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Interestingly enough, this topic did start with a series of dreams and visions, but ended with a synchronicity the next night when Ken Johnson was interviewed by Jeff Rense on his evening show.  More on that in a few minutes.

First cones the  dreams      and visions

9-22-11 - dream and visions

 I was in a very large place with a lot of long hallways.  There was some kind of contest and the women won.  There prize was six bright red very long fish.
Red herrings?

I then dreamed about a place that seemed  more or less like a place like a  indoor fairgrounds with slides and mazes.  Again this was won by women.

I woke up and while I was thinking about this dream, I had a vision of a rusty bucket colored very large ship with several rows of red with copper or bronze torpedoes attached to the front.

I then heard a very loud telephone ring in my left ear and I mentally said, "I'm ready for a message."

The message that came was screamed in my ear  "GET OUT "

I was still laying in bed, trying to figure out what was going on with these women and I had another vision -  the words  DARK  MISSION

That is the name of Richard Hoagland's latest book about NASA.
You can find his website at:  htttp://www.enterprisemission.com

NOTE:  A couple of hours later, I was talking to my friend Daphne who is a channeler and she channeled a response to the dream.

she said this is about the END of the thrusting outward in a war-like fashion and in the future - thrusting should only be used for Christed energies.

She also said this is the end of the age of the warrinng Jehovah brought about by the Catholic ichurch.

Next she said, it is the ending of the I-Ching 23 and moving into the I-Ching 24


She also said its related to 88 (a chiming sound followed by 8

The number 888 is extremely important.

Joe Mason said, its the end of the warring attribute.

23. Po / Splitting Apart

above  KêN

below  LI

The dark lines are about to mount upward and overthrow the last firm, light 
line by exerting a disintegrating influence on it. The inferior, dark forces 
overcome what is superior and strong, not by direct means, but by 
undermining it gradually and imperceptibly, so that it finally collapses.

  The lines of the hexagram present the image of a house, the top line being 
the roof, and because the roof is being shattered the house collapses. The 
hexagram belongs to the ninth month (October-November). The yin power 
pushes up ever more powerfully and is about to supplant the yang power 

24. Fu / Return (The Turning Point)

above  K'UN

below  CHêN

The idea of a turning point arises from the fact that after the dark lines have 
pushed all of the light lines upward and out of the hexagram, another light 
line enters the hexagram from below. The time of darkness is past. The 
winter solstice brings the victory of light. This hexagram is linked with the 
eleventh month, the month of the solstice (December-January).


	RETURN. Success.

NOTE FROM DEE:  I mentioned this dream to several other people and one suggestion was that the red fish were HERRING' - (red herrings)  (question - connected to what?

In the book DARK MISSION? 

I still have4n't figured out what I'm supposed to GET OUT from.  That remains to be seen.

The following night I heard this interview of Ken Johnson by Jeff Rense ( http://www.rense.com  )


Since I heard that interview, I've talked with a dear friend who just happened to have worked with Ken Johnson and who is also a friend of his and knows him well.  She told me that back in the days of Apollo, she was in charge of the photographs at Boeing where the negatives were sent and she and others sat at a 'light-table' where the negatives were looked and they decided which ones to turn into photographs.  (This was way before cameras took digital photos for those of you who are too young to remember film cameras.  She said that they weren't expecting to see lights on the moon so any negative that had a white spot on it, they discard them.

Impersonally wanted to yell "WHAT"?  " loudly into the telephone when she told me that.  She said merely , "We just didn't know any better back then."  

During Ken's interview, he said he was equally stunned when he came across a woman working with the photographs who was airbrushing any white spots out of photos that made it onto her desk.  When he questioned her what she was doing, she said, "Our job is to airbrush out anything that the public can't handle"

Again, one wants to yell "WHAT?" LOUDLY IN DISBELIEF.  are WE THAT STUPID?

Well, some people obviously think we are.

Since I saw a large UFO slowly glide silently over my head in New Berlin, Wisconsin in 1960 and my neighbors told me about the UFOs they had seen that did similar things, I am not one of those stupid people.

See:  http://www.ufowisconsin.com/county/reports/r1960_0704_waukesha.html

My sister was a witness to that event, as was my husband and two children we had with us.  My sister remembers the events, but my husband doesn't and the kids were too young.

Since then, I met another woman who sighted the same UFO who said she was several miles north of where I was but unfortunately she has passed away recently and can no longer corroborate my report. 

Several people went to the local newspaper to get copies of articles we clearly remember having been published, since another UFO or one looking very similar had chased a UFO north up the coast of Lake Michigan the following day with a great number of people watching, but those articles were removed from the newspaper archives.

I guess they decided we were too stupid to handle that information as well.

But I NEVER forgot it and it changed my life, much to the dismay of my husband who never stopped trying to get me to forget it.  I still haven't.  I can see it in my mind's eye as clearly now as I saw it that day. and the following day as well, because I also saw that one.   I personally believe it dove into Lake Michigan to go into their underwater base there.

Several years later, I had a series of dreams about the location of the underwater base.

Here is the map:

wisconsin ufo nap

The lines on the map were drawn on this map over a 5 year period by someone in my dreams.  The dots out in the water are the entrances to the under water base.    The lines represent the flight path the UFOs follow to the base.

But, I have digressed, as this page is about the moon.  At least that's where I started to go with it..

Here are some pages I did previously

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    Those are just a few:

    Ken Johnson also said that he thought the beings who were inhabiting the moon were probably the Anunnaki.  He wasn't far from wrong.  They greys started going to the moon in 1908, but the Anunnaki who are currently alive no longer have their own transportation as the original Anunnaki who were the nasties were all killed off in a huge war on their own planet that goes around Sirius B.  The Anunnaki who are alive now are believers in total unconditional love and only act in that manner according to love, and that includes humanity.

    the current Anunnaki are aware that their ancestors had a hand in creating humans who no longer get along with the earth energies and are trying to help fix that.

    But here are the pages I did about them and how they were in the past:

    It is possible that the NEPHILIM written about in the Bible are the same beings.  They are the same size:  9 to 12 feet tall and they live over 500 years.    I could also tell you they love hot weather.  Because they have two suns their planet revolves around, their lowest temperature is 80 and their highest temperature is 130.  They rarely wear clothing except to protect themselves from the sun.   They live very pure lives - have no metal, they eat only vegetarian foods for the most part, though they do raise some very strange looking animals  -different than we do.  Their appendix works and the enzymes the appendix puts out digests raw meat.  For cooking they use the heat of the sun and the sun energies goes through crystalline rock to cook the food they don't eat raw.
    They also don't have any air pollution on their planet.  And their water is pure as well.

    Wouldn't you love to live in a place like that?

    But, back to the last word on the moon.  This will surprise most of you. 
    We no longer own the moon, if we can say we ever did.  The Elite of the world sold the moon to the greys and Anunnaki in august of 2011.  They had long contracts written in six languages.  It took 4 months to agree to what it said and every line in the contract was agreed to individually because it was written in so many languages.  It include English, Russian, Chinese, Islamic, the homeworlders language, and other - I believe it was probably Japanese.
    This was all done in one of the moon bases on the far side of the moon, with the elite of the world being picked up three days a week for months to get the work done so the homeworlders could get taken back to Sirius again and go back to their own lives on their planet.  They left two weeks ago.
    Besides that, the United States has issued no fly zones over the areas where we left flags when we were there because the Japanese, Russia, and China are still going up there to explore and the United States even bombed a crater looking for water recently.  I'm sure they got permission from the greys to do that.
    Whether we are now renting space from the greys or that was part of the agreement, I can't say as only the Elite of our world has seen it or has a copy o fit.

    I was wondering if my own personal acreage that I bought for $25 several years ago will be built on without me knowing about it.  Nobody asked my permission so far.  We actually bought 10 acres and I know lots of other people did too after the registered owner applied for rights to it from the United Nations.  How the United Nations was able to give permission to sell acreage I have no idea, but they did.

    So much for the moon.  All we can say is - "It's not made of green cheese!"







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