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1-10-02 - VISION - I was laying bed with my eyes closed. I could see a man standing in front of me with a large board covered with a white sheet. The man resembled the actor James Garner. He said, "This is going to seem real misleading."  Then he pulled back the sheet. He said sharply, "OK - KILL 10 MILLION PEOPLE!"

This vision has been bothering me since I had it.  I thought perhaps Garner was an anti-abortion  activist but I didn't find that in my research.

I started to find connections between Garner, who was a Korean War Veteran, and a series of events  that is coming out in the years 2002 and 2003:


Commemorating the Korean War

Story by Heike Hasenauer

GAYDEN Thompson, deputy under secretary of the Army for international affairs, and others, addressed embassy officials and representatives from veterans groups across the country who came together recently at Fort Belvoir, Va., to discuss plans for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Korean War.

The events, scheduled to take place throughout the United States, the Republic of Korea and the Pacific from 2000 to 2003, are intended "to honor and thank all those who served in that war," Thompson told the group of about 50 representatives from the United States, Belgium, France, Denmark, Turkey, Canada, Australia and Korea.

"It's our intent to make every level of communities aware of what those who served there did," Thompson said. "If we no longer hear the phrase 'The Forgotten War,' we'll have accomplished something."

Committee members intend to contact major-league baseball promoters, chief executive officers of computer and automobile manufacturers, and Hollywood agents to request their support in publicizing the war commemoration. Corporations could do so at minimal cost, said Marine Lt. Col. Ward Scott, director of corporate outreach, by adopting a simple logo such as "Proud sponsor of the 50th anniversary of the Korean War commemoration."

"We're going to Hollywood and asking network officials to ask their stars to publicize the Korean War," added Army COL Charles Borchini, chief of commemorations for the Department of Defense 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee in Arlington, Va.

In February producers of the Grand Ole Opry, in Nashville, Tenn., showed interest in incorporating veterans in their June 24 telecast, Scott said.

Congress authorized the Army $7 million over the commemoration period for events, education and public-information activities.

The committee has already published posters, fact sheets, pamphlets, brochures and book markers for use by schools. And they've developed commemorative coins, lapel pins, flags and public-service announcements, among them one with actor James Garner, who's a Korean War veteran, said Borchini.

The committee's website,, provides information about the war and commemorative events and has links to related sites.

More than 35 events are being planned by the committee, in cooperation with U.S. Forces, Korea, the United Nations Command, Korea, and others. "Events will be held in communities across America, where our veterans live," Borchini said.

The committee has produced and mailed applications that allow organizations of all types to become commemorative communities. As such, they receive products to distribute at their own planned events to help them thank and honor Korean War veterans.

By March some 900 communities across America and several in Europe had signed up, said the committee's LTC Roger King. Some 20,000 applications had been mailed out.

Planned Events

THE May 25 National Memorial Day Concert on the Mall in Washington, D.C., will be dedicated to the country's Korean War veterans, with an estimated 50,000 people expected to attend. The event will be aired nationally on PBS.

On June 25 joint U.S. and Korean events will commemorate the start of the war. Ceremonies will be held in Seoul, South Korea's capital. In the United States, it's expected that President Bill Clinton or Vice President Al Gore will officiate at a morning wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery, Va.

That ceremony will be followed at 4 p.m. by the official opening ceremony at the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Celebrities expected to attend include Connie Stevens, who's being asked to sing music of the era -- her first USO tour took her to Korea at age 15 -- and Korean War veteran Sen. John Glenn. Some 7,000 Korean War veterans and family members are expected to attend.

"Spirit of America," the patriotic program presented by soldiers from the 3rd U.S. Infantry (The Old Guard), The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, the U.S. Army Drill Team and others, will perform from June 14 through 18 at MCI Center in Washington, D.C. The 8 p.m. show on June 16 will be dedicated to Korean War veterans and supporters.

"Twilight Tattoo" will honor Korean War veterans on July 26 at the White House ellipse at 7 p.m.

The Nation's Day Parade on Nov. 11 in New York City, will be dedicated to Korean War veterans. Veterans groups and individuals are invited to march.

TO learn more about events being planned in the United States and Korea, check out the official 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee website at

For ROK government events planned in Korea, access the National Committee of the Korean War 50th Anniversary under the Ministry of National Defense at

Korea and the United States plan to commemorate the major events of the war, including the arrival of Task Force Smith; the defense and breakout of the Pusan perimeter and the Inchon landing; and the Chosin Reservoir and the Hungnam Evacuation, among others.


James Garner


"Slick" -- as a teen
6' 3"
Mini biography

The son of an Oklahoma carpet layer, Garner dropped out of high school at 16 to join the merchant marine. He worked in a variety of jobs and received the purple heart when he was wounded during the Korean War.

He had his first chance to act when a friend got him a non speaking role in the Broadway stage play "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial (1954)". Part of his work was to read lines to the lead actors and he began to learn the craft of acting. This play lead to small Television roles, Television commercials and a contact with Warner Brothers. Garner would find that Director David Butler would see something in him and give him all the attention that he needed when he appeared in Girl He Left Behind, The (1956). 

After co-starring in a handful of films during 1956-57, Warner Brothers gave Garner a co-starring role in the Television series "Maverick" (1957). Originally cast as an alternating series between Bart Maverick (Jack Kelly (I)) and Brett Maverick (Garner), the show quickly turned into the Brett Maverick Show. As Maverick, Garner was cool, good-natured, likeable and always ready to use his wits to get him in or out of trouble.

Highly successful, Garner would continue in the Western into 1960 when he left the series in a dispute over money. Laid back, humorous and handsome, Garner moved in films as a Star. In the early 60's, his persona transferred over to films which were mostly the same type of character he had played on "Maverick". His successful films included Thrill of It All, The (1963), Move Over, Darling (1963), Great Escape, The (1963) and Americanization of Emily, The (1964). 

After that, his career wandered and when he appeared in the automobile racing movie Grand Prix (1966), he got the bug to race professionally. Soon, this ambition turned to supporting a racing team, not unlike what Paul Newman would do in later years. 

It would take a few years, but Garner would finally find success with his role in a Western comedy Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969). He would try to repeat his success with the film Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971), but that film was not as funny. 

After 11 years, Garner would return to Television in a role not unlike his role in Support Your Local Sheriff! (1969). The show was the Television Series "Nichols" (1971) and he would play the Sheriff who would try to solve all problems with his wits and without gun play. After all, it was the 1900's. When the show was cancelled, Garner took the news by having Nichols shot dead, never to return in a sequel. 

In 1974, Garner became the classic Television private eye in "Rockford Files, The" (1974). This would be his second major Television hit with Noah Beery Jr. and Stuart Margolin. Rockford would be hired by people who lied, cheated and were usually unable to pay for his services. He would be the king of creating business cards spawning a computer program which did the same thing. In 1977, he would win an Emmy for Best Actor in his portrayal of Rockford. But injuries and the realization that "creative bookkeeping" would not give him any of the profits soon soured him and the show ended in 1980. In the 80's, Garner appeared in few movies, but the ones that he did appear in were darker than the likeable Garner of old. His films included Tank (1984), 0087340 and Murphy's Romance (1985). For the latter, he would be nominated for both the Academy Award and a Golden Globe. 

Returning to the Western mode, he co-starred with the young Bruce Willis in Sunset (1988), a mythical story of Wyatt Earp, Tom Mix and 20's Hollywood. In the 90's, Garner would gain great reviews for his role in the Television movie about corporate greed Barbarians at the Gate (1993) (TV). After that, he would appear in the Hollywood remake of his old Television series Maverick (1994), where he would play pa to Mel Gibson. Most of his appearances after that would be in numerous Television movies based upon "Rockford Files, The" (1974).

'Lois Clarke' (1956 - ?); two daughters

(2000) Had both knees replaced

(1988) Had quintuple bypass surgery

Part Cherokee Indian.


More Americans lost their lives in the Civil War than in any other American wars. The Civil War claimed the lives of 2 percent of the nation's population. Almost twice as many died from disease and other causes as died in battle.

Unlike other wars, all the casualties of the Civil War were Americans. Of total Union forces, more than 40 percent were casualties and nearly 23 percent died. About 33 percent of the Confederate forces were casualties, and almost 24 percent died.


Year of War


           Americans Dead


American Revolution



War of 1812



Mexican War



Civil War



Spanish American War



World War I



World War II



Korean Conflict



Vietnam Conflict



Gulf War



Deaths of Union Forces by State

Casualty List of ALL U.S. Wars


12-9-97 - DREAM - I was in a large post office. I went up to the window to buy stamps and could not get service because some children were taking up time asking about how to get a patent on something.

It was 5 p.m. and time to close. A whole bunch of people lined up at the window next to me to buy stamps, but it was 5 p.m. and closing time, so when the children left the window, they just turned off the lights behind the window and left us standing there.

I turned to walk away and saw that all the female clerks were dressed in pale baby green dresses, and the male clerks wore clothing with pale baby green ties and head bands. The carpeting was also that color.

When the clerks left the back office, they left the door open and the lights on. (This was not behind the window, but in a separate room) I walked into this room. There were many desks there and the telephone started to ring on one of the desks I was near. The telephone turned into a mini-television set and I stood there and watched the screen.

The first picture told about a war starting in the Middle East.

The second picture told that the war that started in the Middle East would escalate into WWIII.

The third picture told that we need to know the price of corn in Ohio in June of 1998. (That told me that prices will rise because of flood or drought and we'd better buy corn ahead of time so we don't get caught in the food crunch next June).

I also thought that other food will probably be affected because the U.S. has sold off all the stockpiled food to Russia and other countries and recent reports are that 1997 corn stocks were piled on the ground and are in danger of rotting this winter.

10-2-99 - DREAM - I was headed to a place where I used to live in the country and get some furniture I had left behind. I got to the house and it was boarded up. I knew the furniture was still in there but there was no way to get to it. My husband had stopped off at the barn. I saw the cops go in there and arrest him. Other people came out of the barn then. I was expecting them to be arrested too but the cops didn't seem to be interested in them. These people seemed peasant-like.

At first I was worried they might attack me because it was obvious I wasn't like them. But when they stopped to eat, they didn't use utensils, but used their bare hands. I was just like them, because I had to eat with just my hands too.

I needed to go home but was going to stop at the corner drug store on 17th and Center before I went there.

I parked the car and then noticed there was a big meeting going on down the street. I walked in and saw that here were men, all dressed in blue suits. I didn't belong here either and besides that I wasn't wearing any clothes below my butt. Where my shirt ended, that was it, so I couldn't bend over.

I was about ready to go home and fund that by walking around in her, I had made myself a sand pit and I was trapped in it. It felt so good under my feet that I hated to leave it. But I climbed over the wall I had created and went over to the food table. I was going to take some stuff home because there was so much here. I also noticed that huge packages were being sent to people from here. They were almost as big as pillows.

I also saw that I had left two umbrellas here, a clear one and a dark blue one. I saw at least nine with my name on them and one with the name 'Schroeder."  I had to get home before the mail got there.

I went over to the long trestle type food table and picked up a package of frozen carrots and a package of frozen green beans. There were in industrial type sized packages so when I stacked them up in my arms, I could barely tuck them under my chin and they were frozen, so they were really cold.

A guy from C.D. showed up ... (Norbie) and told me he would carry half the load. I was grateful and thanked him.

I was about to leave and had my two umbrellas and the carrots and some mail and I spotted a potted lily I anted.

But to pick up the lily I dropped the carrots. It was at that point Norbie came back and asked me if I was still coming with him carrying half the load, I was able to pick up the lily and carry that too. It seemed that the carrots had thawed and were growing now too.  I picked them up too.

The meeting of world leaders broke up and I spotted someone I knew on sight. (I can't remember now who it was) He recognized me and we both said, "Oh! I didn't know you were here."

I walked out the front door where the bus stop was. There were so many people standing here waiting for the bus, I couldn't walk on the sidewalk. The people stretched half way up the block so to get back to my car, I had to walk in the street.

So I headed up the street. It was narrow with building walls right up to the sidewalk. A huge tank came down the street. I was able to squeeze in along the people on the sidewalk and it went by. Then another army type vehicle came along and I had to squeeze myself into about 6" while it went by.

Then a huge red tank with a big cannon on it came along. This one was bigger than all the rest and I couldn't see any way to get past this one. The cannon came around and almost hit me in the head just as I woke up. (This last one was made out of wood.) ( WWI, WWII, and WWIII, the red being Russian. )


11-23-99 - DREAM - I went to visit my sons Ken and Tom who were college age, somewhere between 19 and 21. (In real life they are 40 and 41 years old) The house was perfectly clean when I got there and they were in their room studying. I could only see their right arms as they sat at their desk. They both wore red and black plaid flannel long sleeved shirts. I was amazed how clean the house was, the livingroom floor was grass green shag rug. Their father's new girlfriend, who was tall and thin with black hair was there visiting also. I got upset that she knew more about what they were doing than I did. I found out that my son Ken had bought tickets for him and his wife Debe to fly to Pakistan as part of a fact finding group at 6 p.m. the same day. (The visit was taking place about 8 a.m.) He was going as part of a war prevention group. Ken came and stood in front of me as he told me that he had bought the tickets. I never saw his face... only the red and black paid shirt and blue jeans.  He said he had gotten a ticket with a coupon for Debe because it wasn't known yet if wives could go along.

I was very upset that this was happening and the black haired woman said, "We've known this was going to happen for a whole year already."

I then saw a newspaper article in the newspaper. It was on page 2 near the center fold in a long narrow column. The headline said, "A FACT FINDING GROUP HEADING TO PAKISTAN."  The article was about the group going to study the situation and try to prevent a war.

I was so upset by this news I woke up with a horrible headache in the back of my head. Strange thing... it only lasted 10 minutes.  The name Kenneth means "Royal Obligation" and the name Deborah means "bee".  (Bees sting) (Thomas...who wasn't going along means 'twin'. (Recall "doubting Thomas" from the Bible".)

DREAM - 8-18-2001 - I was sitting in a small office, observing a man in his 30's teach a young 10 year old boy how to do simple bookkeeping.

Everything that was purchased had a receipt and the amount was written in a ledger book.  Then the boss would come over and initial both the receipt and the line in the book to show that he had seen both of them.

A reference was made as to how old 58 years old seems to an 18 year old girl and how long it takes to get to that age. Then when the 58 years old person looks back at when they were 18, it seems like only yesterday.

A woman came in with a  load of groceries she had just purchased.  (On television, she plays the part of the Palace innkeeper on One Life to Live)  She said, "I just paid $1,000 for food that is going to cost $4780 later. (That's an increase  of 478%)

I marveled that she could know the price would increase that much in the future.

Back at the workbench where the man was sitting on a high stool, he said to us, "The parts are starting to come in now for the machine I will build."

I was then shown a machine that traced lines on a long strip of paper that showed 'future' sound.  Again, I marveled at the possibility of a machine that could sense ' future ' sound.  I looked at the strip of paper and the huge dark bulge in the noise level the machine was measuring in the future.

As I woke up, a male voice said, "Pakistan is preparing now for a future war. It would behoove others to prepare as well."




WWI 40 million - WWII 88 million - Rev 9:16 - WWIII - 200 million 


HEZBOLLAH - An Experience - What's really going on?




Transcript of Osama bin Laden videotape