by Dee Finney

9-9-90 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house. I murdered two women, cooked their brains, then sliced up the meat into 1" cubes and buried one cube under each flower in the yard.

The family was coming home soon and I still had the torsos, so I dug a hole by the tree stump and buried the torsos whole.

Then I quickly went about destroying the evidence of their existence at my home. The name LEN was very prominent in the papers I had, and I even had the letters on top of my head like a crown.

There was a very tall man, dressed in a cape of orange whom I asked to help me escape before I was accused of the murders.


2-24-92 - DREAM - I was given these numbers on a thin malleable piece of plastic. The numbers were 18, 30, 32, and 54.

NOTE: These numbers are Gematrian, which I did not hear of until 1997.

Two times 54 = 108 which in myths and religions means in India with the 108 names of the Gods. 18 times 32 = 576 which means "Prophecy and Gospel" in Gematrian numbers. 18 times 30 = 540 a base 10 harmonic of 5400 which indicates the location of the Sphinx in the work of Carl Munck. 32 is associated with the Sephirotic Tree of Life, 10 circles + 22 paths = 32. The Masons also use this number as their highest degree. In the Book of Knowledge - Keys of Enoch , J.J. Hurtak states that 32 is the number of chemical building blocks in the human body associated with Lak Boymer, (the 33rd degree) and The Pillar of Light. The Lak Boymer exemplifies the initiation with the twenty-two letters of the Divine signature in the mathematical construction of Exodus 33:22. (Key 206: 52) The 32 is the stage prior to the transformation; Jesus manifested the Christ in his 33rd year. (Key 206: 54)


11-4-93 - DREAM - I was laying on the ground with a man who loved me. We were on the grass on 11th St. on the north side of center St. I could see North Division High school south of us and there was a park between 11th and 12th St. We had gone there to enjoy the fresh air. First we were laying side by side, then he laid on top of me, then I was on top of him. It was all very pleasant.

A little girl came along with no diaper on. She got ahold of my pills and half of a yellow estrogen pill fell into the street. I knew the little girl couldn't have it, so I smashed it into powder on the street. It swelled up into a three inch white block and I said, "Oh! That's what happened when you take the pill." The little girl said her mother wouldn't help her with her diaper so I took the little girl home. They were very poor. The mother was an artist. She was in bed sleeping while the little girl played outside alone. I saw that the mother had gotten the girls some big toys, but there was no furniture, or clothes or food. We stayed there and cleaned up the place and dressed the girls who lived there. All this while the mother was in the bedroom sleeping.


8-28-94 - DREAM - The house is not to have a basement. It is to be built entirely on top of the ground. It is to be built on top of natural hot water springs which will be used for heat and hot water. Stone is not to be used from the land itself which is to be left undisturbed. If stone is needed, use concrete building blocks which are identical in structure stone to stone.


3-20-95 - DREAM - I was in a school/hospital on Teutonia Ave. People were there recuperating from serious illnesses or surgeries. I hadn't been released yet, even though I was ambulatory, so I agreed to help care for a couple of people who were bedridden. I went into a music room where people also wrote poetry to be set to music.

Before I sat down to play the piano, I saw some people throw their written music away before leaving in some deep meloncholia, so I took their music and poetry out of the trash and hid it amongst my music on top of the piano.

I sat down at the piano and began to play and sing my song. It was a song of opportunity written by my mother-in-law in the State of Washington. The song was beautiful and even though my voice wasn't perfect, I gave it my all and the piano keyboard took on a huge crystalline black, sprinkled with gold appearance. The more I played, the larger the crystal grew, but the crystal blocked the notes of high C which I needed to complete the song, so I was unable to play the last two notes, so I had to leave the song unfinished with the ending in my mind, still to be completed later on.


4-24-96 - DREAM - I was with my ex-husband Jim. We were either married and getting ready to get divorced or already divorced. He was getting ready to leave and I would be left behind. We had not finished what we had set out to do and all through the dream I kept getting flashes of 3 colored forms in a cabinet up high. They were not human forms, but blobs of colored shapes, one brown, one blue, and one sort of salmon pink. Each colored shape was made up of like building blocks but they were fluid and we had to consume fluids like liquor (spirit) to keep these colors balanced and have them not go all one way or the other into one color.

Jim and I were discussing canning tomatoes. He said he didn't have time to can them this year and had assigned that job to a younger man. He was driving me home before he left and we were driving through tomato sauce which was on the road trying to avoid obstacles in the road or sliding off the edge.

This changed to us crawling up a steep hill full of tomato sauce and I was pushing a jar ahead of me in the sauce until it was full. We got to the top of the hill which is where I lived. The telephone was ringing and I had to listen carefully to see which line was ringing. I went over to the side to answer the phone but they had just hung up. There was a gold earring hanging where the red light had been. I noted I was just in time to watch "One Life to Live" and I turned it on, but got interrupted. Jim left I and I was left alone to clean up the kitchen, but I knew those colored life forms had to be balanced and that was the key issue.


6-28-97 - DREAM -  I was shown a spiritual house which was built in a pyramid type construction of building blocks. I was expecting to see the four animals at the bottom such as described in the Bible, but when I looked, I didn't see anything.  The building blocks were arranged and numbered like this.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _
| 4 | 5 |
| 4 | 5 |
| 4 | 5 |
_ _ _ |_ _ _ _ | _ _ _ |_ _ _
| 3 | | 6 |
| 3 | | 6 |
_ _ _ |_ 3 _ _ | | _ _ 6 | _ _
| 2 | | 7 |
| 2 | | 7 |
_ _ _ |_ 2 _ _ | | _ _ 7 | _ _ _
| 1 | | 8 |
| 1 | | 8 |
| 1 | | 8 |
|_ _ _ _ | |_ _ _ _ |


10-19-97 - I was working at a very large company and went to a certain department to search for a particular blueprint. At the same time I was posting dreams on a computer and each time I did, the computer disk would revolve and I could see that the postings were forming a football shape. I was so excited about this, I wanted to show Joe what was happening.

Meantime, a tall, thin girl was waiting for me to get her the blueprint and I had been spending my time posting dreams instead. I felt guilty and went over to the next aisle to get the blueprint which was still in a square box cube, the was it came and I hadn't done my job with it yet.

I opened up the box to get the blueprint and inside was a burned frying pan. I opened the lid and found two scorched chicken wings in it.

I apologized to the girl and said to her, "Tell your box I'm such a bad cook, I even burn restaurant food."

I then went to another department because I was getting ready to move. My apartment was on Wisconsin Ave. where NWML Insurance Co. is, and I was moving to the penthouse of the building East of it across the street from where I currently was.

People were asking me when I was going to be home to have my open house party.

I had the key to my apartment already so I was anxious to get going. I started packing up my clothes in a neat pile inside a brown wicker basket that was football shaped.

I wanted to get going so I made a flimsy excuse about not wanting to inspect an apartment for the 5th time and told my boss, "I quit!" It was my last day anyway but it was 5 o'clock and I wanted to get going. I saw the contract Lease and it was signed in red ink. The apartment they wanted me to inspect was 10_ and it was past the intersection where 96, 97, and 98 was at the EL of the building. I wasn't willing to walk past that intersection.

My sons came over. There were 3 of them and for some reason, each one had to change clothes and I saw their huge penises. (This represents the triple male trinity)

One son had lost so much weight he had lost 14 inches off his waist and his clothes were in shreds up to his waist and yet he didn't want to change them for a smaller size. At his belt, his clothes were like this: ^^^^^^^ . I told him to take a shower and change clothes. I was ready to move.


11-16-97 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house and was counseling a woman who had a new baby and there was something wrong with it. While speaking to her, I tried to show her empathy by telling her that I hadn't been able to see my baby since it was born two weeks earlier and tears filled my eyes like it was real. In my mind, I was wondering if people would believe I had given birth to a baby even though my stomach had never been THAT large recently.

The entire inside of the house was full of snow and ice about 10" deep and my job was to preserve this state until I was told different.

There was a 50 gallon bucket of ice cubes in the closet and I filled the bucket with water. I brought it out into the room and then spilled the whole thing. The sun was shining so brightly in the room, I could see the snow was melting. I wondered if I had a shovel and went looking for one. When I found a shovel I went outside where there was also about 10" of snow.

I could see lots of ruts from driving through the snow. I had time to spare so I started to shovel but wan't making much progress because there was also ice on top of the snow. I decided to go down the driveway to the road and start on one end and thus make at least a small effort so they could park cars on the pavement.

The road was solid thick ice and shoveling was impossible. I made very little headway.

Two people came along, walking along the road on the slippery ice...a man and a woman.

The man asked me if I might know where the intersection was of the rivers where Spruce and Pine met. He pointed West and I agreed that was the direction to go.


1-3-98 - DREAM - I was in a large garage. The floor was littered with stuff and toys. I was told that the garage floor was too full of germs to allow children to play there. Then began a huge project whereby I and others all had to take a shower in the garage and we were timed in the process. I saw that the garage walls were washed down. The floor was vacuumed. Toys were separated from Christmas tree branches and needles . Everyone was asked to participate and people volunteered a well. There were building blocks, bricks, and tools, and sawhorses that had to be left ready for use and separated out from toy blocks as well.


8-1-98 - (Partial Scene) I was standing in a large room observing two men. One man told the other one that he had given him everything he had right down to the last ice cube in the freezer. The other man, who was dark and swarthy, laughed loudly and went diving after the ice cube before it melted on a counter when "things" (could  be laid)


8-26-98 - DREAM -  In the dream, I was in a place that was work/school/apartment building/home which was upstairs on the third floor.

The dream began as I was coming to work in the morning. I saw a man sitting in the lobby, reading a newspaper and smoking a cigarette. Since I knew everyone who lived in my building, I decided to go closer and see who it was and ask him how he managed to have time to sit and relax in the morning before going to work.

When I went into the room, I saw that he was not the only one, there were about 40 men sitting there, some at a bar getting a drink, but the majority of the men were sitting on rows of stools, 4 rows of 10. I thought it strange that they weren't all facing the same way, nor where they all facing each other....two rows faced each other...the third row was back to back with the 2nd row, and then the 4th row faced the 3rd row. All these men were wearing long sleeved blue work shirts and jeans. I thought this was strange and didn't know why they were there. (I managed this building and booking meetings myself is part of the job) I walked between the rows 3 and 4 and held out my hand as I walked along in a friendly gesture and several men held out their hand in return as I walked along and we smiled and touched hands in a friendly greeting. One man from row 2 turned around and told me that his company had an insurance policy for $2,000. Then I understood that all these men were insurance salesmen and they were all sitting around waiting for a meeting to start. I knew then that they were not wearing suits because they were not actually working at the moment and could attend the meeting wearing their own casual clothes.

As I rounded the corner of the last man, I put my hand on his shoulder in a friendly gesture and wondered if he felt an energy exchange or warmth or what he felt from my touching him.

I went into the next room where there was a piano. I saw some music on the stand and decided to play it. Since I was unfamiliar with the piece I Played it slowly and carefully. t started with one note. It was a whole note on the first line which is "E". It was in a space all by itself and I held the note appropriately long before playing the next which was also "E" which I played with my left hand. I played the melody of the song all the way through one fingered alternately with each hand, imagining myself playing all the rest of the notes and hearing the unplayed music in my head. It was really beautiful.

Behind my right shoulder, I caught a glimpse of my old boss Paul who was over our whole department at A-C. I played slowly so I wouldn't make any mistakes and yet thought I should practice this piece so I could play the whole thing for the public.

As I played, I could see into the next room where children were at play with toys. When I finished the piece, I went into the next room to say, "Hello!" to the children. They were all happily playing with toys on the floor except one young girl, a little curly haired blonde who was sitting ona chair on the side and not playing. She appeared to be about 8 years old.

She told me, "Thank you!" for playing the music because I had played her life story, a future prediction for her, and that as I played, she had a vision of a square block in front of her. She seemed quite content with that vision. I told her that a block (which is actually a cube) with 4 equal sides was the sign of balance. I reached out and touched her shoulder in a sign of friendship and told her she was going to have a good life.

I then walked into the next room which was a banquet room and someone had had a party the night before and left all the leftovers out on the table.

At first I only thought of the enormity of the cleanup job ahead of me, but then I knew that if I did it one step at a time, I could get it done. I went into the kitchen and turned on the sink water and squeezed out soap to do the dishes and clean up water. The soap came out of the bottle in a big crystalline glob like a soft gelatin and fell on the counter in a clear, pale yellow mound. I managed to pick up about half of it and put it in the sink water and left the other half on the counter for a second batch of dishes if I needed it.

I turned to go get some dirty dishes and saw that I had filled up a rectangular shaped white bathtub which was in the path between the kitchen and the banquet room.

The water was a beautiful clear blue and I had to walk lengthwise through the hot water in the tub to get back to where the dirty dishes were.

When I got to where the banquet tables were, a whole bunch of female co-workers from A-C were there and they were all helping with the cleanup. They had already moved all the dirty dishes to the kitchen, sorted out all the leftover goodies of candy, cakes, and sundry desserts into rows so they could be snacked on during the day.

I sampled a tiny piece of cinnamon raisin cake even though I knew I was allergic to wheat and risking getting an asthma attack. It was so good, it was worth the risk of getting sick.

I saw two little ceramic Santa Claus candy dishes shaped like little treasure boxes and at that point I realized that this had been an annual Christmas party and that I would take the ceramic Christmas dishes to my apartment upstairs as a reward for cleaning up the mess.

I then saw all the wine bottles had been collected into one area and my old boss Evelyn who I used to type for, had gathered all the tall wine bottles on the floor. I knew I had a liquor cabinet upstairs that those bottles would fit in but it appeared she was grabbing all the wine for herself and I wouldn't get any.

But then I spotted two shorter crystal bottles of white Zinfidel wine which Evelyn hadn't taken. I saw why. One was open with no lid and had had one sip taken out. The one had a glass domed top that looked like you'd have to break the bottle to drink any and run the risk of swallowing glass with the wine. I decided I would take the risk and take these two bottles of wine upstairs so I could have them myself. However, these bottles were so heavy, I decided it was safer to make two trips upstairs rather than risk spilling the wine by being greedy and taking both at once.

I picked up the open bottle to take it upstairs and walked around a corner to go to the elevator. I found myself outside all the way down at the other end of the block and saw ahead of me a garden maze that I would have to walk through to get back to where the elevator was and that I'd have to do this each time I wanted to take another bottle of wine upstairs with me. I was exhausted before I even started because I saw ahead of me that in the maze all the gardens had to be weeded and all the bushes trimmed on the way.

I woke up, already exhausted at the enormity of the job.


1-2-99 - LUCID DREAM - I was picking up pink and gray marbled rectangles labeled 'Tamasisk". There were 54 of them in a plaque 9 high by 6 wide panel on a wall. (I don't know the significance of the number yet). I got tired of moving the panels and quit before did the last 4, not realizing there was any significance to what I was doing. A voice popped into my head and said, "Can't you even finish?" I came to the realization that this was a special project and even though I had rolled over in bed, I could still see the rectangular blocks and finished moving the last 4 even though I didn't feel like it. It felt like a duty at that point.


2-11-99 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment with my husband and some other people. We were moving up north and all the furniture was already packed. There was nothing left in the apartment but the washing machine.

Today was Friday. My husband planned to drive north on Friday, unpack over the weekend in the new house, and then drive back south on Monday and turn in his rental car.

He had one last job to do and that was to change the plumbing pipes to the apartment building. We were sitting on the livingroom floor watching the washing machine fill with water. I could see it from the perspective that I was looking straight into it. It was a perfect circle and gorgeous blue water was filling it up. As we sat and watched, the water rose higher and higher and it didn't stop. It continued to rise until it began to overflow the machine. It was 3 inches above the machine like stacked up by then.

Then the water overran the machine and fell to the floor. It did not spread out like one would expect. When it hit the floor, it formed a long square log like a piece of wood like an 8 foot long 6" x 6" beam.

My husband sat there stunned and so did I until I finally came to my senses and told him to run outside and shut the water valve off. He finally ran to to shut off the valve outside.

The water remained stacked in this long 8 foot 6" x 6" beam on the floor. The washing machine was stacked high with blue water. (I saw no clothing in it)

Now my husband was angry. Because there was water in the pipes and in the washing machine, he couldn't change the pipes before we moved. I could see the dilemma. They were full of water.

He paced the floor, angry, fuming about not being able to move on time, and not being able to return his car on Monday on time. The timeline had to be changed.

We still had to deal with the water situation and discussed whether to all a plumber who knew how to deal with pipes full of water. It was about 9:30 a.m. by now and we were supposed to be on the road by now. He still didn't make the phone call and the landlord came to make the final inspection. It was bad. There were two huge mattresses out in the yard with the whole entire centers cut of them in huge rectangles.

Inside the apartment, the closet doors which were like folding stiff drapes were horribly stained. One particularly bad wide closet drape had a mark on it like a huge black rainbow. I knew we hadn't done that ourselves but by other people who had lived there before us, but we still probably would have to pay for all the damage because we were the ones living in it now.

While the landlord did his inspection, I went to another bedroom that the children had used. T.J. (Joe's son) was in the closet and the light was on. We had forgotten to pack the toys. The closet was full of Teddy Bears, sitting on shelves, some as large as humans. The floor was littered with red and yellow toy building blocks. T.J. was upset that we hadn't packed the toys. I told him not to worry, they were all going with us.


3-23-99 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house. My Father had come and began to build a pool in the garden. Two walls were completed, but I could see the cement between the blocks wasn't dry yet. At first I thought it was awfully deep but then when I visualized myself standing on the bottom, the outer wouldn't have been that much over my head.

My sister drove in the yard and drove on the lawn to the front of the house. I walked over there to see where she had parked and noted that a construction crew had put up steel barriers along the edge of the property. They didn't appear to be installed but were standing on an angle. / \ / \ / \ / \

I saw Todd from One Life to Live and he walked up to my Aunt Ethel's house. He didn't even know her or what the house looked like inside and said, "I want her for my wife." I was rather shocked he would do that. Later I was inside the house and Todd was laying on the bed listening to soothing music on the stereo. Tea from One Life to Live, (his TV wife) came in to find people sitting in the livingroom in the 1/2 dark room waiting for a meeting to start. She closed the drapes as she tried to explain to the people abut the value of light. She attempted to turn the ceiling lights on and they didn't work. Todd had disconnected them. So she made an excuse to the people that it wasn't necessary to always present the brightest bright possible all the time.


4-26-99 - DREAM - I was with people who were like family. They liked to go fishing. They had a secret for catching fish. It was a box similar in shape to a shoe box but taller, and one wore it upsidedown on ones head like a hat.They gave me one of these special fishing hats. I looked inside the hat and in there...at the top were numerous fish swimming, held in place by a cube that looked like a light fixture. When you wore the hat, the fish inside the hat sought out and recognized it's own kind so you couldn't miss catching lots of fish.

At one point I looked inside the hat and the 'light' cube was missing and I put the hat on anyway, but I couldn't wear it that way because it would come too far down and you could feel the fish swimming against the top of your head and I didn't like that feeling.

My Father came to go fishing with us and I offered to let him use my fishing hat, but the 'light' cube was missing, so I began searching for it. I spent what seemed like hours looking for another hat like mine but couldn't find one.

I was lucid by now and waking up but still trying to find another hat to give to my Father. Finally, I had a vision of a 'file find' from a computer and I saw that the fishing hat 'light' was one level higher than the rest of the fishing supplies.


7-31-99 - DREAM - I was living and working at home which seemed to be my 16th St. house, but it was getting bigger and more magnificent the longer I was there.

I saw doing two or three jobs at once. (That's typical of me) I had taken over from other people who had moved on to other jobs and this was the weekend also.

In the house, there were many things out of place and I was putting them where they belonged and getting rid of things that were no longer necessary. On the other hand, in one room there was an empty wooden bookcase that was at least 18 to 20 feet tall. I knew I had enough books to fill it up and that would be fun.

I was also working for the locksmith, doing the radio dispatching like I did before . (I did that from 1991 to 1997) My boss Tom had finally gone electronic but all the information was on little slips of paper. These had to be organized according to when the jobs had to be done.

I got a phone call from a woman on LeFebre street (or something like that). She said a locksmith in a white truck was there, but he didn't know where he was really supposed to be. I frantically started looking for the slip of paper that had that job and address on it and couldn't find it. The boss Tom came in and was all upset that I had messed up on a job and was blaming me (that was typical) until he finally realized that he had taken on the job himself on Friday and had never entered it into the system. Naturally that made it okay to be wrong because he had done it himself. (That was typical too)

So then he was talking to his wife and telling her to get out of the house and the only thing she could take was the dogs. (I was surprised the marriage lasted that long)

He no sooner got off the phone with her, he turned around and asked me to marry him. Right then I was trying to get to the bathroom and the answer was similar to a 'sarcastic', "I'll marry you when ice cubes melt in Siberia", or something like that, and that made him all happy. He went back to work and I continued to try to figure out how to use the toilet because there was no seat and I didn't want to sit on the cold porcelain and I was trying to use a towel that other people had sat on before me. I could tell because there were butt prints all over it. I was still trying to find a clean spot when I woke up.


8-16-99 - DREAM - I lived in a large apartment with two other women.My ex-husband Ed came home from prison and he and I were sitting side by side in the livingroom while I was thinking about what kind of relationship we were going to have and what we were going to do.

The older of the two women came over to where we were sitting and suggested that I buy some clothing in advance of need as an investment. There were two sets of transparent plastic looking dresses of different sizes hanging on hangars right next to us. There were white daisies all over the dresses. I had to think about the wisdom of this because I had Ed to consider, not just myself.

Ed, at not time, spoke out loud in this dream.

The woman went into her own room while I stayed in the kitchen and cut up celery into little pieces which I then rinsed and put into little rack containers to drain. I then packaged them up into two transparent packages. They took up 1/4 of the container only. I then offered them to the other woman who had come back into the kitchen to offer me the opportunity to meet some colleagues of her at dinner on Thursday.

I realized that if I wanted to meet them I would have to participate in a super-cleaning of the house. I told her I'd have to think about tit and I would let her know.

The other woman came in and said, "Ed seems kind of shy. Should I invite him to come and sit on my lap?"

I looked at her and shot daggers of anger at her with my eyes and said loudly and sternly, "No!"

She walked away but then came back into the kitchen and showed me that there was blue berry-like drippings coming from the upper edge of the freezer door and blue jelly-like stuff on the side of the freezer box and I needed to clean it off.

I got a bottle of Windex which is blue and began to spray it on the ice on the side of the freezer so I knew that wouldn't work because now I had all blue ice too.

Meanwhile, the other woman invited Ed into her bedroom while I was cleaning. I knew that wasn't a good idea but I let him go with her without protesting.

I got some clear water to dump on the blue ice to melt it quickly. Meanwhile I could hear strange noises coming from the bedroom. I had a container of water with ice cubes in it and I took it to the bedroom to dump it on them in anger because I assume they were having sex with each other.

When I went into the bedroom, they were wrestling on the floor. He had his hand over her mouth and there were bruises and scratches all over her face and blood spots splattered everywhere.

I ran to call the cops for help. Meanwhile the noise got louder and the fight moved out of the house onto the street where she got the upper hand and killed Ed and left his body in the street.

The cop car arrived and a black woman stepped out of the car and I knew I was going to have to explain all this to her and I didn't know how I was going to do that.


8-16-99 - DREAM - I was cleaning my New Berlin house. I had a little toddler sized boy and he came into the bedroom and threw colored blocks on the floor. I made him pick them up himself. In the kitchen there was a little white kitten sitting on the corner of the sink. I didn't think that was so bad, but when I picked him up there was a little yellow pee spot. I didn't think that was so bad either but when I scrubbed the sink, it stunk really bad. I was surprised.


9-21-99 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. and I took my kids with me to the garage. It was Friday afternoon. I had a specific job to do which was to pull the blocks out of the wall that formed the pillar between us and the people in the next garage. I had a special hook which I inserted into the base of each block and pulled, starting at the top and working down.

On the other side it wouldn't be noticed because the wall board on the other side wouldn't break until we actually punched through the wall. I dislodged the last block ... the 3rd one from the bottom, but it was too late on Friday to complete the punch-thru and that would have to wait until Monday.

Meanwhile, I knew the man from the other side of the wall was coming and we didn't want him to know what we were doing so I left the blocks in place ... but loosened.

My kids had a pile of clothes on the garage floor and we had all taken our shoes off, so we had to scramble to get our shoes on and leave the garage before the man showed up to see what we were doing.

The kids were having trouble finding their shoes, so I ran out to the street to stall the man from getting to the garage before my kids got their shoes on and left before my kids go their shoes on and left.

But he was coming quickly and I had to scramble to forestall his coming if I could because the kids weren't ready.

But I couldn't forestall his coming so I ran ahead of him, through along passageway to get there ahead of him and get the kids out and dressed however I could.

It was panic time ... I HAD to make it happen so the man didn't know what we knew about the wall coming down.


9-30-99 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building and I was manager. The mailman was delivering mail. There was so much of it, he had to put my mail in other people's boxes and hope they would pass it on.

One of the packages I as supposed to get was in the box for Clare Watson. ( I never heard of Clare Watson until after I had this dream)

Another name box was Block which is my mother's maiden name. The whole front of the postal truck was still stacked with hundreds of small, long boxes that would just fit into the mailboxes.

One of the tenants said she couldn't find her key to her masterlock. It was number 368B. I looked on my key ring and I had one just like it. It was a double long ... squared off key. Mine looked like it had never been used, it was so bright.


12-25-99 - DREAM - I dreamed that I was starting a club. A woman came and gave me a copy of the bylaws. The bylaws were of a group that was already started and I was starting a local branch. The bylaws were in little brochures with fine print. The brochures were about 2 inches by 5 inches, and were about 1/4 inch thick. There were 7 of them. The woman who gave me the bylaws said that when you start a group that you have to make sure that the first thing you tell them is that they should know that it is NOT non-profit.

I don't remember where this scene fits, but I had three small fish tanks. There were healthy fish in them but the water was evaporating. I put fresh water in them, but there was grass clippings and ants floating on the water that had been on the grass clippings. I wasn't too worried about it. I knew that I could scoop the grass clippings and ants off the top. I don't remember doing the scooping, but the grass clippings and ants disappeared. Perhaps the fish ate them? In one tank there were two huge snails. They were at opposite ends of two cubed square pieces of something brown that floated. The brown cubes kept going up and down and up and down with these snails on each end. Then the snails joined together on one side of the cubes and then the cubes floated on top of the water. I didn't identify exactly what the cubes were. I then put one of the fish tanks on the corner of the kitchen table while I worked on the others.

In this kitchen, I also had a shelf with a lot of different types of light on it. I put another one up there and tried to turn it on, but it didn't come on. Then I realized it wasn't plugged in. I had something else to do first, but I planned to come back and figure out where the plug was and get the lights to working.

There were now other people in the room with me, and I started to tell them about the club I was starting and about the bylaws. The people weren't looking at me while I was talking to them, they were looking down at their own knees or perhaps contemplating their naval, but I had to tell them to look up and look at me when I spoke to them because I spoke with my hands, and I showed them in the air, the size of the bylaws brochures. I did this with several people. I was trying to understand the bylaws myself and why the original woman told me that the group was NOT non-profit and that was the first thing I had to tell them.

I was waiting for a job interview across the hall. Another woman came in after me, but she got called first. Her first name was Kathy, but I can't remember her last name. She was wearing a two tone dress, yellow on top and light brown with yellow flowers on the bottom. She was blonde.

After she left the room, I heard a pager go off, and I discovered that the pager was on the kitchen table where I was sitting. I picked it up and the name on the top of the pager was MUSCAT. The case of the pager was missing. All I had was the inner workings which were in layers and flexible. Since it was working, I assumed the man was alive and the pager had been stolen by my ex-husband Edward. So, I took the pager across the hall to where the woman was holding the interviews. I handed her the pager. The room she was sitting in was totally dark except for where she sat by the desk interviewing the Kathy woman. she looked at the man's name. I didn't tell her I thought the pager was stolen, but she had known the pager was missing... they thought it was lost. He worked in the factory across the street. She said, "I didn't know MUSCAT was over here."

End of Dream


1-20-00 - DREAM -  I was looking at a block of squares like a it was a calendar which were set up in 5 rows of 5. The background was a watered orange color. I started uploading pictures of nice things about Greece in each of the squares starting from the first square which was labeled 'Greece'. However, when I got to the 4th square in the second row, there was a huge "?" question mark.  Then I stopped uploading pictures and woke up.

Greece  ..   .  ..    .  ..    .  ...     
. . .


. ............ ............ ............ .............
. . . . .
. . . . .

NOTE:  CNN news reported that the Catholic Church in Greece is considering investing their cash, amounting to several billions of dollars, into the stock market.  

Church considers investments

ARCHBISHOP Christodoulos led a discussion of the Holy Synod yesterday on how to best manage the church's finances. The discussion focused on whether finances could be invested in mutual funds, real estate or whether the church should establish its own companies. Investing directly in Greek equities was not considered to be an appropriate way for the Church to manage its funds. The director of the Church of Greece' financial services reportedly told Christodoulos that he would not recommend investing in the stock exchange, although the final decision remains in the hands of the church.


1-30-00 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house. There were a lot of people in the house. It was where I lived, but also where I worked. Dorian Lord from One Life to Live TV show was my boss and we were trying to help get good things done for other people. When she went home, she told me to keep my eyes on things and call her if there were any problems.

As soon as she left, I looked out the window on the south side of the house and saw the maintenance men, Joe and Kenny out in the alley with a bunch of prostitutes they had brought in to dally their time with. There were also some beautiful young women behind them who they were trying to convince to join them.

I knew this was one of the problems that I was supposed to report to my boss, Ms. Lord, but I couldn't just call her, I had to go to her house and report it and SHE had to call the cops. To do that, I couldn't let the maintenance men nor the girls know that I was a snitch.

So, I sneaked out the back door to go around the back way and two men in dark suits followed me out the door. As I was walking down the sidewalk in the back yard with the men behind me and I saw a smaller walkway towards the right, so I turned that way to feign the direction I was going. In front of me on that walkway was an old white haired woman, and this part of the yard was a beautiful garden. I determined then that I would spend more time in the garden so it remained beautiful.

Just before I got to the fence, two younger teen boys came along, wanting to climb over the fence and look at the fish tank in the yard to the north of our house. I went with them to help them cross the fence and at the same time, they provided an excuse for me to climb over the fence myself which I had to do in order to sneak around the back end of our yard to get to Ms. Lord's house.

In the yard on the other side of two wire fences which we had to step over, there was a huge fishtank. I couldn't see the fish but it was full of water which seemed to be evaporating in the summer heat. One of the boys went to get a huge bag of icecubes which he said would cool off the too hot water. He dumped half of the icecubes into the fish tank and threw the rest of the bag to me.

The bag landed in my arms and I used that as an excuse to leave them so the icecubes wouldn't melt right there uselessly.

I sneaked around the back of the garage and positioned myself on my side of the alley so that I had the shortest route to cross the alley directly into Ms. Lord's house so the prostitutes wouldn't see me do that and run away before I could get Ms. Lord to call the cops on them.

As I crossed the alley, I saw that a well known TV reporter was sitting on a couch in my back yard interviewing three of the beautiful women I had seen. He was doing a live interview like Phil Donahue used to do, questioning them about their childhood. The tallest blonde woman was telling the audience on TV how badly her mother had treated her and how she needed love and approval.

I was feeling sorry for her, but continued on with my task, having to crawl on my belly under some wooden posts and beams to get into Ms. Lord's backyard.

I made it there without being detected by moving slowly and stealthily. If anyone would have looked my way, I was moving so slowly and stopped whenever I thought someone was looking, nobody would have seen me. I looked like I was part of the landscape.

Ms. Lord's house was dark brown with a blue door. I thought her apartment was at the top of the stairs on the second floor. I could hear her talking on the telephone to someone.

I began climbing the stairs but got off track somehow and discovered there was another stairway going to the third floor that also went to her apartment from the other direction. However, this stairway had a round white table at the bottom, full of food people had eaten for lunch and it completely blocked the stairway. I had to maneuver myself past this table and haul myself up to another stair by hanging on the railing.

I managed to get up on the stairway, listening to Ms. Lord talking on the phone above me in her apartment and I saw a large green poster on the wall in old fashioned writing like from the early 1900's. It was an ad for train and some other kind of mass transportation.

I woke up reluctantly, my job unfinished.


3-11-00 - DREAM - I was using a computer close up so I could only see the screen. I was moving named files colored a mottled red/blue/purple with a name Remodel, Revolve, or something starting with re_____ and moving them down into a solid block at the bottom of the screen. At the end of the dream, it turned to a people dream and I was in the driveway of a garage with a type of basketball hoop on the front above the door. Our daughter-in-law Lorna was the coach and she was showing us how to do a layup type of hoop shot. She took the ball or something resembling a ball and did a curving layup run towards the hoop and dumped the red/blue/purple blob into the hoop which was this same color opening red/blue/purple. (It's hard to say how she put the ball into the hoop, she twisted her left hand over the right so the ball was more or less upsidedown when it went into the hoop.)


7-1-00 - DREAM - I was either living with a lot of other people, or a lot of people were visiting me.  I was working my butt off cleaning the house because by the time I finished cleaning one end of the house the other end was dirty, and by the time I finished the other end, the first end was dirty again. We were also expecting guests for an event I wasn't aware of.

In the kitchen I was trying to get everything put in their proper place, but it seemed like there were more tools for cooking than the drawer had room for but I managed to squeeze the last one in. It seemed like I was putting the tools for two people into a drawer meant for one.

I was then going to make the guest bed which was quite high ... with two mattresses piled on top of one another and I discovered that there was a kid sleeping way down under the blankets and when I went to pull the blankets up to the top, the kid woke up and scrambled out from under the blankets ... wearing green and white striped pajamas.

Then I went to another room where some women were discussing finances and I wanted to show my clutch purse of quarters to one of the women ... I had saved the quarters to do laundry. I pulled the clutch purse out of my larger purse and unzipped the top and to my surprise it was the wrong clutch purse .... this one was full of square crystals that were almost white but sparkled and flashed with every color of the rainbow. The woman reached into the clutch purse and pulled one of the crystals out and it continued to flash all the colors. It was truly beautiful and I had a whole purse full of them.

NOTE: I looked in a gem catalog to match the stones to the dream ... they rather resemble 'Rainbow Moonstones'.

I then got up to go to the kitchen to do some more cleaning and I was sidetracked by another old girlfriend who was visiting. She pulled me aside and said, "I want to give you this for not showing up last Saturday." I didn't even remember that she was supposed to show up but I looked at what she was handing me.  It was a white card with jewels attached to it. It was either a necklace pendant or a pin.  These also resembled 'Rainbow Moonstones' but were more pink than white.  The jewels were all 'vesica piscis' shaped (like a football) and were lined up like this.


There was also a scene where I was cleaning up magazines from under a coffee table and I wanted to keep certain ones because they were educational. I was being rather surreptitious about this. I didn't want one of the other women to know I as doing this.(I can't remember the subject) (Her name was Antigone. Antigone managed an apartment building next to mine on Port Washington Road) (Antigone, in mythology, was the daughter of Oedipus and guided him in his blindness. She was well liked by the people)

I then went into another room which had a long narrow table with chairs all around it. It was an unusual table in that it was divided in the center so that people could walk between them. It didn't seem like two tables because it was only open on one end.  There was a man sitting at the other end.  All these people were wearing large hats which seemed to glow greenish white. I couldn't see any of the faces of the people because the hats blocked the view.

These people were all facing the open end of the table where the bride and groom were going to enter.  The people were all facing the open end and waiting for the bride and groom. I saw the groom enter the open end of the table and it wasn't until that moment I realized that the bride was me.  

I had to squeeze past more of the crowd including my first husband Jim who was there in order to get to the open end of the table.

When I got to the table, all the people, including the groom were seated and were facing the center which now seemed like a round table.  I was standing behind the groom who had dark curly hair cut short. (I didn't even know who he was except that he was my best friends brother) (The friend who had given me the jewels) It seems that his name might have been David but I'm not certain) All the people put their right hands into the center in a hand pile to say a prayer.  I leaned over and placed my right hand on top of the pile. At this point some of the people on the far end who had to reach the farthest pulled their hands back but kept them on the table.  (I didn't understand this except that they had to reach so far and maybe it was uncomfortable)

Nothing was being said and I was focused on my hand and how it looked, whether it was pretty or not.  I had never touched the groom before, nor had we kissed, nor even spoke to each other before and here I was breathing down his neck and had my hand over his hand on the hand pile and we were going to be married and would be expected to sleep together.

The groom at that point whispered to me, "I hope you don't mind but my nephew (his name was said but I can't remember it) will be going with us on the honeymoon." I looked over at the little boy child who was sitting in a high chair on the right. He looked like he could have been one of my own. The child apologized and said he wouldn't go if it wasn't all right. The child looked to be about 3 years old but spoke like an adult.  I told him it was fine with me.

At that moment I realized that I was the mother of twins and I was nursing one of them and I pretty much ignored the other one. The other twin was female and I felt guilty for ignoring her.  I told the groom that it was okay for him to take his nephew because I was going to have to take one of my twins with me because I was nursing the one baby. The girl baby was being bottle fed. I had nursed the boy baby at 6 p.m., he was being bottle fed by someone else during the wedding at the 9 p.m. feeding, but I would have to nurse him again at the 12 o'clock feeding.

The dream ended with our hands all in a pile with mine on top.

NOTE: The Alchemical Marriage: According to the alchemists, life is created out of the fusion of two elements, mercury and sulphur, the first representing the receptive 'female' principle in nature which is animated by the second, the positive 'male' force. The two numbers corresponding to these in the old numerical philosophy were 1080 and 666, and the sum of these 1746, is represented by the 'grain of mustard seed' at the Pyramid's tip.

In this formula are expressed the nature and purpose of the forgotten science of which the Pyramid, like all temples and monuments int he ancient world, was designed as an instrument. The operations of the medieval alchemists were the last flickerings of a scientific tradition which flourished in prehistoric times, when the elements of sulphur and mercury were brought to fusion, not merely in an alchemists retort, but on a much grander scale within the great retort or womb of the earth itself. The element of mercury in this operation was represented by the spirit of the earth, which was ceremonially 'wedded' at certain seasons with the sulphurous element, radiating from the sun.

The marriage of heaven and earth took place at the Pyramid as a union between the terrestrial current, accumulated in its rocky mass, and the divine spark of celestial fire distilled from the ether at the point of its gold and crystal apex. From this union was born the life essence, the vitalists ' elan vital, formerly known by such phrases as the Spirit  of the World, whose number in the Greek cabala is 1746.

For more on the alchemical marriage ... see marriage.htm

For more on Greek cabala see ... gem1.htm


7-7-00 - DREAM - Joe and I were in a car at a drive-in food place. It was rather dark outside. I had a plate in my hand with ground hamburger and beans. I ate all of the beans but not the hamburger.

There was a car next to us where two guys were also eating and they mentioned that there was a scale behind the building which was just behind us.

As I finished eating, Joe said that he was full and asked how I was feeling. I hadn't eaten the hamburger, but I finished the last of the beans and said I was full also.

I decided I would go weigh myself on the scale as long as I was there, so I got out of the car and headed in the direction the other guys said to go.

I didn't get more than a few feet and it was pitch black outside, and I started yelling, "I can't see! I can't see!"

Joe came up behind me and pointed me in the right direction, said, "Take this sidewalk and then turn right behind the building."

I went the direction he went and it was getting brighter and brighter outside. When I came to the first right, it seemed rather narrow and like it went to the horse barns or something so I didn't turn right but continued on along a building and turned right at the next corner.

Obviously, I should have taken the first right because now I had to turn right again around this building and it was now raining. I decided to walk on the grass rather than on the wet sidewalk and it was like walking on the top of a feather bed quilt or something. It was really soft. The building alongside of me was concrete block, but fancy concrete block so that it looked like it was sculptured somewhat. All the windows were lined with pink roses. It was really lovely.

However, I had walked a long way by now and was rather out of breath so I was walking slowly.

I woke up and I was still out of breath....


7-21-00 - DREAM - I was in a huge building with many rooms and levels. I promised a woman I would take care of her baby while she was busy elsewhere. The child who was a good size infant wore pajama type outfits of brightly colored squares, triangles, and other geometric shapes. I took this child to each room and level with me as I went.

I think I saw his mother at the end, a blonde woman wearing a black and red tube-type dress. It had no shoulders on the dress, it was just like a knitted tube.

I was then working in an office and it was late on a Friday night. (The dream took place on a early Friday morning). I noticed that I had more work piled on my desk than anyone else and I felt guilty that I was so slow. I finally finished the project I was working on and turned it over to my boss.

The work I did was a series of math problems for varying shapes of geometry for which I had to figure the cube roots volume of each one. There were numerous shapes on the paper ... like 12 to 15 on a line and numerous lines down the length of the paper.

My boss wanted to know what took me so long to do this, and he began rattling off math sequences verbally. I apologized to him and said I was sorry but I couldn't do that kind of math in my head, I had to write it down on paper to do it.

(The boss was the same on I always have in dreams - I think he is negative ET - perhaps Reptilian)

When I was done with the project, a couple other young women were discussing who was going to be working on Saturday. Two of the women were not only going to be working on Saturday, but were going to be going down into the basement of the factory.

I had never been down there. One had to go down a narrow, rickety wooden stairway to get there. I was curious but never tried it. However, I ironed a dress for the woman's daughter so she could wear it. It was rather a golden pink color ... a shade I can't recall ever seeing before. I hung it on a hangar that was black and a triangle shape that regular hangars aren't quite the same. I didn't want to hang it in the closet with all the other clothes because it would get wrinkled again, so I hung it on a rod from which a greenish drapery hung. For some reason, the rod was so close to the top of the doorway, I had to actually pry some wood out of the frame to fit the hangar handle into. I saw that others had done the same thing before me.


7-26-00 - Most of the night I was seeing blue cubes coming down just like the game boy I had played in the evening. Eventually, it changed to words which I couldn't read. One last vision was a black and white photo ... like a newspaper clipping and it appeared to say "QUEEN GOD". but I wasn't certain if that's what it said because it was blurry.