After a visit to the Mayan ruins at Chichén Itzá, our guide announced that we were going to lunch at a nearby café. It was 6:05 p.m.when our two vehicles pulled out of the parking lot. In Mexico, everything’s relaxed, so meals are held . . . well, whenever it works out.


We drove to a quaint roadside café. This is definitely no tourist trap restaurant, I thought, looking at the authentic details mimicked by chain Mexican restaurants. Usually I could find vegetarian and vegan food choices anywhere, but this place was challenging. We were eating at an outside buffet, and the browned and shriveled fruits and vegetables looked like they’d soaked up a little too much heat during the day. When I asked the owner for papaya, I was handed a whole fruit, a knife, and a plate.


Other people eating at the café sat next to us on the long benches in the adjacent courtyard. A small boy sat across from me, staring at me intently with long-lashed eyes. His steady, loving gaze signaled that he was one of the new children. Yet this boy was different from the Crystal Children I’d met on my journeys. His energy seemed significantly higher. “He’s a Rainbow Child,” I heard whispered in my right ear, and my body broke out in goose bumps.


His mother explained that little Jose Luis was two years old and would turn three on March 3, which she quickly pointed out was the date of 3/3.

Jose continued to stare at me, and finally he pointed to himself and said in Spanish, “I am a Boy Wizard.”


My mouth must have dropped open, because his mother explained that Jose was quite psychic. “Jose told his older sister that she was once a ballerina, although she’d never spoken of the ballet she’d done before he was born.”


Unlike a Crystal Child, Jose seemed more comfortable with strangers and more apt to talk. I thought of the Crystal and Indigo Children I’d met during my travels and some of their distinguishing characteristics.


For example, Indigo Children have a very masculine energy, with warrior traits of willfulness and natural leadership skills. Indigos are sensitive to chemicals, including their own body chemistry. They can also detect dishonesty instantly, and they trust their gut feelings when sizing up someone’s character and integrity. You can’t lie to an Indigo, that’s for sure. In fact, their groups’ soul purpose is to rid the planet of corruption and greed, and usher in cooperation and integrity.


This lofty mission is fueled by the Indigos’ anger and angst. It’s important not to squelch the Indigos’ anger, but to teach them how to manage it constructively. Indigos also need outlets for their great energy, such as cardiovascular exercise and artistic projects. Without such outlets, Indigos have difficulties that often result in a mislabeled ADHD diagnosis.


The next generation of highly sensitive youths are called Crystal Children. Unlike the Indigos, Crystals are calm, sweet, and quiet; and their energy is very feminine. In fact, they’re so quiet that they’re often misdiagnosed as having autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. Crystal Children prefer to communicate telepathically or through music, which are better ways for them to convey deep and complex feelings than talking.


Crystal Children have strong connections to nature, and they need to be outdoors regularly. They also develop close bonds with domestic and wild animals. They’re even more sensitive to chemicals than Indigos, so Crystal Children usually require organic diets, and special laundry soap and fabrics to avoid allergic reactions.


Rainbow Children are the next vibrational level following the generation of Crystal Children. Rainbows have perfectly balanced male and female energy. Rainbows are like “little Buddhas,” both wise and serene. They’re more interested in giving than receiving.


Because Rainbow Children have never before incarnated, they don’t have earthly karma to work out. Therefore, they only select harmonious, functional families in which to be born.


Rainbows are just now beginning to populate the planet. The largest influx of Indigos was born between 1975 and 1995 (although some were born before and after those years). The Crystal generation now has its foothold, and new Crystals will continue to be born through 2015. Interestingly, as the Mayan calendar flips to its end, the Rainbow Children will begin their reign upon the planet.

Doreen Virtue is a spiritual doctor of psychology and a fourth-generation metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended-master realms in her writings and workshops.