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4-15-00 - DREAM/VISION - I had a dream vision of a cross of stars leading to the Sirius star system.

4-15-00 - Dreams of stars and then missing stars. did a page: 7 SISTERS

4-18-00 - DREAM - I was completing the embroidered picture of Sirius and my connection to it.

4-19-00 - DREAM - This takes place in what seems like a school, though there was an office, a horse barn, and home. The dream starts out in the school in a lecture hall which has graduated steps with chairs on one side, a hallway below the bottom step and the lecturer podium on the other side of the hall.

We were studying a group of stars that looked like this:

  * * * *
     * *

I was sitting on the chair side of the hall to begin with, then switched places with the lecturer. After that, the lecturer and I changed places several times.

It seemed that I was studying these stars from both a male perspective and a female perspective; the logical side and the emotional side.

While I was lecturing, 4 teenagers came from the other side of the hall and crossed over to the horse barn to care for their horses. (I at no time saw any horses) I was surprised at this and it pleased me greatly to see their enthusiasm. (This probably refers to Pegasus)

At a later point, I saw these same students and saw that every one of them wore glasses, at which point I looked at all the students to see if they all wore glasses, and one of them, a girl, didn't need them.

I then went into a classroom where some young boys were working on a project on a table and they all called me "Mommy!" I didn't want them to hurt their mother's feelings, so I told them they could call me "Teacher!" but instead they called me by some other name (which I can't recall) (It was Miss something)

I then went back across the hall to where the 4 students had come from to see if I could find where they lived as I wanted to make friends with them. However, when I went over there, I found only office cubicles filled with people talking, some at desks and some sitting on chairs in front of the desks. They all looked up as I went by, but I felt uncomfortable there like I didn't belong and left quickly.

I then went back across the hall to the lecturer side and there was a huge art room. There I found a series of 3 paintings with country scenes on them that someone had done oil painting on. The point of the 3 paintings was that the center large painting was to be looked at straight on; a second painting was to be hung at right angles to it on the right, and the third painting was to be hung at right angles to it on the left wall. I could see that the paintings might have been slightly damaged, but I didn't have any oil paints; I only had watercolor paints. I knew it wouldn't be proper to repair an oil painting with watercolor paints, but I made the attempt anyway, and it really looked wonderful. I painted a few tree branches to the trees were taller up into the sky. I was going to show someone else how it looked, but there were dark wooden covers of rough wood over parts of the painting which seemed to get wider the more I looked at them, so I couldn't show anyone what I had done.


12-11-01 - I don't know where this was, but it is purely symbolic.

DREAM: I was at a large house. I had my collie dog laid out on his side on a humongous black driveway of a gas station.

I was combing his fur with a rake to get the 'seeds' out and gather them. I was then shown by a woman that his fur ruff around his neck which is similar to a 'lion's ruff' was where the 'wormholes were. I was then shown that the wormholes were in sets of 3 all the way around and were like the tubes through 'spools'. These wormholes were aligned in sets like this:







They went all the way around the dogs ruff.

A red jeep came to gas up at the gas station and I made sure he had plenty of room to get around me and didn't run over the dog. He drove around the dog. I was told to call these wormholes 'wingsoflove.htm'.

I then went up into the house and there was a girl working there too, putting up a couple pillars or something in the hallway. I needed room to put a rolled-up rug or something like that where she was standing. She went home for dinner and I went into the corner of the kitchen where on top of the refrigerator was a huge blue ice block. I was able to take this ice-block out in one whole piece and get it outside where we were going to have a large banquet at 4:30 p.m.

At that exact moment my husband came home and said he was all set - he had called in sick for the next day so we could go shopping. He planned to get me something really big.

I was rather perturbed because I had this banquet to work on and finish with the ice-block which would melt quickly and get back to the dog and the wormholes.

NOTE: Wormholes are bends in the space-time continuum so vehicles can travel through them without going vast distances.


5-10-02 - DREAM - Somehow I slipped into a time warp and was not looking at a computer screen being shown a page of links on time travel. Then the page went through a wormhole and from there were more links to more time travel sites. I went through another wormhole and there were even more time travel sites.

5-13-2002 - DREAM - I was running a school in an old Victorian type house.

Early in the morning, The teacher sent me an e-mail with a link to a picture of me I didn't know he had. I clicked on the link and the picture appeared on the screen, but it wasn't a picture of me, it was a picture of a black and white star chart of where I came from. (Sirius B)


Subj: May 2003 Dream
Date: 2/21/2002
From: foreverblue@XXX

Last night my son went thru his "don't wanna sleep" moods again ...... I finally got to sleep at 5am in the morning, but had to be up again for work at 6:30am ... slept in till 7:40am ....... now somewhere between 5am and 7:40am ....(I must have been out like a light cause I even did not remember turning the clock alarm off) ......... but what I did manage to scrape in rememberance was this way out of this universe dream ......

here is what i could recall/piece together ... [dream starts somewhere here]

I am driving in my car somewhere but seem to be in a rush (I assume I was going to work) .... I was listening to the radio and a news bulletin is announced ........ the announcer sounds very serious with his old deep croaky voice .......

The bulletin from what I can recall went something like this ....... the Cassiopeia have met with the "Council of 9" ..... the Cassiopeia have stated that the "Council of 9" have till the end of May 2003 to surrender and dismantle all their nuclear weapons of war, stop transmissions of all mind control frequencies, sieze all actions of war on earth and allow all citizens to be free unhindered ....

....In the next 2 weeks the Cassiopeia will be commissioning the Andromedans to stand by and take action, protection if necessary ........ positioned between the moon and the sun ........ the Andromedans will be employing 12 metaplasmic to magnetic conversion devices positioned all over the earth .... these will set up a harmonic grid frequency which will resonate with earth to disrupt all "Council of 9" frequencies and setup a threshold shield around earth by April 2003 ......

... should the "Council of 9" not heed the Cassiopeia warnings and stop as requested.... and resist .... the metaplasmic engines will begin to pulse the earth grid in May 2003 ........ will cause friction and tension within and without the earth ..... wiping the earth clean ..... and preparing for new life ......... as this bulletin ended, i turned to the passenger seat, and a man was sitting there to my surprise and he had shades on (he kinda looked like bono from U2) ...... and he turned to me and said .... "let the ultra-violet light your way" ....... [I woke up ,... end dream]


so ...I asked Blue what to make of it ....... Blue said that the C9 have had a frequency fence/shield setup for 10,000yrs plus .... it seems we are on a knives edge ...... and the Elijovium (Jehova stream) .. the main body of the C9 are preparing for final control .... they've position themselves, and have nuclear devices ready and deployed ...... and are simply awaiting the right time ...... they do not want to let go of all they have built to manipulate and control over millennia and are going to go out fighting ........

simply the Andromedans who lets us down in the past, sold us out .... are back to assist ... but the Cassiopeia who are far advanced will make sure they commit to their promise to police ....... Blue also said that this pulsing if it occurs turns Earth into a huge magnet attractor ............. (all I could think of was maybe to pull the asteroid in)

Blue says ... "12 dimensions were designated as physical and the other 12 remained non-physical ...... in between all these are interconnect via what you term as blackholes and whiteholes in your physicality and in non-physicality are known as stargates, jumpgates or wormholes ...... this is how the "all that is" still manages entry/exit and source-light connectedness and programs the templates of evolution of physicality "

5-24-07 - DREAM - I was recruited by someone to help hire people to sell communication devices to large groups of people.  The communicator device looked like a large old-fashioned black telephone receiver, but inside the receiver were five creatures, each with their own responsibility, and the first one was 'the devil' in bright red.

I first recruited Antonia Vega (from One Life To Live tv show)  to help me get other people to sell these devices. at a large company. His wife would be the 1st volunteer we would use to put a program together because she was pretty and innocent. Then she would help advertise for others. The others we could get by putting an ad in the paper and be very 'to the point' we would need them for specific times during the day.

I didn't show Antonio Vega the creatures wired together inside the receiver, but I told him how pretty they were as each creature was a different color.

I then went to my closet to find five different shirts hanging on hangers with the same colors as the creatures, the first one being bright red like the devil. (Other colors were blue, green, yellow, and one other I didn't notice)

No one yet knew about the device or the recruiting program. It was early in the morning, not quite 8 a.m.  We were going to get an early start and we prepared for it by putting an  adult sized tricycle inside the car, so that when we went to the first big company, Mr. Vega's pretty wife wouldn't have any problem getting around inside and would call attention to herself at the same time.

When we drove up to the company door, we were able to park right close by because we had the tricycle and it was smaller to maneuver and park than a large vehicle.

NOTE: This dream took a lot of thinking and discussions until I showed Joe the receiver on our Mickey Mouse telephone and his eyes lit up and brought me our copy of the book by William Henry 'Skywalkers and the Dimensions of the Blessed". (pg 127)

Here are the pictures compared:

William Henry describes his photos as:  "The aim of te Amduat, says scholar 'Erik Hornung,' is that the student becomes conscious of - and unites with - the inner Sun God or the inner ascended human. The acquisition of an other-worldy garment marks success. Indeed, this book contains the knowledge required for the initiate to connect with inner guides and achieve enlightenment.  This aspect aspect of the book is highlighted by the fact that the most pristine example of it is found in the tomb of Tuthmosis III who is credited with being the founder of the Great White Brotherhood and the Rosicrucians.

The privileged initiate spent his life absorbing the teachings that enabled their metamorphisis into a Starwalker and learning how to sail (or surf) aboard the craft of the gods for eternity in the Field of the Blessed. Incredibly, the shape of this boat precisely matches the way modern physicists depict a wormhole. The figure riding on the boat shown is te Sun-god, a soul-star, or Starwalker who possesses remarkable afterlife powers and acquires more.

Note: I have dreamed about Antonio Vega before and found a connection to the Star Vega which is in the constellation Lyra.


3-14-05 - DREAM - I was in high school with Antonio Vega (from One Life to Live TV show and ... This is the position that Antonio Vega, his companion and I ...


Antonio Vega from One Life to Live TV show came and lay on the floor with the ... Antonio Vega had quit channeling by now and I put the communicator on the ...

Vega actually used to be regarded as the "North Star" 14,000 years ago. Due to the constant shift of the heavens, though, the star Polaris is now the North Star. Vega will return to its position as the North Star another 12,000 years from now.

The Summer Triangle is a group of three stars in the Lyra constellation. Vega is one of the stars, and Deneb and Altair make up the other two.

Additional information on the Summer Triangle can be found on a page at NASA.

Chart showing Lyra in relation to surrounding constellations.
The chart gives a view looking north at about 9.30 pm (NZST) mid August.
The horizon for central New Zealand, about 41.5°S, is shown.

Some Asian traditions see the bright star Vega as the Weaving-Princess star who marries a shepherd, the star Altair.

Lyra, the Lyre, is a type of small harp held in the player's lap. The brightest star in Lyra, Vega, is placed in the handle of the harp. A small parallelogram of four faint stars just to the southeast of Vega outline the harp itself.  Lyra is one of three constellations whose brightest stars form the Summer Triangle. Though small, Lyra has a variety of sights to offer. Between the two parallelogram stars furthest from Vega is the Ring Nebula, a bright planetary nebula. It can be viewed with binoculars, although it's distinctive smoke-ring shape cannot. A famous and well-studied variable star, RR Lyrae is also found in this constellation. The name Vega means "vulture" in Arabic and reminds us that the civilizations of the Middle East saw these stars as a vulture. According to Greek mythology, the lyre was invented by Hermes as a child when he strung a tortoise shell. He traded the lyre to Apollo, who then gave it to his son, Orpheus, a great poet and musician.

 The author states that in a hyperspacial environment, using a ship-board generation of amplified gravity waves, it isn't speed that increases, it is the relative time-space, when acted upon by a force such as gravity waves, which REDUCES itself within the hyperspace field generated around the hull of the craft where space-time becomes 'warped'. An Einstein-Rosen bridge 'wormhole' created by a gravity-exerting craft in space is but one example. The STAR TREK scenario may be based on an actual reality! Artificially created gravity waves can theoretically reduce time to near zero and acceleration to near infinity. Einstein only had a problem with gravity in his unified field theory, as it did not seem to fit, although he did come to the conclusion that gravity and acceleration were somehow connected. With such travel it is not space itself which is physically traversed, since space folds in on itself as gravity waves act upon time...

The author claims to be a genetically engineered human who came from extraterrestrial 'Nordic' genetic lines and was placed on this planet for a purpose. He possessed an above-genius mentality which made him an Intelligence "head hunter's" dream come true. Even the President's were aware of his talents and sought his expertise. His advanced mind led to his involvement with a super-secret project involving the development of an actual cyber-cloned humanoid with self-programming artificial intelligence if not sentience -- as well as other projects involving super-advanced quantum mechanics that one will never hear about in the public domain, at least not for many years to come. Michael Wolf was raised in a Jewish family and experienced abductions/contacts ever since childhood... as had his human mother who became the 'host' for his existence on planet earth. The author also claims to have a genetic 'brother' names SA who served or serves as the Prince of THE ALLIANCE, a Nordic collective in Altair Aquila which is affiliated with THE CORPORATE, a Grey species collective. Although the Human ALLIANCE and the Grey CORPORATE interact [or have interacted in the past] with the other, the Nordic 'Alliance' ALSO maintained contact with the FEDERATION OF WORLDS. The Grey 'Corporate' in turn maintained an allegiance with something called the UNIFIED RACES OF ORION. The MAJESTIC-12 organization was aware of all three MAJOR confederation groups, the joint humanoid-reptiloid CORPORATE/ALLIANCE, the mostly-humanoid FEDERATION OF WORLDS or F.O.W, and the mostly reptiloid UNIFIED RACES OF ORION or U.R.O.

-- The 'Black' programs are so named because presumably no one can shine a 'light' on their activities and expose the corruption within. According to agent Wolf, there can be governments within governments within governments, and the "black ones" or secret government can be invisible to the electorate government itself.

FROM: http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/dulce/chapter32.htm




The brightest star in the sky, Sirius, has a white dwarf companion which is identified each of the following designations: Sirius B, Alpha Canis Majoris B, or e.g. HD 48915 B.

The starting point of creation is the star which revolves around Sirius and is actually named the “Digitaria star”; it is regarded by the Dogon as the smallest and heaviest of all the stars; it contains the germs of all things. Its movement on its own axis and around Sirius upholds all creation in space.



Sirius appears red to the eye, Digitaria white, the latter lying at the origin of all things. It is the "Egg of the World", aduno tal, the infinitely tiny, as it developed, it gave birth to everything that exists, both visible and invisible. To start with, it was just a seed of Digitaria Exilis = Po(Grain) Tolo(Star) - consisting of a central nucleus which ejected ever larger seeds of shoots in a conical spiral motion.

Sirius and Sirius "B" were once where our sun is now is. Sirius A being 10,000 times brighter then Sirius "B" (Digitaria). The Dogon consider Sirius "B" as the most important star in the sky although it is invisible. In 1862 the American Alvan Clark looked through the largest telescope then existing and saw a faint point of light where Sirius B should be, thus confirming its existence. In 1915 Dr. W. S. Adams of Mt. Wilson Observatory made the necessary observations to learn the temperature of Sirius B , which is 8,000 degrees - half as much again as our sun. it began to be realized that Sirius B was an intensely hot star which radiated three to four times more light and heat per square foot than our sun. It then became possible to calculate the size of Sirius B, which is only three time the radius of earth, yet its mass was just a little less than our sun. A theory of white dwarfs then developed to account for Sirius B, and other white dwarfs were later discovered. This star according to Dogon mythology is composed of sagala, a form of metal unknown on Earth (the root of Sagala meaning both "Strong" and "Heat"). Sagala could be an equivalent to the degenerate and superdense matter of white dwarf stars.

According to Dogon legend the "Nommo" (Amphibian extraterrestrial beings) descended to the Earth to implant knowledge to Gogo (the Fox), Ogo also means impure and is symbolized by mankind. The fox rebelled at its inception, impatient to couple with its double and broke away from Amma, who is the Dogon head of the universe (God, etc.) and thus Ogo remained unfinished.

For the Dogon an infinite number of stars and spiraling worlds exist. The satellites are called "Tolo Gonoze" - "Stars that make the circle". The heavenly motions are likened to the circulation of the blood. The planets, satellites and companions are "Circulating blood". This brings us to the extraordinary point that the Dogon know about the circulation of the blood in the body derived from their own traditions. In our own culture, the Englishman William Harvey (1578-1657) discovered the circulation of the blood, here follows the Dogon theory on its circulations; "The movement of the blood in the body which circulates inside the organs in the belly, on the one hand "clear' blood, and on the other the oil, keeps them both united (the words in man): that is the progress of the word. The blood-water(-or- clear) goes through the heart, the lungs, the liver and the spleen; the oily blood goes through the pancreas, kidneys, the intestines and the genitals." The Dogon mythology is extremely complicated and detailed, their knowledge of the Sirius system and other cosmological data are implemented into their beliefs which are an integral part of their daily life.

Novas: In a binary star system, there are two stars, usually with unequal masses. The larger star will evolve faster. It will become a Red Giant then a White Dwarf . Then we have a binary system with a normal star and a white dwarf. Later the normal star will evolve into a Red Giant. It's outer layers will swell and expand.

The gravity of the white dwarf pulls some material away from the Red Giant. The material swirls around the white dwarf in an accretion disk. Material spirals in and lands on the white dwarf. The falling material gains a lot of energy. The white dwarf (which likely is made mostly of carbon) becomes covered with a layer of extremely hot hydrogen. The white dwarf is not hot or dense enough for carbon fusion. But even on the surface, conditions can be sufficient for hydrogen fusion.

The hydrogen that has accumulated on the surface ignites in a burst of nuclear fusion. This explosive flash is called a nova. This burst can cause the stars to appear 50,000 times brighter. About 100 novas occur in our galaxy every year.

The same white dwarf may go nova many times. Although the explosive nova event may blow material into space, overall the white dwarf is gaining mass from its companion. But there is a limit to the amount of mass a white dwarf can have (the Chandrasekhar Limit, 1.4 solar masses).

Temple claimed that the Dogon possessed knowledge on Sirius B and Sirius C, companion stars to Sirius that are, however, invisible to the naked eye. How did the Dogon know about their existence? Temple referred to legends of a mythical creature Oannes, who might have been an extraterrestrial being descending on Earth from the stars, to bring wisdom to our forefathers. In 1998, Temple republished the book with the subtitle "new scientific evidence of alien contact 5,000 years ago".

The book's glory came crashing down earlier this summer, when Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince published "The Stargate Conspiracy". That book stated that Temple had been highly influenced in his thinking by his mentor, Arthur M. Young. Young was a fervent believer in "the Council of Nine", a group of channelled entities that claim they are the nine creator gods of ancient Egypt. "The Nine" are part of the UFO and New Age and many claim to be in contact with them. "The Nine" also claim to be extraterrestrial beings, from the star Sirius. In 1952, Young was one of the nine people present during the "first contact" with the Council, where contact was initiated by Andrija Puharich, the man who brought the Israeli spoonbender and presumed psychic Uri Geller to America. It was Young who gave Temple in 1965 a French article on the secret star lore of the Dogon, an article written by Griaule and Dieterlen. In 1966, Temple, at the impressionable age of 21, became Secretary of Young's Foundation for the Study of Consciousness. In 1967, Temple began work on what would eventually become "The Sirius Mystery". As Picknett and Prince have been able to show, Temple's arguments are often based on erroneous readings of encyclopaedic entries and misrepresentations of ancient Egyptian mythology. They conclude that Temple very much wanted to please his mentor. It is, however, a fact that the end result is indeed a book that would have pleased Young and his beliefs in extraterrestrial beings from Sirius very much, whether or not this was the intention of Temple.

From: http://www.siriusresearchgroup.com/rcomments1.htm

Note: Mrs. Trimble is a professional astronomer and I believe an editor for "Physics Review". It is also my understanding that she has done some elaborate calculations on the positions of certain stars. Apparently, it was some sort of a research project conducted for a well-known Egyptologist, who had the notion to determine the alignment of these stars with the 'shafts' of the Great Pyramid, as it occurred several thousands of years ago. Since such calculations are based exclusively on the theory of 'precession', I have sent here my paper on the Precession Paradox.

Here it might be appropriate to include our message that EGYPTNEWS posted on 4/12/99 at


We would like to bring a certain fact to your attention, so that you may understand what dilemma Bauval and present-day astronomers are facing, not to mention all of the orthodox Egyptologists.

According to Mr. Bauval's statement (The Orion Mystery) Sirius was aligned with the southern shaft of 39°30'00" about 4450 years ago. Assuming that Sirius has no proper motion, i.e. its own motion relative to other stars, Sirius should have changed its position since those 4450 years by roughly 47° × 4450 ÷ 12900 = +16.21° (north). Since the position of Sirius is at present almost aligned with the 45° shaft of the Great Pyramid (exactly 1.67° below the shaft), Sirius has changed its position in those 4450 years by only 3.83°, according to Bauval. This would mean that during this time period of 4450 years Sirius has a negative declination deviation of 16.21° - 3.83° = 12.38°. In other words, a steady and fast motion in southern direction by about 10 arc.sec per year relative to the celestial background. That is absolute nonsense! If on top of this one is also convinced that a precession of the earth's axis must exist, while Sirius continues to distance itself from the other fixed stars, then how is Sirius suppose to return to its former position every 25800 years? Nobody in his right mind will ever believe that any star is about to follow the apparent precessional motion of our planet's axis. Just imagine this absurd cosmic phenomenon:

Sirius would have to perform the extraordinary task of moving away rapidly from the other fixed stars, while going around our solar system at roughly 5 arc hours per year (!) following the earth's axis, only to return to its original position every 25800 years after our "important" Earth completes its precession period apparently due to its wicked moon!

As mentioned, the present position of Sirius is at 1.67° below the 45° shaft. It is important to realize that this alignment does not occur every 25800 years, but that it is permanent; i.e. with every meridian transition of Sirius over this shaft. This will only function, if the axis of the earth does not precess, i.e. always aligned towards Sirius - actually somewhat between Sirius and Procyon. The annual regression of the fixed stars by about 50.26 arc sec on average is therefore caused by our entire solar system orbiting the Sirius system - our central sun. The cosmic phenomenon of the precession of the equinoxes has been falsely attributed to a precession of the earth's axis itself

It is correct that Sirius has presently a negative declination, e.g. in the period 1970,0 to 1991,5 it was - 01'50". But this fact is due to the following reasons: 1) We should not forget that Sirius B and Sirius A revolve in a period of almost 50 years about a common center of gravity. This motion occurs almost vertical with respect to our celestial equator. 2) There is no exact measurement of the Right Ascension from the vernal equinox, since astronomers ignore the precise synchronization of our civil calendar to Earth's exact revolution period around the sun.

Explanation: The difference in time between a mean solar day and a mean sidereal day (Sothis day) is always exactly 86400 s - 86164.0905382 s = 235.9094618 s. When a calendar year ends, precisely 365 × 86400 s = 31536000 s have passed. However, relative to the essential sidereal point of reference (inertial space - vernal equinox) or actually relative to Sirius(Sothis) 366 × 86164.0905382 s = 31536057.137 s have elapsed, i.e. about a 57.14 s time difference. After four calendar years this ignored time difference accumulates to 4 × 57.137 s = 228.548 s. Only every four years (365.25 day cycle) we will finally have a leap day which brings us the essential solar-sidereal day difference of 235.9094618 seconds to compensate for the previous time-difference of 228.548 s. Because the compensation is a little too much, it means that every four years another time difference must occur: 235.90946 s - 228.548 s = 7.36 seconds. It is these crucial 7.36 s that will accumulate again to the mentioned solar-sidereal day difference of 235.90946 s, and a leap day is again required in roughly 128 years (235.90946 × 4 ÷ 7.36 = 128.18).

The disadvantage of the Gregorian calendar is its long leap cycle. Besides the normal four year leap cycle it has a 400 year cycle (time-keepers are trying to come as close as possible to the 128.18 year period, i.e. 400 ÷ 3 = 133.33 years). But due to this leap system eventually another leap day is needed to correct the calendar again every 3319.88 years. We can see that this makes the synchronization to the essential tropical-sidereal year somewhat difficult, causing data concerning the "Right Ascension" never to be exact.

The fact that astronomer do not take Math very seriously, is proven by their so-called Julian Period, "commonly used by astronomers, because it avoids some of the annoying complexities of the civil calendar", as the Observer's Handbook of the Royal Astronomical Society tells us. The Julian Day system counts the days that have elapsed since January 1, 4713 B.C., commencing at noon (12th) UT Greenwich meridian. Despite its modification in the geophysical year 1957/58 the Julian day system is off by about 39.75 days!! The Modified Julian Date starts on November 17, 1858 at 0h0m0s and it is said to be equal to 2 400 000.5 JD. However, according to calculation exactly 6570 years have passed since January 1, 4713 B.C. until December 31, 1857. And from January 1, 1858 0h0m0s to November 17, 1858 0h0m0s there are 320 days. Since a tropical year has 365.24219878 days, we can multiply this time period by 6570, add the 320 days and subtract the half a day time difference (12h to 0h) for a total of 2 399 960.75 days. Clearly, a difference of +39.75 days occurs. Now the question is, how can such an error have been neglected in the geophysical year 1957/58? According to the figure of 2 400 000.5 a tropical year must have had a duration of 365.2482498 days. Such a year does not make any sense - astronomically it just does not fit in. The only explanation would be, that one has taken the four-year leap cycle into consideration, but totally ignored the time difference of the additional seconds, which accumulate eventually to a full day. Instead of the actual 128.18-year period, one arrived somehow at an unusual 571.3-year cycle.






Decl 1950




Mirzam beta



095 07 27

-17 55 47

-41 15 36



Furud zeta



094 35 54

-30 02 24

-53 22 45



Sirius alpha



100 44 11

-16 38 46

-39 35 38



Muliphein gamma



105 22 27

-15 33 29

-37 59 59



Adara epsilon



104 09 54

-28 54 10

-51 21 58






105 14 03

-23 45 33

-46 08 11



Wezen delta



106 35 22

-26 18 45

-48 27 32



Aludra eta



110 31 45

-29 12 16

-50 36 51



History and Mythology

Orion had two dogs; Canis Major the Greater Dog and Canis Minor, the Lesser Dog. The Greater Dog, with the bright star Sirius, is located below Orion's feet whereas the Lesser Dog, with its bright star Procyon, stands behind Orion's shoulder. These two constellations contain two of the brightest stars visible to us - Sirius and Procyon. Both the Big Dog and Little Dog are said to have been the pets of a variety of gods and goddesses. Among the various owners named are Diana, Helen, Ulixes, Europa, Icarus, and others. Usually, however, the two dogs are regarded as the faithful hunting dogs of the giant Orion.

This is reflected in an Arabic title for the constellation, Al Kalb al Jabbar, or "the Dog of the Giant". The Greater Dog is described as alert, ready to spring into action, his eyes fixed on his master, Orion, the Hunter, but with an eye out for Lepus, the Hare, who sits crouching the Hunter's feet, others describe the dog as standing on hind feet, watching or springing after the Hare. The Lesser Dog has one bright star, Procyon, which means, "The Dog Rises before Sirius" (Procyon rises an hour before Sirius). Sirius (magnitude of -1.5), the brightest star seen in the night sky, forms the nose of Canis Major. A triangle of somewhat less bright stars forms the hindquarters of the dog.

In ancient writings, there are many allusions to the Dog and it is uncertain whether the constellation or its Lucida (principal star, Sirius) is referred to. The Greeks seem not to have seen a constellation here but were concerned only with the star Sirius, the Dog's nose, or mouth, which is the brightest star in the sky. Not until some time later did the Romans associate other nearby stars with Sirius and Procyon and picture the two as parts of dog figures.



A wormhole is a geometry of four-dimensional spacetime (for an explanation of spacetime see "spacetime" and "spacetime diagrams") in which two regions of the universe are connected by a short narrow throat. A classical large scale wormhole is a solution of the Einstein's field equations, which governs the curvature of spacetime. The most interesting thing with wormholes is that they could provide relatively easy means of travelling to distant regions of space or even of travelling backwards in time.

The real problem with transversing a wormhole is that none of the geodesics connecting these two external regions are time-like or light like. For information to cross from one external region to the other, it would have to follow a space-like path during at least part of the journey. In other words, in order for information to cross from one side of a wormhole to the other without winding up hitting the physical singularities it would have to travel faster than light in a way not allowed even by general relativity. If information could do this, then the first problem of stability wouldn't be a problem at all as the information could travel through the wormhole arbitrarily fast and make it through before the wormhole connection was broken. This is why the second problem is the real problem with transversing this type of wormhole.

Wormholes present time travel opportunities

Kip Thome, a relative theorist, devised a theory where wormholes could act as time machines. He believed that, according to the principles of quantum mechanics, if a space ship was strong enough to travel at something near light speed through a wormhole, time would travel backwards. By following the principles of the special theory of relativity that say time moves slower for objects traveling at the speed of light, it would be possible to travel in time.

The idea is that the geometry of space and time is sufficiently contorted to form a bridge through to another universe. Early ideas along these lines are due to Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen , with further developments by John Archibald Wheeler. The most recent flurry of interest in traversable wormholes was prompted by Kip Thome and Michael Morris.

If the wormhole connects our universe to itself, it is an intra-universe wormhole. With wormholes that connect our universe to itself there is (classically) a risk of time travel paradoxes.


As reported in the July 1999 issue of "Physics Today," two and a half months before his death, the world-renowned Russian physicist Andrei Sakharov gave a speech in Lyons, France. Included in that speech was the following: "We are looking into the fantastic possibility that regions of space separated from each other by billions of light years are, at the same time, connected to each other with the help of additional parallel entrances, often called 'wormholes.' In other words, we do not exclude the possibility of a miracle: the instantaneous crossing from one region of space to another. The elapsed time would be so short that we would appear in the new place quite unexpectedly, or, vice versa, someone would suddenly appear next to us. I talk of such things in order to show what kinds of questions are being raised and discussed at the cutting edge of science."

See: Of Visiting ETs, Wormholes, Sightings, Electricity & Crop Circles

Thorne believes there could be another type of tunnel-like structure existing in the universe that could be used for a time travel portal. Wormholes, also called Einstein-Rosen Bridges, are considered to have the most potential for time travel if they do exist. Not only could they allow us to travel through time, they could allow us to travel many light-years from Earth in only a fraction of the amount of time that it would take us with conventional space travel methods.

Wormholes are considered possible based on Einstein's theory of relativity, which states that any mass curves spacetime. To understand this curvature, think about two people holding a bed sheet up and stretching that sheet tight. If one person were to place a baseball on the bed sheet, the weight of the baseball would roll to the middle of the sheet and cause the sheet to curve at that point. Now, if a marble were placed on the edge of the same bed sheet it would travel toward the baseball because of the curve.

In space, masses that place pressure on different parts of the universe could eventually come together to form a tunnel -- this is a wormhole. We could then travel from Earth to another galaxy and back relatively quickly (within a lifetime). For instance, let's picture a scenario in which we would want to travel to Sirius, a star that's seen in the Canis Major constellation just below Orion. Sirius is about 9 light-years from Earth, which is about 54 trillion miles (90 trillion km). Obviously, this distance would be far too great for space travelers to traverse and return in time to tell us about what they saw there. So far, the farthest people have traveled into space is to the moon, which is only about 248,548 miles (about 400,000 km) away from Earth. If we could find a wormhole that connected us to the space around Sirius, then we could cut the time considerably by avoiding the trillions of miles that we would have to cross with traditional space travel.

See: Drawings of theory

Many theorists believe black holes and white holes are connected by wormholes. In the 1960’s, a mathematician named Roy Kerr came up with a theory that it would be possible to dive your time machine into a black hole, go through a wormhole, and come out through a white hole, ending up at a new time and space. This existing system would constitute the means for time travel. Many scientists disagree with this theory because they believe that no object can enter a black hole and reach singularity without first getting crushed by the weight of the gravitational pull.

Masses in space place pressure on these two sheets which causes them to curve and bend toward each other. At one point, these two space times meet and create a tunnel. This tunnel is also called a wormhole. Through this hole, we would be able to traverse through space more quickly, taking our time machine from one end of the universe to the other. For example, if we wanted to go from Earth to the star Sirius, it would take at least take 9 light years, but with a tunnel connecting Earth to Sirius, the trip there and back could be made within a lifetime.

A fictional artists rendition of a stargate

A transportraumschiff flies in the orbit of the earth into this powerful transmitter gate, which opens an entrance to far worlds. In the future there are naturally many of these gateways, which wormholes artificial as intergalactic traffic system will relate to produce and thus the term "distance".

Anna Hayes (Ashayana) states in her writings, "From 1992-1994 Emerald Covenant races with assistance of Pleiadian-Sirian Agreements Anunnaki races used NET and NDC-Grid to temporarily CAP Falcon wormhole, shutting down Montauk-Phi-Ex Falcon APIN system. Anunnaki races supposed to turn NDC-Grid, NET and their APIN systems over to Emerald Covenant Founders for progression of Earth Freedom Agenda and Planetary Christos Realignment Mission. (Closing Atlantian wormholes permanently and restoring Earth’s D-12 Pre-matter Template Divine Blueprint for full D-12 Maharic Seal planetary protection field).

"To prevent pole shift in the 2003-2008 period, the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid of Stonehenge, England and Earth's Star Gate-11 must be re-calibrated using early activation of D-6 Sirius B Star Gate-6 to override the D-4 Nibiruian Alignment before 2003. This will release the D-4 Solar Spiral from Nibiruian control, prevent the massive pole shift the United Resistance intends. This is the Sacred Mission that Essene Jesheua (Jesus Christ), King Arthur and many Maji Grail Kings before them were attempting to accomplish.


Isis is the lady of the Pyramid, Nun-Hathor and Atum-Ptah gave her the custody.

From Isis comes HOR, and the Akeru Aku: the 7 Sphinx Masters. And from them the Shemsu Hor, of which Christ was one in lineage. Isis gives birth to the divine child, BY the BA (Soul, Dove), BA-BY. And Tehuti enabled that birth to succeed, both in wining with the moon, and by providing the Wizzardry to resurrect Ausir Wassir Osiris in the dark. From which emerged Iosos (Horus) on the 25th of December.

Isis was the first Virgin Mary. As Lady of the Pyramid, the MeRu. The Lady of the Lake (Avalon, Arthur, ArkHor, Art-HOR, and MRlin), Queen of Hearts. Mary comes from Egypt. Mother of TutankAton (later TothAnkAmon) and Moses was Mery Kiya (Miriam). Mary comes from Mer, which is both a lake and a sea, in cross linguistics, and has both meanings in Egyptian. Mer was also the Pyramid itself, recall. And Isis was the lady of the mount of the east, Mt Manu (as it was called). She was Sirius, SEPTet, and her sign is the M of Virgo the Virgin of September, when Sirius disappears from the Egyptian skies.

The Mery's were the high Priestesses, and so Jesus was born from a Virgo Mary on the Horus day.

Magdala, is a Hebrew word meaning Tower. It was the name given to Miriyam, one of Yeshua's female disciples, who in all likelihood was his wife. She was called Mary of Magdala, or Mary Magdalene. We also believe she was co-Messiah with Yeshua. God-the-Father and God-the-Mother both chose to incarnate themselves upon the earth together in order to draw their created selves (all of us) back to Them. And now they are returning.....

By D. Winter


The knowledge of the existence of these "Gates of Heaven" seems to have passed into Christianity. Indeed according to the Bible St Peter was appointed "gate-keeper" of heaven by none other than Jesus himself [Matthew 16]. It is noteworthy that in statues and pictures Peter is generally shown as holding two keys. These are clearly intended to be the keys to the two different gates.

From: http://www.earthlinkmission.org/stargate.htm

A Stargate is an etheric inter-dimensional energy alignment between two points in interstellar space, which allows high vibrational energies to pass through long distances of space, along the space-time continuum. Put most simply, it is a sub-space vortex through which energy may pass. This passage of energy is most unrestricted during a solstice or equinox, when the position of the planet is such as to allow an optimal amount of energy through to Earth.

During a Stargate, cosmic energy is brought into the Earth through a meditation and conscious intention; participants virtually act as "conductors", by connecting their physical bodies and conscious mind to the energies coming to the planet. New and enlightening information may be brought to the Earth this way. During a Stargate important "earth work" may also be performed, such as the alignment of the Earth's Etheric Energy Grids.

The Stargate alignments are particularly crucial at this time, as the vibration of the Earth is speeding up as we continue to move through the photon belt. Stargates allow high vibrational interstellar energies to permeate the etheric grids of the Earth with ease and grace, and in doing so allow the energies to fully integrate into the etheric grid structures of the Earth.

The times at which these entry vortexes are opened (once every 3 months on the equinoxes and solstices, and other times as called for) are times of sacred significance and astrological alignment in Earth's current history.

Through the Stargates, we, the inhabitants of the physical Earth plane, are able to assist in shifting the "reality" of catastrophic Earth changes which are characteristic of "doom and gloom" predictions. The shift in reality occurs when the Group Consciousness facilitates a balanced dispersion of the high, intense energies, which might have otherwise caused the Earth to "rock and roll". This "rock and roll" effect would have been the result, in part, of the incompatible absorption of the incoming energies, into the physical layers of the Earth. This is not to say, however, that all of these effects are to be shifted.

These shifts can only occur when they are in total and complete, harmonious alignment, as transmitted to us by Source and those beings whose mission it is to assist Earth through this process, with the Greater Ascension Plan of Source. Actually, these shifts are only to realign an imbalance which already existed in the Earth. We are asked only to realign things back to the original balance point of perfection, irrespective of whether it is the Planet, a Human, or an Energy on the surface of the Earth.

See the website for more details.


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See: Sirius Stargates

See: Orion Stargates

See how the portals of the Giza pyramid point to the Startgates?


FROM: http://www.spiritweb.org/Spirit/philadelphia.html"> (This site no longer exists)
Philadelphia Experiment: Aliens, Time-Travel and Wormholes Interview, Al Bielek

AL BIELEK. I'll deal with the final phase of the Phoenix Project and some of the aspects involved. I joined the project in 1953 as Al Bielek. I did what the book The Montauk Project[1] points out, the computer interface between the psychic chair used to steer the time tunnels in the final phase of the operations. Those earlier phases were very difficult-they didn't work right and they had many problems. But, I became involved as Al Bielek. Preston Nichols became involved as Preston Nichols, and Duncan Cameron became involved as Duncan Cameron, in his second body, not remembering anything about his involvement with the Philadelphia Experiment.

The project generated the time tunnels. People were able to travel in time and space and they did. But they also had other projects going on at Montauk. We still don't know all of them.

The technology for the tunnels was given to us by cooperative effort of alien groups, primarily the Orion group, which involved reptilians, a sub group called the Leverons. A technical group which provided most of the assistance, was the group from Sirius A. Very materialistic, scientific, people. Perhaps not a bad heart but misdirected, because they had very long-term contracts with the Orions to provide them with the technical knowledge and assistance they needed. And they were working with our government in secret to work out mind control techniques and technology and pushing for a highly automated, technical society which would be much easier to control than it would be the way it is now. But we're approaching that rapidly.

Also there were a lot of little greys that got underfoot. There were other groups there who took no part in the project, but were there as observers and the group from Antares, very human, very happy, jovial people. You couldn't tell them from a human spirit. In fact, I don't think you could anatomically either. Why they were there, I don't know. They didn't do anything. They were observers

But the aliens provided the expertise, the hardware. They convened it from their computer data to IBM 360. That still didn't work and that's when other changes were made. I became heavily involved in making the time tunnel system work. It was alien technology. We did not have the theory. We did have the capability, the technological expertise to build the hardware, and we did, to their specifications.

ITT was a contractor. This was all under "Black Card" clearance level, which is about the highest level of clearance there is, and most people don't even know it exists. And this means, in essence, that it is such a deep Black Hole project that all the records, everything connected with it, is buried in a black vault and nobody has access to this without having the proper clearance and a need to know. This includes purchasing departments who buy the hardware for these projects. The records for the sales, purchase, everything, buried in the black vault. So nobody can find it. This is why they call it a Black Hole project. There are many, many of these. This is one of them.

The tunnels became fully operational about '77 after many changes. About '79 on they got all the results they wanted. Until August 12,1983, at night, when the project was deliberately crashed. Sabotaged from the inside. That's covered in the book. But prior to that what they did was unbelievable.

One of the uses of the Phoenix Project, in the use of Time Tunnels, was to provide backup to the Martian Colonies. The Martian Colonies have been there since the early '70s. We went publicly to the moon in 1969. Actually the Germans were there in 1947. And we were there in 1962 with a joint U.S.-Russian expedition. They went to Mars, May 22, 1962. The movie, Alternative 3, done by Anglia Television, April 1, 1977, which is available in the underground, outlines it completely. It shows the actual transmission. The color shots by TV back from Mars, as this Explorer moved and landed. We have colonies there in Mars from the late '60's or maybe early '70's onward. They found many artifacts there. There is more than one wrecked city. And of course the famous face on Mars, the Pyramids and that whole complex that Hoagland (Dr. Richard] has talked about and gone public on. There are two videos on this plus his book.

What they found on the surface indicated there was much more there that they could not find that was buried. And they had not brought with them, and did not have the capabilities of heavy earth-moving equipment on Mars at that time. They didn't have any Cats. Big tractors and that sort of stuff.

They were too heavy to bring up.

So, a request went by radio back to Earth, "We believe there are underground installations here. We've seen openings that are sealed. Can you guys down there tell us what to do?" Well, the information went to Montauk, to the Phoenix Project. And they sent back information, "Well, give us some coordinates on the surface of Mars where you think these locations are." And they did. And they said, "We'll investigate it." And they did. Because they could go anyplace with the tunnel, they went to Mars to the coordinates.

And first they didn't send anybody. They ran a tunnel into what they thought might be an underground area and rather than risk killing anybody by burying them in solid rock, they sent a camera, a remote-view camera. We found out there was an actual cavern and it was safe and then Montauk sent people. Duncan and I were in that crew. The first crew that went, directed by Montauk to explore the underground of Mars. It's not mentioned in the book who went, but we went. And there were probably others. We went several times. We found all kinds of artifacts. We found a still functional underground lighting system, a power system. We found it and turned it on and it still worked. No evidence of life. A lot of artifacts, files, records, religious artifacts, statuary, all stored like it was a store room. A huge store room.

CL: Was the written material in English?

Al Belich: No. It was in another language. It was not English. Duncan was able to translate some of it. I saw it, but I was not able to translate it. And a lot of the records and stuff were brought back. And eventually Duncan and I decided to take some clandestine trips on our own. (After one trip is made, it's all recorded. All the coordinates and information which are required to operate the system is recorded on magnetic tape. And you can take this tape, plug it into the computer, and without going through the psychic and the chair number*, you can open the tunnel to the same location because the computer contains all the celestial data-all the Earth movements, solar system movements, all in the computer-so that there is complete reference to the new location where the planet would be. And "plug" the tunnel in exactly the same location.) So we went twice on our own for our own little explorations.

CL: And no one was manning the machine for you back home?

Al Belich: We turned the equipment on,

we knew how to do it. And nobody was there. On the second trip, we were discovered because, there are automatic recorders that tell how many times this equipment is used, and for what purpose, and what dates, times and so forth. Automatic complete time, event recorders. So we were caught when we came back. We were pulled off the project and slapped on the wrist. "You're not going to do that anymore," and one of the people who was involved, a senior scientist, broke our team up. Duncan and I didn't do much of anything together after that but further explorations were made by others. What they found, we don't know.

Certain people had been chosen in advance, such as myself and Duncan and Preston to be part of this program. And the level of brainwashing varied. Duncan was heavily programmed, brainwashed to do what he did there because he was not being used for his technical expertise. I was brainwashed to some extent, and Preston, very heavily.

But we were all given what you'd call the debriefing after this whole project crashed and was formally declared over on January 1, 1984. We all got our debriefings which means your mind was erased of everything you ever did on the project. And they hoped it would hold indefinitely.

It didn't. The reason it did not hold indefinitely was because the site was not destroyed. It's still there. It was turned over to New York State Parks Commission on January I of 1986 or sometime in January of 1986 to become part of the park that already exists out there. The State has never torn anything up. They've never tom a building down. They've never opened it up as a park.

They knocked the fences down so people can go through there and hike and camp if they want, during the day. They cannot stay ovenight without a special permit from Montauk Township. That's not allowed and the park rangers go in to shuttle them out.

But the property remains unconverted. Going in there, as I did, first in August of '85 by the invite of Preston (I took Duncan with me), none of us knew, at that time, that we had been part of the Montauk Project. Preston, as a surplus electronics dealer, had been out there salvaging equipment previous to this trip in August.

(skip excerpt here)

CL: And all this technology was from the alien groups?

AB: They had cooperation from the ET's. See, they had a crashed UFO which was deliberately crashed, by agreement with Hitler, by a certain group of Pleiadians. It was loaded with technology. And the reason for crashing it was that the German High Command, if they were pushed, could say, "Yeah we found a crashed saucer in the Bavarian Alps" or some such place, "and we recovered it, took it apart and analyzed the technology."

It certainly wasn't made public. But the remains of that craft were found near Peenemunde after the war was over. This was the rocket testing base for the Germans and where Wernher Von Braun operated along with his crew. When the war was over, he deliberately moved his group to the west, to the Americans. And another group was captured by the Russians, including, I believe, his professor, Herman Oberth. Of course that is where the Russians got a head start on rocketry over the U. S. -they had the professor who taught Wernher Von Braun!

There may have been someone else because the Russians captured quite a number of intelligencia out of Germany when Berlin came under their control. So the war actually received a huge boost, technologically from the Pleiadians. So far as deals are concerned, Roosevelt made the first one in the U.S. in 1934, not with the

Pleiadians, who offered to help the U.S. get out of the doldrums of the huge depression we were in, but he chose a different group for whatever personal reasons we don't know. Called the K Group or the Kondroshkin. It turns out, so far as I can determine today, they are the bluegreys. Not the little greys, but a larger group called the blue-greys.

In any case, he made his deal with them. They made an offer to provide a whole new technological base for the United States atomic energy in 1938. Roosevelt at first approved and then he tumed it down because the military told him, "Uh uh. We can't control it from beginning to end. We don't know what they are going to do with it and how they may manipulate us in the end." So they [the K-Group] disappeared in the woodwork.

In 1943 came the Philadelphia Experiment and the lock-up with the Phoenix Project, ripping a huge hole in space-time. This was deliberately done by the aliens at the '83 end to put a rift in the fabric of space-time so large numbers of aliens and ships could come through. They all had time travel capabilities, but the rift was needed to get the large ships through and make a mass invasion of the United States, and later Europe, of aliens (primarily greys) and other types. When they landed at Edwards Air Force Base in the Muroc Dry Lake as well as another air baseI'm leaving a lot of details out-the govemment already knew all about the aliens being on this planet. [They knew] since 1887 with the first investigating commission under Grover Cleveland.

In any case, they knew that they were here, but then they came en masse. We were confronted by a technology that we couldn't counter, we couldn't handle it, we didn't know what to do about it. So the agreement with Eisenhower and his advisors was to sign a treaty with them, a noninterference treaty and get what technology we could from them-make some kind of agreement. We'd buy time and see what we could do about it later.

That was the basis of the agreement Because of that, very large numbers of aliens came in and eventually became part of the Phoenix Project. They were planning ahead. We didn't know what they were up to. And I'm looking at this in retrospect, not what we knew then. They were planning ahead. They knew what they were doing. They maneuvered and manipulated the Phoenix Project. They did not expect it to crash then. I am sure they anticipate its continuing for another decade, at least into the '90's.

However, because certain people suddenly, if you will pardon the expression, "saw the light," got religion, or whatever it is that hit them, Duncan, and a few others, conspired to destroy the station. And the reason for it was that they were fed up with what they saw as all the evils perpetrated there.

I knew about it. I decided that I would not be part of the destructive plot. I said, "Yes, there is a lot wrong here, but we've already straightened a lot of the mess out and we can straighten out the rest and continue this as a research tool," as John

VonNeumann (who is still alive today by the way) wanted. He said, "It's a research tool; we need it." Because of the time travel (remote viewing) capabilities, he saw things coming in the future which could cause very serious threats to the United States and the World.

But, these people had their way. They put a special implant into Duncan's head so that when we, as the original Duncan Cameron and myself as Edward Cameron, came through from the Philadelphia Experiment and went through the station (for twelve hours) we were retumed to the Elderidge; then the Elderidge retumed to '43. At that point, that phase was over and it completed the time loop.

NOTE: Whether we like it or not, Montauk has been reactivated. Read the long article at Spiritweb:




21:34 AEST Mon 17 Jun 2002

Boffins make teleportation breakthrough


Science Minister Peter McGauran says the Australian National University is at the forefront of research on teleportation, taking it from science fiction to hard fact. Listen to Audio

An Australian breakthrough showed there was theoretically nothing stopping the teleporting of human beings, but in practice it was a long way off, scientists said.

Scientists at the Australian National University have made a discovery which takes them a small step towards the science fiction fantasy of teleportation.

The 12 member team, headed by 34-year-old Dr Ping Koy Lam, succeeded in teleporting a laser beam - disembodying it in one location then reconstructing an exact copy a metre away.

The achievement had eluded the best scientists from the United States and Europe and has awesome potential for practical application including unbreakable codes and, in the longer term, the quantum computer.

And in the dim distant future is the prospect of teleporting objects or even people, just as in the science fiction television series Star Trek.

The process is vaguely analogous to the common fax machine but involves the cutting edge application of quantum physics using the theories of Albert Einstein and others.

"What we have done is taken a beam of laser light and completely destroyed that beam, then make measurements on the destroyed beam, walk over to the other side of the lab and then reconstruct an exact replica," Dr Lam told reporters today.

He said the teleportation of a single atom would probably occur in the next three to five years but human teleportation was far away.

"At the moment we don't know how to teleport a single atom and a typical human being has 10 to the 27th atoms, which is one followed by 27 zeros," he said.

"So the problem is really very difficult. In theory there is nothing stopping us. No one is thinking seriously about this at the moment."

Science Minister Peter McGauran said the breakthrough was an historic moment for Australian science.

"What used to be science fiction is now cold hard fact," he told reporters.

"Dr Lam and his colleagues hold out the potential, the likelihood even of teleportation of objects and human beings."

The theoretical underpinning for the work came from the IBM lab in the United States almost a decade ago and the ANU team has been working on it since 1997.

Success in the experiment was indicated by a computer printout and Dr Lam was not even in the lab the first time.

That honour was shared by researchers Ben Buchler and Warwick Brown.

"We were both quite surprised when it worked," Mr Buchler recalled today. "Some of us were quite pessimistic that it would ever happen.

"It is a very difficult experiment to work. We rang up Ping Koy and he was very excited.

"Then we went down the pub and had a beer."

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Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East Tells the story of Masters who can teleport themselves over many miles, while there bodies still lay on a couch under supervision of another person. This is the most impressive spiritual set of books for the beginner metaphyscian


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