Part 3

By Joseph E. Mason and Dee Finney

Triangular Chakra Symbols

Crop circle researcher, Freddie Silva, found that the two 1996 triangular crop formations with the teardrop-like patterns next to them are quite similar to the internal patterns in ancient depictions of chakras. On the left, above, is the Roundway crop circle formation. On the right is a symbol for the first chakra.

On the left, above, is the Etchilhampton crop circle formation. On the right is the symbol of the third chakra.

Freddie had this information on one of his web pages in 1997, but it is no longer available. The ancient chakra symbols that he found matched the crop patterns better than the ones above.

Remember, in Jens's article, there was an 18th century depiction of a flower and snake, with a teardrop -like shape nearby. The teardrop shape was a method of stressing one letter in the Sanskrit language.

Additional Notes

Those familiar with the crop circle story will know that dowsing is a part of it. The circle patterns appear at crossing points of the ley lines or grid lines. These lines, which are detectable by dowsing, run across the landscape of the earth. Ancient sites are also located at crossing points of the ley lines. A communications expert who worked for NASA, Maurice Chatelain, said that the lines are visible in satellite photographs. There is a slight blurring and color change along the grid lines. This was in his book, Our Ancestors Came From Outer Space.  

I experimented with dowsing rods myself a few times. In family experiments we discovered that hidden objects could be found consistently with them. The hidden object could be a bowl of water, a book, or whatever.

Businesses concerned with locating water, oil, or piping underground often use the dowsing as a method.  

There is a theory that dowsing rods can also be used to detect the chakra fields of a human being. I have not tested it myself yet, but I will speak of it here for others who wish to experiment. Information on the method can be found at Master Ho's home page:

It involves crystals, and is on one of Master Ho's audio tapes. As I recall, you start by constructing the dowsing rods. They can be made from a common wire coat hanger. Make two of them in the shape of an "L," with one end longer than the other. The short ends are held in the hands. Then cut two drinking soda straws, and cut them off to fit the short end of the rods.

To use the rods to find water, ley lines, or objects, hold one in each hand with the ends pointing forward. Walk toward the area you wish to test. When you pass over the zone of the object of your search, the rods will cross, that is, the ends will move toward each other and continue until they cross. In some cases, they may move in the opposite direction. It is not necessary to use the straws, but the method helps support the idea that the rods are being moved without a conscious or unconscious physical manipulation of the hands.

To detect the chakra aura of a person, walk toward them slowly with the rods held out. The rods cross when the chakra field is detected. Note the distance from the person's body at the point where the rods cross. This varies with the individual and the mood. Next, have the person take a crystal in their hand and hold it against the area of the heart chakra at the breast. Again, test with the dowsing rods, and note the distance. You will find that it has expanded to a significantly greater distance from the body.

The type of crystal may also be important. I am not knowledgeable in this field, but I have heard that selecting a crystal of the best kind is quite unique and individual. The "feel" of it is most important.

"The Kabalistic Tree of Life" crop circle formation appeared in 1997. Many believe that the chakra system is related to it. Around the time the formation appeared, I received a three-part e-mail from Ashley Rye about Kabalistic The Tree of Life, which I found quite informative. The following is a excerpt from the writing:

The second Triad is formed by the fourth, fifth, and sixth sephiroth: Chesed (Mercy), Geburah (Judgment), and Tiphareth (Beauty). The union between the Supernal Mother and the Supernal Father by means of Daath gave birth to Mercy, which is also called Love. Thus we see how on the archetypal planes the union of the male and female principles gives rise to that which on the material plane is the most sublime feeling man can experience. Mercy emanates Judgment, which is also known as Strength. Chesed or Mercy is, as we have seen, also a Father image, while Geburah is a Mother image, strong and severe. From this "Strong Love" that is the union of Chesed and Geburah is born Tiphareth or Beauty, the sixth sephira, which is also known as The Son, and has the image of a child as one of its symbols. Tiphareth is situated in the Middle Pillar, directly underneath the sphere of Daath. We see therefore how through the realization that is Daath, the Supernal Mother, Binah, "gave birth" to Chesed, Mercy or Love, which then united with Geburah, Strength, to "give birth" to Tiphareth, The Son. This triad symbolizes the evolution of ideas con-ceived in the archetypal matrix of the Three Supernals.

This is another excerpt:

The three pillars of the Tree of Life are comparable to Ida, Shushumna, and Pingala of the Yoga system, where Shushumna is the channel of ascent of kundalini, placed between the male and female potencies of Ida and Pingala. The three pillars may be also likened to Yin and Yang, the female and male principles of Chinese philosophy, with Tao (the way) being analogous to the Middle Pillar.

Back in 1992, when the "chakra" message first started with me, my friend, Pablo, made an observation that seems quite significant now. He suggested that the two olive trees that stand up after 3 1/2 days in Revelation 11:11 correspond to ida and Pingala. In Zechariah 4, the two olive trees stand to the left and right of the golden lampstand with a bowl on top of it with seven lamps.

The "hidden" position of Daath is the fourth sphere/sephira from the bottom. This may fit with the idea of the Heart chakra level in terms of its position, and with Joseph Campbell's idea of the Virgin Birth happening at the Heart chakra level, the birth of the Spiritual Man out of the animal man (lower three chakras).

There are many, many more crop formations that could be interpreted as being related to the chakras. For example, I had a long string of coincidences in late 1990 involving heart shapes. One was formed by two tear drops. Another was formed by eight hearts placed together so that an eight-pointed star was formed in the center. This represented humanity in union in the future.

I found the same star in The Sacred Symbols of Mu, by Col. James Chruchward, on page 123. It is a male, sun symbol, and was the Royal Escutcheon of Mu. It was said to have been called Kin on the fabled ancient island, as indicating the celestial orb, that is, the physical sun. The sun as the monotheistic Deity was called Ra.

The same star was associated with Horus in Egypt, Apollo in Greece, and Belmarduk in Babylonia. At least two of these figures are know as sons of Trinities. Apollo and his twin sister, Artemis (called Diana by the Romans) could well be similar in meaning, as the "son" in the Trinity is often an androgen, a male/female combined.

A somewhat similar star appeared within the center of an "eye" formation several years ago.

I had formed a similar eight-pointed star in 1990 from a dream of interlocking rings in a circle. In some designs, the third chakra is shown as an eight-petal lotus. The 18th century depiction in Jens's article showed all seven of the chakras in that form.

Heart shapes have also appeared as crop formations. The first was reported by Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews in "Circular Evidence" on page 65. It appeared in 1987 at Kimpton, and was in the same area of another crop circle, which is shown on page 63. The circle was centered over two tram lines, which are lines formed by the farmer's tractor wheels.

Interestingly, such a circle with two parallel lines within is shown in The Sacred Symbols of Mu, on page 106. It is the third in a row of three glyphs, the first being a simple ring, and the second a ring bisected by a line. The meaning is said to be -

ring = Hun, the Creator is one.
bisected ring = Lahun, two, He is two in one.
ring with two parallel lines = Mehen, man, these two engendered the son, mehen - man.

This compares with the ancient glyph on page 276; a triangle with the letters A, U, and M in the corners. "Aum," or "Om," is an ancient chant. The meaning is given as:

A = Ahau, masculine - Father
U = feminine, Mother - She
M = Mehen, the engendered - The Son - Man.

I believe the Barbury Castle crop formation of 1991 also compares well with this concept. There were three glyphs at the corners that have parallels in alchemical signs, corresponding to:

North = The Sun, sulfur
Southwest = The Moon, salt
Southeast = Mercury, quicksilver

Mercury, like his Greek counterpart, Hermes, is an androgen, having both male and female attributes. The crop formation seems to be related to the Trinity, and to the lower Triad of The Tree of Life.

The two formations at Kimpton ten years ago seem more significant now, as many of the crop patterns hint at the chakra system. The symbols of man and the heart in the same field seems to be a strong clue.

A heart crop formation also appeared in southern California a few years ago. On July 27, 1996, a formation appeared at Somerton, Somerset, that I felt might fit with the drawing of the eight hearts. The crop formation had a circle with four pathways, forming a cross-shape. At the ends of the pathways there were heart shapes.

When I add all the little pieces of the puzzle together, the message seems clear. We are nearing the time when humanity will make the leap to the heart chakra level of consciousness evolution.

Final Notes and Updates

This article was originally composed in 1997. It was at one time on the Pufori site in its original form. It is also on Geocities in a somewhat updated form. The original articles had very few graphics. Links to various graphics and photographs of crop circle formations were given. By the following year, very few of the links worked, as the various web pages had been moved or removed. This is one reason the article is being updated in mid 1999.

Another reason is that the Menorah Crop Circle Formation appeared at the end of May, 1999. It is clear that the formation is related to the Tree of Life Crop Circle Formation, which is associated with the chakra system. The Menorah is the Biblical lampstand with seven lamps located in the Tabernacle. I mentioned the lampstand with seven lamps in the original of this article in 1997. The two olive trees stand beside the Menorah in Zechariah 4. In Revelation 11:11, the two trees stand up after 3 1/2 days.

I feel that the Menorah crop circle formation confirms a major part of my nine year experience involving dreams and coincidences. Crop circle formations and dreams are imparting messages about an Earth change. Part of that change involves the chakra system. My own experiences made it clear that we are near the leap to the Heart chakra, and this is the meaning of Revelation 11:11. That story is told in this series of articles:

Humanity On The Pollen Path

Indications are strong that the solar eclipse on August 11, 1999 is symbolically related. It is timed at 11:11 a.m. over Cornwall, where the legends of the Holy Grail started. This article explains it all:

Solar Eclipse 1999 - Final Quest For The Holy Grail

July 26, 2004 Update

A great confirmation of the ideas in this article came in the form of a pair of crop circle formations at Pewsey White Horse.

 The Chakra System Crop Circle Formation  

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