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It was suggested by a friend today that I do a weekly blog.

I had to think about it for while, and then it came to me what I would write about.

This is about me and what I do about life and myself, not about anyone else I'm associated with.  So I will let you know what I'm doing and what I'm thinking and hope someone will be interested.

To begin with, let me show you who I see myself as -.  I know there are many others like me, but perhaps not all are as vocal as I am about these things.   Some don't like the way I think but that's okay, - I try to be who I really am and if others don't like it, they can listen to whomever else they wish.  People like me will recognize this feeling.


Here goes:   ENJOY:  THE WAYSEER

If you watched the video, you will understand why I have the website which contains over 4,000 web pages and why I nave nine websites with a variety of topics.   This site was started in late 1997 with the suggestion of Joe Mason and its been great fun even though its a 7 day a week job 365 days a year.   I never complain about it because I LOVE what I do.

My dream journal is at:

I've always been a vivid dreamer, taking after my Dad who told us his dreams every day.  His were mostly about work, but mine aren't.  the variety of topics and themes I dream about are phenomenal, and many of them are predictive.  I'll get to that later on.

I stopped trying to be a religious person though many of my dreams are religious and/or spiritual.

I'll tell you how that started. 

When I was four years old, my Mom scared the crap out of me when she lovingly embroidered a prayer lots of kids know:

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep;
if I shall die before I wake,
I pray for Lord my soul to take.

Remember the KEEP and TAKE lines?   I wasn't' raised with religion at all so it scared me.

When I was six years old, the little girl next door told me that God wouldn't let me into her church because I wasn't Catholic.

That was another challenge to over come one way or another for a little kid.  That scared me too. Those two events and my fear of death drove my life pretty much, which was to find God for myself, and ultimately to find the TRUE GOD, which I've discovered is NOT the god of the Bible.  Notice how the god of the Bible gets spelled with a little g - not a big G, and not with the vowel removed.

Jehovah has spoken to me several times and given me his messages, and he has a scary voice, but that is the god of the Bible, and HE is NOT the ultimate TRUE GOD.  There is a creator above him and the creator is not  a HIM or HER.  Creation is the LOGOS - THOUGHT, which is what creates.

That said, we are co-creators with that GOD.  Everything we think, whether positive or negative can manifest in your reality if you think about it strongly enough.

A Lutheran friend took me with her to Sunday school and summer church school a time or two, but I didn't learn very much that way.

My Mom told us we couldn't go out and play on Good Friday between noon and three pm, but not exactly why.  That's all I knew about religion.  My Mom said she didn't believe in the 'creed', and my Dad never said anything, so I was lost during those years and just pretty much ignored the subject.

I tried going to Lutheran catechism classes when I was  12, but didn't finish them. 

In high school my Lutheran friends laughed and talked about their religious groups but I never got invited to join the or go to church.

Then when I turned 18, and moved away from home since my Dad forced me to go to work  instead of letting me go to college to be a teacher/librarian, I met a Catholic man and married him against all my Dad's objections.   It took me from age six to age 18 to get entrance into my friends church.  What a coup that was. 

It was while I was having six children and nine miscarriages that I learned what being Catholic was all about for me.  I was sick a lot, puked in church from women's heavy perfume -   that wasn't fun, so I quit going.  The Pope couldn't be god's stand in for me. 

 Eventually, my husband was convinced by a Lutheran friend to go to his church which was nearby, and that was almost like the church mass, so I didn't notice any difference.  Those were happier days and happier people.  That didn't last for good either.

When I was 29, my best friend Nancy died suddenly after her own baby died only two months earlier.

That event changed my life.  I started reading everything I could find about life after death because my fear from age four came roaring back.  I finally found a book by Ruth Montgomery about Jeanne Dixon, and in there, she described the techniques of meditation and immediately I had a vision of my friend Nancy standing in a beautiful green meadow with a smile on her face. 

Now I knew that life went on after death -  well sort of -  that wasn't proof enough but because I was in mourning for my friend, it helped.

Now I had a new tool, which I used every day and I realized I was developing skills during meditation that I hadn't noticed before.   Now besides being a vivid dreamer, I could also go into the spirit world and find people who had died.

Eventually I realized I was clairvoyant and clairaudient but I didn't know those words at that time. That came later.

A year later, in 1970, after a very emotional argument with my husband I decided to kill myself and go be with Nancy.  But that wasn't to be, because while I was crying hysterically on my bed, thinking about killing myself and how to do it, I felt and heard a click behind my left ear and a male alien sounding voice spoke to me and said, "Do not allow another to destroy a life.".

I could hear two women arguing inside my head when I looked in the mirror, one wanted to die and take the body with her, the other was strong and said she could handle anything and wanted to stay.  That voice who said she wanted to stay became quieter and quieter and after four months, she left.

The whole story is on this web page:

I also now have a wonderful walkin-truth group page where we share stories with other walkins which is a great comfort.

My life took a lot of twists and turns over the following years, including a divorce, a marriage and another divorce.  During my second marriage,, I lived in Wisconsin, Washington State, California, Illinois and then back to Wisconsin.  I attended a variety of churches to help with my emotional life, including Assy. of God, three times in three different states, , Church of the Nazarene, and Southern Baptist.  None of them worked out well.  The Baptist elders didn't even want to hear my story and sent my husband away to another state for rehab, which he ran away from and traveled far way to another part of the country before coming back.  I took him back and went to see a psychiatrist who kindly told me I had a Messiah complex.   I didn't know if I should laugh or agree with her.  But eventually I left my husband and I ended up divorcing him after he disappeared from my life. 

In the meantime I started studying metaphysics at work in 1981 and that's when I started to discovered who I really was.  In case you don't know what a walkin is, its a person who usually changes soul aspects after a traumatic event - sometimes an accident, or a near death event.  If you ask anyone about me, they will tell you I changed dramatically after my walkin event.  Even my eye color changed.   I can assure you I'm not the little mousey type person I was who let men push me around and tell me what to believe.  I make up my own mind now, which brings me to the latest event of change. 

Though this started with numerous dreams in 1991 about creating a community off the grid, I was too sick and mentally exhausted, as well as working three full time jobs to keep a roof over my head - I even worked as a telephone radio dispatcher while I slept, worked as an apartment and property manager with as many as 388 units and million dollar budgets during the days and weekends, and ran my own remodeling company with a crew of twelve men at the same time. Those were very busy days, and I learned a lot and absolutely loved what I was doing.

But that is a sidetrack to the dreams which continued for years and I eventually wrote two books about the community development and the pole shift  (see:   and because I couldn't physically do what I was dreaming I moved to California to work with Joe Mason, I created a web page about survivalism.  See:

But I wasn't satisfied with all that.  I studied herbalism and got certified, took two courses of Reiki healing and got certified twice, and of course I continued to study metaphysics with many groups.  I spent a lot of money on lessons but it was worth it. 

During all that time I was also dreaming about being with various types of aliens/ETs.  I've seen at least twenty five different types so far.  For 10 years I dreamed about getting injection shots every three months and so did my sister who lived at least 1500 miles away from me.  I would wake up deathly ill after those dreams, but they were just dreams and I ended up very angry about those dreams until I joined an abductee group in Milwaukee in 1993 and discovered that I might be a real life abductee.  But I never once had a memory of such a thing, just dreams and visions and that's true even until today, though I can tell people exactly what its like on board a ship -  I still only remember it as dreams.   My saving grace on that issue is that other abductees recognize me aboard the ships and tell me I was there.  Confirmation like that helps a lot.

In 1993, I also met a life long abductee when we worked together on the internet with Michael Lindeman on a group called ISCNI.  That group lasted three years until the money ran out for Michael, which was a shame because it was a good group.

People who know Nancy Lieder for her ET work can know that she worked with us as well with her Zetas. 

Mikki and I stayed best of friends even until today.  Her channeling website is at:  

Because she channels angels, and wrote a bunch of books, she also published my four books, one on dreaming, one on crop circles, and the two I previously mentioned about the pole shift and my community dreams.

I always felt guilty about not doing the community projects even though I had dreams that I was being prevented from going back to Washington State in dreams, I didn't know why.

Finally, in 2010, after a whole series of dreams and visions in which a beautiful Andromedan woman wearing a pink gown and my Father began appearing to me and kept telling me I had to move, I knew it was time to get going on the project.  I was told that I had to move east and work with the Indians and was told I had to move in the winter of 2011. 

That is coming up quickly now, but these projects are not easy to do, especially when  you are working alone, but I talked to Mikki about it, and she said she was told had to go to Scottsdale, AZ, so that is the location I decided to work towards and all the preliminary paperwork is now done.  All that remains is to do the final IRS paperwork to be a non-profit organization, find the land, hire the people and move.  That's how close we are to doing this community.

You can read more about it at:

Meanwhile there are lots of changes coming .


You've heard of 2012, right?  See:

and then there is the tuning, which is akin to Ascension:  See:

Then there is the pole shift:  which has already begun.