12-1-12 - LUCID DREAM - I was working on an animated chart on a computer, where a woman was lining up yellow lines and symbols (unidentified) and everything needed to be lined up, but nothing quite lined up and I had to keep moving the yellow lines downward, but even so I couldn't quite get them lined up and everything kept shifting as I went.

NOTE: at 3:05 a.m. the telephone rang and it was a phone call from a distraught woman friend, and we had a long conversation, after which I ate breakfast and watched a bit of TV and crocheted and my eyes got tired from not getting enough sleep.


I decided to meditate for a few minutes, and I instantly returned to the end of the lucid dream from earlier, and I saw the woman go quickly towards my right and it came to me that it had grown very hot in temperature quickly and there was like a heat wave.

I started to think that perhaps the lucid dream was something in the future, rather than predictive of the phone call I had just received.

I then went into a dream, where there was a large building and in order to get into the basement, one had to climb a steep set of stairs, enter the building and from there was another set of stairs that went into the basement where people could do their laundry.

I suggested to a man who was nearby, that the building should have an external entrance right to the basement so people could do their laundry and bring it outside to hang the wash on a line to dry if they didn't want to use the dryer to dry the clothes.  (Every woman likes fresh laundry hanging in the sunshine if they have time to do that especially when it's breezy outside.)

A woman standing nearby said, "No! We can't be having extra doorways on the building."

For me, being an apartment manager, I understood that she was having perhaps anxiety about such things, but you have to have at least emergency exits in case of fire as a safety feature, even if people didn't use them for entrance doorways.  A door to the basement would not be of any harm to the building safety in my estimation.

I then got in my car and drove south on a two lane road. The landscape was rolling, some trees and some farmland there.

I pulled up to a 4 way stop at an intersection and while I sat there thinking about the woman had said about her not wanting more doorways on the building, I thought I should pull around the corner and not block traffic.

Just then I saw a couple of white airplanes in the sky and they were low enough to get my attention and think that it was strange that they were so low.

I was watching the planes, when one of them dove towards the ground and I saw that the plane looked more like a UFO than a regular plane, and I thought it was crashing, but it landed quickly and safely right at the large doorway of a barn that was near to the intersection but behind me a couple hundred feet.

I was rather stunned to see this happen and wondered what kind of propulsion the plane had that allowed it to land in such a manner which a normal plane needs a long runway to come to a stop.

Just as I was thinking about that, two women and a man came parachuting down from the sky (probably from the other plane) and they landed safely on the ground by steering with the cords on the parachute, and landed right behind the strange white airplane.

They were talking quite loudly, and I could hear the younger woman say that she had graduated from high school in 1995.

At that moment, some people walked up to my car, and I repeated what the woman had said about graduating in 1995, and a young boy bout 10 years old corrected me and said it was 1994.

I immediately thought maybe the conversation I overheard was actually on my radio and the man who had parachuted with her was a radio announcer or reporter.

and I woke up.

Here is my airplane dream from yesterday:

11-30-12 - DREAM -  I was working on a computer program that logged airplane flights.  It was my job to fill in the spaces between the statements with straight lines with hooks on the end, one after the other.  It seemed like I was doing that for hours.

It wasn't until the very last line, I saw that this page was about airline crashes and I saw the number flight 70 in Chicago.

I am arriving at Frankfurt Terminal 1 from London Heathrow by Lufthansa early December 2012 and transferring to a flight 70 minutes later by ...
Chicago. One-stop service is available from Pittsburgh to Omaha. - Return service will be through. Pittsburgh with Flight 70 departing at 8:30. p.m. and arriving ...
Jul 9, 2011 ... next morning!" A somewhat similar experience was re - ported by the pilot of Chicago and Southern Air. Lines, Flight 70, St. Louis to Chicago.
Championship Flight: 70: Jim Aughtry; 73: Robert Surratt, Randy Peck, Tim Woodward; 74 Joe Jaspers; 75: Michael Bailey; 76: John White; 77: Jeremy Boggs; ...
... flight 70, which delivered a critical NASA communications satellite, TDRS-G, to orbit. .... is on exhibit at the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago.
Aug 11, 2012... 116 105 98 319 sophomore flight 12 Jim luebbers 95 89 98 282 nelson Livingston 120 127 118 365 flight 70 77 Everett Egbert Belgrade 78 84 ...
restricted flight (70 h) was similar to that of the two control groups with low forager age (5 days on ...... Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. Fitsanakis, V.
Retrieved 30 June 2011. ^ "Concorde 001 Makes Its First Atlantic Crossing". Chicago Tribune, 5 September 1971. 5 September 1971.


11-30-12 - MEDITATION:  I suddenly saw the numbers  47.47  which Joe reminded me was 11:11



DREAM - I was a young man and as it turned out, I flew a plane with the number 870.

I then went into another dream where I was looking for an apartment and went from building to building.  I was supposed to be a female, but I kept changing my clothes, trying to disguise myself as a man.

I was given a job to clean an apartment with the number 513, and I dressed up like a woman, and felt like a woman, and when we went to find the apartment that I was supposed to clean, we went to the 6th floor.

There was a whole group of people looking at the same apartment.  The apartment wasn't cleaned up and repainted and needed cleaning first because it looked like someone was still living in part of it.

I went into a room that looked like a library, and there was a couple other people looking at the same room, both male and female.

I found a yellow buck slip type of paper that had information on it that proved that whoever was in this apartment knew who I really was and another woman in the room discovered that the information that paper had clues on it proving that they knew who she was and we had both been found out who we really were.

I then looked at the book case, and all the books were about test planes, and I saw the names of people involved in the test flight programs of the past and I clearly saw the name Dr. Fred Bell , and it was then that I knew that 'they' knew that I flew the experimental plane X-70.

I was too stunned to know that they knew who I was and woke up.

Here is flight 870

    Aerolinee Itavia Flight 870 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Coordinates: 38°50′22″N 13°25′31″E / 38.839494°N 13.425293°E / 38.839494; 13.425293 Aerolinee Itavia Flight 870 was an Italian DC-9 jet airline ...

    TWA Flight 800: SHOOTDOWNS
    On June 27, 1980, at approximately 9 PM, Itavia (Aero Transporti Italiani) Flight 870, a DC-9-15, crashed into the Tyrrhenian Sea near the island of Ustica, about ...

    FlightAware Air Canada (AC) #870 Flight Tracker › Live Flight Tracker
    Air Canada (AC) #870 Flight Tracker (ACA870) Flight Tracker (en route flights, arrivals, departures, history) with live maps and aircraft photos.

    The mystery of flight 870 | World news | › News  World news
    Jul 21, 2006 – Twenty-six years after an Itavia Airlines DC-9 crashed killing all 81 people on board, relatives of the victims have fresh hope of discovering the ...

    Aug 26, 2012 – On the night of June 27, 1980, Aerolinee Itavia Flight 870 (a DC-9 registered as I-TIGI) departed Bologna, Italy, en route to Palermo, Sicily.

Here is flight x-70

There are 30 million pages, including videos of the X-70,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=c5e25338c63d6017&bpcl=39314241&biw=1280&bih=839,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=c5e25338c63d6017&bpcl=39314241&biw=1280&bih=839

The XB 70 had a mid-air crash in 1966

It was a Mach 3 bomber

The North American Aviation XB-70 Valkyrie was the prototype version of the proposed B-70 nuclear-armed deep penetration bomber for the United States Air Force's Strategic Air Command. Designed in the late 1950s, the Valkyrie was a large six-engined aircraft able to fly at beyond Mach 3 at an altitude of 70,000 ft (21,000 m), which would have allowed it to avoid interceptors, the only effective anti-bomber weapon at the time.

Two XB-70 prototypes were built for the U.S. Air Force. The aircraft program's high development costs, and changes in the technological environment with the introduction of effective high-altitude anti-aircraft missiles, led to the cancellation of the B-70 program in 1961. Although the proposed fleet of operational B-70 bombers was never built, the XB-70A aircraft were used in supersonic test flights from 1964 to 1969, performing research for the design of large supersonic aircraft. One prototype crashed following a midair collision in 1966; the other is on display at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Ohio.

The XB-70 was designed to be a high-altitude bomber-sized Mach 3 experimental aircraft with six engines. Harrison Storms shaped the XB-70 with a canard surface and a delta wing, which was built largely of stainless steel, sandwiched honeycomb panels, and titanium. The XB-70 was designed to use supersonic technologies developed for the Mach 3 Navaho, as well as a modified form of the SM-64 Navaho's all-inertial guidance system.

The XB-70 was equipped with six General Electric YJ93-GE-3 turbojet engines, designed to use JP6 jet fuel. The engine was stated to be in the "30,000-pound class", but actually produced 28,000 lbf (124.6 kN) with afterburner and 19,900 lbf (88 kN) without afterburner.

The Valkyrie first became supersonic (Mach 1.1) on the third test flight on 12 October 1964, and flew above Mach 1 for 40 minutes during the following flight on 24 October. The wing tips were also lowered partially in this flight. XB-70 #1 surpassed Mach 3 on 14 October 1965 by reaching Mach 3.02 at 70,000 ft (21,300 m).
Honeycomb panel deficiencies discovered on XB-70 #1 were almost completely solved on XB-70 #2, which first flew on 17 July 1965. On 3 January 1966, the second XB-70 attained a speed of Mach 3.05 while flying at 72,000 ft (21,900 m). XB-70 #2 reached a top speed of Mach 3.08 and maintained it 20 minutes on 12 April 1966.
On 19 May 1966, XB-70 #2 reached Mach 3.06 and flew at Mach 3 for 32 minutes, covering 2,400 mi (3,840 km) in 91 minutes of total flight.

The XB-70 flight test data and materials development aided the later B-1 Lancer supersonic bomber program, and, through intelligence, the Soviet Tupolev Tu-144. The development programs for numerous US military aircraft (B-70, SR-71, and U-2) led the Soviet Union to develop the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 interceptor.


















12-2-12 - MEDITATION DREAM - I was in my first floor apartment, but I also had a third floor apartment.

I was complaining to my Mom that there was no refrigerator in the first floor apartment - everything was on the third floor.

A man and woman were on the third floor and he stopped me from getting on the elevator with the woman who was carrying a satchel.  I told him that was okay because there was a second elevator as well.  So I took the second elevator down to the first floor and they got off the other elevator and came into my apartment to have breakfast.

Because I lived on the third floor, and they wanted to eat breakfast on the first floor with me, I opened the drawer to get them spoons to eat cereal with, and my teaspoons had jewels embedded in them where you eat from.

I apologized and told them I was sorry that was all I had to eat with on the first floor and he said that was okay.

I knew I was going to have move everything back to the first floor if I was going to live there.

I had to go to school and my class there was on the 4th floor and I sure didn't like to have to climb all those stairs to the classroom.

The telephone rang in the kitchen, so I answered it, and it was Natalie and Mikki on the phone, so I told them to hold on so I could take the call in the living room or the office phone, so they held on while I went to the other phone,

but I woke up instead.



This dream was about the spokes that were BETWEEN the main spokes of the GRAND HOOP.  These spokes were not attached to the center of the wheel, but attached to both spokes with clamps at a point above the center of wheel such that they were the same size as the spokes on either side of them, and were attached to the outer edge of the wheel equally with every other spoke.  They had a more minor value at the center of the wheel, but equal value at the outer edge of the wheel and their own responsibility and value there.

Crop Circles Mystery

Apr 17, 2000 – He saw that the Sacred Hoop of his people was one of many hoops, which formed one grand hoop. The Lotus flower is an ancient symbol with ...
12-4-12 - DREAM - I lived with a small group of people who taught lessons by dancing.

One man looked like Bo from One Life to Live, and the younger man looked like Thomas from The Bold and the Beautiful.

There was also a woman dancer who I cannot now identify, but she also taught lessons.

I benefitted from their lessons, but I also had to clean up after them and cook for them.

I cooked very large meals, with a lot of meat and eggs and I didn't have enough pans to cook enough food for energizing all that activity.

I also had to clean up the floors in the bedroom and found some bubblegum stuck to the floor behind the dresser.

In the kitchen, Thomas made some suggestions for buying newer and larger frying pans because the meat had taken up so much room, and I didn't have a pan to cook the eggs in.

Thomas then went to the store and bought a new toaster because ours looked rather used up and burnt around the edges.
12-5-12 - DREAM -  This seemed to be one of those prognostication dreams, in which the scene kept changing as I moved my hands downwards, over and over and over, at least 7 different scenes at a time, and all flooding type scenarios - one after the other.  I probably moved my hands downwards at least seven times, so that would come to at least 70 different flood scenes - or more.

Since that is how our weather was several days ago and is coming again, that makes sense.
12-5-12 - NAP DREAMS x 2

This had the feel of ancient days when people wore furs - not cloth.  We lived in caves and there were floods from a river.
I didn't have time to dream for a couple days because I got woke up by one of the carbon monoxide alarms going off right outside my bedroom door, which was very strange.

12-8-12 - DREAM  -  I was walking down a street in a small town and came to a building that seemed inviting to explore.  I opened a door and found myself in what seemed like someone's laundry room, with baskets of clothes and a washer and dryer along the wall.  In this room was a grouping of kittens and small dogs laying on the floor taking a nap.

I couldn't resist picking up one of the kittens, and immediately it woke up and extended its claws and I feel the prickles of its claws digging into my skin, but it didn't hurt enough to drop the kitten.  I knew it was just trying to hang on for dear life so it didn't fall to the floor.

There was another door on the far end of the laundry room, so I used a free hand to open that door and found myself in someone's house and there were a couple small girls playing in that room. 

As I looked at the girls, their mother came into the room from a further room and saw me standing there, which startled her.  The woman looked very familiar - similar to my friend Kimber - and I apologized for being in the wrong place and then remarked about the kittens and said that I had been attracted by the kittens.

I can't remember what she said in return, but I turned around to go back through the door where I had found the animals on the floor, and picked up two more kittens to take home with me, a pure white one, and an orange and white one, so I now had three kittens in my hands.  I managed to open the outer door back onto the sidewalk, and woke up.
12-8-12 - DREAM -  I was walking down a city street and saw a large poster or billboard with a woman on it at the top and smaller scenes below it one could choose from like one of those laptops you can touch and move the pictures to access a program.

I was close enough to touch the screen so I chose a picture that had what looked like a humanoid alien on it.  I touched the screen and found myself in a different scene that had a picture of the original woman on it again.

There was something intriguing about that woman, and I think I know her, but I woke up too fast to identify her - but again she resembled my friend Kimber.
12-8-12 - MEDITATION -  10 shields on a screen - the leftmost one said  " safety  consideration".  A few minutes later, I saw all the shields again,, and each shield was filled in with some kind of safety issue, but it flipped past too fast to recognize them individually.
12-9-12 - DREAM -  I had four pages of hand-written notes about aliens, the first two were written in white ink, and the second two pages were written in red ink.  Another difference was that the first two pages were written in two columns on the pages, and the red writing was written all the way across the page.

Another difference in the writing, was that I had to lay it over another set of writing that was already on a page so it was 'overlayed'.  The original writing was in black ink on white paper, like we normally write.

When it came time to overlay the black inked writing, laying a two columned writing on top of a page of one column writing didn't seem to fit because the white ink seemed wider than the original page even though the size of the paper was the same :  8 1/2 x 11 inches.

When I tried to overlay the red writing paper over the next page of blank ink writing, I had the same problem, the red handwriting seemed way to wide on the paper even though that was also 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

I woke up before I solved what I thought was a problem.  I didn't read what was written either, so I can't tell what it really said.

Now that I'm awake, I know that none of it was done in my own handwriting.  Someone else wrote all those pages.  I was just the publisher.
12-10-12 - This may have been influenced by a couple of TV shows that were playing when I first went to sleep about the fear that the world will run out of water in the future.

DREAM -  I was visiting an old wooden ramshackle type of house in the country.  There was no mother in the home that I could see, just a father who looked like the handsome 'know-it-all' Bill from the Bold and the Beautiful TV show.

There were three children in the home, the oldest was a girl of about seven years old, and two boys who were younger, about 5 and 3 years old.

There didn't seem to be any television in the home, and the children wore pajamas and were barefoot.  The kids slept in cardboard boxes on top of a pile of small limp throw rugs people normally use in front of the kitchen sink to catch water dripping from doing the dishes.

Even the 7 year old still drank milk and water from a baby bottle, as did the other two children.  They had been taught nothing, except they appeared to be potty trained, and they may have learned that by themselves.  I didn't see any other food in the house that the children ate - just milk and water.

When I got to the home, the little throw rugs were strewn around in the room, and were not very clean, so I gathered them up to wash them.

I don't recall that there was any conversation in the home except for me telling the father that I would do the laundry, and I got busy gathering up the rugs to wash them so the kids would have something clean to sleep on.
12-11-12 - DREAM - I seem to have been in a large round room (like in a space craft).  I was working with another woman designing what looked like colorful spacecraft that one person could fly.
I can't remember who the woman was or any other details, but there were multiple designs.
12-12-12 - DREAM -  I don't know where I was, but I was invited to be with a group of women.  I evidently was being honored for something, but I didn't discover what that was while I was there.

When I got there, I was taken into a bedroom and given a white robe to wear, and an older woman came with a glass jar of some kind of white cream and smoothed it onto my naked back.  It smelled wonderful, and I hoped I could find out what it was for at home.

All of the women were dressed in matching white robes, and when I went into the gathering room, I was given two cleaned and dressed raw turkeys and I went to get them and carry them back to where I was seated, and each turkey was at least the size of  20 or 30 pounds and I carried each one in one hand by a wing.  I didn't feel the weight however as I carried them back to my seat knowing I was going to have to cook the turkeys and serve them to the women.

There was some kind of meeting and I remember talking with another woman about the wonderful white cream I had received on my back, which she didn't get apparently.

I can't recall what was said in the meeting, nor if anything was done, but before I woke up, I was working on publishing a book I had written and was trying to determine what the margins were going to be on the book, and how the text would look and how thick the book would be in pages, etc.
12-12-12 - NAP DREAM -  I was in the country, near the bank of a river.   It seemed that I was alone, but I could feel the spirit of someone nearby.

I was laying out the information about the layout of a book in my mind, and thinking about publishing the book.  This felt much like I was really doing it, not like it was my imagination. 

The sun was low in the sky and rather dim, like sunset was coming soon.

I woke up and I could see the last rays of the sun shining through the window and flashing through some tree branches outside like it was flame against  the stone of the fireplace across the room from me.

It was hard to tell what was still left of my dream and the reality of what I was seeing, and sat in my meditation chair and just watched the sun light flashing on the stone until I knew I had to let my reverie go and get back to work for the rest of the day.


12-13-12 - DREAM:  I woke up two days in a row at exactly 3:52 a.m.

I saw 3 or 4 blonde wild haired dolls.  I saw 3 or 4 black haired dolls.  (These were about the size of Barbies)  I saw a mother and daughter at the beginning of baseball season throwing a baseball to each other in their back yard and heavy dark storm clouds were coming.

I then saw a scene where Madonna was in concert on a stage, wearing a bright dark pink Satin gown.

(My spirit guide tells me this is Lady Gaga who is the new Madonna)

I then saw a scene where a woman was told to purchase car insurance that included killing someone with a car.

12-14-12 - DREAM -  I was working on a computer somewhere, embedding photos of aliens into web pages which I was going to show to people.

I made sure the photos could be seen by others and checked the source side of the page to make sure the photos would show.

I woke up, knowing I could just go to my computer and the work was done, until I realized that what I could do in dreams could not be duplicated in real life.

I was very disappointed, but I still think I can do this.
12-15-12 - DREAM - I was in an apartment somewhere at the top of a hill.  There were two other women living with me.

I showed them that I could take clay and make female faces with it, just by pinching the clay in a certain way to make faces, like where the nose and chin were.  They were very jealous that I could do that.

The man we worked for lived in a house down the hill at the bottom, and we had to go down there and give him something.

The other two women didn't want me to go down there with them, but I was expected, so I went too, no matter what it took.

When we got there, the man, who looked like Bill from the Bold & The Beautiful TV show, asked me how tall I was.

I answered, "5' 10" tall".

He asked then, "What does your dream man look like?"

I responded, He's 6'2" tall, with dark hair and dark eyes,"  describing him.

He said, "Very good!"  He handed me two large green bowls and said, "Why don't you go fill these two bowls up with popcorn and bring them back?" and gave me a big smile.

I immediately knew that one of those bowls was meant for me, and one for him." and I smiled as well.

I started walking back up the hill and woke up.

12-16-12 - DREAM -  I was sitting in the back seat of a car driven by my friend Barbara.  We were at a T intersection and the light was red, so we were stopped. 

There was no traffic at all.  We were the only ones there and the law said we could make a right turn on a red light, but Barb didn't want to move until we had the green light, but the light didn't change, so we just sat there.

A man in work clothes came along, and he didn't want to walk in front of us until Barb made up her mind to turn right or wait for the green light.

I joked with her and said, "Why don't you just hit the guy!"

Right after I said that, a man and woman couple came up behind the guy in work clothes and convinced him it was safe to cross in front of us because we weren't going anywhere until the light changed and the light wasn't changing.

So, the couple walked with him in front of our car, and then we noticed the man was carrying a pipe about 5 feet long and about a foot across, and when they went in front of us, they walked over to the maintenance hole that had a manhole cover over it, to our left in the middle of the street.  The couple stood there with him while he opened the manhole cover and started to enter the maintenance hole, and he sat on the edge of the hole and told them they would be millionaires because they had helped him.

We just sat there astonished because we could have helped him do the same thing and we didn't.


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JMason4557: JMason4557:  About a year later, I was reading a book called, "Nicronomicon," which speaks of some of the Babylonian myths. 
One morning a voice spoke in my dream, saying, "Thanks Joe, you gave me a lot more coffee." I knew it was Ishtar speaking from the Underworld. 
JMason4557:  It related to a story told in the book, where Ishtar, the Queen of Heaven, traveled to the underworld.  At each of the Seven Gates, she had to remove one part of her attire, such as her crown.  As she did this, she lost her power.  She was captured by the Evil Goddess of the Underworld. 
JMason4557:  She is naked and bleeding, draped over a tree.  The Father God, Anu, worked to rescue Ishtar by fashioning two Elementals, the Water of Life and the Clay of Life.  The two Elementals cleverly worked their way down through the Seven Gates, and sprinkled the Water and Clay of Life upon Ishtar. 
JMason4557:  This enabled her to climb back up the Seven Rungs of the Ladder of Light, retrieving her attire and power, to become Queen of Heaven once again.

The ratchet type crop circle formation that appeared at Ripley, near Bournemouth, Dorset around 17 April 2005, may be related to other formations and symbols.
JMason4557:  There are two ratchets of eight steps each.  If the center of the circle is counted, there are nine steps each.  This seems to fit with the mythic idea of the descent into the Underworld, followed by the ascent back out.  The Underworld may actually be a reference to our world, and the metaphor refers to our path of incarnating.

The steps down to and out of Hades are usually given as seven.  Perhaps the oldest such story is the descent of Ishtar into the Underworld.

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JMason4557:  This is part of my "Oversoul" dream that I put in the Christmas Dream article --

Red triangles shot out of a central point in all directions, then blue ones did the same.  An incredibly bright, pure white light began to shine from a single point and expand from the center of the triangles.  The shadow of a human form took shape before the light.
This is part of my "Oversoul" dream that I put in the Christmas Dream article --

Red triangles shot out of a central point in all directions, then blue ones did the same.  An incredibly bright, pure white light began to shine from a single point and expand from the center of the triangles.  The shadow of a human form took shape before the light.

JMason4557:  This part is not in the article, but it should be added --

I knew the shadow man was my Oversoul. He told me that he could not help me in my life path, that I would have to figure it out on my own.
JMason4557:  EOD

That is the only dream I have every had of my Oversoul.



12-17-12 - DREAM -  I was advising everyone I knew to invest in AT&T.  I was doing it verbally and on paper in writing, over and over and over.

NOTE:  I know two women who worked for AT&T and both are now millionaires.


12-17-12 - MEDIATION:  I was given the name Sol Newsome, but I don't know why:

Here are the various Sol Newsome's in history:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=4cb8b13d38ba68b9&bpcl=39967673&biw=1026&bih=752


12-17-12- NAP DREAM - I was somewhere with a friend and she was having some kind of blood tests, a sugar test, and some other tests.  I had a flashlight that used 'D' batteries and it was going dim, and nobody had any spare batteries.

Someone is predicting that the 3 days of darkness starts precisely at midnight tonight.

We have plenty of candles and batteries. :-)  and a windup radio too. :-)


12-18-12 - DREAM - I only remember being out on my porch and creating charts and gauges to measure temperature, and other things in the atmosphere with charts that were colored into diamond shapes within a square about 3 ft on a side.


The last 4 days, I've woken up at 3:52, 3:52, 3:50, and 3:51


12-18-12- MEDITATION.  I saw a bright green screen with the word WEATHER at the top, and some smaller boxes, that were probably drop down boxes of different things one might associate with the weather.

A few moments later I saw the word  CODEX.




12-19-12 - DREAM - I was downloading and editing on my own web page someone else's experience with the weather and the page was done in green and yellow.


12-19-12 - NAP DREAM - I was downloading and editing on my own web page someone else's experience with earth changes and the page was done in white and red-violet.


12-20-12 - DREAM -  I don't know where this took place, but I was working with a man named Timothy.  I saw his name spelled out in a pie plate of what looked like hamburger that was divided into 12 parts.

There were two sizes of people in this place.  One group looked to be about an inch tall and there were about 24 of them.

At one point I stood in line at the end when they and I were going to go into a graduation ceremony of some kind and I didn't see anything odd about that until the line moved forward very quickly and went through a large hole in the baseboard of the wall into the next room.

The other tall people like me laughed when they saw that I couldn't follow them into the next room, but I found another doorway that went into the same room as the little people.

The little people had identical machinery to us giants and it worked exactly the same as ours.  The only difference was the size. (This machinery looked like a computer printer) I could fix our machinery, so I knew how to fix their machinery, but I didn't have the tools to fix theirs. I could only tell them what to do to fix it if it stopped working.

 The other giant sized people like me were familiar to me, as was Timothy.  Another man who was one of the teachers.  He looked like the husband (Dan) of Rosanne Baar on the TV show. 

His wife didn't like it when she found me sitting on Dan's knee talking to me, but it was the only chair in the room.

When she came into the room, I got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and saw that the bathroom had duplicate sizes of toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes, one in giant size and one in miniature size.

I had to chuckle in amazement, but the little people couldn't use our size stuff and the miniature sizes weren't big enough to do us giants any good, but we got along fine in the same space anyway.

At the end of the dream, the giant man (Dan) was stacking 25 lb. plastic bags full of that hamburger looking meat into stacks on a table and he was planning on putting 24 of them there, the same number as the people of miniature size that I had stood in line behind earlier.

NOTE:  There is a book in the Bible named Timothy - actually 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy.  I have done the research in a Study Bible and I will do a blog page on Timothy and include all the Bible verses and notes from this Study Bible.  I think it will have great value.

I can't help wondering if Dan would represent the book of Daniel as he was my teacher and I sat on his knee while he taught me what he knew.  In that case, I will have to include the book of Daniel, which is very dire in parts.

There is a lot of symbolism in this dream, and I think it behooves me to take a look at the symbolism in this dream and possibly apply it to other dreams that have the same symbolism.  That will take some time.  I think the 'hamburger' is one of these clues.  How many times have Sheila and I dreamt about hamburger or 'turkey', or even 'fish'. 

I'll do that later today.

DAN MEANS JUDGE and on the Tree of Life - in the leftmost pillar called the Judgment Pillar, the letters DN signifies DAN which signifies JUDGMENT ON THAT PILLAR.

The tribe of DAN in the camp positions of the tribes, described in Numbers 2, he is the NORTH, and the EAGLE is one of the 4-living creatures, and the others are LION, OX, MAN. 

These are the 4-living creatures of Ezekiel 1 and Revelation 4.  The pour out various bad things upon humanity.

The EAGLE later got changed to LEO, in the constellations - which is the LION.

To the SOUTH IS OX, which is TAURUS,

To the WEST IS MAN which is Aquarius - the WATER BEARER.

The 12 of this dream - represents the Apostles, which are named (representing)  the Tribes.

The camp positions of the tribes represent the Heavens brought down to earth - the 12 zodiac signs on earth.  God tells them in Numbers 2 how to arrange the camp positions.  Genesis 49:9 "Judah is the Lion's whelp - it couches down as a Lion and Lioness".

See blog:


12-21-12 - DREAM -  I was writing something on a computer or sheet of paper.  The writing looked like it was 3D made of leather or rubber so it was moveable and had to be treated carefully so as not to damage it.


See other writings above.


12-21-12 - NAP DREAM -  I had just moved into an apartment that was on a higher floor and my job there was to write an amenuensis of my experiences while living there.  I had to write it by hand on 8 1/2 x 11" paper.

There were three bathrooms in this apartment but there was nothing in the rooms because the plumbing didn't work, so the fixtures were removed as well so no one would use them.  There was a short woman who had lived in this apartment and she showed me where the bathrooms were and told me not to try to use them.  Then she left.

I had to make dinner for other people, so I got a turkey ready to roast.  It was about a 25 pound size, and I put it into a pan and put it into the oven and set the oven for 475 degrees, and would turn it down to 425 in about an hour.

As I closed the oven door, above the oven was not a stove, but a wooden box and the door of the wooden box flew open and almost hit me in the nose. That's when I saw that inside this box was the turntable for a 33 1/3 type record player.

I quickly slammed the door of the record player shut again and then started worrying about the heat of the oven destroying the electronic components of the record player and wondered if I should shut the oven off quickly.

As I woke up, I remembered the word 'amenuensis' and wondered exactly what it meant.

Amanuensis (pron.: /əˌmænjuːˈɛnsɪs/), plural amanuenses, is a person employed to write or type what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another, and also refers to a person who signs a document on behalf of another under their authority. The term derives from a Latin expression made up of a suffix, -ensis, "belonging to", and prefix, Manu-, "hand".

Origin and secretarial uses

The word originated in ancient Rome, for a slave at his master's personal service "within hand reach", performing any command; later it was specifically applied to an intimately trusted servant (often a freedman) acting as a personal secretary.

A similar semantic evolution occurred at the French royal court, where the secrétaire de la main du roi, originally a lowly clerk specializing in producing, at royal command, the Sovereign's signature on more documents than he cared to put his pen to, developed into the secrétaires d'état, the first permanent portfolio ministers, to which the British Secretaries of State would be the counterpart.

The term is often used interchangeably with secretary or scribe.

Academic uses

It is also used in a specific sense in some academic contexts, for instance when an injured or disabled person is helped by an amanuensis at a written examination. A notable case in classical music was that of Eric Fenby, who assisted the blind composer Frederick Delius in writing down the notes that Delius dictated.

In the Netherlands it refers to a (technically schooled) physics or chemistry laboratory assistant responsible for preparing and assisting with tests and maintaining the instruments. When employed as such in a school environment s/he will have the title of "TOA" ("technisch-onderwijsassistent", i.e. Technical Teaching Assistant).

In Norway, amanuensis is an academic rank of a lecturer without a doctorate, although this title is going out of use. Førsteamanuensis (Norwegian for "first amanuensis") is the equivalent of associate professor.

In Sweden, amanuens is used to denote roughly a teaching assistant at university who continues with his own scientific work, or a civil servant at archives or museums.[1]

The term is also used to describe one who assists an organist during a performance, by drawing and retiring stops, and by turning pages.

Religious uses

Amanuensis is also used in "New Thought" and mystical religious movements -- such as Church Universal and Triumphant -- to describe the role of a person receiving dictation from one of the Ascended Masters (the latter of whom include Jesus, the Goddess of Liberty, Kuthumi, et al.). For example, Mark L. Prophet -- religious leader and founder of the Summit Lighthouse (1958) -- wrote down the words of AM El Morya (also embodied as Thomas More) as he received them through dictation ("dictation" is a form of direct communication from a non-incarnate Master to a guru or leader with the capacity to receive such messages). In doing so, Prophet served as El Morya's amanuensis.


12-21-12 - NAP DREAM - I was writing a very long, detailed article about how to garden.


12-22-12 - DREAM - I was living with a woman who was shorter and thinner than myself, with long dark hair.  We were planting seeds in green flats like I have on top of tables, and the flats with the seeds in were alphabetized, so we always knew what the seeds were and where they were in the alphabet.  I thought it was really a neat way to garden.  Each time we planted new seeds, we placed it in alphabetical order with the rest of the seeds already planted.


12-22-12  NAP DREAM - I don't know where this took place, but it was apparently a nice warmish afternoon, and I went to a celebratory afternoon party. 

I was wearing a summer shift-type dress of a green color that was somewhere between grass green and leaf green - not quite olive green.  The dress tied with straps at the shoulder - two on each side.  The fabric was smooth like velveteen or something like that.  It was really pretty.

I was mostly thinking about the dress while I was hurrying along a pathway towards the garden area.

It felt like a happy day.


12-23-12 - DREAM -  I was at work in a smallish office.  There were 4 women, and we had a male boss who I didn't see.

I felt like I was a secretary, but there was nothing to do, so I had a newspaper I was glancing at from time to time just to have something to do.

One of the women, named Barbara had called in sick, and I was rather glad because she caused strife in the office occasionally.

Later in the day, I met one of the women in the ladies bathroom, and I couldn't see all of myself in the mirror, but I could see that I had blonde hair that was rather smooth and perhaps shoulder length.

The other woman, who was also blond suggested it might be time for me to try her shampoo which was called "Shimmy"

I said, I would try it, but wasn't sure if I should or not.

I then left the bathroom, and went and stood on a platform, in plain sight of an older man who was either blonde or white haired and he was singing in a very large auditorium.

I couldn't see anyone in the audience, but while he sang, I stood on this platform, semi-nude - at least from the waist up and did a shimmy dance he could see in order to give him something 'nice' to see to give him some energy to keep him excited.

When he was done singing, I could hear applause, and I looked to see how many people were actually there.  I could see maybe 10 people on a side, so if there were 40 people in the whole auditorium, that was a lot.  I felt sorry for the old guy.

I knew that some of the audience would want to use the bathroom before they went home, and I was afraid they might come lookiing for me too, even though they weren't supposed to see me during the old man's performance. 

So, I ran back through a hallway to find my own apartment, and thought I would lock myself in my apartment so no one would find me, and thought I should lock myself in the inner bathroom where no one could find me.

Then I thought perhaps, they might find 'my' bathroom somehow if I didn't lock my door, and I started to panic.

I opened my apartment door, feeling really nervous and afraid, and woke up feeling the same way.


12-23-12 - DREAM - I was somewhere with my 1st husband, and we were at home, but the house was not familiar.

I noticed that half of my plants were missing, and I was trying to water them where they were. The hose wasn't long enough, and the water was too hot to water plants with as well. 

I confronted my husband and asked him if he had taken my plants and he said he had because I wasn't taking care of them.

I got mad and told him to not touch my goddamn plants and went back outside to water my plants.

I managed to get them watered and adjusted the water temperature so it wasn't so hot.

Then I went back into the house and he wanted to know what I had done with his deodorant that he had left in the bathroom on the shelf.

I told him I had put it into his top dresser drawer where it belonged, and that made him mad too.

I then went down into the kitchen and there was a group of people right outside the window.

There had been a snowstorm and there was a pile of snow about 12 feet high in the yard, and the people went scampering up the hill and were yelling with glee about all this fun they were having.

I had to go outside and the sidewalk wasn't shoveled, and I had a hard time negotiating the ice that had accumulated on the sidewalk, and eventually managed to get up the steps to a doorway I'm not familiar with - with wide steps and about 5 or 6 steps into a double glass doorway.

I really don't know what building it was, but I was following my husband up those stairs, hoping he would offer his hand so I didn't trip up the stairs.


12-24-12 - DREAM - I was counting candles of a particular type in a list.  I counted seven of them, but I kept looking for more, while continuing to count, but I didn't see any more like that.  I kept counting up to 27 and woke myself up at that number.


12-24-12 - DREAM - I was riding in a car with my husband.  An ugly pale green car pulled up to the curb in front of us, and a skinny woman gave my husband a small white RX bag. 

I wanted to know what she had given him, but he crumpled up the bag and it blew away in the wind, and she took off in her car with her boyfriend.

I wanted to know what he had in his stomach then, and took a silver tablespoon and was starting to look through his stomach contents with the tablespoon and he stopped me.  He didn't want me to know what kind of meds she had given him.

NOTE:   I woke up feeling funky and out of sorts, and the longer I was awake, the sicker I felt.  I deciding to stay home and ended up in the bathroom 4 times, and I had a strange episode happen.  I had just poured myself a cup full of Cranberry juice which had been in storage for a couple years, and the plastic bottle had absorbed some of the color from the juice.  However, I had drunk a cup of this juice before and wasn't worried about drinking it again. All of a sudden, a pile of books on the coffee table threw itself off the coffee table, knocking the entire cup of juice onto the floor, and it came to me that it might be a sign that I wasn't supposed to drink any more of that juice.  So I cleaned up the mess and dumped the rest of the juice that was in the refrigerator as well.  (I hate to waste food).


12-25-12 -  DREAM -  I just woke up from a dream in which I published a paper, written all in colored block letters, which I knew I had published before and remembered every word of, and now that I'm awake can't remember a single word of it.  :-(

12-25-12 -  I watched the first half of the television show on H2 channel, called "Banned From the Bible" Part 2, and they showed a page out of the Apocrypha written in Greek, and I got the chills because the Greek block-like letters looked so much like what I wrote in the dream I had just had, I got the chills.  I wasn't listening close enough while they were showing the writing to whether their example was about a specific book, that I have to re-watch what I just saw.  My eyes got really tired because it was like 3:30 a.m. so I paused the show to rest my eyes, and catch a short nap.  As soon as I did I had a vision of a woman dressed in white with her husband and daughter.  She looked Greek, so I'm going to assume there is a connection between what I had just seen on the TV show and the vision.

I also had  dream during December 2012 that I was one of 12 women dressed in white just like this dream.

Maybe we were a group of scribes?

Also, this was the 10th dream about helping someone publish a book that I had during December, 2012.

Here is another clue from my real personal life.  I practically grew up in libraries, which I haunted constantly as soon as I could read, and always got the maximum number of books allowed each time, and when I was young and the books were short, I walked home reading a book and had it finished before I got home. Then at age 13, my Father refused to allow me to study the same classes as the other kids so I could go to college, telling me I should be studying things that would get me a job the day after I graduated, which I dutifully did, like stenography, typing, and bookkeeping.  I got straight A's and graduated very near the top of my class a year early at age 17.  I had a job as at insurance company and started work the day after I graduated.

My Father had told me at age 13, that reason I wouldn't be allowed to go to college because women only went to college to meet a man and get married and have kids, so that's what I did.  I quickly got married and had six kids, and we spent a lot of time at the library near to where we lived.  I made sure my kids were all good readers as well.

Besides that, my husband and I went to the Good Will store a lot and I collected books by specific authors, and that library of collected books is still in the house I was forced to leave after 25 years of marriage.  I could only take a few books with me when I left that home, and started another library on my own, which I also lost when I had to leave Washington State for California.  I was heartsick about that, but as soon as I got settled in another apartment, I started another library. 

People would be shocked to see my house now where Joe and I have collected books and our livingroom is literally wall to wall books.  I have not ever been able to forgive my Father for not allowing me to go to college so I could be a librarian/teacher.

I think I'm finding out today why I've been so obsessed by books all my life, and I've written 4 books of my own, and almost 5,000 long web pages on the internet, many of which are book length on a whole variety of topics, many of which are based on my dreams.  One of the most recent pages was about a word I saw in a vision which was 'amanuensis' which means 'scribe'.  I just finished that page a few days ago, about Timothy and Paul.  Timothy was the amanuensis of Paul and they traveled together preaching the teachings of Jesus. 

I know too that one of my past lives was as a monk in England, in which I was a scribe then also, and I know several of the other people I knew in that lifetime and our personalities clash with each other just like they did in that lifetime.  I can't put a name to exactly who I was, just that we were all monks who worked together then.

This is a great lesson for me, and maybe I can forgive my Father for not allowing me to go to college or I wouldn't have learned this lesson.  I actually feel joy to be learning this one now.



12-25-12 - After listening to an interview where it was suggested that the frequency of 432 was a healing tone that has been hidden from the general populace by 'the powers that be' who want to keep 'all' the power, I got to thinking about that issue and Joe Mason (my partner) knows well about this frequency and published a page about it,  but he just wanted to talk about Hawkins and crop circles and Carl Munck, etc. and insisted that I look at his numbers and not mine.

I know all about that, but if 432 is a healing frequency and being hidden from humanity, why is it we are not allowed to use it?

I decided to meditate on it, and had a vision of a document titled EMP.

EMP - meaning Electric Magnetic Pulse is the exactly opposite in frequency.  This set of frequency kills and is used in that way by the military of various countries.

I don't want that to be my focus -  and I don't want to be dissuaded by studying the frequency of 432 by fear and other people who want to talk about scary things.  Let's look at self-healing.



12-26-12 - DREAM - I was apparently either a patient or a resident in an apartment building that seemed more like an understaffed hospital.

I was there long enough to know where the unused bathrooms were, and I picked up other people's trash here and there like I was working there, but I hadn't been to the office to check in or anything - I was more or less making myself at home there.

I was interested in knowing whether there were any vacant two bedroom apartments, for a person named Culpepper (who is a famous herbalist)  probably deceased but I don't know for certain because I haven't looked.  Maybe I'm feeling guilty for not doing any homework for my Naturopath class this week.  Too busy doing other things like everyone else)

I finally went to the office.  There was a woman there, but she wasn't the manager.  I asked for the keys out of the desk drawer, and he gave them to me. It was a large ring of keys, and there was a long gold bar attached to them about 6 inches long or more.  (I used to love to carry my big ring of keys when I was an apartment manager. It made me feel important.  I still do that even though I haven't had to use a key for anything in many years - I just carry them anyway. :-)

My intention was to go around the building and find the two bedroom apartments, like I was inspecting the building, in case the Culpeper's showed up. :-)


12-27-12 - DREAM - I was living in a big old house with a man who was big and tall and wearing dark blue clothes, and they woke me up at 7:30 a.m. and it was still dark outside. I was there to wake him up and drive him to school, and I didn't wake up myself and I wondered why was it still dark outside.

The next morning, the same thing happened.  I didn't wake up in time to wake the man up, and here it was 7:30 a.m. and it was still dark outside. I felt really bad about that, and couldn't figure out why I didn't wake up and why was it still dark outside.

The big man came into my room, and I was thinking his name was Dan, and he said, "They used to call me, "Snatch and Grab" or something like that.

He looked a lot like Schwarzenegger



12-28-12 - DREAM - I was writing a rather large book on gardening, and the person I was with wanted to take a photo of me with the book, and we somehow attached the book 'to' me under my clothing so it didn't show.


12-28-12 - DREAM - I had another dream about the book and was working with it.  I've forgotten what was going on.


12-28-12 - DREAM  (I was angry when I went to bed)  Dreamt that I was taken to an upper room, and put into some kind of place where I was asked to go into the bathroom and expose one breast at a time to the male guard, then I was asked to join a group of people where we all had to strap on the naked bodies of 4 doves ( probably doves of peace) onto our bodies around our chests.

I'm still angry at the person for what she did with my Christmas gifts.  Instead of thanking me, she told me she was giving them to her friends because she didn't need them or want them.  How would 'you' feel?  Then she told me I should ever give her something for gardening, that she's been gardening for 12 years and didn't need any new stuff for that.


12-29-12 - DREAM - In the dream, I seemed to be in Wisconsin. It was July 27th and I was thinking how fast time was going.  A very heavy woman, wearing a bright green dress with flowers on it came to the house and said she was gathering 20 neighborhood women together to have either a yard sale or barter with each other. One of the other women said she thought it was October, and I thought that was weird because I had just dreamt that it was October.

I was trying to clean the living room really fast and discovered that there was dark blueberry jam smeared on the afghan covering the couch in one spot and it was fresh. I tried to hide it because there wasn't time to do laundry, but I thought I could probably wash it with a throw rug that had spots on it and that would fill the washtub just with those two items.

I was confused now what time of year it really was, but didn't think to look on a calendar right then.  I needed to figure out what I could contribute to the group and participate with the other women.


12-30-12 - DREAM -  I was working with three yellow clothed aliens about publishing a book.  Then T.M. showed up, and we had to climb a mountain together which we did.  It was really steep but we made it to the top.  Then T.M. and I started working on publishing his book, and he started getting very intimate with me, and I had to go to the bathroom.

Then my daughter and I took turns going to the bathroom, and I woke up with gas pains. :-)


12-31-12 - DREAM -  12:13 a.m.

I already had two dreams - both with three very tall men in them.

In dream one, I was in my current house, which is very unusal for me.  I was with Joe and there was a problem with the furnace, and the men wanted to get paid in advance, but refused to take the kind of payment that we offered, which would be from the bank.

I can't remember the second dream detail, but there were three men in that dream, and it took place elsewhere, but it was a similar situation, about wanting to get paid in advance, but refusing to take money from the bank.

NOTE: This could be about dna repair, which needs to be paid for in advance, probably 'love'.


12-31-12 - DREAM -  I don't know where I was, but it seemed to be a public place, but not very formal.  The room I was in was rather like a sun porch, but it seemed to be night time because there was no sun coming in any windows.  The floor was linoleum - not colorful enough for me to notice the precise color - rather dull appearing.

There was two men with me - I don't recall seeing another woman there - but it's possible I'm just not remembeing that. The short man was partly bald with darker hair and was chubby. He about 5' 5" tall or   so.  The tall man also had darker hair but I didn't notice particularly how dark it was.  He was probably about 6 feet tall.

Apparently I was going to meditate with the two men but the seating arrangement in this room didn't seem right to me, and I thought we might move the two couches (a short one and a long one) so that they were arranged like a backwards L shape with the short couch on the short wall, and the long couch sticking out into the length of the open space - thus making the backwards L shape.

It's the shape of a Mason's square.