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2-9-13 - LONG DREAM -  I was living in the country and I saw an object slowly going across the sky and hovering like a UFO, but thought it was a slow airplane at first, and then it turned into a deck of cards because it was rectangle shaped like that.

I was standing there looking at it and out of this rectangle, first one card came down and it was black so I let it fall to the ground.  Then another card came down and that too was black so I let it hit the ground. 


Then a third card came down and it had a face on it like someone I recognized (a white haired thinnish man)  so I picked up that card and took a lighter and set it on fire and smoked it like it was a cigarette.  I was trying to figure out who that man was because he looked so familiar.  Maybe someone on a TV show.


That happened twice - both times I smoked the card like a cigarette.  It felt satisfying like it had been a drug.

I then was in the hospital, and waking up like from a dream on a bed in the hallway, and a nurses aide was walking past and I knew her name was Tonya.

Tonya was a little busy with other patients, but I stopped her as she walked past me, and I asked her, "Hey!  What does a dream mean when a card falls out of the sky and you smoke it?"

She didn't know what to say and just walked away, so I didn't get an answer from her.

There was a telephone next to me and I answered it but there was no one there.

I remembered then that there was a pan on the stove at home with a pork roast in it and I was worried that it was going to spoil. I knew that would make my husband very upset.

I went home then, and there was a telephone next to me in the kitchen, but I started sweeping the floor and there was a stove behind me, and I saw that I had a small dark blue roasting pan on the stove and I turned it on because there was that pork roast in it I planned to slowly simmer until it was tender so it wouldn't spoil.

I continued to sweep under the table because there was so much dirt under there, and then I saw that there was dirt on top of the table too, so I started sweeping the top of the table and accidently hit a gold colored opaque glass plate, and stopped sweeping just in time so the plate didn't fall on the floor.

Then I heard a telephone ring in the living room and I ran to answer it, picked it up to say Hello, but before I could speak, a speaker phone recording came on and said, "Answering this phone stops Jason!"


Once a trusted friend of the Collins family, the calculating Jason McGuire returns to Collinwood after 18 years with a scheme to blackmail its tormented matron, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard. Using a shared secret from the past concerning the murder of Paul Stoddard and his shrouded assistance to Elizabeth, he arrives as a barely-tolerated guest on a campaign of extortion and blackmail. With a shady past of criminal exploits, Jason relies on his quick tongue and charisma to win over the sceptical residents of Collinwood, not realising the fatal consequences his efforts will result in...

Dark Shadows 
(TV series) 
Jason McGuire / Paul Stoddard
 Episode #1.953 (1970) … Paul Stoddard
 Episode #1.933 (1970) … Paul Stoddard
 Episode #1.931 (1970) … Paul Stoddard
 Episode #1.930 (1970) … Paul Stoddard
 Episode #1.929 (1970) … Paul Stoddard

  1. Jason Voorhees - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jason Voorhees is a fictional character from the Friday the 13th series. He first appeared in Friday the 13th (1980) as the young son of camp ...
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The name Tonya is a baby girl name:

English Meaning:
The name Tonya is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Tonya is: Abbreviation of Antonia and Antoinette.

American Meaning:
The name Tonya is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Tonya is: Abbreviation of Antonia and Antoinette.

Russian Meaning:
The name Tonya is a Russian baby name. In Russian the meaning of the name Tonya is: Praiseworthy. Abbreviation of Antonina.

SoulUrge Number: 7

People with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths.

Expression Number: 3

People with this name tend to be creative and excellent at expressing themselves. They are drawn to the arts, and often enjoy life immensely. They are often the center of attention, and enjoy careers that put them in the limelight. They tend to become involved in many different activities, and are sometimes reckless with both their energies and with money.



The name Jason is a baby boy name:

Biblical Meaning:
The name Jason is a Biblical baby name. In Biblical the meaning of the name Jason is: A healing. In Greek mythology, the leader of the group of warrior heroes called the Argonauts.

American Meaning:
The name Jason is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Jason is: He that cures.

Greek Meaning:
The name Jason is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Jason is: He that cures.

SoulUrge Number: 7

People with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths.

Expression Number: 5

People with this name are excited by change, adventure, and excitement. They are dynamic, visionary and versatile, able to make constructive use of freedom. They fight being restricted by rules and conventions. They tend to be optomistic, energetic, intelligent, and to make friends easily. They may be changeable, restless, untidy, and rebellious.


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Raw food movement


Early proponents includes St.. Louis Estes, Edmund Bordeaux Szekely, Johnny Lovewisdom, Ann Wigmore and Viktoras Kulvinskas (co-founders of the Hippocrates Health Institute),Arnold Ehret (author and advocate of fasting), Aris Latham (of Sunfired Foods, Inc., known as the godfather of raw food), Arshavir Ter Hovannessian[38] and Norman W. Walker (who advocated the consumption of vegetable juices).


Notable contemporary proponents include several chefs, published authors and lecturers, such as Dr. Douglas Graham, Rene Oswald, Matthew Kenney, Tonya Zavasta, Alissa Cohen, Aris Latham, Aajonus Vonderplanitz, and Elijah Joy, as well as representatives from raw food producing companies, such as Natural Balance Food's founder, Jamie Combs.


Celebrity proponents include Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson, Jason Mraz, Ben Vereen and Carol Alt. Woody Harrelson has published books on raw food, starred in a raw food film, created a raw food website[39] and also opened O2, a raw food restaurant and bar. Model and actress Carol Alt includes raw animal products in her diet; she has written several books on her version of the raw diet and lifestyle.


Interest in the "Raw Foods Movement" continues to grow today[40] and is especially prevalent in Australia and the western United States,[41] like California.[42] In Europe, it has remained a novelty, although a few restaurants have opened in the UK,[10] Germany,[43] and other large cities.[44] Numerous all-raw cookbooks have been published.[45]


Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw is a feature-length documentary film about the raw foods diet, made by Jenna Norwood, a former public relations consultant turned independent filmmaker, health educator and raw food chef.[46] In the film, inspired by Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me, Jenna ate only raw foods for thirty days, to document the effect it would have on her health.




To date, scientific literature describing health and nutrition aspects of raw foods or living foods diets is limited and most studies focus on vegetarian diets, most of which excluded all animal products and derived the majority of calories from uncooked plant matter.[47] Between 1994-2004, at least 23 case-controlled and 5 cohort studies were published that examined the association of both raw and cooked vegetables with cancer risk.[48] The majority of studies included show an inverse association between both raw and cooked vegetables and cancer. On the other hand, certain studies have indicated detrimental health effects stemming from raw vegan diets.[49][50][51] A 2005 study has shown that a raw vegan diet is associated with a lower bone density.[52] One study of raw vegan diets shows amenorrhea and underweightness in women.[53] Another one indicates an increased risk of dental erosion with a raw vegan diet.[54]


Other medical studies on raw food diets have shown some positive and negative health outcomes.[49] According to one medical trial, "long-term consumption of a 70% raw-plant-food diet is associated with favorable serum LDL cholesterol and triglycerides but also with elevated plasmahomocysteine and low serum HDL cholesterol" as well as vitamin B12 deficiency.[55] Another study from Germany found that a "long-term strict raw food diet is associated with favourable plasma beta-carotene and low plasmalycopene concentrations".[56] A study mentioned benefits of a raw vegan diet for lowering obesity and hypertension[57] A study has also shown reduced fibromyalgia symptoms for those on a raw vegan diet[58] as well as reduced symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, according to another study.[59]


German research in 2003 showed significant benefits in reducing breast cancer risk when large amounts of raw vegetable matter are included in the diet. The authors attribute some of this effect to heat-labilephyto nutrients.[60]


One study comparing pasteurized and unpasteurized breast milk, showed that pasteurizing breast milk for hospital use and milk banks is unnecessary.[61] Another study showed a link between consumption of unpasteurized milk and a lowered prevalence of allergies.[62]


Artturi Virtanen showed that enzymes in uncooked foods are released in the mouth when vegetables are chewed. Raw foodists extrapolate from such research the supposition that the enzymes found in living foods interact with other substances, notably the enzymes produced by the body itself, to aid in digestion. Promoters of raw foods, such as the Weston-Price Foundation, support the idea that, since no digestive juices are secreted in the upper stomach, the enzymes in the raw foods last for about 30 minutes in the upper stomach before being destroyed in the lower stomach, thus giving them enough time to break down the raw foods, to some extent.[63]


Potential harmful effects of cooked foods and cooking


Several studies published since 1990 indicate that cooking muscle meat creates heterocyclic amines (HCAs), which are also components of cigarette smoke and car exhaust fumes.[64] High rates of HCA can cause cancer in animals; whether such an exposure causes cancer in humans remains unclear.[65] Researchers at the National Cancer Institute found that human subjects who ate beef rare or medium-rare had less than one third the risk of stomach cancer than those who ate beef medium-well or well-done. While eating muscle meat raw may be the only way to avoid HCAs fully, the National Cancer Institute states that cooking meat below 212 °F (100 °C) creates "negligible amounts" of HCAs. Also, microwaving meat before cooking may substantially reduce HCAs.[65]


However, microwaving has been shown to significantly reduce the anti-infective factors in human milk.[66][67] Microwaving has also been shown to cause the greatest decrease in all studied antioxidants in broccoli, compared to other cooking methods.[68] Microwaving has been shown to reduce vitamin B12 levels in beef, pork and milk by 30-40%.[69]


Nitrosamines, formed by cooking and preserving in salt and smoking, have been noted as being carcinogenic, being linked to colon cancer and stomach-cancer.[70][71]


Cooking also creates certain heat-created toxins, advanced glycation end products, otherwise known as AGEs. This reaction occurs both within the body and external to the body. Many cells in the body (for example endothelial cells, smooth muscle or cells of the immune system) from tissue such as lung, liver, kidney or peripheral blood bear the receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE) that, when binding AGEs, contributes to age and diabetes-related chronic inflammatory diseases,[72][73] such as atherosclerosis, renal failure,[74][75][76] arthritis,[77] myocardial infarction,[78] macular degeneration,[79] cardiovascular disease,[80] nephropathy,[81] retinopathy,[82] or neuropathy.[83] Excretion of dietary AGEs is reduced in diabetics and lowering AGE intake may greatly reduce the impact of AGEs in diabetic patients and possibly improve prognosis.[32]


One study, comparing the effects of consuming either pasteurized, or homogenized/pasteurized, or unpasteurized milk, showed that pasteurized and homogenized/pasteurized milk might have an increased ability to evoke allergic reactions in patients allergic to milk.[84]


One study showed that pasteurization of milk resulted in a carcinogenic effect.[85]


Also, toxic compounds called PAHs,[86] or Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, are formed by cooking, in addition to being a component of cigarette-smoke and car-exhaust fumes.[87][88] They are known to be carcinogenic and an industrial pollutant.[89][90]


Acrylamide, a toxin found in roasted/baked/fried/grilled starchy foods, but not in boiled or raw foods, has been linked to endometrial and ovarian, but not breast cancers.[91] Ingested Acrylamide is metabolized to a chemically reactive epoxide, glycidamide.[92] The HEATOX (Heat Generated Food Toxins) project has published a report on acrylamide.[93]


Frying chickpeas, oven-heating winged beans, or roasting cereals at 200–280 °C (392–536 °F) reduces protein digestibility.[94]


Another study has shown that meat heated for 10 minutes at130 °C(266 °F), showed a 1.5% decrease in protein digestibility.[95] Similar heating of hake meat in the presence of potato starch, soy oil, and salt caused a 6% decrease in amino acid content.[96][97]


There are various scientific reports, such as one by the Nutrition Society,[98] which describe in detail the loss of vitamins and minerals caused by cooking.[25][26][27]


It has also been suggested that cooking food, directly or indirectly, utilizes Btu's and releases gases associated with global warming. Solar-cooking or thermophilically-cooking inside of a compost pile may be two of the few exceptions.[99]


criticism and controversies


Nutritional deficiencies


Some plant foods contain antinutrient factors (ANF) that are destroyed by cooking.[100][101][102]


Care is required in planning a raw vegan diet, especially for children.[103] Raw foodists believe that with sufficient food energy, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, variety and density, people of all ages can be successful at eating raw foods. Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of Disease-Proof your Child, says there may not be enough vitamin B12, enough vitamin D and enough calories for a growing child on a totally raw vegan diet. Fuhrman fed his own four children raw and cooked vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, beans and occasionally eggs.[104] However, this nutritionist has made it clear in his books that he advocates 80 percent of our food should be raw, vegetable based, and that more than ten percent based on animal produce increases the risk of disease.


A study surveying people practicing raw vegan diets of varying intensities found that 30% of the women under age 45 had partial to complete amenorrhoea and that "subjects eating high amounts of raw food (> 90%) were affected more frequently than moderate raw food dieters". The study concluded that since many raw food dieters were underweight and exhibited amenorrhoea "a very strict raw food diet cannot be recommended on a long-term basis".[105]


Food poisoning


Food poisoning is a health risk for all people eating raw foods, and increased demand for raw foods is associated with greater incidence of foodborne illness,[106] especially for raw meat, fish, and shellfish.[107][108] Outbreaks of gastroenteritis among consumers of raw and undercooked animal products (including smoked, pickled or dried animal products[107]) are well-documented, and include raw meat,[107][109][110] raw organ meat,[109] raw fish (whether ocean-going or freshwater),[107][108][110] shellfish,[111] raw milk and products made from raw milk,[112][113][114] and raw eggs.[115]

Food poisoning attributed to contaminated raw produce has risen tenfold since the 1970s.[116] Salad, lettuce, juice, melon, sprouts, and berries were most frequently implicated in outbreaks.[116]


Many raw plant foods have been contaminated by dangerous and even deadly microorganisms,[117] including jalapeño and serrano peppers,[117] alfalfa sprouts and other sprouted seeds,[118][119] green onions,[120] spinach,[121] lettuce,[121] orange juice,[122] apple juice and other unpasteurized fruit juices.[123]


Demand for unpasteurized, or raw, milk is growing among consumers concerned about chemicals, hormones and drugs.[124] Some believe that pasteurization denatures enzymes and proteins, and kills beneficial bacteria.[125] According to the FDA, health benefits claimed by raw milk advocates do not exist.[126] "The small quantities of antibodies in milk are not absorbed in the human intestinal tract", says Barbara Ingham, Ph.D., associate professor and extension food scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. "There is no scientific evidence that raw milk contains an anti-arthritis factor or that it enhances resistance to other diseases."


It has been claimed by raw dairy advocates that government agencies are heavily biased against raw dairy, providing incomplete facts or erroneous statistics[127]


Human evolution


Richard Wrangham, a primate researcher and professor of anthropology, has suggested that eating cooked food is more "natural" for the human digestive system, because he thinks that the human digestive system may have evolved to deal with cooked foods.[128][129] Wrangham thinks that cooking explains the increase in hominid brain sizes, smaller digestive tract, smaller teeth and jaws and decrease in sexual dimorphism that occurred roughly 1.8 million years ago.[128][129] Most other anthropologists oppose Wrangham,[130] stating that archeological evidence suggests that cooking fires began in earnest only c.250,000 years ago, when ancient hearths, earth ovens, burnt animal bones, and flint appear across Europe and the Middle East. Two million years ago, the only sign of fire is burnt earth with human remains, which most other anthropologists consider to be mere coincidence rather than evidence of intentional fire.[131] The mainstream view among anthropologists




The Homeworlders from Sirius eat a lot of raw food and can digest raw meat as well as their appendix is fully working -not like ours.

They are very tall, 9 to 12 feet tall and live 500 years. They must be doing something right!


Of course raw food has to be washed carefully and not grown with pesticides or near a pig pen, but if you really want to be healthy -- raw is the way to go.

I can name a lot of foods that aren't good for us - Let's start with sugar, high fructose syrup, alll those chemical listed on boxed and canned foods just to start with. We really need to think about changing our diets to be healthy.


FDA Issues Second Armed Raid on California Food Co-op

By Conan Milner

Federal agents and local police conducted an armed raid on a farm cooperative in Venice, Ca. last week, resulting in three arrests. Authorities seized $70,000 in raw organic food and poured an estimated 800 gallons of milk down the drain, but there was no evidence that any of the products were contaminated.


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) joined forces with FBI and local officials (a total of five government agencies) to bust Rawesome, a private member raw food club. Rawesome owner James Stewart and two farmers connected to the co-op were charged with 13 counts, including conspiracy to sell raw milk without a license.


Unpasteurized dairy products are legal in California, but the Los Angeles District Attorney says that applicable licenses and permits are required. But Rawesome isn’t exactly a grocery store. It doesn’t sell to the general public; instead the facility is used to distribute food from local farms directly to its members.


The FDA raid is said to protect public health, but Rawesome members say that authorities are violating their rights to privately contract with farmers.

As concern grows over conventional factory farming practices, an increasing number of consumers are seeking raw milk directly from small family farms, despite FDA warnings. Rawesome members must sign a waiver stating that they understand the risks associated with the food they purchase, but their greatest risk appears to be overzealous law enforcement. Officials raided Rawesome last summer with guns drawn, and the FDA has continued to investigate the co-op over the past year.


The attack on Rawesome isn’t unique. Over the last few years, the FDA has been targeting small, raw milk producers across the country. In June, President Obama’s food safety chief and former Monsanto lawyer Michael R. Taylor defended the actions, stating that the campaign was a “public health duty."

According to the FDA, the manufacture and sale of unpasteurized milk products poses a significant risk of pathogenic contamination—including salmonella, Listeria, e-coli, staphylococcus aureus and tuberculosis. But evidence suggests that the real risks associated with unpasteurized milk hardly justify the time or tax dollars devoted to such raids.


A recently released study from the Centers for Disease Control said that people are about thirty-five thousand times more likely to get sick from foods such as spinach, peanut butter, and eggs than they are from consuming raw milk. Similarly, a report from the Weston A. Price Foundation found that between 1980 and 2005, there were ten times more illnesses resulting from pasteurized milk than its raw counterpart.


“It is irresponsible for senior national government officials to oppose raw milk, claiming that it is inherently hazardous,” said study author Dr. Ted Beals in a statement. “There is no justification for opposing the sale of raw milk or warning against its inclusion in the diets of children and adults.”


“Hey hey, FDA—don’t take our milk away,” chanted a crowd of about 150 gathered outside the Los Angeles Courthouse last week protesting the raid on Rawesome. Demonstrators spoke out against the violation of private property rights and freedom of food choice, but many also expressed concern over the misuse of state and federal resources to wage these aggressive campaigns. Given US and California debt problems, it’s puzzling that so much funding and attention is being focused on raw milk. One protestor held a sign which read, “Raid crack houses, not private food clubs.”



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