lion king


May :: an :: Infinity :: of :: Blessings :: Be ::
the deeper meaning of the End of Time
and the Mayan Calendar
Golden Lion :: Courage Codes

(these SkyBridging Heaven ==> Earth:: Frequencies came in here at SkyBridgeFarm in Half Moon Bay, California over the course of several days since the beginning 
of the Lion's::Gate Frequencies of 23 July 2013 and continuing onward
to 8 August 2013)

 ::The Angelic Council of the Eloheim ::
::Daphne' Karan Danis:: Blue::YODess
::sessionwork available::


::This day brings forth a GATE 8::8 WAY to your realm in which the realizable can be made manifest::


::The color and time/calendar codes are in the hands
and Hearts of the Divine child ::

The golden seedling of the Heart and Lion's Gate touch each other in the Creational Spark--in the beginning was the Word, and the NOW has unprecedented power to perform the miraculous on the NewEarth, New Field.  TerraNova

St. Francis spoke of this, now Pope Francis re-iterates this from the Southern Hemisphere. The Seeds of Light are falling on good and virgin soil of a Lion's heart, and can thus bring into creative expression and manifestation the yearnings of a tired humanity.

Speak your Truth, speak your Peace, speak your Joy, speak your Passion. The Heart, your own Lion's Gate :: Portal, is the creator, the genesis-point of your own electromagnetic field, your own

Field of Attraction.

When you act from the heart, your heart-center, with the intention and power of the Word, Your Word, you bring forth the Wor(l)d of the miracle of the essence of You, your divine capacity for creativity and authentic expression. Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be answered, seek and ye shall find. You are learning to do this now with great purpose and focus and precision of Heart-thought.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 

::Your Course is Inner-Directed::

You come now to a point of decision. Of knowing that your course is inner-directed, that the waiting for externals to move your creative passions is fast coming to a halt, that we are moving to Divine Origination of the Architecting of latent possibilities contained within our genetic seed.

And these seeds are now awakening, we are being given the chance to prove to ourselves levels of Mastery we could not ascertain/certain/attain before.

::The Royalty Frequencies are Activating::

Those holding the Golden Lion Courage Codes:: in charge of the Solar/Soular Emanation shall be able to plant resonance in VirginSoul/Soil, in NewLand,TerraNova,free from the obstructions of the past de-graded [read: manipulated] codings. You are "light amplificating" Now.

::Harlequin Marquis:: 
black and white gridsquare in the holographic matrix goes color and diagonal::

We are entering a kind of "spiritual De-Militarized Zone" a kind of buffer zone, a "render harmless" zone, the 45'angle of neither horizontal nor vertical, but Diagonal. Hence the keywords are :: both, and, inclusion, triality, Trinitarian Consciousness, triune. Think "trine" flow, grace, ease, win/win.

::Perfection of these Abilities::

We move now to the frequency of perfection of those abilities that are latent and needing the last push into the "sunlight" of the glory of the NewDay. For it is fast dawning and approaching that you shall Know you are Divinity, and Divinely cared for and great manifestors of your Destiny and Density :: You see? You hold the Key in the DandiLion, the "tooth of the lion" the Dent de Leon, and as you call forth upon your Great Dreams and visions you have the access to Divine essence and the ability to pull into your sphere of manifestation all that your
::Golden Lotus Heart::desires, for you have learned to master the Architecturing of Form in this stratification of density. There needed be long periods of integration and alignment and soul and interdimensional and karmic clearing.

:: You Have Held Grid Templature::

You have held grid templature for many eons, and have acted as rehabilitation Brothers and Sisters for those who carried the lower frequencies of the Love/Light Continuum Spectrum. At the NOW moment, the avenue of safety is being reached, the Ring-pass-not(9)(knot) and you shall be freed of the encroachment of all who have not done their requisite clearing ~ for the clearing you HAVE done changes your physics, dear Ones, and your physicalities, you are no longer vibratorily resonant with the lower enmeshment "hooks" and thus can pass over them, your "radio signal" will no longer receive static from that station. This is a Grand Time and adventure of Golden::Lighted:: opportunity for you, and, you have created it because you wished it to Be So!! 

Adonai Pax Christos!

::The Nature Of Your Light Has Changed::

The nature of your personal light, your expression, your actional ways in the world, wor(l)d have changed. Your relation to your words has changed, you are realizing you become your word, your word becomes your wor(l)d. Such is the power of creation. Such is the responsibility of manifestation. What you posit, you put forth, into the aethers physicalizes its expression almost instantaneously now. 

::Courage Keys::

::Mastery is mandated::
::Discernment is demanded::
::Integrity is imperative::

The nature of how you see yourselves as a Species is fast coming to a close. This is both a final chapter and a NewBeginning. For the Script is now gone.You are the Genesis now, you are the Nexus of your own Next Steps of Creation.

We repeat::
::The Script is Now Gone::

You are writing what YOU would like to experience. The handholds of the old ways are fast falling, and you are, for the very first time, getting to know yourselves without reference to that which is outside, to know that which is inside. The 3d ~ Soular/Solar Plexus directed dimension had much to do with "pushing through", using outside as reference point, and positing a benchmark in the space to "measure up" against. Now, with the Golden Lion:: Bridge of the Heart [think "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"] there is  no real need to measure anything, save, does this nurture me? Does this nurture others? As a result the pace of hustle ~ bustle of life shall slow considerably, if this is your wish, for you can learn to relax into the Sacred Moment of the Eternal Now, and learn to BE and learn from your own wisdom which is the Heart::

Heaven's Earth (is your) Art
YOU are the ARTist::

Co~Creating Heaven on Earth 
Remember each of us is a paintbrush in the Hand of the Divine::GodSource::One Infinite Creator

:: May an Infinity of Blessings Be:: 
(the true meaning of the May(an) Calendar
Est Fini
Wir Sind Heim