10-4-89 - Dreamed I was shown a U.S. ship that hadn't launched it's communication system's rocket and now it was too late.

Then I was in a school newpaper office for training. I was to pay attention to one woman in particular so I would know what not to do. She edged her articles in black and was extremely sarcastic.


11-23-89 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin in a school. I was a teacher and I was getting prepared to tell the students how many names I had and that would answer to any one of them.  A woman with me was going to press a button to launch her first ship and we were going to pray for her.  Then we went outside and we were casting a big bell.


12-1-89 Dream: I was protecting our shoreline from a Japanese man who was swimming in from a boat. I told him that he'd never get on our shores again and that he should got to the other shore. But he got past me anyway. Men threw rocks at him to stop him, but he reached the place where the stone tablets were being painted and tried to take them away. But when the stone tablets were pulled up, the painter turned around and he was left eyed and had painted both sides and there were holes in them.


12-19-89 - DREAM - I went around shutting off the basement lights and closing the curtains so as not to attract evil people.

I was sleeping on a ship underneath airplanes that were practicing shooting off their machine guns. I was told that the bullets gave off a gas that was heavier than air and could kill you, so I had to move and not sleep there.

I woke up thinking that I had dreamed about a snake and the color orange but could recall nothing.  I woke up thinking that I had dreamed about a lion and the color orange but could recall nothing.


12-19-89 - DREAM - I came home from work to find my husband talking to a priest dressed in blue. The priest was relating a dream to my husband that showed that when he went past a church with concave windows, each window had an outline of a woman's face with a light that shown where each cheekbone was and a light where the corners of her mouth would be and a hint of a line where the mouth was smiling and as he saw each window like that, we would hear a single bell ring.

I overheard him tell the dream, but he didn't know that I had. I walked in and told the two men about a dream that my Father had. It was identical to the priest's dream and then I added that the dream meant that the woman in the window meant that he belonged to Christ.

The priest was so pleased that he beamed me a smile that made me fall instantly in love with him.

I needed to change clothes and as I went upstairs, I asked my son to straighten up the livingroom which had gotten messed up from playing in it. My son grumbled but the priest reminded him that it was his duty as a son to be helpful and the priest set about to help also.

I thought to myself, "Oh my God! what a catch for a husband he would make. He would be perfect." And I fell more in love with him.

I went upstairs to change into a two piece dress that was both demure and sexy at the same time.

There was a woman upstairs who was composite...my daughter, my sister, my friend Sandy, and my reflection in the mirror it seemed. She had wild two toned hair, black and white and when I brushed my hair, she was my reflection in the mirror and her hair became like a ship at sea on top. I decided I would dye my hair to a pale brown because it wasn't fitting for a priest to be with a woman with wild looking hair.

Then I went downstairs to cook supper, deciding to make spaghetti, corn on the cob, and sliced tomatoes with sugar. My husband assured me that the corn in our own garden was perfect for harvest right at that moment.

I went out into the backyard and the priest was laying face down on our hammock resting. He was naked from the waist up and had on a long blue skirt. He had a birthmark on his right side so I knew he wasn't perfect and I fell more in love with him.

I watched the men play badminton and cook together and play with the kids and I fell more in love with the priest.

I stood on the sidelines, watching the priest at play and fell more in love. I said to my sister/daughter/friend with a secret smile on my face, "things are going exactly as they should."

She agreed and smiled too.


5-10-90 Dream: I and a man were in narrow canoes, skimming along the ocean's edge, along the shore. The water was a little choppy but we went along smoothly. He was admiring me for being able to handle the boat so well, but I had to admit that if the water got really rough I didn't know if I could handle the boat so well.

We landed at the edge of a mountain and disembarked. As we climbed the hill, I told him that as high as the mountain looked, the base of it was way deep in the ocean.


3-29-90 Meditation:

Q. Tell me about the year 1997.

A. I saw Donald Trump with a blonde on either side of him. A voice said, "I don't know the name of the boat, but it is magic."

NOTE: Donald Trump divorced his first blonde wife, married another one, and divorced her.


8-18-90 - Randy's dream  - I was with my wife and child at a hospital in San Francisco. The building was right at the edge of the ocean. I walked outside onto a dock or wharf over the water. There were many, many Navy ships all over the sea. I was frightened, a war was about to happen. I looked up and saw five airplanes very high up, flying in a "V" formation. The lead airplane had a huge bomb dangling below it. I thought it was a nuclear bomb. I ran for the hospital door, just as the bomb was dropped. I glanced back and saw all the Navy ships going in reverse over the horizon. I rejoined my family. We and the others in the hospital looked out the windows and saw great winds blowing back and forth, carrying debris along with it. The brick walls of the hospital bowed in under the pressure. Then we saw a gigantic tidal wave coming right toward us. The wave broke all of the windows, and a dead boy fell in. But instead of water, a green, jelly-like substance came in through the windows.


9-1-90 - I was laying in bed with my eyes closed, but awake. I could see myself in my 16th St. house. A silver man came in the front door carrying a tall silver ship. He said, "Regarding the tall sailing ship, there will be an explosion on board within the next 30 days.

NOTE:  The H.M.S. Rose which is a tall sailing ship came to town in the harbor but I never heard anything about an explosion. When it left town, I couldn't follow the news of where it went.


2-21-91 - Dream: I was at my wedding and the gifts were being opened. We received three -$10 bills. I looked at the green bills and each one said -10 on the front. I was quite surprised to get so little. I was shown a list of gifts actually given by the relatives. After each name was a greeting like Hello or Hi or How Are You with the name of the gift and it's monetary value. The list was: "tank" = 0 , warship = 0, anti-aircraft = 0, airplane = 0, etc. On a second sheet was the list of three people and each one had given me a -$10 bill. At the gift giving time the carpeting was red. I was rather surprised at this meager list of gifts but I realised that the people were poor and that is all they could afford. I was called up to a little stage with a microphone to see if there were any more gifts and there were none left to be given and I looked at the carpeting again and it was now pure white.


9-17-91 - Dream: There were 200 celebrities in all walks of public life on a ship called , "The Time Ship". The boat had begun shipping water. I saw the roster of names but could not remember them.

NOTE: The rate of deaths among celebrities seemed to be at an all time high rate after that. But maybe I was just noticing it more.


11-3-91 - "Queen Diana Dream " - I went to a Diana Ross concert in San Jose. We had seats nearly on stage, by her backup vocals. Driving there in a carful of people at night, it's a long way on San Jose city streets. We wait awhile, then Diana Ross comes out, in a Polynesian costume. But as soon as she does, we leave to go for a ride in someone's car and smoke a jay. As we're doing this I saw I want to go back! We do go back, and now it's Sunday, the next day after the concert, and we're totally backstage with Diana Ross. She speaks to us, knows who we are. We shop together for a minute at a thrift store. She wears her hair short, straight, and blonde as a disguise. We go in a side door to the concert stage. She has me take an armful of clothes to her dressingroom. I see a few women, who look at me and talk. I climb a few stairs and enter the dressingroom area. A table with people checking backstage passes has someone I know sitting there. I hear his conversation about how long it takes him to come this far and he lies a little to shorten the distance and minimize it. He worked yesterday too. I go back into a wide hallway, then through a doorway into an enclosed room. From this room there's a secret chute through a small trap door at the bottom of the wall. I squeeze through the slide down one section of a wide slide, with others doing the same thing. Lights flash as we slide, examining us, even our bowel contents as no shit can come back here. At the bottom we all get on a boat to go through a swampy area. There's a lot of talk between the people on the boat, including me. I see Diana in front of me. She has 6 or 7 women around her. I take a mental picture of her facing toward me with all her "loyal subjects" in silhouette. I feel good being here and being close to Diana.

Interpretation by Joe Mason : The "shit" (pardon my French!) may compare to a ticket building looking like an outhouse. This is an important type of symbolism to me, which appears often in various forms. I think it can be a play on the "food-for-thought" symbolism. These thoughts/beliefs have been consumed and digested, and all the nutrients removed. It is time to dump them.

The meaning of the ticket or pass in the Diana dream  where she took the ticket and went underground; I would think that taking the ticket shows that we choose to come to the land of Maya, and are not forced to do so.

In one of my theories about the Bible, this is expressed in Daniel 9:27, where a covenant is made with many for one week, and for half of the week . . . something negative happens. The "covenant" is like a contract or agreement, or like taking a ticket.

In the theory, this refers to the seven chakras, and the critical midpoint of 3 and 1/2. It is the point between the lower three chakras and the Heart chakra. I spoke of it in this article:


Notice too, that the Hopi myth has three chambers underground before the fourth step to the surface.

Diana is the Roman Artemis. She is the moon goddess and twin of Apollo. She is associated with a triple goddess symbolism, one of which is Hecate, who is of "Hell." I then remembered that Diana Ross was one of the three singers of "The Supremes."

I thought of it again recently when Princess Diana was killed in the underground pass. They say it was once a Pagan place of worship to the goddess Diana. And I loved it when they started calling her "The Queen of Hearts."

The woman who had the Diana dream reported another one about the same time. In that dream, she saw a house in a barren valley. There was a pole next to it that showed high-water markers. She could see that it flooded every once in a while. She said something about it representing her stressful state of mind at the time, and that a flood was coming on.

Some dreams, have more of a Noah/Pisces type of flooding. In any case, my guess is that it is about the change to a new age.


2-11-92 - DREAM - I was walking around out in New Berlin with flower pots embedded in my knees with hundreds of plant growing in them. I didn't think that was unusual until I noticed that other women weren't like that. They had smooth knees and beautiful legs.

A car went by with four young guys and they whistled at me, so I knew that my legs weren't ugly. My daughter said that she knew those guys and they had a speed boat and a red motorcycle and someday she was going to get rides from them. I told her, "You already did, don't you remember?"

Then a woman from my house gave me a gold key and told me that at a certain time, a phone call was going to come in to the house across the street and I was supposed to go across the street, open the door, answer the phone, and tell the people what was going on with their house while they were out of town.  

I took the key, and headed for the door. I was barefoot and still had the flower pots embedded in my knees full of plants. The other woman started to follow me. I said, "What! Is the whole world going with me?" They said, "No! Just us!"

I continued across the street, but didn't go into the house. I met some other people on the street. One woman said that she wanted to go next door where they were having an open house. It was a school. I went with her and saw that they were teaching, not regular education classes, but management courses, self-esteem courses, self-improvement classes. I was walking up and down the aisles, looking at the displays and hoping that nobody recognized me, because I knew all the teachers. I had a small notebook in my hand, and on the first page was written a note..."Point Five: Winter Depression." I thought to myself, "Maybe I should take a class."

I sat on a chair with the other woman, looking at my knees and thinking that I should pull out all the plants as I would like to be like everybody else and sign up for a class. I walked around to the other aisle to pick out a class, but they had put everything away for the day and it was too late. I went and sat down on the chair next to the woman again. It was 5 o'clock p.m. and I'd have to wait another day.

Then my painter from JVII came in, hollering and protesting, "They made me come here and I didn't want to. They'd better make this worthwhile."

I woke up to find out it was exactly 5 a.m.


3-9-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin and we had a tester in the house and the potentiometer had gotten weak. There was one on sale at the drug store for $1.40 and Edward (my husband) volunteered to go get it. Somehow I became Edward and as I went north on Calhoun Rd. to National Ave., I saw a huge 3 masted blue boat going east along the road. Lining the road were tall poles with extensions on them with flags waving and it sounded like gunfire.

The next thing I knew, I was laying alongside the road on National Ave. and the blue boat was east of Calhoun Rd. being accompanied by hundreds of men. I didn't know how long I had been laying alongside the road or how I had gotten there, but I knew I had to get the potentiometer and get home.

There was an old woman who lived in a house where I was laying and she had a red blanket laying in a square covered up with plastic. I yanked the blanket out from under the plastic and rolled it up into a bedroll. She called the police to catch me, but I outsmarted them and headed cross fields instead of by road. I ran as fast as I could, going over, under, and through fences the best way I could. Every one of them had an electrified strand across the top, which was demonstrated by a dark haired woman who tested hers by spitting at it from yards away and delighting herself in her accuracy to see the spit fly up in a hissing stream when it hit the wire.

The cops were determined to catch me, but I eluded them and even when I crossed the roads between Racine Ave. and Calhoun Rd. they couldn't catch me.

I was now Dolores again and I came to a finely plowed field just north of my house and met my neighbors from across the street.

I was using a ballpoint pen and writing my life story, using the rows of plants as lines like on a tablet. However, when I wanted to show my neighbors what I had written, it didn't show up. We looked closer and saw that when the dew glistened in sparkling droplets on the lines of lettering in the new sunlight, we could make out the lines, but I knew I'd have to write it out in longhand on yellow legal paper and then type it up on the computer for anyone to be able to read it. I finally got home then and a friend had been kind enough to loan me a potentiometer for my tester and it was working fine again.


11-12-93 - DREAM - I was out in the country and watched a man take off in a small airplane and come down again on a big lake as a boat and water ski. We were amazed. I was with Tom and Becky at the time. I had seen the man before and knew how he did it. I took Tom and Becky to the lake and surprised them because I could walk on water. I then took them out on the lake and we were all walking on the water. They wanted to know how it was being done. I saw there was a gigantic baby blanket just under the water. I told them we were being upheld. We crossed the lake and the man with the boat was there standing waist deep in the water. I wondered why he was waist deep and I was on top of the water. I saw that he wasn't on the baby blanket, he was off the edge. I looked into the water there and saw there was a deep drop off. The water was clear and I could see so far down. I knew I couldn't walk on the water where I wasn't being upheld, so I turned around and walked back across the lake on the baby blanket and was upheld all the way.


11-12-93 - DREAM - I was out in the country and watched a man take off in a small airplane and come down again on a big lake as a boat and water ski. We were amazed. I was with Tom and Becky at the time. I had seen the man before and knew how he did it. I took Tom and Becky to the lake and surprised them because I could walk on water. I then took them out on the lake and we were all walking on the water. They wanted to know how it was being done. I saw there was a gigantic baby blanket just under the water. I told them we were being upheld. We crossed the lake and the man with the boat was there standing waist deep in the water. I wondered why he was waist deep and I was on top of the water. I saw that he wasn't on the baby blanket, he was off the edge. I looked into the water there and saw there was a deep drop off. The water was clear and I could see so far down. I knew I couldn't walk on the water where I wasn't being upheld, so I turned around and walked back across the lake on the baby blanket and was upheld all the way.


12-18-93 - DREAM - T.M. and I were on a huge yellow bus with some children. We were watching them and disciplining them when necessary.  We went to 20th St. school and there I met E.R. and a woman named Shirley. They appeared as they did 30 or 40 years ago. They knew each other and I was told that E.R. should research a book about the historical Indians. I later saw a reed long boat canoe in regards to this project he should work on.


10-9-94 - DREAM - I was in an old building somewhere and there were two huge wooden doors on a slanted wall between two rooms. They were very plain with wood veneer on them which was cracked and peeling. Some conversation went on (can't remember). Then I went over to the door and peeled off the veneer. Beneath the veneer was two gorgeous hand carved oak doors. I said, "My Father gave me these door." I turned around and they were up on a shelf in storage. This surprised me and I reached up to get them down from the shelf. I pulled down two paintings which were of a family. One picture was just of a family, Mother, Father and three kids. The other picture was of the family being swept into the water in a boating accident.

I explained the pictures this way. "These doors came from an antique store in Michigan from a house that was torn down after this whole family was killed in a freak racing water accident at a mill stream."

NOTE: I felt that these two doors were to be purchased in Michigan and were intended to be put into our new community center in Washington State.


Dream Ghosts- Date of Dream 03/25/98 - I dreamed I was water skiing and I noticed there were old posts sticking out of the water where piers had been previously. I remember thinking they were dangerous. Suddenly I was no longer skiing but under the water and sitting there with no scuba equipment or anything. I saw two bloody men sitting there too and I asked them what they were doing. They had a bucket with them and I knew they had murdered someone. I was very scared. Then as quickly as I had come out of the boat, I was back in the boat. Suddenly one of the ghostly men leaned over out of the sky in my face and said, "How many pounds of crawfish do you want?" I screamed and woke up.

NOTE: Comments by Dreamer I don't even eat crawfish!!!!  by anonymous

xxxx Interpretation - If you wish to expand your research on this particular dream I would recommend that you get the book "Origins and History of Consciousness" by E.Neumann from page 141 to 147 or so... where you will read the full meaning of those old posts. Actually, those "Old Posts" are Totems, and their phenomena is of great importance for the development of heaven and the world of man.(p.144) The Totem is partly a Spiritual Father, and deals with the second birth, of a new generation through the masculine spirit, which is usually accompanied by the inoculation of secret doctrines, ancestral knowledge, and cosmic lore, in order to sever all ties with the purely familial existence of the immature. (P.144) The Totem is an ancestor, in the sense of a Spiritual Founder, rather than a progenitor. He is a "Numinosum"... which has "Mana", works magic and is taboo, and must be approached with considerable ceremony. (p.145) Also, when you see those posts, tell yourself that this is a sign of an important "personal revelation" of God... (p.145) and you are quite right to feel that this is dangerously powerful. And then you say that you find yourself underneath the water, and there are two men in there with a bucket... Well! this is an indication that, in the past, someone "Kicked the Bucket" and was given a special treatment. Now, these two men were known in the past as "Hypnos" and "Thanatos"... "Sleep and Death"...and they are the "Death Messengers" or the assistants of the Lord of Death. They took you down there in order to revive some memories. In this life, they speak english...so perhaps, you can give them new names...such as Buoy... or "Bob", and "Rick" Ricochet ... and in any case they are the fishermen of the Styx... a cool infernal region located between Hells Gate and the real Infernos. In any case, them two good guys are not murderers, they are the warders of Hell...and the following are a few extracts from "Buddhism and Lamaism of Tibet" p.89 to 93. "Not in the Heavens, not in the midst of the Sea, not if thou hidest thyself in the clefts of the Mountains wilt thou find a place where thou canst escape the force resulting from thy evil actions." (Dharma-pada, 127)... says the Lord of Death, the Judge who holds the Mirror which reveals the soul in all its nakedness. "Through the states of transmigration does the power of our actions lead us. A life in Heaven awaits the Good."... and the warders of Hell drag the wicked in front of Hades who says... "Did you not when on Earth see some of the Divine Messengers, you know Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Elijah...Marduk and etcetera... who were sent to warn you?" And the Wicked answers "Yes, I did see them." "Did you not when on Earth see, the child, the old man, the sick, the criminal suffering punishment, and the dead corpse?" And the Wicked answers "Yes, I did see them." "And didst thou not think within thyself: "I am also subject to birth, old age, and death. Let me be careful to do good works."?" And the Wicked answers "I did not, Sir; I neglected in my folly to think of these things." Then the King pronounces his/her doom: "These thy evil deeds are not the work of thy mother, father, relatives, friends or advisers. Thou alone hast done them all; thou alone must gather the fruit." And the Warders of Hell drag the Wicked to the place of torment... and the place that you saw is known as "Sanjiva"="Again Revived" Here the wretches are cut and torn to pieces and then re-united and revived only to suffer the same process repeated "ad infinitum" throughout the period spent in this hell... which is better known as the Purgatory... by the Christian Faithful. The restoration of the body, in order to subject it to fresh torture, is an essential part of the process in all Hells. The (immortal spiritual) body when thoroughly mangled is restored and the torture applied afresh, so that the agony never ceases. "Because our wounds heal ever and anon, Ere we appear before the fiend again." (Dante, Canto xxviii,36) For your info, this place is visited by fraudulent trustees, some types of murderers like ignorant physicians who killed their patients and tyrants of all kinds. Regardless, Hypnos and Thanatos, are described as Winged Genies, who can put to sleep Mortals with their magic wand or rip the guts out of their victims with their shadowy wings... and by the way, Hypnos has a son by the name of Morpheus, who is the God of Dreams! Finally, you are put back on top of the water, and this time in the boat... and one of the two comes back from above and says... "How many pounds of crawfish do you want?" The term "Crawfish" means a few things, and as it may represent some food...meant for the soul... it is also a verb which means to pull back... to return on your steps. So, the dual meaning of this warning is ... "how many proofs of the past do you want"... and drive your boat towards where you came from.


9-19-97 - Dream: I dreamed I had to go pick up Joe at the airport but it was too early so I was going to clean the kitchen. I found some bakery on the table and decided to eat a piece. I ate the whole thing and then wondered why I wasn't getting an asthma attack. I then remembered you can't get an asthma attack from eating something in a dream.. (smile)

A black boy came walking through the room. I asked, "What are your doing in here?" He said, "Just checking." I told him, "Please leave!" and escorted him to the door, which I then closed and locked. I turned the key back and the light went on. I could see that a glass panel in the wall next to the door, a black man was coming down the steps.

I went back to the kitchen to finish cleaning, then decided to go to the library. When I got to the library there were some shocked people there. A man came in wearing shorts. A Jewish Comedian with a big bushy beard walked over to him wearing only blue jockey shorts and began doing a sexual bump and grind against him. (I was told the comedian's name and I recognized him, but can't remember now) I asked the woman in charge what that was alla bout. She said, "Just to get rid of the guy in the shorts. (It was pretty disgusting to see)

I was driven then by B.G. (my old painter who always wore white) . We went into a white car and we followed a big blue truck. We made a couple right turns through narrow lanes, crossed three lanes of traffic and made another right turn, went through a white tunnel and came out on what looked like a ship's deck. It was partly cloudy, but the moon was shining down through the clouds and the stars were shining. It was beautiful.

I had to cross a water channel then to get back to the library. The water in the channel was really high and the bottoms of my feet got wet walking on the slats that was the walkway. Actually, the slats were giving way on the edges and I knew I was probably going to be the last person to cross.

I went into the library and up the stairs and went over to the corner where they had women's crafts. I sat in a chair and looked at some books. I recognized the pictures of some book covers and knew I had them all already. I looked at some embroidery kits which were for sale. I liked them but decided they were too expensive and not worth it.

One was $2.97. I decided not to take them and fell asleep in the chair. when I woke up it was 7 p.m. on the clock. I said, "Oh, my god! I forgot to get Joe, and I'm late." I panicked because I had to go East to get him and I had to cross town to do it.

I ran for the stairs down to the first floor and picked up my son to take him with me. I carried him down the steps and when I saw I was at the wrong doorway, I started going back up the steps to the library again. I started laughing, saying "When you're an actress, you sometimes forget where you are."

I woke up to the telephone ringing and saw it was exactly 7 a.m. and I didn't immediately know where I was either.


10-23-97 - VOICE - "Here he is again. Cardinal Bethke, Jr."

#2 - VISION - The letters TWA were in the upper left hand corner of the vision. The exploded into a black circle. Several men dressed in black ocean swim rescue suits were on boats on the right bottom.


11-26-97 - VISION - I saw a large priest standing by my bed dressed in a black cassock with a white shirt.

I then saw what looked like a scene in older Rome bathed in sunshine. The people were dressed in old fashioned clothing.

I saw a scene where I was in a stadium. There were a couple people way up in the top seats, but the main people were sitting at a black rectangular table with a director sitting in front of them explaining to them what the next step would be in the activities to follow.

After I took the next medication I saw: all in white stone: A seed or egg divided into two. These two were male and female and each evolved separately, but side by side and the faces morphed as they developed and got closer to me. Each time they morphed, they kissed each other, then morphed into another couple and morphed again and kissed again, and morphed and kissed, etc. It seemed to show a single egg (spirit) evolving through time and reincarnation, but always separate but together, coming together time after time through incarnations.

I saw a belt-like thing divided into sections. The bottom section started moving off to the left, then the second row, then, the 3rd row, etc. Eventually, they were all moving left until by the end, I was trying to hang onto the last section.

I had many other scenes cartoonish of no particular story, just little faces and characters.  

I saw a scene where there was a white building. On each side of the building were words printed in rainbow colors. The building spun slowly around to show me all 4 sides. (I had just watched One Life to Live). On side #1, I saw "ONE", side #2 had "LIFE", side #3 had the number "2", and I expected side four to have the word LIVE, but it wasn't there, so I asked the building to spin around gain to show me side four once more. Again I saw ONE, LIFE, 2 but there was no LIVE.

(I don't know what this means. I'm guessing it means Joe and Me (2) make ONE LIFE.

I was listening to the news on T.V. about Iraq and while they were talking, I was seeing hundreds of Iranians and Iranian war tanks, etc. in a parade, moving thru a city and cheering.

I again closed my eyes and saw a man on my right. He spread a map out in front of me. Here and there I could see bright orange stars. It seemed like clouds in the background, but they were clouds of stars. He said it was the galaxy. It just kept expanding and expanding and expanding and expanding.

A man sat on my right and a woman came and sat by my left side. A sign said, THIS IS YOUR MOTHER. It was Cary Loose.

A chemist stood in front of me pouring some chemicals. He said, "I just turned pollution into water. "The bottle of water was green lime color and glowing.

I was with two men who were betting on when eternity ended. NOW or within 7 years. The bet was 90 cents. Then someone threw a ball into the air and it kept going until we couldn't see it anymore.

I saw the web files of Jeroen Pickard at PUFORI. They were opened up to me to add to. I said, "What is the point of writing my own stuff for you to publish. Then YOU get the credit. I closed all the files.

I saw the huge green mountainous landscape and a shape like a boat rocking. I felt like this was Noah's Ark and they were showing me where it was. The scene was shifting over ....panning right. Then there was a long flat space with grass over it. That was the top of the ship covered over with thousands of years of soil and grass. It continued panning right and there was a letter written there. I was able to scan the bottom words. It was signed, "Blessings! Rose McGregory - Christian Mystic."


12-11-97 - DREAM - The baby returned. The baby is only 2" long. I've been dreaming about him a long time...many years and he never gets any bigger.

In this dream, we were in my 16th St. house and I heard my baby making noises in the living room. As I went through the diningroom to the livingroom to find him, I could hear the baby crawling from the livingroom, thru the hallway, into the kitchen. When I got back to the kitchen, the baby raised up his left foot to show me his left foot. He was wearing a white bootie with a light blue sock under it. I pulled them off and saw that his little toes were crunched inside the sock and were purple from lack of circulation. He wriggled his toes and laughed, delighted to be free of the bootie and socks. He then perched on top of a persons sole of their foot on his belly ...perfectly balanced. (I don't know whose foot it was.) I sat there wondering if he was ever going to grow or if he'd always be that size. meanwhile the baby was cooing and laughing.  

NOTE: After I woke up, I was thinking about the baby with my eyes closed and I slipped into a vision. In the vision, I asked what the little baby was for. I was told by the dream that the baby was there to bring messages. I then saw two large pieces of drawing paper and a hand reached out to pull the bottom piece out from underneath. On it was a sketch of a ship on the ocean. The dream voice said, "Just wait until John Lennon's sketches come out...Oh! Man!"

NOTE - Yoko Ono just came out with a book of sketches.


Dream: 12-7-97

l was swimming in the ocean etc, then was on the boat sunning, and while looking at the clouds, l saw a whole lot of little ones moving all in one direction, l knew then that they were ships, on the boat were two young boys who were beamed up, then l was beamed up, now at this stage there was a loss of time, cause when l became aware again, l was in a room on the ship by myself, and l knew they were Pleiadians and l knew they were taking me to a safe house, l looked out the round window and saw we were moving just a few feet above ground...

Then it stopped and l got out and there were three Pleiadians waiting for me at this house, two men and a women, they were all older than me, and one was very familiar a English TV actor....

We had a meal, then l looked out the window and saw heaps of little ships buzzing about looking like ships, and l said can everyone see them, and they said no.... not yet..

l awoke feeling very happy that at last l had been beamed up...and l asked Metatron what it all meant, he said "it was a test run" so that test run was ascension of spirit, and the next one will be both body and spirit....

Well that is it, l have had lots of dreams of ships but have never been beamed up before, so that was a major step for me..

by Karen



Subj: Missing time/days

Date: 97-12-07 12:12:51 EST

From: dreamlink@dream-link.org (Bryon Smith)

Missing Time December 7, 1997

This is a strange dream the likes of which I canít recall. As it goes I found myself and my wife setting in the van in someoneís driveway near a lake. The driveway was steep and went down to the water like a boat ramp. It was a a gravel driveway but went to dirt after it passed the two buildings one on each side. The peopleís house was to the left on stilts over the water and their boat dock was covered and right in front of us on the water.

I looked at my wife who was behind the wheel & with a rather surprised expression asked her where we were. She just looked around as did I for a few moments and she said we were on a trip around the gulf coast and we were headed home. I looked at my watch and it was the 10th. I suddenly looked in the back of the van for Augustís little cage and it wasnít there. I asked my wife where August was and she said the last she remembered was that I gave him and something else to a widow women back down the road on the 3rd or 4th. I told her "Itís the 10th" and she just looked at me with a surprised expression. "Itís the 10th and we have several days missing time." Then I told her "I would never give August away to someone else I would rather turn him loose somewhere where I know where he is and that I can go see him sometimes." Then she said "none of this makes sense to me." As we talked little by little the memories just before the missing time came back to us. I remembered the women, I remembered where she lived and I remembered the last place we where as we drove down the highway just before the missing time.

The next thing I knew the van changed into my 1970 white Dodge Charger R/T. I got behind the wheel and noticed the people who lived in that place standing around looking at us and talking. They were older people and looked a bit confused as to who we were and why we were parked in their driveway. Instead of backing out I pulled forward to the right and was going to turn around and by the time I realized there wasnít room to turn around I was in a fix where I had no other choice but to try. I was telling myself I should have just backed out but it was too late now. I had to try to turn around and drive out. All the while these old folk watched us from their porch. When I backed up toward the house to get pointed into the driveway again the car started to slide and I hit the breaks. It felt as if they were only working about half way but then again it also felt like the tires were sliding in mud or on the dirt. The next thing I knew we were sliding off into the water under these old peopleís porch. When the water came up to my door I opened it and told my wife to bail out. I locked the breaks, killed the engine and put it in gear. Then I also bailed out and climbed up on the bank. There was my car setting there with itís entire back half in and under water and the front engine half still on the land. The old man who lived there came up to me and asked whatís going on and I told him and asked him for help to get it out. He asked me what I had in mind and I said "get your tractor and we can pull it out." He looked around and some of his friends had gathered there and he talked to them. The next thing I knew they all got around it and we literally pushed the car out of the water and back up into the driveway.

My wife and I got in and we drove back up onto the highway. As time went by I recalled more of the events, I remembered the number 121 as if it was an address where August had been left, and told my wife what I could remember but that still didnít explain where we had been for 3 or 4 days or how we ended up where we were or the events that lead up to these things. Like me giving my favorite pet away to a total stranger is not like me at all. Especially since people have all ready tried to buy him from me for money and I refused. It was only a few miles to the ladyís house and I sent my wife in to get August. The women gave him back and when my wife handed him to me he was smiling at me. I never saw a squirrel smile before but this little guy was so happy to see us that he was actually smiling. As we pulled back out on the road I said "now we have to find out what happened to us."


Interpetation by Joe Mason

Missing Time December 7, 1997

As usual, I looked at this dream for possible bigger meanings. It is a bit of a stretch, perhaps, but here goes -

I believe I mentioned before that the vehicle symbol is very ancient. It was called "vehana" in Sanskrit. In the Upanashads, the chariot is used as a metaphor. The intellect is the charioteer, the reins are the mind, the horses are the senses, and the rider is the (Higher) Self.

Blavatsky spoke of the vehicle symbolism in "Isis Unveiled," vol. 2. The four arms and head of the Hindu deities have a similar meaning, involving the four-fold unfoldment of creation. In those traditions, the One Deity becomes dual, Father and Mother. The Father aspect conceives (or dreams) the concept (The Word), and this implants the seed into the womb of the Mother aspect. She then gives birth, or generates the creation, as the Logos, or Son (or child). This is showing the Sakti (Feminine aspect) as being the "Vehana" - vehicle.

She also said it compares with Noah's Ark, which has four cheribum, two at each end, and with Ezekiel's Wagon, which has four wheels. The Kabalistic word for it is the Merkabah, which means four-wheeled chariot.

This is a major symbol, in my theory, about the great earth changes. I cannot explain it briefly, but I hope to make it clear on our web pages. Part of the symbolism is that mankind has been in a type of vehicle in this age, and the vehicle will change in the new age. It may or may not apply to your dream, but you did change vehicles. Your wife being the driver of the van may be a clue, suggesting the feminine aspect. You became the driver of the new vehicle. A possible meaning is that the feminine side (intuitive, dreaming) is guiding things now, and that the male (rational mind) will take over. The name "Charger" may be significant, perhaps indicating a more aggressive or fast "vehicle."

The water can indicate the age we are in, Pisces (as does Noah's Ark, according to Blavatsky). It can also represent the unconscious or spirit realm, I believe. This may fit togeter in a way . . . the idea being that in this age we are partly in the unconscious realm, such as when we sleep and dream. One theory is that we are unconscious co-creators in this cycle, and in the next we will learn to be conscious co-creators. This fits, I think, with the female/male driver change.

The 3 or 4 days may fit into the 3 1/2 theory. This is found universally as the mid-point of seven. It's in several forms in the Bible, such as the 3 1/2 days in Revelation 11:11, and the "half of the week" in Daniel 9:27. It refers to a critical point in the time cycle, which I belive is related to the chakra system. The fourth "day," or step, is the Heart chakra level. In my theory this is what Ezekiel's Wagon represents, the Logos of mankind at the Heart chakra level of consciousness evolution.

Your squirrel, August, and the "10," could suggest the day before an important date, August 11. It is big in the crop circle story, for example. Many of the most important formations have appeared on that date since 1991. Some other odd things and coincidences have happened on that date. August 11, 1999 is another key date. There will be a total solar eclipse over England, where most the crop formations have appeared. It is expected to begin at 11:11 exactly. At that time, the planets will be aligned in a "Grand Cross," pointing to Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These are said to be the same signs represented in Ezekiel's vision of the "Wagon."

(ox, lion, eagle, and man. Scorpio was at one time an Eagle). They were the points of the solstices and equinoxes in the age of Taurus.

Dee dreamed of a dog chasing a squirrel a few days ago. It ran to the roof of a house. I told her about the Nordic Yerggessel (spelling?) Tree. At the top is a double-headed eagle and a double-headed hawk. Down at the roots are serpents, a dragon, and the Norns of Fate (past, present and future) spinning and weaving. The squirrel runs up and down the trunk of the tree from top to bottom. He is said to be the communicator between the upper and lower realms. The Tree is also associated with one's consciousness.

To me, this fits pretty well. The idea is that our "squirrels" have been missing in the time cycle, meaning that our communication system has been severly hampered. Recovering our squirrels will correct the problem.

The number 121 is 11 x 11, so that may be another clue.

Again, it is a stretch, but who knows


12-18-97 - DREAM - I was in the backyard of an apartment building and some young people wanted to have a party, but we were worried about the noise. I saw the building next door overlooking the yard where we were sitting and advised them, "The best way to avoid complaints is to invite everyone to your party and if they don't come, they have nothing to complain about."

I went to a warehouse type setting where some mail was being sorted. There was a problem with it, and it was laying on the floor waiting for me to deal with it.

I went across the street where there was a restaurant. It had many square tables in it, but wasn't open yet. There was a waitress there and I was going to help her clean up before the people came in, but I didn't want the owner woman to see me. So, I went one aisle over and when I looked up, there was the owner at the end of the aisle. I just went about picking up little rubber toys and put them inside the bottom of an octangonal brown table. I went back to the warehouse, picked up the mail, then went outside to where the river was. I got into a speed boat with a young girl and another person...a man I think. We sped along upstream which actually seemed uphill as well. I sat in the middle of the boat holding onto the belt of the young girl who sat in the prow of the boat smiling ear to ear. It was my job to keep her from falling out of the boat.


1-8-98 -NOTE: This dream was so real, I still can't believe it was a dream.

DREAM: I was working on the computer, then laid in the bed while Joe got ready for work. Joe left for work and I went back to sleep. Suddenly, Joe was home again and asked him why he wasn't working. He sad he had gotten to work and felt like being with me and making love, so he made an excuse and came back home just to do that. He got a little penlight because the light was low in the room and used it to look at my nipples in foreplay. I looked at my nipples too with him, and it was such a turn-on to look at them so closely with the light while he touched them. Then be began more serious foreplay and I told him I wanted to go the bathroom and wash up a little, so I went to the bathroom and there was someone sleeping there on a little bed. I managed to get the washrag wet and soaped but felt the need to be in private to wash, so left the bathroom to find privacy. Everywhere I went in the room was another person, either sleeping or awake and I couldn't find anywhere to be alone.

I saw a little fish tank with a fake tree in it and it seemed to have bluebirds sitting in it's branches. The bluebirds both hopped and swam in the water being both bird and fish. they were so beautiful, I was mesmerized by them. The tree morphed into a white boat shape or there was another fish tank next to it and there were lines of bluebird fish swimming through this tank and it felt like love and the feeling of love came over me.

I finally got to the kitchen in my16th St. house. (This might be a separate dream) It was more like an office than a kitchen. there were several women there. It wasn't quite 9a.m. yet so we were talking about hairdos. One of them knew how to cut hair so we started talking about cutting hair.

I looked in the mirror and I was wearing a big, tall, pouffy dark wig of curls and the other woman said they loved my hair that way. One of the other secretaries came in on her way to her upstairs office. She was wearing a semi-short white lace wedding dress which was draped with lace on one side, white stockings, and flatheeled shoes.

I thought to myself, "maybe that's how you should dress when you work for the President." She left and went upstairs and the rest of us went back to talking about hair cutting. One of the other girls decided to have her hair cut too.

Another woman came in then, wearing along white wedding gown. She had gotten married the day before and wanted us to see her dress. We admired her dress and then as she was leaving, another woman came in, also wearing a wedding gown she wanted us to see. She wanted to know what we did in the office, and she sat down on a couch like this was the foyer or waiting room. It was now 9 a.m. and I asked what I needed to get my hair cut and the girl said I needed a sterile brush and comb and a scissors and a wash bowl with water in it. I said, "Okay," and went to the pantry to get the supplies. As I entered the pantry I gradually woke up and heard Whitney Houston singing, "I love you" and it was exactly 9.am. on the physical clock too.


Snapping Turtles In the Strange Lagoon 2/4/98

Sadam Hussien - I went to this place with my father and one other man who was a friend of mine in the dream. We had contracted with a man to take us somewhere on his boat but when we got on the thing we saw it was a real pile of junk and rotten wood. In fact it was in the process of sinking when we got on it. I protested aloud as the boat was sinking and water was coming up over the deck. Father said we would have to find another way to accomplish our mission. As the water washed over the last few boards that was left of the boat deck I stepped off onto some planks of what was left of the boat dock where this boat was docked. It was rather strange to because the man acted like there was nothing wrong with his boat and that Father should pay the price anyway. He didnít though and we set out walking around on boards half in and half out of the water and looking around for something which never really became clear to me until the end of the dream.

As I walked about on this dock that was sinking just as the boat did I realized we were in some kind of lagoon. The water was fairly clear and not all that deep in most places, yet there was a fear of being in the water. It was like there was something dangerous that lived in these waters. There was another building that was in slightly better shape than the dock that had sunk, was setting on the bottom at this point.   Father, the other man and I split up and was searching for something. I understood there were things going on that was not clear to me but there was something about these buildings, the trees in the water and weeds and something that was on the bottom and or something dangerous that lived in this lagoon water.

As I searched about I found another old building that was just gray unpainted wood as the other buildings. It was a larger building but abandoned as was everything here now except for a few people walking about on the boards now just as we were.  

When some women showed up and started walking around in the larger of the buildings which had not sunk, but appeared to be supported some how. I understood there were children coming to this place. I was concerned for their safety. I looked toward the land and saw the ramp that lead out to the land. There were trees and grass all along this water line. The land there was flat and just above the water level.   There appeared to be a gravel parking lot just the far side of those trees that ran along the shore.

I turned and searched frantically. Sometimes I would walk along on the boards that floated low in the water. Sometimes I flew along low over the water from one place to another and sometimes I actually sat on small boards and paddled along with my legs in the water. I had to find out what the danger was, the danger to the people, to the children. I more I searched the more concerned I became until I was no longer as concerned for my own safety as I was for the children that were coming to this place.

At points I could see the bottom and searched looking here and there for anything that I could find. I could see sand on the bottom of this lagoon and weeds here and there.   There were bottles of something that appeared to have been discarded and left on the bottom like litter. I didnít know if they were empty or full of something or even what it was they might have contained. It appeared they were not all that I was searching for because something living swam in these waters and it was deadly.

On the far side of these buildings and one building beyond the one where the women were expecting the children I found a set of planks that supported my weight. Again I walked about searching. I saw a rectangular formation of large pilings like rail road ties. This formation was evidently a pen designed to contain something. I walked as close as I could and saw it was full of some kind of weeds and every now and then I could see some of the weeds moving. Then suddenly out of the water came the head of a rather large snapping turtle. I looked beside me there near the planks that I stood on and there was a small "John" boat. In that boat was a rifle. I picked it up and took aim at the turtleís head knowing my aim would have to be exact or my efforts would be for naught. Just as I was ready to shoot the turtle started moving again along the edge then he went under the water. A few moments later it emerged again on the far side of the pen. It was evident this animal was trying to find a way out of its prison. Again I took aim and again it went under the water. Then I turned and saw another snapping turtle swimming along just to the left of the wooden pen. This one was free and appeared to be searching for something on its own. This one was the one I had been searching for.   This one was the danger in the lagoon. Danger in the water. I took careful aim at this one and it also went under the water where I could not get a shot at it.   EOD

This is the situation with Hussien in Iraq. I have seen him in dreams shown as a very large and dangerous snapping turtle before and the moment I awakened from this dream I understood that was the subject of this dream.  

We see that one is confined but one is not confined. The danger is real. The children are in danger. God is searching out the information to find the truth and is giving information to his people in different forms, dreams and visions. A prophecy will be fulfilled if something is not done to contain that dangerous man and his supporters.

The boat is symbolic of a effort to correct the bad situation and that boat or effort will fail. The things it was supported by will also fail unless something is done to correct it.


2-25-98 - DREAM - I had moved out of my apartment but went back for a final inspection to make sure there was no damage and everything was cleaned up. I was given a receipt #21 for the carpet cleaning and Joe's was #20. We passed the inspection.

I then went to New Berlin to my new job to get an assignment but there was nothing designated yet.

I went with a black woman who was short and fat to visit a big house where Hitler was rehearsing his stage play. In the house, to get upstairs to the balcony where Hitler was, you came in 1/2 way between the 1st floor and the 2nd floor. Regular people had to descend to the 1t floor and then take another stairway all the way back up. This was to show how much better he was than anyone else. The Masters took a different stairway directly up to the 2nd floor but it didn't go all the way. You had to demonstrate your Mastery by swinging over to a wide silver ladder like an acrobat and then climb up the rest of the way.

The black woman I was with decided she was going to go up to the balcony and climb the ladder and meet Hitler in person. He was standing on the balcony and I saw him quite clearly. But he stood there laughing. His part was played by a famous comedian we see on television all the time - (a medium sized guy) (I don't want to name him) But when I watched him laughing his face morphed into several other evil looked faces and back.

I decided to descend to the 1st floor rather then go up to the balcony and play his little game and I left the building myself.

I went East into Milwaukee to A-C where I used to work. People weren't really working there They were cleaning up the place, fooling around, talking, and getting ready to leave. A couple of young black men, fooling around, sprayed some white foam of some kind al over us including on my head and in my eyes. They laughed uproariously, but when I got the foam washed off, the skin on my arms and legs was all raw and bleeding. An older white woman attempted to give me a band aid but the wounds were way too extensive for that.

One of the girls was going home to New Berlin where she lived. I asked if I could bum a ride with her and then I would just walk over to my new job and see if an assignment had come in yet.

She said, "Okay!" I picked up my black purse which was on the floor with everyone elses and we walked outside together. Outside, we were accosted by her boyfriend who started yelling at her that she was late as usual . It couldn't have been more than 30 seconds to 1 minute late, if any. Several young black men saw this confrontation and decided to sock the guy in the jaw which they did. I was a little afraid of these black guys but I acted like I wasn't.

Another black guy pulled up to the curb in a plush, beautiful blue Roadster type car with a blue-velvet top and interior. He asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. This car had no windows in it. It was open like the original cars were in the 1920's. I saw that it drove from the right seat, so I got in where the driver normally sits. As soon as I did, the interior of the car was different than it had appeared from outside. There was an invisible seat farther forward which you could only see when you were inside the car. It was more like a limousine where a window opened and the real driver was in front and the steering wheel part where I had gotten in was only for pretend. the guy in front was doing the real driving.

In the front stood a tall black guy who is an actor on "One Life to Live". He asked me if I was ready to go on the ride of my life. I guess I wasn't because I went back into the building to say goodby to some more people. The tall black guy came into the building with two other tall black guys and he asked me what did I really want out of life. I pretended like I was swooning with desire for him. He laughed and started to leave the building.

Just before he left the building, he turned around to come back to give me a hug. He morphed into a short black woman and I said, "I'll probably never see you again." He hugged me and left. I went outside and met my mother and we got on a boat to ride up the river together. I asked her if she wanted to set up front and she said, "No! I don't have the strength for that anymore."

She noticed that the skin on my shins and legs was peeling and she insisted that she help me peel it off. I was really gross at this point and huge chunks of skin were peeling off though it didn't hurt.

Down by my feet lay a white rabbit. It was dead, inside out, and gutted. I thought it was my own feet at first, but then realized what it was and discarded it along with my old skin.


3-12-98 - DREAM - I was working on crop circle archive pages with full text. By 'right clicking' twice on the mouse, the photographs were pulled onto the page. Numbered from 1 thru 15-17 were the same.

The dream went into the real. Six men were racing across a bay in three boats. Three men were in a regular speed boat, two in a powerboat, and one on a motorized sled which originally started out on the ice, but it was so slow, he too decided to use the water.

We all went to the site where the government had built a park so visitors could see history. There was a lake at the base of the hill, then a wide sandy trial that led up toward a stand of trees with rocky cliff beyond.

In the clearing were ancient pillars and every so often one would fall over endangering the visitors. One woman said, "I keep forgetting that the pyramids are falling down."

While we were there, a small plane crashed into the lake. It was flown by crop circle investigators. The newscasters said that the Bythorn area was very treacherous because it had sheer winds on occasion.

The experts had wanted to extend the runway out into the lake but residents had been opposed to this. Finally after the plane crash, the residents gave in and extended the runway out into the lake. However, a wet blanket was thrown into the lake because of the crash and there was no happiness about it.


3-22-98 - NOTE: I was getting dizzy feelings in the front of my head, so I went to lay down. As I began to relax, I started to think about "Dorothy B. Leon". In my right ear, I heard a woman's voice. I don't know what it said, but it was so loud, I thought a visitor had come into the house.

DREAM - I feel asleep and found myself outside in front of a building I was managing. A huge white bus came by and the driver stopped the bus and asked if I was the flower shop. I looked back at my building and saw that there were flowers everywhere. I told the bus driver that I was holding a rummage sale of sorts. She said, "Oh! Good!" and backed up her bus a whole block and parked it behind a parking lot a block away. At that point, I saw my friend Pat (from Milwaukee) pulling along skinny green bus into the parking lot.

The bus driver then followed me down the hall of the building. We got to my apartment and I wanted to put my mail outside. My apartment door was down about 7 feet from the hallway and I slid down a ramp to the door and felt a little embarrassed that I didn't have more control. I looked back up towards the bus driver and she was wearing thick rubber soles on her shoes. As I struggled back up toward the hallway, I knew I had to get some shoes like hers. We then went outside again through the front door. There, I saw some very strang vehicles. One of them looked like a dark blue velvet with blue velvet jet plane on top. I watched the man maneuver and then he parked it. I went over to look at it. It was fully open on the sides. The bottom looked like blue plastic and had a rotating platform beneath it. The female passenger said, "People think we will sink if we go across water but it really is a boat.  

As I woke up again, I heard the name "Honey Bear!" and I knew that was Dorothy B. Leon.




4-2-98 - EXPERIENCE - After 5 a.m., A very thin faced small E.T./angel? type being wheeled in a vehicle of some sort with a flat wheel in the center with many spokes. I could tell it was very heavy to push.

I began to see instructions that Joe and I were going to OSTRALLIS to save it today. In the instructions I saw two words ll/\ll and //Mll which meant wings of light.

The instructions were lengthy. It was going to take 9.5 hours. The vehicle was a two seater with the wheel in the center of the floor.

I fell asleep and dreamed that I got a lot of mail from a man name BOYNE and that I was to study it.

NOTE: I did get 4 complete books by e-mail download from a man named BOYNE the same week.

I then saw the ships take off and there were a fleet of hundreds of ships which were going to OSTRALLIS. The ships took off at 6 a.m.

I heard the words AU KUNG GA

I heard: "Save your dreams. Use our own method without filtering the words."

At 6:15 a.m. There was a huge earthquake in Australia.

I was extremely tired all day until 3:30 p.m. when the 9.5 hours were past.

by Dee


Subj: More UFOs 4/10/98

From: dreamlink@dream-link.org (Bryon Smith)

I was standing on a submarine similar to WW II subs and watching 7 UFOís moving across the sky. I could see their con trails and the one on top zipped over the second one and started slamming into the ones below it. It did this until only the two UFOís, the first (itself) and the second were left to fly out of sight. The moment they passed behind a mountain I saw a rocket fly up into the sky behind the mountain and fall to earth near the water. I saw and even heard the explosion from the rocket. (I think they were in the North and flying West but I canít  be sure as this was a strange dream.) There was a lot more to the dream and how I got here to this place but I donít have time to record it all now.

As I saw this I was calling into the Sub through the back door, for my brother to come out and see this event. While I called a large jet airplane came and followed the same path. It was leaving a huge smoke trail and appeared to be on fire. It was loosing altitude and headed for the mountains. I called and called for my brother to come out and see these things but he didnít come out until after the airplane crashed and was on fire on the mountain.

Then when he came out I told him the story and he started asking questions about how big the UFOís appeared to be and how far away they were and I said they were just a little bit larger than the brightest stars. I pointed where I saw them in the sky and told him of the jet airplane that crashed in the mountains. It was a sign of some kind I just knew it. While I was telling the story the sub backed away from the place and I saw a building in this water. I should call it a shack as it looked like a dump. Someone lived there. Then suddenly the sub went under water with us standing on the deck and we had to swim to find something to get up on. My brother was ahead of me now swimming to the West toward a boat or log or something. There was tall grass growing in the water and I saw something swimming just under the water after me.

Several times it was close enough that I was able to kick it back with my feet. Then when I got up with my brother again that something came out of the water and was a strange child-like dwarf like little person.

We went to the shack and someone opened the door. It was a women who looked like some kind of Gypsy. She smiled at us and said "said please come in" she has something to tell us.


It has to do with another message or sign from heaven. Watch the news with care my friends. Every light in the sky that I saw has a meaning.

Airplanes that crash are symbolic of events that deal with the things that people do. This was a passenger jet that I saw similar to a 747 or 707. It was in the distance but I could see it fairly clear. It was a light colored airplane. It is large enough to affect quite a number of people.

The UFOís battling in the sky may also represent the powers of the heavens at war. Spiritual and supernatural conflict being implied.



6-8-98 - DREAM - I lived in a huge house which included its own shopping mall. I was cooking two kinds of food. On e kind could be cooked in it's own box. It had a silver lining which was washable. The box opened up flat and was soft like a cushion. I tried to get the hooks to go back together but I couldn't do it, so I had to ask for help from my husband to get it hooked back together. Dinner was almost ready to be served but there was food all over the floor like baked beans and popcorn, etc. I made a decision that we would not be eating dinner until I cleaned up the floor. The house was immense so I knew it could take quite a while. I got a broom and was sweeping the floor and began to find red jackets and blankets mixed in with the food and knew that I was going to have to do the laundry of the red clothes too.

My cousin Shirley came to visit. We discussed how it was Christmas and her mother and  my mother were also visiting. My mother said she was going to give me a coat for Christmas. She wanted me to know so I wouldn't worry about getting perfume for Christmas. I was happy about that. Shirley's mother ( her name is Ethel) said she was going to give Shirley a coat for Christmas too, but Shirley refused to accept her Christmas present because she was afraid it was going to be perfume. She didn't trust her mother to give her what was promised. While we discussed this, we were in the shopping mall room of my house looking at the all the coats and perfume counters.

When we came back into the house proper, my husband received a guest who was a boat mechanic. We went outside where my husband's boat was moored. The mechanic said he was going to give my husband a special part for his boat steering mechanism and it would be a free gift and would install it for him. I was happy about it because my husband deserved the gift. (My husband was Joe)


7-6-98 - DREAM - I was with my son Tom and got into a long narrow boat with him. The inside of the boat had a diamond shape. We were on an enclosed waterway which just barely enclosed the boat and there was a concrete wall both in front and behind the boat. making the boat go forward very fast, he expected a slingshot effect backwards off the concrete wall. The concrete wall began to give way at first for the force of the impact but then the force itself slingshotted us back and I landed in the center of the boat going the opposite of the 7 seat arrangement of seats held together in a row, but had no outside connections and they weren't inside anything but suspended in the air.

From there, I was taken inside a special mall which was entered through a secret door inside another store. Inside this mall...everything had to do with the number 7 and multiples thereof. Following this, I was presented with math programs al relating to the number 7 and these I transferred from my brain to my computer and at which point they were lined up 7 across and 5 down in rows.

This was all so clear, I was certain during the night I would remember the significance of these programs and when I woke up it and opened my eyes it was totally gone.


9-2-98 - VISION/VOICE - "This is only your imagination." I had to laugh because I was watching a huge boat abut the size of a houseboat, full of kids hanging on the railings and swinging from the upright posts that held the roof up. The boat was on wheels and it was rolling down the street to the right. The kids were having a great time.


On the night of September 14, 1998 I dreamed that I was in a boat or ship with Frances Scott Key. We were standing in what seemed to be the bow of a ship when the ship began to list toward the right. As a result of this movement Frances Scott Key and myself moved to the left. (End of Dream.)

(Dreamers Note:) (I had no idea what this dream meant but for me to dream of a historical figure such as Frances Scott Key seemed very odd without there being some type of significance. Of course I knew about Key himself knowing that he wrote our national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner," but did not really know anything about him that connected with my dream. Then I looked up the "The Star Spangled Banner" in the encyclopedia and was flabbergasted when I learned that Frances Scott Key began the creation of the song on the morning of September 14, 1812 as he witnessed the flag still flying over Fort McHenry in Baltimore after an all night bombardment......186 years to the date.)

Interpretation - Are you musically "inclined" - no pun intended based on the list to the starboard (right side) you referred to in your note ??? Do you have an interest in American history ??? Also, back to the music, in military music or marches etc. I find them quite uplifting when in the mood to listen to that type of music.

I've been told that water and an appearent sinking type situation indicates some type of situation might be bothering you. I've often dreamed of watery environments when having stress at work or in some difficult situation which is seeking resolution. Perhaps a combination of these things could be making an appearance in your dreams ??? Keeping your balance in the boat of life would be a good analogy.

by anonymous


10-10-98 - DREAM? I was seemingly in Milwaukee at A-C. I was in the main lobby. There was a man there whom I knew well. He had had a very horrible time as a P.O.W. in Vietnam. He had committed atrocities at war as well a having them done unto him. He wanted to go upstairs and couldn't find the way. I told him I would help him and walked him over to the elevator. The 1st elevator door opened and the man got on. There was obviously something wrong with this elevator. It was made like a wooden box and the floor was about a foot down in the hole. He looked rather panicky so I agreed to go with him and two other men dressed like him in army fatigues said they would ride along.

I no sooner got on the elevator then the P.O.W. man got off the elevator, the door slammed shut and I and the two men began to move....fast. I felt rather worried because it wasn't normal. The elevator opened and I got off the elevator. There was a lot of jostling of people at the elevator what with people trying to get on the elevator while I was getting off. I lost track of the other two men because there were so many people walking around. At first I thought it was an office hallway, but there were too many people for that and I looked around more and discovered I was at J.C. Penney store in a mall many miles away from A-C where I was when I went up the elevator.

I saw I was barefoot and wearing a simple coat. I searched my pockets and found no coins to make a phone call for help and I saw there was snow outside and I couldn't very well walk back. I didn't want to walk barefoot in the heavily trafficked area so I searched for a read door and found one which came out into a quiet neighborhood. I stepped outside into the snow which felt crunchy under my feet but not too uncomfortably cold, but as I walked down the stairs I saw lichens (a plant) sticking up through the snow on the sidewalk and they too were crunchy under my feet.

I didn't know which way to go, but I saw a bus going by going downhill and I determined by the lay of the land which direction I had to walk to go home.

I trudged along in the snow with my bare feet and saw a field with three reindeer in it.The reindeer started coming towards me and I got real nervous. As the largest reindeer came near he began to speak to me. He said, "Do not be afraid. Get on my back and I will take you to where you need to go."

The reindeer was very tall. I had never ridden a horse and I had no idea how to get on this back. He said, "Let me help you." He got down on this haunches and said, "Just lay across my back and I will take care of the rest." So, I lay across his back and held onto his fur as he stood up again and I found myself actually sitting astride the reindeer, however I lay low over his neck hanging on for dear life. I said, "Thank you, thank you, thank you", almost in tears.  

He walked a few blocks and stopped in front of a small apartment building. He got down on his haunches again and said, "Go to apartment number 21. They are going to be needed a new manager here." I hesitantly said, "But I already have a job back there somewhere." The reindeer said,"That was about to end anyway."

A woman came out of the building then. She was the current manager who was going to be leaving. She saw me standing there with the reindeer and I felt obligated to tell her what was going on. I said, "Hello!" I'd like you to meet my.........friend!" And as I said the word 'friend' the reindeer was quickly changing into a big red dog, not a reindeer. I stood there petting the dog's head and I could see the dog was making friends with another person standing by and would be helping him next.

The woman took me into her apartment then and I saw how she lived and some of the other people in the building. She said, "Come with me," and we went across the street to a restaurant she owned where she was going to be working next.She brought me a plate of food, most of which I didn't recognize as earthly food. There was a lot of tiny children's clothing on the plate which I pushed aside. The little bit of food I tasted had no flavor and the texture was like chewing on material...like cotton. Needless to say, I ate very little.

There was a man sitting at the counter whom she had fed before me and when we went back across the street he went with us. He sat on the floor playing with some children. The woman told me, "He's a very religious man and his wife has left him." I didn't think too much about that, but noticed a computer game there. It was rather like a puzzle and you used the mouse to move a piece of puzzle and you used the mouse to move a piece to the proper place. I began to move the piece with the mouse. The piece looked rather like a pitchpipe, a straight one with seven notes on it. As I moved it downward, a picture was coming into focus and as it did, it became larger and larger and more and more complex. I wasn't sure what it was at first, but as I watched it, it looked more and more like a battle ship...a large battle ship and the pitch pipe with the seven notes seemed to fit where the guns of the battle ship were sticking out. I moved the piece to the proper place and then walked away.

I went to the bed and crawled into the bed and curled up on my side (just like I was at the same time in the real life). I was feeling rather cold now and as I lay huddled in the blankets,...a red haired man (the same color as the dog and the reindeer) walked up behind me. He touched me on the shoulder. I couldn't see his face, but he said, "I want to take care of you." I stiffened, knowing what that meant ultimately. He said gently, "You will never have to do anything you don't want to do." As I relaxed, feeling more comfortable, I became conscious and realizing I was in the same position as in the dream, I began to understand the red-haired man, the dog, the reindeer were all aspects of Joe.


12-15-98 - DREAM - (I went to bed arguing with my own thoughts and calling myself 'obstinate and stubborn', but that's the way I am. I don't write anything down unless I 'hear' the voice...not my own thoughts.)

This started off with a vision of two pages spread in a book. It was way too large and too wide to capture the whole thing. The only thing I really got was an angel? with wings sitting in a rowboat in the wide expanse of the sky, and stuff on the ground, but what I don't know. They refused to repeat, so 'the hell with it'!

Then the noise started, too fast to comprehend, so 'the hell with it'!

It ended with web pages about the Star of Bethlehem and then a 3 dimension brown and blue picture of a sky and stuff on the ground. The voice said, "Lebanon should be in the foreground, the sky in the background, and 'something' I can't remember on the ground.

Pisses me off because it's so stupid.


Bob Daleís boat with a new Engine 1/23/1999 - I wasnít even going to write this down but after Dee managed to send me the message above I thought I would write it down before we go to Sams to get some things.

I was walking along a sidewalk like thing, a path through the woods when I met Bob Dale. He was telling me about his boat with the new engine on it. Then we came to some water. The path went from concrete to new wood boards. Then the path went right off into the water. I looked to the right and I saw a boat dock just floating there with water all the way around it. It looked as though the water level had come up and the only way to get to the dock was with another boat, swim or fly to it.

The water level was right at the top of the bank at this point where the path went into the water. There was a steep drop off there. I went into the water and around the boat dock until I was behind it where I saw there was a pile of old style propain tanks stacked between a tree and what looked like a small travel trailer. The boat dock was floating just to the right of this place. The water was lapping up around the building and the tree and one of the tanks, an empty one broke loose and started to float away. I caught it and found what appeared to be three broken dog chains and I linked them together to tie the empty tank to the tree so that it would not float away. All this while I was standing about knee deep in water.

Then I went back onto the water and started to swim the other direction. I saw my wife and girls there and they were also playing in the water now. I swam past them until I came to a place where the path was once again above the water. I climbed out and started walking on the path again until I came to a place that was like a bridge. On the left side of the walkway I saw a huge perch working in the gravel on the left side of the walkway. I called to my family to show them and they came to see the huge perch. Some people call them bluegills and this one had the little blue spot on the gills. This one was working its way down into the rocks between to very solid rocks and was working the loose rocks out from between the larger rocks until it had reached just about as deep as it could go. In real life a male bluegill or perch will make the nest in the rocks to attract the female. Iím not sure what this bluegill was doing but it was the only one in sight. I remember telling one of my girls in the dream that many times fish in dreams represent real people. Then she went into the water to get a closer look at the fish. The fish moved away from her and beached itself on the far side of a nearby tree. When I went around the tree (still standing on the path) I saw the fish had legs and stood up on the gravel bar almost like a frog.

When my daughter came near it it jumped back into the water again and returned to the place between the rocks where it once again set to digging its hole.


The atmosphere of this dream was crisp and clear. It was real time in feeling and appearance. All colors and everything were vivid. The colors of the fish were vivid and the water where the fish was was clean and clear. The water around the boat dock was not clear, it was murky but not really muddy. It felt like and I swam in it as if it were real water.

What is this dream talking about? I have had a winter cold and my mind is not 100% but my feelings were that this area was literally being flooded.

When I dream of propane tanks I usually get them as sound-alike symbols that relate directly to physical illnesses or something being wrong. The word ďpainĒ stands out in the word. But I tied up the empty one. Does this mean the end of something or controlling something like an illness?

Boats in my dreams and all others I have tracked so far represent jobs of different kinds. This boat was not a new boat but had a new engine on it. Engines represent ďmotivationĒ for particular dream subjects. This boat was never used in the dream, itís just there for us to see. Tied to the dock and doing nothing. This represents a job that someone has done in the past that now has renewed motivation but is not yet doing that job.

Walkways in many dreams are symbolic of the path that people travel at the same time they show implications of time passing. The direction you walk in the dream is symbolic of time moving forward in your future. The things you pass along the way are symbolic of events that happen at certain times during the manifestation of the event.

Even in the dream I told my girls that fish represent people. The nature of the fish is directly related to the laws and rules of the clean and the unclean that was given to the Israelites in the Old Testament. A bluegill is a clean fish and so if this fish in this dream represents a person it represents someone who is spiritually clean. The size of the fish also represents something to do with the character of that person. This person should be easy to see. They may be rich and in public view. But if this is true then what are they doing digging a hole for themselves?



2-11-99 - DREAM Last night I had a dream about being in a small boat with a guy in a lake that wasn't a lake. It seemed it was water all around in a big city, I don't know which city, but we were outside the courthouse building with huge columns. There were hundreds of small boats around and it seemed like business as usual for everyone. I remember the guy driving the boat loved to drive it very fast and dodge the other boaters. I wasn't nervous at all. It was about like taking a cab ride in NYC. Well, it seemed a storm came in and the water got really choppy and huge waves began to wash up over the sides of our small boat, but it seemed so NORMAL. I just rode the boat and enjoyed the ride.

Hmmm...perhaps the waves will be coming soon for all of us!


3-3-99 - DREAM - I was writing poetry so the words formed shapes like a diamond and the shape of an airplane. when I was done I was outside and had to cross a huge expanse of empty parking lot so a woman gave me a ride on the bumper of her car.

The wind was blowing in my ears and it was noisy, but the wind felt exhilarating. I felt like I was on the prow of the ship like in the movie Titanic. We got to the other end of the parking lot and I saw a red car down in a ditch under water and I could see a woman inside the car struggling to get out before she drowned.

I jumped off the bumper of the car and my female companion said, "Don't go down there, you'll get your feet wet. I said, "So what?" She said, "You'll get hurt on the steep slope." Before the words were all the way out of her mouth, I had slid down into the ditch, reached for the handle of the car which was like a huge T-shape latch handle. It didn't open one way so I wrenched it turned in the right direction and the door opened upward and the girl came gasping up out of the car. The other woman said, "You're going to be famous for saving her life."

I knew she wasn't in any real danger because there was no water inside the car and she wouldn't have drowned and it would have taken many hours for her air to run out. I didn't want the publicity.

I woke up and almost forgot the dream, but it popped back in suddenly.


More dream news... I went back to bed about 2AM this morning (7-19-99) and after the usual prayers, fell asleep. I was up at 6:34 after another dream. At first I was in a room with some young girls showing them a computer to play with, just to keep them busy doing something and out of my hair, and this machine must have been on some sort of full stream network or tv/phone system because full stream video was about instant on it. It looked very much like an Apple 6100 work station, but had a USB superdrive setup of some sort with a very interesting cartridge which I can easily draw out. This cartridge was very small, half the size of a 3.5 disk, and had a flat handle tang one handled it by. Think of it as a key or boot disk of some kind. The monitor was seperate from the machine and appeared to be a 17 inch job. The girls were looking form some program and there were many poping up, one right after another. What this symbolizes is beyond me as I have seen many computers in these dreams, as if my mind were one and already programmed or something to that effect. Suddenly this faded and I was climbing off a vehicle only to see more around me. Tanks... and the people I saw were Brits. Not Canadians or Aussies, not Yanks, but Brits from their speach, and they were knocking out tanks which appeared to be of non american manufacture, possibly soviet. The ground they were fighting on was green and field like with rolling hills. Helicopters were also in the fracus, which was merely an isolated machine here and there having at it, in short if it had been a major battle, it was about over. From the action and the smiles on the speaking officer's face, the Brits were winning. Then I was in a diferent place again as dreams are like that, in a small room and was being examined by two men. Removing my shirt, they noted blister like scales on my upper arms, a few here and there. I told them they were old and had been there for some time. (Picture very small button like clear gelatin drops which were firm to the touch, not watery at all.) They did not hurt and I was not concerned though possible radiation from the sun or something else was on my mind when I saw the lesions myself in a small mirror and there was not that many of them.

What looked like thin red blood vessels could be seen down through them on very close inspection... They told me they wanted a biopsy the next day, then asked me who the engineers on ship's duty were. I told the Dave Ross and myself... They asked the question again and I realized the ship I was on was not that kind of ship, that I had not sailed with Ross for years. I told them I was nervous about surgical knives and needed a smoke, so I would pop below and get a cigarette, and be right back. They grinned and said cigarettes would be tough to find where I was at, and it was a one decker vessel... and I woke up. Now this is a first time dream for this sequence so merely think about it and we wait for a repeat... It must be noted however, that I sailed with Ross in the Bering Sea so equate it to virus lesions in the Bering Sea or possible radiation of some sort that far north, something that causes blister like bumps on the skin, which are painless. The lesions also could have been the result of that tank battlefield...


The Ship


At sea there is only the loyalty of the crew to assure smooth sailing. In this venture, a conspiracy centered around greed and secrecy play major roles. God is the Captain, the crew angles. I am a participant even though I can not clearly understand my role.

The ship is very large and it has a shipment of treasure, some of which is being embezzled by crew members. I discover the plot and run buckshot over it. I with a unseen ally force scuttle the plan by throwing the bounty to the sea. Once this is discovered I am chased through the vessel.

At this point it becomes clear that I am not on a physical vessel but rather a spiritual vessel. I move toward the fantail of the ship. I can see the screws kicking up the water in high power mode. At this point all seems hopeless with no where to go to escape the pursuit.

It is at this point that I go down a hatch and discover a secret meeting place or I should say a "not commonly known" area of the vessel. I am continuing aft into the ship even though this is physically impossible. I see plush rooms with large mahogany wood doors, each room contains a high level officer and his sins. Lust and other emotions lay in these cabins, I sneak by them and continue aft. Just aft of this luxurious play secret restricted area lays a physical plant and utility area and then another physical barrier. This time it takes the form of a wall. Large and metallic, yet there are clues that it is also passable, yielding to yet another secret area.

In some strange meeting a sympathetic entity assist me through the wall by ascending a hatch and I find myself in a earthly plain. It is a struggle for me to comprehend that I am still on the vessel yet in another plain of reality.


Interpretation by Joe Mason


Your dream of "The Ship" is quite interesting.

I would say that your dream is using a "Noah's Ark" type of symbolism. This is related to the Age we are in, Pisces. I spoke of this regarding the great Barbury Castle triangular crop formation of 1991, in this 1996 article:

The Trinity Connection

Here's an excerpt: ---- << There was an additional clue in the date the pattern appeared, July 17, 1991. Read Genesis 8:4, where the Ark landed on the 17th day of the 7th month. Blavatsky tells how the Patriarchs represent Zodiac signs. For example, Judah is Leo. In Genesis 49:9, he is called a lion's whelp, and he stoops down like a lion and lioness. (i. e., like a Sphinx). Noah is Pisces. These are strong clues that our Age is coming to an end, and Aquarius is near. (if not already begun). The Sphinx may well represent the same thing, that is, the Ages from Leo through Pisces, and the beginning of Aquarius. >>

The various areas and rooms of the ship may be related to the symbolism  of The Tree of Life. The rooms/areas would correspond to the various  spheres of the Tree. The idea that "God is the Captain, the crew angles," also fits this symbolism. The top sphere on the Tree is Kether, the One God. Many of the spheres below the top are associated with Angels.

Going through the hatch and finding yourself on an earthly plain, may relate to the lower sphere of the Tree, which is Malkuth, the Kingdom, the planet Earth.

The Tree of Life seems to be related to the chakras. The dreams and "coincidences" that I experienced over the years, strongly suggested that humanity has been on a path that corresponds to consciousness levels that are related symbolically to the chakra system. So, part of your dream seems to be viewing these aspects. The lower three chakras are related to the "animal" instincts of survival, procreation, and the will to succeed.

The will to succeed is related to the third chakra and to the ego. It can be a positive, motivating force. But, in its negative aspect, it can be a will to dominate everyone and everything, making them into one's image, or forcing them to agree. The parts of your dream about the greed, the secret area, the rooms that contain high level officers and their sins, and the lust and other emotions in the cabins, seem related to the lower chakra levels.

The part of the dream where you and your "unseen ally force scuttle the plan by throwing the bounty to the sea, is strange. Explaining my best guess about the meaning is not easy to do in a brief way. The "bounty" or "treasure" may be related to the symbolism of "king, lion, and royal power," as expressed in Revelation. I'll send you an old e-mail that explains a bit more.

In Rev. 17, the kings of the earth fornicate with the harlot who is seated upon many waters, which are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues. Note the "waters" again, as related to the flood/Noah type symbolism. The kings become drunk on the wine of the harlot, which  evokes the emotion of fury. They collectively give over their "royal power"  to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled. God has put it into their hearts to carry out his purpose (Rev. 17:17).

This giving over of the kings' royal power is the "bounty" in your dream, I think. The "beast" is karma of judgment, the eighth that belongs to the seven (chakras). See Rev. 17:11.

The harlot is related to "ten horns," which I believe is related to the third chakra, which is symbolized by a ten-petal lotus flower with a five-pointed star inside. The harlot is related to Kali, the goddess of death destruction creation in east Indian religions.

The cycle of time in the lower three chakra levels is often shown as being in or under the water, or under the ground. This, I believe, is related to the unconscious mind. In other words, this refers to  things below the "surface level" of consciousness. In your dream, then, the treasure of being king and having royal power, is pushed down into the unconscious.

In the Hopi creation myth, after three stages in three chambers underground, the people climb to the surface and daylight. In the Noah story, the Ark landing on the ground is the equivalent, that is, we go from an unconscious mode to a conscious mode.

At that stage, the fourth step, corresponding to the Heart chakra, the status of the kings of the Earth changes. We recover the treasure of our "royal power," and put on our "crowns." In Rev. 21:24, the kings of the Earth bring their glory into The New Jerusalem. The New Jerusalem has twelve gates, angels, gem stones, and pearls, as the Heart chakra is symbolized by a lotus flower with twelve petals with a Star of David inside.

This means that we have been "unconscious co-creators" during the time cycle, and that we will learn to be "conscious co-creators."


4-1-99 - DREAM - One after the other, two men drove their cars up trees and bent them over. The people seemed to be okay physically, but in both cases, all four wheels were shredded. There was a man who got a new red boat. He got it ready to take it out on the lake to try it out and next thing I knew he drove the boat out of the water and up and over huge rocks and when the rocks were too big, he would gun it even more until the boat was all bent and battered. The last car that drove into the house to call 911 and he hollered after me, "Don't you go calling 911, not after spending years and years of being put down as a people, and being kept as slaves, etc." I dialed 911 out on the front porch, but the phone didn't work.


4-16-99 - DREAM - I was in a sort of Native American school. Everything was kept rather vague on purpose because we were being tested. It began with two turntables with Indian shaped items on it. These were deliberately kept vague to see if we could recognize what the items were even if we couldn't see them clearly. Each turntable was a different kind of Indian. One was like Navajo or Hopi, the other more Plains indian type things. After that there was some interaction with many people in a classroom type setting. I can't recall what we were doing there. The last scene was at a big lake where people went into the water in round boats similar to submarines.

There were many of them at once and they all submerged at once to see who could stay down the longest. I don't know the purpose for this but they all popped up about the same time with a whooping and hollering. The whole experience remains vague.

When I woke up, it sounded like Joe was trying to talk in his sleep and that sounded like his Indian voice as well.