by Dee Finney

7-26-88 - DREAM - I was chosen to give an award in church to a young man for something he had done. we were giving him a swordfish on a plaque and $800. I was giving a speech on his behalf for the first time in front of a crowd. I was copying the words which were printed in rainbow colors from a catalogue.

Many people came along who needed help and I assisted them, but when I went back to the speech, the light had faded and the words were gone so I didn't know anymore what I was to say. I knew I had to go where there was better light, so I gathered up my things and took them to the second floor of an old building. I had to go up a stairway that had rickety wooden stairs and then across a wooden bridge to an apartment where the gray carpeting was being cleaned. All the women, including myself were wearing black.


12-12-89 - DREAM - I as in a bi-plane flying down a river. We went down the river under bridges. We neared the ocean and I watched the water and how rough it was. The people were bobbing up and down in the water. When we reached the ocean, we were riding the waves and somebody said that many people quit at that point because there was muck on the bottom. Then I saw that many people were wearing leather high top boots to avoid the muck.


1-14-90 - DREAM - I wanted to deposit a Lincoln cent in the bank. Ed, the maintenance man, and I headed for the bank which was across the bridge and to the right. I was going to deposit $759 and had to be there before the 3 pm. closing time. I could see on the bank clock that it might reach 3 before we got there. Then a cop stopped us for speeding and I knew we wouldn't make it.

While the cop wrote a ticket for Ed, I went to the bank and got in the back door, because I was now a new employee. I stopped a seedy looking character from getting in just by asking him what he wanted. The bank officer buzzed me in through the door and I went to a desk where a pink piece of paper was placed in front of me stating that the Vice President wanted to see me. Meanwhile a good looking man came to give a lecture to new employees. He showed a big poster on the wall and pointed out errors in semantics wehre 90% was said to be ALL and 50% was said to be MOST. The man looked very familiar to me. We went over to a copy machine where he demonstrated that writing had to be done evenly with heavy pressure or the copy wouldn't come clear at the edges.

The man started to act sexually with me and finally said, "I've had you before, haven't I?" and I knew he was right and I felt embarrassed because I had just been with Ed too and I felt very promiscuous.

NOTE: Personally, none of that was true.


6-1-90 Dream: I as driven to the Target store by a friend who was young and thin and wearing a dark blue dress. We were in a dark blue car and I was carrying a dark blue purse. As we got to the store we went under a bridge and into a huge tunnel. On the right hand side a woman was selling gorgeous house plants and flowers and beyond her was a stand that was selling fresh baked bread. I was so impressed. I thought to myself, "I used to do that."

The girl parked right be the door. As she closed her car door, she made a remark about that she might be breaking a law, and just as she said it, a police officer came by. She became angry at me for not telling her not to break the law.

Just as I realized that I had forgotten my purse, a bag lady grabbed it. I grabbed the woman's arm and bopped her right arm with my right fist and she let loose. She was going to run off, but I wouldn't let go of her arm. I began to lecture her about not stealing. She said that I didn't know what it was like to be poor. I said, "You don't know what it's like to be poor until you have six children and you're sitting around the dinner table. Each child has a small salad plate with nothing on it except for one child who has a small morsel of food. Then you all bow your heads and say grace over it. I reminded her of the Catholic prayer of grace and led her through it.

She agreed with me. Then we saw three girls sitting on a fence on the left and they shouted something to the old lady. The woman snarled something back at them and moved to get away from us. I still had ahold of her arm and pulled her back. I took my index finger on my right hand and touched her cheek and turned her head to face me. I said, "Wait a minute! One more thing. You need to smile a little" and the woman broke into a big toothless grin. I then taught her to say a little prayer to the Lord to thank him for the small things in life, to say, "Thank you Lord," for even the smallest favor. Then she smiled and we parted.


8-15-90 - DREAM - I was with a man and we were crossing a bridge together. I was near the edge and lost my balance. The man grabbed ahold of me, led me back to the center of the bridge. He said, "I'll take care of you!" and we finished crossing the bridge together.


6-24-91 - Dream: There was going to be a war, but unfortunately the people we had to fight lived on our side of the ocean and looked just like us, only they were on the far right down the coastline. We didn't know how we were going to tell who was the enemy.

A big tall man about eight feet tall came along and said that he was going to put a stop to the war. There was a land bridge between us and them and he ran over it to those other people as fast as he could to negotiate with them.

Then, I noticed that when he was running back and forth between the groups of people, he wasn't running across the bridge, he was running on top of the water. We were so excited because that meant that this was The Christ. We gathered around him and begged him to touch us expecting to feel his power of energy coming into us. He took my hand and I didn't feel any surge of power which meant I was just like him and sure enough, our men could walk on the water too.

Then he went to walk through a concrete wall and just bonked into it like we would, which meant he was flesh and bone just like us.


1-3-92 - DREAM - I was headed home down a country road when I saw two men on the left. One was strangling the other. I knew that was "the strangler" and I had to get away. There was a road on the right and I headed that way as fast as I could go. The road ended up going under a bridge on a building. There was only one narrow exit and it was blocked by a monk dressed in orange. He allowed me to come into the temple courtyard where I saw many other monks dressed in orange. They were dismantling the temple piece by piece to store it for future usage.

I finally rushed home and someone was cooking oatmeal for breakfast. I knew how to cook it well, but the person cooking was thickening it with flour. When it was done, they threw torn up dollar bills into it. I was mad that they had done this and I pulled all the dollar bills out and threw them on the floor. I told them that they had better save the pieces.

When all the pieces were picked up, I also went through my father's wallet and pulled out all the bill receipts he had stored there. A man came up to me with one of them and it was for a singer at a wedding. I remembered the wedding. The singer had sounded like Andy Williams. The man asked me to look at the bill to see if it had been paid and it appeared to me that it had been even down to an extra 10% they charged to make the music faster so no one would get bored waiting around.

My father decided that he'd go down to the studio on 76th St. to make sure the bill had been paid because he wanted to use the same singer for another wedding coming up.

There was some other stuff about deciding whether to spend time laying in the sun and whether it might be dangerous and wanting to visit somebody named Ann who lived on 20th St. When I woke up, I heard the noise of a distant temple horn in my left ear.


2-5-92 - DREAM - I was on my way to work in an office. I thought was like A-C. I worked on the 8th floor. (A-C only had 4 floors) I went to the elevator. There was a lot of people waiting to use it, but the elevator was being used by some people moving desks and it was stuck between floors. The people were all jostling for position and I was being shoved from behind, so I announced that I was going to use the elevator at the other end of the building, so people would know there was another way up that wasn't so crowded. Nobody followed me.

I ran up a narrow flight of stairs to the 2nd floor, then up an even narrower flight of stairs to the 3rd floor. On the 3rd floor was a long bridge filled with people just sitting and watching a bunch of retarded people who were on the 2nd level.

The bridge was rather treacherous to cross because the floorboards were loose. I told somebody if they had a rope, I would 'make like Tarzan' to get across. I finished crossing the bridge, then I had to walk down Clark St. to the school which was on Center St. (The old North Division High School) I beat the bus by a couple of blocks and I played hide and seek with the bus driver by running around a big tree and laughing. The bus continued on and I went to the school.


2-21-95 - DREAM - I was with my husband going through a large building. He had various appointments to keep.

He said he would meet me later on at K-Mart. I agreed.  So I got on a bus headed East on Grange or Layton Ave. The bus ride seemed fairly normal except that some people were trying to sleep. People were getting on and off like normal.

We stopped a couple time and waiting wtih another bus behind us which also waited. We were told by the driver that there was a schedule to keep and we were not allowed to arrive anywhere ahead of time ... neither was the bus behind us which was a type of bus that went cross-country ... not a city bus.

At 27th St. we stopped to let a woman off and a young couple got on with a baby and they sat right behind the driver. I didn't think the baby would be safe sitting by itself so I made certain that it wouldn't get hurt and fly off the seat. (I don't remember what I did)

At that point I asked the driver if this was 27th St. He said, "Yes!" and pointed out to me on a map that this was the corner where Little Russia started. I looked at the map and south 27th St. was divided and islanded like a little country of it's own.

I now carried this map in a frame.

We were now getting near a shopping center and the bus pulled into a left turn lane and made some impossible turns for a bus  and went across a bridge towards what said 'K-Mart Warehouse'.

I started to feel anxiety and knew that it would be two more hours before I could meet my husband, but tried to assure myself that there was nothing to worry about. He would be there waiting for me.

We came to a rustic brown building. Somehow the bus disappeared and I and the other people were now walking and I was in the lead wtih the bus driver.

I guess I wasn't walking fast enough because the driver and another guy put a fabric sash type thing around me and pulled me faster towards the building so I had to run a little. At the same time four men in blue work shirts appeared at the window of the building and were all excited to see me.

They were cheering and telling the buss driver, I was a 10. I felt kind of embarrassed.

I entered the building which was old timbers and boards. It was like a theatre, only no seating, just rough boards to sit in in a semi-circle facing the stage.

A short older woman came up to me, held out her hand and said, "Cross my palm!"

Not knowing what she meant, I took her hand and held it briefly.

The whole bus load of people came into the building behind me. One of the men went up to the concession stand and a man there was pouring miniature cups of fluid he said was "Coke". He said they would cost 10 cents each.

I thought I would get a cup, so looked for my purse. I didn't have it. All I had in my hands was the map in one hand and a small fish bowl in the other hand. I was surprised to see this. I knew that Becky had been to this place before and she had told me that they charged for every little thing they did. So, not having any money, I decided I would leave even though I would have to walk to the next destination and would be early by two hours to meet my husband.

Nobody tried to stop me as I sneaked out the door, but as I walked slowly down the sidewalk, there was a huge black machine blocking my path. It looked like a chipper/shredder/leaf blower contraption, but it was totally black with no markings on it. I started to walk around the machine. I looked ahead to the road. There I saw a red light flashing.


5-1-95 - DREAM - I was in high school where there was a curved twin staircase going up to a bridge across the upper floors from one side to another. I was like a tour guide for a woman who wanted to go upstairs and experience the view and the show on the other side.

It cost 10 cents to cross the bridge and see the show. I gave her some sheet music to hold while she went up, so she wouldn't feel conspicuous being alone.

When you crossed the bridge, you faced a series of doors which all opened at the same time like a horses gate at a race track, to let people into the inner viewing area.

Inside, each person was given a big cigar and a tour. I said, "The only thing worth 10 cents was the cigar." I took my cigar even though I was the guide.

On the other side, a lot of people stood around talking. I went over to a couch where two people were sitting. The woman was trying to get some information from the man. I told him to be careful what he said to her because she might not be human. She got all upset because I sounded accusatory. I told her there was only one way to tell and that was to look at the bottom of the foot. The alien would have a blue birth-mark on the bottom of the heel.

Then it was his turn to be upset. He admitted that he had the mark and was all upset because he didn't want to be known as an alien because that was a derogatory remark. He wanted to be human.

I tried to calm him down. I told him it wasn't a bad thing to be an alien. The world was waiting for one of his kind to step forward and make themselves known.

I went on then to a circular tunnel, I came to some children that were Siamese twins. They were awaiting separation operations.

I met a woman there who was the mother of 3 sets of these Siamese twins. Each set was joined in a different place. The most successful separation operation would be the two who were joined at a finger.

The two best likely were joined at the top of the head.

She was there for a show put on by a group called Transformation. Each person was one we would call a freak because there was something wrong with them.

She took her 3 sets of Siamese twins out for all to see. The ones joined head to head, walked out with one balanced on top of the other.

There were dwarfs and one without arms or legs, just slits in the body where his arms and legs were supposed to be. He was waiting for surgery by displaying himself as part of Transformations.

NOTE: In the late 1990s, and in 2000, these exact operations were performed to separate Siamese twins ... now called 'Conjoined twins' and they were successful. There were many TV shows on showing how the babies were before and after surgery . It's pretty amazing how the medical world can transform these birth tragedies into successful lives for these babies.


1/9/97 - DREAM - I had a new baby I was caring for. She was very beautiful. I noticed that there was a bridge I had crossed over and there was a lot of water running under the bridge. To my dismay as the water rushed under the bridge it brought out baby diapers and other baby things to tell me that there was the body of a dead baby hidden under the bridge.

As these baby things came out from under the bridge and more and more space was made that would reveal the dead baby's body, I gathered up the diapers to use to care for the current baby.

My own baby was growing and I was becoming more and more afraid that the dead baby's body would be exposed, but so far it hadn't.

The current baby grew and I took it by the hand and walked across the bridge and down on the sidewalk where I saw old blood spots I took to be from the vagina of the little girl baby I was taking care of though I saw no evidence of it at the moment. The blood might have been from the dead baby. I saw large bloody footprints on the sidewalk where other people had walked through the blood spots and spread it out. I determined that I would have to curtail the activity of this exuberant baby to make sure it didn't bleed and I treated her more cautiously and held her back.

I woke up afraid to apply for the wonderful job that was in the paper yesterday and which I really wanted to have.


9-30-97 - Meditation - I was praying the "Our Father" and saw myself in a vision going uphill and crossing narrow bridges. Under each bridge was a trench and a cliff that was higher than the level I was standing on. The bridges narrowed the higher they went. I didn't have any problems crossing the bridges...more or less floated across them.


12-17-97 - DREAM - I was in a place where we were tourists. I and a man walked out into the parking lot where we were walking in about 6" of water. We looked to our right where there was a long, wide bridge over a wide river that was flooded higher than the road in places.The water flowed uphill in a brilliant sparkling expanse, reflecting the sky up the hill beyond. The man I was with said, "Imagine what it would be like to fly across that expanse as fast as you could go. Like a flash of light, I felt slingshotted across that bridge and up the hill as fast as I've ever gone and when I landed half way up the hill beyond, I kept climbing the hill. All the way, the water never diminished in depth, it was always the same 2 inches all the way up. It was a challenge, but I loved what I was doing. Finally, I reached the top and stepped out of the water on dry ground.

Once on top of the hill, you did not go back down, but walked along terraced hills that were like green carpet. Even the rocks were soft like stuffed with cotton.

There were other people up there. Sightseers like me. I wanted my children to see this and I excitedly headed back towards the pavilion. At that point, I was more or less following a man. He disappeared behind a bush and I couldn't see him anymore.

So, I took a few more steps and slid feet first through the bushes down the hill and landed in a paisley purple/blue area like carpeted rock steps that were again soft like stuffed with cotton. One had to descend these steps in giant strides as they were not people sized steps and were slanted downward also, not level. Your momentum carried you along faster and faster as you descended.

Finally, I reached an underground place where railway type tracks were elevated, again like in an amusement park. Because my momentum had carried me downward so fast, I ran into the tracks and they were all disjointed and there was garbage strewn around such as McDonald's and Big Mac boxes.

I tried straightening out the tracks so people wouldn't have an accident but I was not able to set them right again. I saw a name on them. It looked like White Feather/Blue Moon.

(As I woke up, it made me think that the book publishing job was off track that I was thinking of doing.)


3-10-98 - DREAM - It was early morning and my husband left for work. I immediately went back into the bedroom and exposed my breasts to see how beautiful I was. I had to go to the bathroom really bad so peed in my white clothes hamper. There were clothes everywhere in the room of all colors. Some young girls came in to ask questions and I covered myself up so they wouldn't know what I had done.

I then had to go downstairs as I was moving. On the stairs were small pieces of furniture I was going to give away like a small writing desk. I decided to keep it because I would need it in the new place.

I then agreed to watch two small children like Ethan and Emilie. (Our grandchildren) We had to cross a narrow fragile bridge made of narrow slats. It was suspended by very thin rope over dark water. The bridge was covered by colorful clothing and we crawled across the bridge with me constantly warning them to be careful so they wouldn't fall into the water. Another young boy joined us and right at the end of the bridge a young boy fell off the bridge into the water. I couldn't immediately grab for the boy because I had to keep Ethan and Emilie safe, so the boy had to bob to the surface himself and then I grabbed his arm and pulled him back up onto the bridge and we were all okay.


4-30-98 - DREAM - I went back into the dream and from the same place, I decided to go shopping and went into a Mall on Wisconsin Ave and Jackson St. I wandered in the mall along time and came out on 3rd St. and Wisconsin Ave. I was really distressed about it, but in actuality it is possible because of the Mall bridges from street to street along that stretch of businesses. I walked home from there and woke up.


5-13-98 - DREAM - I was at my 4800 N Pt. Washington Rd. address. I didn't have a car and needed to go shopping, so I called a taxi cab. When the cab arrived, the driver was a good looking blonde guy. We pulled around the corner and I could see a huge derrick moving earth next door to the south of us. I thought to myself, "I should get out more, I didn't even know they were doing that."

He pulled around the corner going north on Port Washington Rd. going north. All of a sudden I noticed we were going backwards. Then he let go of the steering wheel, climbed over the seat into the back with me.I didn't feel any fear, but I was trying to figure out how this was happening. I could see the steering wheeling making little movements left and right. At that point we were along the curb. I figured we'd just keep going backwards until we hit something. We weren't going fast enough to get hurt I didn't think so I didn't attempt to open the door and jump out though it crossed my mind. The man didn't try to hurt me, he just observed me to see my reaction to what was going on. I decided to just sit there until we ran into something and then get out.

I was amazed because we were driving around people and obstacles like holed in the road that were being fixed in the road with workmen in orange hats standing around. I looked at the steering wheel again and it was moving back and forth. I thought maybe there was a small monkey driving or a midget who could see into the rear view mirror, but I could see nobody. We drove backwards more and more blocks and finally reached an area where there weren't many buildings. The car then ran backwards over some grass where I saw a bridge. a black woman ran behind the car and we just missed her and ran into a short yellow pole or something.

The man seemed stunned and I opened the car door and started running towards a bus I saw coming. I got pretty far before I saw the guy get out of the car and limp away from it. I was running pretty fast, but I saw him coming up behind me. I had to pee really bad and I almost missed the bus. But he had to let a lot of people off so I managed to get on and stand on the steps right by the door. I had to pee so bad, I just let it go and it ran down my legs over my feet and out the door of the bus.

Unfortunately, the old white lady standing next to me got some on her shoes too and when the people moved back in the bus, she noticed her feet were wet, but I didn't say anything.

I looked in my purse then for change for the bus ride and couldn't find any. It was a very tiny purse. I said out loud to the driver, "I can't find any change." The woman next to me helped me look, and while we looked, my purse turned from black to white and got larger and larger. We soon spotted some dimes and then I found a nickel. But when I picked up the dimes, they turned into diamonds, and the nickel turned into a white/silver buffalo. The bus driver didn't seem concerned. As I walked back in the bus, I noticed it was a gambling casino and shopping mall.

Suddenly, I had to pee really bad again and I got off the bus at a real shopping mall to look for the ladies room. I had to walk up a steep hill inside the mall. I saw the men's room, but where the ladies room should have been, a man came out the door. I kept walking and came to some shops and I knew I had gone too far. I really had to go bad, so I decided I would go back to where I saw the man come out and use that bathroom. I was in agony by the time I got there. I pulled the door open and woke up at the same moment. I really had to go pee bad and jumped out of bed.


5-24-98 - DREAM - The dream started when I was going into a huge schoolyard on 70th and Greenfield. The schoolyard was immense, but only 1 story high and had no windows at all. I had to cross the whole outer courtyard of the school to get to the door which was hidden between two buildings in a kind of alley way.

Inside the building various scenes took place. I cannot remember all the scenes but the most memorable was when I picked up a blond woman wearing a beige rain and shine coat. I held her upsidedown and whacked her head violently against the wall several times as I carried her to the bathroom. She was not a heavy person (not like a person would be in real life) I entered the bathroom and dumped her head first into the bathtub and at the same time offered my hand to an older woman to pull her out of the same tub and had short reddish hair. I helped wrap a white towel around her. Though she was naked, I didn't see her body...only her bare shoulders and arms.

I then went home which was just across the street on 70th at the old A-C building. (where I used to work for 10 years) In that building I wanted to go up to my apartment which was #307. There were several elevators. I had to hurry because I was already late for work which started at 8 a.m. and it was almost 9 a.m. When the elevator came it stopped about 1 foot below the hallway of floor. It didn't have a door...it just suddenly appeared. The elevator was full of people but I got on and turned around and faced the opening. I don't recall that it went up at all, but I was then laying on the floor of the elevator which had green carpeting facing a huge bedroom with two double beds in it. The only protection the bedroom had from the prying eyes of people on the elevator was a long pink fringe of string hanging over the opening of the elevator door. I picked at the edge of the fringe which was knotted and undid a knot. I then noticed that all the other knots were already undone except one.

It was time to get to work which was just across the street (where the school was). All I had to do was walk across the street, but the elevator turned into a bus and I and some other woman were taking the bus to work. The bus went west and I thought I would just get off at the 1st stop, but the bus kept going and I knew we had gone too far. I figured we could get off and get a bus back on a transfer or walk back. But we didn't have transfers so we got off the bus to walk back. We were now on 84th St. and had to walk south to Greenfield Ave. and then east to 70th St. to get back to work. As we walked south on 84th St. we came to a bridge over a river. But as we got to the bridge, it looked like the ocean with huge waves on it. As we crossed the bridge we were on the same level as the water and where the water was coming to the beach, the waves were tumbling over and becoming snow banks. This event so puzzled me because I had never seen ocean waves turn to snow. But then I saw that the snow was melting quickly like it was spring and little cartoon-like birds were singing a song about being on the shores of Gitchi Goomi.

I woke up feeling really happy.


7-5-98 - 12:10 a.m. DREAM - I was visiting someone. There was a piano there with a thick beige book on the music rack. The music was in the last 1/4 of the book an was written in all whole notes, played very slowly, with long sounding notes. The piano reverberated the notes and it sounded like an organ.

When I had finished played, I closed the book. Some girls came in then and wanted to know if I knew how to play. I said, "Yes!" and they said they wanted to hear me play something.

At first I hit a very discordant chord, but then I found the music in the book and I again was able to play the piano like an organ again.

I then went out in the lobby and sat on the couch waiting for Joe to come back from somewhere. While I was sitting there, I had a long tube which was see-thru but hollow. I was pushing this long, long tube farther and farther down my throat which made the tube go down the circuit to the other end of my computer circuit where the sound and information came from. In the office where the computer was, 3 women were working there. They saw the tube come out at the other end of the computer. One woman said to the tube,"Hello Dolores!" The sound echoed in my head really loud. Then the other two women saw the tube and they all three started saying, "Hello Dolores! Hello Dolores!" and their voices echoed in my head. It was so loud, I couldn't stand having all three women talking at the same time, so I started pulling the tube back out of my mouth and it was coiling up on the floor in front of me It was just too much sound for me to handle.

There was a young man, dressed in a light brown suit sitting on the couch next to me. He struck up a conversation. I told him the story of the tube going to the computer and the too loud sounds like it belonged to someone else. I was too embarrassed to tell him it was me.

It was time to leave there and it seemed this was a place where you had to be over 55 to live there. There were a lot of people sitting around, including the manager who said she had just come back from vacation. She said she didn't want to work anymore and wanted to be on permanent vacation. In my mind I was thinking that I hoped she would quit because then I could apply for her job.

The people were talking about their rent was going to go up when their leases ran out. One man had his wife sitting with him and she had a job at which she had gotten a 10 cent an hour wage increase. He wanted to know if he rent would go up. I told him that their total financial picture would be re-evaluated when their Lease was up and their rent might indeed go up.

Another woman who was a nurse said that her wage-increase had been 10 cents an hour and wanted to know if her rent would go up. I gave her the same advice, that her financial situation would be evaluated when her Lease was up and her rent might indeed go up.

When we were leaving and going down the stairs to the door, I could hear an old woman bitching how she never gets to go anywhere. She was bellyaching and bellyaching that she never go to go anywhere and this was while she was going down the  stairs going somewhere with the rest of her family.

We were standing at the bottom of the stairs laughing at her, because she kept complaining that she never got to go anywhere while she was actually going somewhere.

I went to visit my mother and father. My father had had two heart attacks in recent days, but he had forgotten what the pain had felt like and was doing okay and walking around like normal.

My mother said that the day before, my Father had not come downstairs at all, and she hadn't gone upstairs to feed him either. She had just let hi lay there because he was supposed to come down every day.

I was with my family then. We were visiting a house and it was time for the children to go to bed. Before they could go to bed they had to go to the bathroom. I seemed to be temporarily in charge of this little boy and I could feel that his pants were wet. I took him to the bathroom and opened the door and discovered an older woman was sitting on the toilet going #2. I kind of said, "Oops! Sorry!" but she was done and left the room. I pulled down the pants of this little boy who morphed into a little girl. I held her on the toilet and she did #2. I then took some wipette type things to clean her butt. I got her ready for bed. While I was doing this another woman came into the room and saw me cleaning the little girl's butt. I was hoping that the woman didn't think I had done something naughty with the little girl just because I had wiped her butt in getting her cleaned up for bed.

We went to the opposite side of the same house where I and my children were climbing this huge ornate and plush carpeted stairway. It was a stairway that curved up to the right. The carpet on the stairs was royal blue. The steps were not even, some treads were narrower than others. It was difficult climbing the stairs. We were more or less crawling up the stairs using our hands as well as our feet like climbing a mountain. Someone made the comment that only my children had the right to go up that  stairway because they were of the right bloodline. Their cousins wouldn't be allowed to go up there because they didn't have the right mother.

When we got to the top of the stairs, it was very plush and ornate, persian tye carpeting, very thick and rich, and the rooms were huge. Someone commented that there were 60 rooms up there and I was hoping we'd get to see them all.

I came to a young girl about age 2 who seemed to be my daughter. She was sitting there spitting out a piece of candy. She had wanted to eat one that was shaped like a peanut and actually had peanut butter inside of it; and the one she had put in her mouth was just solid candy with NO peanut butter in it.

Later, I was with this same girl. She was driving a car and I was the passenger. (She was a young adult now) We were driving north on Teutonia Ave. She wanted to know how to spell the word 'peanut'. We were driving past a string of restaurants with other words like PIZZA, PITA BREAD, but I knew there was one with the word 'peanut' but we had driven past too fast. I told her to go around the block and I'd show her the sign that said the word "peanut." T

This neighborhood was very dark and I was afraid that something might happen, but she drove with confidence. We made a left turn onto Center St. We couldn't go around the block because 14th St. was a one way street going north. So we proceeded to 15th St. and made a left turn. I told the girl who was driving that my Father lived on 16th St.which was just one block over.

I then noticed that it was no longer dark but bright and sunny. The street was newly paved and there was a bridge ahead we had to cross.

We had to stop dead in our tracks though because in the center of the bridge were two young men, beating each other over the head with hockey sticks. They must have been from opposite teams because one was dressed in red and one dressed in blue.

We were too scare to go past them, so we turned around to go back. Our car had morphed into two secretarial chairs with wheels on the 4 legs. Behind us though, was a trio of hockey players with sticks, all dressed alike, but there were two boys and a girl between them.

We were scared because we didn't have any sticks to defend ourselves with.

I turned and looked back at the first two hockey players who were not standing arm in arm in the middle of the bridge.

I turned the other way and saw the trio of hockey players advance towards us in perfect unison, they skated in a line with their bodies moving in a curving S shape as their feet rolled across the pavement towards us.

I thought our best defense was to just stare at them in the eyes and as I did, I saw a reflection of myself but it was like it was a face from a different lifetime because the shape of the nose was different, straight and not sloped like mine is now and the hair was darker. The trio of hockey players and we two, my daughter and I, kind of slid past each other until they were on the bridge and we were back on Center St.

I wondered if these young hockey players had come across the river from the East side, and what their purpose was for coming across the river.


9-28-98 - DREAM - Most details are gone from the beginning of this dream, but this is the ending.

It seemed I worked and lived in the same building. An old lady needed to do her laundry and was carrying it to the laundry room. I saw that other people had left colorful sheets all over the floor so I moved them all aside so the old lady wouldn't trip and fall.

In a big diningroom, there was a discussion going on about what kind of food to serve. One guy had three tall tubs of something from a restaurant, and we discussed whether it was good or bad, but can't remember what it was. I had a strong vision of a fish fin, it looked like a shark. It was triangle shaped, dark black but not shiny, and 3 graduated slots in it.

I was then working in an office with David (he was in a purchasing job) We had to take turns going to the bathroom so there was always somebody there to man the phone.

I don't know if this was a separate dream or not, but I found myself inside of a 3 person airplane, sitting on the floor with a skinny teenage boy. The pilot was showing us how it felt to fly (I've never been in a real airplane) The kid had been up with him before and I was quizzing him on the terminology of the various parts. It felt incredibly wonderful to float on the breeze like a bird, tilting and gliding smoothly between objects as we were pretty low to the ground. The pilot started flying higher then and I was anticipating seeing what the ground looked like from higher up. From my vantage point, I could see only the sky.

Then the pilot took the plane straight up and instead of screaming in fear, I just closed my eyes and experienced the feeling. When I opened my eyes again, I could see the pilot parachuting down off in the distance. He had jumped out of the plane and left the kid and I alone in the plane and the kid had never even soloed. Neither one of us was even a seat, we were sitting on the floor behind the tall stool where the pilot had sat. So, I stood up and picked the teenager up under his armpits and place him on the stool and I sat on the floor next to him. I told him to tell me if there was anything I could do to help.

He said there was nothing I could do. Next thing, we came swooping in to land. It appeared we were coming in to land between two bridge railings and I saw that there were no wings on our plane and we were sliding in on one of those rocket sled test things like they have in the desert. I seemed to be outside of my body watching from a different vantage point and we were sliding backwards strapped into these sled seats. First, when we crashed into the barrier that was meant to stop the sled, I saw the teenagers face for all distorted and then mine went all distorted, my mouth flew open to scream my tongue protruded and my eyes went all weird. There was no pain, and I woke up instantly.




10-16-98 - DREAM - I saw a pad of pink paper in a corner of the classroom where I was teaching a class. I and a man named David R. (I met him once or twice 40 years ago) left the classroom and were walking down the street to go home. We had to cross a street at an intersection. The intersection was a 'T' sideways. A large red and white bus was going the same direction and tried to make a left turn onto the street we had to cross. We thought we could cross the street ahead of the bus but the bus seemed surrealistic at that point. The bus bent in the middle and rather swooped around the corner and we had to run and then back up to get out of it's way. This all happened in slow motion. Once the bus was past, we again cross the street and now were faced with a major construction site with huge yellow beams and cross bars all held together with guide wires \|/ from the sky. We realized we couldn't go that way until the construction was done. (It looked like it might be a bridge)

So we turned around and went back the way we had come to go home. When we got to the building we were going up the stairs and a young woman came up to us and apologized and asked permission to go up the stairs. We told here there was no need to ask permission to go up the stairs.

I can't recall what happened next except that when the dream was ending there was another pad of pink paper in the corner with the name MICHAEL on it.


10-22-98 - DREAM - I was on my way home from somewhere and kept meeting people on the street. They were all asking questions and wanting to make appointments and asking advice. (I meet the best looking, hunkiest young guys in my dreams. :-) )

Anyway, I told the last guy on 16th St. to call and make an appointment. The number was 679-0964 (That was one of my old phone numbers in the physical) I walked the rest of the way down the street to my house and there was melting snow and snow bridges I knew were too dangerous to walk over and various slippery paths to take. I finally chose the shortest narrowest path and went up the steps and went into the house. Inside the house my Father had Becky (my ex-daughter-in-law) over completely backwards until her head was on the floor. I felt sorry for her, but I could see he planned to pick her up and straighten her out. (Neat metaphor for the truth)


12-1-98 - MICHELE DREAM - I was with Michele on top of Mount Rainier. I was telling of prophecy and danger of how a huge earthquake would come and the dam that held the water back would break loose and rush down the flumes too fast for it to handle.

We were on one side of the flumes where the water would spill over and there was only one way to get to the other side...which was by a special bridge that my Father had made. She said that the bridge was made in a very strange place high up on the mountain. I told her that one day we would be glad it was there.


12-18-98 - DREAM - I was on 3rd and Center Streets. The road was brick. From the way it looked, I would say I was indoors and this was like a stage play road. A woman drove up to where I was and said she was trying to get to the mall. She was very upset that she would have to go back the way she came from over the bridge behind her. There was a brick covered bridge to the west but there was a bridge and door to the East as well. I told her she could proceed East to get to a different mall and she could get what she wanted. She had trouble understanding that she had to go through a door before she could cross the bridge. I told her I'd go with her. The door was metallic and all beat up from other cars bumping the door open. We went through the door and we were now inside a long hallway like a hospital with white walls but narrower halls.

We met one person coming towards us, dressed all in white. Beyond her was a room labeled Hollywood. The woman I was with was very happy to see that. We went into the room. The only thing I saw was a TV set with Art Bell with big yellow teeth interviewing Dr. Ruth. The woman I was with was so thrilled she lay on the floor in a strange way hoping to be noticed. It was pretty pathetic and I left her there because she was so happy.


12-31-98 - DREAM - I was looking at a computer screen which was like a TV. On the screen was a beautiful country club scene. It must have been on a river because there was a real high long bridge in the distance. It was so beautiful there.

Bob G. the painter stood on my left and another man stood on my right and we were ooohing and aahing over how beautiful it was. Bob G., the painter said, "Oh! I wish we could be there now." I was trying to scroll on the screen with the mouse to bring the picture in better and the picture was rolling fast. Bob said he wished he could see it better. I got the picture to zoom in and stop rolling and the other guy and I were telling Bob that we had tried to buy property there but there was something wrong with the contracts because of some inspection problems and the deal didn't go through.

NOTE: The dream ended then because Joe came home from work in the physical and made noise that woke me up.


4-5-99 - DREAM - I was at home in an apartment, but there was a lot of young people here. I and a bunch of teenagers were sitting on my bed just talking about stuff. One girl was typing what we were saying. Then I noticed two guys had joined us and one wanted to know what it meant to be 'reborn'. I told him it was a 'change of consciousness'. He needed more explanation than that so I told him to story of how a plant grows, blooms, creates seeds, then the seed has to 'die' in order for a new plant to be born.

While I was telling him that, the girl hit some wrong keys on the computer and messed up the program. I said, "I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that!" and laughed. All of a sudden I noticed that the computer was gone. The girl said she had broken it so the guys took it to a back room to fix it. I said, "There was nothing wrong with it, you just hit some wrong keys," and ran from the room to find my computer. I got to the back room that was full of young guys all working on things, supposedly 'fixing things'. I asked, "Where is my computer?" One said, "T.J. took it to Sears to be fixed." Now I was really upset, so I ran down the stairs to go to Sears. I got outside and saw great destruction. I was under a freeway bridge...sort of place...and someone had dropped a bomb on it and there was a huge hole and the roadways went nowhere so there was no traffic. I carefully walked under these bridges where water was dripping off the edges because it was raining, but I didn't get wet because I was 'under' the bridges. I was careful to watch to make sure none of these structures was going to fall down.

Then I saw T.J. ahead of me, coming back from Sears. He had my computer in a box and several other packages which he was trying to balance. I offered to help him carry his packages and one by one I got my computer box back. I asked him what was wrong with it. He said, "They didn't find anything wrong with it." The box was surprisingly light weight.

So, I carried the boxes, looking for a way back upstairs. I was now in a huge mall being constructed. Workmen were everywhere. I looked for signs on stores to try to figure out where I was but couldn't find any. There were lots of stairways going up, but they went up into darkness, so I couldn't use them. Then I went around a corner and saw two women coming down a stairway, each carrying a glass with some kind of liquid that was a golden color. So, I decided to try that one.

I climbed the stairs and found myself on a balcony that was a bar. There were only women up here. An older woman offered to buy me a drink. I said, "No! I don't drink." She said, "Well! They have Sprite too!" I said, "Okay! I'll have a Sprite!" So I sat down at a table with the woman and some other women who were just talking about 'stuff.' All of a sudden I started feeling strangely sexual and realized something was in the drink. I said, "Oh! I get it. This is a place for women who want to get off by themselves", and jumped up to leave.

Now I had to find a stairway to go back down but couldn't find where I had come up. Each stairway had a door on it, so I had to open a door to see where the stairs went down to. One door opened and the whole stairs smelled strongly of urine. One went down into darkness. Another one went down into a strange atmosphere. Then I saw one that was rather narrow and two young girls were coming up it. That one didn't seem too bad but the girls started telling me their mother had just given birth and how wracked with pain she had been in and how they had to cut her open to get the baby out. I decided I didn't want to go down there either and continued to hunt for a stairway where it would be pleasant. I couldn't and finally woke up.


8-26-99 - EPIC TRAVELING DREAM - I and other people were gathering from many places. We were complaining loudly about how far we had to go to where we were. We looked at a map and I pointed out that there was no shortcut. Everyone of us had to come through Kiel, WI and on the map it was a big circle and I saw a white Pegasus on the circle and I pointed out on the map that we all had to go around it to get to where we were.

We all got on a bus then and continued East through the city. We were a strange looking crew. One of the teen kids needed to sleep and he sat on the floor with his head on my knee. He had weird stuff in his hair like hay and oatmeal flakes or something.

We had to cross a great river then on a bridge that was oddly cross shaped but the river was so high there was water on the bridge and the water came up halfway in the bus. It was so deep the bus was floating.

I saw a red and blue balloon floating on the water, then saw that some pranksters had stretched two balloons tightly across the bridge which we had to duck under or be decapitated. Our bus driver went out into the water at this point and disappeared.

The bus turned into a car as we continued and the water wasn't quite so deep so we were now walking the car and gradually the car faded and we were now dancing our way towards the end of the bridge.

We went up some steps about 7 and tap danced rhythmically up the steps and were now again on dry land.

We were still a weird bunch of people. I helped make a blue dress for a girl, cutting off a large portion of the hem to shorten it.  

All this while every time we changed patterns of the people in rows of 2 or 3 but one behind another, so we were always in a 2 or 3 group but together equalling 5. I was trying to figure out if it meant something.

We continued dancing on up the path and I've lost the end... I don't know where we went.


9-6-99 - DREAM - I spent a long time dreaming 'frames' or 'bands' around each individual state. The states were all the same shapes ... square.

At the end I was taking a military officer in a light blue uniform East on National Ave. I was going to take him to the docks on lake Michigan. There is more than one way to get there, but I wanted to turn north on 27th St. and then East again on Wisconsin Ave. from where I was.

We came to the intersection at 27th S. We were supposed to be driving in vehicles but neither of us was in a car. We were either on scooters or walking.

At this intersection, two lanes turned left and one went straight ahead. The middle lane actually cross over the left turn lane and then went to the freeway. I wanted to just turn left and cross the bridge. There was no other traffic except the traffic going north and south on 27th St.

The left turn was very difficult and slippery on ice and snow and I actually crawled and scooted on my knees to get into the far right lane to cross the bridge.


9-16-99 - VISION - I closed my eyes and instantly saw a scene of a brick or stone-like structure with a train running on top of it. . . like a bridge. I saw that there was a gap in the structure way ahead of it, and suddenly a giant hand came down, picked up part of the structure behind the train and placed it on the structure in front of the train and prevented the train from having an accident.


11-26-99 - DREAM - I was the manager of an apartment building on Jackson St. where I had worked before in Milwaukee, WI. They hired me and I started work, but never went into the office, so I didn't have a clue what was going on. There was a maintenance room in the southeast corner of the first floor. My old friend and maintenance man Michael was in charge of it. I had to go in there to get a key made for my apartment because I had lost it. I also needed a mail box key so I could get my mail which I hadn't picked up for awhile. There were so many guys in the room, none actually working. They were sitting around talking, and young boys who should have been in school were sitting at a counter doing their homework, or being homeschooled.

Some women came in and offered me gifts while I was waiting. The men had been making crafts out of maintenance parts and they were really cute, little boards in various shapes you hung on your wall with hooks to hang keys on. All these gifts were full of keys and they gave me several of them. One of the maintenance men was actually inside a cabinet sorting out keys from packages. I finally got my own keys and went to get my mail. I had a stack of it. I decided I didn't want the small apartment I had been offered because it was so small, so I said I wanted the keys to apartment 212 and took all my stuff up there. I had so much mail and gifts from the women, it took me two trips to carry it all.

While I was going up the stairs, I could see all the work that was being done around the building. The first floor was being patched roughly after all the green carpet was being ripped out, and carpet of brown, blue and red was being laid down in sectioned areas, but hadn't been stretched and tacked yet, so I had to walk over all the lumps and bumps.

I met the carpet layers on the stairs and they guaranteed me it was going to look good when they were done and I replied that I knew they always did a good job.

I got to my new apartment. It was huge and I loved it because of its size, but it had ugly red and black plaid carpet on the floor. But I couldn't find a closet to hang my coat in. I knew what the doors led to, other huge rooms, but there were no closets. Other women followed me into the apartment and were astonished that I had no furniture. But I still had another place to live and I could move a few things each day, there was no hurry to move everything at once.

Once I got in the apartment, I realized that my rent was going to be more than my wages that I had agreed on. My rent was going to be over $1,000 a month for that apartment. I wasn't going to make that much, so I was going to have to get a second job to fill in the rest of the money.

So, I left the building, seeing my old bosses Paul and __?__ on the way through the hall. They went into a 1st floor office. I continued on my way outside.

I went down to the corner where there was a large intersection. The place I was going to apply for a job was on the northeast corner of the intersection, it was a huge building surrounded by a fence, huge lawns, bridges, and moats of a sort.

Outside the fence were people dressed in raggedy old clothes and young men with misshapen faces which had been damaged somehow by some kind of horrendous event and they all had old men who were their keepers who led them around by the hand. I didn't want to get near any of them because their faces were so horrible to look at . . . what you would think was caused by nuclear war radiation perhaps, and they were all hanging around a gate where the common people went in for jobs.

So, when I saw another gate farther up the street where the executives went in and out and went across the bridge to the office. It seems that tourists went in this gate also because the men who were on the bridge didn't look down on me or ask questions as I went across the bridge.

I entered the building and found the elevator easily enough. The door opened automatically and a voice on the speaker boomed out, "Please step to the center of the circle and press your desired button". It was a one person elevator and the buttons were red and lined up in a straight line on the far wall in the back. The circle on the floor in the center was large enough for one person to stand on and had a 6 pointed star in the center of medium green and light green variegated linoleum and the circle and star were of gold metal.

As soon as I stepped on the circle, the elevator started upward. There was no chance to press a button, the door closed behind me and the elevator started to rise quickly. I could feel the sensation of rising fast.

When the elevator stopped, I stepped off into a hallway. I don't know what floor it was. There was a beautiful woman walking through the hallway and other beautiful women, all dressed in dress suits beyond her. She smiled and I said I was looking for a job. She cheerily laughed and said that there were 72 men executives who ran this place and only 17 women executives. She said that the women planned to change this ratio but it would take some time. She said she would hire me on the spot, so I was very happy.

However, she handed me a yellow dress uniform with a white apron to put on and said I could change in the bathroom. I must have looked a little stunned and didn't know which way the bathroom was. There was a stairway right there. She pointed down... and said..."The bathroom is downstairs, and the kitchen is upstairs. The bathroom is in the "F" section." That made some sense to me, so I began to go down the stairs. I met a pretty blonde woman dressed in yellow with a white apron on the stairs swabbing the steps. Her left breast fell out of her dress as she bent over. The dress obviously was very low cut. I got the picture immediately... I would be swabbing floors, not being an executive. However, it was a foot in the door and I could work my way up.

When I got down the stairs I saw a great many dour faced men, all dressed in dark grey suits. They looked at me with disdain. I looked down one hallway. There were paddle-type signs at each doorway. They all started with F, FA, FE, FI, etc. all the way down the hall. In the next direction, the hallway had all paddle-type signs starting with C, CA, CE, CH, etc. Each of these rooms had a man in charge of it. I assumed that each letter combination of the alphabet had it's own hallway or floor.

I started looking for the bathroom, not seeing it immediately. I knew I had to go down the F hallway but I didn't know how far. I started down the hallway and woke up.


2-4-00 - DREAM: (Note, this was a manipulated dream)

I was at a house I've never been in before. I can't remember who the other people were in the house. I decided to go outside for some reason... look at the flowers or something. There was a high white porch and steep steps outside.

I noticed how dark it was for mid-afternoon but it was quite warm out which was a surprise to me. The stairs were so steep that I had to hold onto both hand railings on the way down. I was very careful not to make a misstep and fall.

I then turned around to go back up the stairs, but they were now in a different direction and separated from the house by a bridge of a 2 x 10 plank. I climbed the stairs carefully as they were as steep as before, then I had to 'walk the plank' bridge. I did that successfully also even though it was a little wobbly.

As soon as I crossed the bridge, I met a whole lot of people and a woman greeted us. She yanked up her shirt and showed us that she was wearing a grey bra. People was aghast at her brazenness to show her bra. So, she decided to play the game and pulled her bra up and let her breasts show too.

She didn't have much for boobs, but I got upset and slapped the side of her right breast with the back of my hand really hard and you could hear the 'slap' sound.

She didn't care and just started mouthing off to the people and didn't pull her shirt down.

The whole dream got bizarre then, and I started seeing figures like Mayan stone carvings with weird mouths and tongues hanging out which I just been reviewing.


3-25-00 - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere. I had some electronic equipment and pressed a button on it. I discovered then that I had pressed a button which started the process of downloading of a program that would cause a huge rocket ship that would come to earth.

On the street, to my right, was a big steel bridge that had a lighted sign on an archway over it that said whether one could go or not. There was a huge bus coming across the bridge towards us. The bridge was too narrow for two way traffic.

On the sign in the distance, on the other side of the bridge, I saw the lighted image of a rocketship that looked like a tall fat bullet (such as pictured in the Sumerian drawings) that was going to ultimately come to earth.

The people would have plenty of warning because of the sign, but I couldn't tell if people saw the sign for themselves.  

The light on the archway of the bridge turned yellow as the bus was coming across and it said 'VIA' within the light.

I knew the highway I43 was already jammed with cars.


7-26-00 - DREAM - It seems I was in Milwaukee and giving someone who resembled Robin Williams (the actor) a tour of the city. It also seemed that he was my boyfriend or at least he was acting like he wanted to be that. There was no transportation, so we were walking East on what seemed like North Ave. (The juxtaposition of the street to the next scene doesn't make sense so it was more dream-like than real. )

The street was pretty much torn up so we were walking East towards the next intersection where I was assuming there was probably a bus that went north and south. I pointed out to my 'friend' that they were building a bridge across the valley to the south ... there were huge green girders both on the bottom and the top of this bridge. It seemed like the roadway of the bridge was partially finished but it would be quite some time before it was finished. The bridge would have been at approximately 3rd street.

Then we had to climb the hill up towards what would be Humboldt Ave.  North Ave., which we were walking on was also torn up and I could see a yellow ditch digger machine up the hill and there were mounds of sand and dirt to walk around. It seemed to get longer the farther we walked as I was getting out of breath and feeling some anxiety for the distance we had to walk and I hadn't had anything to eat. (This was probably due to the lateness of this dream to the a.m. and needing to eat in the physical because of lowering blood sugar)

We were about half way up the hill when I saw two men coming down the hill towards us. One was a medium built size man and just walking. The other man was quite large, wearing a brown, yellow and black plaid coat that was blowing in the wind, somewhat like the main character from the movie '76 Trombones'. He was waving his arms, hollering at the workmen who were working on the road. To me, it seemed he was the bus driver I needed to give my 'friend' and I a ride to where we were going.

As it was, I put out my arms wide and smiled broadly and hollered up at him, "I've been waiting for you." He turned from his hollering at the men and saw me and that I was female (which is all he cared about it seemed) and followed my gesture with arms wide and welcoming and feeling welcomed and smiling broadly in return.

I knew immediately that his companion and my companion were wondering what I was up to because I didn't tell anyone what I was doing.

Somehow we quickly were transported to a place that was like a restaurant and lots of people were around and we were going to eat dinner.

One of the waitresses who seems like someone I know very well, but am not certain of her identify went by with an almost empty pie plate that was enormous about 6 feet across. Around the edges were smidges of leftover cheesecake and pumpkin  pie which hadn't been served to the customers.

As she went by, I said to her, "I wouldn't mind sampling the leftovers around the edges of that pan, so she turned and brought it back. I and all the other people who were friends as well gathered around this huge pan and moved all the edge pieces of pie to a place that was easily accessible to everyone.

At the same time, I saw that there were some birthday cards to the woman who was the waitress. I stopped her and said, "Hey! This is all yours", and started gathering the cards together which seemed to be multiplying as I gathered them. I could see that some of the cards were thicker than others and that they might have money in them, and then indeed, Is started seeing brand new dollar bills mixed in between the envelopes and started pulling the money out from between the envelopes and handing it to her. The more money I pulled out and gave to her, the more there was, and there was now also what looked like newspaper clippings or something like that piled in the midst of the birthday cards and there was money stuffed between all  these sheets of paper as well. So I made certain that she got all this too. She was really surprised and happy.

When she took all her cards, money, etc. we then turned to sit down to eat dinner. I had a plate with a small amount of rice, a small piece of roast beef chunk and a teaspoon of salt which someone daubed into the middle of the plate. So I took my plate and went to sit down at a long table. My 'friend' was on my right, and the mild mannered companion of our 'driver' wanted me to sit next to him. However, there were 4 chairs in a row ... 3 at a table ... a table leg ... then 3 more chairs. The companion guy sat at the first chair and indicated he wanted me to sit next to him on his right, but my 'friend' sat at the first chair of the second table and wanted me to sit to his immediate left. I wanted to please him, but didn't want to disappoint the 'companion' guy either, so I eventually pulled one of the chairs away from the table so it was a compromise to both. and woke up


8-29-00  - DREAM - I was in an odd place with an entity I never really saw. I don't know where this was but it was like a dim workplace or workshop.  We were using symbols to create rain. Each one was different.  Each place had their own symbol.  I can only recall the last symbol. It looked rather like a small branch with a downward hanging leaf with lightening coming down from the three tips of the leaf. The symbol was like a bathroom tile would look with a frame around it except it was colorless.  

When we were done, we got in a car to go home. While we were on the road, I could see the horizon in several directions as we were up high.  The clouds in the sky looked really strange. Higher up was a large black mass of clouds and the strange thing was the white towering cumulus clouds between the black mass of clouds and the ground. They looked like wild looking cloud pillars. Arranged around at least two horizons in a semi-circle it was the oddest looking sky I ever saw.

We came over the hill to where we would cross a bridge over the river to the opposite hill where the forest was.  We came to a screeching halt as I screamed, "Oh my God! Stop the car!" There was so much water from the risen river from all the rain we had created, the bridge was washed out and the river was 10 times it's normal size. The water was raging through the valley. Anything in it's path would have been washed away and was long gone.


11-25-00 - DREAM - Joe and I were driving East on Lone Oak Rd. on the way to where Joe works. I could see in the east that dawn was coming. There were two cars ahead of us on the road. We had been given permission to pass both cars on the left and I could see the lights of the cars shining out onto the road in the dawn gloom.

We passed them, turned right and went down to the main road which is Yosemite Highway. We were again going east and I felt that Joe was driving just a hair too far left. Even so other faster cars were passing us on the left endangering themselves from hitting cars going the other way.

We had to cross a large bridge then and there were 3 guide wires on the right. Joe and I were off the road on the right, flying through the air, and all the cars behind us were following us. I was amazed we didn't crash but just kept flying as we were coming down past the bridge.


12-12-00 - DREAM - This had a nightmarish quality. I was planning to leave home because I was unhappy there. My children were each coming to me in turn to tell me that my Father/husband  was abusing them. Secretly, each in turn, I took my children aside in their bedrooms and whispered to them that they should start getting some clothes together because we were going to run away together. My son Ken who had the most clothes, but nothing that fit really well, said that he was going take 3 garbage bags full. The others didn't specify what or how much they were going to take but said they would be ready. We would leave quickly and suddenly with no warning.

At one point, I was driving down a hill quite fast and we had to stop when we came to a long narrow stone bridge. The roadway down was flooded with dark water so we had to wait until all the people coming up the roadway were off the bridge. There was a very long line.  

Before anyone could cross that bridge, they had to write down who they were and where they lived and the reason they needed to cross the bridge. My son Ken wrote ... 'running away to die'.  I thought to myself, "At least he's honest".

At one point, I was in a parking lot where there was a blue Volkswagon car.  It belonged to my Father. I went over to the car and saw that there were two sets of keys in the car.  One was my Fathers keys, and one set belonged to Joe. I wanted to duplicate a set of my Father's keys, but decided I should leave Joes' keys there. This was a plan for the future, and I had to figure out how I was going to duplicate my Father's keys.

At the end, I was going down the house stairs to go outside and a friend of mine from church named Judy, who was considered a big mucky-muck type person there, whispered to me that she was going to call me at 4:30.  My Father said, "What did she say?"  I told him honestly, "She's going to call me at 4:30".  He merely answered, "Oh!" I thought it best to be honest than tell a lie and make him even more suspicious of me.


1-26-01 - Yesterday we got bad news from our server ... it was sold ... the new people want to charge us almost 3000% more than the old one was. Here is the dream about that ...

DREAM - I was living in a small town. I saw a newspaper picture that the photographer had taken from standing part way out on a bridge of a boat dock where some people were standing. There were branches in the way of actually seeing the people, not to mention that you could hardly see the boat dock.

Out in the river was a telephone pole, with wires on it and I knew that some people really took risks when they worked. I wasn't quite that brave, but some people were. I would have at least hired a boat or something and gotten a 'good' picture of  the boat dock.

I and a companion then went to the parking lot and got into our car. (I assume it was Joe, but I never actually saw him) The parking lot was really crowded and a nasty man in a black car was manuevering in the lot, almost hitting everyone as he drove in the lot, blocking everyone who wanted to drive. He finally got out of the way and I attempted to drive a red car at first. I was explaining to my companion that I was never ready to drive a red car because I always had my feet tucked under me and it took me too long to stretch my feet out to hit the brake when it was necessary.

However, I was really good with my big old brown car, and I proved it by driving it out of the parking lot without hitting anyone and driving down the street. At the first intersection, I didn't quite stop where I was supposed to, but did a rather California rolling stop ... :-) I got admonished that if a cop would see me they would give me a ticket. So, I was more careful at the next intersection.

The street was getting narrower and narrower, but I was driving quite well. I made a couple right turns with great grace I thought.

Finally, the road was blocked by 4 rows of wildflowers. I stopped the car to see why flowers were planted across the road so it looked like there was no road. A person came out of the house nearby and told me that some guy named Roger Bently or someone like that owned the garage there and he didn't like it when people drove through.

I told them that they couldn't block the road just because they wanted to. People had a right to drive through there whether he liked it or not and I sure wasn't going to let 4 rows of wildflowers stop me.


2-6-01 - Dreams were really messy because we had the Art Bell Radio show on until 2:30 a.m.

Joe had a nightmare from which he couldn't wake up and lay in bed yelling, "Joe! Wake up!, Joe! Wake up! over and over. I was laying there, listening to him holler out loud, hoping he would say something else, but he didn't, so I finally patted him on the hand and he woke up.

He said he thought he was hollering for help from a person who was sitting on his left on a couch in the livingroom because there was one of those tall spindly ETs in the livingroom ... the one from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

He said that Cher was in the livingroom too at one point.

He said that in that dream, he was looking at the TV that was more 3D than the one we have and was watching geometric shapes forming themselves out of some kind of fluid on the picture, and self-replicating.

He said that it was rather thrilling to watch this process.

He also had a dream in which he knew he was dreaming and he was in the bedroom like he really was, but that there were two file cabinets along the wall which he hung on to as he got up to get to the bathroom.

I'm sure we need more file cabinets, but that isn't going to happen ... we need to throw out a lot of paper obviously.

I dreamed that I was in a huge place where they were serving different foods and I picked up a large snail which was partially cooked and ate it as I was walking around. I woke up with a nasty taste in my mouth.

The last dream I had as I was waking up, I was swooping along a highway where it was snowing heavily and a voice said, "There will be the top 3 highway accidents in history."

The way the highway narrowed down there by the bridge from two lanes to one and with the heavy snow ... I could believe that to be possible.


2-8-01 - DREAM - I was working on my computer. I don't know why I did this, but I was walking East through the city. I reached one street where there were some factories. I heard an announcement over a loud speaker that said a garage door was going to open. Just a second later, I heard garage doors go flying up electronically, huge trucks came rushing down the street, skidding into half turns, followed by sirens of fire trucks. There was no fire, so the fire trucks sat down at the intersection with nothing to do. I didn't know whether to feel sorry for the firemen who had nothing to do when they got there or not.

I continued east and saw that the air was getting more and more polluted the farther east I went. I got to 8th street where the freeway had been dug into the earth a long time ago. Numerous bridges had been built over the big wide gap in the city where the freeway was. Here is where the worst pollution. The air was so dark with car exhaust, one could barely see in front of themselves.

I continued on east and came to a long building where people were getting ready for a party. I walked along through the building, past many open doors and at one point, a young man came out and started working on my hair with a curling iron. He did such a good job on my hair, I asked him what he did for a living. He said he was a hair dresser and dressed people for parties. I asked him what he charged . He said $39. I asked for his business card because that sounded really reasonable. He said that it only took 5 minutes so that was a lot of money to get paid per hour. I was astonished at that, but it seemed worth it to look at good as he made me look.

So, he said he would get a business card for me, and I walked along with him back through the building. I was wearing high heeled shoes and a dark blue dress similar to what I wore when I was 18. We were walking along through the hallway and I tripped over some baby items laying on the floor. I said, "OOps! I hope that's not an omen" to the woman who had dropped it there. They laughed and I laughed when one of them asked me, "Do you think it's a possibility?" I said, "Not for me!" knowing that I was too old to have a baby.

We continued on down the hall past more open doors and the young man went into an apartment, but I was so busy looking across the hall where I thought my friend Barbara had moved to. There were a lot of people going in and out of these doors and I never did see the young man again.