by Dee Finney


The head of the dragon just moved into the planet of Uranus on 12-12-07 - which brings shocking happenings. The tail of the dragon is in Leo which means heat - and hot weather. [Note the hot weather tornados in the midwest in January- what weird weather]  The new dragon's head just moved into Aquarius yesterday - electronics, ufos, it is above China and the ring of fire. It is explosive. The head of the dragon in Acquarius is a blessing - technology, the cosmos, NASA, will make an explosion of progress. Uranus, however, will bring explosions of disaster however. We will experience in the next two years, incredible changes - the quickening.... the energy.

The tail of the dragon will be cruising in Leo - France, Italy - will specifically air towards children - problems with children - prime target of the tail of the dragon.  They need to be watched carefully.  If you are in charge of children - be watchful of the children in your care.

Those born in August - ex Clinton - ex Bush will suffer the tail of the dragon - the heart - i.e. heart attacks.   Larry King is also at risk.

The head and the tail of the dragon will be at their ultimate power in February and August - see below.

Seer Dr. Louis Turi looked ahead to 2008, and warned that the months of February and August would be particularly difficult. Natural disasters, and stock market volatility are likely during these two months, he said. And in the next two days, he predicted an explosive event such as a large volcano or earthquake. It will be above a 6.0.  Turi also shared that he is working on a new reality series called the Cosmic Code with Dr. Turi, which will highlight his readings of everyday people.

America was born in the 2nd house of Leo - in money - the tail of dragon is now moving into the house of money - July, August - a total money restructure will occur.

Everything is changing with America - including the stock market - Februrary and  August   - will force America to work with Asia, France, Europe. Everything that is globilization is concerned with Aquarius.  The secret strings are already controlling this. Technology is changing so fast because of computers.

The hurricane season in 2008 will be 'shocking' compared to 2007.

Religion as we know it today is slowly being destroyed and will die. It is unhealthy - and by 2012, the gate will be opened through new energy so people will perceive new thoughts about religion.

The following dates are limited and UNIVERSAL; they are generated for the masses ONLY.
Progressive Positive Dates    Challenging - Negative Dates

N-MOON JAN 08 / F-MOON JAN 22JAN   - 9/10/11     JAN - 22/23/24

Special Month       FEB - 6/7/8    FEB - 19/20/21

N-MOON MAR 07 / F-MOON MAR 21MARCH - 4/5/6       MARCH - 17/18/19
N-MOON APR 06 / F-MOON APR 20APRIL - 1/2/28/29   APRIL - 13/14/15
N-MOON MAY 5  / F-MOON MAY 20MAY   - 11/12/13    MAY - 25/26/27
N-MOON JUN 5  / F-MOON JUN 20JUNE  - 21/22/23    JUNE - 7/8/9
N-MOON JULY 3 / F-MOON JULY 18JULY - 19/20/21    JULY - 4/5/6

Special Month - AUGUST - 15/16/17    AUGUST - 1/2/28/29

N-MOON AUG 30  / F-MOON SEPT 15SEPTEMBER - 11/12/13 SEPTEMBER -  24/25/26
N-MOON SEPT 29 / F-MOON OCT 14OCTOBER    - 9/10/1   OCTOBER   -  22/23/24
N-MOON OCT 28  / F-MOON NOV 13NOVEMBER   - 5/6/7    NOVEMBER  -  18/19/20
N-MOON NOV 27  / F-MOON DEC 12DECEMBER   - 2/3/4    DECEMBER  -  15/16/17

2008 New and Full Moons

Jan 2008  – NM Jan 8   – FM Jan   22
Feb 2008  - NM Feb 7   – FM Feb   21
March     - NM March 7 – March FM 21
Apr 2008  - NM Apr 6   – FM Apr   20
May 2008  - NM May 5   – FM May   20
June 2008 - NM Jun 3   – FM Jun   18
July 2008 - NM July 3  – FM July  18
Aug 2008  - NM Aug 1   – FM Aug   16
Sept 2008 - NM Aug 30  – FM Sept  15
Oct 2008  - NM Oct 29  – FM Oct 14
Nov 2008  - NM Nov 27  – FM Nov 13
Dec 2008  - NM Dec 27  – FM Dec 12


Understanding the Legends: (*) - (#) - (+)

(*) Beginning/Ending of Important Portion of Life/Forced Relocation/Destructive weather/A new Planned and/or Unplanned Life For Many.

(#) Famous Death/Dramatic News/Police/FBI/CIA/Mob/Secrets/Scandals/Wake Up Call/Terrorism/Finances/Sex/Serial Killers.

(+) Cosmos News/Nuke/Weird News / Surprises / Explosions /Shocking/ lightning / Humanitarianism/ News of Earthquakes / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / NASA / Aeronautics/UFO.

Jan 2008: #4th /+10th / *22nd

Special Month Feb 2008: +7th  / *18th / #26th
Mar 2008: + 5th / *16th / +#25th
Apr 2008: +1st / *12th / #22nd
May 2008: +10th / #18th / +25th
June 2008: *6th / *14th / +21st
July 2008: *3rd #12th / +19th / *31st
Special Month August 2008: #9th / + 16th / *29th
Sept 2008: #6th /+ 11th / *24th
Oct 2008: #2nd +9th / *20th / 29th / #30th
Nov 2008: + 5th / *17th / #25th  
Dec 2008: +2nd  / * 15th / 23rd # / +30th


1. 2008 will be a year of shocking news and large explosions with a serious increase of earthquakes and volcano eruptions. (Feb and Aug 2008)
2. Expect a full restructure of the internet.
3. Total restructure and merging of many television networks.
4. More action with UFO and new planets discovery
5. Merging of many airlines and terrible explosions/accidents
6. A full restructure of the US economy is ahead and the reinstitution of the draft will bring much more death with children in Iraq.
7. Tremendous medical (heart) and technological discoveries are ahead of us.
8. Upsurge in earthquakes in the ring of fire (Japan) Aug/Feb. 2008
9. The US will experience an upsurge of earthquakes, large explosions and volcanoes activity (July/Aug/Feb 08)
10. Serious scary news pertaining to nuclear plants and nuclear technology secret deals in the US / Russia
11. Nuclear accident at sea and/or in land - Feb/Aug 2008
12. Tremendous planetary action/changes in our Universe
13. Death news for many famous people including President Bush, Larry King, and Clinton (Feb/Aug 08)
14. Negative news from France and Italy Aug 2008
15. Serious fires and explosions Feb/Aug 2008
16. Many famous people to die of heart attack and suicide in 2008
17. An upsurge of accident involving children
18. US total financial restructure (Feb/Aug 08)
19. NASA full restructure.

Many of my future newsletters will be used to help you to assimilate “The Power of the Dragon” as I desiccate people, natural disasters or any topic I see worthwhile to explain. For the time being be cautious as the dramatic, plutonic time is in action for the next few days and many innocent souls will indeed pay the price…Keep watching the news! Please do not hesitate to let your Star family know how this trend may affect you for good of for worse as your feedback is very valuable and will be used for teaching purpose. Meantime of course your identity will not be revealed.


“Only those who do not fear death and have a unique mission will attract fame”

 Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

Here is what happened on January 12th.

From Dr. Turi.

Dear Readers:

Just a little reminder of the current news to every one reading this newsletter and to my VIP's why it is important for you to check the daily guidance sent in  "The Cosmic Code" newsletter 1 to be prepared, understand and use the stars accordingly.  Before going to bed or early in the morning before going to work, READ carefully the guidance offered to you and see how the moon (emotional response to life) affects the people's behavior around you, at home or at work and APPLY your WILL so you do not become entangled in any unwanted or difficult situation.  Remember the Stars do not care about you or anyone you care they just DO and feel nothing.

With 99% of the world's population depraved of "Cosmic Consciousness you are (my VIP's) now, much more in CONTROL of your fate than your religious poisoned, mental snobs scientists or skeptical fellow human beings. Remember also that Mars (danger/) is still in the sign of Gemini (transportation/cars/buses/planes etc.) and will indeed KILL many unaware people. READ carefully my heeding before starting your day and make a good use of your investment.

Here is the sad reality  - 1/12/2008 - LAGOS, Nigeria (CNN) -- More than 30 people were killed after a car crashed into a fuel tanker, which
exploded and burst into flames early Saturday in the oil-rich town of Port Harcourt in Nigeria, police said.

In  "Cosmic Code 1 and printed in the 2008 Moon Power for this period -

Travel and Communication: With Uranus' eccentricity, be aware of crazy drivers while driving to trips or work during this trend. Take plenty of time to reach your destinations and be ready for some driver's unexpected behavior on the road.  Neptune may make you feel sleepy, rest or walk a bit along the way.

Note the key words for this date (1/12/08) are:

(+) Cosmic News/Nuke/Weird news – Surprises – Explosions – Shocking – lightning – Humanitarianism – new - /Earthquakes – Volcanoes – Tornadoes – NASA – Aeronautics - UFO.

In the news –

1 -  Simpson back in Las Vegas jail

Well all my students know that O.J. was born with the dragon's Tail (negative) in Gemini and with Mars (anger) on his tail (nefarious) his attitude in court probably stinks and no judge will feel for him, he can only return to where this killer, dual, liar belongs. Did you read his and many serial killers' Astropsychology profile in my book "The Power of the Dragon"?

2 - Germany on alert after terror warnings

Note that Germany is an Aries country (warrior) and the sound of German is very rough, very much "army like" and with their ruler Mars (danger/explosion) in Gemini (transportation) the Germans are under the "Cosmic Code" order and may suffer in time serious negative ne

3 - 'Hannah Montana' uses body double in concert- Note that Gemini rules DUALITY, twins and body double and Mars is having fun in this sign while all ignorant humans "play" their robotic part in the news…

4 - Pakistan to U.S. military: Stay out

Note that Mars (war) in Gemini (communication) will also affect the government's affairs and make people warrior like with their speech. Be aware control Mras (danger) in Gemini (communication/transportation etc.) Read the "Cosmic Code" newsletter and be wise and be safe.

5 - Expect more news involving Mars in Gemini for a while such as a PG&E employee died today near the Georgetown-Cool area while doing storm response work, said Jennifer Ramp, spokesperson for PG&E.

Also remember the Dragon's Tail (negative) in Leo (children) and how this celestial energy from the Universal Code affects the affairs of unaware humans on earth.

1 -  Man charged in deaths of wife, 4 kids

2 - MAPLEWOOD, Minn. -- Prosecutors in Wisconsin are considering charges after a Twin Cities man allegedly left his 1½-year-old son in a van outside a strip club for several hours.

3 - Police: Man wanted son, kills daughter

4 - Search Under Way For Missing 13-Year-Old

5 - Killer's parents hug, cry with parents of 2 slain teens

6 - Remains of adult, fetus found; Marine charged

Don't get depressed when visiting this site, the fact is life is a constant process of changes… World Clock - http://www.chippynews.com/worldclock.htm



Prophecy, 2008 & Beyond

Prophecy scholar John Hogue discussed what the future has in store, including the economy, elections, climate change and terrorism. We're entering the first half of a 36 year cycle-- a chaotic, revolutionary period, he stated. Right now, we're heading into a recession in some sectors, but he doesn't foresee a depression for at least 2 years.

A Pluto/Capricorn transit for the next 18 years indicates we're entering the "the era of the executive," in which CEOs can wield more power than politicians, Hogue announced. Accordingly, should Michael Bloomberg decide to enter the presidential race as an independent candidate (possibly in March) he could finish at least second, he commented. Hillary Clinton will win the 2008 race, Hogue declared, but he also sees Obama as a president, possibly moving up from being Hillary's VP in four to eight years.

2008 could see a terrorist attack, smaller than 9-11 but with greater impact, he predicted, adding that Europe may be the likely target. Hogue expressed concern over the environment-- "we're past the tipping point" concerning fossil fuel and global warming, and may see a cascade of problems if changes aren't made soon. He also touched on the identity of the Antichrist. Citing Nostradamus' use of the word "Mabus," he suggested that the third Antichrist was Saddam Hussein.


Psychic Jeffrey Wands,  offered his forecast for 2008. (Jeffrey has his own radio show in New York)  The beginning of the year is going to be particularly "bumpy" with severe weather, especially in the month of February, affecting the Midwest and the West Coast, he said. By the end of 2008, he foresees a major breakthrough with a drug to treat HIV. Wands also spoke about poltergeists, which he characterized as a generally non-harmful form of residual energy.


5-22-08 -  GAIA'S REVENGE

5-23-08 -  PEAK OIL

ED DAMES - INTERVIEW ON ART BELL SHOW -  coasttocoastam.com

5-24-08 -  Steve Fossett plane crash - searched in the Sierra-Nevada mountains.  Snow covered wreckage. Can't look again until the snow melts. He is on the 10,000 ft. level according to remote viewing.  May find him about mid-June, 2008.

Next terror attack

Remote viewing expert Major Ed Dames believes the Citigroup Center in New York City (pictured) has been targeted by a terrorist group. According to Dames, they are planning to employ a novel explosive technique to take down the building; its collapse could possibly destroy or damage nearby structures as well. Dames' Matrix Intelligence Agency will be working with the FBI in an attempt to interdict the planned attack.  It will be a fuel explosion - not from an airplane.

Next global pandemic - H5N1  bird flu - corpses will be floating all over the world - unable to bury them all. 650,000 dead in England alone. It cannot be quarantined because it is in migratory birds now. It will spread worldwide in three months time.  H5N1 has already changed from bird to bird  - to -  human to human.  South Korea, Yalta, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam -  are the first countries - where the disease is already going on.

Rice rations in the Phillipines - severe shortages -  Weather in the East - cyclones - etc. is killing everything - too much water - kills everything in the ground.   Algae is a healthy substitute to eat.

UG-99 - fungus  - Wheat

U.S. bankrupt - spreading to the whole world  global collapse - global recession - will be caused by disease. 

The sun will go beserk in Cycle 24 - peak will be about 2011-2012  -  CYCLE 24 - SUN CHANGES - People should prepare themselves with tube-type ham radios.   Protons from the sun due to CME - will burn up satellites of all types - the protons will burn up everything - winds will pick up and blow over everything - high speeds 200 - 300 miles an hour.  You need to live underground.

When satellites go down due to the sun - nothing will work.  Stores won't even be able to run their cash registers - banks will close - credit cards won't work - nothing will work that is run by satellites. 

The ozone layer is turning into Swiss Cheese.  This is happening world-wide - not just at the south pole.  This is also causing skin cancer world-wide.   Chemtrails in the sky have already changed the color and strength of the sun - nothing is growing well in the sun anymore - nothing is really green anymore.

Bee's dying world wide - Bees have eyes that are physical and two of them are ultra-violet.  The bees can't see the flowers because the flowers are too bright so the bees are starving to death. Flowers are changing colors to attract bees because bees couldn't find the flowers. 

WW III won't be a big war - it'll be little wars all over the place - people will be too tired to fight a big war.  They'll be too busy taking care of their sick at home.

Starvation will happen in more and more places

People should be preparing for the future, not just for yourself, but for your friends.  Live in enclaves - communities - not in the city. Grow your own food - using heritage seeds.   Cities will be the worst possible place to live.  You will need your own fresh water also  - not just food.   The sun is going to get very hot so that's why you will need fresh water underground.


Remote Viewing Updates - 5- 24-08

 Major Ed Dames, who discussed some current cases of his Matrix Intelligence Agency as well as provided updates on past predictions.

Dames said a world food crisis is coming that will be caused by a combination of increased population, plant disease and weather changes. According to Dames, many of the changes seen in global weather patterns have been caused by our "metastasizing" ozone layer. Dames also expects a global economic collapse along with a concurrent spread of H5N1 (bird flu). He said an outbreak could be as soon as next year, and once full blown, will spread across the planet in three months.

Dames talked about the strong solar flares that he sees hitting the planet in the near future. The flares will shut down power grids, and take out satellites and cell phones, he explained. In order to survive in the aftermath of the coming events, Dames suggested people live in places with plenty of food and water, and with like-minded individuals who will take care of each other.

Dames provided details about another major terror attack on the United States (see a New Terrorist Target? below), as well as spoke about World War III, which he said started about five years ago. He also gave an update on his search for Steve Fossett, whose remains and crash site are located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, according to Dames' remote viewing team. They will be hiking into the region to continue their search for Fossett in mid-June, Dames said.