Daphne Receives the Elohim



The Elohim are among us, the Celestial sojourners, those who architect the densities, those who bring forth the hidden Wisdom and the hidden Knowledge of the Essenes and the elemental kingdoms and all those places that have been forgotten in your intuitive time, in your ancient chronology, that which is bidden and that which has been formed, for you have become disassociated from that which is inherent and of the place of the Knowing, which is within and genetic recesses of the Light-encoded filaments now connecting through the great Central Sun.

Passage of the solar system in the plane horizontal of the dark rift, the Milky Way galaxy is availing to you those warrior codings emanating from the great Central Sun and the celestial warrior codings enable you to move through the traps and through the calcifications and through the dark patches of entrapment and ensnarement, that which has held humanity in bondage for many eons.

There is, at moment, a separation, a separation of those that follow the path of the Knowing from those who would follow the path of the unawakened, the unillumined, and the unwise. And the division, the division vibrationally, frequentially, division of the worlds becomes pronounced now, as we move into July, as we move into August.

There shall be a rent, a renting of the fabric of the space and the time continuum consciousness and those who find themselves aligned and allied on one section of the fabric of the space and the time continuum consciousness will move in that trajectory and in that dimensional illusory experience of separation and the solidification of density and a further spiraling down into the separative  consciousness.

This shall be for a majority of those still experiencing the third dimensional frequential. There are those, the present company included, who have chosen the other path, the path of the Unity, the path of the upward ascent. The path of the Knowledge of self, of the Wisdom of the self, the Wisdom of the higher frequency and of the burning white-blue light of the great Central Sun, from which you have emanated and to which you are returning.

Celestial architects, you have mastered the understanding that you must come and serve the Divine Design, the Divine Template, the Will of Heaven.

God has beckoned you; the hound of heaven cries and you have responded; and because you have responded, your lives move in new kaleidoscopic ways, taking on the spiraling arms of galactic proportion and your interior luminescence is as the light of a thousand suns and your interior Knowingness takes on expression of talents and of associations and of spectral significance, of dancing and of aligning and of sojourning and of placement and of circumstance and of art and of music which is beyond the comprehension of linear understanding.

For you have learned to web weave intergalactically; you have learned to place the stream filaments of consciousness, the Celestial arachnids which are the light-fiber filaments that emanate from every pore, every breath, from every thought, from every iota of movement from the body-mind spirit complex, you are moving this into alignment interdimensionally, intergalactically, on the grand three- dimensional, multi-dimensional: five, six, seven, thirteen, infinite-dimensional chessboard of the grand alignment of the great Central Sun.

You move now through the 13th octave dimensions and densities and your body form purifies; the endocrine system purifies, the thyroid system purifies, the pineal purifies, the pituitary purifies. The secretions of the glands move this body consciousness structure into a Light-prism focus, a Light-prism focus of the internal sun becomes an eternal resonance chamber, generating heat, generating life, generating light generating creation, creativity, generating perfect associations, perfect timing, perfect meshing of circumstance, perfection in every conceivable way, shape and form, as the axes and nodal points of the axiotonal lines of the living Gaia, of the living, sentient crystalline forms of earth water, of air of mineral, of devic, of animal, of human, of angelic, of seraphim, of cherubim, of Elohim and of Ra, these coalesce and  orchestrate themselves into the Unification Principle of Divine Design, implemented into precipitation, architecting worlds, architecting Knowledge, architecting vast planetary logoi,  architecting the sacred Antahkarana.

You are learning to access the Antahkarana, the oversoul matrix of the planetary logoi. You are creators of worlds. You are creators of solar systems. You are the creators of the stars. You have journeyed forth from the stars; now you shall return to the stars. Your voyage has begun.

You saw tonight a journey over the North Pole; you saw tonight escape velocity being reached, an altitude of 90,000 of your feet, of 17 miles vertically upwards.

You are leaving the earth; you are leaving the noosphere; you are moving into the noetica, the Knowledge, the Wisdom, which is beyond this space and beyond the time and beyond the containment of a dualistic mind-body-spirit consciousness. Your container can no longer hold you; you are therefore slated to ascend.

You shall notice physiological, biological changes instigating rapidly, in rapid-fire sequence, over the next five weeks. Pay close attention to these body-mind-spirit complex harmonics. Your physical, outward life, as you know it, will cease to be that which you can relate to in a three-dimensional way. Only that which supports this precipitation, this internalization of the great cosmic solar-fire sun, the great Central Sun universe of the Hunab Ku. This is igniting now, among those who have chosen to ascend.

You hold forth. You wait and you gather your strength. Movement is imminent.

Ommmmmmmmmmmm, Ommmmmmmmmmmm. Shanti, shanti, shanti, shanti.

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into evil, but deliver us from temptation. For thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory, forever and ever, Amen.

 Oh, Holy Queen, our sweetness and our hope, we cry, poor blessed children of Eve.



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