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8-12-11 - DREAM - I was shown two elves who looked to be about 14 years old and was told that they were in their 89th year.  That seemed pretty amazing.


NOTE FROM DEE - I knew this was an important topic.  I know that elves are real, and I know people who have gone to visit them in their level of existence, where a person gives them gifts of food and Indian tobacco as gifts.  They even like fingernails, which they can use as tools because they are strong and useful.

However, when I told this dream and the strange years mentioned in the dream - where I thought it might be about longevity and staying youthful because they don't eat junk food, he asked me if the elves were twins and when I said 'Yes!  They look identical as twins, he said that ELF (Extra low frequency' as a physicist has been very important in his research.  So,, its likely that we need to look at the double aspects of this topic.  It's about the ELF  "extremely low frequency' plus the information about real life elves that not everyone believes in but they might have something important to teach us.

I'll separate the topics s other is no confusion between the two.










Biophotons - The Light in Our Cells

www.transpersonal.de/mbischof/englisch/webbookeng.htm - CachedSimilar - Block all www.transpersonal.de results
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... interface to the non-physical realms of mind, psyche and consciousness. ... The onion root experiment of 1922 / Cells emit light at birth and at ... ELF and VLF (low frequency) radiation / Weather radiation / The ... DNA predestined to be the central control of the biophoton field / The antenna geometry of DNA





File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
by M Glinka - 2002
frequency magnetic fields (ELF-MF) on skin wound healing in male adults ... l. Usage of fields of therapeutic parameters exerts antiphlogistic, antiseptifl. ...


Great review papers on ELF, Schumann resonance and bio-comm...

www.emergentmind.org/Research%20Leads/_.../00000020.htm - Cached
Jun 7, 2011 – Keywords: EMF flux, quantum-level sensitivity, ELF planetary resonator ... What is Healing Energy? James L. Oschman, PhD Journal of Bodywork ...




Here is what Wikipedia says -  I used the date 1922 in my search because subtracting 89 from 2011 comes to 1922.

Extremely low frequency (ELF) is a term used to describe radiation frequencies from 3 to 300 Hz.[1] In atmosphere science, an alternative definition is usually given, from 3 Hz to 3 kHz.[2][3] In the related magnetosphere science, the lower frequency electromagnetic oscillations (pulsations occurring below ~3 Hz) are considered to lie in the ULF range, which is thus also defined differently from the ITU Radio Bands

ELF is a subradio frequency.[4] Some medical peer reviewed journal articles refer to ELF in the context of "extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields (MF)" with frequencies of 50 Hz[5] and 50–80 Hz.[6] United States Government agencies, such as NASA, describe ELF as non-ionizing radiation with frequencies between 0 and 300 Hz.[4] The World Health Organization (WHO) have used ELF to refer to the concept of "extremely low frequency (ELF) electric and magnetic fields (EMF)"[7] and have also referred to "ELF electric and magnetic fields in the frequency range >0 to 100,000 Hz (100 kHz)."[8] The WHO also stated that at frequencies between 0 and 300 Hz, "the wavelengths in air are very long (6000 km at 50 Hz and 5000 km at 60 Hz), and, in practical situations, the electric and magnetic fields act independently of one another and are measured separately."[7]

[edit] Military communications

The United States Navy utilized extremely low frequencies (ELFs) as radio band and radio communications. The Submarine Integrated Antenna System (SIAS) was a research and development effort to communicate with submerged submarines.[9] The Soviet/Russian Navy also utilized ELFs for submarine communications system, ZEVS.[10]

[edit] Explanation

Because of the electrical conductivity of seawater, submarines are shielded from most electromagnetic communications. Signals in the ELF frequency range, however, can penetrate much deeper. Two factors limit the usefulness of ELF communications channels: the low data transmission rate of a few characters per minute and, to a lesser extent, the one-way nature due to the impracticality of installing[dubious ] an antenna of the required size on a submarine (antennas need to be of exceptional size for the users to achieve successful communication). Generally, ELF signals were used to order a submarine to rise to a shallow depth where it could receive some other form of communication.

[edit] Difficulties of ELF communication

One of the difficulties posed when broadcasting in the ELF frequency range is antenna size. This is because the antenna must be at least a substantial fraction of the size (in at least one dimension) of the wavelength of the frequency of the EM waves. Simply put, a 1 Hz (cycle per second) signal would have a wavelength equal to the distance EM waves travel through a given medium in 1 second. For ELF, this is very slightly slower than the speed of light in a vacuum. As used in military applications, the wavelength is ~299,792 km(~186,282 mi) per second divided by 50–85 Hz, which equals around 3,527 to 5,996 km (2,192 to 3,726 mi) long; by comparison, Earth's diameter is around 12,742 km (7,918 mi). Because of this huge size requirement and, to transmit internationally using ELF frequencies, the earth itself must be used as an antenna, with extremely long leads going into the ground. Various other means are taken to construct radio stations with substantially smaller sizes, such as electrical lengthening.

The US maintained two sites, in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Wisconsin and the Escanaba River State Forest, Michigan (originally named Project Sanguine, then downsized and rechristened Project ELF prior to construction), until they were dismantled, beginning in late September 2004. Both sites used long power lines, so-called ground dipoles, as leads. These leads were in multiple strands ranging from 22.5 to 45 kilometres (14.0 to 28 mi) long. Because of the inefficiency of this method, considerable amounts of electrical power were required to operate the system.

[edit] Ecological impact

There have been some concerns over the possible ecological impact of ELF signals. In 1984 a federal judge halted construction requiring more environmental and health studies. This judgment was overruled by a federal appeals court on the basis that the US Navy claimed to have spent over 25 million dollars studying the effects of the electromagnetic fields with results indicating that they were similar to the effect produced by standard power distribution lines. The judgment was not accepted by everyone and during the time ELF was in use, some Wisconsin politicians such as Senators Herb Kohl, Russ Feingold and Congressman Dave Obey called for its closure. Similar concerns have in the past been raised about electromagnetic radiation and health.

[edit] Other uses

Transmitters in the 20 Hz range are also found in pipeline inspection gauges, also known as "PIGs".

Some radio hams record ELF (or even lower) signals from very large homemade antennas, and play them back at higher speeds to catch natural fluctuations in the Earth's electromagnetic field. Increasing the playback increases the pitch, so that it is brought into the audio frequency range.

[edit] Natural sources

Naturally occurring ELF waves are present on Earth, resonating in the region between ionosphere and surface. They are initiated by lightning strikes that make electrons in the atmosphere oscillate.[11] Though VLF signals were predominantly generated from lightning discharges, it was found that an observable ELF component (slow tail) followed the VLF component in almost all cases.[12] The fundamental mode of the Earth-ionosphere cavity has the wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth, which gives a resonance frequency of 7.8 Hz. This frequency, and higher resonance modes of 14, 20, 26 and 32 Hz appear as peaks in the ELF spectrum and are called Schumann resonance.

They have also been tentatively identified on Saturn's moon Titan. Titan's surface is thought to be a poor reflector of ELF waves, so the waves may instead be reflecting off the liquid-ice boundary of a subsurface ocean of water and ammonia, the existence of which is predicted by some theoretical models. Titan's ionosphere is also more complex than Earth's, with the main ionosphere at an altitude of 1,200 km (750 mi) but with an additional layer of charged particles at 63 km (39 mi). This splits Titan's atmosphere to some extent[weasel words] into two separate resonating chambers. The source of natural ELF waves on Titan is unclear as there doesn't appear to be extensive lightning activity.[11]

Finally, huge ELF radiation power outputs of 100,000 times the Sun's output in visible light may be radiated by magnetars. The pulsar in the Crab nebula radiates powers of this order at the frequency 30 hertz [1]. Radiation of this frequency is below the plasma frequency of the interstellar medium, thus this medium is opaque to it, and it cannot be observed from Earth.

[edit] Exposure

In electromagnetic therapy and electromagnetic radiation and health research, electromagnetic spectrum frequencies between 0 and 100 hertz are considered extremely low-frequency fields.[13] Since the late 1970s, questions have been raised whether exposure to ELF electric and magnetic fields (EMF) within this range of frequencies produces adverse health consequences.[8] In October 2005, WHO convened a Task Group of scientific experts to assess any risks to health that might exist from "exposure to ELF electric and magnetic fields in the frequency range >0 to 100,000 Hz (100 kHz)."[8] Research has shown that ELF electrical and magnetic fields at a high-level short-term exposure have a negative impact on health (ICNIRP, 2003). However, in regards to recognized ELF safety standards, the "Health effects related to short-term, high-level exposure have been established and form the basis of two international exposure limit guidelines (ICNIRP, 1998; IEEE, 2002). At present, these bodies consider the scientific evidence related to possible health effects from long-term, low-level exposure to ELF fields insufficient to justify lowering these quantitative exposure limits."[8] A common source of ELF fields in the United States is 60 Hz electric and magnetic fields from high-voltage electric power transmission lines and secondary distribution lines, such as those found in residential neighborhoods.[7][8][13] The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has evaluated the scientific data and has classified ELF magnetic fields as being "possibly carcinogenic" or, in other words, that there is some evidence that EMFs may contribute to an increased risk of cancer to humans or animals.[14][15] Epidemiological studies suggest a possible association between long term occupational exposure to ELF and Alzheimer's disease.[16][17]

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The United Kingdom is the Capitol of Mind Control

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

The Secret Use Of Microwaves By British Police And Army

By Tim Rifat
Introduction by Ivan Fraser

The author of these articles, Tim Rifat, is Europe’s foremost independent author and scientist specialising in psychotronics, the use of biophysical and electronic technology to influence and kill the human organism; his forthcoming book: Remote Viewing, gives hints of the breakthroughs he has made in the physics of psy-warfare.

CNN on Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons (1 of 2)

The history of mind control at a distance, remote mind control technology (RMCT) begins in America with the research of Dr Ross Adey and his colleagues in the late ’60′s, working on the CIA-funded Pandora Project. Adey found that ELF (extremely low frequency) signals on the region of 1-20 Hz (with 0.1 increments having different effects), had bioactive and psychoactive effects. The research was important to the CIA for they wished to find frequencies which could mind control humans from a distance (RMCT). Pandora researchers discovered that the 6-16 Hz region had drastic effects on brain and on nervous and endocrinal systems. This could enable major dysfunction in the target victim if research on cats and monkeys could be duplicated – the research on human victims still remains classified.

A major problem was that ELF transmissions need vast antennae arrays; Adey’s research showed that pseudo-ELF, caused by pulse or amplitude modulated microwave, UHF or RF carrier waves at ELF frequencies not only duplicated the psycho- and bioactive effects of ELF, but due to the highly penetrative effects of S-band microwaves (low frequency microwaves) or UHF and RF these combined to have a synergistic effect (especially microwaves) in disrupting biochemical function to amplify the effects of pseudo-ELF. In layman’s terms, microwave and pseudo-ELF were more effective at mind control than pure ELF. RMCT, the means of mind controlling and slowly killing victims using pseudo-ELF – that is amplitude or pulse modulation of microwaves, UHF or RF – at ELF frequencies was born.

This was developed into a whole array of weapons systems based on the dramatic effects of pseudo-ELFs on mind controlling, elctro-chemically zombifying or inducing cancer in victims. ELF or pseudo-ELF was also found to be able to cut or damage DNA, which partially explains the carcinogenic effects of pulse or amplitude modulated microwave, UHF or RF.

In Britain, microwave is defined as between 300 MHz to 300 GHz, or in USA terms above 1 GHz.

Ross Adey’s research was done on 450 MHz carriers used to broadcast pseudo-ELFs via pulse or amplitude modulation, his colleagues carried out the same research at 147 MHz (these frequencies have been defined as UHF and VHF respectively in US terms).

This research allows the weaponisation of any microwave, UHF or RF transmitter, if pseudo-ELF could be induced upon it by pulse or amplitude modulation at ELF frequency. The new science of RMCT spawned a new range of EM weapons to mind control and murder by use of pseudo-ELF.

For a specific example, the new TETRA system which will be used by the police and emergency services in the UK for communication, uses between 380 and 400 MHz, which is switched on and off at such a pulse rate that a pseudo-ELF of 17.6 Hz (17.6 times per second) is produced. this means the brain and nervous system are hit by pulses of UHF (USA terms) microwave (UK terms) every 1/17.6th of a second. This is rather like electrochemical hammer blows to the head at a rate of 17.6 every second. Some of us find hammer drills irritating to listen to, imagine 17.6 hammer-like blows being delivered to the nervous and endocrinal system, at a cellular level – might this not have a disruptive effect on the organism? Since the cells communicate to each other in the ELF range, these hammer-like blows of pseudo-ELF disrupts and derange cellular activities, leading to dysfunction, behavioural changes and onset of carcinogenic proteins which can lead to the organism developing tumours.

Mass UK Mind Control Technology Now A Reality

The UK Government is now spending £2.5 million to fully implement a nation-wide deployment of CIA mind-control technology. The TETRA system pulses at 17.6 Hz broadcast at 400 MHz which is essentially the Pandora Project funded by the CIA in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Dr Ross Adey, the chief researcher on the Pandora Project has released a video to leading UK researchers which proves that not only does the TETRA system cause ELF zombification by massive release of calcium ions in the cerebral cortex and the nervous system, but the activated calcium ions also cause massive hormonal disturbances which lead to frenzied imbalances, emotional and physical states.

This system will be used by all UK police and emergency services by the end of the year, as the Home Office has sold off all police frequencies, so they are forced to use the new system.

Use of the TETRA system by the police will lead to psychotronicaly controlled officers who may be totally controlled in any situation and are very useful for states of economic or social chaos where extreme and violent behaviour is needed without any conscious or moral compunction – so-called police robots.

30,000 transmitters will be placed around the country to maximise the effects on the local UK population – mass mind control. Anyone who has complained of these transmitters has received a letter from the Government informing them that if the transmitters are not positioned where the Government wishes, there can be no guarantee then of police protection, which will lead to higher insurance premiums for the householder.

A leading UK newspaper tried to run this story, but had the item quashed by high-level Government intervention.

Learn more at: http://www.rense.com/general11/mm.htm

CNN on Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons

you can watch the videps here:  http://ebookcashstreams.com/HotNewsBlog/tag/electromagnetic-mind-control/


GAARP IS HIGH FREQUENCY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ4Mow-0IPs


MOTR ON HAARP   http://www.google.com/#sclient=psy&hl=en&rlz=1R2ACGW_enUS361&source=hp&q=site:greatdreams.com++HAARP&rlz=1R2ACGW_enUS361&aq=o&aqi=&aql=&oq=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=d674beae9fb3039b&biw=967&bih=678


HISTORY TIMELINES  http://dgwa1.fortunecity.com/untying/1975-79.html




In an earlier edition of History & Mystery we took a 'quick peek' at paranormal activities and in this, and future articles, we will look more closely at individual aspects of the subject.

Under the general heading of paranormal phenomena, or ESP, we find, telekinesis, teleportation, clairvoyance, precognition and telepathy as well as others. The overall subject can even be extended to include haunting, dowsing, spirits, extraterrestrials and fortune telling. Obviously the subject to too broad to investigate in one article so we shall focus on one aspect at a time.

Today we shall concentrate on telepathy.

While government interest in something does not lend particular credence to it's viability (investigation into why pigs sweat or what influence cockroach flatulation has on our atmosphere), sufficient government interest in something does warrant, at least, a mention.

Over time, both the United States and the former U.S.S.R. as well as other nations, have spent considerable time and money tying to prove, and harness, the possibility of telepathy.

Scotland is conducting research which seems to have shown that people can use thought transference to communicate with each other. A report was issued suggesting that psychic phenomenon does indeed exist. (Source 1)

Although not authorized by the U.S. Government or NASA, American Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, held telepathic experiments between Earth and Apollo 14. After which he wrote, "My experience exceeded all expectations." (Source 1)

Converging Technologies, issued a 2002 report exploring the potential for synergy among nano-, bio-, informational and cognitive technologies (NBIC) for enhancing human performance. (Source 2)

Investigators at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, claim to have found that parts of the brain obey quantum laws of behavior which they believe could be the basis for telepathy. (Source 1)

The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) program was established at Princeton University in 1979 to pursue rigorous scientific study of the interaction of human consciousness with sensitive physical devices, systems, and processes. (Source 1)

In his The Psychopathology of Everyday Life (1904), Sigmund Freud discussed several alleged supernormal occurrences and expressed a profound skepticism about prophetic dreams and telepathic phenomena. However, in 1922, he published his article "Dreams and Telepathy" and publicly proclaimed that he admitted the possibility of telepathic phenomena. (Source 3)

Columnist Jack Anderson reported early in 1981 that a laboratory in the basement of the Pentagon was devoted to parapsychological experiments, his comments were heavy with ridicule and sarcasm. Anderson's assistant, Ron McRae, alleged in an article on "Psychic Warfare" (in THE INVESTIGATOR, October 1981) that "the Pentagon is spending millions on parapsychology in a crash program to end Russia's psycho-superiority." (Source 1)

Professor Douglas Dean of the Newark College of Engineering claims to have personally witnessed ESP experiments in Russia wherein they demonstrated that plants 'know' rain is coming hours before it happens. They supposedly have been able to take photographs of the force lines between two people in telepathic communication. (Source 1)

So, what has all this experimentation and research proven?

It terms of actual proof, very little.

To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on gathering observable and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. An essential element of proof is that it must be repeatable.

Using that criteria telepathic research fails to meet the level of proof, especially as a repeatable experiment.

That, however, does not indicate it does not exist.

Is there one among us who has not 'felt' someone staring at us, on a bus or plane perhaps?

Haven't we all had 'premonitions' of something going on with a friend or loved one, which turned out to be accurate?

Have you ever 'knew' what someone was thinking, before they said it aloud?

These are all phenomenon which have intrigued mankind since our early beginnings.

The positive influence of mastering telepathic ability on a personal level are intriguing and wondrous to contemplate, and have been a continuing source of scientific and personal research, but the military and political aspect are mind-boggling.

Because of that, various governments have a long history of research with varying degrees of success. Some of them continue surreptitiously while others have simply been abandoned.

In 1952, the CIA began Project Moonstruck. Electronic devices were designed to be implanted in the brain or teeth, surreptitiously or during abduction, with the specific goal of mind and behavior control.

In 1953 the Soviets reportedly began to delve into the biological effect of microwaves as early as 1953. A number of laboratories were set up across the Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe, including one at the Institute of Hygiene and Occupational Diseases Academy of Medical Sciences

That same year the CIA launched Project MK-ULTRA, also known as Project Artichoke, in which psychiatrists experimented with drugs, narcoleptic trance, electronics, and electroshock to create "cyborg" mentalities. The experiments involved "remote control" insofar as VHF, UHF and modulated ELF broadcasts were used for E.D.O.M. (Electronic Dissolution of Memory).

Early CIA funding provided the wherewithal for a project launched at Honeywell, Inc. for "a method to penetrate inside a man's mind and control his brain waves over long distance."

In 1960 the CIA launched MK-DELTA, known as "Deep Sleep," a remote mind control program focussed on fine-tuned, electromagnetic subliminal programming. Later the experiments expanded to include not just telepathy but also clairvoyance, bionics, dowsing, hypnotism and telekinesis. There were other studies and all geared to military use. The benefit of dowsing in military action actually became clear during the Vietnam conflict when the United States military forces used it to find the tunnels and caches of the Vietcong.

Both the United States and Russia studied telepathic messages as a back up method of communication for astronauts. While the Soviets first attempted the experiments, in 1971 Edgar Mitchell made 150 different attempts during the Apollo 14 mission (not authorized by NASA), to the moon to send his thoughts back to earth and reported a moderate success rate.

From 1965 through to 1970, the Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA), with up to 70-80% funding provided by the military, set in motion operation PANDORA to study the health and psychological effects of low intensity microwaves.
This project appears to have been quite extensive and included (under U.S. Navy funding) studies demonstrating how to induce heart seizures, create leaks in the blood/brain barrier and production of auditory hallucinations.
FOIA filings revealed memoranda of Richard Cesaro, Director of DARPA, which confirmed that the program's initial goal was to "discover whether a carefully controlled microwave signal could control the mind." Cesaro urged that these studies be made "for potential weapons applications."

While most research into the military applications is conducted under strict secrecy, it is commonly acknowledged that it continues to this day.

Results of these experiments have not been publicly disclosed.

So we are left to ponder if telepathy is an actual human ability, something only a few random people experience, or perhaps a 'sense' we need only develop.

1 http://aboutfacts.net/Science10.htm
2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telepathy
3 http://www.unexplainedstuff.com/Mysteries-of-the-Mind/ESP-Researchers-Telepathy.html


FROM:  http://stansjournal.com/site/index.php?page=news&type=view&id=history__mystery%2Fthe_paranormal&filter=9

RESEARCH IN RUSSIA  http://sm4csi.home.xs4all.nl/nwo/MindControl/amplified_mind_power_research_in_the_USSR.htm

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    www.greatdreams.com/planes/murder_by_plane_crash.htm - CachedSimilar
    These surveillance tapes are real and were made by undercover law enforcement, not the vast right-wing conspiracy elves Hillary whines about. ...

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