Diet, and Health and it’s relation to sugar.


compiled by Dee Finney


Diet. Pretty popular word. But what does it mean? Is diet solely about losing weight, or does it have another meaning, and why are so many confused about what when how to eat? Why do so many pay so much money to learn nothing? And nothing is exactly what it is, or diets would work. Since they do not, obviously the subject involves something more than losing weight.

It is also true that much of this subject has been hidden from the common people. Let us start this with a short message I received from a woman who really understands!


Finally someone else has the wisdom to stop drinking that poison they call Coke. I tried to get the governors who were so adamant about punishing the tobacco companies to go after the carbonated drink manufacturers, but no go. After all, if the government wants a lazy and under-developed population in the future, what better way than to force them to drink Coke at school, where, within 10 minutes of swallowing the garbage, the oxygen level in the blood stream is depleted, so the energy level is lowered, and lessons can't be learned even if a dedicated teacher could be found on the grounds. Next, convince them that the Coke is bad because of the sugar in it, so they switch to the poisonous `manufactured' sweeteners, so the chemicals can destroy what's left of the `brain' cells that encourage independent thinking. Sort of like what the cigarette companies did when they told everyone they, too, were concerned about all those tars and nicotine’s, so much so, that they would now add filters. All of this because of their `concern' for you the consumer (look that word up in your Funk and Wagnell!). Anyhow, it's not really the tars and nicotine’s that do the most damage to the body. It's the temperature of the smoke (why did the Turks smoke using water pipes? To cool down the temperature). Heat destroys the elasticity of the lungs, which causes emphysema, which occurs much faster than cancer and cuts off your breath, not your lung! So, bait and switch is alive and well and living in the hearts of the advertisers. Make them think that the problem with the product is being addressed, while we secretly hide what's really wrong. It's not the sugar in the Coke, folks, it’s the carbonation, which is an acid. I know of a young kid who had to have his stomach removed because he drank Cokes for breakfast, before his body could replace the mucous lining of the esophagus and stomach in the morning, eating a hole in his stomach, so the acid there could digest his body. Yes, sell it to the kids at school. Weaken the future generations from the inside out, and you won't have to worry about them being able to pick up any guns that might be left hidden in the lockers at Littleton! The State governors won't get rid of the Coke manufacturers. We're exporting zillions of gallons of that gunk to other countries, so the whole world can join the New World Order on the same plane. Flat on their faces!




Mother Victoria
(And one more message from a reader. There are some very wise people still around. )

When I was a Naval Officer I discovered though UN documents that the US imports 3.8 million pounds of coca leaf, 1000 tons of opium and a whole lot of other filth per year and then it turns around and pushes it on everybody in America. A lot of this crap ends up in the "food" to create superficial demand [craving]. The latest US pushed designer drug is Ritalin which is basically meth. Ritalin [methypenedate] and methamphetamine are both Schedule III narcotic drugs (See Posts 33 [Children and Legal Drugs] and 34 [Why Ritalin Rules]). The US currently makes $90 Billion on domestic drug sales making almost $1 Billion alone from pushing Ritalin on over 2 million school children.


(Another reader, who has a close friend who is an Apache, explained to me the thoughts and feelings of many native Americans; all foods processed “within” the United States are designed to weaken and enslave us.

The Deliberate Use of Refined Sugar to Assist Degenerative Disease

Copyright 1996 Leading Edge Research

Vietnam: A Case on Point for Undermining of a Population

You can immediately see the effect that consumption of refined sugar has on a population, and since these effects are known, the distribution of refined sugar to a population constitutes a criminal act. In Vietnam the U.S. Government instituted a very successful program of selling the Vietnamese processed polished rice (which you can see at the supermarket) as a replacement for their whole grain rice which contains the B vitamin (thiamine) complex. Immediately the general health of the Vietnamese began to suffer, especially when they were exposed to American processed foods and soft beverages. The combination of white rice and white sugar was a lethal combination for the Vietnamese. U.S. medical officials in Vietnam in 1971 pretended to be stumped, and decided to announce that a mysterious disease was being coming rampant and a vaccine had to be found. Warnings were broadcast over radio and television and millions of leaflets were dropped. The Vietnamese government was then stuck with the bill for blood plasma and IV fluids which the U.S. Government airlifted in to "solve the problem". I remember it because I was there when this was going on.


Refined Sugar, Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

Dietary causes are not the only cause of a malfunction of body insulin production, but dietary relationships are what we will focus on here.

Government Ignores Symptoms of Sugar Consumption

From World War I to the Vietnam era, physical examinations of draftees points to a steady increase of diabetes among teenagers and the population in general. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, as well as a major contributor to disability and death from disease of the kidney and the heart. The current estimate of those with diabetes in the United States is more than twenty million people. The number of people suffering from pre-diabetic symptoms, hypoglycemia (low blood glucose, very often the precursor of full diabetes) is estimated to be over 100 million people and the number is going up each day because of the criminal practices of the American food industry and the spineless government besieged with payoffs and constant lobbying for increased profits.

U S Dept of Health and Human Welfare Ignores Neurological Symptomology

According to a September 1973 letter from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (an organization that exists, like others, to ensure the exact opposite), unpublished data shows that out of 134,000 people interviewed in 1973, 66,000 (49.2%) reported the symptoms of hyperglycemia (sweating, shakiness, trembling, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, headache, weakness, and occasionally seizures and coma). According to the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1973, "the majority of people with these symptoms do not have hypoglycemia". The fact they do not state what they have is significant, yet they cannot claim to know unless they really know what is happening and they are not telling anyone.

Since the HEW study remains unpublished the AMA can claim not to know about it, and say that the claims of widespread hypoglycemia in the United States are "not supported by medical evidence", since the HEW study reported statistical epidemiological evidence. The patients reported the evidence, not the doctors. Therefore, it is not "medical" evidence.

Diabetes and Sugar: Denmark as a Case in Point

Hippocrates never described a case of diabetes. The only country where actual statistics relating to diabetes and the consumption of sugar is Denmark. In 1880, the average Danish citizen consumed over 29 pounds of refined sugar annually. At that time, the recorded death rate from diabetes was 1.8 per 100,000. In 1911, consumption more than doubled to 82 pounds per person, and the death rate from diabetes rose to 8 per 100,000. In 1934, sugar consumption rose to 113 pounds per person and the death rate from diabetes rose to 18.9 per 100,000. Before World War II, Denmark has a higher consumption of sugar than any other European country. It is interesting that one out of five people in Denmark also have cancer. In Sweden, annual consumption per person of refined sugar rose from 12 pounds in 1880 to over 120 pounds per person in 1929. One out of six people in Sweden has cancer. The conclusion is inescapable: as refined sugar consumption increases, the incidence of fatal disease increases to match it.

Insulin Market as a Financial Windfall

The discovery of synthetically produced insulin meant that the pharmaceutical industry had another financial windfall, and the surge in refined sugar production in the United States in the 1920's ensured that the profit would escalate dramatically. Taking too little or too much insulin can cause insulin shock. In 1924, low levels of glucose in the blood were declared to be a symptom of excessive insulin. Dr. Seale Harris of the University of Alabama began to notice symptoms of insulin shock in many people who were neither diabetic not taking any insulin. These people were diagnosed as having low levels of glucose in their blood (diabetics have high levels of glucose). Dr. Harris pointed out that the cure for low blood glucose was self-government of the body by giving up refined sugar, candy, coffee and soft drinks. Needless to say, neither the medical establishment nor the food industry was amused by this fact, because patients with hyperinsulin situations could never be made to be dependent on the medical system when they could take care of the problem themselves by watching their diet.

Furthermore, in 1929, Dr.Frederick Banting, the discoverer of insulin, informed the medical establishment that the way to prevent diabetes was to cut down on "dangerous" consumption levels of sugar.

There is sufficient evidence that the introduction of externally applied insulin by the medical establishment really exacerbates the problem in that it really does not seem to solve anything. A case in point is England, where the deaths because of diabetes in 1925 were 112 per million people. After the introduction of insulin shots in 1925, deaths rose to 115 per million in 1926, and have continued to rise: 131 per million in 1928, 142 per million in 1929, and 145 per million in 1931.

In the 1930's researchers in the United States discovered that Chinese and Japanese who take rice (natural, not polished) as their principle food had very little diabetes. They also noticed that Jews and Italians had a high incidence of diabetes, as their sugar intake was correspondingly higher. Other statistics in the United States show that the outbreak of diabetes dropped sharply during World War I when sugar was rationed (except it was not rationed to the soldiers who were doomed anyway and the military incidence of diabetes went up).

Refined sugar was introduced to Japan after the U.S. Civil War, and the Japanese used it as a medicine. By 1906, 45,000 acres of sugar cane were cultivated in Japan. As the Japanese consumed more sugar, the onset of "western" diseases increased.

When we eat, the process of digestion coverts food into glucose, which is carried in the blood to the pancreas, where the increased blood glucose level stimulates the production of insulin to balance the glucose level. The insulin is carried in the blood to the liver, where excess glucose is converted to glycogen, which is then stored in the liver. A decrease in blood glucose, on the other hand, stimulates secretion of cortical hormones in the adrenal gland and hormones in the pituitary gland (ACTH) which raise the blood glucose level by converting some of the stored glycogen in the liver to glucose. In a healthy body, the blood glucose level is maintained by the interplay of insulin, cortical hormones, and ACTH.

Sugar Over Stimulates the Pancreas and Can Create Diabetes

Consumption of refined sugar products (as well as honey and fruits) over stimulates the pancreas, causing over-production of insulin, converting too much glucose into glycogen, depressing the blood glucose level and producing a condition of hyperinsulinism, or hypoglycemia. As the pancreas tires of producing insulin to counteract the consumption of sugar, the blood sugar begins to rise significantly. When the insulin supply becomes inadequate in this manner, the liver cannot effectively convert excess glucose to glycogen. This condition is known as diabetes. (As the pancreas weakens, it also becomes infested with parasites which feed off of the insulin, thus acerbating the problem. )

The fact that the recommendation exists in the medical community for a diabetic to consume glucose tablets or sugar cubes when they feel an incident of insulin shock coming on is incredible and counter to established scientific data on the physiological operation of the human body, yet the public mutely accepts this in a blind trust of those "who know better than we do". Mass media commercials continually create the atmosphere that the public is a collective bunch of imbeciles, and one that suggests that the medical community and the pharmaceutical companies only care about the welfare of the public. The Department of Health, Education and Welfare should be renamed for what it really stands for, based on its activity and accomplishments over the years: The Department of Disease Production, Mind

Control of the Young and Sociological Dependency.

In 1960, Japanese doctor Nyoiti Sakurazawa noted, "no Western doctor can cure diabetes, even thirty years after the discovery of insulin. Physicians have continued to recommend insulin, condemning diabetics to walk with an insulin crutch for the rest of their lives, yet on the 25th anniversary of the discovery of insulin, the inefficiency of insulin as a treatment or cure for diabetes was publicly admitted. In the meantime, millions of diabetics have paid millions of dollars for this ineffective remedy. The number of diabetics is increasing every day. Once they begin taking insulin, they can expect to feed the pockets of the doctors and pharmaceutical corporations as long as they live."

In 1964, Sakurazawa said, "I am confident that Western medicine will admit what has been known in the Orient for years: sugar is without question the number one murderer in the history of humanity - much more lethal than opium or radioactive fallout. Sugar is the greatest evil that modern industrial civilization has visited upon the countries of the Far East and Africa (genocide)...foolish people who give or sell candy to babies will one day, to their horror, learn that they have much to answer for."

Sugar Trafficking Was the First Drug Trafficking

In 1991, according to the 1993 World Almanac and Book of Facts, the United States exported $12.1 million dollars of sugar and imported $713 million dollars worth of sugar, much to the delight of the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and the detriment of the population.

Increased sugar consumption and the resulting symptoms of hypoglycemia have also contributed toward an increasing number of accidents on the highways of the world – the carnage continues. Consult the composite chronology in on this web site to research how sugar as a population modifying drug has been historically handled, and by whom. It is some of the same people who later were involved in opium trafficking and today traffic in heroin and cocaine worldwide. Get it yet?


[1] Abrahamson, E.M., "Mind Body and Sugar", Journal of the American Medical Association, 83:729, 1924 Himsworth, H., Clinical Science, 2:117, 1935 Fredericks, C., "Low Blood Sugar and You" Campbell, G., Nutrition and Diseases, 1973 New York Times, "Ailment Striking Young in Vietnam", July 22, 1973; Dufty, W.,"The Sugar Blues", 1975 Deerr, D., The History of Sugar, Strong, L., The Story of Sugar, Collum, E., A History of Nutrition, Roberts, H., "Sugar Unmasked as a Highway Killer", Prevention Magazine, March 1972 Medical World News, January 1972/March 1973 Price, W., "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" Academy of Applied Nutrition, 1948; Dope Incorporated and the Unseen Hand.

(It is truly amazing to talk to parents who have never feed their children on a diet of sugar, and the difference this makes in the children. And, unless you teach the children to love sugar, they do not crave it. In Mexico, it is amazing how much less sweet the “sweets” are. They have not had as much sugar pushed at them as America has.

For reference, see a bottle of Catsup, which is about 1/3 sugar by volume. Also, within the subject of “diet,” these is one other issue which is needed for understanding. The following addresses this portion of the health equation for this Post. )

To whom ever it may concern;

I visited your Web Site, <>, and I was surprised to see “no mention of Colloidal Silver”, “the one sure cure for CANCER,” and I am speaking from experience. I have been able to persuade several people to start taking Colloidal Silver in the past year, and the stories they come back to me with, are almost unbelievable. One diabetic told me he had a sore on his foot for the past year, the Drs. couldn’t cure, (or he wouldn’t cure it, because he would be arrested, and imprisoned by the FDA) and the next step was to amputate the foot, I told him to start taking an oz. of Colloidal Silver every day, and apply some of the solution to a patch of gauze, and apply it to the infected area of the foot, he did, and in only a few days the infection cleared up, his blood sugar count came down to about half, and he has been able to cut back on insulin.

I gave a copy of a document to an other man, who told me later that he started making Colloidal Silver, and he gave it to a friend who had Aids, and he said “my friend is cured.”

You can down load a copy of the document from my Web Page;<> (I don’t have any thing to sell.) You will find a copy of these letters from people who are using colloidal silver, in the testimonials, (in the Colloidal Silver section.)

I found an other man, his name is Ken, who told me he had lung cancer, I told him about Colloidal Silver, he took it at one oz. per day, and told me 3 weeks later “I am cured of the lung cancer,” I didn’t believe him, but he told me “I had my lungs X-rayed, and they are clear” he didn’t stop there, he had his lungs X-rayed again at an other clinic to be sure, the report came back the same, that was 5 months ago, I saw Ken, just 2 weeks ago, he told me he had a blood test the week before, and his blood is clear of cancer. He is back to work full time. Clarence.


From Wed Jun 17 10:53:31 1998
To: Clarence:

Subject: REPLY....Fwd: I am speaking from experience. Thanks Clarence for your letter. I have a story about colloidal silver too. My husband and I've been taking colloidal silver for 1 1/2 years now and agree with what you say. When everyone around us was getting sick and losing work from bronchial viruses, we never did. (Worried about those contrails/chemtrails? Think about this information. )

We make it at home ourselves. As for dog (dobie-11yrs old then) was diagnosed and operated for mammary cancer and was told she wouldn't live 6 months. I took her to 3 vets, one being a holistic vet and got her started on sharks' cartilage as well as the colloidal silver in much larger doses than we were taking. I kept her going for 14 months and blood tests showed the cancer never went into her system even in the end. The regular (not holistic-I forgot to ask him) vet said the blood test wouldn't have showed it anyway but always thought it was because of the cart. & silver that didn't release the cells into the system. XRAYS showed (as best they could determine) the cancer never spread inside her body.

What the cancer did do to her was spread like a skin disease from a small pimple to ugly gross blisters across her lower stomach area that I couldn't stop spreading even after 2 more operations tucking up her skin. She came out of each operation in a day or so...what a trooper...and was her old self for awhile at least. In the end when there was no more room to operate and it came back again...and she became uncomfortable...well it was time and it broke my heart to say the least.

Yes...I'm a great believer in colloidal silver and have given information out to others. I thank you for your information and stories and will save it in my c.s. file. Judy

For those who think colloidal silver does not work, think again! I am a diabetic of several years, with a high blood sugar problem. I am following a diet, taking insulin on time, twice a day. My blood sugar count stayed between 190 & 290 every day, I was introduced to colloidal silver, and I took it twice a day along with my insulin, for 3 mo. Now my blood sugar count is down to between 90 &140 every day, even if I go off my diet a little. (Part of the reason for this is what the silver does to the parasites infesting the pancreas.)

Also I no longer have to take antibiotics for infection. Colloidal Silver really works for me. I had a foot ulcer that was full of infection. The doctors could not stop it. When I started taking Colloidal Silver orally and applying a small amount directly to the ulcer the infection cleared up. This is something regular medication could not do. If you wish to know more about what Colloidal Silver has done for me, Please feel free to call me at -602-381-1025 Gerald H. Bayless

To whom it may concern;

My name is Ken Harvey, I had lung cancer, I was told about Colloidal Silver, and how it might help me. I started taking it at one oz. every morning, and in three weeks, my lungs were clear of cancer.

To be sure, I had my lungs X-rayed, and they showed they were clear of cancer, in another week, I went to another clinic, and had my lungs X-rayed again, and they still showed they were clear.

I have just recently had my blood tested, and my blood test results were negative.

Ken Harvey 3142 N. 7th. Street Phoenix, AZ. 85012


To whom it may concern;

I am a 48 year old female veteran who broke her lower leg just above the ankle in a motorcycle/car accident in November of 1995. When I was admitted, the Orthopedic Surgeon said that because of the severity of the break, that he recommended that I allow him to place a titanium rod in the marrow of my bone to enable the bone to mend faster, and stronger.

When I remarked that I must be getting special treatment, (titanium, rather than stainless steel), because I, like the titanium, being a pilot, was aircraft quality, he responded by telling me that the choice of metals was due to the results of a urine test that the E.R. nurses did when I was admitted. In spite of the test determining that the titanium would not cause my body to react to it, in the three months after the rod was implanted, I blew up like a balloon, gaining almost 60 pounds. From January of 1996, until January 1998, the V.A. doctors saw me on a weekly basis trying every diet and drug combination they knew of to get me back down to the size 12 that I was, (I'm 6' 1", heavy boned, and very athletic), from the size 20 that I had ballooned up to. Every single thing they tried failed miserably. In two years, I had only lost eight pounds, and not one single size. They had gotten to the point where they had recommended that I either go under the knife again to have them remove the rod, or see one of the V.A. shrinks to "cope" with my "new image."

At about this time, a friend of mine, who will remain nameless lest he incur the wrath of many doctors who, for all their supposed knowledge and resources were incapable of correcting a side effect of a procedure that they recommended to me, introduced me to colloidal silver. That, along with oil of spearmint which a naturopathic healer taught me about, enabled me to lose 35 pounds of fat, while gaining 18 pounds of muscle! I am certain of this, because I had my body mass index tested at the V.A. hospital two days after starting this strategy, January 2nd 1998, and again on May 28th 1998.

I now wear size 16 jeans and they keep sliding down on me, in another week, I'll be in size 14, and probably sometime in July, (this is being written on 6/12/98), 1 will be back in size 12 with an even better body mass index than on the day I was injured.

Sabrina Hill

Sabrina Hill P.0. B0X 386 Tonopah, AZ. 85354

Foot note:

You can not buy Colloidal Silver at a Health Food Store, or by mail order, and expect it to work for you, the Silver particles will lose their charge in only a few days after it is charged , when that happens, the Silver can not penetrate the walls of stomach. So how long has it been on their shelf?

Janet, It is exactly for this reason that I developed Our Silver Works!.

We may not be able to escape being vaccinated. (After the fraudulent toxin release by you know who, those refusing to be vaccinated will be hunted down as "carriers" and "a threat to the public" and will be exterminated with extreme prejudice.) But we can insure those vaccinations will not harm us should we be forced to take them.

Warm regards,
Dale Pond
Delta Spectrum Research
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
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