By Dee Finney


8-27-89 - DREAM: There was a piece of property at 4535 E. Oklahoma Ave. that everyone wanted and was fighting over, but nobody knew why. There was no one residing there. It was empty land and a trailer had been placed on the land. We went into the trailer and saw what looked like many murders had been committed there. The entire floor was pulled up where people had looked for treasure. Finally, when the trailer was lifted up, on the foundation was a deed to property that was worth thousands of prime, pristine land in Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, and other states.


Monday morning, December 8 ,1997

At the beginning of the dream I received a phone call that my Father was dying in the hospital -some reason he was in Salt Lake City and I had to fly out there.

When I got there somehow I lost all my money and could not rent a car- I was in a parking area near the airport and was praying for help- and then concentrated and a car appeared out of mid air before me- as what I thought was suddenly created. I got inside the car and found a yellow note saying that the car was fully paid for - showing me the receipts.

So I got in and headed toward the hospital. The car seemed to go very fast- I would fly by buildings quickly and had a hard time keeping control of the vehicle. So hard that somehow I missed Salt Lake City al together and ended up in either another state or southern Utah. I was driving down a highway beside a large river. I stopped at a restaurant and was asking a lady directions- she didn't know how to get me back to SLC and she said maybe this nice Mormon boy can help you? Then I saw an LDS missionary walking toward me- first I wondered why he was alone since its a requirement to travel in pairs. When he found out I was a Mormon he was getting on my case about not being in church then he asked me where I got the car and I told him how I got it and he didn't believe me but accused me of stealing.

Then another LDS priesthood leader claiming to be a Stake President came over and was talking to the missionary so I couldn't hear them. And then the leader said they would help me back to SLC if I come to church with them- I told the leader who I was and he said he knew me- then I realized it looked like the Bishop I had when I lived in SLC and he started having me tell the missionary about my gifts and spiritual experiences.

I went to the church and found all manner of strange people there- some men were following me around which were obviously homosexual, and then a short bald man which reminded me of Yoda told me he could show me what I most do and that he was a psychic. The short bald man took me in the restroom and locked the door so no one could disturb us. His eyes got wide as if he was staring into space and then he said I could heal my father- that I was to go across the great river but that there would be people to stop me and other obstacles to hedge up the way. He also said I needed to go get my companion, and I said "She is back home", and he said "No your other companion is waiting for you." Then he pointed to a book on the bathroom counter- It was called "A Journal on FreeMasonry." and he told me to take it. I looked over the book but did not take it after all. I saw that someone had written all over the inside pages and scribbled out sentences and paragraphs and wrote down new sentences.

Then the strange men started chasing me out of the church and I got back in the car and headed to the large river- there were three large bridges going across. The lanes were set up strange and kept changing- all of a sudden I would have oncoming traffic coming right at me - everyone was going somewhere in a hurry but it was all unorganized and I almost crashed a couple times. Then I came to a toll booth but I couldnt reach the ticket so I had to get out of the car. Everytime I tried to grab the toll ticket it would move out of my reach until I finally jumped up and grabbed it. Several people were mad at me as I was blocking traffic.

Going across the bridge was very hectic when I got to the other side there were forests on each side- then a police officer on a motorcycle stopped me for speeding- I told him I was not speeding- but he insisted on giving me a fine- Then I realized everyone was getting fined- I came under and overpass and my Father and Mother and brother were in a car heading out of Salt Lake City- and they said it was in great danger and they were fleeing the area- so my brother got in my car and we followed my parents. It was strange that my parents were back together again, since they are divorced.

We came upon a major car accident just as it happened- but somehow we got around it. We then stayed at a shelter for awhile with all these poor people and they were sleeping on the floor.

We then headed east- we were back on the east coast and I was warning all my family members of the destruction coming and was telling them how to prepare- my Father's sister made the comment that we were lucky to be Mormons because we could just go out to Utah and be saved.. I shook my head and said "No! That place will be destroyed very soon - the Lord plans to clean his house first."

:End of Dream:

by anonymous



I have had many other visions which were specifically for me and some were of specific events. I was shown volcanoes escalating in numbers and severity of eruptions. Since January, nine volcanoes have erupted. I saw the great quakes, two great fractures in the shape of a 'V' starting at the bottom of Southern California one moving along the coast the other moving up towards Nevada. This is happening as we speak. I saw tsunamis inundating the West and East coast due to large quakes and land upheavals in the Pacific and Atlantic as two new continents begin to rise.

by anonymous


4-9-99 - DREAM - Three Schools - I was in a city by a school. We were standing on a sidewalk when all of a sudden a whole parade of army troops came marching by. I was trying to think if today was Veteran's Day because they hadn't been expected. Nobody else seemed to have expected them either, but a whole lot of people were following along the street alongside of them.

After they went by, I walked over to another school and while I was standing on the sidewalk a strange secret airplane went by. I can't say that I even saw the plane and don't know what it looked like, but it was practicing and when it took off, it went faster than anything I've ever seen before with puffs of white within the contrails of which there were 4 side by side. What was even stranger was that at the end of the practice, a big silver fish with red, white, and blue stripes on it, swung around at the end of the contrails and almost hit us. If we wouldn't have ducked under a balcony, it would have landed on us because I heard it smack down on the balcony right above us.

Right after the plane left, three peasant-like people came along. They looked kind of scary to me. I didn't know what they wanted. I had four things with me and I dropped them and broke them so I threw them away. That made the peasant people all upset and they tried to get me to come back so they could show me something in the trashcan, but I wanted no part of it and wouldn't look and left.

I went to another building and wanted to go up to the next level, but the stairs was missing. I tried using an emergency ladder but it wouldn't hold my weight and was cutting into the soles of my shoes, so I had to find a different stairway. I went through a doorway where a stairway was coming up to my level. I saw that a nurse was teaching some kids some basic stuff and I went past them going down. There were two people with me at this point, but I don't know who they were because they were behind me and following me. As I was descending these steps I realized I was dreaming and I said so to the other people. The steps became just wire replicas of steps and I said to the others, "This is just a dream and we've got to figure out a way out of here." We were running down the steps with confidence even though it was just wire outlines. One of the other people said, "How far down do we have to go?"

Ahead, I saw where the janitor carried out the trash, so we went there and climbed up out of the wide window which wasn't easy because it was way above floor level. But we made it, and then went to another school.

Now my daughter-in-law Debe told me that the people on the East Coast wanted to fly out to see me in California CSID because something bad was going to occur there and they didn't want to be there. (I didn't know what CSID meant)

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6-13-99 - VISION - I was seeing a map of the United States divided up into the states by color. A hand was over by the east coast and waving over the state of Florida, and both Carolinas and said, "And over here we have storms coming in."

NOTE:  We had the worst hurricane season ever.  See Hurricanes 1999


Subj: Tidal Wave Dream

Date: 08/02/1999

To Dee;

With the Sun being so very active with Flares and CME's, I think I would like to go on record and advise a possible scenario that could occur to the coastal areas. This information came to me in a dream mid-June, and IF this occurs will be in the next 90 days.

The images came to me in a dream:

"I looked up at the Sun to see a VERY Large CME, so large it actually connected electrically to the earth, like a lightning bolt would strike from the sky to the ground. This event caused a HUGE Tidal wave, hundreds of feet high, possibly close to 1000 ft high, covering a very large area. People were running for their lives.....The tidal wave also came from the other direction. I interpret this to be both West and East Coast". I would like you to post this dream prediction, hopefully, it will not happen, however, I believe it will occur 90 days from June 1999.