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Start date July 20, 2011

Today's date Augusut 11, 2011







DREAM - I was in a large off e building, possibly going for a job interview.  I was standing in a hallway (where I always get messages from spirit guides in dreams)

In the hallway with me were several beautiful women dressed in beautiful business suits.  The one I was most attracted to was a woman who was taller than I was (I'm 5' 10" tall) so she was over 6 ft. tall.  She wore a medium orange dress suit, and had blonde hair that made her glow like she had a halo.

As soon as I saw her, she reminded me of an angel, and the question came into my mind, "Why don't more women get trained in weather prediction type jobs?

We all moved into a large office which had all women in it, women of various ages.

I spoke to the woman in the orange suit.  I told her how beautiful she looked and told her there was a glow about her, and said to her, "I really wanted you to be the weatherman.   She just smiled.

During this brief interchange of conversation, the dark haired shorter woman who ran the office got a hone call, and she stood there with this strange looking phone in her hand.  It looked like a broken stapler about three feet long of a beige color.

She handed me this phone, telling me that I had a long distance call.

I had a hard time trying to figure out how to even hold this telephone because it looked broken.  I could see on the side that the phone number calling me was 5331  (these numbers add up to 12)

I said, "Hello! and the woman on the other end was an old friend I used to work with from Wisconsin.

The woman on the phone said, "I'm very worried about the weather this winter and how cold its going to be when the electricity goes off and there is no heat in the office."

While I was talking to her, I could see between the two pieces of telephone that I was holding tougher, that it looked like a broken electrical transformer and there were large electrical jolts between the two pieces of telephone that made it look like there was a severe electrical problem going on.

I didn't want to believe that there would be such a severe electrical problem that we wouldn't have electricity in winter. That had never happened before.

I woke up and immediately asked Joe if he was awake and he was, and I told him the dream and asked him if he thought it was a warning dream, and he agreed that it was.


8-11-11 MEDITATION  I askd my spirit guide to tell me more information about the weather in December 2011.

It took about a minute o fasking multiple times the identical question, and then I saw what looked like a paperback book with a photogoraph on the front cover of a white sun in a blue sky  The edges of the sun had wispy white swirls of light on them, all going in one direction like it was spinning and above and below were the words "TWICE MORE IN 2012".





You might want to consider ordering a chord of wood because the generators *really* eat up gas quickly and even with the car (if he actually DID do it)
there won't be enough gas for very long :-(....I have been giving wood to my brother who lives in Nevada....He loads it up truckfull by truckfull and eventually
will have a pretty good supply....


Dee this has happened the last few last winter we had "rolling blackouts" because it was so very cold here...and we don't have enough electricity to go around so all of Texas would have blackouts lasting 45 minutes to an hour or even longer. It was terrible. North Texas has been having really extreme weather the last few years but this year has been worse. We finally got a little bit of was sort of a dribble...but at least it was cooler today...

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