by Dee Finney



2-4-00 - DREAM - This was like being coached through a test.
I was seeing small web pages, about 12 lines per page. I can't
remember what the words were on each page. . .  it was like
reading poetry, no two lines were the same length, but all were
short. When I would get to the end of the page , it would flip
automatically to the next.  Then, finally, one page had a blank
space for me to fill in and I typed the words,

"The Butterfly Effect".  

Someone spelled out, "Good Girl!" and the pages continued,
but then they were going backwards and too fast to read.
Finally, another space was provided where I put in the words,

"The Butterfly Effect"

and the final page was like a 'Table" page with all the words
even and solid and nothing moved any further.

"The butterfly effect is the idea that in a chaotic system, a
very small change to the system applied at a certain point
in time makes the future change in a very dramatic way.
Something as small as a butterfly flapping its wings now
might affect the weather system on a global scale six
months in the future.


In December, 1999, I had this dream:

"Taylar (our granddaughter) came in and showed me a
gift she had received. She opened it up and showed it to
me. It was a rose-red butterfly and on the butterfly which
was embroidered on a black background were the
animated words ' I AM LOVE '."

Then, just before we went to a Christmas party, I was
cleaning out my purse and I found a steel golden
butterfly pin that looks exactly like this picture, which
I presented to Taylar when I told her the dream I had
about her.  It was a really 'cool' coincidence.


In March of 1990, I had this dream/vision which is different
than what I think of when I see the term, "The Butterfly Effect"
yet, it has it's own meaning. When one thinks about butterflies,
we know that it once was a caterpillar, but when we see it's
beauty, we don't really think of the ugliness and creepiness of
the caterpillar... it's been transformed.

3-31-90 - Dream/vision : I saw the outline of a butterfly.
Each one of my friends and I were points of light outlining
the form of the butterfly at a particular point in time.

A voice said: "Now if you want to experiment in controlling
people, you must expand the form of the butterfly by
communicating telepathically with each person, telling
them to move several feet east, west, north or south,
having to deal with their free will. See if you can expand
the form of the butterfly keeping it in perfect alignment.


In the early 1970's Edward Lorenz engaged in an interesting
study which lead to the development of Chaos Theory. He
posed the question: Can the flap of a butterfly's wings over
Brazil spawn a tornado over Texas? This butterfly effect has
been studied mathematically. Scientists have determined that
there is a practical limit to how far one can forecast the weather
into the future. Chaos theory holds that small changes at the
atomic level can lead to much larger changes at the macro level.

The Strange Attractor Crop Circle

Links to Chaos Theory Web Sites

In December, 1997, issue #71 of "SC" Magazine (8). in Geoff
Stray's article, "Hieroglyphs of Dimensional Interface," quite
interesting. He speculates on "the end of linear time." The final
formation of 1997, he says, was the "Strange Attractor" fractal
at Hackpen Hill (6). The term means "an irreducible invariant set
that attracts the trajectories of all nearby points."

See how the dynamics of the  Strange Attractor Crop Circle fits
in with the Points of  Light on the butterfly theme of the 1990

See the Lorenz Attractor in Action
Java Applet



This crop glyph appeared on 7-16-07 in Oxfordshire, England

This photo included a link to Wikipedia's page on the Butterfly Effect

From The Calendar Stone of the Aztecs A.D. 1479.

“The great Aztec calendar is carved from a block of porphyry
(crystal, feldspar) more than twelve feet in diameter and
weighing over twenty tons. Its pivotal solar mask is set in a
hieroglyph, “4 Olim,” which denotes both the predetermined
day on which the present world age is to end and the manner
of its termination; for the word olim, “movement, motion,”
means also “earthquake.” The two earlike projections at either
side of this mask show hands tipped with eagle claws, clutching
human hearts. The sun was pictured as an eagle, and the
offerings sustaining his flight were hearts. Four quadrangular
glyphs flaring from the rim of this symbol of the will-in-nature
refer to four mythological eons supposed to have preceded
our own..”

On the outside of the carved serpent rim, are representations
of a goddess known as Itzpapalotl, “Obsidian Butterfly.” She is
a goddess of the stars -- those points of light that mark the
ultimate reach of human sight and thought, beyond which is
the “Place of Light Where He-who-gives-light Hides Himself.”

Relief in stone of Itzpapalotl, the Obsidian Butterfly, in stance
of descent. Worshipped since before Tenochtitlan, this goddess
is a somewhat darker aspect of the Earth Mother figure. Here
she is depicted with fangs (bottom of image) and eagle claws -
fitting for a goddess who grasps the sky like a bird. Note the
butterfly wings on the sides of her arms.

Itzpapálotl is the Mother Goddess of the Chichimec.
This image of Itzpapálotl is from the Vatican   Codex.


Xochiquetzal is the Goddess of love, flowers, vegetation and fire.
This image is a clay flat stamp with a mythical butterfly motif
from Tula.

More Images:



From D. W.:

To understand how a little hi density capacitor like the heart, particularly when aligned with Hearts around the planet could hold reassemble Earth's magnetism in a non-destructive wave (see the Global project to use HeartLink to link Hearts around the planet: ) :

See the Heart takes wings, makes a fractal and becomes (as they say in fractal circles), the butterfly effector!


The MARIPOSA "Energy Cascade"

Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 05:10:18 -0800

From: Jason Bishop

The Butterfly : Before l865, the insect was known as a "Flutter-by" due to its erratic, but rapid, flight motion.
The Butterfly Effect :
A butterfly flaps his wings in MARIPOSA, California and some time later a hurricane begins to form over the Atlantic.

It is only recently known that very small changes in initial system conditions may have very large eventual manifestations.


Re: WEATHER MODIFICATION : butterfly-effect?

What are the social and military applications of your technique?
Conservatively speaking, the outcomes are considerable and one US military authority has acknowledged this by citing a description of advanced WM technology as "a more important weapon than the atom bomb." In military incomparable "force multiplier".

* Hyperspace awareness and focused consciousness or intent.

* Consciousness is an active force or mechanism that can, among other things, control or cause change in the human (and more global) energy field.


The 'Butterfly Effect' :

The 'butterfly effect' which is an essential element in chaotic dynamics, may be invoked to explain apparent anomalies in lithic technology (and perhaps to models of gene flow in archaic humans). The 'butterfly effect'  is named from the parable of the flapping of a butterfly's wings that creates a minor air current in China, that adds to the accumulative
effect in global wind systems, that ends with a hurricane in the Caribbean. Or in more scientific jargon, 'sensitive dependence on initial conditions'

Chaos in Prehistory :
Fractal geometry and The 'Butterfly Effect'.


The "Butterfly Effect" is a very important concept in severe weather. First, what is the Butterfly Effect? It's a fundamental part of "Chaos Theory" that is generally defined as "Sensitive dependence on initial conditions." Basically, this means that very small differences in early conditions give rise to large differences in later stages. Extracted from :

Who came up with the Butterfly Effect? A meteorologist at MIT by the name of Edward Lorenz discovered it in 1961 while he was working on computer weather simulations. When he made slight changes in the initial conditions that he entered, the resulting weather conditions were very different. He was first to describe this "deterministic chaos" as the shaper of weather.

See these sites for more information on the Butterfly Effect:

Non-Linear Science :

Cool Java demo :

* Demo that requires Shockwave :


["ambience" controlled chaos ]

"I guess some people would think it is a paradox to think that you can control chaos, but actually it's one of the properties of chaos that's very important that makes it easy to control. And that is that any small perturbation, any small tap given to a chaotic system is amplified quickly in time."

Scientists often explain this property by talking about something they call the butterfly effect.

"The butterfly effect is the idea that in a chaotic system, a very small change to the system applied at a certain point in time makes the future change in a very dramatic way.

* Why control chaos? Well, a chaotic circuit could lead to better communications technology. "The small control pulses that we apply to the circuit, like the flapping of the butterfly's wings have a tiny effect on the behavior at the time that they're done, but in the future they influence the behavior in a dramatic way, and we can cause it to carry a certain sequence of information."


ELECTROSTATIC FIELD SENSING : "As the user puts their BODY into the region between the two plates (Charged Areas), they distort the electric field which is there. They take the current away from the electrodes. The Magic is "Within" the "MEDICINE WHEEL".

Agents and... Butterflies!?

"And now the time has come to talk of many things, Of agent mental attitudes, of butterflies and their wings."

Some species of butterfly are believed to be able to communicate via telepathy. Scientists at the International Institute of Metamorphology have been conducting experiments in which several butterflies of the "Sapphire Steel" (Lumlii mccallum) variety are shown pictures of different flowering plants. Despite each experiment being conducted in isolation, the scientists observed that all the butterflies exhibited similar
agitation when one was shown a picture of a pollen-laden plant. Increased electromagnetic activity in the vicinity of the butterflies' antennae was also detected.


NOTE from Dee: I had this dream in 1989:  11-22-89 -
I was in a big house. I had a button somewhere on my
person that I could push that would turn on the light
in a room before I got there. I went into the livingroom
to see if the red drapes I found would fit there, but
there were more windows than I had drapes for.

I had a piece of candy that looked like a butterfly. I put 
it in my mouth and it was sweet, but it had wings of steel.



On the one hand is the god Kaos representing masculinity and chaos. On the other hand is the goddess Kosmos, representing femininity and order.


Every system in our universe obeys certain laws. The Six Laws of Systems are:

1. To permanently change a system, you have to change its structure.

2. Every system has special points where small changes can bring about lasting changes to the system.

3. The more complex a system, the farther away are cause and effect.

4. The more feedback loops in a system, the harder it is to predict behavior.

5. How to find the special points and how to stimulate them to the desired goal are never obvious.

6. When we find and stimulate a special point toward the desired goal, the results usually get worse before they get better. Immediate good results are suspect.

[ These laws can be used to bring about magical results.]

All complex dynamic systems have Magic Points - critical points where a small change can have large consequences.

* The Perfect Circle, a symbol for linearity, uses 'pi' for its circumference, and 'pi' cannot be calculated exactly - it is nonlinear, and therefore a number of Kaos. 

"We must be extremely sensitive to nuances of feeling, perception, and thought."

A nuance is a small shade of meaning, or a subtlety of perception, for which we have no words or mental categories. Nuances are seed-ideas which germinate in the mind until they burst forth into creative expression. Nuances exist in the fractal spaces between our categories of thought. They circulate through the emotional and perceptive centers
of the brain; from the mental and astral planes down into the physical. Systems in far-from-equilibrium conditions are extremely sensitive to external environmental fluctuations. 

For this reason, far-from-equilibrium systems can adapt to their environment better and faster than those in equilibrium.

According to magic, this is the key to understanding evolution.

* Life adapts in both an individual and a collective sense.

* The Earth is alive. As such, it changes, and the living beings on it must either adapt according, or die out. All life is intricately joined together, and what effects one will effect every other.


God's grand symphony of Messianic redemption ; no one knows the possible far-reaching impact of his/her every word and deed-- cf. the "butterfly effect".

The Butterfly Effect is a recurring motif of the adventures of "Doctor WHO"; for instance, Kadiatu calls the Doctor "the butterfly's wing" in Transit. "Empty Spaces" is set in Ancient Egypt, and involves an alien egg-like implant carried by the Doctor. The Reptilians are manipulating the Satanists into using the Doctor as a gateway for their dimension twisting... They want to make him part of a machine..

* It's bizarre, looking back through these notes, to see the different variations on the basic ideas playing themselves out over months of scribbling - and difficult to remember when they all came together to form the final "ZON" synopsis. 
"The Book of ZON"

* Chance or Necessity? ORDER OUT OF CHAOS?

The atmosphere and biosphere have had important effects on the evolution of Earth's unique (at least in this solar system) "ISNESS". Let's say we are sitting on a Rock, in a forest, near a stream.....A butterfly comes by. We ask it about the entrance to a Secret Cavern. And it "telepathically" speaks to us. The butterfly effect : an almost imperceptible, seemingly inconsequential event (the fluttering of a butterfly's wings) will change the initial conditions sufficiently to make prediction of the long-term behavior of a complex system impossible.


* Self-organized criticality theory requires a holistic view.

Life self-organizes. In other words, simple building blocks, in the form of carbon-based molecules, follow simple assembly rules, in the form of chemical laws. No one -- neither God nor man nor aliens from outer space -- has to sit around and make atoms or molecules; they make themselves. By the same token, molecules and cells can assemble themselves into an amazing variety of complex living organisms.

* Self-organizing processes catalyze themselves.

With the input of energy in the form of sunlight or glucose, living organisms display the ability to first assemble themselves and then make the proteins that allow them to grow, repair themselves, and reproduce.

These abilities -- self-organization, self-maintenance, and self - replication-- are known collectively as autopoiesis.

Adherents of the Gaia hypothesis believe that the planet Earth and the life on it combine to form one interconnected, self-organizing "superorganism." In fact, life on all levels, from RNA to Gaia, can be viewed as a cooperative enterprise. Molecules assemble themselves into collectives called cells; millions of cells cooperate to make the heart beat; and species interact in self-organizing cooperatives called ecosystems.

* Order emerges from chaos ; complexity emerges from simplicity.


* The simplest definition of homeostasis is the optimal set of conditions for an animal's survival, growth and reproduction.

* Stress caused by real (or anticipated) challenges to homeostasis. Stress is a compromise of short term homeostasis in order to cope with a real or perceived threat.


There is a "SEEKER" born every minute.

Sun, 07 Mar 1999 08:45:51 -0800

From: Jason Bishop III

* This is the KEY to the UNI-versal TRUTH :

"Love radiating through our heart is the ultimate universal unifying force. By creating the shareable feelings of unconditional love, compassion and joy in our Heart chakra, we align ourselves to the Earth and universe, thereby staying in harmony with the cosmos. In choosing these feelings, which create the heart harmonics, we accelerate the willed evolution of our DNA."

But, The Reptilians use the "Occult" (Hidden) Knowledge (and they are the ones behind "hiding" it from Humanity) to "teach/manipulate" only PART of the Truth. They want you to "BECOME a "Shelled" EGG. An "enclosed" chakra system. An "EGG". Then the Serpent energy "attacks" the "Third Eye" and the Reptilians "Hive" Mind, FEEDS off the Energies created. * There is a "seeker/sucker" born every minute. And the Reptilians GAME whomever they can.

Using the same Chakras (wheels of Energy) IF you "crack the Egg"  (become a "butterfly"), THEN all the Energy VORTEXES "Expand" from their "tightened" states and totally connect to the ALL that IS, the Nature of the "EST" ( The "It Is" / Here & Now). So....if you experience ONLY part of the TRUTH, the Reptilian "lower nature", of FEARS, have you caught in a FRACTAL "backwater" spin (DEAD END) and separate you from the WHOLE, that is the SOURCE of ALL creation. This Reptilian "GAME" is a "Soul" Stealer. Eventually humans will see how the Reptilians want to draw them into CONTROL systems. The Reptilians are also learning lessons about the "ALL" ... that if they create Wars, Kill, drink Blood, create Pain, it will really
"drain" them of TRUE LIFE. The more they drain themselves (with EVIL - Anti-Life), the more they have a "need" to create FEAR "control systems" in the humans they are "feeding" off of. They know they are NOT getting anywhere, and they are SCARED! They are really "afraid" that Humans will "Awaken" and STOP the "parasite" relationship. Then, the Reptilians "THINK" they will die. They are TOO "Intellectual" (left brained) and do not have the "Intuitive" (right brain) activation to realize that NOTHING can really go into the
BLACK HOLE of OBLIVION ... that is a False Fear. They THINK that all that is, is the limited observations of their senses. We, Humans and Reptilians, are all parts of the WHOLE ... The SOURCE. We can go NOWHERE ... because we are already HERE, micro-second to micro-second.

There is NO where to go TO or go away from.. The humans are learning the lesson NOT to let "others" direct their lives. Not to surrender to the FEARS that the Reptilians "use" to control the population. The DRACO/Reptilians are scared, because they KNOW that mega AWAKENING Energies (from NATURE) are increasing and THEY can NOT control the Powerful VIBES from the Central Core of the SOURCE.

By 2012, most humans will EXPERIENCE the TRUTH through their SOUL connection to the Truth ... the SOURCE. The crap Reptilian "New Age" mind control systems will collapse. The Bull Shit stuff like, Ashtar command, "channeling" Entities telling you what to do, the NWO, UFO invasion fears, Satanic Magick, Elder "Aliens" picking you up and saving you (How to serve Man), RELIGIONS and CULTS of ALL kinds, the "official" science cult, etc. All this SHIT will be gone. And the energy of FLOWING with the Truth of Nature, will MOVE
the "Beings of LIGHT" (which we ALL are) into HARMONY !

"Love radiating through our heart is the ultimate universal unifying force. By creating the shareable feelings of unconditional love, compassion and joy in our HEART chakra, we align ourselves to the Earth and universe, thereby staying in harmony with the cosmos. In choosing these feelings, which create the heart harmonics, we accelerate the willed evolution of our DNA."

The HEART CHAKRA is the most Important ... it is the MIDDLE Chakra, of BALANCE (between the upper and lower chakras). It is the "MEET POINT" ... the fulcrum of the "activation" of the WHOLE Chakra SYSTEM. The Reptilians want humans to "FOCUS" on the lower and upper points. That creates "imbalance" ... then they can manipulate a person or group.


* Location : The heart area in the center of the chest.

* Attributes : Unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, group consciousness, peace, tolerance.

* To Awaken and Balance: Serve others, love and take care of
yourself. Breathe consciously.

The true secret behind the code letters of "V.I.T.R.I.O.L." :

Go sit in a Cavern, for a short time. You will become AWARE
of your "HEART Rhythm" ... then RELAX ... go with the flow. EXPERIENCE the "Timeless/Spaceless" ISNESS. This IS the
true SOURCE.

"Ommmmmmm" Thank You, for your INNER-EST,
Jason Bishop III


The Butterfly Effect.

EVERYONE has heard of that bloody butterfly that causes
storms all over the world be flapping it's wings in a DIFFERENT
part of the world. If, IF, this little butterfly can create such
destruction, just imagine what you can do ... although, you'll
never be able to gauge where your effects will occur.

Get yourself some tissue paper, nice colored stuff, thin bamboo
rods and string.

Make yourself a nice set of butterfly wings.

Put them on and go for a hypothetical fly.

Watch ... wait ...

Just to let you know that you may be responsible for the death
of hundreds of thousands of people. Or it could have been the
guy down the street ...


Several days after I created this page, but had not uploaded it yet, I had two dreams about songs with 'butterfly' lyrics in them. I woke up humming the music, but not knowing the titles of the songs.  That set me out on a web search to figure out what they were because the songs were about relationships. Strangely enough the songs were labeled with numbers:  510 through 517.

Here are some I found.

Butterfly click here)

click here

Madame Butterfly  (click here) "Un bel di vedremo"-Act II - by Puccini

Joanies Butterfly (Aerosmith) (Steven Tyler, Jimmy Crespo)

(click here)
(Smashing Pumpings version)

Rainbow People by Jimmy Caprio

Three Lullabies by Earl Vickers

Catching Butterflies in the Park" - click here!


I hope you can hear the boy (me) and the poor butterfly in the music. There were also dragonflies in the park, and daddy would catch some for us because my brother and I were never able to catch any ourselves.





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