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7-16-13 - I recall seeing a part of a TV show that had a lot of actors on it and it was a famous group evidently who worked together in some kind of special program, but I didn't see the whole show so I don't know what it was.


DREAM - I was part of a crew who had to make the beds where the actors spent the night.  They were jam packed into this dormitory every night.


I was just helping this crew as my real job was in the 'big' building.  This was evidently the overlow building.  People of all ages, including children took a shower and spent the night here.  The beds seemed to be only about two feet apart, just enough room to walk between.


Our in the hallway, where I was getting the supplies, were sheets, pillow cases, blankets, and crocheted caps, some as small as baby size, and it seemed everything was a dull blue color - maybe one could correlate as 'navy' blue but worn - (not like new denim color).


I didn't know anyone in the crew, but they were white and colored skin of various shades and everyone worked together until the job was done.


Every bed had a number, and I recall hearing the number 64, though I also heard the number 80.  It seems that 64 was the highest number of 'regular' sleepers. 


I told one younger boy that if he needed help, I could do that because I had experience in the 'big' building.


I woke up when the job was complete.


HERE ARE OVER 6 MILLION WEBSITES ABOUT THIS:     Using quotes around the words 'actors dormitory' only had 5.







3-15-08 - DREAM - The whole dream was set  up like a stage play or a movie set.  Everything was set up in grand scale.

A view from the sky showed all the farm fields ablaze with flowers blooming and even at a distance I could see they were carpets laid out on the ground like they had been newly purchased from a store.


The scene zoomed down into a large apartment building, but there were no walls inside the building. Where the hallways were supposed to be were wide walkways, and the furniture for each apartment was set up in squares and the sofas lined up against the walkways where the walls should have been.


There were people in each of these squares of furniture like they were living there and they were all actors in the play or movie.

Some of the people in their apartments were my relatives.  My cousin Judy and my cousin Shirley had speaking parts in the play.


I was dressed up fancy, had my hair done in curls, and wore 3 inch high heeled shoes with tight fitting spandex light blue pants and a frilly lazy white blouse. Compared to the others, I looked like the star of the play.


We were supposed to be acting like this was real life.


My husband and I were supposed to carry two laundry baskets down to the public laundry in the basement.


The laundry room had rules.  You couldn't start a load of wash after  10 p.m. and the place was packed at 6:00 a.m. starting time.


So we would fill the machines with our laundry at 10 p.m. and run down there again before 6 a.m. with our quarters and be first in line to start up the machines.  If someone yanked our laundry out of the machines so they could be fist, so be it.


So we were walking along the walkway with our laundry baskets and people spoke to us as we passed.


My cousin Judy said to me as I passed by, "I went to see Joyce today!"  (Joyce was her baby sister who contracted polio in the 1940's and was disabled all her life until her passing in the 90's.  She lived in a lovely self-care nursing home after her parents could no longer take care of her themselves.)


I said in return, "I spent all day having my hair done and having my photos taken."


I knew after I said it, that it was the wrong thing to say.  I should have asked how Joyce was doing to be polite.


We got down to the end of the walkway where it should have turned the corner before going down the stairs and the people in the end square expanded their living room into the walkway so I had to step over the end of their sofa and walk through their living room to get to the stairs.


On their sofa was lined up three coloring book pages - black and white - so someone could color them in.


There were three drawings facing me of soldiers in battle, one of each war.  WW I,  WW II, and WW III.


Across the top of each page, it said a title, "WE WERE TOO YOUNG TO GO TO WAR!"


I was stunned and shocked to see coloring books like that and I had to think about what might have happened to those boys.


We headed for the stairs with our laundry baskets and the scene ended.


The next scene took place in the afternoon of the next day.  My husband and I had a meeting to attend at 2:30 p.m.


At the same time, I had an appointment to talk to a man in our apartment at 2:30 p.m.  I was hoping he wouldn't show up so I could make my own appointment on time.  My husband left for the appointment and I'd get there when I could.


Exactly at 2:30 p.m. an old brown lumber truck pulled up along the road and into our driveway and the man walked up to our door for his appointment with me.


He looked and was dressed like a movie producer I've seen on the Academy awards shows.  A man in his 60's or 70's, big black mustache, black cap and coat.


Since there were no walls or doors inside our building, he could see me standing there.


Between him and me were standing laundry baskets piled high with various coats I had worn in the past.  (past lives? past plays? past movies?)


I didn't know what to say to the man.  I didn't have a script for this part.


Was he expecting me to hypnotize him, give him psychological therapy, heal him? I didn't have the formal training for any of that.


I would just have to talk to him like the actor I was, person to person.  Maybe I'd find out what the next scene would be in our movie/play!


end of dream


NOTE: I made an effort to figure out what the 2:30 p.m. appointment means.  It can't be a date because there isn't 30 days in February.  Perhaps it meant an actual time to go into meditation and talk to that person.  I was meditating every day but didn't see that person as I saw him in the dream.  I also tried to find him in images and didn't locate him there either.


Before and after Shakespeare, others had the same idea:

Life's like a play: it's not the length, but the excellence of the acting that matters.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The Comedian Mel Brooks said:  "Hope for the Best. Expect the worst. Life is a play. We're unrehearsed."
  --  Mel Brooks

Life is a Stage.

Aug 25th, 2006 by Ian Gardner

"Life is a stage ..............." said Shakespeare. Well, it really is.

On a stage people get dressed up in costumes, change their appearance, suppress their true character and take on the part of another character. They then act the stage part using what they learned and practiced in preparation for the play.
So it is in spiritual life because each life is a play wherein we dress up as a character, change appearance, suppress our true character, take on the part of a new character and act out what we learned in the period/s between other lives.


Dan said

I fully agree that our life is a stage where we are acting the role of our life. The problem that we very often are forgeting this. We should remember that there is ‘someone’ behind this character, someone who is playing a specific role. And the purpose of this play is to enrish the soul of the actor, to expand our horizons without becoming one with our role.

Look behind the scenes…


So very true. Here's a quote from Carl Jung that you might appreciate as well. “This whole creation is essentially subjective, and the dream is the theater where the dreamer is at once: scene, actor, prompter, stage manager, author, audience, and critic.” 

Ian Gardner said


Dan, Exactly.
DreamWeaver, he was right of course, nothing can be separated from another thing.






vs the PAST WARS


compiled by Dee Finney



1-10-02 - VISION - I was laying bed with my eyes closed. I could see a man standing in front of me with a large board covered with a white sheet. The
man resembled the actor James Garner. He said, "This is going to seem real misleading."  Then he pulled back the sheet. He said sharply,

This vision has been bothering me since I had it.  I thought perhaps Garner
was an anti-abortion  activist but I didn't find that in my research.

I started to find connections between Garner, who was a Korean War Veteran, and a series of events  that is coming out in the years 2002 and 2003:








Please be patient while the graphics load. It'll be worth it!

This page came about because Joe had received a grasshopper dream in an e-mail. He told me about it, however, he answered it, filed it and never showed it to me. Several days went by and I had a brief vision/dream to do a web search for exo-skeleton grasshopper.   I remembered Joe's recent e-mail but had no idea why I was to do this particular search. I actually did 4 searches, one for exo-skeleton grasshopper, one for exoskeleton grasshopper, grasshopper, and ants. I had no real idea what I was looking for and eventually narrowed down my chosen files to the ones used below. If spirit decides to change what I've done, they'll tell me in another dream.  Dee - 08-18-98

It may help to search for "Ganesh," the east Indian "first son" of the Father and Mother Deities. He rides a giant mouse, and his logo is the mouse. Some say he represents the human condition of "Maya," that is, we are in the land/reality of "illusion." My way of saying this is that our reality is akin to a stage play, where us "actors" have forgotten that it is a play, and have little or no idea of what the "script" is all about. This forgetting is by design, a self-imposed amnesia. It's a learning experience.





DREAM - I roasted an entire bear in an enclosure outside my house, in it's entirety, with the fur on.


When it was done, I went outside to carve it into pieces so I could eat some of the roasted meat.  I gingerly started cutting it into small pieces starting at the tail end. I didn't want to keep any of the fur and skin because I didn't know how to tan it so I was cutting that into strips. All I wanted was the roasted meat.


People who were obviously actors started flocking around to take the parts I didn't want. One man started dancing around me, wearing a bear-skin cape with arms on it to show me that bear skin was beautiful. I could already see and feel how soft the fur was, but I didn't want to keep any. I just wanted to cut it up as fast as possible before the wild animals gathered around.


Then I discovered that the bears left front leg was completely missing. Whatever animal had killed this bear had ripped its front left leg off and ran off with it.


I continued to cut the bear into small pieces, then I saw a beautiful bejeweled cobalt blue vulture grab a leg and tried to take it into my house but I chased it off. It couldn't fly with the heavy leg in its beak and ran off down the sidewalk. It went around the corner of the garage, and at the exact same moment, a male actor dressed in a cobalt blue Toucan costume of the same color with a huge fake yellow beak, came around the opposite corner of the garage and started tell me what to do.


By then, other people had gathered, and I noticed some of my plants in the greenhouse had damaged and blackened leaves like a maddened crowd had run through the place. Yet, there were branches with new buds that could be re-rooted.


The Toucan man gave me a golden brown cylinder 4" wide x 4" tall similar to a 45 record stacker which he told me I could use on my record player which was running over in a corner of my patio. It was playing a 33 1/3 record. I pressed the reject button and then placed the cylinder on the record so they could be stacked to play automatically.


Women had gathered by now as well who were only concerned with sewing, crocheting and watching their daughters sing. I made friends with some of them. We were sitting around a large round table, and I found two miniature sized tools to keep in my purse in emergencies, a tiny crochet hook and a tiny ball-point pen. I had full sized ones in the house, but would keep these in my purse.


We then discussed a large crocheted rug that I had made, showing them how it was finished off. The one woman showed me the front of her dress which was crocheted in a large oval of many colors. She complained that she was tired of being asked what it was called.


Another younger girl wanted the leftover burnt wood platform that was under the roasted bear carcass. She made a comment similar to, "Waste not, want not!"


I went back to carving the bear, making sure the bones were far enough away from the house so when the inevitable wild animals came around, they wouldn't come to my house.

Toucan symbolism


The Blue Toucan in the Lion King movie is the guide of the animals to keep on them on the straight and narrow path.


In the movie, "George of the Jungle" Tookie-bird, the Toucan is George's messenger.


See also African Art by Mauze p. 84 & p. 67; a toucan (hornbill) presides over ploughing, sowing and harvesting.


NOTE:  In  April, I had a Toucan vision:  4-15-99 - (I was struggling with a web page on my computer and couldn't get it to show the print on it's face no matter what I did. So I went to lay down and take a nap. )

VISION: I saw a vision of a TOUCAN with a really yellow beak, then I saw my web page and it was fixing itself in a vision


(When I got up to go back to the computer, I went back to work on that web page and there was nothing wrong with it. )

Two Polar Bear Dreams - The Pole Shift symbolism

4-18-01 - DREAM - I was at a meeting with a lot of women I knew personally. These were all women who were abductees/contactees. There were 12 of us.  I asked them, "Does anyone here know what it means to dream of polar bears?


One woman said, "It stands for what is happening with the pole shift".  I replied, "Oh duh! I was just listening to Gordon Michael Scallion talking about the pole shift before I fell asleep."

I then decided I'd better go to the bathroom, after telling my son Tom to go take a shower because he was dirty. I noted that my other kids hadn't taken a shower in a long time either.  I got to the bathroom, and before I could do anything, all the other women were standing in the doorway too, waiting.  I said, "With 12 people in the house, we should have 12 bathrooms too."

4-18-01 - Gordon Michael Scallion was on Art Bell. He talked about his vision of the Pole Shift. The scene took place in summer because the trees were blooming (to me this is Spring) The sun came up to about 11 o' clock, then suddenly shifted to 2 p.m., but it didn't go from east to west, it went ''south". 

4-18-01 - VISION - I was drifting off to sleep and had a vision of a #10 envelope with Gordon Michael Scallion's name on it.  The envelope opened at the top like it was slit open on top. Inside was 'one' message.  (I don't know the significance of that.)

I then heard a voice of a young woman, who was working in an office which seemed to be above me in the room. She said to me, "We need to have a meeting. We need to give you the passwords so that you can access the information."  I agreed and thanked her, then fell asleep.

DREAM - I was outside in a large subdivision type neighborhood. I saw a couple dogs coming down the street. I didn't think it was a good idea to just sit there, so started heading for the house I was near. When I stood up, I could see there were more dogs coming ... large dogs.  I couldn't figure out why there were large dogs, but then saw that they were chasing two polar bears across the fields near the houses.  I started to yell at the neighborhood children to get into their houses, then decided I'd better do the same myself. I turned to go into the house and discovered I was farther from the house than I thought.

I started to run and turned back to look at the polar bears who were now coming my way, but then saw that the two polar bears were being chased or followed by two completely white beings ... seemed like teenage children, a boy and a girl.

I got into the house, and a polar bear got into the house. I wrestled with it, then tried to show someone else who was in the house how large its eyes were. Then I realized it's eyes weren't as large as I thought, and looked carefully at it's face from above. It's eyes were round, and it's forehead sloped up to the top of it's head, starting right at the eyebrow. There was no forehead like a human has.  I was struggling to hold the bear down and it was really hard.

4-3-01 - DREAM - I went to work at A-C in West Allis, WI, a suburb of Milwaukee. This was just a day job to fill in for someone else. I went up the elevator to the 4th floor and a woman showed me the desk I was to work at for the day. It looked rather like a sewing machine table. It was really narrow, and someone else had filled it up with crocheted and knitted and embroidered garments and doilies.

I was typing up some work which looked very much like the spiritual story I had worked on in the dream last night.

The telephone rang and the man's voice on the phone asked to speak to a particular man who worked in the Compressor/Pump Department. I knew the person, but didn't know the phone number since it had changed since I worked there before.

One of the older draftsmen was going by, on his way out to go home, and I grabbed him by the hand and asked for the phone number. He said it was 444-4439, but that it was going to change on Friday when the man got a new job. I thanked him and went back to telephone to tell the man on the other end the number. As it was, the man was gone, and a young woman was on the phone now, rather inept and I had to keep repeating the number until she understood it.

It was now quarter to 5 and my daughter was working there too, so I told her to get her coat on and get ready to leave. Everyone else had already gone for the day by now.

The coat room was down some steep stairs. I saw my own red coat hanging on a hangar down the stairs. I went with my daughter so she could get her coat on. I had forgotten something at my desk, and this was a one way stairway, so I had to go all the way down, outside, and back up another stairway to get back to the desk.

On the way back up the stairs, suddenly, there appeared in my right hand, two crystal and ceramic bears. One looked like amber, the other was ceramic. The amber one looked rather like a teddy bear sitting down, the other was a walking bear. I was so thrilled. I could hardly believe that had happened like magic.

I got back to the desk, and there was an older, white-haired woman standing at the desk. She was going over the crocheted and knitted garments. It turned out that she was the person who had made them. I apologized for working at her desk. She said that she was just a day worker to and it was no problem.

In order to look at her work, I had to set my two bears down, and the woman moved them around so it looked like they were for sale with her stuff. I found them and grabbed them back. I wasn't about to give them up for anything. They had appeared like magic and they were mine to keep.

I then went back down the steep stairway to get my coat which I saw was still hanging on the hangar. In order to put my coat on, I had to put the two bears down, which I did. I took my coat off the hangar and discovered that my coat was in shreds. In fact, all the material coats hanging there, were in shreds. All the threads had come apart and everything just fell to the floor.

I was astonished and besides that, it was cold and dark out and I wouldn't have a coat to wear home. I didn't know where my daughter had gone by now either. All the people were gone, and all the material goods were gone. I went to pick up my bears to take them home and they had disappeared too. I started to cry at my loss, and I woke up crying.

3-13-01 -  Yesterday the stock market lost over 400 points. I wasn't thinking about that at bedtime, but had this dream anyway.

DREAM - I was with one of my sons, walking through the woods.  We saw 'bear' spoor on the ground in a trail. We knew that to follow bear spoor, one would sooner or later come upon a bear ... and sure enough, the bear spoor got closer and closer together and larger and larger and soon the bear spoor actually was shaped like a large bear ... one bear after another ... all the way to the house we were going to live in.

Inside the house, was a large refrigerated room, with a large glass door edged in chrome.  This refrigerated room was to keep the bodies of the dead bears in, and if we ever got any live ones we didn't kill, we were supposed to call the zoo and they would come and get them.

I heard a noise and sensed something at the door on the patio. I went to look out the door which was a large patio door, and sure enough, there was a large bear, standing on his hind feet, waving his front paws in the air.  It was pretty scary.

2-20-2001 - Since I put this page up, Allen Greenspan has been very busy changing the interest rates of the banks and thereby forcing the stockmarket to go down, down down.

Just before George W. Bush took office in January, 2001, he was going around the country talking about the recession that was coming, so that he could blame William J. Clinton for it.

I too believe that it was Clinton's re-nomination of Allen Greenspan which brought us to this place of a lower stock market.  We lost a couple thousand dollars in the market ourselves because the pension plans of companies are based on playing the stock market just like everyone else.  We are not the only one of course.  

Today, I had this dream which I think says it all.

2-20-01 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house, but it wasn't old fashioned like it was when I grew up.

I was working on a computer in the diningroom area, looking for a modified gecko.  hmmm.  

I went out into the back yard where the water was so high, there was a long pile of stones about 3 feet high, where the sidewalk was supposed to be . There were deep pools of water on both sides of the stone walkway where I could see fish swimming. There were small fish near the surface, but I could see what looked like a salmon way down deep.

My children and their friends were playing out on the walkway and some were swimming in the water. j

I then saw a big black bear ambling along the walkway back by the garage. I started hollering at the kids to get into the house without telling them there was a bear.  They started towards the house but not as fast as they would have had they been scared. So, I had to holler, "Get in the house!" and wave them on quite a few times.  

Finally, they all got into the house. My mother was the last one inside, and still nobody closed the doors.  

By then, I could see and hear the neighbors across the alley screaming, "Bear! Bear!" and they were all panicked about getting into their own house.

Everyone was safe at my house, and I went from door to door in my house, shutting them. It was quite difficult like their was heavy air pressure behind the doors.

I went inside and hollered at my Mother about her being the last one to get into the house, and she started hollering at me for hollering at her.  At no time did anyone see the bear so they still weren't aware it was there.

3-10-01 - This one says even more about the economy:

3-13-01 -  Yesterday the stock market lost over 400 points. I wasn't thinking about that at bedtime, but had this dream anyway.

DREAM - I was with one of my sons, walking through the woods.  We saw 'bear' spoor on the ground in a trail. We knew that to follow bear spoor, one would sooner or later come upon a bear ... and sure enough, the bear spoor got closer and closer together and larger and larger and soon the bear spoor actually was shaped like a large bear ... one bear after another ... all the way to the house we were going to live in.

Inside the house, was a large refrigerated room, with a large glass door edged in chrome.  This refrigerated room was to keep the bodies of the dead bears in, and if we ever got any live ones we didn't kill, we were supposed to call the zoo and they would come and get them.

I heard a noise and sensed something at the door on the patio. I went to look out the door which was a large patio door, and sure enough, there was a large bear, standing on his hind feet, waving his front paws in the air.  It was pretty scary.

and this one:

3-15-01 - DREAM - I was sitting in a room. A man came in and said something about the stock market. I didn't understand the words/terms he used, but he said that it was 29 to 9 or 9 to 1.

2-2-89 - DREAM - I was given piano music to practice the scales. My husband got mad at me because I usurped the piano and kept practicing. His sister came in with patterns for baby clothes ... 5 boys and 1 dollie. I practiced the music which came with those too. He walked into the other room, angry. I followed him to give him a kiss, but he said not to bother him when he was talking. I left and was shown huge earth movers that were being sold. I was told that even as high priced as these were now, money was being budgeted now for their replacement - 2022.

I realized that by the year 2022, all of our money would go to the government and the government would be supplying all our needs.

I then followed my husband outside where he prepared to park the car for the night. He backed over the dog, "Coco" which never flinched or moved. He put the car in the garage and I closed the door on the bus we had.