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"Arthritis is a symptom, not a disease"
"Cholesterol is a symptom, not a disease"
by Kevin Trudeau

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I am not a doctor
I am not a nutritionist
I am not a diagnostician

This page is not meant to cure you of a specific disease
... but to educate you to possibilities ...

If you are ill, please see a physician!

If you are diabetic, print out this page and discuss it with your doctor!

Just so you know, There is no such thing as a perfect diet.
There is no single diet that is "best" for all.
Diet and health are not "one size fits all" approaches.
Diet should serve the individual.
You should not be a slave to dietary dogma.
Your health is more important than dogma!


"The wheels of the Gods move slowly but surely."

"It takes from two to three years to reach the high point of internal perfection"


1-1-2000 - VISION -

I was going to take a nap and was laying in bed thinking about a little book I found at a rummage sale that promised to cure Arthritis and Rheumatism.

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have had it since an epidemic of Eppstein Barr hit the West Coast in 1985. I was nearly paralyzed for 3 months, so am grateful to be alive even though in pain most of the time. In the last two months we gave up red meat in our diet because we had to cut down on cholesterol, but then I started to have painful knocking sensations of the bones in my knees even though my muscle pain was less. A big red light came on in my head. Something more serious was happening.  I don't want to take pills either. I hate pills.

I was thinking about all this, and I decided I would do a diet page on the internet and do some research and publish a little paper about a cure for Arthritis and Rheumatism pain from this little book I picked up at a rummage sale last year.

I suddenly had a vision of being at the computer and the page in front of me was done I thought. I took the mouse to save the page. Suddenly in front of me appeared a blue book with the pictures of Harvey and Marilyn  Diamond and I stepped on the book to stop it from getting away from me.  The book flipped over and on the back, the first sentence was , "Share it with your neighbors!"

After I got up, I went to my bookcase to find my books by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, and found dozens of other books, all on the similar topics of gaining health by diet.  I'm going to share the names of these with you.  I read some of these books when I got them, tried some of the diets for a few days, but wasn't motivated enough to give up my potato chips, ice cream and chocolate. And, of course, we all like chili, hamburgers, french fries and other great fattening foods.  

I know now that this has to stop. The pain in my knees shows me that I'll end up in a wheelchair if I don't change. I'm going to go through this in front of the world.  The world will be my witness.

The book I found at the rummage sale is the key to this diet.  I'm going to share it with you below. I hope this page will help someone else too.

Don't give up before you start because there is a LOT of information.  Just start with one thing at a time. Do a day at a time.  They say it takes two years to make all these changes.  I'm doing them too.  If we can help each other do this, write to me at

Note from a reader:

In 1999 i learned that if your body is not toxic, no virus will grow in it.

War prisoners in Japanese POW camps were subjected to multiple doses of very toxic germs. But very few of them came down with anything. Why? Because they were almost starving and had lost any toxins due their almost fasting states. Kind of funny. The results the Japanese were attempting to achieve were ruined because of how they treated their intended victims.

I know this from one first hand guy. My father-in-law was one of those POWs.

Now look at us today. The average American is full of toxins and is just ripe for the kill. And the powers that be are more than willing to do the killing.

I knew that if you have cancer you had better detoxify. Now it may be a matter of life and death soon for many.

I have changed my diet drastically. No longer any coffee or tea. Forget any carbonated drink. The beer is gone and even the wine. I try to drink Kagen water most of the time maybe with a squeezed lemon therein. I am off all dairy. Wow dairy sure clogs up your system and causes allergies and the retention of toxins in my body. Now it is no added sugar except for a little honey and maple syrup.

I am not saying my body is toxic free. But maybe i will get to where a virus does not come along and kill me. The more toxic you are the more susceptable you are.




Do not purchase irradiated fresh foods!
Why would you want food that is treated with nuclear waste?

. .

white sugar
don't eat sugar no matter what it is in for the first year
jam jelly preserves marmalade
no sugar substitutes they work on your brain and create more hunger some of these even destroy brain cells    
ice cream sherberts jello cake candy
cookies chewing gum soft drinks pies pastries
tapioca pudding fruit juice w/sugar fruit in sugar syrup catsup mustard
Worcestershire sauce pickles green salted olives potato chips salted nuts
pretzels salted crackers sauerkraut white rice pearled barley
cornflakes other dry cereals fried foods saturated fats hydrogenated oils

brewers yeast vinegar
cottonseed oil oleo/margerine
check the labels
coffee/including decaffeinated tea with cafeine alcoholic beverages
peanut butter with salt tobacco fresh pork or pork products smoked fish smoked meats
ham, bacon, sausage lunch meat any product with sodium nitrate or nitrite salami balogna
corned beef pastrami biscuits, buns, gravy, noodles, dumplings, spaghetti, pizza pie, ravoli, sago, pies, pastries, cakes, cookies, prepared puddings, ready mix bakery products chicken injected with drugs canned soups with white flour, or starch
benzoate of soda cream of tartar white flour products, bleached or unbleached wheat flour products

wheat flour that is mixed with anything else - it must be only whole wheat flour hot dogs
day old vegetables pre-mixed salads warmed over potatoes self -drugging do not take self-prescribed drugs over the counter.  If you are ill, go to a doctor.
beef injected with drugs of any kind milk after being weaned as an infant dried fruits with sulphur dioxide
citrus foods that are not fully ripe

The Greatest Threat to Your Health is Processed Foods.
If you can't pronounce the additives, you shouldn't eat them either!

If you want a to have a living body, eat only living foods!


Human Fuel is built from carbohydrates.
Meat has virtually no carbohydrates.
Fats may supply energy but only after they go through a longer
and less efficient digestive process and your energy reserves are depleted
by lack of sugar, fruits, ice cream, cake, donuts, soda pop, etc.
The body always uses the free and easy fuel first.
So the fat deposits get put on the hips until needed by the body at a later time.  
Oops! Did we say 'diet'... Ack!!!!



I remember these days so well.  :-(


Do not eat a heavy breakfast

Do not eat meat every day

Do not eat more than one kind of protein in the same meal

Eat fruit at the beginning of a meal, not at the end

Do not eat acid fruit in the same meal as protein

Do not eat fats with proteins

Do not eat sugar in the same meal with protein

Do not eat sweet fruits in the same meal with protein

Do not eat bread, potatoes, pie, stuffing with protein
i.e. no meat sandwiches

Eat fruits, preferably alone especially bananas

Eat fish instead of meat if possible
It has Omega 3 in it



DISCLAIMER:  I am not a doctor, so my personal opinions are not on this page. All you will see are links to other pages where the people are experts on this topic.

In June, 2008, I became a certified herbalist.

Since Christmas of 2010, I have lost 110 pounds, so I know how to lose weight without emotional pain. Once you quit eating sugar for 3 days, your appetite will be gone.  You can still eat fruit. Just don't eat anything that has a label on it that says 'SUGAR' and DO NOT EVER EAT high-fructose corn syrup.  NEVER!  DO NOT DRINK SODA OR LIQUOR OR WINE.  JUST DRINK WATER OR PURE JUICES.




The Body Makes It's Own! You Don't Need to Eat Any!

High Fat Protein Causes Gallstones, Gout, Arthritis, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Strokes
and other maladies of the body!

Would you eat a dead puppy? Then don't eat a dead baby cow - Veal!
This is one of the most inhumane things we do to animals to eat them!

Proteins are built from Amino Acids - From Plant Life!

Ever see an elephant eat a cow at a Fast Food Restauant?

Did you know that people in America eat over 33 million cows a year?
People are starving in India but they don't eat their cows... hmmmm!!!!

Cow milk is for Baby Cows!

All dairy products except butter are acid-forming. Butter is a fat and therefore neutral.

What is the cause of Osteoporosis?
Tobacco, Alcohol, Caffeine, Soft Drinks, Table Salt, Antacids, Insufficient Excercise,
Lack of Sunshine, Dairy Products, Eating meat!
The more protein you consume, the more calcium you lose!

Calcium supplements! A warning!

Calcium that isn't in your bones go into the blood vessels along with excess cholesterol,
skin, eyes, joints and internal organs.
It forms cataracts!
It forms kidney stones!
It causes wrinkling of the skin.
It causes arthritis deposits!


Caffeine is not listed as a drug, but is addictive.  Whether you get it in coffee, teas, or soft drinks, it has withdrawal symptoms like a drug. It induces both psychological and physical dependence like a drug. Caffeine is a stimulant to the central nervous system like cocaine.  Caffeine causes increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, birth defects, diabetes, kidney failure, gastric ulcers, cancer of the pancreas, ringing in the ears, trembling of muscles, restlessness, disturbed sleep, and gastrointestinal irritation. It upsets the blood sugar level, and forces the pancreas to secrete insulin.

Decaffeinated coffee? The process uses highly caustic chemicals which are solvents to permeate the bean which you then ingest.

It takes 24 hours for one cup of coffee to pass through the kidneys and urinary tract.  (For those who drink 7 or 8 or more cups a day, you might want to invest in your own dialysis machine ... or at least invest in the company which makes them.)

Coffee is also acid forming.  



The body has a PH balance ... just like you have to balance the water in your fish tank or your fish die. Anyone whoever had a fish tank knows that the water has to be kept at 7 PH. or you lose your fish.

0 PH is absolute acid - 14 PH is absolute alkaline - 7 PH is neutral

The blood in the body is actually 7.35 to 7.40 PH.

Coffee and tea are pure acid. So, the body retains water in the body to counteract the acidity ... which makes you gain weight.

Soda drinks are sweet with sugar or even worse with the chemicals that taste like fake sugar. Sodas contain phosphoric acid, malic acid, carbonic acid, and erythorbic acid. Not to mention that a lot of sodas have caffeine.

White sugar ferments in the body and form acetic acid, carbonic acid and alcohol.

The key to good health is to keep the body PH at neutral or as close as possible.


Meat actually causes calcium loss from the body
Caffeine causes calcium loss from the body
Alcohol inhibits calcium absorption
Boron causes calcium loss from the body

(content in milligrams)

1200 mg RDA needed

Brown rice (1 cup, cooked)


Corn bread (1 2-oz. piece)


Corn tortilla


English muffin


Pita bread (1 piece)


Wheat bread (1 slice)


Wheat flour, all-purpose (1 cup)


Wheat flour, Pillsbury’s Best  (1 cup)

Whole wheat flour (1 cup) 40
Apple (1 medium) 10
Banana (1 medium) 7

Dried figs (10 figs; 187 grams)

Naval orange (1 medium) 56

Orange juice, calcium-fortified (8 oz.)

Pear (1 medium) 19
Raisins (2/3 cup) 53
Broccoli (1 cup, boiled, frozen) 94
Brussels sprouts (1 cup, boiled, 8 sprouts) 56
Butternut squash (1 cup, boiled) 84
Carrots (2 medium, raw) 38
Cauliflower (1 cup, boiled) 34
Celery (1 cup, boiled) 64
Collards (1 cup, boiled, frozen) 357
Kale (1 cup, boiled) 94
Onions (1 cup, boiled) 46
Potato (1 medium, baked) 20
Romaine lettuce (1 cup) 20
spinach - not a good source as it binds with oxalic acid and prevents absorption
bok choy


mustard greens




green amaranth


turnip greens


Sweet potato (1 cup, boiled) 70
Black turtle beans (1 cup, boiled) 103
Chick peas (1 cup, canned) 78
Great Northern beans (1 cup, boiled) 121
Green beans (1 cup, boiled) 58
Green peas (1 cup, boiled) 44
Kidney beans (1 cup, boiled) 50
Lentils (1 cup, boiled) 37
Lima beans (1 cup, boiled) 32
Navy beans (1 cup, boiled) 128
Pinto beans (1 cup, boiled) 82
Soybeans (1 cup, boiled)


soy milk 80
Tofu (1/2 cup, raw, firm) 258
Vegetarian baked beans (1 cup) 128
Wax beans (1 cup, canned) 174
1 cup raw sesame seeds 1404 mg
All raw nuts
20 - 25 almonds 70 mg
White beans (1 cup, boiled) 161
3 3/4 ounce can of sardines 300+ mg
kelp seaweed   168 mg
1 cup oysters - 200 - 299 mg
 3 oz salmon with bones 100 - 199 mg
3 ounces of shrimp, crab meat, or clams 100 mg


Several acids present in food can contribute to lower calcium absorption. Oxalic acid in the digestive tract combines with calcium to form an insoluble compound, calcium oxalate, so the calcium cannot be absorbed. Oxalic acid is present in appreciable amounts in rhubarb, spinach, chard and beet greens.  A high intake of protein causes a greater amount of calcium to be absorbed than with a low intake of protein. The percentage goes down if they are cooked in a small amount of water for a short time and drained. More water and longer cooking further reduce the calcium content. Saving the water for cabbage soup or some other inventive dish would be a good idea if the calcium is leached into the water.


All the nutrients you need can be obtained from the plant kingdom!
Pharmaceutical Laboratories or dead animals are not better sources for nutrients
than your own garden or a local farmer!
Next best source is the produce department of your grocery store!





The saliva in the mouth may or may not have ptyalin (to digest starch)

The stomach may or may not produce gastric juices to digest protein, fats, non-starch vegetables, protein fats, and protein starch foods.  Each digestive juice is sent to the  stomach at precise times after you swallow the food.

Pepsin is poured into the stomach to digest flesh foods in the first hour.

Bread is digested in the third hour of digestion.

Milk is digested last.

Acid fruit inhibits the flow of protein digestives.

Different proteins eaten at the same time confuse the glands as to when to send the proper digestive juices.

Fat inhibits the flow of proetin digestives.

Sugar inhibits the flow of protein digestives.

Sweet fruit inhibit the flow of protein digestives.

Protein digestives stop the digestion of starch.

Fruits are digested in the small intestine, not in the stomach, but they can't get there if you eat protein first. So the fruit ferments and becomes alcohol.

Vinegar is not a food. That includes all vinegar, whether apple, wine, cider, or balsamic. It stops all digestion. Substitute lemon, tomato, or grapefruit juice.

Brewer's Yeast!  Harvey and Marilyn Diamond say that the best time to eat Brewer's Yeast is right after the sun turns to ice!  (page 303 of 'Living Health')

If you eat more food after a big meal, you just add to the problem of digestion.

The digestion time of various foods is determined by how easy they are to digest and assimilate in the body. Foods that take less time do not require a lot of work and energy to digest.

Digesting Time for Some Common Foods Green Vegetables (non-starch) - 5 hours Raw Juices-15 minutes

Fat-12 hours Protein (meat)-12 hours

Protein (starch)-12 hours Protein (fat)-12 hours

Starch-5 hours Mild Starch-5 hours

Fruit, Sweet/Dried-3 hours Fruit (Acid)-2 hours

Fruit (Sub-Acid)-2 hours Fruit, Sweet/Fresh-3 hours

Melon-2 hours Syrup, Sugar-2 hours

Milk-12 hours


Always eat sitting down at the table

If not entirely comfortable in mind and body from the previous mealtime, you should skip the next meal.

Do not eat unless you have a keen desire for the plainest food.

Do not eat beyond your needs.

Be sure to throughly masticate your food.

Skip meals if in pain - emotionally upset - not hungry - chilled - over heated - or during acute illness.

50 to 75% of the foods eaten should be raw.

Don't eat late at night before bed.

Don't try to change your whole way of eating all at once.
Your willpower will rebel.  Make little changes over time.

Adjust your ways of eating gradually, so that the body gets used to it.

You DON'T need to count calories.

You DON'T need to weigh yourself.

The body knows what it should weigh.
All you have to do is feed it the proper food to do it's job.

If your body is already thin, you still need to lose 'WASTE'



Excerpted from:  Nutrition Almanac - (2nd edition) McGraw Hill - 1984 - pg 88



Sodium is an essential mineral found predominantly in the extracellular fluids, the vasular fluids within the blood vessels, arteries, veins, and capillaries; and the intestinal fluids surrounding the cells. About 50 percent of the body's sodium is found in these fluids and the remaining amount is found within the bones.

Sodium functions with potassium to equalize the acid-alkali factor in the blood along with potassium, it helps regulate water balance within the body; that is, it helps regulate the distribution of fluids on either side of the cellw alls. Sodium and potassium are also involved in muscle contraction and expansion and in nerve stimulation.

Another imortant function of sodium is keeping the other blood minerals soluble, so that they will not build up in deposits in the bloodstream. It acts with chlorine to improve blood and lymph health, helps purge carbon dioxide from the body  and aids digestion. Sodium is also necessary for hydrochloric acid production in the stomach.

Sodium is found in virtually all foods, especially sodium chloride, or salt. High concentrations are contained in seafoods, poultry, and meat. Kelp is an excellent supplemental source of sodium.

Absorption and Storage

Sodium is readily absorbed in the small intestine and the stomach and is carried by the blood to the kidneys, where it is filtered out and returned to the blood in amounts needed to maintain blood level required by the body. The absorption of sodium requires energy. Any excess, which usually amounts to 90 to 95 percent of ingested sodium, is excreted in the urine.

The adrenal hormone aldosterone is an important regulator of sodium metabloism. Excessive salt in food interferes with absorption and utilization, especially in the case of protein foods. Vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive perspiration may result in a depletion of sodium. Sodium supplements to prevent sodium deficiency may be needed in such cases. The levels of sodium in the urine reflect the dietary intake, therefore when there is a high intake of sodium the rate of excretion is high, and if the intake is low the exretion rate is low.

Dosage and Toxicity

There is no established dietary requirement for sodium, but it is general observed that the usual intake far exceeds the need. The average American ingests 3 to 7 grams of sodium and 6 to 18 grams of sodium chloride each day. The National Research Council recommends a daily sodium chloride intake of 1 gram per kilogram of water consumed.

An excess of sodium in the diet may cause potassium to be lost in the urine. Abnormal fluid retention accompanied by dizziness and swelling of such areas as legs and face can also occur. An intake of 4 to 28 grams of salt (sodium chloride0 daily is considered excessive.

Diets containing excessive amounts of sodium contribute to the increasing incidences of high blood pressure. The simplest way to reduce sodium intake is to eliminate the use of table salt.

Deficiency Effects and Symptoms

Deficiencies are very uncommon because nearly all foods contain some sodium, with meats containing especially high amounts. A sodium deficiency cause intestinal gas, weight loss, vomiting, and muscle shrinkage. The converson of carbohydrates into the fat for digestion is impaired when sodium is absent. Arthritis, rheumatism, and neuralgia, a sharp pain along a nerve, may be caused by acids that accumulate in the absence of sodium.

Beneficial Effect on Ailments

As individual suffering from high blood pressure is advised to maintain a low-sodium diet, since sodium may aggravate this ailment. Resistance to heat cramps and heat strokes my be increased by moderate sodium intake. Sodium helps keep calcium in a solution that is necessary for nerve strength. Clinical studies indicate that low-sodium diets are effective in preventing or relieving the symptoms of toxemia (bacterial poisoning), edema (swelling), proteinuria (albumin in the urine), and blurred vision.

Sodium may be beneficial for the following ailments:

Diarrhea, Adrenal exhaustion, Cystic fibrosis, Leg cramp, Tooth and gum disorders, dehydration, fever, polio.






0 - 6 months 115 - 350 mg 7 - 10 years 600- 1800 mg
6 - 1 year 250 - 750 mg 11 - 18 years 900 - 2700 mg
1 - 3 years 325 - 975 mg 19 - and over 1100- 3300 mg
4-6 years 450-1350 mg


carrots - 40 mg celery - 100 mg pineapple  
-10 mg
cauliflower -
30 mg
spring onions - 5 mg oranges - 10 mg
onions - 5 mg tomatoes
- 5 - 16 mg
whey -
137 - 217 mg
Swiss chard - 313 mg whey cheese
- 137 mg
- 55 mg
red cabbage - 30 mg artichoke
- 70 mg
brussel sprouts - 25 mg Savoy cabbage
- 20 mg
- 34 mg
peas - 5 mg
sweet almonds - 3 mg okra - 8 mg brown rice
- 10 mg
white rice
- 2 mg
egg white -
56 mg
whole egg -
63 mg
- 3 mg
- 78 mg
lentils - 2 mg collard greens
- 17 mg
yellow corn
- 8 mg
papaya - 4 mg sweet potatoes
- 17 mg
- 4 mg
potato - 10 mg raisins - 5 mg green peppers - 3 mg skim milk -
126 mg

milk (8 oz.) = 145

lima beans
- 52 mg
Cheddar cheese
(1 oz.) = 176
V-8 Vegetable Juice - 750 mg V-8 Vegetable juice
- Low Sodium
- 95 mg

American cheese
(1 oz. processed) = 490

dried chestnuts tamarin kohl  rabi beechnuts Dandelion horseradish
rye meal coconut  whey Danish bleu cheese chervil parsley
goat's milk Swiss Cheese

Norwegian whey requefort cheese
chicken - 63 mg duck - 89 mg turkey - 48 mg beef - 57 mg mackerel - 56 mg canned salmon - 270 mg
Pork loin (3.5 oz) = 59 mg Bacon (3 pieces, or 1/2 oz.) = 303 mg Ham, roasted (3.5 oz) = 1500

canned tuna - 250 mg


Salt is sodium chloride. About 40 percent of salt is sodium and 60 percent chloride.

One level teaspoon of salt = 5.5 g = 2,132 mg of sodium.

Soy sauce (1 tbs.) = 920 mg

Note: if you have cooked or sprinkled any of the above unsalted food with salt add:

50 mg sodium for a light sprinkle of salt per food
100 mg sodium for a heavy sprinkle of salt per food
500 mg sodium for 1/4 scant tsp salt added in cooking

Sodium is also found in many other ingredients used in food processing.
Examples of sodium-containing ingredients and their uses in foods are:

Baking powder--leavening agent
Baking soda--leavening agent
Monosodium glutamate--flavor enhancer
Sodium benzoate--preservative
Sodium caseinate--thickener and binder
Sodium citrate--butter, used to control acidity in soft drinks and fruit drinks
Sodium nitrite--curing agent in meat, provides color, prevents botulism (a food poisoning)
Sodium phosphate--emulsifier, stabilizer, buffer
Sodium propionate--mold inhibitor
Sodium saccharin--artificial sweetener


Potassium is necessary for many body functions. Every time we use a muscle, that muscle needs potassium to make it move. Without potassium, the heart muscle couldn't beat! Potassium is also needed to help regulate blood pressure. Loss of potassium can increase your risk for heart disease.Potassium is abundant in both plant and animal products, but processing often adds sodium and removes potassium. Eating lots of convenience foods and other processed foods can leave you short in potassium.

Sodium Facts on Other Foods Not Listed Above

Whole Health Food Information

Low Salt-Low Sodium Information



If you have a lack of energy, go to the doctor and have your blood tested and especially check the level of red blood cells you have in your body.  If your red blood cells are low normal that is why you have a lack of energy.  If your red blood cells are below normal, your doctor will probably prescribe iron tablets for you.

You may also want to eat foods that have iron in them. 

If you have a high cholesterol problem, you may want to choose from the second list below, rather than the animal foods.  Same thing if you are a vegetarian.







Excerpt from:  Overcoming Arthritis and Rheumatism by Dr. Bernard Jensen D.C. (year unknown)

The average person has an idea and many doctors have so told patients, that they have rheumatism and arthritis - and that it is inevitable - because they are growing old. When the joints get stiff and hard, when they become painful or immovable, when an X-Ray shows a lipping or a calcium deposit - spurs - on the joints of the spine or elsewhere, many have the idea that it is a "natural process" that develops as we grow older. Many time i hvae heard a patient say, "Doctor has told me that my stiffness is just a natural consequence and it is due to the fact that I am just getting old."

This is the one thing that this kind of work can promise you. This is the thing that can come to you through right living. This work can help you to be a better person - - it is worth getting acquainted with.

Yes! it's a matter of a chemical change. It's not a part of age. There are some people who think that age goes along with this hardening of the tissues.  I realize that as we get older, it's easier to lose control of the chemical balance; our circulation is not as good, it's a little slower. That's not a disease, but we have to readjust our habits as we grow older.

Besides all the strain of life and living, most persons are the victims of devitalized foods which are acid-producing and require alkaline elements to neutralize them. The waste acids produced in the body are irritating to the tissues and so seriously intefere with proper functioning that the digestive juices may no longer have the proper consistency and the acid-alkaline balance "may be disturbed". The alkaline element most heavily drawn upon to neutralize these acids is Sodium.

Not all problems of digestion are because of the food eaten, but because of mental strain while eating - jealousy, hate, worry, fretting, stewing, resentment, can also add more to our production of mental acids, along with an upset chemical balance than anything else.  These types of things use up all of the soft chemical block structure of the bloodstream, namely, the chemical element called Sodium.

Each organ of the body needs it's own balance of chemicals which can only be given to it by good digestion of good foods.  

Whenever we have joint trouble, calcium is out of soution. Calcium is the heaviest of all the elements in the body and when it is out of solution, it will settle in the feet and hands, especially the feet, because they are farthest from the heart. It is out of the bloodstream. It is being deposited because of the chemical bloodstream in combination with so much of the other chemical elements. We cannot have just calcium in the bloodstream, we have to have a proportion of calium as compared to a proportion of other chemical elements. When there is an over-balance of calium, there is usually a lack of some other chemical element. When there is an over-supply of the calcium, a lack of some other chemical element exists. So, you see, there is another point in our healing, we have to balance the bloodstream chemically. When we balance the bloodstream chemically we will balance the joint chemistry, we will balance the bone structure. So, now we have a bodily condition to take care of, not just a joint problem.

We find that this chemistry produces in the body an imbalance in the sodium-calcium structure, so that we have a joint malformation. We find that the calcium that has settled in between the joints actually looks the same as the bone itself. It's actually bone and to dissolve this bone material takes time. It's a constant blood bathing process that is needed. It's a constant circulation of the sodium over this hard calcium to bring it back to the limber stage again. Calcium develops and make bone structure and when you deposit enough calcium you have a good bone structure. When we have this settled in our spine, in our joints, its' called calcification. Calcifying this joint structure makes it immobile. You cannot move that joint structure. Sodium keep shte joints active, young limber, and movable.

Sodium helps us to have elasticity, limberness, youthfulness in our tissues. It is necessary to a normal chemical balance not only to the wall of the stomach, but also to the walls of the intestines. It is necessary to regulate the fluid content and to normalize the flora in the bowel. Sodium greatly effects the fluid balance throughout the body.

Sodium is the great acid neutralizer in the body. The sodium element is one of the blocks that produces youth; it gives us a limberness and the activity of the joint structures. It is stored in the stomach. We must take care of the stomach before we take care of arthritis. We must have a store house of sodium to neutralize the acids in the body, and for that reason we have to know what the sodium foods are, and we have to know how to keep from breaking down the sodium content of the body.

Natural sodium found in zucchini, celery, carrots, beets, and seaweed helps to prevent water from getting into the cells, which otherwise would result in stuffy nose, watery eyes and swollen tissues.



Proper food combining is not a '"diet"' diet. Proper food combining is the proper way of eaaating for which the body was originally designed.  It is like returning to 'nature'.

The body is designed to digest complex food ... not complex meals. The glands that produce digestive juices know when to produce it, how much to produce, and how long to produce it.

Even if you 'think' about eating a particular food, your glands will produce the proper digestive juice to digest that food.

Does your mouth water when you put a button in it?  No!  The body knows what is food and what is not.

Remember the last big Thanksgiving dinner you ate ... think about all the different kinds of food you ate all at once, followed by several kinds of dessert.  How did you feel afterwards?  Did you have lots of energy?  No doubt you felt tired, ill at ease, stomach distended, forget wearing a girdle after a meal like that ... forget wearing a tight belt and looking nice for a photograph ...  You probably felt like laying down and taking a long nap ... your stomach needed all your energy to try to digest all that food at the same time.  That is something the body can't do.  No chance ... no way.

Do you have stomach trouble? Do you belch after a heavy meal or feel full? Does food stays in your stomach for hours and hours? Do you taste the food you ate 4 hours later?

You can change that:

It takes about 4 hours to digest fats and proteins (meat, eggs, dairy), 2 hours to digest starches (rice, potatoes, pasta), 1 hour to digest vegetables (salad, cooked or raw vegetables), and 1/2 hour to digest fruit.

Butter vs Margerine.  Choose butter - Margerine is plastic fat!  Cook with Olive Oil!

Here are some combinations that go good together:

Proteins - nuts, seeds, dried beans, dried peas, peanuts, lentils, milk, eggs, cheese, flesh foods

Starches - potatoes, lima beans, mature corn, winter squash, artichokes, chestnuts, yams, pumpkins, grains, carrots, beets, coconuts

Good combinations:

1. Proteins with green and/or low starch vegetables

2. Starches with green and/or low starch vegetables

Acid fruits - orange, grapefruit, pomegranite, strawberry, pineapple, tangerine, lemon, lime, kumquat, kiwi

Sub-Acid fruits - mango, apricot, peach, nectarine, most grapes, apple, pear, cherry, berries, plum

Sweet fruits - banana, dates, raisins, sapote, papaya, fresh fig, Thompson grapes, Muscat grapes, persimmon, dried fruits

Poor food mixture at same meal: Acid fruits and Sweet fruits

Fair food mixture at same meal: Acid fruits with Sub-acid fruits, or Sub-acid fruits with Sweet fruits

Poor food mixture at same meal: Proteins and Starches -Example: Don't eat fish with rice. Don't eat meat with potatoes. OR bread.

Eat acids and starches at separate meals.

Eat protein foods and carbohydrate foods (grains, bread, pasta) at separate meals.

Eat but one concentrated protein food at a meal.

Eat proteins and acids at separate meals.

A good rule of thumb is to combine vegetables and protein together at one meal or starch and vegetables together without protein. It is especially good to follow this rule while trying to heal the digestive tract.




Sweet fruits
(sub-and non-acid)
Sour Milk Acid Fruits

Starches (Cereals, Bread, Potatoes) Proteins, Milk

Acid Fruits Other Acid Fruits

Fair with Nuts

Fair with Milk

Sweets (all kinds)

Starches (cereals, bread, potatoes) Proteins (except nuts)

All proteins

All starches

Starches Green Vegetables

Fats and Oils

All Proteins

All Fruits

Acids, Sugars

(all kinds)
Green Vegetables Milk, Starches, Sweets

Other proteins

Acid Fruits and Vegetables

Butter, Cream, Oils

(most varieties)
Green Vegetables

Acid Fruits

Milk, Starches, Sweets

Other proteins

Butter, Cream, Oils, Lard

Eggs Green Vegetables Milk, Starches, Sweets

Other proteins

Acid Foods

Butter, Cream, Oils, Lard

Cheese Green Vegetables Starches, Sweets

Other proteins

Acid Foods

Butter, Cream, Oils, Lard

Milk Best taken alone

Fair with

Acid Fruits

All proteins

Green Vegetables


Fats and Oils
(Butter, Cream,
Oils, Lard)
All starches

Green Vegetables

All proteins
(all kinds)
Best eaten alone All Foods
Green Vegetables Acid Fruits

All proteins

All Sweets, Milk


Beans and Peas
(except green beans)

Green Vegetables All proteins

All Sweets, Milk

Fruits (all kinds)

Butter, Cream, Oils, Lard

Food combining

Food combining: detailed chart B

Food combining simplified chart C

Protects your heart
prevents constipation
Blocks diarrhea
Improves lung capacity
Cushions joints
Combats cancer
Controls blood pressure
Saves your eyesight
Shields against Alzheimer's
Slows aging process
Aids digestion
Lowers cholesterol
Protects your heart
Stabilizes blood sugar
Guards against liver disease
Battles diabetes
Lowers cholesterol
Helps stops strokes
Controls blood pressure
Smoothes skin
Protects your heart
Quiets a cough
Strengthens bones
Controls blood pressure
Blocks diarrhea
Prevents constipation
Helps hemorrhoids
Lowers cholesterol
Combats cancer
Stabilizes blood sugar
Controls blood pressure
Combats cancer
Strengthens bones
Protects your heart
Aids weight loss
Combats cancer
Protects your heart
Stabilizes blood sugar
Boosts memory
Prevents constipation
Strengthens bones
Saves eyesight
Combats cancer
Protects your heart
Controls blood pressure
Combats cancer
Prevents constipation
Promotes weight loss
Protects your heart
Helps hemorrhoids
Saves eyesight
Controls blood pressure
Lowers cholesterol
Combats cancer
Supports immune system
Saves eyesight
Protects your heart
Prevents constipation
Combats cancer
Promotes weight loss
Protects against Prostate Cancer
Combats Breast Cancer
Strengthens bones
Banishes bruises
Guards against heart disease
Protects your heart
Combats Cancer
Ends insomnia
Slows aging process
Shields against Alzheimer's
Promotes weight loss
Protects your heart
Lowers cholesterol
Combats Cancer
Controls blood pressure
chili peppers
Aids digestion
Soothes sore throat
Clears sinuses
Combats Cancer
Boosts immune system
Promotes weight loss
Helps stops strokes
Lowers cholesterol
Combats Cancer
Controls blood pressure
Protects your heart
Boosts memory
Protects your heart
Combats Cancer
Supports immune system
Aids digestion
Battles diabetes
Protects your heart
Improves mental health
Boosts immune system
Lowers cholesterol
Controls blood pressure
Combats cancer
kills bacteria
Fights fungus
Protects against heart attacks
Promotes Weight loss
Helps stops strokes
Combats Prostate Cancer
Lowers cholesterol
saves eyesight
Conquers kidney stones
Combats cancer
Enhances blood flow
Protects your heart
green tea
Combats cancer
Protects your heart
Helps stops strokes
Promotes Weight loss
Kills bacteria
Heals wounds
Aids digestion
Guards against ulcers
Increases energy
Fights allergies
Combats cancer
Protects your heart
Controls blood pressure
Smoothes skin
Stops scurvy
Combats cancer
Protects your heart
Controls blood pressure
Smoothes skin
Stops scurvy
Combats cancer
Boosts memory
Regulates thyroid
aids digestion
Shields against Alzheimer's
Controls blood pressure
Lowers cholesterol
Kills bacteria
Combats cancer
Strengthens bones
Lowers cholesterol
Combats cancer
Battles diabetes
prevents constipation
Smoothes skin
olive oil
Protects your heart
Promotes Weight loss
Combats cancer
Battles diabetes
Smoothes skin
Reduce risk of heart attack
Combats cancer
Kills bacteria
Lowers cholesterol
Fights fungus
Supports immune systems
Combats cancer
Protects your heart
Straightens respiration
prevents constipation
Combats cancer
Helps stops strokes
aids digestion
Helps hemorrhoids
Protects against heart disease
Promotes Weight loss
Combats Prostate Cancer
Lowers cholesterol
Strengthens bones
Relieves colds
Aids digestion
Dissolves warts
Blocks diarrhea
Slows aging process
prevents constipation
boosts memory
Lowers cholesterol
Protects against heart disease
Protects your heart
Battles diabetes
Conquers kidney stones
Combats cancer
Helps stops strokes
Combats cancer
Protects your heart
boosts memory
Calms stress
sweet potatoes
Saves your eyesight
Lifts mood
Combats cancer
Strengthens bones
Protects prostate
Combats cancer
Lowers cholesterol
Protects your heart
Lowers cholesterol
Combats cancer
boosts memory
Lifts mood
Protects against heart disease
Promotes Weight loss
Combats cancer
Conquers kidney stones
Smoothes skin
Protects prostate
Promotes Weight loss
Lowers cholesterol
Helps stops strokes
Controls blood pressure
wheat germ
Combats Colon Cancer
prevents constipation
Lowers cholesterol
Helps stops strokes
improves digestion
wheat bran
Combats Colon Cancer
prevents constipation
Lowers cholesterol
Helps stops strokes
improves digestion
Guards against ulcers
Strengthens bones
Lowers cholesterol
Supports immune systems
Aids digestion




Drink a glass of water when you wake up - before you eat or drink anything else!

Start the day out with fruit - or juice - as much as you want all morning

Eat only fruits in the morning - do not add any other food to it or following it!

Drink a glass of water before every meal!
Tap water is not recommended! Get distilled water!
You don't want anything added to your water for any reason!

Floride is toxic to the body. A deadly poison. It is corrosive to everything it touches, especially the skin.

Don't drink water with meals ... drink water an hour before a meal or two hours after the meal

Don't drink milk at the same meal you eat meat.  Have one or the other .. not both

Never cook anything you can possibly eat raw

Never eat dessert after a meal ... have fruit before the meal - preferably raw

Have a nice big salad every day - preferably at lunch

Any time you have an acid stomach - eat a stick of celery

If you eat melon ... eat it for a snack between meals

If the food is on the 'DON'T' list above, don't eat it

Avoid artificial sweeteners, such as saccharine and "Nutrasweet."
BHT, AND Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
Steevia extract, an herb which is a natural sweetener,
is an excellent substitute, and is healing to the pancreas.

When you consume meat make sure it is range free and
has not been fed hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals.

Drink six to eight glasses of filtered or bottled water daily.
At birth we are 97% water, and as adults we are 70% water.
Premature aging is associated with a further loss of total body water (i.e., 60% water).
Don't drink water with your meals, as this dilutes the digestive juices necessary to digest your food.
The best drinking water available on the market today is "Canadian Glacier Water,"
which is very vital, energized water.
Filtered water is very clean, but not energized;
you can energize it by leaving it in the sun for a short period of time.



What are the symptoms caused by toxicity?

There are two groups of illness caused by toxicity:

Non-specific illness: this includes ill-defined symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, insomnia, bad breath, muscle stiffness, depression, allergies, etc. This group is very difficult to categorize, with many combinations possible. Many of these symptoms are also labeled as hypoglycemia, candidiasis, food allergies, and stress.

Specific illness: this includes better-defined syndromes having a characteristic set of symptoms. Some examples are migraine, arthritis, psoriasis, Epstein-Barr virus, sinusitis, immune deficiencies, and tumors.

Essential fatty acids in your diet should be increased by consuming cold water fish three times a week. Examples include salmon, cod, mackerel, sardines, and water-packed tuna (preferably without salt added). Warm ocean fish such as snapper, flounder, and perch are second best. Fresh water fish (catfish, trout) contain the smallest amount of essential fatty acids. Try to eat one tablespoon of virgin (not pure) olive oil daily on salads. Keep the bottle refrigerated after opening. As a snack food, walnuts are high in essential fatty acids. Fish oils (EPA), evening primrose oil, and flaxseed oil are supplements rich in essential fatty acids.

A blood purifying and cleansing diet is recommended while healing. Digestion of food must be complete. The bowels must be kept clean. If one is not hypoglycemic, a short juice fast is recommended followed by a vegetable and protein diet. Some grains may be included in small amounts such as millet, wild rice, quinoa, and amaranth.


sprouts almonds beans raw nuts artichokes apples peas
lemons sesame seeds leafy green vegetables yellow fruits garlic watercress berries
apricots parsley root vegetables yellow vegetables grapes cabbage carrots



almonds cashews sesame seed lima beans



If your body is detoxifying, you don't need to do anything but rest.

Drink a little water .  Don't eat!

When you feel more like eating, have a dish of warm vegetable soup!

Your throat is full of mucous?
It is a sign that your body is trying to cleanse itself.
Leave it alone!
Drink more pure water!

While your body is detoxifying, stick with a light fruit and vegetable diet,
drink fruit juices and vegetable juices every few hours as your tummy feels like it.

Drink more pure water!

Part of detoxing can appear as gas, flatulence, and bloating
and make you run to the bathroom more often than you did before.
The fresh fruit you are eating will loosen all the toxins that are
accumulated in your stomach and intestines and clean them out.
This is your body's way of getting rid of the toxins.

If you have been eating incorrectly for twenty, thirty, or more years,
all that toxic waste has to be removed from your body.
This is not going to happen overnight!  You will be detoxifying
a little every day for several years!
If you don't feel well, just rest and sip some water.
If you don't have a fever, and have been eating properly, you are probably not sick!
If you think you are sick, call your doctor!


Cooking changes the nature, the molecular structure, of foods and makes
them unidentifiable, and therefore undigestible, to the human body. The
body then simply stores these "food" substances as fat because it can't
process them. Hence, it is the cooking of the starches, mainly, that causes
the conversion and storage of them as fat.

The solution isn't a "diet". The solution is a life  long eating style of living
raw food. Fruits, nuts, fruit like vegetable, and leafy greens. All uncooked
and readily assimilable by the body.

The raw food eating style also monumentally reduces the amount of work
the body has to do in digesting food, especially cooked food. When raw
foods are eaten, the body spends less energy attempting to process these
denatured, cooked, foods and can then
"cleanse" the body of these long-
stored, unassimilable toxic fats.

Weight, then, is lost very quickly with a high percentage raw food eating style.
The great perk about eating only rawfoods is that you can eat as much of them
as you wish with negligable weight gain, depending on what type of rawfood is
eaten (though I don't recommend stressing the body this way).

Finally, eating just rawfoods, or at least a high percentage of rawfoods is a life
long eating style, not a quick fix "diet". This then prevents the cyclical problem
of weight loss-weight gain and all the self recrimination that goes with it.

There is another, greater, facet to the jewel of understanding with a rawfood
eating style. The more people there are eating this way, the more of a demand

there is for fruit, nut, and leafy green produce. This demand would literally
"green" the environment with the planting of more fruit trees, etc.

Raw foods. More than just a "diet"; we are designed for this kind of food.
The top of the food chain is in the trees.


By Dr. Roy Walford

The maximum life span of humans is about 110 years; of mice, about 39 months. Thus far, mice over 39 months of age have not been produced by anything except selective restriction of calories in the diet. Calorie restriction (CR) has extended the 39-month maximum life span of mice to an impressive 56 months, which would correspond proportionally to a 158 year-old human. And the long-lived mice stay youthful in appearance, in mental and physical abilities, and show enhanced resistance to disease. These well-established facts are why the CR diet is now one of the principal areas of research in gerontology, and is receiving major emphasis from the National Institute on Aging.

So let's run briefly through the history of this remarkable CR phenomenon, and discuss what precisely it is, how and why it works to retard aging (to the extent that this is known), and whether it will work as dramatically in humans as it does in rodents. Historically, the field's development can be divided into five phases:

(1) The demonstration that mean and maximum life spans are greatly extended in rodents by a CR diet. This was first shown at Cornell University as long ago as 1935, and has been confirmed dozens of times elsewhere, right up to the present time. Also, the frequencies of a wide variety of diseases -- including virtually all types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, autoimmune disease, ocular degeneration, plus others -- have been documented as being greatly reduced in CR animals. The reduction ranges from twofold to as much as tenfold. (For example, 50 percent of female control mice of a particular genetic strain develop breast cancer, but only 5 percent of the same strain if on a CR diet.)

(2) CR's effect on life span has been dramatic in every species so far tested, from invertebrates (spiders, worms, etc) up through fish and rodents. One may cautiously presume that it may be a "general" effect, and not simply a rodent phenomenon.

(3) How CR animals look, how they respond in tests of mental and physical abilities, their levels of blood sugar, insulin, blood lipids, blood pressure, and essentially all their physiologic parameters correspond to those of chronologically much, much younger animals. This area of research, namely the effect of CR on physiologic systems, was first opened in my laboratory in the early 1970s, with the immune system as representative yard stick. Over the past twenty years, we've continued this research for biochemical, endocrine, molecular genetic, and behavioral markers in a number of university laboratories.

(4) The search for the mechanism whereby a selective restriction of calories exerts such global effects upon so many systems; and finally

(5) The question whether those same effects would obtain in primates including humans. Can human aging be slowed and life span extended by a CR diet, and by how much?

What precisely is the CR diet? Giving animals fewer calories than they would consume by choice makes them live longer, with enhanced faculties, and with fewer diseases, but these fewer calories cannot come from the mouse counterpart of the typical junky American diet. While reduced in calories, the quality of the diet must be increased so that essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are not reduced. The reason the semi-starved populations in parts of Africa or the Orient don't live longer is that they are not only calorie restricted, they are malnourished. The "adequate nutrition" side of CR is essential. Given that, then the fewer the calories, the longer the life, down to about 50 percent restriction in rodents, and the other beneficial effects noted above follow along proportionately. In other words, CR is not an all or none phenomenon. Even 10 percent restriction has a measurable beneficial effect. Of course, there is a lower limit. Below 50 percent takes you into actual calorie starvation, and the death rate increases. Fifty percent restriction is not recommended for humans. That's too close to being too few in the way of calories!

What is the mechanism behind CR's marvelous effects? If we knew the mechanism, perhaps we could achieve the same results by an easier method than restricting food intake. One thing is certain. The effect is only related to calories. As long as essential nutrients are present, the relative amounts of protein, carbohydrate, and fat make no difference. Life is extended and health is enhanced. Beyond that simple fact, we have an embarrassment of possibilities. The mechanism of CR can be interpreted according to most of the current theories of aging:

• CR increases the ability of the body to repair damaged DNA,

• Definitely decreases oxidative (free radical) damage in the body,

• Increases the levels of certain protective/repair proteins that respond to stress,

• Improves glucose-insulin metabolism,

• Delays age-related immunological decline as shown by virtually all immune functional tests.

CR is the strongest cancer-preventive technique known, although it's important to point out that disease prevention is a side effect of CR, and not the primary reason for the age-retardation or life span increase.

Dr. Richard Weindruch and I postulated some years ago that the mechanism is related to an increase in "metabolic efficiency." This can be thought of as leading to less "friction" in the body's generation of energy. Others have referred to this concept as "improved glucose fuel use." From the standpoint of evolutionary theory -- another approach to understanding the mechanism -- it has been proposed that CR kicks into play an "adaptive response." This response allows animals, faced by episodic periods of food shortage in the wild, to shift more of their metabolic energy into maintenance and repair, and so outlive or survive the period of deprivation.

In the one closely monitored human study (inside Biosphere 2 for two years), CR sharply lowered blood cholesterol (by up to 35 percent), blood sugar and blood insulin (by 15 to 20 percent), blood pressure (20 percent or more), and induced other changes paralleling those seen in CR rodents and (more recently) monkeys.

Human Application

Will CR retard aging (and do all the other wonderful things it does in lower animals) in primates, including humans? My answer is, "It almost certainly will." I say "almost" because it has not been applied in either monkey or human studies long enough to allow the demonstration of a change in maximum life span. Monkey studies will answer this first, and they are ongoing in three different laboratories (University of Wisconsin, University of Maryland, and the National Institute on Aging). It may be 10 to 12 years before we have unequivocal results. (Monkeys live a long time, although not as long as humans.)

So much for the "almost." The "certainly" in my answer is because (a) as so far tested, CR works across the whole animal kingdom, so it would indeed be surprising if it did not work in humans, and (b) studies on monkeys in the above three laboratories, and by me on the humans secluded for two years inside Biosphere 2, show quite clearly that the extensive physiologic and biochemical changes seen in CR rodents are also found in CR primates, including humans.



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