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Here is the good part. I lost 60 pounds during the past year and am down to 204 and still losing.  The doctor asked how I did that, and I said, "I gave up sugar and cheese completely for a whole year." Je said.

Giving up sugar is the best way to do it."

It's the easiest way actually to lose weight without starving because I wasn't even hungry once I gave up the sugar.
He said my kidneys, liver and blood sugar are perfect.
He didn't like my blood pressure 158 over 88 and wants me to take drugs for it.  (A problem with doctor's nurses are that they take the blood pressure with small cuffs and on fat arms, it makes it look like your blood pressure is high when it really isn't. Always ask for a large size cuff OR make them take your blood pressure below the elbow on your arm.
He didn't like my cholesterol level which was 171. the fact that it had dropped from 189 by giving up cheese for a whole year didn't matter to him. He said I was at my 'genetic' level, which means I inherited this cholesterol level because the body makes its own cholesterol levels.
My good cholesterol level was 60 which is excellent. (It's now up to 70 in 2012)
He evidently doesn't know that the body makes cholesterol on its own for good reasons - one is which to make your brain work well.
But he decided I should take drugs for it, which I'm not going to do.
As for the blood pressure, the nurse took the measurement on my fat arm with a small cuff which gives a false reading. I kept telling her to do it below my elbow but she never did. The reading below the elbow is always 10 [points less than the upper arm when you have fat arms.
My home blood pressure gizmo had a bad rubber bulb so I have to get a new one.
Here is the weird part. They have a new scale in the doctor's office with a measuring stick attached so they measured my height for the first time. It was 5'8" which two inches shorter than I was the last time I got measured - a whole bunch of years ago. No wonder my pants are too long ?
I know I'm getting hunch backed, but I don't want to end up like my Mom who got old age scoliosis - that was awful for her.
I have to get a bone scan for osteoporosis which I've never had a test before, but a chiropractor told me I had it 20 years ago,
so I knew that in advance. Of course the doctor wants to give me drugs for that too, which I won't take. I'm sure there is some kind of supplement I can take like calcium or something.
I'm going to research that.
I asked him about exercise, and he said, 'Just walk"
I want to do Qi Gong which is get for stretching, but I don't have any room I the house. Joe said to do it outside, but the exercises are on DVD, so I don't know how I'm going to do this. I guess I can learn them on the DVD and then go outside and do them. We'll see how that goes.
Oh, last point - he said my Vitamin D level was low - its supposed to be 30 and it was only 14 despite the fact that I go outside
and water my plants every day. So I have to take extra Vitamin D. He said that fatigue and aching muscles come from low
Vitamin D and I do have those symptoms, so I started by making a smoothie with blueberries, cheeriest, grape juice, no fat milk, with Vitamin D and two Vitamin pills with Vitamin D in them. That should take care of that before I go back for my next blood
test in a month.
As for the high blood pressure and cholesterol, I will research what other information or supplements I can take. I don't want DRUGS.



The good news is that high blood pressure can be treated. You can make several lifestyle changes that can make a difference. In fact, these changes alone may be enough and you wouldn't have to take medication (but if these steps don't work, then medication might be required). Here are some lifestyle changes that can help:



Limit adding salt to foods, particularly in restaurants.
Most foods, especially at restaurants, are already high in sodium.

Use salt substitutes.

Eat calcium and magnesium rich foods to help reduce blood pressure.
Food sources rich in calcium include low-fat milk, green beans, sardines with bones, broccoli, spinach, and tofu. Good sources of magnesium-rich foods include any legumes and seeds, such as navy beans and sunflower seeds.

Lower saturated fat intake.


Saturated fat increases the level of low density lipoproteins (LDL), which tend to stick to the sides of the arterial wall. This deposit of fat is known as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis begins with the accumulation of fatty streaks on the inner arterial walls. When this fatty buildup enlarges and becomes hardened with minerals, such as calcium, it forms plaque. Plaque stiffens the arteries and narrows the passages through them. Thus, blood pressure rises. This rise in blood pressure is due to the arteries' lack of elasticity.  

  • Know what cholesterol levels should be for good health. There are three main parts to your overall total cholesterol score. Low-density lipoproteins (LDLs) are harmful and are the ones to keep under control. These deposit plaque in your arteries. Ideally, keep these below 100 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl). High-density lipoproteins (HDLs) are the good ones that can collect and remove plaque. A good score is above 60 mg/dl. Triglycerides are fats, and these also need to be lower than 150 mg/dl. Make it a goal to get your total cholesterol score below 200 with a higher ratio of HDLs to LDLs.

  • 2

    Eat healthy low-fat foods and limit your intake of fat. The American Heart Association recommends avoiding fried foods, butter, saturated fats (donuts) and solid fats (shortening). Fatty meats also should be avoided. Get plenty of fruits and vegetables, low-fat milk, and lean meats like turkey and fish. Watch the condiments that you use on salads and sandwiches as many of these have a high fat or sugar content. You can start normalizing cholesterol levels with healthy eating in just a few months.

  • 3

    Lose weight. Eating low-fat foods is a good start, but you may also need to drop pounds to normalize cholesterol levels. Belly weight has been associated with higher risk of heart disease because mid-section fat is a good indicator of visceral fat (more linked to disease), according to the UAB Medicine website. To lose excess weight, you can cut back on the total number of calories you eat, spread your calories out over the whole day, and become more active.

    Read more: How to Normalize Your Cholesterol |

  • Egypt & Pyramid Mysteries

    Date: 07-27-11
    Host: George Noory
    Guests  Carmen Boulter

    Former professor at the University of Calgary, Carmen Boulter, discussed the pyramids in Egypt, and other mysteries of their ancient culture. The Great Pyramid served as an energy generator, based on the materials it was constructed out of, and its location on intersecting ley lines, she said. The ancient Egyptians may have had energy devices that used telluric or Earth currents, she theorized. Further, the Great Pyramid might have harnessed and stored power created by the interaction of sunlight on water moving through zigzag passageways, to build a charge with crystalline matrices, she added. Working with sound, light, and magnetism, flowing energy was enhanced by the shape and structure of the pyramids, which also had water tables underneath them, she noted.


    "I think the Egyptians were in touch with higher level beings," and the realms of the unseen, in the way that shamans are, she commented. There were places where they used a substance like mercury and immersed themselves in what may have been huge teleportation chambers, she continued. Boulter shared some anomalous photos (see below) that she recently took in Egypt, which included unexplained lights over the Great Pyramid, as well as images from the Temple of Dendera that depict their creation mythology.


    She believes some of Egypt's triumphs like the Great Pyramid were built during a 'Golden Age' as far back as 50,000 years ago, based on the length of precessional cycles. The pyramids "were probably put there to stave off the declining energy as we were slipping from the energy of the Golden Age," she suggested.





     NOTES:      Zahai Hawass has been in and out of office a dozen times this year, including serving some jail time.  He rules with an iron fist over research work going on in Egypt.   He claims to be in charge of antiquities, but there is very little work done while he has been there .    The door to this area has been cemented over.  Hawass has photos of all the cavities that were found inside the Sphinx, but the river seems to be coming back up and they are worried about damage from the water.


    Boulter doesn't think there is a UFO buried there, but she is sure that something is under there .  There are lots cavities under Egypt.   Hawass refuses to acknowledge this information.


    Gattenbrink's door had quarry marks there that were not Egyptian hieroglyphics.  Various museums around the world have lots of artifacts, but none have drawings of [plans of anything located in Egypt.


    The hall of Dendera is full of cosmic information and is ian amazing place.  But there are no pyramid drawings.


    Boulter has been  to Egypt 26 times so far.  The pyramid is laid out on two ley lines and this creates a special energy and this is a generator.  The energy is absolutely palpable when people are sensitive to it.  It's a subtle energy and provable with certain technology these days.


    Boulter states that the pyramid gives off energy enough to run certain appliances.  It's a passive energy - not static or magnetic.


    All this is being suppressed.  The energy is free and that's why is suppressed because nobody would be able to make money if energy was free.


    All the power is created from the movement of water   remember earlier she said that water was being prevented from coming up into the area?


    She is sure that they knew about the transformation of the atom back then.   They knew about alchemy - magic - where one form can change into another.

    There were privileged classes who had the secrets and those were highly guarded.  They were careful to align everything to the stars.  We are
    understanding these things but we don't take them as far as they did.


    We are not as enlightened as they were.  She thinks this is about to change.


    she thinks there was an agenda to hide these things from us.  Somewhere we know that that there is something more than we acknowledge.


    Boulter has a past-life recall.    When she was 6 years old, she had a vision of the necklaces that women wore back in Egypt and was told by a voice not to tell anyone.  This influenced her to do this for a living.  She planned this all her life.  Even against being told her family not to.  She couldn't leave it alone until se found the exact temple she had seen in her vision.  She knew for a fact that she had lived there.


    The Pyramid Code was aired in Egypt.  It was shown in America and in Europe, but Canada never played for some reason.   er face is recognizable because of the film.  She got letters from people everywhere and it empowered people to watch this film.  It's playing in Middle East countries now as well.


    Most of what we are told about Egypt isn't true.  The Master teacher Hakim helped her a lot.  William Henry also worked with Hakim when he was there.


    Machine tools using lasers was used in some of the work in Egypt.  Lasers??  Yes!


    We need to look at what Egypt showed us -  its in the temples and graves.  Dynastic Egypt started in 1313 BC .   Many buildings are built on top of old buildings  and those buildings were at least 5,000 years older.   The Mayan  calendar started the same year.


    The Atlanteans moved around the world and helped to build pyramids all over the world.  . 


    Hatsheptut said she was a Starseed and she saw her father shape-shift into another being.  Boulter feels that extraterrestrials were part of other lives back then. 


    In the Amana pyramid had distended skulls.  (This is being taught as a disease - but maybe it really wasn't


    People think every happened in the 6,000 years of the Bible, but humanity was here way earlier than  that.   The experts are giving the times of building earlier and earlier because of the resistance of the church's teachings.  But this is changing.


    When questioned about 'Where are they now?"  She hesitated to admit what she thinks.  George persisted in the question.  She admitted that we all have the same dna and we are all psychic.  In Egypt, they were trained to use these abilities and skills.  The Golden Age was the most refined, and since we are in a different Age, we don't use it because we are denser.  But a new Golden Age is coming again because the change of the cycle coming. 


    It is OUR time to remember.


    The religious hierarchy and religious training has put fear into us, but this is starting to change. 


    The Temple of Dendera needs to be studied more by people.


    Back then, they used the Blue Lotus in wine and went into altered states.   They were earthy but star bound.  In cities - we can't be grounded because of the electromagnetic energy - in Egypt, they lived closer to the Earth.


    They didn't use anything electro-static.  They used light Mercury and used tele-transportation -  (this is astral)  


    After the movie The Pyramid Grab, Egypt stopped allowing people to go to Abu Grab and Abu-Rouse.  It costs $1100 to go into it.  They are making it very prohibitive to go there.  They don't want people to see the special crystals they have there.


    During a sound and light show, she thought she saw something, so she just took pictures and the pyramids change color, but in the photos there is a green figure flying and changing angles throughout the pictures.  It is very huge.  She has seen the sound and light show at least 2,000 times, there is a projection of light on the Sphinx face, but they couldn't make it fly.    Sometimes there are so many orbs in pictures, its like being in a blizzard, and now people are taking photos of plasma beams and esoteric beings.


    There are photos of a blue object that looks like the Holy Grail - it is spinning.   They were not lens flares.  The light changes positions from photo to photo. 


    The object is almost as large as the second pyramid.


    George asks if its a hologram that Zahai Hawass is putting on, but she doesn't think so.  She thinks its an energy being.


    She has some Dendera photos.   The ceiling is 40 feet up.   It can't be painted but they can remove mold.  It takes about a year per side to clean the ceiling.   Napoleon is said to have removed something and taken it to the Louvre, and replaced the one in Dendera with a fake.








    Apparently, there is no drawing of the pyramids because they were created in a different Age.  It is not near the pyramids either.


    Pyramids are built to reflect energy and they are being tested worldwide now.  The oldest pyramids have the most energy because of the way they are constructed, the type of the stone and their realignment.   They continue to generate energy even though they are broken.


    Earthquakes don't make the pyramids fall down because of how they are built.  Boulter thinks they were built with anti-gravity.


    The building of Coral Castle shows the type of anti-gravity of the same type.


    Boulter has not ruled out that extraterrestrials were not helping them.  They could have been helping through consciousness - not necessarily physically.


    There is no way 1000,000 people with ropes pulling these stones up the pyramids.


    The ethics and principles of the time was fore the WHOLE, not just for the individual.


    They lived in harmony with nature and worried about their children. People can walk right up to the pyramid, but more and more signs and ropes are put to restrict people.  You can't touch the Sphinx thought because it crumbles easily.


    She doesn't believe a curse in the mummies - she thinks its just mold.


    The Amun priesthood plotted to take down Ahkenaten because he put an end to them making money off the people.


    She says that we have a binary star system because our sun and the Star Sirius.   


    When you put this configuration in software - these two stars do not come apart, while other star configurations do come apart.


    There is a lot left to be found in Egypt.   Much is hidden un der the sand.


    The sand blows so much, everything is covered over within 100 years.


    This area used to be all lush and green when it was built.


    There are many cities are buried under the sand.


    In Dendera - temples were built on  top of temples.  Archaeology will find more if they dig deeper.


    Scientists actually tell archaeologists to rebury things that are found because it doesn't fit with our current knowledge.


    Many things are suppressed this way. 


    You can only be trained as an Egyptologist in Egypt at an Egyptian University and teach only what they want you to teach.


















    ed dames discusses the future