compiled by Dee Finney


Alien abduction-type labels are from:

[ AE-1 ] Lucid Dream

This is a lucid dream experience generated internally by the subject's subconscious. There is no Human/ET interaction at any level. They are usually grandiose in nature and lack a logical progression.

DREAMS: I have had numerous 'dreams' which have aliens and reptilians and other types of creatures that look alien. Who is to say these are not real experiences - astral visits?


[ AE-2 ] Techno / Telepathic Lucid Dream

This is a lucid dream experience, internally generated by external forces. It is ET in origin and accomplished by technologically enhanced psychic intrusion of the subject's subconscious. The subject reports the disassociation ,or collapse of, a normal dream and the insertion of a scenario or message which enhances certain ideals or beliefs. If the subject awakens immediately after, they report a circle of glowing whitish colored energy on the ceiling, approximately 2 to 3 feet in diameter, with a shaft of the same energy slowly retracting back into the circle. This shaft is approximately 3 to 6 inches in diameter and 2.5 to 4 feet long.

There are also insertions of visitations of ETs who speak to the individual who is conscious and awake.  Below is an example of that type:

... spent several hours talking about the Stewart Swerdlow book, and the alien connection ... I
just remembered my dream about Stewart Swerdlow with no background on it ...


[ AE- 3] Psy / Bio Energy Field Extraction

This experience involves the extraction of a conscious energy field from the subject's body. It should not be confused with naturally occurring OOBE phenomena, as separation is externally induced. The technology employs the use of a white or bluish-white colored extraction beam. Subjects describe a feeling of deep penetration of this beam throughout their body, followed by the sensation of an irresistible or attractive force. The extracted field maintains cohesion, and is capable of perceiving stimuli at a greatly enhanced level. Perceptions include 360 degree sight and sensory feedback at the molecular, and even atomic level. Experiences seem to focus around communications and reinsertion of the bio-field into a humanoid body other than the original. It is this type of abduction that accounts for the severe missing time memory failure in some cases.

          Since the subject's brain is not physically present, the memories are not hard-written. There does appear to be a shadow memory effect that can retain the memories of the events in some type of energy memory matrix, within the subjects bio-field. Full understanding of this process could lead to breakthroughs in education and learning technologies.

I've had two different experiences with different beings of this type which I remember vividly.  

Here is the first one: 

12-2-97 - NOTE- I woke up at 11:30 p.m. I wasn't tired so got up to work on the computer for an hour.  I then went back to bed and lay behind Joe with my arm over him. I began to see a light at the top of my head in the brain, and could see some kind of ETs in what looked like a room inside my head. The ETs were wearing skin tight black space suits with black caps like a woman's swim cap. I received a telepathic message to let go of Joe and roll over the other way. I refused because I wanted to control my own will. I got the same message 5 times, each one stronger. I forced myself to hang onto Joe even tighter and not roll over. I then felt as though my astral body was pulled up through the top of my head, feeling like a Ragged Ann doll hanging over a child's arm. The next thing I knew I was wide awake and in the same position. I asked Joe what time it was. It was 3 a.m. So was gone at least 2 hours. I had no dreams and no memory of what happened during those two hours. I have to say though, I felt like I had taken a 'happy' pill during that time. I felt wonderful.

The next incident occurred after we moved to a different house about 5 miles away.  This ET was a tall grey wearing a cowboy outfit. A strange dream goes with it, like I was observing I wasn't supposed to see: 

2-11-98 - DREAM - This dream was like a dream, yet not because before I feel asleep I was seeing light inside my head like when I was abducted last, but more so, and I saw a tall grey wearing a red, white, and black cowboy type shirt with blue jeans. He towered over my head like he was 7or 8 feet tall. I didn't see his face.

I was having trouble falling asleep because Joe's son T.J. had come over in the dark and knocked on the window and my heart was pounding hard because I was stressed out at the interruption just as I was falling asleep. So, I was praying like I do when I start meditating because it relaxes me real fast.

My heartbeat slowed down dramatically and suddenly I found myself outside in the dark, wearing my white granny nightgown and barefoot just like I was dressed in bed. In this whole dream, it was dark outside and I was dressed in my nightgown and barefoot and I walked from place to place.

It seems to me I was there as an unwilling witness to events that really happened.

When the dream started, I was outside in the dark and was feeling hungry, so I walked to this store-like place that had the lights on and went inside. I didn't have any money so I wouldn't have been able to buy anything, but I walked in and didn't see anyone. I walked up and down a couple aisles looking for something I could eat and not pay for. Suddenly the lights went out and it was really dark. I rather panicked and headed for the door at the end of the aisle. I knocked over a bag of potatoes that was on the floor leading against the counter. The bag must have been open because potatoes went rolling across the floor ahead of me towards the door. The door was wide open and there were still no people around. I kind of senses there were probably hidden cameras around and  I didn't want to get arrested, so I started hollering, "Store Manager, Store Manager" as I went out the door. I saw a couple men in dark suits coming my direction and I was thinking, "Oh! Oh! They're going to arrest me for stealing something, so I continued to holler, "Store Manager, Store Manager". One of the guys got to me first, and he said, "What's going on?" I said, "I knocked over some potatoes in the store and the manager isn't there, so again I hollered, "Store Manager, Store Manager," and the guy just walked away. So, deciding I wasn't going to get arrested after all, I shut up and walked around the building to my right.

I really got a shock, because I saw this big white jet airplane coming my direction, it's wings were folded up and it was taxiing slowly inbetween some large warehouses or hangars. I could see what looked like a cork in each of it's front air intakes, and I was thinking, "Those are silencers, otherwise the plane would be making a loud whining sound. "

The plane came to a stop and a door folded up at the back and a ramp came down. Suddenly a white car came rolling out of the plane and drove quickly across the tarmac to what looked like a warehouse or hangar in the distance.

This whole thing seemed rather ominous so I turned and went back the other way around the store and suddenly a young woman came running around the building from the other warehouse area, carrying a small blonde child in her arms.

I really felt nervous at this point because I knew I was seeing something that was supposed to be a secret.

Just as she passed, and went between two buildings, I again saw a dark suited man standing by the corner of a building.  Again I feared arrest, so decided I'd pretend I was sneaking out in the dark to see my lover and hiked up my nightgown up to my knees and tiptoed quickly past the guy and went into the first open doorway I came to. I must have looked convincing because he didn't try to stop me.

I now found myself in a rather small room and there was a mattress on the floor along the wall. There was a young man standing on top of the mattress on a flat board the width of a bed slat. He looked familiar enough but I don't know for sure who he was.  That was rather strange as there were other boards across the mattress but not evenly spaced.

He warned me, "Don't trip and fall", and helped me walk across the boards and then we went outside through another door into what looked like a backyard of a house.

In fact, it looked like the area where 4 yards would come together with a fence along each lot line like a +  . The strange thing was that there were smashed hollow pumpkins strewn all along the fence like there had been a pumpkin war. Some of the pumpkins were green and some were orange and they weren't all the same size.

I knew I shouldn't be here either and I turned to go back inside the building and saw a young man by the doorway and guy upstairs. The guy upstairs dropped a barrel of water down on the other guy's head. I thought for sure he would be dead and I ran over there and felt that the water was warm and he seemed to be okay. The guy upstairs on the balcony said something to the guy below but I didn't catch what it was.

I again saw some guys in dark suits heading my way. I thought I was in trouble so I ducked down behind the slatted fence and hurried along towards a gate I saw. I could see too, along this area, there was a high cyclone fence right up against the wooden slatted fence, but I couldn't immediately determine if I was inside the fence looking out or outside the fence looking in.

I got to the gate just as the man in the dark suit got there and there was another man behind him. This gate was arched, all wire fencing like the cyclone fence.

I again feared arrest, but the front man in the blue suit was carrying two young girl children about ages three and five or four and six. I then saw the same blonde woman from before right behind him.

As we met at the gate, we had to pass each other closely and I tried to be really friendly and praised the little girl's beauty and said to the woman, "Little children are so precious". She beamed a smile back and agreed with me.

She nodded to some people I hadn't seen behind me, sitting on a bench. It looked like two women. They were bent over crying. The blonde woman said, "They just found out that they are losing their jobs. When we take over, they won't be managing this place anymore, we're going to be managing it from the city."

I didn't know where I was but since I had 11 years of management experience, I thought to myself, "Gee! I could have applied for the job if I'd known it was gong to be open."

I passed through the gate then and suddenly found myself laying in bed under the covers, still dressed the same.  

NOTE:  I didn't think to check to see whether my feet were dirty.  


Mind Control

This will include mind control used in MILAB (Military) abductions. MILABS is a term used to describe abductions by human military personnel, reported by persons who also had the classic "alien abductions". Very often the MILAB abductees report humans and aliens working in tandem in the abduction scenario. Some MILABS only report humans or apparent military personnel involved in abductions. This is not an either/or situation, because an abductee may report in one incident, strictly humans in one abduction, and then aliens in another, and then aliens and humans in another experience. 

There are MILAB abductees who do not experience the alien element, but claim to be under mind control conducted by secret human agencies such as the CIA, NSA and Illuminati. Some secret projects have been identified as those of the149 sub-projects under MK-Ultra. Then there are mind control "survivors" who have been grafted into some of these secret projects (i.e., Monarch, Phoenix Project) because of a high psychic ability, family history of occult involvement such as advanced level witchcraft, Satanism, or are of an "Illuminati bloodline".

There are some cautions in this category - some important questions to ask. In my opinion, a psychologist skilled in extraterrestrial abductions should always be consulted when strange occurrences happen and need to be analyzed:  For example: Has the person experienced several UFO sightings in their life, missing time episodes, unexplained body marks, implants or abduction related health issues? Is the person involved in channeling, witchcraft, or have a family history of ritual abuse, or Illuminati connections? Is he/she dissociative with indications of MPD/DID

(Multiple personality disorder), bi-polar illness, major depression or schizophrenia? Is the person employed by any intelligence agencies or an operative of disinformation? Does he/she experience a lot of paranormal or poltergeistic activity? What is the spiritual orientation and emotional state of the individual? Are they bent on a mission to disseminate the classic "Hive" alien propaganda?

One such resource is the large volume series authored by Wheeler and Springmeyer entitled, "The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave." This series is a fundamental basic in describing the methods of choosing, traumatizing, dissociating, structuring and complete mind control programming of its victims. This method involves a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual component. One needs to remember that there are truly evil people in this world who will use alien abductions as a cover for their evil ends.


[ AE-4 ] Physical Abduction

This is the physical removal of a subject from their environment to an ET environment. The subject is first tranquilized to reduce possible injury to either side. These abductions follow a very strict military-like protocol. Subjects are transported via a small shuttle, lifting beam or direct transfer. Direct transfer utilizes a hyper-dimensional tunnel. It will appear as a large brilliant white energy gate. The subject steps through the gate and is instantly aboard the craft. Also reported is the nullification of the nuclear repulsive forces in solid objects. This allows the subject to physically pass through solid objects. Once onboard, the person is subjected to various physical tests and procedures. The main thrust is in the genetic experimentation area. Reports of sperm and ovum extraction are quite common. After these procedures are performed, the subject is returned unharmed, to their original location. A screen memory is then inserted into the subject's subconscious. This slightly shifts the reality recalled by the abductee but never erases the event entirely. This distinguishes them from [AE-3].

The majority of abductions seem to take place at night when most are sleeping. First, many report a slight buzzing or a sensation that seems to signal the coming abduction. While others simply awaken to a paralized state in which the abductee is unable to move or speak. A bright light that seems to be coming from outside is often reported. Entities are then said to enter the room or just appear, sometimes relaying thoughts of comfort telepathically, such as "we mean you no harm", "this is necessary", and "it will be alright". Abductees then often report floating through solid matter like windows and doors, as they are taken to a ship or room that resembles a hospital or lab setting.

This area seems to pertain only to abduction experiencers or may be an indication of being abducted. Say you were driving along one night, on a road you were familiar with. Suddenly, a moment later, you realize that you are not on that same road and it is later then it should be. Or perhaps you arrive at a destination only to discover that you are an hour or two late with no memory of why this is. This type of occurrence could be classified as an episode of missing time. Some accounts even tell of people being unable to be found during such episodes, whereas friends and family members state that they looked everywhere and the person was not to be found.

Extraterrestrials have the technology to take people through walls and windows very easily. They are able to align the atoms' magnetics of one kind of matter and pull it through another kind of matter because there is so much space between atoms. This would be called transmogrification where they're able to put the atoms out of synch with the rest of our atoms, so they're able to pass through the rest of our atoms. Fowler calls it  Molecular Displacement. 


 "There are clear similarities with the manner in which UFOs seem to appear instantaneously and disappear in an identical manner to the way in which 'apports' appear in seance rooms.. It also shares the same attributes observed during alleged abduction scenarios when the abductor is able to enter rooms directly through the walls and the abductee is floated out through closed windows and walls into a waiting spacecraft. Once again, solid objects present no obvious barrier to either the abductors or their victims. In addition, this is of course an attribute associated with ghosts and apparitions.

A five-year- long series of experiments conducted by the Scole Group near Diss in Norfolk, England may help explain what is happening here. During this time, the group with the aid of their "spirit team" were able to conduct several controlled and witnessed exercises in creating pictures and text on Polaroid and conventional film. A series of interesting and intriguing videotapes were made, voice communication occurred and several apports were received. According to the records of the Scole Group, the "spirit team" consists of discarnate intelligences and scientists who have died in this reality and moved on to another energy state. The desire to continue in their chosen discipline does not necessarily vanish because the host body dies, therefore they were apparently able to assist in the design of a device allowing direct voice communication with them, this proved to be a species of crystal set. It should be stressed here that once consciousness is set free from the body it still possesses free will, and the spirit team assisting the Scole Group did so entirely by choice. Another rather more worrying point to emerge from the project was not only the realisation that we are surrounded by a series of additional dimensions, but that each contains entities, many of whom can move freely between them and some of them are openly hostile towards us. This discovery appears to corroborate a recent conclusion from quantum physics stating that in order for "string theory" to function, there has to be a series of 'other additional dimensions'. "

Taken from:


This Awareness indicates it creates a field around the entity which makes the matter lose its density. It is as though matter is created by atoms in molecular structure, held together by a spatial force. If you were to look at matter with a high enough microscope you would see there is more space than substance, yet there is a force surrounding these particles that tends to bind them together, holding them in place so that even though they are scattered apart with great space between them, this would be equivalent, for example, to a small ball on a football field, the substance of equating to the space, and the actual substance of the atom being the size of a football; that is the way atoms would appear if viewed with a
powerful enough microscope, and the question may be: `How can these things be held together?'

It is that force that resides in the space and not the matter that holds things together, and the aliens' pack is able to overcome that force, is able to defuse that force, so that the atoms of the body and the atoms of the wall actually pass through each other, just as if there were no force between the spaces. It is likened unto sand going through a screen. If the sand is small enough and the screen's holes are large enough, the sand can pass through, but if that sand is made into a ball held together by glue, and it is placed on a screen, it can't pass through, especially if the glue has
been spread on the screen. The glue is the force that resides between the particles that make up the atom.

This Awareness indicates the aliens have the technology to leave the particles intact, but to diminish the glue that holds the objects as solid, and this is done through the use of vibration, the raising of certain vibrations just high enough to overcome that frequency of the force, the glue force.


In addition to the obvious effects of being abducted by aliens, there are several areas that are coming under new research. That is the fact that abductees often experience other Paranormal fallout (such as Poltergeist activity; that they or those near them have unusual healings; and that the abductees possess knowledge of alien technologies which is a of great interest to certain people. These things make the abductee a prime target for the military. Melinda has information that seems to point to the top government key men who are designing the top technologies, all started in PSI Research (remote viewing, etc.). There seems to be a strong component in dealing with the aliens on this direct mental level. Therefore, in order to better deal with the aliens or understand their technology; they must learn how the abductees communicate with the aliens and with their technology. It is said, that these key men are the current incarnation of MJ-12, and are known as The Advanced Theoretical Physics Working Group.

If one is an abductee, there are certain signs that you are a target of the military. There is harassment by men in suits having direct contact with the abductee, and who know amazing details of their experiences; ultra low overflights of black helicopters over abductees homes, or wherever they may be that have frequently been witnessed by others and photographed or videotaped; phone taps, interruptions, other voices on-line; being followed or under surveillance; mail tampering; and break-ins where only UFO related information is taken.


An example of an abduction experience:  1987

On July 2 1987 I received a call from a 36 year old woman from Toms River New Jersey who I shall call Gail. Gail was very troubled on the phone and insisted that she talk to me about a UFO related experience that she had. During the last part of June (1987) as she was lying down on her bed, she felt some what uneasy as if someone was watching her. The time was Ten PM. She then heard a voice say" We have come for you..You will not be hurt." She then realized that her entire body was paralyzed and that she could only move her eyes. Gail was lying on her back and noticed that three beings stood in the doorway to her bedroom. She was alone in the house at the time, but does live there with her seventeen year old daughter who was away visiting her father in Croton Falls N.Y. Gail is divorced.

Three beings were dressed in something that looked like tightly fitting jumpsuits and stood in a single row, one behind the other. The light in the hall was dim, and she could not see their features. She noticed they were about five feet tall with very long arms. The leader, according to Gail seemed to have a problem getting into the room. It was as if some type of invisible shield was blocking his way. He lifted up his hand and pressed them against the invisible shield.

The leader then took some type of rod out from a side pocket and turned the bottom of it. The rod then glowed with a green light and he passed it over the doorway area. They then walked into the room without any effort. As they entered the room still in a single file she noticed that they had large heads and eyes that looked like a cats which wrapped around their heads. She never heard them talk but heard all kinds on buzzing noises in her head when the leader communicated with the others.

Gail tried to scream but could not, she could only move her eyes. The leader placed himself on her right side and then one of them went to the foot of the bed and the other on the left side of the bed. The beings on each side of her then placed their hands under her head and raised it up. She then noticed that the one on her left took a tube of what like like a narrow roll of white cotton and started pushing it up her left nostril. At that moment she felt extreme pain in her head and then started to lose consciousness. She felt as if she was falling from a great height, then she does not remember anymore.

The next thing she recalls is waking up at 8am with a very bad headache. As she walked to the bathroom her nose (both nostrils started to bleed. She felt as if something was stuck up her nose, but nothing was there. She looked in the bathroom mirror and noticed her nose was swollen and puffy. She she noticed a rash on her neck, legs and slightly on her arms. She had hoped that the experience from that last night was a dream and tried to block it out of her head. When her daughter arrived home that night she told her about what happened. Gail told me that before she even finished with her story her daughter started shaking and then told her that on the same night, about the same time she and her father were followed by a UFO on route 116 near Croton Falls New York. She described to her mother a large dark craft triangular in shape that paced the car for five minutes above tree top level. 


Abduction paralysis can occur when the person is asleep or awake and is not always the initial event in an abduction experience. A person is often aware of the presence of aliens before the paralysis begins, especially when already awake. There is sometimes a sound with the onset of paralysis, like a series of beeps, or a buzzing sound. This is similar to a sleep paralysis event, but normally subsides in a very short time. Then sometimes the aliens might be observed, but from that point on nothing is remembered. The person will later awake as if from normal sleep. Ironically, except for the initial encounter, the abduction paralysis may be no more frightening than the other types. However, as time progresses, the abduction paralysis has a residual effect. The person will have nightmares which relate to the event and with recurrances of both the paralysis and the associated dreams, a person can become hopelessly terrorized.

To add more confusion, sometimes a person will not see the typical alien. He will instead see a cover image, such as a devil, or even a very non-threatening image. But there is still something odd in the ongoing process which clues the abductee that an abduction event is still occurring. Because of these variations, one might be inclined to consider it as hallucination, but it has been found that there is still a commonality that is simply being superficially dressed up.

There is yet further confusion that can be generated. The trauma of the abduction experience will, in some people trigger the other types of paralysis (or altered states of consciousness). Thus an abductee may have a trance paralysis which, because of its initiation in an actual abduction, then reminds him of a previous abduction, which then causes him to think that a new abduction is occurring when it actually is not occurring. It is then a false abduction experience. This can also happen for a sleep paralysis event.

Plus it can be even more complex. Sometimes, a person will simply have a dream about abduction that has virtually no basis in reality, or also have a _dream_ about a trance paralysis, which is not the real thing but simply a dream, but may seem like the real experience.

On the other hand dreams can often indicate that a real abduction has occurred, but to distinguish which details are actually related to a real abduction can be quite difficult.

With this, one can see the inherit complexity of the situation. however in the midst of these experiences, there is a core of commonly shared experiences which can only be attributed to some real external stimulus.

The program brought up the old excuse that this external stimulus was in the common media....and while that might work now, it cannot possibly explain the original observations.

The simple fact is, that the program's main theory of sleep paralysis cannot account for the abduction phenomenon. it only barely covers the paralysis itself... and as for the other observations, it completely fails.


Alien Abduction

An interview with John Carpenter: An authority on alien abductions

Clinical therapist discusses findings and experiences covering 12 years of research 3/28/2000

Written by Wiggz...also known as the AlienZoo prohibitor of dullness.

Among the foremost experts in alien abduction research is John Carpenter, a Springfield, Missouri-based social worker and clinical therapist. Over the last 12 years, Carpenter has worked with 140 abductees, to a large extent through his work with MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.

What's interesting about Carpenter is that he sees himself as a data collector . someone who doesn't pass judgment or edit his subject.s responses. .People call me an expert,. he said at his presentation at the International UFO Congress, held in Laughlin, Nevada, earlier this month. .I still feel like a student learning..

Carpenter has produced six videos, and is in the process of writing a very in-depth book that covers his years of research. He doesn.t want to leave anything out; to the contrary, he wants to drag, as he puts it, his readers through the experience of collecting and analyzing details regarding more than 80 cases, including the backgrounds of his subjects. A lot of charts and drawings will be involved. .I will not edit anything out,. he says. .Nobody else has done this.. He foresees publishing his book in a couple of years.

Carpenter has traveled throughout the world to gather information on alien contactees. In 1996, he produced a video titled Aliens Captured in Brazil?, regarding his research on the Varginha, Brazil case of 1996, in which two extraterrestrials were captured by the military. That same year, Carpenter released Encounters in Australia.

In his UFO Congress talk, Carpenter revealed an in-depth overview of what the 140 abduction cases he's seen hold in common. Remarkably, people who have never seen or read about a Gray before can describe in remarkable detail the one they encountered. In Missouri, Carpenter works with artist Susan Dusenberry, who draws what Carpenter's subjects cannot. The results are often the same: aliens with four fingers, almond-shaped eyes, and .coin-slot. mouths. What's more, a lightning flash, or serpent-like emblem is perceived as being affixed to aliens. uniforms. These aliens are sometimes seen carrying a wand.

Reports given by children are staggering

A key section of Carpenter's talk centered around accounts given by child contactees. Carpenter told the story of visiting a classroom of 30 3-year-olds, whom he asked to draw an image of an alien. Although too young to know about alien TV shows, the children drew fantastic, vividly imaginative renderings of ETs. Most important, none of the drawings matched. .I had 30 wonderful, creative little drawings, and not one of them was a Gray,. the therapist noted.

Carpenter contrasted these pictures with child experiencers, who can recall visits with Grays with remarkable detail.

There was 5-year-old Eric, who in 1989 drew .the leaders of the king of the mean ones,. who floated the boy through a wall. The beings were rendered as being hairless, and having large, black eyes and white faces.

An 8-year-old boy depicted his Gray abductors with black eyes and four fingers. When Carpenter showed the boy's drawing to an art therapist, she immediately saw telltale signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. The child drew himself with clenched fists, chattering teeth, and disturbed eyes.

A 3-year-old Australian girl revealed to Carpenter her story of being taken up in the sky by a hairless lady with large, black eyes, who spoke to the child with her mind. Further, a young woman showed Carpenter a doodle she drew at a very young age, some 20 years earlier. The image was that of a little, light being; she couldn't explain how the angelic creature could float into her room, so she drew the being as having wings.

Typical abduction scenarios

Carpenter points out that abductions take place in stages. In a home abduction, typically, a golf-ball-sized light is seen in a room. Next, a team of three Grays form a triangle around the abductee (so that two walk on the subjects' right, and one walks on the left), and float him or her through a wall or window (The window need not be open.).

If an abductee is taken outdoors, a bright flash may appear in the sky, and beam of light may lift the subject up. For this reason, some people may have a phobia of falling upward. Carpenter figures that the light ray can be a by-product of some anti-gravity pull.

If a ship is encountered in the woods, that craft may have the capability to appear and disappear, so that the witness may be able to see it only when standing within a 30-foot range.

Once on the craft, abductees may find themselves in a round, cornerless room, with a domed ceiling. A table or two may be present in the typically undecorated room. Aliens may stand over their subject, and stare deeply into his or her eyes. While this is traumatic for many, Carpenter thinks the stare plays a positive role. Aliens have strong hypnotic-telepathic powers; their stare represents an effort to calm their subjects. The stare might conceivably be used to help abductees imagine themselves encountering a white owl . an image that is much easier for our minds to accept.

In examinations, Carpenter says, it's not uncommon for subjects to see something like a small baby, or hybrid creature. The baby is presented to the subject, but the subject is at first disinterested in it. Soon, though, the subject will want to touch the infant. And, before long, the subject will not want to let go.

Carpenter told the story of a woman who had a baby implanted in her, but the aliens took it away. Around that time, she had dreams of white ants with black eyes congregating around a mushroom table. Although she loved children, she had a fear of becoming pregnant; it turns out that she was afraid of having a child taken from her.

Talking with Carpenter: Helping people find missing time

While at the IUFOC, Carpenter graciously spared a moment to talk with AlienZoo about his involvement with abduction research. A majority of our interview is printed here.

AlienZoo: John, how did you become involved with working as a hypnotherapist with alien abductees?

Carpenter: I had been in the field of psychiatry, as a social worker and clinical therapist for a number of years. Then I read that professionals were helping with hypnosis for people who had missing time experiences. I had followed UFOs ever since I was a little boy, so I was already very familiar with things in the field and was willing to help out. So I volunteered. I had no idea [laughs] that I'd be swamped with 140 cases . and all sorts of things that I could not expect. But I welcomed it, and was open to it, and learned a lot.

AlienZoo: Did your involvement with MUFON help expand your work?

Carpenter: That was one way. I had written to Budd Hopkins, and he sent me cases. And then the MUFON network signed me up right away. Now, I'm promoted to MUFON's board for abduction research. So, yes, that puts me in touch with a lot of people. I don't advertise . people find me or see me on TV. They see that I'm from Springfield, Missouri, so they look me up in the phone book, or mail me things, or call me.

AlienZoo: What were some of your most memorable cases out of the 140 you worked with?

Carpenter: Probably the 17 multiple-participant cases, which simply means that two or more people were taken at the same time. This creates an opportunity, where you can actually work independently with each person, and compare and contrast stories. This means that you can take things well beyond imagination or hoax, because they have no idea what questions you're going to ask, or what tricks you're going to pull.

What's interesting about these cases is that they see each other on board at different times, and they'll know what each person is doing. I.m just amazed . people may not know what happened for 20 years, and maybe a different hypnotist worked with them. And their stories will come out. They're not identical; you'll get a set of experiences here, and a set of experiences there. They'll overlap, and maybe one will have seen other things. The stories may not contradict; they're just a part of the experience. I'd compare it to sending 50 people to a movie theater, and as they come out asking them about what they saw. Some people will remember some parts, and some people will have been daydreaming at those points. Some people will be focusing on photography, while others will be focusing on acting or music. People will come out with a different set of memories about the same thing. Or they may have been in different rooms of the craft, and saw different things going on, but they may come back together at a certain moment.

In these cases, maybe one person was taken and one wasn't. Maybe both were taken. Maybe neither were taken. Whatever one says, the other can correlate it. It's almost unbelievable for me to say this, but matching has occurred in 100% of the 17 cases. In 100%, the general story of what happened was the same. To me, it's easier to match what they're recalling than to think of some wild psychological reason as to why that happened.

People don't know what to invent. I will suggest to them very logical answers: .Okay, so they're pulling on your arms while you're in bed, and they take you out of the room, down the stairs, and out of your house, right?. And they will respond, .No. It's like I'm in a blue light, and they float me through the wall into the night air.. Now, I know that's typical. They're going against my logic, in telling me this bizarre stuff. They've never heard any of this before. They don't know how it could make any sense. I might try to trick them, too, by asking what color hair they have. And they say there's no hair, and there's no ears, either. I try to trip them up in all sorts of ways. But their stories are very cohesive, and very consistent.

AlienZoo: What are some of the techniques you use to guide someone into a hypnotic state? Is deep breathing common?

Carpenter: Sure. There are a number of classic procedures. You want their breathing to be slow and deepen. You may want them to detach themselves from their present surroundings, and focus on a place that they enjoy being in, that's fun and easy to visualize. And then you start tuning in on their senses: sight, hearing, and smell . smelling the air, or bedsheets. Doing that helps put them in other places.

And when I try to get people to recall missing time, I'll try to move a little bit further into that period of amnesia by asking, .What did you hear next?. They'll say, .I heard a buzzing sound.. And I'll say, .With that buzzing sound, did you see anything?. And they'll tell me about a light in the window. And I'll ask, .Do you feel anything?. They'll respond, .My body is tingling..

Each time they get a new clue, it triggers more of the recollection. The best way to describe this is if you had a dream, and wake up and don't remember it, then walk down the street the next day and see something or somebody who is in the dream. Boom! You go, .I had a dream, and you were in it!. It all comes back.

AlienZoo: Some people feel like they have very positive experiences from an abduction. Others, though, who may be troubled by their experience, will come to you. Do you notice a difference in the way people approach their feelings, when they're positive rather than negative?

Carpenter: Oh, sure. It's like any experience in our lives. If it's positive, you probably want to share it with the people in your life. You're content and comfortable. But if it's not that way . if it's nightmarish or disturbing . you're going to want help, either to put it out of your mind, explain it, or put a logical answer to it. People come to me because they know something is not right. They want a logical answer for it. They want that missing time to be explained. They want to be sure that nothing happened. They don't wish for it or want it.

For some people, they just need to go through a process, where they can get over the fear and terror. Basically, these beings do not cause harm or deliberate discomfort. They're not mean. They're not trying to take over the planet. Even though abductions have a negative connotation, basically they're not bad experiences. They're perceived as bad. Actually, they're no different from what we do with our wildlife.

AlienZoo: But fears take over.

Carpenter: Oh, yes. When you don.t understand something, or don't have answers, you freak out. You fear the unknown. But when you have more information and experiences, you learn to be more comfortable with it. You may not like it, but you grow more comfortable with it.


[ AE-5 ] Past Life Recall

These experiences are the least reported and the most interesting, in terms of their implications. They appear to represent events in the experience of an ET life form. Subjects relate being in an underground military facility, sometimes on Mars, the Moon and even under the Earth's oceans.

Memories of being onboard a spacecraft and other ET environments are also recalled. What is so interesting is that the subject views this, not from an Earth human perspective, but from that of an ET. This suggests two very interesting possibilities.

  • During telepathic communication some memories are subconsciously transferred.
  • The subject is recalling actual past life memories of their own. This second possibility opens the door to much speculation. It suggests that part of the abduction phenomena may be a, massive and covert, reconnaissance operation. It may also explain why the Greys have said they have the right to do what they do. If abductees are souls that have been transferred from the ET environment to Earth, then technically they are not abducting human beings but volunteer ETs.

Starseeds are individuals who feel excitement and longing upon learning that they might have originated from another world. They experience the aloneness and separateness that is the human condition, but also have the sense of being foreigners on this planet. They find the behavior and motives of our society puzzling and illogical. Starseeds are often most reluctant to become involved in the institutions of society, e.g. political, economic, health care, etc. Even at an early age, they tend to discern the hidden agendas of such conventions with unusual clarity.

The term we use called 'Indigo children' claim past or future lives, even when they get older. In the past, children who have claimed past lives have not displayed the indigo characteristics and have forgotten about their past life memory by about the age of 11, only for the parent to talk of it. However, in the case of indigos, they often keep hold of these memories. Future lives are also included as indigos have a different concept - holistic rather than linear - about time, and therefore seem more likely to report future lives as well as life on "other planets." They may have the following experiences: 

1). UFO and/or alien abduction or contact experiences.

2). Feeling like, or even experiencing, that they were "left behind" on planet earth by the alien beings.

3). Believing the aliens to be their co-parents or "real parents."

4). Talking of the planet or place where the aliens come from as being their true "Home", their second, or "other Home."

5). Believing therefore that they are, themselves, not 100% human but a "mixture."

6). Past life memories of Home and current memories of visits Home.


Here is someone brave enough to explain the ET/alien soul transference into the human body.

We are all spiritual beings inhabiting the physical bodies to experience life on Earth. There are souls that have lived on other planets throughout various galaxies/star systems before their incarnations as the Earth humans. They are Extraterrestrial (ET) souls (other terms describing them are Starborns, Starseeds, Starpeople, Wanderers, and Walk-Ins (Please refer to Jody Boyne's article, "Wanderer, Walk-In, Starperson, Starseed, Blended Soul - What's the Difference?") There are more ET souls incarnating on Earth at this time than in the past. It is because that Earth is on the course of entering a New Age and transiting from the 3rd Dimensional state through the 4th to the 5th. The ET souls are here to help the dimensional transition of Earth. In order to accelerate the transition, they assist the unawakened Earth brothers and sisters to remember their true identities as divine beings, to connect with Light, and to evolve higher consciousness

My friend Jody Boyne's explanation of this experience:

A Different Man

"Wanderer, Walk-In, Starperson, Starseed, Blended Soul - What's the Difference?"

"We Are Gathering!" The Wanderer's Experience

Wanderers' Stories of Awakening

Here is an interview with RA, speaking on this subject, provided by Jody Boyne's website:

"The Octaves: Infinite Cycles of 7 Chakras, Densities or Dimensions"

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Walkins and Starseeds



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