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by Dee Finney

Note from Dee: 1-5-00

I had a simple vision today when I was resting. I heard the sound of "Middle C" and heard the name Leadbeater. This is not the first time I heard a tone in my head when I was resting. Last week I heard the tone of "A".  Other times I heard tones but just paid attention to the messages and not the tones. Coincidentally, yesterday, a psychic friend wrote me an e-mail that she had a vision about me which she told me and my spirit interpreted her vision to that of a major breakthrough for me. I feel that this page is part of that breakthrough.

Note from Dee: 1-6-00

1-6-00 - DREAM - I was in a room trying to catch two birds similar to parakeets. They were like aqua blue colored bodies with black wings and heads. They were so pretty, I wanted to cage them. However, I was moving slow as molasses with my net, like I was walking under water and even when I thought I could catch both birds at the same time because they were so close, I moved so slow, I only got one. The birds looked at me as if it say, "You'll never get us that way!"

NOTE: This blows me away:  SHIVA/SHAKTI http://www.absphoto.com/users/v/vittala/twoasone.html (Sorry this site disappeared as soon as I downloaded  the picture.) Here is my copy.  Shiva/Shakti Note the color of Shivas face and that they are two as one.  

5-13-00 - DREAM - I don't know where I was though it seemed similar to my 16th St. house, it wasn't exactly the same. There were several people in this dream that I knew quite well, but never in this same circumstance.  

We were all wearing night clothes, pajamas or long winter-type gowns with heavy robes. I also had on heavy white garden-type gloves with a narrow black band around the thumbs. There was a scene in the kitchen and a short discussion held which I can't remember but that's okay.   ~~~~~~~

It was the last scene that was so memorable. I went into the 'parlor' which is what we called this room at home. Here there was a brown old-fashioned organ, with a bench, a small table with a lamp and a couple arm chairs for others to sit on.

Someone had brought some music in a manila colored folder, like it was being studied. I was wearing these heavy white gloves and yet when I sat down to play the music which was called 'Concerto ____' or a word like 'Concerto' the sound was so incredible that all thoughts of problems or worries were gone ... only the music reverberated through the air.  

The keyboard of the organ was rather short compared to a piano and for the left hand was a small gold organ that didn't have regular keys on it, there were thumb shaped tabs which when they were played the tones came out with glorious vibrato sounds in the bass level of sound.

After I was done playing the music the first time, an older man with dark hair came in and sat on the bench with my on the right side. I was never comfortable playing for other people, though I've done it numerous times, but when this man sat down to listen so closely, the music went flying off to my left on the table, a young man grabbed the gold thumb keyed organ and ran outside with it, and the main organ seemed shorter than ever.

Now when I looked at the music again I couldn't figure out which sheet of paper I had played off of and I didn't have the gold organ, but I made an attempt to play the music from memory.  I could only remember the first page.  It began in the key of G, with the right hand playing middle C and the upper G next to it with the right hand four times and then both hands playing an octave of Gs four times. Without the gold organ for the left hand, the music sounded so flat. I needed that vibrato gold organ for the sound to be correct.

So I got the young man back into the room with the gold organ and set it up on the organ, got the music back and again played the 'Concerto' in the key of G.  It was glorious.

After I woke up, I replayed this dream in my mind numerous times. I didn't want to get up.  Then I got out my Casio keyboard and played that first line of notes the best I could with the electronic vibrato in the organ sound.  It doesn't compare to the dream very well ... but it sounds wonderful to my ears.

NOTE:  I spent the day searching for the music. I think this is it:
 Mozarts Piano Concerto No. 17 in G
- andante.mid
Piano concerto No.17 in G, K.453 (Reduct.) (R.J.Fisher)
1.Allegro (74k); 2.Andante (30k); 3.Allegretto (64k).

It's the andante that sound so cool.  Here is another one that  seems equal to what I needed.  Vivaldi:  Concerto in G -
Concerto for oboe and bassoon in G, RV.129 (B.Traylor)
1.Andante molto (40k); 2.Largo; 3.Allegro molto (38k).

Now I need to know why I dreamed that. I meditated later in the day and saw several visions:
Electrical Connections
Electrical Connections
Electrical Connections
NASA Electrical Connections

And then I saw a page of math that came when I heard a noise. It was kind of a buzzing sound and the green page of math came up into my vision that was about the math of the electrical connections. I never studied much science, nor music theory, so I guess I need to do that now.

Music from 'Atalanta fugiens'  - Alchemical Music






VIDEO SOUND: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgMQOAWeVs0&feature=related



VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yC0h4ttvLlw&feature=related



























REIKI (musica para meditar y relajars)  VIDEO





























This information came to my attention today, listening to a radio interview:


Hi: You might not know how really important this is. Last night, George Noory of 'coasttocoastam.com'  interviewed
a 60 year old woman who has been working on a 'SOUND' program, in which you record two minutes of your verbal speech, then a computer program listens to it, and tells you which sounds were missing in your voice. By identifying which sounds were missing from your voice, the program, from multiple testings, can tell you which vitamin is missing from your diet, but not only that, it can tell you what your personality is, which sounds you need to introduce into your life to heal you.

The unfortunate thing is, the training program to use this program is a little over $4,000.

They also interviewed a doctor who came down with what seemed like a variety of M.S. and his nerves in his body were being destroyed. They couldn't help him, and by the time he was in a wheelchair, he came across this 'sound' program, and they gave him a CD of the missing tones in his voice, and just by listening to the missing tones, his nerves started regenerating - and healing him. At this point he is out of the wheelchair, and walking with just a cane and able to continue his stressful job as an emergency room doctor.

It came to me that if we listen to a variety of music, even if we don't know our missing tones (because of the money factor) we could heal ourselves. Better yet if we sing all the notes ourselves.

Love, Dee

In a message dated 5/8/2007
gveunahu@xxx writes:

This is a quote from 'Voices of our Ancestors ~ Cherokee Teachings from the Wisdom Fire' written by Dhyani Ywahoo and a song afterwards and today's elder's meditation from white bison

loving spirit

"The body requires a certain balance for the doorways in the body: the lumbar spine, just above the sacrum and behind the navel; the solar plexus; behind the heart; behind the throat (first cervical vertebra); and at the medulla (seventh cervical vertebra). These are places on the spine where the energy will often accumulate and become
obscure until certain changes of consciousness, posture, breath occur. The fires that go through these doorways are the fires of will, love-wisdom, and active intelligence. (3 fires)

"...There is also a great deal of mental pollution that the liver seeks to break down. The liver is much taxed in a time of stress, to bring our excesses into balance. We can consciously assist this process as we make more complete the relationship of the sun and the moon in ourselves, and of the feet to the ground, and as we dissolve those patterns of thought and habit that add stress to the physical body.

"Sound is the greatest healer in Tsalagi medicine. Through the tones of the medicine chant, physical organs are reminded of their optimum pitch. Through understanding sound, one understands the mystery of the unformed forming.

"...The sound for the liver, the note A, can break apart whatever stones may be obstructing the bile duct.

"The sound for the heart is Ah, the sound of laughter. The sound for the spleen is singing; singing transforms, even singing softly to oneself is transforming. The lungs they weep, they wash away. Then there is the groan of the kidneys.

"The body orifices or doorways that relate to the organ systems include eyes for the liver; ears for the heart; nose for spleen; mouth for lungs; and urethra for the kidneys. And in relation to body parts fed by the organ systems; liver feeds ligaments and muscles; heart feeds the arteries; spleen feeds muscles; lungs feed skin and hair; kidneys feed the bones. Thereby one's intention is rooted in the body of "now."

"Just as our organ systems are supported by Mother Earth's compassion, she is supported by our caretaking. To return to Earth, and caretaker for her. That is our song in this time.

"The voice of creation sings its song. Let us recognize the power.
Let us put our hearts and minds into a place of affirmation. We see
many things happening in the nation and in the world at this time,
events that arise from and idea of separation. Let us hold in our
hearts a sense of sacredness and an affirmation that each one of us
is a holy being."


Gran Bel Fisher ~ Moment

Give a moment of your time to the moment
Give a moment of your time to the moment

Music was created to enjoy this world
...an escape to others

Belong to the life that you're living
Belong to the life that you're living

Sing a sobbing song in the face of the wrong
and belong .. belong

This will be the day that you'll say you've been waiting for
So why you passing by the time is better than the time before
The morning knocks your door open up and say less is more
There's more to less and my confession feet I get around to
knock on my door ... oh

Give a moment of your time to the moment
Give a moment of your time to the moment

Fitting songs of good old times all collected
under the dust we want to will and save old same old remorse

This could be the day that you'll say you've been waiting for
So why you passing by the time is better than the time before
The morning knocks your door open up and say less is more
There's more to less and my confession feet I get around to
knock on my door ... oh

Give a moment of your time to the moment
Give a moment of your time to the moment
We'll give a moment of your time to the the moment

This could be the day that you'll say you've been waiting for So why you passing by the time is better than the time before The morning knocks your door open up and say less is more There's more to less and my confession feet I get around to knock on my door ... oh



Elder's Meditation of the Day - May 8

"Anyways, with medicine there's a time and a place for everything. It only comes around once. You have to get it at the right time."  ---- Cecilia Mitchell, MOHAWK

The old ones say two things must be present for a miracle to take  place. One, the right time. Two, the right place. This is why we need to honor our ceremonies. Ceremonies are done in an order. This order is applied to open a "door" to the right time and place of the medicine. This door opens to the Spiritual World. The Spiritual World
is available to us at the right time and the right place.

My Creator, let me be patient today so the timing is right.

For specific information on the sound program go here:




Author Marilyn Ferguson relates one such experience given by a physicist:

"I saw cascades of energy coming down from outer space, in which particles were created and destroyed in rhythmic pulses; I saw the atoms of the elements and those of my body participating in this cosmic dance of energy; I felt its rhythm and I heard its sound, and at that moment I knew this was the Dance of Shiva... (Emphasis in original.)

Occultist Alice A. Bailey discussed this "energy" experience as well:

"The new religion will be one of Invocation and Evocation, of bringing together great spiritual energies and then stepping them down for the benefitting and the stimulation of the masses. The work of the new religion will be the distribution of spiritual energy...

GEOFFREY HODSON, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand 1952..

My consciousness was caught up into a realm radiant with that light which never was on land or sea. Gradually I realised the presence of a great Angelic Being, who was doubtless responsible for my elevated state. From his mind into mine there began to flow a stream of ideas converning the life, the force and the consciousness of the universe and their self-expression as angels and as men. This description is not strictly accurate, however, because during such communication, the sense of duality was reduced to a minimum. Rather did the two centres of consciousness, those of the angel and myself, become almost co-existent, temporarily forming one "being" within which the stream of ideas arose. This, I believe, is essentially true of all interchanges which occur above the level of the formal mind, and especially at those of spiritual Wisdom and spiritual Will (the buddhic and atmic planes. red). In the latter, duality virtually disappears and oneness, uttermost interior unity remains. Daily entering that realm of light, I found that the great ocean of the life, the force and the soul of the universe had its myriad denizens. These are the Spiritual Selves of men and Super-men and the vast company of the Angelic Hosts, of which the being who "addressed" me was a member.He was supernally neautiful, majestic, god-like, and impassive and impersonal to the last degree. As teacher to pupil, he began to tell of - and to enable me, with gradually increasing clarity, to percieve - the Angelic Hosts, their Orders and degrees. He told of their communion with men, as in ancient Greece, Egypt and Eastern lands, their place in Nature as Ministers of the Most High and of that great dawn of creation when, metaphorically, as the Morning Stars they sang together and as the Sons of God they shouted for joy. He spoke of the creative process as the composition and performerance of a celestial symphony, of the Logos as Divine Musician and of His universe as a manifestation of celestian harmony. He told of the great Gods who assimilate the mighty creative chords in their ranks from the highest spiritual worlds to the realm of everlasting Archetypes. the great sound-forms upon and by which the physical universe is modelled. Therefrom, he said, the music of the Creative "Word" passes on to the lower worlds, where lesser Hosts formatively echo and re-echo it, thereby building all Nature's varied forms. Since the Great Artist of the Universe perpetually creates, the Creative Sumphony is ever being composed and ever performed. Angels and men live amidst celestial harmonies, the everlasting music of the spheres. Such, in part, is the vision which once I had and which still lives with me. With it there has come the knowledge that, in their real existence, the Gods who once were so near to men were none other than the Angelic Hosts, that through-out the great racial darkness they have still been near, though un-percieved, and that the time approaches when again the Major Creative Powers and Beings, the laws by which Cosmos emerges from chaos and the place of humanity in the vast process of civine manifestation will become apparen to mankind. For that day, it was intimated, man may well prepare. Ugliness must be banished, war must be outlawed, brotherhood must reign, beauty must be enshrined in human hearts and revealed through human lives. Then to a humanity united in one fraternity the High Gods will reveal their immortal loveliness and lend their aid in building a new world in which all men may perceive and serve the Supreme as Beauty and as Truth.

There is a complete science for invoking devatas -- gods. These devatas do not descend from some heaven, nor do those whom we call evil spirits come from hell or some devil's world. They are all present right here, coexisting with us.

Actually, in the same space, there is a multidimensional existence. For example, this room where we are sitting is full of air. If someone burns some incense, some aromatic substance, the room will become filled with fragrance. If someone sings a melodious song, sound waves will also fill the room. But the smoke of the incense will not clash with the waves of the song. This room can be filled with music as well as with light, but no light wave will clash with any sound wave. Nor will the light waves have to leave to make room for the entry of sound waves.

In fact, this very space is filled in one dimension by sound waves, in another by light waves and in a third dimension by the airwaves. Likewise, hundreds of things fill this room in hundreds of different dimensions. They do not in any way hinder one another, nor does any one thing have to move out of the way for something else. Therefore, all this space is multidimensional.

The reverberations of sound is one which re-echoes many times. These reverberations impinge upon the ear and the body giving the impression of being within a sea of sound. It is this effect that was created through strong, repeated invocations and chants, filling the temple or room with the force or energy being invoked. This helped to create a space acceptable for its actual physical manifestation or for the raising of the consciousness of the individual to a sense of unity with the divine force.

Fractal Music Generation

The Greek amphitheatres exhibited highly advanced knowledge of acoustical properties. They were free from noise. The Greeks even constructed shells to further direct and reflect sounds in specific patterns.

Many societies had forbidden certain kinds of music, especially in the the formative years of the children. There was more extensive awareness of how sound played upon all aspects of humanity and could trigger problems in health and balance. In those societies which practiced "musical restraint" part of the overall education of the individual included training in the musical arts. Since the time of the early Greeks and the Roman Empire, the teachings of sacred sound and the power of the Word has been passed down through what we now generically call the 'bardic tradition.'

Through the Greek rhapsodists, the English Bards, the French troubadours, the African griots, the Norse skalds, the Navajo singers, the power to teach, heal and raise consciousness through sound, music, and voice has been kept alive.

Planet Earth Music Samples

Sound is a major contributing factor to our present state of consciousness. The difference between the random sounds of daily life and the focused use of sacred sound is that the latter produces harmony rather than disonance. When we learn to produce and direct sacred sound through our energy centers (chakras) to the physical body, balance occurs which energizes our entire energy system.

At some point, all of the ancient mystery schools taught their students the use of sound as a creative and healing force. It is considered the oldest form of healing, and it was apredominant part of the early teachings of the Greeks, Chinese, East Indians, Tibetans, Egyptians, American Indians, Mayas, and the Aztecs.

Everything in the universe is weighable and measurable, although the matter
from which everything is made exists in differing degrees of density. The
seven steps in the Ray of Creation may be thought of as the seven levels or
orders of materiality, each differing in the rate of vibration: The absolute
vibrates most rapidly and is least dense, and the levels below it become more
dense and slower in rate of vibration until he moon, the slowest and densest
place on our ray, is reached. Of these orders of matter the finer permeates the
denser and coarser ones. Thus everything around us and familiar to us is in fact
permeated with all the levels of matter that exist, including the Absolute.

There is no need to study or investigate the sun in order to discover the matter
of the solar world: this matter exists in ourselves and is the result of the
division of our atoms. In the same way we have in us the matter of all other
worlds. Man is, in the full sense of the term, a "miniature universe"; in him are
all the matters of which the universe consists; the same forces, the same laws
that govern life of the universe, operate in him; therefore in studying many we
can study the whole world, just as in studying the world we can study man.

The Law of Seven governs successions of events. It states that whenever any
manifestation evolves, it does so nonlinearly. There is an orderly discontinuity
in every progression of things, in every series. This lawful discontinuity is
preserved in our musical scale which, as singing up and down any octave will
show, is composed of unequal steps. Do, re, and mi are equally distant from
one another, but between me and fa there is a half-step instead of a full step.
Proceeding up the scale, we have sol, la, and si (ti in some usages) separated
by full intervals, but si and do having a half-step between them again.

The Law of Seven explains why when something begins it does not just
continue and continue, ad infinitum. And the Law of Seven is behind the fact
that there are no straight lines in nature. It is also reflected in the Ray of

If we look at the Ray of Creation so that is is a descending octave going from
the level of the Absolute to the level of the moon, the discontinuities appear
between the Absolute and the level of all worlds, and between all planets and
the earth. The first of these gaps or discontinuities is bridged by the force of
creation engendered by the Absolute itself.

The Law of Seven may also be called the law of Shock, for if an additional
force or energy enters a process between mi and fa it will proceed on course
until the si - do interval, and if another Shock or influx of energy is given at
that point the process continues to its conclusion at do. In this sense we exist
to serve nature and it is not in the interest of nature that humanity be anything
more than an energy transducer coating the planet.  In another perspective,
mankind is created incomplete and has the possibility of evolving to the level
of the sun or even further, and there are forces striving to complete an
ascending octave in every human being, forces that go astray for want of
specific additional energies skillfully applied.

The Law of Three and The Law of Seven  

In Western music the ratios of frequencies in the diatonic scale are:

1, 9/8, 5/4, 4/3, 3/2, 5/3, 15/8, 2

The common denominator of the diatonic ratios are:

24/24, 27/24, 30/24, 32/34, 36/24, 40/24, 45/24, 48/24

Starting with the Greeks, Pythagoras, studied the pitch of notes of
vibrating strings in terms of their relative lengths.  By the time the
piano arrived, J.S. Bach promoted the Scale of Equal Temperament
a classic compromise in establishing musical intervals acceptable
to most ears, in all keys. In numerical terms, this means that the
smallest interval or ratio used in Western music is the twelfth root
of two, 2 1/12 i.c. 1.0594.  The A above middle C in the octave
was set at 440 cycles per second. The piano keyboard contains 13
notes per octave, counting both C's. It has 8 white and 5 black notes.

Fig. 3 above of the keyboard shows how
these relate to another bifurcation (doubling)
tree very like that of the Fibonacci spiral to
the left. The pattern arises from the numerical
series 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, each number being
simply the sum of the previous two, the
Fibonacci series. An important consequence
is that the ratio of consecutive numbers of the
sequence converge to the Universal Number
of PHI. These numbers were known to the
Egyptians and the Greeks, though they derived
it using a ruler and compass. PHI , The Golden
Ratio is held in such reverence that it became
a standard ratio in architecture as well.

The Chinese healers used "singing stones" - thin flat pieces of jade which would emit various musical tones when struck. One of these tones was designated the 'kung' or great tone of Nature. It corresponds in our own musical scale to the tone of F or F-sharp.

The Sufis consider "HU" to be the ultimate creative sound.

The Tibetans considered the tones of F-sharp, A and G to be the three powerful and sacred tones of the world.

"OM", "AUM" and "AMEN" were believed by many societies and traditions to represent all the sounds the human voice was capable of expressing and manifesting in the physical world.

The Essenes, a third sect of Jews living in the world at the time of the Master Christ Jesus, were dynamic healers. Their name comes from a word "asaya' which means to heal or to doctor. They were schooled in the mystic and healing arts of sound and nature.

Much of what we know of the past regarding the teachings of sacred sound comes through the musical and architectural remnants of those times. Sculptures in Baghdad  (dating around 4000 B.C.) show several musicians playing harps and flutes.

Music and sound as an art form was well-developed by the Egyptians, HIndus, Chinese, and Japanese.  (Chinese Music)

By the time Egypt built the pyramids and sphinxes, it had organized choruses of 12,000 voices and orchestras of 600 pieces. Many believe it was through their use of directed and controlled sound that much of the heaviest labor was accomplished on the pyramids.

When spiritual events happened in the past, scientific principles were derived from them. For example, if accidentally and suddenly a celestial soul entered into someone, then from the study of that happening certain principles regarding the conditions conducive for such a phenomenon would be evolved. Then it could be said that if such conditions can be created again, then again such souls will enter.

For example, Mohammedans burn lobhan and benzoin. This is a method of inviting good spirits by creating a specific fragrant atmosphere. Hindus also burn incense and they light a flame made from ghee. These things appear to be ritualistic formalities today, but at one time they had a deep meaning.

Hindus will chant a specific mantra which becomes an invocation. It is not necessary that there should be a meaning to the mantra. Ordinarily there is none, because mantras with meaning become distorted with the passage of time. But meaningless >mantras do not become distorted. With a meaningless mantra nothing extraneous can enter with the passage of time. That is why all mantras of depth are meaningless. They have no meaning, so they remain changeless. They are only sounds. There are methods for the chanting of these sounds. If there is a specified beat, intensity and rhythm, the soul that is invoked will enter instantly. And if the soul for whom the mantra was devised is dissolved into nirvana, another soul of similar purity will enter.

All religions have such mantras through which contacts have been made. These mantras became shakti-mantras, and they became highly significant. A mantra is like a name given to a person, such as the name Ram. When the person is called by the name, immediately he becomes alert.

So there are also mantras for ordinary spirits. There are sciences for invoking both ordinary and extraordinary souls. Sometimes it may not be possible to contact a particular soul who is invoked because he may not be there due to the lapse of time. But it will always be possible to contact souls of a similar type with a mantra.

OM. A significant sound of two syllables, chanted , intoned or spoken, that is a signature sound of the universe. The ancient process of sounding OM helps unify human psyche. It reminds people of the presence of God. O and M fuse to create a geometric pattern of frequencies that increase the degree of order throughout the Triadic elements of human beings.  In the Harmonic Foundation, repeat OM three times upon commencing our intoning to create a harmonic ripple that is conducive to the awareness enhancing experience of intoning.


What is a Harmonic? Harmonics Music Theory Notes
Pitch . Timbre
Intervals Notes Scales
Amplitude . .


According to a hinduistic myth the god Shiva created the universe by emanating the sound OM. In the saga the first stage of universe was a large ocean. On the surface of this ocean consisting of the substance "supreme consciousness" (Sanskrit: chitta, personified as Shiva) this vibrational force OM (personified as the female aspect, called Shakti) caused waves (called chittavrittis). These waves were the first traces of individualism. By differentiation of these waves the diversity of forms and matter of universe originated. In the course of evolution of universe Shakti descended to the lowest form of "vibration", the physical matter. This state is associated with the lowest form of consciousness. In human body this evolution is reproduced as descendence of Shakti (the inner power) from the top of the head down the spine to the base of abdomen (Mulhadhara Chakra), creating an awareness more and more linked to the physical matter. This evolution of soul is thought to have happened in past aeons. In theosophic philosophy evolution of soul is independent of the evolution of biological life and the above mentioned first step evolved not in physical but in subtle worlds. The aim of the Yogis is to elevate Shakti from chakra to chakra by means of meditation, by sound exercises (Shabda Yoga) and energetic exercises (Kundalini Yoga). Each chakra is characterized by a category of sounds, by a special colour of inner light and by special forms of transcendental awareness. In a certain respect the kind of subtle body separation depends on the kind of activated chakra:

In Theosophy and Yoga philosophy activation of a higher located chakra is indicated by sounds becoming higher. In Kundalini Yoga all three kinds of sensory perceptions can be obtained in each activated chakra though in different qualities. With higher chakra location frequencies are increasing: sounds become higher, and light is changing from red (Mulhadhara Chakra) to orange- yellow (Anahata Chakra) and to bluish white (Ajna Chakra). This statement is based on the observations of the yogis of ananda ashram (in accordance with the observations of Leadbeater 2)). In modern literature chakras are described in all kinds of colours. The respective statements are produced by different "clairvoyants" who want to demonstrate their individual better sight. The basic experienced phenomena of sensory perception - tactile, acoustic and light - are explained in Kundalini Yoga by three different qualities of kundalini. These three qualities of kundalini correspond to the three shells (subtle bodies): etheric, astral, mental.

Prerequisites for Living Forever

The Sepherot of the Kaballistic Tree of Life, the meridians of the Chinese acupuncture system, and the chakras of the Ayurvedic system are examples. They all describe the subtle energy which they assert is the link between the spiritual realms and life as we know it. Each has their unique language and concepts to describe the precipitation of the mind of God into energy and into physical manifestation. This energy is called "chi" by the Chinese, "ki" by the Japanese, and "prana" by the Hindus. The Kahunas of Hawaii call it "mana," Christ called it "light."  (Kirlian images)

The system of Ayurvedic medicine has evolved over the past 5,000 years. It is based on the Hindu Vedic scriptures, which are the world's oldest documented spiritual writings. Ayurveda offers a highly specific description of the subtle anatomy. It recognizes five sheaths, or layers of energy, throughout the body, from the most dense to the most subtle. The first and outermost layer is the bones, muscle, and skin. The next, more subtle sheath is respiration. Next in subtlety is the sheath of cognition, associated with the nervous system and the thinking mind. Next is the sheath of discretion, which relates to our moral choices and their consequences. Most subtle of all is the chakra system: The interface between the cosmic vibrations of creation and the grosser anatomical systems of the physical body.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means "wheel of spinning light." According to the vedas, there are seven chakras in the body. They are located just in front of and along the spinal column. These generators and reservoirs of energy are also "databases" for aspects of consciousness. The first five chakras are associated with an element of nature (earth, water, fire, air, or ether) and with one of the senses (smell, taste, sight, touch, and hearing). All of the chakras are associated with a tonal quality, a numerical and alphabetical value, and a color. When the chakras are in tune the body, mind, and spirit experience harmony. Charles and Caroline Muir, co-authors of Tantra, the Art of Conscious Loving, offer an analogy:

CONSIDER THE CHAKRAS AS THE STRINGS OF A GUITAR. Each string vibrates at a different frequency and gives off a different note. Over time, the strings may resonate sharp or flat, and they require tuning. When they are in tune, the sound the guitar produces is harmonious. Similarly, when the chakras are in tune, one achieves harmony.








 Adrenal endocrine gland which in turn governs organs such as the kidneys, bladder and the spine




Gonads and governs the reproductive system and our legs. ovaries, prostate, testicles

 Solar Plexus



 Pancreas and governs such organs as the spleen, stomach, liver and gall bladder, pancreas


 GREEN or rose pink


 Thymus, and governs the heart, lower lungs and the blood




 Thyroid, parathyroid gland and governs the throat, upper lungs and arms

 Brow/3rd Eye



 Pineal, pituitary gland and governs the lower brain, left eye and nose




 Pituitary, pineal gland and governs the upper brain and right eye


Chakras and Healing
Chakras and your Body
The Rainbow of Creation
Chakras and Sound

A Simple Chakra Meditation Technique:

Stand, sit comfortably or lie down. Keep your back straight. Breathe into your belly rather than your chest. The sounds should be made with your mouth open and your jaw loose, keeping your mouth open the whole time. Close your eyes and listen to the music; if you wish, start making sounds in the first chakra. Let the music guide you. Feel the sounds pulsating the very center of the chakra. After making sounds in the first chakra, you will hear the tones change to a higher pitch. This is the indication to listen and feel sounds in the second chakra. This process is repeated all the way up to the seventh chakra. As you move from chakra to chakra, let your sounds become higher in pitch. After listening to and making sounds in the seventh chakra, the tones will descend one at a time down through all the chakras. As you hear the tones go down, listen and make sounds in each chakra. Let the inside of your body become hollow like a bamboo flute allowing the sounds to resonate from the top of your head down to the very base of your trunk. At the end of the sequence, you will hear a pause before the next sequence starts. This upward and downward movement of sound will be repeated three times for a total of approximately 45 minutes.

2nd stage: 15 minutes

After the last sound sequence, remain sitting or lying down in silence with closed eyes for at least 15 minutes, or longer if you wish. Remain in silence and don't focus on anything in particular. Allow yourself to become aware of and watch whatever is happening within.

Sound and Color

All of matter is generated from transformations of ONE flow form. This spinning donut "engine" (the torus)  burning white in the center, bounces off your visual screen, in each of the seven possible spins of the tetrahedron. The percent of motion straight forward versus aside, of the vortex (photon) as a whole, makes a simple visual vector ratio from 440 to 880 angstroms, and each color of the rainbow is created in sequence by pure geometry (Ron Oldchurch, San Diego). The seven spins which make the tetrahedra are described in "Fields of Form" by Lawrence Edwards. These seven spin angles nest the photons simplicial flow form onto the cones of the eye. Thus these cones measure the tilt of the photon on geometry's simplest form, the origins of color from pure geometry.

The simplicial torus is topology's way of touching the most colors to each other. That is to say, seven is the most colors which can all touch each other as regions of color, on a surface. And that surface is the donut-torus (cf Ralph Abraham, & others). One Moebius strip divided into seven continuous color bands exactly maps the torus. And the tetrahedron's seven spins, and the torus donut are mutually co-defining.

The alphabet is born of the same ONE form. This specific alphabet of shapes pass through a simple prism, symbolizing a spectrum analyzer breaking down the wave components of the letters into their sonic rainbow. Thus, the sounds of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet are actually produced and heard from the shapes generated by by the geometry of light ("Spectrograms of the Hebrew Alphabet" by Fred Wolf, privately published.)

What this shows is that everything that exists in the universe is a harmonic of a single universal wave and that there is only one law that governs the entire cosmos.

Because harmonics divide both space and time in the same proportions it is not surprising that they also divide other derivatives of these. Velocity is just distance/time and it is also the case that the velocity of various waves follows the same pattern. The speed of light in different substances tend to be musical proportions from the speed of light in vacuum, e.g. in water it is almost exactly 3/4 of in vacuum. Also, the speed of sound makes a similar pattern but at about 1/34560 of the speed of light and the speed of heat is correspondingly slower again.

The density of different states of matter follows 34560^3 ratios because volume is the cube of linear dimension. We find that neutron stars are about 34560^3 or 10^13 more dense than ordinary matter and that the universe as a whole is about (34560^3)^2 less dense.

The three sets of speeds of waves and the various densities began to make me think that perhaps mind and spirit are the more rarified waves that the theory predicts. There would also be many sublevels, because the 34560 ratio is only the strongest ratio but many others of 2, 3, 4, 12 and the musical ratios 3/2, 4/3, 9/8 etc occur. This seems like it might well fit to the theosophical ideas concerning the planes of existence and the divisions of these into matter-mind-spirit and further subdivisions to subtle body and sublevels of mind and so on.

A single medium, or ether, could be understood to underlie all phenomena. Although the idea of the ether was abandoned in science during this century, the reasons for this were based on very subtle logical mistakes. Correction of these mistakes could allow gravity and electromagnetism to be understood as aspects of the same thing and to begin to unify physics and even indicate how physics and spirituality might coexist.


UFO sound analysis confirms an underlying influency of the PHI ratio

Wizardly clue: examine the cadence (sine wave) hidden  within Fibonacci Series


Greek Esoteric Music Theory

The Elemental Tetrachord


Epsilon (ay)

Alpha (ah)

Eta (eh)

Omega (aw)

Primary pitches





Secondary pitches






























Greek Esoteric Music Theory

We live in a Waveform Universe

Everything that exists in this Universe occurs in the form of a wave and we describe the experience in terms of Vibration. When a Vibration occurs simultaneously with another Vibration we view the composite together and define it in terms of it’s Harmony. Harmony is therefore the relationship of one Vibration with another ,or the relationship of one Symbol with another. Harmony exists among people... planets... and galaxies... and among trees... flowers... and stones... and among Temples... Art... and Tones. The art of the Tibetan Yantras which were designed to elevate one’s consciousness demonstrate the interaction of Man and Symbol. Hymns are also another means to elevate one’s consciousness and demonstrate the interaction between Man and Harmony. Our current understanding of the Harmonic relationships of tones in a scale, in terms of mathematics, is that one note is relative to the next note according to the twelfth root of two. This formula yields our chromatic scale of twelve notes. Further mathematical adjustment yields the major and minor scales. This is the music we know. It is Jazz... R&B... classical...Country... and BLUES... It is the harmonic vibration that our ears perceive... and that we are readily able to process. We have researched the mathematics to the point that we are able to alter the formula slightly and achieve different brain wave effects. [*Dr. Ed Wilson, Monroe Institute] With the twelfth root of two even slightly altering the tones we can achieve a calculated effect.

Any progress in the field of Self Awareness is connected to the understanding of that which is Nature. Nature is the stuff within which we Vibrate. It is the Principle in which we endure. It is Wisdom to the seeker. Nature assumes the Phi Harmonic...

Is there an instrument that plays Phi-Cycle ? The truth of the matter is yes... but we can play the human body in Phi only when we remember how it is done. However, there are no notes on a regular keyboard that correspond with Phi, and tuning a guitar can also be counterproductive.

An experiment was done with a Korg M 1 binaural tone generator in the key of... F... feeling that... F... was the key of love. Five tones in Phi were produced and shared with a dozen or so people. Each of the people claimed a remarkable experience and animated continuance of the project.

Another experiment with the  Korg M 1 a binaural sound tone generator to choose a specific tone and build around that tone. A specific tone chosen according to Greek gemetria led to 136.10Hz... By calculating the orbits of the planets, specific fractal vibrations were assigned to each planet and 136.10 was what the Greeks determined to be the specific vibration of Earth. It also seemed to be the vibration of OM. With specific calculations by Dan Winter five layered tones in Phi Harmonics. The tones were named Earth Tones. Expections were that by experiencing Phi Harmonics a point of heart opening could be reached.

Primary effects:

Some experienced energies moving down and others felt that the sounds were releasing energy in specific glands. Areas from just below the sternum, including the solar plexus, on both sides of the abdomen were the most common. There were other reports of lower intestinal "jams", and later the consensus confirmed some degree of mild constipation despite the fact that our diet was primarily vegetarian with rice... The experimental group felt that the lower chakras were also being in some way... opened. Sometimes in meditations the feeling of a chakra opening in the front of the body is very profound, particularly one that has seemed closed for a time. All felt that the chakras opened in the front and back at the same time. There seemed to be a continuous flow of energy from back to front... from front to back... up and down... down and up... These lower centers were not the only areas effected.

Some experiencers felt that the energy was right brain oriented an others felt it to be left brain oriented. Still others felt this as compression all over the head. At some point everyone said that the crown opened and some had the feeling that a beam of light from the third eye could actually be another appendage.

Reorientation was an expression which occurred frequently. It felt like the room would change somewhat... or after closing and opening the eyes, there would be brief lapse... or an instant of remembering. Later this would be somewhat redefined to include remembering different past or future life experiences without much definition.

Triggering seemed a good way to describe remembering releases and flowing into whatever thought form that may have happened at the time. Many short bursts of remembering might be a better way to describe this experiencing.

Hot and glowing hands occurred though there was no apparent attempt to send energy... only to experience the effects of Phi Harmonics. The healing mode apparently perpetuated by the tones. Hand mudras were used for balancing without having discussed the intent beforehand.

The Standing Wave in the experience of Phi Harmonics established an area with an aura. Even when the tones were not being played there was a continuance of the energy. It was like being in a energy vortex area for weeks after the initial research was completed.

The common thread of individual experience among the researchers was that all had out of body experiences. Some were slight and some were profound.

Unity Consciousness was coupled with the OBE. Not only did the OBE occur independently but the experiencers found themselves in Unity Out Of Body. The experience of being together with other people in this tunnel was profound also. The apparent ability to work with others in healing in this light tunnel contains monumental potential.

The First Inexorable Power in the Egyptian Mystery Schools is the ability to understand the nature of The Primal Oneness alone in the void and His/Her First step in Manifestation: REFLECTION. The Primal Oneness is called Ik and the reflection is called Ki. Ik is the unnamed unknowable Primal God and Ki reflects this principal in its other polarity potential. Thus male and female... the same but different... is God and God’s reflection. What happens next is comparison and subtraction. God compares himself to himself and subtracts... thus the DUALITY. As above... so below. The second step is Mer... PROCREATION... which combines the IK and KI... the sexual polarities of the Primal Oneness... and balancing occurs. This is Merkaba... From the Egyptian point of view, this process is imitated in all Manifestation. Reflecting one’s self is the first step in Manifestation and combining and balancing the polarities of self is the second step. MER containing KA [spirit] and BA [astral soul body]and counter rotating these fields of energy in Phi Proportion is MERKABA. This Academic knowledge becomes more skilled when combined with Experiential Wisdom. Phi Harmonics provides this Experiential Wisdom... Inside... through Vibration... Harmony with Oneness occurs and Manifestation becomes and is the Symbol of Unity.

The Mer-Ka-Ba Meditation Instructions

The Sound of Phi

  Harmonics of Phi

Phi Music

The Fibonacci Spiral


Resonance is the most important principle of sound in any form. It designates the ability of a vibration to reach out through vibrational waves to set off a similar vibration in another body.

Every cell within our body is a sound resonator. It has the capability of responding to any other sound outside of the body. Every organ, in which cells of like vibration have gathered to form that organ, will respond as a group to particular sound vibrations. The various systems in the body will also respond to sound vibrations, as will various emotional, mental and spiritual states of consciousness.

We can stimulate an immense number of sympathetic vibrations within our body and mind by learning to direct and control our voice, and by using certain musical instruments, tones and forms of music. Where there is imbalance, we can use directed sound to bring the imbalance back into its normal parameters.

We have a capability of resonating or responding to all sound vibration - positive or negative. We need to be alert to the sounds around us and to strengthen our energies so that only the beneficial sounds can permeate our individual energy fields.

If understood and used correctly, forced resonance can be used to overcome imbalanced conditions in the body and to force various organs and systems back within their normal parameters - restoring homeostasis. High pitches can be used to shatter negative, limiting energy patterns. They can be used to create an intensity within the individual's energy field that can lead to enrichment.

When sounds are impinged upon the human body, resonance can take either a beneficial or detrimental effect. The human body is bio-electrical. Our auric fields are electro-magnetic energy fields surrounding the physical body. We are constantly giving off (electrical aspect) and absorbing (magnetic aspect) energy. Every time we interact with another person, there is an exchange of energy vibrations. If we are around many people throughout the day, we may accumulate a tremendous amount of energy debris. Unless we learn to recognize this and cleanse our fields of it, we can end up with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems.

Part of the secret power of the Word involves learning to control and direct our resonance with other energies. We must develop the ability to discriminate among energies. We must learn to use specific techniques to keep our energies vibrant, strong and resonant so that we only respond to that which we desire and direct.


Chants, mantras, prayers, songs, stories, music and speech must employ rhythm, melody and harmony to achieve union of body, mind and spirit.

Three numerologically is the great creative number. To this is the three-fold song.

           Rhythm - from which comes all motion in the universe.

           Melody - from which comes the interaction between the
           divine in the physical and our own interactions with other life forms.

           Harmony - from which comes the true spiritual power
           manifesting in the universe and in humans as our interaction
           with all elements of life are harmonized.

Rhythm is the pulse of life and its affects all physical conditions. Rhythm can be used to restore the normal, healthy pulse within a person. Being exposed to regular steady rhythm triggers a resonance with the body's own natural rhythms. The rhythms outside of us can trigger a forced resonance and entrainment of our inner rhythms. This has both beneficial and detrimental applications.

Some rhythms are abnormal and create problems. They can overstimulate the inner pulse. They can force the normal heart rhythm into one that is counter to a healthy pulse within the body. One such rhythm is anapestic. This was a rhythm used by the Rolling Stones in some of the earlier music of the sixties. It is also a rhythm employed by some modern punk and heavy metal rock and roll bands.  Some individuals experienced breathing and heart arrhythmias linked to the music.

Rolling Stones Music Samples
Beatles Examples

          Anapest - - two unstressed syllables followed by a stressed syllable.

                           -    -     /        / -    -  -      /   -       /

                         On the wide level of a mountain's head

The normal heartbeat follows a pattern of "Da-da Da-da Da-da" An anapestic rhythm sets up a heart rhythm of "da-da-Da da-da-Da."   This can affect all of the internal body functions.

Steady, directed rhythms restore the body's rhythms when they are out of balance. Individuals with heart conditions can benefit strongly from listening to Baroque music. This form of classical music has a rhythm that is soothing and healing to the pulsations of the heart. It is a form of music being used more commonly now in cardiac surgery. Its rhythms promote healing and strengthening of the heart.

Baroque Music
Baroque Guitar
Lullabies using Baby Brainwave Patterns

Drum and knocking patterns exist for the emotions and for exploration of inner consciousness. Many shamanic practices involve using the drumbeat to induce an altered state of consciousness and even a trance condition. In shamanism, the drum establishes a kind of bridge enabling the shaman to connect to a magical state of consciousness.

In healing practices, rhythm (whether expressed through drums, rattles, bells or gongs) can energize and stimulate our basic primal energies.  Rhythms - especially through percussion instruments - activate the spleen and base chakra centers of the body. These centers are linked to the functions of the circulatory system, the adrenals, and our basic life force.

Rhythms stimulate physical energy. Drumming can be a means of increasing blood flow throughout the body. The rhythms can quicken or slow the heartbeat and all organs associated with it.

Drum Pattern Library
Magical Healing Sounds - Click on your color choice
Percussion web site

The rattle is one of the oldest healing instruments and is part of the percussion family. It's healing aspects are often ignored except those who are interested in Shamanism or traditional native healing processes.

The rattle and its rhythms have a capacity for linking the waking consciousness to the energies of the cosmos, or to levels of consciousness deep within. The inner levels of consciousness serve to release greater energy and power for the cleansing and healing process. The rattle is a cleansing instrument.

We are a bio-chemical/electro-magnetic energy system. As noted above, our thoughts and emotions trigger various frequencies of electro-magnetic impulses which interact with our bio-chemistry. Negative thoughts and emotions will set up a rigid energy pattern within the auric fields. These patterns are deviations from our true energy patterns and frequencies.  When the negative patterns predominate - they will impinge upon our individual energies and can bring us into resonance with them. If allowed to continue, they will distort our basic life flow and we become more susceptible to illness.


These negative energy patterns usually lodge within the etheric body and within the chakra centers. If this static and negative energy debris is not cleaned out, any energy flowing to and through the physical body becomes sullied.

The rattle is a rhythmic instrument that can shake loose any energy debris that has settled within our natural filters and mediators. It shakes loose the negative energy patterns so they can be more easily cleansed from our entire energy field.

The process is simple. The rattle is shaken while encircling the body. The rhythmic sounds of the rattle serve to loose the rigid energy patterns that have accumulated within the etheric body. The rattle is then shaken while moving it up and down the central meridian of the body - usually front and back. This loosens up the energy debris that has attached itself and accumulated around or in the chakra centers. Some healers pause to give extra 'shakes' at each chakra as these are places in the body in which there is a great degree of electro-magnetic activity. Once this negative energy pattern is loosened, it allows for easier cleansing of the negative energies - through other methods by the practitioner.

Rattling Instructions

Triloka Records

RealAudio samples courtesy of Triloka Records

Jim Donovan - Indigo

The reality of music is in the vibration that remains in the ear after the singer finishes his song and the player no longer plucks the strings.
-- Kahlil Gibran



Melody is the second aspect of the three-fold song of rhythm, melody, and harmony.

One tone by itself does not create a melody. As one tone is palced along side of other tones melody is formed. Melody - whether spoken, sung, or played upon an instrumnet - will soothe and alter emotional and mental states. It can balance mental stress and it can be used to relieve pain.

Who has not seen a mother singing or humming softly to a crying child? (Often the mother rocks the child while doing so, and the rocking helps restore a soothing rhythm to the child's metabolism). By singing to the child, themothe links her energies with those of the child and the pain or emotion is soothed and balanced. In this way, a gentle form of forced resonance is unconsciously employed.

One of the most therapeutic things we can do for ourselves is to hum or sing a light melody throughout the day. It relieves stress and helps us to maintain balance.

Every melody is comprised of tones that affect us on many levels. While on your way home from work, sing a simple childhood melody to yourself. This will restore balance and help to cleanse your energy of any negative debris you have accumulated during the day.

Hearing melody is one of the best ways to relax. The melody need only be light and simple.

A simple melody can affect everyone around you. To see how this works, the next time you are around people, try humming or whistling the tune, "Pop Goes the Weasal" or some other cheerful song. Before long, many others will be humming or whistling the same tune.

What is a Melody?
Principles of Melody
Music theory - Melody
My Grace is Sufficient for Thee
Spiritual Melodies - Midi Files
Classical Melody
Martin Luther Collection - words and midi files
The Czech Polka Show - Real Audio
Melody with Examples
Create your own Melodies - Software Download
Midi Files to Download

Click here for an excerpt from "Rose, liz printemps" in RealAudio by Lionheart.
Lionheart website

(Click here if you need the RealAudio player.)



Harmony is the third part of the three-fold song. It is through harmony that the power of our own individual energy can link with the energy of the divine.


In harmony lies not only a physical, emotional and mental aspect of scared sound, but a spiritual aspect as well. when working with healing, the simpler the harmony the better. The relationship of one tone to another is reflected through harmony as it is in melody.

A chord is two or more notes sounding simultaneously or arranged in accordance with harmonics. Ideally, the key tone is played, as are one or more of the overtones. This blends the tones together to create a uniting of vibrations and power that one single tone could not create.

Working with harmony provides the key to transformation. It is the key to altering and transmuting, raising and lowering, adapting, and shifting our energies and abilities on all levels. It enables us to transmute conditions of the physical body and alter our state of consciousness. In finding the right combinations of tones, rhythms, and harmonies, we can trigger a resonance within the body, mind, or soul so as to correct imbalances and to achieve higher states of consciousness.

Harmony affects us on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When we combine all three elements of rhythm, melody, and harmonics, we create the Three-Fold Song of the Absolute.

Sound - whether through music, voice, or other sources - is effective as a tool to alter the electro-magnetic fields and impulses of an individual or an environment.

This means that if an imbalance has occurred within the body's normal electro-magnetic parameters (whether it is a dysfunction of a specific organ or of a particular system) we can utilize sacred sound in one of its forms or combinations to help restore homeostasis, alleviate pain, or to accelerate healing.

As an energy source, it can also be used as a tool for the change of consciousness. It facilitates concentration, relaxation, learning, creativity, and an increased awareness of psycho-spiritual states. It can interreact with an help alter brain wave patterns to facilitate this process.

The Adelaide Harmony Choir - mp3 - 7 min.
The Garden City Chorus Sings America the Beautiful
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone - wav sample-barbershop harmony
Once In a While - wav sample-barbershop harmony 
Create Your Own Harmony - software Download
Music of the 50's and 60's
Acoustical Guitar Collection - samples
Polytonic Harmony!  Yikes!



The pitch of sacred sound in any of its forms must be considered in its effective application.

Pitch is the highness or lowness of sound. The pitch is determined by the speed at which it vibrates. The faster the sound vibrates, the higher the pitch. Physically and spiritually, this tells us that as we raise our own individual energy levels we open to a higher degree of health. It is the raising of our energies to the highest pitch possible without unbalancing ourselves that is the task of the true student of life. It is a process that takes work. Rushing it is like taking gymnastics without preparations, there is a great possibility of injury occurring.

Low tones bend around objects which is why you continue to hear the base and percussion instruments following after you after you cannot hear the high tones any longer. The low pitched tones bend around corners and doorways. It is the path of least resistance.

High pitched tones are more focused.  For instance, a glass can be shattered by singing the tone of the glass, which you've probably witnessed on television or in films. This also happens when someone encounters another of a highly intense energy field. It can shatter old concepts and habits - for good or for bad.

Shattering rigid energy patterns can result in some form of healing crises, give a new perception or even an entirely new outlook on life.

The higher and stronger our own energy patterns are, the less likely we are to be affected by other sources and the more we can adapt them to resonate to a wider spectrum of forces, people and conditions of life.

We all have our own natural pitch, but there is also universal pitch  - the ideal vibration. This is the pitch that will bring resonance with the divine.

See:  Spiritual Sound Worlds

To find the pitch that you operate at, find the highest note you can sing without your voice cracking . . . then find the lowest note. The tone between the two is the pitch at which you are operating at most of the time. If you work with your voice, you will find your range expanding . . . a wonderful growth indicator.


This "quadrivial compass" represents the
intersection of Astrology, Music, Number,
and Geometry. With an understanding of
these four art/sciences, you can orient
yourself in any unfamiliar field of knowledge.

What is Quadrivium?


Clockwise from top:

Astrology: The symbols for the planets arranged
in the traditional "Chaldean order",
with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto
added at the three corners.

Music: The overtone and the undertone
series for middle C.

Number: Plato's proportion series from the
Timaeus, with the middle proportions filled in.

Geometry: Circles arranged to form a Pythagorean tetractys.


Imprinting Healing Frequencies

From: twmountain@xxx

There are a number of ways to imprint frequencies on water, some of which you have already mentioned. If you wanted to use the water for DNA work, try placing the glass of water between or in front of your speakers and playing the CDs from Shapeshifter. You can also hold the water glass in your hands and tone or chant directly into it. I'm not familiar with Prill water, but I have tried different methods of imprinting healing frequencies in ordinary filtered water.

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, and when I hold a class, I place a pitcher of water under the chair where I am giving attunements. Afterwards all of us share the water imprinted with the Reiki energy. I can also do the same thing by holding a glass of water with the intention of passing the Reiki energy into the water or using a charged Reiki crystal grid. If you know Reiki or someone else who does, you might wish to try it, it's a very healing energy. I have also learned a very interesting Huna technique for charging water called the HA breath. You sit in a chair with a glass of water held with the pads of your fingers and thumbs with the intention that the energy will pass into the water through your fingers and directly from your breath. Take four deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth into the water making an unvoiced HA sound, then take four normal breaths, then four more deep breaths, etc. The normal breaths in between are to keep you from getting lightheaded. With practice you can increase the number of deep HA breaths, they are the ones that pass the energy. I have seen the water start to bubble and turn faintly blue in color, and the energy is invigorating. You might be interested in reading an article by Dr. Masaru Emoto, who has done a lot of research on imprinting ordinary water. It can be found at www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/nov1/water.htm. He shows pictures of the changes in the crystalline structure of ordinary water created by placing certain written words on glasses of water. He also has a website at http://thank-water.net.

Bright Blessings,


Imprinting water with sound

Date: 7/28/2002

From: twmountain@xxx

I took a quick look at your page and was struck by your dream about the organ and the Concerto in G. I have studied Samvahan, which is a form of vibratory massage rediscovered by Dr. Ram Bosle of India, and part of the course was a discussion of the healing properties of sound. Studies were done of plants exposed to different types of music.....the plants that did the best were exposed to Indian music, but also plants that were exposed to Baroque music which was commonly pitched in the key of G did extremely well. Different keys do have distinctly different effects on the body. Indian music commonly is pitched in C#, the next most healing is G, and F#, which is common in Oriental music, is profoundly spiritual in its effect. Everything comes down to vibration. So when I practice massage or Reiki, I choose the background music with great care, it's just as much a part of the healing work as the hands-on work. If you're interested in reading more about Samvahan massage, go to my teacher's site at www.samvahan. com, and you'll find lots of material about it. It's still very rare in the United States since there have only been two classes here so far, but the results I've seen so far are amazing.

Bright blessings,


From Dee:

During the months of January and February, 2000, I continued to have short dreams about various types of sound, none of which had anything to do with healing so they aren't on this page, but will be found on another link below.  However, the coincidence to another event was too great to be ignored.  A friend sent me a video tape of Cloe Wordsworth doing a healing on a woman with a pain in her back by using a 6 step muscle checking procedure using questions she had developed over 20 years of studying various healing techniques.  Included in her healing was 'overtone chanting."  


HR Step 1:    Preparation

This may include energizing a chakra, talking about a previous session, or anything else that will assist with doing the HR session. We usually need to prepare ourselves to move out of the 'swamp' of the old familiar, non-coherent ways of being, to bring more light of consciousness into our lives. The aim of Step 1 is to support the client in resonating with what is life-enhancing, so that they can open to what is possible in their self-healing process.

HR Step 2: Presentation of the Problem- the Motivating Factor Newton's first law states that an external force is needed to set an object in motion. Generally our problem - illness, pain - is the external force that changes our direction in life. This has the potential to change our whole perception and purpose of life. In a H.R. Session, we may need to see and resonate with the higher purpose or gift of our problems before positive change is possible.   This is where 'what is going wrong' is identified and explored.

HR Step 3: Positive Intentions - Intention is an aim that guides action and outcome.   Intention alone moves sub-atomic particles and influences outcomes. Life-affirming or life-negating intentions determine what we access and experience in the infinite field of possibilities.   This is where we talk about what we would like to have happen instead of what is happening in Step 2.

HR Step 4: Repatterning - Non-Coherent Unconscious Patterns Which Underlie The "Problem".    In each H.R. session, these patterns are identified so that resolution and self-healing can occur. Underlying each unconscious pattern is an unmet life-need that resulted in non-coherent "constricted" energy.   The beliefs which are keeping Step 2 going strong and preventing Step 3 from occuring are identified.

HR Step 5: Self Healing Modalities that Harmonise Dissonant Frequencies. The Self-Healing modalities put the appropriate quantity and quality of energy into the body-mind system to bring non-coherent frequencies, that have been identified through muscle checking Steps#1-4 into phase.  The client then resonates with what is life-enhancing and no longer resonates with the life-depleting patterns and beliefs identified in this session. Muscle Checking is used to find out what it will take to switch the beliefs identified in Steps 1, 2, 3, & 4. This is where Reiki and Pan, which is not a core part of HR, may be called in to assistance as well.

HR Step 6: Follow on - Positive Action. To activate the full potential of our intention and to maintain the coherence of our frequencies, right action is essential. Sometimes no positive action is muscle checked as being necessary, because the response to the new state of positive resonance is sufficient.   After a H.R. Session, we become aware of our choices. Our past action and responses have formed a deep imprint on our mental field, therefore in the beginning, responding in new life-enhancing ways may feel unfamiliar and strange, until new and positive patterns that support the new higher energy state are  imprinted through positive actions.

It may help to see another practitioner (ie doctor, dentist, masseuse, etc.), read a book, take a vacation, or do something else, to help appreciate everything that has transpired in the session. If so, it will be identified here.

How Many H.R. Do We Need to Have? Life is a Process. H.R. is a system that we can learn to do on ourselves or we can receive sessions from an H.R. Practitioner to support the journey of becoming who we truly are, free of our negative resonance patterns.

Holographic Repatterning supports integrity and alignment of the body and mind, so we can more easily find what is positive and self-healing. The number of sessions we receive is determined by our desire to solve the blocks that interfere with our  well-being having positive relationships and fulfillment.

WHAT IS MUSCLE CHECKING?  Muscle checking is a technique that is used to see whether the physical activity is creating the desired result. It functions as "biofeedback" for the brain, and helps to change inefficient muscle memory patterns in the brain. You can try this out for yourself, but you need a partner or a friend. Say, "My name is (state your name)."   Then hold out your arm to the side and try to keep it out straight. Have your friend push down on your arm. It should be easy to hold your arm out straight. Now say, "My name is (say some other name)." Repeat the arm process. You will see that it is much more difficult to hold your arm out straight; it will kind wobble. The idea is that when your body is working correctly, the electrical messages are efficient and the receivers of those messages work well. When your body is not working correctly, the messages are weaker and the response is worse. Muscle checking helps the educational consultant determine whether the specific modality or exercise is succeeding in getting the parts of the brain to work together. In later sessions, muscle checking helps the consultant learn whether the work done in previous sessions is "sticking," or whether additional therapy is needed.

({specific check} {UM} +/-) belief

{specific check}

If a specific check is listed, it means that the belief is held at a specific level of the energy field, such as physical, emotional, mental, or spirit, and/or in a specific part of the energy field, such as skeletal, respiratory, left eye, cervical 2, thymus, etc.


If UM is listed, it indicates that the belief is held at the umbilical level. Very often these are beliefs that a lot of 'work' has been done on already to release and frustration has built up because they just don't seem to go away. This is because they are held at such a core level that's it hard to access what is really going on and let it go.

+/- This will always be listed.

+ indicates that it is a positive belief that will be added in at the specific check/UM level indicated.

- indicates that it is a negative belief that will be removed from the specific check/UM level indicated.


This is the whole point of the session! This is the belief that will either be added in or taken away.

Holographic Repatterning Association

Holographic repatterning is based on the principle of resonance. Founder Chloe Faith Wordsworth worked as a complementary healer for 30 years, she studied and practiced different types of healing but found that what worked for one person did not necessarily work for another. She synthesized her training and experience in complementary therapies with her knowledge of psychology and physics to come up with the concept of HR. Chloe compares a human being to a hologram - a holographic plate can accommodate millions of images; one only has to change the angle of the light to see a different picture. She describes HR as 'a method to identify and transform non-coherent frequencies that cause us to resonate with life depleting patterns that are preventing us from resonating with life-enhancing patterns.'

The HR practitioner believes that no matter how a problem manifests itself it could be physical pain or emotional disfunction, the underlying issue has to be identified and shifted. This is commonly referred to as an energy block - HR practitioners see
Themselves as facilitators to rid us of these blocks. In HR, a pattern is identified through discussion and a technique learned from kinesiology - a method of taping into body intelligence developed by an American chiropractor called muscle checking. The principle is biofeedback, meaning that the body and mind respond at a purely unconscious level.


HR is an empowering process that goes to the source of ANY problem. What makes it so powerful is the use of Kinesiology, or muscle checking, to identify very specifically what the issues are, what patterns are holding the problem in place, AND what is needed to create coherence in our body/mind/spirit system - in other words, what is needed to change the pattern so we experience a positive outcome.

Kinesiology, or muscle checking, is a form of biofeedback that gives us access to the wisdom of our whole body/mind/spirit system. Using the strength or weakness of a muscle as a response, we can identify the non-coherent wave patterns (earlier experiences, limiting beliefs and perceptions) that we are resonating with and the coherent wave patterns that we are not resonating with (intentions, goals, and aspirations.)

Oftentimes, our non-coherent patterns are hidden from our consciousness. Muscle checking is a way to by-pass the censoring of the mind. It taps into the deep inner knowing of our entire body/mind/spirit system, bringing to light our unconscious patterns so we can shift our resonance with them.

Muscle checking is a binary response system that gives one of two answers, which, in HR, we call ON or OFF. By asking a series of questions and using the muscle checking to get the response from the client's entire system, not just the conscious brain, we can zero in on exactly what the client needs to make lasting, positive change. Through muscle checking, HR gets to the heart of any problem, whether physical, emotional, mental or on the spirit level.






Links to all radio interviews I've been able to locate.

Patti Conklin provides tapes for people to use to cleanse their body cells.
People can heal themselves with color, sound, and cell cleansing no matter what kind of
disease they have.  People can also live longer with self-work.  Patti tells the public how to do this. Don't miss these interviews and tapes.


The Association Of Systematic Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is Used with Holographic Repatterning

Applied Kinesiology is the science of using simple, gentle, non-intrusive muscle tests to analyse and assess body function, to locate functional imbalances in diet, structure, and emotions, and correct them speedily.

Imbalances in our bodily functions are part of life. Mental upsets, eating something that is not good for you, or just tripping up a step, anything can cause imbalances. Most are self-correcting, some are not. When unresolved imbalances accumulate, they cause pain, distress and ultimately disease.

Muscle testing is a type of language. It is a new way to communicate with the body. This is very simple, safe method of analysis to allow the clients body to reveal to the practitioner what is needed to rectify problems. It enables us to approach the whole person and find the areas which need to be brought back to balance. The living human being has four main divisions:

THE MIND, with it's emotions, thoughts, ideas, dreams, fears, anxieties and phobias. A.K has many ways to help with stress and emotional disturbances which are having a psychosomatic effect. There are many powerful techniques to help with dyslexia, slow learning, reading difficulties, and other co-ordination problems.

THE BODY. The structure of the muscles, bones and organs. A.K helps find and correct common structural weaknesses and imbalances that can cause pain, discovers muscle malfunction from whatever cause. It utilises gentle methods of instant activation to begin to restore normal function. Backache, sports injuries, and most aches and pains can usually be resolved in short order.

THE BIO-CHEMISTRY or organ function, food digestion, digestive enzymes, minerals, vitamins. A.K muscle testing is a quick way to check for food sensitivities, some allergic reactions, and specific nutritional needs. A.K. can also help assess our adrenaline and endocrine levels, and bio-chemic responses to stress. A strong immune system is vital to health, and A.K can help restore balance and strengthen our resistance to disease.

LIFE FORCE. The Fourth, often neglected vital part of us is the LIFE FORCE. It is the energy which enables everything to function in what we call life. A.K is used to detect and remedy energy excesses and deficiencies in acupuncture meridians, discover and then rectify distortions and blockages in other body energy systems.

Often after operations, or accidents, energy imbalances and blockages are frequently the cause of slow recovery. A.K muscle testing can find there energy blocks, resolve them and speed healing and a progressive return to health and well-being.

Our Health & Well-Being Are Our own Personal Responsibility

The costs of the National Health Service are crippling us and our country financially. It is not free! With the best will in the world it is not a "health" service at all but a "disease" service. It is impossible to obtain preventive health care on the National Health.

Unless or until each individual person takes it on themselves to take more informed care of their own health and well-being, we will always be working with crisis situations.

You do not have to be a health nut, a food freak, an exercise buff, or a hypochondriac to enjoy improved health and well-being.

Most people would like to have a lot more energy, a sharper mind, a better memory, freedom from aches and pains, colds and flu's, and all other minor "plagues" that so many people seem to suffer from annually. You can be free of them. Although common, they are not an inevitable part of life.

First, get some help to get you back on track. Get relief from the things that are holding you back. Be willing to make some changes in your lifestyle. Start enjoying life to the full!

Then have regular maintenance. Yes it costs, but regular natural health care also pays handsome dividends in well-being.

What Types Of Condition Can Kinesiology Help ?

Abdominal Pain "Grumbling Appendix", "Acid" Stomach, Indigestion, Gas, Belching, Allergies and Food Sensitivities, Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, "Arthritis" or Knee Pains, Small Joint Pain Asthma, Backache, Bowel Gas, Distention of Belly, Constipation Breast Pain, Lumpiness, Periodic or Constant Catarrh, Post Nasal Drip, Colds, Coughs Candida, Thrush and Bloating, Chest Pains, Tight Chest Children's Hyperactivity, Learning Difficulties, Colitis, Diverticulitis, Bowel "Sludging Up", Chronic Fatigue, M.E. Type Symptoms, Constipation, and Diarrhea I.B.S Dark Circles under the Eyes, Digestive Disorders, Indigestion, Gas, Nausea Dizziness, Dyslexia, Reading and Writing Problems, Elbow Pain, Tennis Elbow, Eczema, Rashes, Energy, Low Energy, TATT Tired Syndrome, Frequent Infections, Immune System Problems, Frozen Shoulder, Groin Pain, Leg Pain, Heavy or "Restless" Legs, Insomnia, Poor Sleeping Patterns, Low Back Pain, "Slipped Disk" Migraines and Headaches, Nervous Debility, Depression, Shoulder Pain, Shoulder Joint Pain, Neck Ache, Sinus Problems, Infections, Skin Problems, Spots, Poor Skin, Stiff Neck, from Toxic Build-up in Shoulders.

These…and most other common complaints!

The Association of Systematic Kinesiology

Vaccinations harm psychic abilities

Date: 8/29/2001

Two pieces of evidence that vaccinations harm psychic abilities:

1. From Credo Mutwa, Zulu shaman:

"We were told that there was a great smallpox epidemic coming to the land and all the children must be vaccinated. My grandfather used to say that the white man's vaccination makes you blind and if you are to look after the cattle you must not go to the trading store to get your vaccination. Inspectors used to come and check each child for signs of vaccination. Our grandmother used to give us great pain in order to save our spiritual eyes. Grains of maize would be heated up and pushed against the skin of the child, and so when the schools inspectors came he saw the blisters and assumed the child had been vaccinated…and I noticed that school children in mission schools who had been vaccinated for smallpox or measles could not see spiritual entities at all. A flying saucer would fly through the sky at great speed and be seen by many men & women but the children who had been vaccinated would see nothing and I noticed this hundreds of times."

Credo Mutwa (the reptilian agenda video pt 1 www.davidicke.com )

2. From the research of Stephanie Relfe, Kinesiologist:

The CIA Correction

I discovered something VERY strange when doing kinesiology corrections on people. I have done over 500 sessions over the past seven years. The way that I work is that I get the body to tell me which, of the hundreds of many corrections, is the most important one to do on a body. There are a number of finger modes which help speed this process. For example, if I touch my thumb to my 1st (index) finger, and the arm I am muscle testing tests weak, that means that the priority is a STRUCTURAL problem. Similarly, when I touch my thumb to my middle finger that means the problems is chemical or nutrition,the 4th (ring) finger is emotional and the little finger is electrical.

Having narrowed the field down a little, one can then run through numberous lists and questions. Basically, I play 21 questions with the body (In this game you have 21 questions to find out what a person is thinking. They can be thinking of ANYTHING. They will only answer "yes" or "no" to your questions).

I had a client in the USA whose body told me that the priority that needed correcting was structural. I ran through some possibilities and the body indicated it wanted a correction from kinesiology called the "C.I.A." correction. CIA stands for "Common Integrative Area". This is an area behind our ears where our past and part of our ego is stored. When a person needs this correction, it indicates that they are being affected by their past. Once the body indicated that this was the correction that was needed, I then did the test for CIA. This gave me a second chance to confirm that the original answer I got was correct. The test for CIA is to tap the person just behind both ears. Then when you muscle test an arm, they will go weak, if CIA is called for.

I had done this correction dozens of times on many people. However, this day was different. To my amazement, when I tapped behind the ear and muscle tested the arm, the arms stayed strong. I went back to muscle testing the arms to recheck. I said "C.I.A.". Sure enough, the arm went weak again. Now, here I had a paradox. The letters "C.I.A." gave a weak reaction, but the Common Integrative Area was in fine working order.

So, I had a thought as to what the body might be trying to tell me. I said "Central Intelligence Agency". Sure enough, the arm went weak! This was what the body was trying to tell me.

I muscle tested to find out when this became a problem. I got sometime in childhood. I balanced out whatever the effects were.

Since that time, I have done my "Central Intelligence Agency" test and correction on a number of people. I never went looking for it. This correction just presented itself the same as it had for the man I first did this to. I have done this correction to Americans and Australians.

As I began to ask the body more questions about what this was, I began to get that it had something to do with vaccinations. Possibly some kind of crystal that goes in with the vaccination.

After all, when we are vaccinated it is the ONLY time that someone gets a chance to put something direct into our blood.

More information at www.metatech.org


International College of Applied Kinesiology - ICAK Applied Kinesiology ( A.K.) is a system using muscle testing as functional neurological evaluation. A.K., which originated within the chiropractic profession, is an approach to clinical practice, with multidisciplinary applications.

ICAK - USA The International College of Applied Kinesiology (AK) is an interdisciplinary organization of doctors dedicated to providing an eclectic approach to health care. The examination method helps the doctor determine not only the cause of health problems, but also the best method of returning and maintaining optimum health.

A.K. Educational Web site "Applied Kinesiology Educational site: Videotapes and Books/manuals with Dr. George Goodheart, Applied Kinesiology wall charts, Supporting Product, Structural/Chemical Information,

AK Journal The International Journal of Applied Kinesiology and Kinesiologic Medicine - information you can use from the leading Applied Kinesiology Experts in the world..

The A.K. Center of San Francisco Our outcome at AKSF is to provide resources and care for those who really desire to have optimal health. We have provided information on our services as well information that, we believe, will assist you to obtain a higher quality of life.


Repatterning, Inc. Offering weekly Repatterning sessions on: improving the quality and enhancing the longevity of life; creating Great Relationships; and healing women’s sexuality issues.

Visioform  Supports meaning, direction and purpose for your life and organization. It offers tools for how you can create your life and work joyfully and abundantly.

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Abbe Anderson Certified Holographic Repatterning Practitioner Holographic Repatterning Defined; Scientific Precedents; Self-Healing Methods Accessing The Unconsicous Mind; What Is Repatterned; The Problem And The Solution.

Switched On Living - Watch the Video

Wholistic Care Group Balance the biological resonance fields of your body/mind system using new European technology to re-establish health and vibrancy in your life.

Flower Of Life Research, Inc. The Flower of Life is a compilation of many teachings, ancient and modern, that encourage and support each person to find their unique connection with source. The focus is integration, wholeness, self responsibility, unity and loving acceptance of all life. It's about bridging the gap of unconsciousness with love, compassion and understanding.

Ashram.com Eastern and modern spiritual healing arts.

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Spirit Rising Natural Therapies Offering Holographic Repatterning

Holographic Memory Release Technique Home Page (Articles & Practitioners)

Holographic Repatterning

Seminars of D’Light Offering Holographic Repatterning, Rebirthing, flower remedies and seminars/ trainings.


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In addition to the normal 5 senses which everyone experiences, the following are also capable of receiving information which we are normally not aware:

1. Receptors in the nose sensing systems that "smell" emotions, and that can identify motives, sexual receptivity, antagonism, benevolence, etc. (All these are formats of what are commonly referred to as psychic vibe-sensing.)

2. Receptors in the ear sensing systems that detect and identify differences in pressure and electromagnetic frequencies (formats of ESP.)

3. Skin receptors that detect balance and imbalance regarding what is external to the bio-body, even external at some astonishing distances (formats of remote-sensing, a mixed form of ESP and clairvoyance.)

4. Skin receptors that detect motion outside of the body, even when the body is asleep (a format of subliminal ESP.)

5. Directional finding and locating receptors in the endocrine and neuropeptide systems (formats of dowsing, intermixed with formats of cognitive ESP or intuition.)

6. Whole-body receptors, including hair, that identify fluidic motions of horizontal, vertical, diagonal, even if not visually perceived (as, for example, in the "psychic" portion of the martial art of Akhido.)

7. Skin receptors that "recognize" the temperament of other biological organisms (a format of psi "reading".)

8. Subliminal sensory systems which locate and identify pitch of sound, a sense of heat across great distances, a sense of frequencies and waves, either mechanical or energetic (all being formats of ESP and vibe-sensing, sometimes also referred to as "shaman perceiving.")

9. Receptors that identify positive and negative charged particles at the atomic level. (The term utilized for this in psychical research is "micro-psi" but which is rare. However, it has been convincingly demonstrated, especially in the case of C. W. Leadbeater who published Occult Chemistry (1908). Thirty years before the invention of the electron-microscope he correctly described sub-atomic particles, many undiscovered at the time, but discovered since. Micro-psi faculties are mentioned as one of the ancient Sidhis of ancient India (see, for example, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali).)

10. Microsystem transducing of various forms of mechanical, chemical, and electromagnetic energy into meaningful nerve impulses (all commonly thought of as FORMS OF ESP.)

11. Receptors that sense gravitational changes (a form of PSYCHIC DOWSING.)

12. Neurological senses for interpreting modulated electronic information by converting it into analog signals for mental storage, interpretation, and cognition (one of the bio-mind bases for TELEPATHY.)

13. Bio-electronic receptors for sensing radiation, including X-rays, cosmic rays, infrared radiation, and ultraviolet light, all of these receptors being found in the retina of the eye (part of the basis for various forms of CLAIRVOYANCE.)

14. Receptors that respond to exterior electrical fields and systems (producing forms of CLAIRVOYANCE and AURA "READING.")

Today, the following highly specialized sensing systems are referred to in the new sciences as HUMAN SEMAPHORE CAPACITIES.

15. Skin receptors for sensing perceptions of bonding or antagonism (thought of as forms of INTUITION.)

16. Senses for non-verbal "language" communicating (thought as a form of TELEPATHY or VIBE-SENSING.)

17. Combined sensing systems (neural networks) for making meaning out of at least 130 identified nonverbal physical gestures and twenty basic kinds of nonverbal messages (thought of as INTUITIONAL CHARACTER ASSESSMENT or a particular form of CLAIRVOYANCE.)

18. Receptors that trigger alarm and apprehension before their sources are directly perceived (a particularly valuable type of PSYCHIC FORESIGHT, FORESEEING, INTUITION.)

19. Sensing systems for registering and identifying nonverbal emotional waves (a form of INTUITION and/or TELEPATHY or CLAIRVOYANCE.)

The following are now known to be associated with the PINEAL GLAND if it is healthy and in good working order.

20. Senses and memory-stores cycles of light and darkness, anticipating them with accuracy as the daily motions of the sun and moon change (a kind of PSYCHIC FORECASTING or FUTURE SEEING.)

21. Senses and responds to solar and lunar rhythms, solar disruptions (flares, sunspots) and moon-caused tidal changes (water or geophysical ones), and can sense "coming" earthquakes and storms (a form of PREDICTIVE ESP especially noted in sailors, farmers, but also in cows, dogs, cats, and snakes.)

22. If the pineal gland is fully functional, it acts as a nonvisual photo-receptor (the psychic equivalent being "X-RAY VISION.")

The Neutral state of the universe has been called many names:

Tesla 'Scalar' Waves
Some of these terms are from the metaphysical community, some from religions and some from cold and sterile science. neutral permeates everything, everywhere and at all times. It is at once the source and conductor of all force and energy any where and in all events. Its medium of action is through and by way of sympathetic vibration which has been called by many names:




"It's silver that is finding wholly new uses as a wonder in modern medicine . . . perhaps it soon will be recognized as OUR MIGHTIEST GERM FIGHTER." (Science Digest, March 1978.) Silver is considered to be one of the most universal antibiotic substances known. Jim Powell reported in the Science Digest article quoted above, that an antibiotic kills perhaps 7 different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650. Resistant strains fail to develop. Moreover, silver is non-toxic!

The comeback of silver in medicine began in the 1970's. The late Dr. Carl Moyer, chairman of Washington University's Department of Surgery, received a grant to develop better treatment for burn victims. Dr. Harry Margraf of St. Louis, as the chief biochemist, worked with Dr. Moyer and other surgeons to find an antiseptic strong enough, yet safe, to use over larger areas of the body. Dr. Margraf reviewed 22 antiseptic compounds and found drawbacks in all of them. (SILVER IS USED IN ALL MAJOR BURN CENTERS IN THE UNITED STATES. UCLA MEDICAL LABS FOUND IT EFFECTIVE ON EVERY VIRUS THEY TESTED IT ON.)

He noted that many of these antibiotics were ineffective against a number of harmful bacteria, including the biggest killer in burn cases - greenish blue bacterium called Pseudomonas acruginose. Extensive trials proved silver to be the most effective and is currently used in all major burn centers in the United States.

In 1834, the German obstetrician F. Crede administered 1% silver nitrate to the eyes of newborn infants, virtually eliminating the incidence of disease causing blindness in newborn babies. however, it was not until the late 1800's that Western scientists were able to prove what had been known in Eastern medicine for thousands of years...that silver was a proven germ fighter! Once the discovery was made that the body's chief fluids were colloidal in nature, the endless possibilities which could occur from the use of colloids in medicine were recognized. As a result, a silver solution known as Colloidal Silver became widely used in medicine as one of the main-stays of antimicrobial treatment, until money became an issue.

What we actually have done, is rediscover that silver kills bacteria

It is non-toxic in micro-concentrations of 3-5 parts per million.


Colloidal Silver is a tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, pure, natural substance consisting of sub-microscopic clusters of silver particles, suspended by a tiny electric charge placed on each particle, within a suitable liquid. The molecule's size usually ranges from 0.01 to about 0.001 micron in diameter (very small). The particles do not settle but remain suspended since the electric charge exerts more force than gravity on each particle. Colloidal is the form of choice since the body must convert a crystalline solution to colloidal before it can be used. Taken daily, it is a powerful adjunct to our immune systems, by killing harmful disease-causing organisms, and aids healing.

Silver and all minerals are obtained from food we eat. This comes directly from organic soil containing living organisms. These organisms assist in making the minerals available to the vegetation. However, if we eat fruit and vegetables grown on chemical fertilizers, as most plants are grown today, we do not get the necessary quantity of vitamins, minerals and trace elements which occur in organically grown foods. This results in deficiencies which progress over time resulting in an impaired immune function. The results are diseases of aging. Dr. Robert Backer noticed a correlation between low silver levels and sickness; colds, flu, etc. Some Biochemists suspect that a silver deficiency is possibly one of the main reasons cancer exists and is increasing at such a rapid rate today. Dr. Bjorn Nordstrom of the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, has used silver in his cancer treatment for many years. He says it has brought on rapid remission in many patients whom other doctors had given up on.


According to medical journals from around the world, it disables the particular enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their oxygen metabolism. Colloidal Silver co-mingles with the blood and enters the cells to seek out and destroy harmful organisms. It suffocates them in six minutes or less, after initial contact. This phenomenon was recently demonstrated in tests at UCLA Medical Lab. Trace amounts protect and strengthen the immune system.


Several decades of clinical use of Silver have been proven in the treatment of burns, and for eye, ear, nose, throat, vaginal, rectal and urinary tract infections. Silver has been prescribed in medicine as an aid to the brain, reproductive disorders in women and the circulatory system. It has been used as a remedy for mental imbalances, sleepwalking and anorexia nervosa. Additional uses include the treatment of AIDS, allergies, anthrax bacilli, arthritis, parasites, blood poisoning, boils, wounds of the cornea, chronic fatigue, cerebro-spinal meningitis, candida, cholera, colitis, cystitis, diabetes, diptheria, dysentery, enlarged prostate, gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis, infantile diseases, lesions, leukemia, lupus, lyme disease, rheumatism, ringworm, shingles, skin cancer, staph and strep infections, stomach flu, thryroid conditions, tonsillitis, toxemia, stomach ulcers, warts and whooping cough to name a few.


Liquid silver as well as new gel formulations, may be applied directly to the skin. A few drops on a q-tip or band-aid may be used to disinfect any wound or sore. Liquid silver is administered orally and can also be injected. It can be used vaginally, anally, atomized or inhaled into the nose or lungs and dropped into the eyes. To start, take one teaspoon per day, for seven days, then reduce to half a teaspoon per day. Children should use proportionally smaller doses. For colds and flu symptoms, up to a tablespoon three times daily. Overdosing should not be of concern even if more than recommended doses are administered. After a few days of use, one might experience a de-tox effect in the form of feeling sluggish or mild aches. Consumption of water will cause these symptoms to disappear.

It is safe for pregnant and nursing women and is known to aid the developing fetus in growth. It will not generate free radicals or interfere with enzyme activity. It has no reaction with other medications.


According to the FDA, Colloidal Silver may be marketed and used as it was originally intended. Colloidal Silver exceeds FDA recognized standards.


by Dr. Robert Beck - Cures HIV, Hepatitis C, Eppstein Barr, Influenza, Parasites, Viruses, Aplastic Aenemia, Cancer, Addictions, Depression, Anxieties, and more

Not approved for public use by the FDA in the USA - but it CURES
Used in Canada, New Zealand, and Europe
Widely approved in other countries

SOTA Instruments Incorporated








"To be enlightened is simply to be absolutely,
unconditionally intimate with this moment. No more. No less."

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Vibrational Healing  Joy Gardner-Gordon is the founder and Director of the Vibrational Healing Program in Hawaii. She is a multidimensional master with twenty five years experience in conventional and natural healing.

Sound Healing and Vibrational Medicine...How does it work?
Sound Frequencies For Healing


Some Fabian Maman info here:

Metatones Experimental Homeosonic Vibrational Therapy
List of Hertz frequencies and correspondences
Mantra Vidya
Wendy Carlos
Jonathan Goldman
The School of Pythagoras
Trans-Hyperborean Institute
Friends of Tuva
Experiences of Phi Harmonics
Sonic Antigravity in Tibet
Reverse Speech


Mountain Wind -- Exploring Health, Self-Knowledge, Consciousness, & Self-Transformation Through Natural Breathing, Taoism, Chi Kung, and the Ideas & Practices of G. I. Gurdjieff

Optimal Breathing--Michael Grant White, "The Breathing Coach"
The International Breath Institute
The Chi Nei Tsang Institute
Holotropic Breathwork
The Mining Company
Sam Houston State University--Breathing Techniques
The Art of Breathing


The 5 Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, And Water
Energy Medicine—Healthcare of the Future
The Back-shu and Front-mu Points
Acupuncture As Intervention In The Biological Information System
Lesson 2: The Five Elements of the Ch'i
A Few Commonly Used Acupuncture Points
Sacred Centers
The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu – Information/Articles
Jin Shin Jyutsu: The Magic Touch

Rapid Eye Movement, How RET Works


What Is Color Therapy? (The Mineral Connection)Color therapy is the use of color in assisting the body in its natural ability to balance itself. Historically color has been used for centuries by practitioners of the healing arts. Color serves to support our vital life force by supplying light energy to the system

Color Point Center Authored by a color point therapist, this site describes the procedure as a combination of Eastern acupuncture, Western color and light therapies and photon physics.

Color Therapy  This personal home page features a self-help color therapy chart, with directions on how to use it. Web users can also view a bicolor therapy chart.

Color Therapy  This personal home page is devoted to the author's interest in color therapy devices. It includes a color test and links to pertinent research data.
Healing Modalities
Aura Color Interpretations
Spiral Visions Chakras
Guide to Meditation Bead Colors
Garden Spirits by Phantasia Productions
Gem Colors
Sacred Colors
List of Dream Symbols - Color/Shapes

Colour Properties
The Rainbow Colors
Color Matters Bulletin Board
Global Color Survey
Color therapy and Colorpuncture
Chromatherapy and Colourology
Self-Help Colour Therapy
Healing with Candles
Spectrum Light Therapy


The Kevala Centre
Amature Aromatherapy
Birds Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy


Abraham Affirmations
Affirmation Of the Day. A new affirmation every day.   
Affirmations: A New Beginning. A selection of affirmations.  
Affirmations By Louise Hay. A variety of affirmations.
Affirmations For a Healthy Life. Affirmations for various situations.  
Affirmations For Netters. Affirmations for people who use the internet.
Affirmation Source. Affirmations for various situations.   
Affirmware. Information regarding affirmations, affirmation software, etc.
Affirmations by M.J. Bova
Affirmations for Children and Others
Affirmations and Techniques to Make Them Work
Affirmations for Self-Esteem
Affirmation of the Week
Affirmations To Build A Lifetime Of Love, Joy & Prosperity (Keeper of the Flame)
Creative Thought
Healing Spirituality and Affirmations
Motivations Thoughts of the Day
The Affirmation Page
Welcome to my Affirmations Page  (Lora’s Web Of Light Page)
Triumphant Journey - Help for the overeater
Using Affirmations to Take Control of Your Life


Fibonacci and Golden Section
Fibonacci Database and Information
Vesica Pisces
Bruce Rawles
I.R.C.U.P. Crop Circles
Sacred Geometry Architecture

Drunvalo Melchizedek ----- Flower of Life ----- Golden Flower of Life
Dreams of the Great Earth Changes
Samatha Meditation Trust
Fountain International


Bach Flower Remedies (FAQ, Descriptions, Rainbow Reflections Newsletter,
New Bach Flower Therapies
Bach Flower Therapy Web Page
Dr. Edward Bach Centre (FAQs, publications)


Steve Murray - Reiki Lessons & Certification
What is Reiki
Johrei Fellowsh Web Page (including list of centers)
The Healing Properties Of Gemstones

Chinese Herbal Sciences & Health Education Directory
East West Acupuncture & Herbology (Articles, Links, Forums, Courses)
Herbal Hall (Rebuilding to its former excellence)
Herbal Information Center (Materia Medica, Monographs, Treatment)
HerbWeb (Reference Guide & Links)
Howie Brounstein's Herbal Treats (Articles & Links)
Henriette's Herbal Homepage -- Medicinal & Culinary Herb FAQs & Links
Modern Herbal Searchable Text
Southwest School of Botanical Medicine (Materia Medica, Manuals, FAQs,

Herbs and Survival Database

Nature's Sunshine Herbal Store
Become a member & buy at wholesale prices




Homeopathy: Natural Medicine for the 21st Century (A Primer)
Homeopathic Articles (Extensive General & Scientific Articles)
Homeopathic Educational Services (Information)
Homeopathic Information Center (Articles)
Homepathy Home Page -- Meta-Directory & FAQ
Homeopathy Mailing List FAQ & Archives

Meditation on the Net

EMDR Institute (Treatment for Trauma & Abuse) (Primer, Research,
Gestalt Therapy Page (Indepth information)
Option Institute (Teaching people how to live happier lives)
Re-Evaluation Counseling Home Page (Helpful yet controversialTop 10 Tools to Reach Your goals
Transformations Web Page (Magazines, Message Boards, Support & Recovery Chats, Resources, Excellent!)
Vivation Breathwork Homepage

Foundation for Shamanic Studies (Extensive Information)
Shamanism Index of Sites and FAQ
Transformations Web Page (Magazines, Message Boards, Support & Recovery Chats, Resources, Excellent!)
World Light Center (Articles on Metaphysics, Ascension, Healing)

Kundalini Information
Sivananda Yoga Page (Articles & Resources)
Yoga on the Internet Links


Detoxification Primer by Elson Haas, M.D.
Fasting Primer by Elson Haas, M.D.