer Alexander Rostamí claim that they can help oil companies to find crude petroleum reserves and other natural resources by using paranormal abilities, but this claim has not been proven.[7]

The term "radiesthesia" first entered English in the 1930s and was borrowed from the earlier French radiésthesie. The English word is a compound of the prefix radi(o)-, referring to radiation and the rare term aesthesia meaning "perception by the senses", or "the capacity for feeling or sensation", which comes from the ancient Greek aisthesis "a perceiving".

Dr. Solcol W. Tromp wrote about radiesthesia in his 1949 book Psychical Physics. This reference has a bibliography of over 700 titles relating to dowsing and radiesthesia.

Gerald Gardner, in his book Witchcraft Today, 1954, refers to his own anecdotal experiences with radiesthesia as evidence supporting the existence of "Witch Power".

The Pendulum is a monthly publication devoted to radiesthesia. There are other periodicals, publications, books, societies and numerous websites on the topic.

[edit] Scientific assessment of Radionics

The claims for radionics devices contradict the accepted principles of biology and physics. No scientifically verifiable mechanisms of function are posited. In this sense, they can be described as magical in operation. No plausible biophysical basis for the "putative energy fields" has been proposed, and neither the fields themselves nor their purported therapeutic effects have been convincingly demonstrated.[8]

No radionic device has been found efficacious in the diagnosis or treatment of any disease, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not recognize any legitimate medical uses of any such device.[2] According to David Helwig in The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, "most physicians dismiss radionics as quackery."[3]

Internally, a radionic device is very simple, and may not even form a functional electrical circuit.[6] The wiring in the analysis device is simply used as a mystical conduit.[9] A radionic device does not use or need electric power, though a power cord may be provided, ostensibly to determine a "base rate" on which the device operates to attempt to heal a subject.[10] Typically, little attempt is made to define or describe what, if anything, is flowing along the wires and being measured. Energy in the physical sense, i.e., energy that can be sensed and measured, is viewed as subordinate to intent and "creative action."[9]

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by Robert E. Beutlich,
Sect./Treas. & a Founder of USPA
(with permission)

At the turn of this century a medical doctor, Albert Abrams, a creative, intuitive, astute observer began a series of fascinating experiments which became what we now call Radionics. Born of wealthy parents in San Francisco, he studied medicine in Germany and later taught at Stanford Medical school. He wrote numerous articles and books on medical subjects. He also wrote several novels and was at one time the president of the American Psychical Society.

Dr. Abrams could identify various diseases by their location on the abdominal cavity, a peculiar dull sound was produced while percussing (tapping with finger tips). Because some patients had tender stomachs due to their diseases, he found he could instead 'percuss' a young healthy medical student who was connected with the patient via a wire and still detect a disease condition. Reasoning that somehow the disease information was being transmitted down the wire, he placed various pathogenic samples at one end of the wire , and the other end connected to a healthy subject. Abrams could analyze each sample accurately using a double blind technique. Regrettably, two diseases, syphilis and cancer showed up in the same location on the stomach. He then placed a variable resistor box (later known as the "Black Box") between the patient or diseased tissue sample and the healthy young man, by adjusting the dials, he could isolate which disease condition he was detecting at the same location on the stomach. He trained other doctors in this new diagnostic technique, some could not perceive the subtle differences in tone while percussing the abdominal cavity. He then discovered he could use a glass rod to stroke the belly instead of percussing and the rod would stick (like static electricity) to the same location on the stomach where the dull sound was perceived. The doctors could now easily perform the diagnosis. This was the beginning of Radionics.

As his research continued he developed more complex arrangements of variable resistors, capacitors, and by 1920 included vacuum tubes in the circuits and pulsing radio frequencies. The terminology 'little black box' came to be known as any device with unknown innards and mysterious effects. The diagram at the beginning of this booklet depicts one type of radionic device currently being used. Current instru-mentation has been computerized and several models are now available.

Abrams trained a large number of doctors in this new technology and provided the instrumentation with which to do their diagnosis and treatment. The success of this diagnostic/treatment modality encouraged a number of copy-cats who, unfortunately, did not understand the techniques and built poor instrumentation resulting in marginal or negative results. Regrettably this state of affairs still exists today and you are cautioned against buying any instrumentation advertised in psychic magazines or from a manufacturer who does not give a money back guarantee and provide personal training. These devices require an ESP ability for detection of energy fields using either a pendulum or obtaining a 'stick' when rubbing the fingertips across the output of the device.

Radionics is a method of analyzing the status of any living thing, plant, insect, animal or human. In addition to detecting information, a 'treatment' modality can be initiated. A sample of the object to be analyzed is called the 'witness'. It may be a cutting of a leaf, stem, dead/alive insect, a hair or nail of an animal, sputum, blood, or a Polaroid photo.

Basic to radionic theory is the phenomena of a radiation patterns intrinsic to energy fields. The energy field that surrounds all objects and a portion of this field has been photographed with Kirlian, high voltage photography. This portion of the field is in the physical domain and is called the 'etheric'. It can been seen under dim light conditions as a light grey, smoke-like, emanation from one's finger tips. It can also be readily detected with the aid of a pendulum or dowsing rod. The total energy field is a complex combination of the 'Etheric' in our physical domain and at least two additional levels existing in the time domain. Each one of these fields is viewed as the pattern for the next one down in a descending order from 'above'. For example the 'Etheric' is the pattern maker for the physical. Manipulation of the 'Etheric' via acupuncture procedures can then change the physical field. The next field beyond the physical/etheric is called the Astral plane. Psychics describe the Astral plane as the emotional field. Colors perceived in this field have been described as: 'red' with anger; 'green' with envy; 'blue' with sadness, 'yellow' with fear, etc.

The next field beyond the Astral is that of the Mental plane where the thought patterns are exhibited. These three levels of fields, Etheric, Astral and Mental, individually or together, can be detected with the aid of a radionics device. Detection requires an ESP ability, which all individuals have, but not all can perform adequately to achieve results with consistent accuracy.

In Abrams early work, the patient was always directly connected to the instrumentation. One of Abrams students, a Dr. Ruth Drown, later developed the system of treating the patient at a distance. It is here that the medical establishment had it's greatest difficulty understanding the action of radionics and subsequently banned its use and practice.

Todays physics does allow hypothesis for actions occurring at a distance as well as the effects of psychic phenomena. The name of information wave transmission of psychic phenomena is called 'Scalar'. These waves, measured in laboratories, do not diminish with distance, readily pass through all objects, and cannot be shielded. The human mind operates at the scalar level to communicate with other beings, plants and animals. Since most of the radionic devices do not contain scalar capabilities, it is the human operators mind that not only 'receives' but also 'transmits' information.

When operating a radionics device the operator detects an energy pattern from a 'witness' which is expressed as 'rates' or setting on the dials. This energy pattern is called the 'Information Data Field' or IDF. The energy field contains the basic or natural information of its state of being. If the energy fields are not in balance within or between themselves then disease occurs. It is the detection of these 'vibrations' via a radionics device into identifiable 'rates' or dial settings that allows one to analyze the extent of imbalances in the witness. The severity of any unbalance can also be measured as an amplitude. The higher the reading, the more severe the imbalance.

While we speak of the energetic fields individually, in actuality, they interpenetrate and interact. Imbalances in any one area will affect the other fields. Imbalances may be detected as early as six to twelve months before any physical manifestation has occurred. It is in this arena that the use of radionics could be most helpful in the early detection and prevention of diseases. While in this early stage, the use of Radionics is most effective. But becomes increasingly difficult as the disease becomes physically manifest. As with most holistic programs, the best results have been obtained when complete life style changes are implemented and complementary physical treatments are involved. Additional modalities available in radionics include flower remedies, homeopathic, color, gem, music, sweep or pulsed ELF therapies.

When correcting imbalances, the operator may select a complementary rate or turn on an amplifier which inverts the original signal in order to 'cancel' it out. The operator's intent operating through "scalar" field domain reaches the IDF of the witness. At this point it is modified as it cascades downward through the various levels until it affects the etheric and subsequently the physical. This modality may be instantaneous, but more often takes time. The physical may also affect the etheric, astral and mental fields.

A poison does not only affect the physical but can affect the other fields as well. It's a two way street, both up and down. Your thoughts affect the physical and the physical affects your thoughts. Chemical imbalances have been related to various mental conditions.

One of the most spectacular results of radionics has been in the field of agriculture. Early on it was used for insect control, and later for balancing the soil, creating homeopathics for soil, plant and animal, balancing the energy fields on the farm and its buildings, energizing seeds and working with mother nature to create healthy crops. Agricultural radionics is complementary to both organic and bio-dynamic farming which by themselves are self sustaining systems with out the use of chemical fertilizers, weed poisons, and pesticides. An estimated five thousand farmers have been trained in the use of radionics to date and the list is growing every year.


The USPA neither manufactures or sells Radionic devices. We do conduct an one day ‘Beginners Radionics School' after our annual conference which is usually held the third week in July.

The basic purpose is to educate those attending into the basic tenants of how it works, a brief history, training one to use the pendulum or of the “Rub Plate’ to get an intuitive response which is essential to the operation of any type radionics device. There is no point in purchasing a piece of equipment unless you can operate it!

Our experience is that out of ten persons, 2 or 3 will be 'Hot Shots' - they can easily get an intuitive response. Another 4-5 can be trained, with learning the basics at the school and practicing the techniques at home - it may take some time. The remainder are 'not ready' at this time to engage in attempting this practice.

The Radionics Assn., Attn: Secretary at Baerlin House, Goose Green, Deddington, Oxnon, 0X15-0SZ, England. also the attached list under Agricultural Radionics


Quantum & Informational Medicine

There’s no disease without a fundamental cause and no pain without reasons; to find the real cause means a true, holistic healing. To find these causes, we need to go behind the matter and its symptoms; we need quantum medicine and its specific methods of diagnosis and therapy. Diseases and pain are the body’s signals (language) to inform us of a disorder at the level of an organ, tissue or cells; we need to act to remove that disorder (act syntropically) and rebalance the field around that organ.

We need to reconnect the body to the healthy field from which all necessary information will emerge and move towards the ill organ/cell triggering: thus the self-healing process. Our immune system was created to deal with any kind of toxins, microbes, viruses or infections, but to achieve its function properly, it needs to be “active” or “ready” to do the job. Often, due to our stressed lifestyles and accumulation of overloads (toxins, microbes), the immune system engine is partially blocked and cannot clean the body; even more often, we have carried these overloads for such a long time that significant deteriorations of cells and organs have occurred, so not only must the immune system be reactivated, but reparations at the tissue level must also take place. It becomes a complex job for the practitioner, so he needs to act on different levels, as humans and animals are also structured into different levels; material (matter, body, organs), energetic (electromagnetic field around the organs and tissues), informational (the infinite network of universal information) and spiritual (the highest governing universal law).

Allopathic medicine deals mostly with symptoms and visible causes and is usually the best first aid in trauma or an emergency. But when dealing with chronic diseases and mental conditions (more complex), or for prevention, allopathic medicine is too hasty and unilateral and therefore is usually unsuccessful. Here, quantum medicine can help, and this is the field where holistic diagnosis and therapy modalities achieve the best results.

Quantum medicine is not a one-way method; it is a complex bundle of modalities and remedies that act properly on all levels mentioned above only when together. It integrates knowledge and techniques from acupuncture, homoeopathy, biofeedback, bio-resonance and informational medicine and even needs the help of the spiritual coaching (Shamanism, Prana, prayer).

Usually, a healing process with quantum medicine takes longer, but it is irreversible and holistic, i.e., the disease never returns and the organ/tissue is healed perfectly. It also deals with interconnected causes, and thus, if chosen correctly, the modalities also heal interconnected health conditions.

Last but not least: quantum medicine offers the best methods of prevention, meaning that they foresee the causes or disease before the symptoms are manifest. Dealing with informational and energetic fields, quantum medicine can predict where a disease will erupt, sooner or later.

A common question is: why I should use devices if I know TCM acupuncture or classical homoeopathy? Today, devices are necessary because the complex information cannot be handled by an individual (practitioner) anymore, as we need to explain the methods of diagnosis and therapy better to a patient. We also need more objective and accurate measurement methods, without any influences from our subjective knowledge and experience. A practitioner has never learned all of the integrated procedures necessary to diagnose and treat a patient holistically. Today, time is an issue, and with devices, you can save time and increase your income. Self-care has become more important, due to skyrocketing health costs, and a genuine individual usually can deal with a lot of conditions himself without an ND education if he has a good quantum-medicine device.

What is Quantum medicine?

Quantum medicineis a medicine that views life, health and disease as a complex phenomenon and uses statistics as its analytical tool.Quantum medicine, like Quantum physics, admits that in complex systems such as living bodies, science can give only the best probability for the behavior of individual parts. Stephen Linsteadt, N.D. defines quantum medicine in an ANMA newsletter:

“The quantum level possesses the highest level of coherence within the human organism. Sick individuals with weak immune systems or cancer have poor and chaotic coherence with disturbed bio photon cellular communication. Therefore, disease can be seen as the result of disturbances on the cellular level that act to distort the cell’s quantum perspective. This causes electrons to become misplaced in protein molecules, and metabolic processes become derailed as a result. Once cellular metabolism is compromised, the cell becomes isolated from the regulated process of natural growth control. The quantum naturopath recognizes that quantum coherence provides the fundamental resonance communication system of the body. All quantum naturopathic therapies must, therefore, be aimed at re-establishing cellular resonance. Quantum naturopaths are experts in bio-energetic nutrition, with an emphasis on providing adequate defenses for free radical damage and re-establishing the body’s bio-electric communication system, by detoxifying the connective tissue matrix.”

Quantum medicine deals mainly with the discrete energy associated with different organs, tissues and cells in a healthy or sick condition. Many call quantum medicine “energy medicine”, but allopathic medicine has hijacked the “energy medicine” nomenclature, as X-Rays, EEC, MRI, etc. are also part of energy medicine.

Energy diagnosis (Biofeedback) and Energy therapy (/Bio resonance)directly address the patient’s energetic level, using light, sound, electricity and/or magnetism to carry patient- and condition-specific frequencies. Most bio-resonance devices broadcast groups of frequencies sequentially; other devices use an oscillating wave (Swing) that broadcasts several frequencies together.

Typical biofeedback & bio-resonance devices are EAV Electro acupuncture (also called Electro dermal screening), pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), Mora therapy, laser bio-resonance, RIFE systems and many others.

Lyra Nara offers EAV electrocupuncture and bio-resonance devices only from German manufacturers such as Kindling Medizintechnik and laser acupuncture devices from German Medical Laser. So we offer the best quality at the best market prices: the most accurate and versatile functioning devices.

What is Informational medicine?

Informational medicine deals with “Biological Information” carried out of (scan) and into the body (balancing) by using different types of frequencies.

While it was impossible to explain how 100,000 metabolic processes in only one cell, multiplied by 10 trillion cells in the human body, could take place so precisely, it was obvious that energy alone could not trigger and control such a complex situation; this energy must be so quickly structured and rearranged according to an existing “information matrix”. Somehow, from somewhere, the system must receive the information necessary to lead this complex bio-engineer. Information means “in formation”, which means that the system gets codified information and structures the energy that helps matter to form, based on this code. Rupert Scheldrake called the complex informational matrix the MORPHOGENETIC field. Sheldrake explained the morphogenetic field as follows:

Above the energetic level is the so-called informational level; this is an abstract level where “in-formation” is created, no dimensions, no space or time; this level is organized in fields. These “Morphogenetic fields” are penetrating, communicating and operating, even controlling the material and energy levels. These fields are not EMF, and therefore, they cannot be measured, but their actions and reactions can be observed. Sheldrake works on the assumption that the morphogenetic fields contain all information concerning the structure form of each organism, including inanimate material. These fields have a holographic structure, which means that the corresponding information is theoretically omnipresent in the universe and can be called up accordingly. The morphogenetic fields are not electromagnetic and are presumably on another dimension than 3-dimensions’ space + 1-dimension time.

Informational medicine works in the morphogenetic field, which is characterized in these ways:

  1. It has infinite dimensions (cosmic), i.e. it exists everywhere in the universe; all inorganic and biological bodies dock/undock to this field. To explain this phenomenon, physicists developed the string theory.
  2. It works with the highest probabilities, according to Heisenberg principles, i.e. any physical (measurable) manifestation of energy and/or matter has the highest probability to have found the information in that status.
  3. Two forms of energy govern the morphogenetic field, one of Syntropic (-E) and one of Entropic (+E) nature. (+E) describes waves diverging from a source, from causes in the past (retarded potentials); (-E) describes waves converging towards a source, a cause located in the future (anticipated potentials) and is governed by a symmetrical law that Fantappiè named Syntropy. These processes take the form of the exchange of matter and energy with the environment. So it is easier to understand the epigenetics and the universal communication of biological cells.
  4. It carries information with the help of scalar waves (directional waves), different from all of the other Hertzian waves that we know from radio-broadcasting electronic devices.

Nikola Tesla used the term “scalar” at the end of the last century as a part of powerful non-Hertzian energy (without frequencies), to which he referred as cosmic waves.

The electromagnetism that we know so much about has frequencies, wave action and motion that we can measure. Scalar energy is described as having zero frequencies, making it a stationary energy that our current frequency instruments cannot evaluate. We do know how to create this energy, but only its effects tell us that it exists in space and has power.

Scalar waves are produced when two electromagnetic waves of the same frequency are exactly out of phase (opposite to each other) and the amplitudes subtract and cancel or destroy each other. The result is not exactly an annihilation of magnetic fields, but a transformation of energy back into a scalar wave. Scalar waves can be created by wrapping electrical wires around a figure eight in the shape of a Mobius coil. When an electric current flows through the wires in opposite directions, the opposing electromagnetic fields from the two wires cancel each other out and create a scalar wave. The DNA antenna in our cells’ energy-production centres (mitochondria) assumes the shape of what is called a super-coil. Super-coil DNA looks like a series of Mobius coils. These Mobius super-coil DNA can hypothetically generate scalar waves. Most cells in the body contain thousands of these Mobius super-coils, which generate scalar waves throughout the cell and the body.”

A well-known example of informational medicine is homoeopathy, which we categorize as informational because there is no heat, light, pressure or, from a physicist’s point of view, any other energetic element present in a homeopathic remedy. Prayer and good wishes are other examples of informational medicine and are usually expressed without an energetic component. Praying with desperation is an example of adding information to energy, from which it can be understood that pure information is usually more effective than information mixed with energy. Is it true that you can traffic information from one system to another? Let’s take a look at the following pictures:




Rice treated by thoughts as “Thank you Rice” “You fool rice”

radionics10.png radionics11.png

Water treated with the words: “Thank you water”


Water treated with the words: “You fool water”


Blood samples & pituitary-gland adenoma:

Left/Top to bottom: Untreated blood treated with Sulphur D30 and Sulphur D1000;

Right/Top to bottom: Healthy pituitary gland, treated with Endoxan (Chemotherapy) and homeopathic Snake poison.

Thus we have information travelling on the informational level, with corresponding frequencies on the energetic level: the science needed to find the corresponding matter or anatomic lanes in which this information can travel.

Today’s most recent discoveries in medicine confirm the assumptions behind Quantum-response technologies (e.g. Radionics), as Prof. Stuart Hameroff showed recently when he demonstrated and explained the existence of microtubules, considered our informational lanes inside and outside the body. Within those microtubules, the information travels without any borders, in space and time, at the speed of light.

Energetic medicine and informational medicine represent two interconnected yet clearly different levels. Informational balancing can be considered analogous to fixing a software bug – making a small change to a batch of information (software code) to cause a large change (transforming a non-working software program into a working program) in seconds.

Most imbalances arise on the informational level. We can understand this in a general way if we consider that an idea or opinion is behind any action and determines it. Informational balancing can have profound effects on causes that lie on the informational level, such as the control functions of the body and mental/emotional issues. Because the four levels are interconnected, work on the informational level can also indirectly affect issues that appear on the energetic, biochemical and structural levels.

Informational Balancing, also called Quantum Response or Quantum Radionics:

Quantum-Radionics analysis is performed on the basis of a patient specimen. A TESLA coil, or the analysis of the input data is computerized, enables in-radionics communication between a patient and his information level. On the basis of information found in the analysis, the therapist can compile a balancing program. In this way, he introduces the healing information back into the patient’s body and let this information restructure the energy to heal the body. Depending on the nature and duration of the illness, a balancing period may last from several minutes to several hours. The number of repetitions of balancing operations and the intervals between individual balancing operations also depend on the nature and duration of the illness.

Several devices on the market pretend to work in the morphogenetic field. But the quality of such a device depends on the accuracy with which it can scan the existing information (delivered by the patient) and offset these against the information (also called rates) recorded in the software. More than fifty years of experience make Mars III and Scope Q the most advanced and best systems of this class.

Lyra Nara offers only devices manufactured by Bruce Copen Laboratories (BCL)in this class. Mars III, Scope Q (also called little Mars) and Homoeopath Expert, all devices that we sell from BCL, are produced entirely in Germany, are ISO 13485-certified or licensed in most countries and offer the best value for the best prices.


Quantum & Strings Theory

Quantum Theory

The word “quantum” is frequently applied to everything that might appear to be new or frontier technology. Quantum means the smallest amount of energy that can exist independently, especially a discrete quantity of electromagnetic radiation. This amount of energy is regarded as a unit. Generally, you define by quanta the smallest change, the minimum action.

Heisenberg first applied the word “quantum” to mainstream physics when he discovered that energy is not a continuous stream but consists of tiny packages, which he called quanta. From this discovery, a whole science called Quantum physics developed, and with it arose many misconceptions on what quantum theory is really all about. Most people believe that quantum theory is, in essence, the theory of the microscopic world, of atoms, quanta and quarks.

Quantum theory was first called quantum mechanics, because it was assumed that there must have been some mechanical laws involved in the movement of atomic particles and quanta of energy similar to that of the mechanics of macroscopic bodies like the planets. But it was found that closely connected particles behave more like waves and that they all affect each other as if they are one being. In a broader sense, Quantum theory is, therefore, the science of complex systems, and the main tool of quantum mechanics is statistics. So quantum theory has a much wider scope than just the microscopic world and can be applied to systems in general in which many individual parts work together and influence each other. Most of all, this is the case in all living beings, because each is a highly complex network of cells, organs and systems. So Quantum science gives the appropriate tools for the study of all aspects of human group behaviour, as well as the interactions of parts of the human body, mind and emotions as they network with each other.

String Theory

To introduce an infinite dimensional universe and explain and calculate such a complex status, quantum physics in its classical issue associated with Einstein’s relativity theory was not any more sufficient. This led to the birth of STRING THEORY.

String theory, developed in the last 25 years, accepted the super-symmetry of particles (each particle has a twin particle in a perfect symmetric location) between which is a permanent exchange of information. Anton Zeilinger proved these quantum twins, so it became possible to explain the Einstein paradox (EPR), according to which there are interactions between particles located very far from each other. Photons and Bio-photons behave like quantum twins. The energy level, where frequencies manifest, is located between the matter and anti-matter (twins). On the informational level, information or codes are exchanged, and on the energetic level, frequencies are traded.



According to string theory, the informational level is a membrane or “brane”. On this brane, all strings are temporary docking and un-docking, generating the field of information or the morphogenetic field that later gives life its new form (shape, matter).

Microtubules are polarized tubular structures produced by the linear polymerization of alpha- and beta-tubulin heterodimers (see figure, panel a) into protofilaments (see figure, panel b). These assemble to form a hollow fibre of 13 protofilaments. The addition of tubulin subunits occurs preferentially at the plus end. Microtubule assembly is intrinsically dynamic and consumes energy. Incorporation into microtubules requires a GTP-bound form of alpha-tubulin. Within the microtubule lattice, GTP is hydrolyzed to GDP. In many cell types, the minus ends of microtubules are embedded in the microtubule-organizing centre (MTOC), which is tightly linked to the centrosome. The MTOC prevents shrinkage from the microtubule minus ends, so dynamic instability occurs at microtubule-plus ends. Under such conditions, microtubules alternate between phases of growth, pause and shrinkage at their plus ends. Conversion from growth to shrinkage is termed “catastrophe”, whereas the switch from shrinkage to growth is called “rescue”. If the minus end is not embedded, dissociation of GDP-bound tubulin subunits can occur at these ends. After conversion to GTP-bound tubulin, the subunits can be incorporated at the plus end, so that tubulin subunits “treadmill” through the microtubule (see figure; red indicates GTP-bound -tubulin subunits, whereas green indicates GDP-bound-tubulin subunits). To visualize “treadmilling” in the figure, specific microtubule subunits are marked with an asterisk and the microtubule lattice is marked with a grey rectangle.When microtubules are viewed using cryo-electron microscopy in vitro, growing ends appear as a curved sheet of proto-filaments, whereas shrinking ends contain bent or “peeling” proto-filaments known as ram’s horns. A GTP-tubulin cap is thought to stabilize microtubule plus ends, whereas a GDP-tubulin cap induces catastrophe, presumably because GDP-tubulin proto-filaments assume a curved conformation. In vivo, stable, long-lived microtubules might therefore have a cap of GTP-tubulin and/or a sheet of proto-filaments or are otherwise protected from destabilizing effects. Stable microtubules acquire several post-translational modifications, such as acetylation of tubulin, or phrotheolytic removal (detyrosination) of the C-terminal tyrosine of this subunit.


Space-filling model of a microtubule segment derived from cryo-electron microscopy. The protofilaments are seen running along the axis of the segment. The microtubule (+) end is towards the top of the image.


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