by Dee Finney



1-16-05 - DREAM - I was dreaming about researching the floods of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio and trying to connect it to my friend Mary who lives in New York, but I couldn't find a connection. I also knew that the flooding in Missouri wasn't connected to her.

1-16-05 - DREAM - Again I was dreaming about researching the massive flooding of '89.

I wasn't shown any details, just that it was worth taking note of in history.


updated 1-19-05 - TSUNAMI IN OUR FUTURE?







THE DREAM - 1-23-05 - I was in my apartment and was really hungry and wanted something sweet to eat, so I opened the cabinet and found some red candies in a box and some tubes of decorative frosting.

A middle-aged black-skinned couple came to visit and they wanted to play cards, so we sat down at the table on which I had covered with a brown cloth.

I doled out a little of the red candy, but the frosting really sounded good to me, so I squirted out a little on the table in front of me where there was no cloth. Then I took several tubes and squirted them out all at the same time on the man's side of the brown cloth, while the woman was sitting next to me on my left, shuffling the deck of cards.

The frosting came out of the tubes in a large long squiggle of white, brown, blue, and yellow.

Then, before I could say anything, the woman grabbed ahold of the  brown cloth and shook it up and down violently, making a mess of the frosting.

I yelled at her, "Aren't you paying any attention? You just messed up the sweet stuff!"

I got a white bowl out of the cabinet and picked up most of the frosting and put it into the bowl and put it back in front of the man, but there was still a long squiggle of frosting on the cloth.

At that point, I had an instant vision of a map of the Eastern half of the United States and from a point at the Eastern end of Lake Erie - in a triangular widening shape, the whole area had turned brown like the cloth like it was obliterated.

NOTE: In the dream I had prior to this one, I was in the same apartment and I went out to find something to eat and there was slick ice in the streets, so the time frame is 'winter'. I couldn't get anything to eat because there were only stand-up places along the street so I went back home to find something to eat. The dream above seems to be a continuation of the first one.



Since this dream is so long, let me shorten it a bit and give the link to the page I did about it.

The ship "Queen Elizabeth II" in the dream had been pictured as sunk in the past and I was investigating the cause to prevent it from happening if possible: 

See:  http://www.greatdreams.com/ships.htm


2-18-05 - My dreams were like short vignettes

I was laying in bed next to Joe who was snoring. I could see out the window into a city street where a small groups (six?)  'shooters'  in gray uniforms were standing next to a building with guns ready. 

I kept nudging Joe to wake up, saying, "Shooters! Look at the 'shooters'" but Joe wouldn't wake up and I felt very frustrated.

Then I realized that I was sleeping too and dreaming this and it wasn't real. 

NOTE: After I woke up I was thinking about that dream and I had a quick vision which showed me the same 'shooters' in gray uniforms and wearing flight helmets , standing in a desert-like area like they had just flown in. 

A voice said, "They looked like this!" and it looked very real.

NOTE 2:  I wasn't familiar with the term 'shooters' but a couple days later, the very next page I came to in a book I was slowly reading titled, "The Rogue Warriors - Strategy for Success" by Richard  Marcinko, I came to this on page 20:  (He was talking about how he trained even the lowliest of his team to do 'all' the jobs including 'flying' even though that wasn't part of their normal training according to military protocol)  "The net result of my care and feeding of my grunts, or 'shooters', was that these guys would gladly move hell for me and bite the tongue off the devil. And each of them would be able to do something like that because each shooter could fly, parachute, swim, and attack all by himself, if necessary. Each man mirrored the entire machine of "SEAL" Team Six and the machine mirrored each man. 

I did research on the grey uniforms, and other than civil war period which I knew this wasn't - grey uniforms are worn by the Chinese.

I didn't find any other country that used grey uniforms.


3-10-05 - DREAM - I was in the country somewhere at a camp in a heavily wooded area. 

I was carrying a yellow folder and went with some women into a room in a building. 

We women were told to take a vote on whether or not we were going to go to war with Russia. 

There was a screen-like machine in the room and on the screen I could see multi-colors vibrating, which meant to me that Russia was not going to attack us - they were only making noises like they were going to.

We women took a vote a whether we were going to war. The answer was unanimously, "No!"

We women were so happy that our country did not have to go to war with Russia. 

We went outside where the men were standing and told them our answer. 

I looked out into the woods like an Indian would and my eyes searched carefully into the forest and here and there I saw little square black pixels flashing. 

The head man suddenly announced that we were going to have to evacuate the camp because we were going to war with Russia. 

I saw that the head man was carrying a black folder. 

I was stunned that the head man told everyone that we were going to war, when the women had just voted unanimously that Russia was not gong to attack us. 

Then I saw that people were divided into three groups. The seers carried yellow folders, the warriors carried black folders and the peacemakers carried blue folders. 

We women carried yellow folders, the men all carried black folders.  I didn't see anyone with a blue folder. 

We were going into a war that was unnecessary and Russia was only sabre-rattling.


This file from Father Wingate corroborates things I've seen and dreamed earlier: 

Date: March 16, 2005 at 19:40:28
From: Wingate Web Site,
Subject: Fr Wingate Predictions

URL: Link to site

Predictions from Trumpeters Mission

What will be the sequence of events?

(Though NOT all was shown in vision, there is additional information that was given)

**The American people should be watching for a major earthquake which will occur in the central part of the U.S. (from the straight line that runs up and down in the middle and vertically across the country, west of the Missouri). This major earthquake will destroy a city by fire. Most likely it will be Kansas City, but Heaven has never said which city it will be, so, it is not definite that it must be Kansas City.

The earthquake that will destroy the city will last most of a day. There will be constant earthquakes in that area, causing the church bells in the states near the gulf coast and all the way to Florida to ring from the shock waves.

[On February 16, 2004 Heaven gave this clarification about the earthquake that would occur in the central part of the US which Fr. Wingate understood to be the Kansas City area. Heaven explained that the use of the term "earthquake"was NOT a reference to a geological event, but a mystical description representing a "major conflict between people". "The shock would be so great as to cause church bells to ring in the steeples as far away as Florida" was clarified to mean that "many people would be in the churches crying out for God's intervention."

Fr. Wingate asked Heaven why they had allowed him to go so long with this misunderstanding. Their response was, "The misunderstanding was causing no harm, and was another opportunity for you to be tested by Heaven to show your willingness to explain and admit that you had made a mistake. You are only an instrument of God for this Mission,and can only pass on the information as you understand it to be. So when you make a mistake, the mistake is yours, not that of Heaven as God cannot err." ]

**There will be a sinking of a major warship in the North Atlantic. It will be either an aircraft carrier or a full cruiser because Heaven said there will be several thousand deaths. Only those types of ships carry such a large number.

**There is to be a war/invasion of Italy after wars or disturbances have been started in Turkey and Greece, Yugoslavia with Slovakia and Austria, and Egypt with Saudi Arabia, all the different countries along the Baltic and even in Georgia, and also including Lebanon, Israel, Syria and other countries.

**When this breaks out into continuous wars, Italy will be invaded in a matter of a few days. You will know the invasion of Italy is coming when a gang-type war breaks out in Northern Italy. The gang type war is needed to have a military success. It is part civil war, and part invasion caused by outsiders who want the Italian government overthrown. The purpose is to make it easier to invade the Vatican, at which time the Pope flees, and we will be told that he is dead. So there will be no declaration that he has fled. This is where the people who are following the messages have to realize this is the time we follow from point to point what we have been told in faith, because the publicly released facts will contain many errors.

**When the Holy Father flees, he will go through Belgium, France, and into Canada. From Canada he will bi-locate into other countries. He will mostly stay in exile in a remote part of Canada. His stay will be in a part of Canada that will be "passed over" during the invasion of Canada and the United States.

**The president of France will be assassinated, and also the leader of Germany.

* Note: 5 or 6 different mystics (who have support from their local bishops) in the US and other countries, have received the same message mentioned above.

**Two separate catastrophes in the world that are equal to a nuclear explosion. (Chernobyl is an example.)

**China and Russia participating in joint maneuvers or war games.

**Civil war in Mexico and parts of Central America.

**South America will suffer immense persecution from an individual who will try to start a "United States" of South America.

**Major military action or involvement in Africa. The war in the Congo will spread.

**The U.S. will be invaded and occupied for a period of six to seven months. It will not exceed 7 months. At the end of this 6 - 7 month time period is when the Great Warning comes. (The Warning is used by God, to stop a Third World War.) Over a third of the United States will be occupied by a foreign force (and as much as a third of the population may be dead). The foreign force will actually be NATO and the United Nations. The U.N. will invade the United States as peacekeepers! The United Nations will be a united communist force, stating that they have come into the U.S. to liberate the Americans from an occupying force. This is their plan.

They will invade us, just as we have invaded other countries, including the former Yugoslavian nations. We have gone in there as a peace keeping force to make them and their own countries stop fighting. We went in there with our blue helmets and blue berets and everybody backed off. We went there to liberate that country from it's own occupation. This is exactly the same way that they will invade the United States. Obviously racial wars will be an excellent opportunity for the foreign invasion to take place.

**In 1997, Our Lady allowed me to see a vision. I saw military aircraft (belonging to other governments) flying over different countries in populated areas of Canada, the United States, Mexico, Europe, and many nations of Africa. They were spraying fumes into the air. Our Lord told me that this is an attempt to decrease the number of the population. These are chemical warfare gases that will kill thousands of people, thousands upon thousands of people and yet some people wonder why we are being told to store water and food, to stay in our homes, and to use sacramentals.

**The United States will be involved in three foreign wars when we are invaded. We are already involved in two wars now.

**We already know that Heaven has warned us that the United States must give "political recognition in hypocrisy to three nations" that it would not recognize otherwise. Those three nations are China, Vietnam, and Cuba. They are communist nations that are all against the U.S.A. and what our society is supposed to stand for. Even the U.S.A. will give them recognition and preference over other countries.

When Heaven was giving information concerning the invasion of our country, details were given concerning various parts that would suffer the most.

**Florida has already been partially invaded in preparation for the full military force that will arrive at a later date. There are many areas of our country that have already been prepared for the overthrow of our government. The majority of these people reside within about a 30 mile radius of the military installations that our country keeps armed and ready with various military personnel and military armament. These individuals have been in our country for as long as 40 years in some cases.

**Heaven has reiterated several times that our country is to expect an invasion force to enter our country during the Thanksgiving to New Year's holidays. This timeline has been determined by several factors that have been made very clear by Heaven. One of them being a clearly stated time when the military conflict will be brought to an end. That is to be in the late Spring to early Summer. In other words, between the month of May and July. We know this because heaven has said that the occupation will last approximately six months, not to exceed seven. We also know that the sign given by God to stop this war , as well as all other wars, will be given in the late Spring. Therefore, the duration of the military occupation and its conflict will be for approximately six months.

**The majority of the invading military will come through the state of Texas.

**As for the East and West coasts: Florida and southern California are the areas intended to have the next largest infiltration of military forces. Due to our military's quick response in the state of California, there will not be an occupying force in California, as much as there will be in other parts of our country.

**Florida will not fare as well. Florida's suffering will begin the very first day of the invasion, and will be overrun and completely occupied in a short period of time by the communist forces intent on overthrowing our government. Due to this circumstance our government will decide to amputate Florida from the rest of the country, and eliminate this area from remaining as an area of massive buildup for our enemies. Our military will totally destroy the areas extending south from Mobile, Alabama to the Florida Keys. This will occur approximately two weeks after the initial invasion. It will be the great remorse that this action will be taken, but consider it an absolute necessity because of the vast numbers of individuals coming into the area for reinforcement of the military occupational forces.

In an effort to make things clearer, I do want to emphasize that the destruction I refer to is mostly the loss of human life. This is because our government will use neutron bombs on the state of Florida. And this will happen not once, but twice in some areas.

**In the southern and central part of Texas, our government will use neutron bomb's in the attempt to stop the military forces that are occupying that area, with as little physical destruction as possible. The forces of the invasion will continue northward up the central part of United States forming a line of separation between the free America and the occupied America until the Great Warning comes to stop all the wars around the world.

**This is not an event that people can blame on God and say that God is doing this to punish mankind. All of these occurrences are because of events that have already occurred that are making this possible. This is a punishment that our country is bringing upon itself because of its messages and radio programs. All of these things can be lessened by the true conversion of the American people by returning as one nation under God. And for this to happen, the American public must return to obedience to God first, and above and beyond any worldly gains. This includes the awakening of the American public to the great atrocity of abortion, and invalid and immoral laws that have been passed permitting immorality to have civil protection in our society.

People must understand that evil does not have a right to be protected. Just because people may enjoy or prefer an evil, does not mean that these evils have a right to exist in our country much less to be considered as a moral good. One of the main reasons why we are going to suffer as a nation is because our leaders have failed to lead our citizens as a nation under God. This is the very first and main reason. The next is, that the citizens have not demanded that our leaders abandon their immoral ways for the glory of God and the salvation of our nation.

**When the Warning comes, it will stop all the wars. I will go into detail about the Warning later. But for now, know that the Warning will stop all the fighting. Scripture refers to the "turning swords into plowshares. Mankind will put down its guns and immediately and impulsively begin to rebuild. They will leave the cities by the millions and go into the countryside and build hamlets upon hamlets. The only thing, is that until they have the wisdom that is given to them at the time of the Second Pentecost, they will not completely understand all truths and Christ's Teachings.

**A month AFTER the Great Warning, there will be a HUGE earthquake in Italy that will affect three areas. The area around Rome, Pompeii, and at the base of the Alps which will cause terrible destruction to Venice, as well as affecting Greece and the Yugoslavia/Bosnia area. It is a punishment from God because they have given so little respect from having the "Capital of God's Church", the The Seat of Peter, so close to them.

**After that is when miracles are given to prove that John Paul II IS alive, prove who his successor is, that there IS an anti-Pope in Rome, and identify the Apostles of the End Times.

See:  http://www.greatdreams.com/pope-death.htm


3-21-05 - DREAM  - I was in the basement of a building. There were several women down there working on a project.

The taller dark-haired woman told me to get the mail out of the mailbox because it was full. She opened the mailbox with a key so I would get the mail. There were no personal letters or envelopes in the box, only a stack of advertising newspapers that nobody ever wants.  (They come out once a week - and there were about 12 or more of them)

A shorter blonde woman was writing a booklet about the bombing of two buildings. She went to the bathroom to take a cigarette break. 

It was then I saw some taller dark-haired men dressed in dark clothing working on something in a dimly lit corner behind some square posts.

While the woman was in the bathroom, I took the opportunity took at the booklet she had been writing. 

It was a little 3 x 4 inch thin booklet.  Their were two dates encoded in 4 CAPITAL random letters in two places. The names of the buildings were also encoded the same way with large CAPITAL random letters.  

The bottom of the last page had a short-fat petalled round symbol at the end.  

After I woke up, I thought about the symbol, whether it was a flower of life or a 'nuke' symbol.  I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. It was 4:44 a.m. on the digital clock. 


3-22-05  - I fell asleep and in the dream I felt like I was laying in bed when two teen boys came in, pulling a huge red boxy carpet cleaner with a long length of hose on it. They couldn't get it started so the younger kid got a large can of gasoline and started pouring it down the hose.

I yelled at him, "You can't start it that way. It'll explode."

I jumped up and ran for the door. I ran outside and it was supposed to be daylight out. The sky was an odd grayish color. My daughter was playing outside in the yard by herself. (She was about age 8)   (She's really 41)

I asked her, "Why is the sky so dark?"

I looked up and directly overhead, the sun was in full eclipse."

I looked back at my daughter to tell her about the eclipse, then I looked back up and the sun was still in full eclipse but now the sun was in the southeastern sky rather low down towards the horizon.

Little white clouds were scudding quickly towards the northeast and the sky itself was rippling like a pond with a stone thrown into it.

I watched as clouds and birds alike scudded northeast across the rippling sky.

I felt disoriented and went back into the house. The much older brother of the kid with the carpet cleaner was in the house now. I asked him where his brother was and he said, "He's probably dead by now. He's always doing dangerous things."

I said in return, "I'm always worrying about that too, especially if I say something wrong."

Solar eclipses coming up: 

2005 Apr 08 Hybrid 1.007 00m42s N. Zealand, N. & S. America
[Hybrid: s Pacific, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela]
2005 Oct 03 Annular 0.958 04m32s Europe, Africa, s Asia
[Annular: Portugal, Spain, Libia, Sudan, Kenya]
2006 Mar 29 Total 1.052 04m07s Africa, Europe, w Asia
[Total: c Africa, Turkey, Russia]
2006 Sep 22 Annular 0.935 07m09s S. America, w Africa, Antarctica
[Annular: Guyana, Suriname, F. Guiana, s Atlantic]
2007 Mar 19 Partial 0.874 - Asia, Alaska
2007 Sep 11 Partial 0.749 - S. America, Antarctica
2008 Feb 07 Annular 0.965 02m12s Antarctica, e Australia, N. Zealand
[Annular: Antarctica]
2008 Aug 01 Total 1.039 02m27s ne N. America, Europe, Asia
[Total: n Canada, Greenland, Siberia, Mongolia, China]

See:  http://www.greatdreams.com/poleshift.htm


3-30-05 - DREAM - Four women were in a contest to plan a war. Mine was called Project ZAP.  Another one was called Project WHISK. 

What we didn't know was that they planned to use all four plans. 

I thought I was being clever in getting mine done on time, but the typewriter they gave me messed up and the plan came out on a smeary mimeograph machine and virtually nothing was readable. What I didn't know was they were fooling us into thinking that our plans were no good and couldn't be used and the whole time, they had the whole thing saved on a master computer. 

I discovered their secret at the last minute when I caught a glimpse of Project WHISK on the screen.

We were all in for a big surprise. 


The following are but some of programs and their foci developed: Project ARTICHOKE, 1954, (drugs, electronics, and electroshock to create "cyborgs"); Project ORION (aka DREAMLAND), 1955 (drugs, hypnosis, microwaves, radar) MKDELTA (aka "DEEP SLEEP), 1960, (long-range use of fine-tuned electromagnetic subliminal programming); MKSEARCH parallel with MKULTRA 1949-72? (LSD etc for programming and prisoner interrogation etc) Project ZAP aka RAINBOW, 1983, (NSA at Montauk, Long Island, electronic means to affect large groups and geologic activity) Project TRIDENT aka BLACK TRIAD, 1989, (use of helicopters working in groups for mass crowd control); RF MEDIA program, aka BUZZ SAW, 1990 (use of electronics, including cellular phone systems, national television and radio to create and control large population segments); Project HAARP, 1995, (mass population control through electromagnetic resonant induction);

The Philadelphia Project, USS Eldridge and Project Rainbow
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The project's official name is Project Rainbow, but was nicknamed and more ...


4-16-05 - DREAM -  I was living in a smaller city or town with a factory in it.

I was divorced and lived with all my normal real children, but also had two adopted children, both boys with the same name but much different ages.  One boy was an infant and the other was about age 21 and in college.  (He was a tall, intelligent, good looking, blonde curly haired young man, who reminds me of the singer - 'Michael Ball' 

I was living with my Father and his new wife. He resembled my former neighbor Arnold A. . She reminds me of a One Life to Live Tv show character - dark-haired, wavy shoulder length.  (She was pushed off a cliff in a past year and the body never found)

It was nearing the end of May and the end of the school year.

I had been sick a day or so, thus my step-mother had been caring for all of us, but during that time, something in her had changed and she became a threat to me and my family. 

It was a bright and sunny day out but we knew that the school year was ending the the June rains were coming.  

My step-mother and I were discussing moving because of the rains and floods that were sure to come. 

My step-mother decided we should move to a college town so it would be convenient for 'Michael' to go to school.

I knew 'Michael' the college student could take care of himself. I was more concerned about 'Michael' my adopted infant, who I hadn't seen in two days, because of my illness.

I was suddenly struck with the thought that my step-mother was in love with my adopted older son 'Michael'. 

I decided that for my family's sake, I would have to pack up all my kids stuff while she was out of the house during the last week of school and go somewhere she wouldn't think of.  My children's safety was my utmost concern.

My Father was sleeping in bed and I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and one of the men who worked for my Father who either owned or supervised the factory told us that there was a problem.  Water was coming in the roof of the factory and running down off the pipes that lined the ceiling of the building and was running all the way down into the mines at the bottom and a disastrous flood was imminent because the mines were full of people.

I jumped up to go with my Father to see what was happening. The man who had come to warn my Father and I rode up the elevator together to the 12th floor where the pipes were strung along the factory ceiling. 

During the elevator rid, the man who had warned us ended up hanging from a nail on the elevator door and I couldn't lift him up to get him off the nail.  My Father had to quickly attend to the disaster.  I told the man that if he rode the elevator back down to the first floor, someone could lift him off the nail.  He sadly understood his plight. 

I left the elevator and watched as my Father climbed up to the ceiling of the factory where I could see more and more water running in and falling off the pipes and dropping all the way to the mine floor below.  There was nothing in between to stop it. 

I decided I would go down to the mine floor to warn the miners of the imminent flood. My Father was doing what he could to stop the rain from coming into the factory. 

There was no stairway but the way the pipes were arranged, I was able to slide down from pipe to pipe all the way down to the mine floor. It was only about a six-foot drop from the bottom pipe and I managed that easily enough.

I walked over a few feet to the mine entrance where the train tracks went in and the men came out. Just then, two mine trains came out of the tunnel, with all the people bent over so they didn't hit their heads on the  top of the tunnel. 

All the men in the first train raised up when they got near me and I could see their dirty faces, grimy with moist dirt from sweating in the heat of the mine. 

I was stunned to see who was riding on the second train.  When the people raised up their heads, I could see they were all female office workers, mostly older women. Some of them recognized me on sight. I hadn't know that the mine tunnels also had offices underground. 

The women were clean and pristine looking, as they didn't go into the mine tunnels themselves, but they worked in underground offices and were equally in danger from the coming flood. 

I woke up before I could tell them of the danger.


4-19-05 - DREAM - I was living in a house with a woman named Mary. She had a husband, but he was never home. He worked night and day it seemed.

I woke up in the morning, when Mary came to the door of my bedroom and asked if I was all right. 

The room was dimly lit because there were dark shades on the windows, so I couldn't tell what time it was.

I became alarmed that she needed to know if I was okay, so I got out of bed to see if she, herself was okay.

I came out into the living room, I saw on the clock that it was 10 minutes to 8 a.m.  It was later than I thought and I could see that the sky was blue and the sun was shining outside. I should have gotten out of bed hours earlier. 

Mary was sitting in the living room talking quietly with a couple other women.  

I needed to go to the bathroom and when I went in there, I saw there was no lid or seat on the toilet, so I couldn't sit down on the toilet without falling in, so I couldn't use it.

I decided to look for another bathroom and going through the hallway, I could look into Mary's husband's bedroom.

On the wall, was a TV wall screen as large as the whole wall. It was showing a war movie.

I don't like watching war movies and this one was particularly gruesome. There was a weapon they used that shot fie, not bullets. When someone got hit with the fire the burst into flames, completely immolated and burnt to a crisp. It was so awful I couldn't watch it, so I closed my eyes to blank out the sight of it.

When I opened my eyes, the movie replayed itself and when it started getting really bad - to see the soldiers being annihilated by streams of fire coming down from the sky, I just couldn't watch it and closed my eyes again. 

Again I opened my eyes and the scene started replaying itself again.  It came to me that every  time I closed my eyes, it would repeat the war scene and it wouldn't stop doing that until I watched the film all the way to the end or I would never be horrified enough to do something about it to prevent it in the first place.

So I stood there and watched the soldiers being hit by streams of fire coming from the sky. All the soldiers had were rifles to defend themselves with. They had no defense for these horrible weapons. They tried pressing themselves up against walls or behind objects and that didn't help. When the stream of fire came down, the fire was worse than a bullet, it could billow around corners and immolate anything that was close by.

The film just kept getting worse and worse.  Unfortunately, I was so horrified to see all these solders getting burned to death, I couldn't watch the film all the way to the end. I couldn't stand to see all these men die so needlessly. 

I had to close my eyes - it was too horrible to bear.




Date: April 15, 2005 at 21:29:27
From: sandynotod,
Subject: pole shift dream

Had an interesting dream last night. Since I have no psychic ability and don't dream about quakes I don't think its prophetic, just interesting.

I was in my childhood backyard in Nevada. It was current time, maybe the next week or month. The grass was green. All of the sudden there was a quake and it seemed like the horizon was being folded from the South. It was over in a matter of a few seconds and I could feel the earth actually rotate about 1/4-1/3 from the equator. So if you were in the US, it went up to where the North Pole was and Russia went to the Indian Ocean( I'm not sure that that is what direction everything went, but kind of like that and not knowing for sure was part of the dream). I regretted not knowing enough about moon phases to figure it out. It got very cold within minutes and we lost communications and electricity, but didn't have local damage. I knew that there had been a pole shift and I was trying to figure out whether we had enough resources (heat, food) to last until we figured out exactly what was going to happen. It was getting bitterly cold so I assumed that our place had gone toward the location of the north pole. I realized that depending on what was happening in other places, people would either be coming here or trying to get away and was trying to orient myself as to where I should go

Posted at: http://www.syzygyjob.net/dreams/messages/63391.shtml

4-27-05 - Dream Experience  A lightbeing came to visit. He showed a map in the Atlantic Ocean along the east coast. He said that a wedge shaped triangle from North Carolina south past Florida was going to shift.  Their would be a warning sign of 2 to 3 days given by the movement migration suddenly of crustaceans like crabs and lobsters that would be very noticeable. 

Because the eastern United States contains fewer faults, waves are felt for greater distances than in other parts of the country. People should be aware that it is important to continue the science of the study of earthquakes, because we can't predict them. We can mitigate the hazards of them and find safer ways to build communities around areas that are earthquake prone. 

On Feb. 21, 1774, an earthquake felt over much of Virginia and southward into North Carolina moved many houses partly off their foundations in Petersburg and Blandford, Va.

The most earthquake property damages recorded in North Carolina are attributed to an earthquake that occurred August 31, 1886 in Charleston, SC.  This quake left 65 people dead in Charleston and caused chimney collapses, fallen plaster and cracked walls as far away as Charlotte, Elizabethtown, Henderson, Hillsborough, Raleigh, Waynesville, and Whiteville, North Carolina.  On February 21, 1916, the Asheville area was the center for a large MMI VI earthquake that was felt in several states. Subsequent minor earthquakes have caused damages in North Carolina in 1926, 1928, 1957, 1959, 1971, 1973, and 1976.

December, 10, 2003 - An earthquake measuring 4.5 on the Richter Scale shook portions of the East Coast from North Carolina northward into Pennsylvania.  The quake was centered 27 miles west of Richmond, VA and occurred at a depth of 3 miles.  Although earthquakes are not uncommon in the Commonwealth, earthquakes strong enough to be felt by humans are rare.  So the question will remain, was this a fore-shock to a larger event or the main event?  Time will tell.

See: MAP

On the ocean floor of the south-west Atlantic, there are twin depressions 23,000 feet deep, near Puerto Rico, which look remarkably like craters. There are similar craters of meteoric origin on the North American mainland at Arizona and Charleston, South Carolina, where an elliptical area extends out into the Atlantic. It has been estimated that the craters near the hypothetical site of Atlantis in the West Indies were created with an explosive force equivalent to the detonation of 30,000 million tons of nitroglycerine around 10 to 15,000 BC.

See Maps and information about Bermuda and Atlantic Ocean 


5-6-05 - The following is my dream with an interpretation I pretty much agree with by a reader.  See what you think: 

Hey Dee,  I hope life is going well for you.

My comments are 'Blue' in 'Times New Roman' font.
 In the dream, I was working in an office (I believe I was in Connecticut) and writing in a notebook. 
(I've never been to Connecticut and live in California at this time)   

I do not know what significance Connecticut has for you, so I can't tell you what this means.   Perhaps you are supposed to view these events from there.

I saw 3 lines of sky blue color come down the page -  they were identical. At the top - they had a large wave in them - like something disturbed the atmosphere, causing the changes below.   

 The three lines are three years.  The waves represents a comet, asteroid or other 'outside' force causing changes here on Earth.  Personally, I think it is the magnetic field changes that are causing these effects.  And I think the negative spiritual energy (e.g. anger, hatred, selfishness...) on this planet is causing the changes in the magnetic field.

The two bottom lines of the page were about 'earthchanges' though I don't recall the specifics.  The next page - every line was written 'earthchanges'  ....  again I don't have the specifics.  The third page, was written  EARTH CHANGES  on two lines - the word was split into two on those two lines, where it had been earthchanges on the page before.

   Again, the three pages are three years.  At the end of the first year (this year) there will be two major events.  These are represented by the two bottom lines on the page where "earthchanges" is written twice.  The second year (next year) will be filled with earthchanges.  Too many to count at a glance.  One after another.  The third year (2007) will host the major event that will shatter the Earth as we know it.  The major event is represented by the capital letters and the fact that the words are separated or split represents a breaking or cracking in the planet. 

I then went upstairs where the maintenance man told me to get everyone out of the building because the walls were vibrating horribly like a pipe does when it is suffering 'water hammer'  ... hope you know what that is to save a lengthy explanation.  

You went somewhere to ask for help (e.g. prayer, deep thought, meditation...), this represents your desire to reach out to a higher power for help.  That is why you "went upstairs".  I do not know if the maintenance man represents your higher self, your guardian angel, or one of God's Archangels.  The building represents the Earth.  The vibrating represents the Earth changes.  The instruction to "get everyone out" represents your moral responsibility to warn, help, or protect as many people as possible regardless of the danger to yourself.  That includes the hurtful things others might say about your efforts.

I got the women and children out of the building, then went back down to my office, where the boss was telling the head secretary that he needed her to type an 11 page letter and that she should start on Friday, work overtime all day Saturday, so this letter could be sent to everyone on earth on Monday.

  The women represent the people that are loving and nurturing (not all of them are female) and would like to help God's children grow to the next level.  The children represent the innocent ones.  The boss is God.  The head secretary is you.  You are being asked to prepare something for the children of God.  I don't know what it is...but you do.  Venture inward to find the answer.  I do not know the significance of the 11 pages.  Why is it not 10 or 12?  Why 11?  Most curious.  Starting the work on Friday and working all day Saturday represents the actual day of the great changes that are about to unfold on this planet.  Jesus tells us that no one will know the hour, day, week or month of the coming of the end of days.  But if you read Matthew 24:20-21 He says that it will happen in winter on a Sabbath day.  "Matthew 20: But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day: 21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. 22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened."  Although most Christians think that Sunday is the Sabbath day, it is not.  The Sabbath day has always been Saturday.  Ask any Hebrew.  I recommend reading all of Matthew 24 so as not to take anything out of context.

I wasn't given any details of what that letter was however,  It was a warning of some type. 

The letter is to be delivered after these events take place.  Are you sure it is not an announcement or spiritual decree that will help to awaken God's sleeping children?

She was then given a huge raise and a promotion for working overtime. 
For your work and contributions to the spiritual advancement of God's children you will be rewarded.  The karma (or grace, however you choose to phrase it.) the you will receive for your deeds will be great.  No matter how hard things get, don't forget that our Dad (God) is master of the universe and He will take care of us. 

Here is the really strange part -  I thought I got black soot on my fingers and touched my face, so I went to the ladies room to see if my face had black marks on it, and instead of seeing my own reflection - I was a black woman.

   I think this means that in your next incarnation you will be a black women.  I don't know.  You are right though...that is really strange.

(I have no clue what that means)

As for Edgar Cayce, I believe he was right about Atlantis, but Edgar Cayce and Gordon Michael Scallion have been incorrect about the earthchanges they predicted with 'dates' because everything seems to have been delayed about 10 years.  I don't know the reason for that, except that I've heard that the ETs are working on delaying the changes for some reason.  They really don't want us wiped completely off the earth, though they can't stop a certain amount of deaths -  such as Sri Lanka disaster recently.

See my prediction of the Tsunami here:  TSUNAMI IN OUR FUTURE
... which hit the eastern and southern coasts of Sri Lanka had crossed 1500 mark
... crashed into coastal villages over a wide area of Sri Lanka on Sunday, ...

  Edgar Cayce died in 1945 and was working from shadows of future events.  He saw the reunification of Israel and projected the year 1998.  However, if you look at events that have already happened;  The 6-day war that made Israel whole again, when they regained Jerusalem.  (This is the starting point for the end of days.) The bible starts with a 6 day event (creation).  Bible prophesy says that the last generation will see Israel restored and it has been.  A Jewish generation is 40 years.  The 6-day war occurred in June 1967.  Forty years later is 2007.  January, February and 20 days of March of 2007 are the last winter days before the 40 years runs out.

On another note...I think the ETs are only here to help and to observe.  Their power and technology is not enough to slow or change the course of this planet.  That is still in the realm of God and God alone.

I'm not on my own computer right now, which is awaiting a part to arrive - hopefully today, so I can't access my own files right now, so will write more later.  


I hope you have found my interpretation of your dream helpful.  Please write back.  I would like to continue this dialog.  By the way...leave California.  Connecticut is a much better place from which to view these events.
Your loving brother and child of the same God.

HOPING THIS NEVER HAPPENS  (Its too much like hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, but thats not their zip code.)
Its also like the tsunamis in Indonesia. 


New Orleans Ordered to Evacuate as Hurricane Katrina Approaches ... NEW ORLEANS, AUGUST 29: Hurricane Katrina pounded parts of Louisiana and Mississippi ...
www.greatdreams.com/weather/hurricanes_2005-page2.htm - 536k - Cached - Similar pages

The busy 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, highlighted by the destructive Hurricane Katrina, has already broken many seasonal records. The Atlantic hurricane ...

5-6-05 - DREAM - I was wherever 20601 is located. somewhere in the east of the U.S. 

20601 Zip Code - Waldorf, MD
20601 Zip Code. City: Waldorf State: MD County: Charles County Latitude: 38.6038 Longitude: -76.8679 Suggest a Change to this Entry ...

I was with my mother-in-law Audrey and my sister-in-law Tracy and a friend of my father - Marie Cary in a house. 

There was a flood warning on the news and before we could even comprehend what that meant, I looked out the window and saw this immense gush of water go past, filled with broken trees and branches, cars, junk and worst of all - heads with wide open eyes - thousands of them. 

The building we were in was high enough not to be affected by the flood, but it came so fast and so furiously, anything that stood in the way of the water went right with the flow, tumbling and roiling and smashing into whatever it encountered ahead of it, with no way about the consequences of what came next. There was no time for worry, not even time for fear. The sheer horror of the smashing, crushing mass was like nothing ever experienced or seen except in movies of similar floods. Not too many people lived to tell of such a sight.

When the first mad rush of the flood went by, I suddenly realized that Marie was gone and I rushed through the house calling her name, "Marie! Marie!"

She had obviously gone looking for her dog. I prayed to God that her beloved dog hadn't been outside when the flood hit. Marie would be inconsolable. 

So it was, the flood came and went quickly, leaving behind all its massive destruction to be cleaned up by the survivors, a seemingly impossible task.

Soon people were seen outside, picking through the rubble, looking for the indescribably horror ofo what lay in front of them. 

The phone rang. The male voice on the other end of the line said hew as from the newspaper and asked me to tell him what I had just seen. I didn't have the words - he asked me if I could write it down - what I saw so they could publish it in the paper.

But I didn't have the words for it.

How does one describe 30,000 heads floating by amongst broken trees and floating cars and massive debris. I wanted to be eloquent and descriptive and I had no words, nothing to compare it to.

By then, reporters came from far and wide to take pictures and they wanted to talk to the survivors of the massive flood.

I was speechless. I could not come up with the words to describe the horror.

They brought with them maps so I could point out the location. What they showed me wasn't even the right state. All the numbers were too small - I was looking for 20601.

When the newspaper printed their first edition, there was no description of the flood, only articles of thanks and praise to those who helped the survivors. No names of dead were given, only the names of those who still lived to tell their names. 

Finally, someone took me out in a car and we drove and d rove, but we weren't going toward the flood, we were going away from it and that rather scared me. At that point I began to see snow drifts around houses on the hills above the road. Snow?  I hadn't seen snowin years - the leftover of a devastating winter.

I didn't see any animals or people or cars - here too was devastation of a different kind - starvation from lack of electricity and heat. Here too - it was a different horror, hidden behind the walls of these houses we were passing.

I didn't want to see it. I couldn't witness more death.




6-15-05 - DREAM - I was in California with a group of men from my family. There was a big sports reunion of some kid going on nearby and all the men wanted to be there. 

My grandson Brian (means strong) was my driver and we headed out go to the stadium. When we turned onto the freeway with all the traffic, I could see a mountain range in the distance. 

Brian was freeway driving, but I was rather sightseeing and I said, "Oh my gosh! you can see the mountains from here."

Brian nonchalantly said, "Yeah!"

Then I saw a mushroom cloud come up in the mountain.  I said, "Did you see that?"

He said, "What?" because he was busy driving and didn't have time to look where I was looking.

I said, "A mushroom cloud just came up from the mountain."

He said just as nonchalantly, "Nah!"

Just then, a larger mushroom cloud came up from under the first mushroom cloud. 

We were heading right towards it. I said, "Shouldn't we pull over and stop?"

He said, "Nah! That's pretty far away."

At that moment, the whole mountain blew up, and the mushroom cloud rose into the air so high, I couldn't see the top of the cloud from inside the car.

Cars were still driving so fast so they could get somewhere - anywhere at that point.

I couldn't even scream because I was too stunned.

We were driving as fast as we could with the traffic.

I said, "We have to get off the freeway." and he didn't even bother to answer because there was nowhere to go. 

All of a sudden, a long plume of red lava came streaking across the sky in our direction. It was arching over, and I prayed we could get all the way under it so that when it hit the ground, it would hit behind us. 

It looked like it was going to land right on our car. 

I don't know how we got off the freeway, but we ended up in a huge underground garage with hundreds of other cars.

I was scurrying around with other men trying to help do something - anything at this point. 

There was a stairway off to the side of the cars and  saw a stack of newspapers there. So I ran up the stairs to get the newspapers and spread out the paper over the lava spots that were drying on cars and pavement.

I wasn't alone. Nobody knew what to do - it was too devastating.

My own family seemed okay, but it was obvious everyone was highly distressed. I even saw Bob the painter there.  (He is a football and basketball fan)

NOTE:  7-7-05 - 

Sean David Morton last night said there is a huge amount of sports construction and retrofitting of sports stadiums in L.A.
This could be the precursor to that dream I had about the sports reunion in California prior to the huge black cloud coming up when we were driving south.
That would fit it.


7-17-05 - This dream is from an individual's viewpoint. You have to look beyond the individual to the bigger picture:

Hi again Dee,
The dream I had on Monday night was about my being executed by a military firing squad.
In the dream, I had been rounded up with a number of other Americans who had been deemed to be a threat to the government because of behavior that the government considered to be subversive and dangerous.  They placed us in detention camps that appeared to be in a desert-like area, complete with barbed wire fences and wood bunk houses.  They had an interrogation room there, where I was interrogated by some officer who appeared to be in charge of this detention camp.  It seemed he had already interrogated me a number of times without having really learned anything from me, so he decided to make an example of me, and handed down an order to have me executed by a firing squard for" treasonous & seditious acts against the government."  ( I didn't even get a trial!!)
As I was being led away in handcuffs to be executed a number of the other prisoners rushed forward  telling me that they had seen me on TV, and what an inspiration I had been to them, and how they would make sure that my sacrifice was never forgotten.....for my part, I was inwardly terrified.  I kept wondering to myself how much it was going to hurt to die and whether I was going to suffer a lot.  The officer in charge leaned over right at that point and said:  "We'd like to keep this as humane as possible for you and for us, so it will be just one bullet right to the heart, and then it'll be over with."  This didn't make me feel any better, because I kept thinking what if whoever shoots me misses, and then they have to shoot me several times?
I looked around as I was led out to the area of my execution, and crowds of prisoners were gathered behind the wire fences....some of them were crying.
Then I was placed against a wood pole and tied there, and the officer in charge asked me if I had any last words before I was executed...I looked at him and said, "No, I have nothing to say except I'm happy because I'm going to see my mother." 
And thankfully, right after that I woke up!  What a relief!!
See:  http://www.greatdreams.com/concentration.htm




7-20-05 - As I was waking up, I had a vision of a dark brown wrapping paper such as the National Geographic magazine comes in.

The paper unrolled like a scroll and I saw a map which was also dark brown with heavy black outlines on it.  At the top of the page, the words kept changing and all I could remember was Beverly and 77.  I couldn't determine where the map location was.

Later I decided to meditate on the map.  I asked to see the map again or be told where the map location was.  A male voice popped in and said, "You are messing with me!"

I answered, "What do you mean I'm messing with you?"

The voice responded, "We'll - SHOVE IT!" and I saw a map of an ocean area with multiple - I mean 100's of islands on it. 

So I looked on the internet to try to find the particular islands I saw, and came up with a page of earthquakes in 100's of islands.
See the list below - in just one week. 

Worldwide Earthquake Activity in the Last Seven Days

Current Time: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 20:43:20 UTC

Updated as of Thu Jul 21 14:08:19 UTC 2005.
DATE-(UTC)-TIME Latitude Longitude Depth Magnitude Comments
yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss degrees degrees km    
2005/07/20  13:54:56 12.08N 143.57E 10.0 4.9 GUAM REGION
2005/07/20  13:06:02 24.73N 122.35E 12.6 5.2 TAIWAN REGION
2005/07/20  04:48:13 17.94S 178.51W 584.3 4.9 FIJI REGION
2005/07/19  17:16:28 46.92N 150.53E 159.3 5.0 KURIL ISLANDS
2005/07/19  10:31:32 20.46S 168.93E 42.6 5.5 LOYALTY ISLANDS
2005/07/19  02:38:11 0.86N 97.77E 30.0 4.7 NIAS REGION, INDONESIA
2005/07/18  19:37:22 0.17S 125.17E 42.1 5.9 MOLUCCA SEA
2005/07/18  17:49:02 15.66S 177.54W 15.0 4.9 FIJI REGION
2005/07/18  15:53:48 24.77N 121.83E 62.2 4.4 TAIWAN
2005/07/18  15:09:35 17.82S 178.55W 558.8 4.2 FIJI REGION
2005/07/18  08:08:48 1.64N 110.23W 10.0 4.9 EAST CENTRAL PACIFIC OCEAN
2005/07/18  06:10:09 10.95S 166.04E 91.5 4.7 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
2005/07/18  05:16:06 55.20S 28.28W 10.0 4.8 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION
2005/07/18  02:06:55 9.85S 124.12E 23.3 5.5 TIMOR REGION
2005/07/18  02:04:59 9.99S 124.33E 10.0 5.4 TIMOR REGION
2005/07/18  01:59:37 4.86S 129.59E 175.9 5.4 BANDA SEA
2005/07/17  19:33:17 19.62N 109.30W 10.0 4.4 REVILLA GIGEDO ISLANDS REGION
2005/07/17  19:15:03 18.81N 155.45W 28.4 5.0 HAWAII REGION, HAWAII
2005/07/17  17:32:03 22.36S 179.60W 559.8 4.1 SOUTH OF THE FIJI ISLANDS
2005/07/17  14:48:16 13.93N 91.59W 42.3 4.0 OFFSHORE GUATEMALA
2005/07/17  12:45:21 38.39S 175.95E 166.0 4.2 NORTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND
2005/07/17  12:45:02 36.56S 73.26W 31.0 4.7 OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE
2005/07/17  10:22:38 3.49S 131.18E 17.9 4.6 CERAM SEA, INDONESIA
2005/07/17  07:49:53 6.37N 92.89E 26.6 4.6 NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIA REGION
2005/07/16  15:48:28 6.68S 105.91E 84.1 4.9 SUNDA STRAIT, INDONESIA
2005/07/16  13:13:47 8.33N 103.69W 10.0 4.3 NORTHERN EAST PACIFIC RISE
2005/07/16  08:59:24 19.66N 109.45W 10.0 4.2 REVILLA GIGEDO ISLANDS REGION
2005/07/16  08:44:36 19.52N 109.50W 10.0 4.4 REVILLA GIGEDO ISLANDS REGION
2005/07/16  06:43:24 7.30N 93.97E 33.3 4.6 NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIA REGION
2005/07/16  05:03:40 1.51N 66.79E 10.0 4.6 CARLSBERG RIDGE
2005/07/16  03:42:25 11.94S 166.47E 48.6 4.8 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS
2005/07/16  00:00:47 23.12N 121.87E 10.0 5.0 TAIWAN
2005/07/15  23:45:46 5.75S 145.71E 49.6 4.7 EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
2005/07/15  22:05:20 6.35S 149.23E 64.5 5.1 NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
2005/07/15  21:14:53 7.55N 94.12E 16.7 4.8 NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIA REGION
2005/07/15  17:58:36 57.33S 147.66W 10.0 5.7 PACIFIC-ANTARCTIC RIDGE
2005/07/15  17:35:00 1.17S 80.01W 161.4 4.1 NEAR THE COAST OF ECUADOR
2005/07/15  15:48:53 20.44N 155.14W 7.8 5.3 HAWAII REGION, HAWAII
2005/07/15  15:19:09 40.30N 124.37W 17.4 2.9 OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
2005/07/15  14:21:52 3.38S 148.92E 10.0 5.4 BISMARCK SEA
2005/07/15  14:07:26 41.11S 173.52E 107.0 4.2 SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND
2005/07/15  13:45:41 32.80S 179.40W 177.2 4.9 SOUTH OF THE KERMADEC ISLANDS
2005/07/15  12:50:04 7.48N 94.20E 21.3 4.7 NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIA REGION
2005/07/15  01:20:01 51.59N 174.02W 30.3 4.7 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS., ALASKA
2005/07/15  00:56:37 51.59N 174.17W 32.6 4.6 ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS.

These quakes continue almost daily:

9-13-05  Voice in dream:  -  "There are 17 cities under threat of terrorism."


 This is not the first dream I've had about this.  I did a web page a few years ago.
I put the previous dreams near te bottom of the page.
Here is today's dream:

10-06-05 - DREAM - I was in the country somewhere.  I was asked to come to a resort hotel and pick up a message.  When I got to the front desk, there was a small envelope with my name on it, attached to a large Sunday newspaper.  I picked up the newspaper to take it with me, and all the inserts, and the newspaper fell out of my hands and landed all on the floor in a big mess.  A woman, who had left the message for me, tried to prevent me from picking up all the pieces, but I needed them all in order to solve the puzzle of why I was given this message. I managed to pick them all up, but they were no longer in the same order as when I was given the newspaper. I took them with me.

Outside some people were being taught a dance.  They were in their stockinged feet, and it looked rather like a Maypole dance without the pole. They did the Morris dance. I could hear the music playing while they danced. These were all couples, male, female, male, female, etc. probably about 20 in the circle. They were all happy and laughing and enjoying themselves. They were all dressed in costumes, with the women wearing large voluminous skirts with crinoline under them. The only problem was that their socks got holes in them from the dancing.  They had to dance up to number 59.

I then went to my office. I hadn't yet opened up the envelope with the message because I had to work.  I was standing at a long table on which sheets like blueprints were coming out of a machine - but looked like colored maps of orange, brown, and green. They were in a long string which I had to tear apart,  and because the paper was so thin, by handling them, holes pulled into the paper from my thumbs, and tore along the edges in long rips from pulling on the paper. This paper seemed to be made of thin fibrous material.

Someone asked me why I was separating the sheets. I said, because I can take each one of these sheets in to the engineers and find out where they go. This too was like a big puzzle that had to be put together.

As I was going through the next room, I came across the dancers again, this time they were dancing around a large round table, all holding hands and doing that same maypole type dance. This time they were told to make wishes as they danced, and again were dancing to the number 59, in their stockinged feet, making holes in their socks.  But when they got to J58 - I was told, "This is the time of the first impact"  and I abruptly woke up.

NOTE: It is apparent that the Morris Dance is done at May Dances on May 1st every year.  If you count 59 from then, takes you to June 29, but the first impact = J58, which is June 28th. 

However, this does give us the year - Sunday the 28th of June would be the correct date.  The 28th of June lands on Sunday in the year 2009.


11-6-05 - 5:55 a.m. DREAM - I was working in a large office somewhere and my friend Kimber had an office across the hall from me. We had the same boss. 

The boss who was the President and his second man - the Vice President came into my office and he said that he was waiting for a phone call from his mother. He wanted to have a private line put in just for her, but he didn't think he would be allowed to do that, so if she called, he would talk to her on 'my' phone. 

The boss was tall, on the chubby side, balding. He was very pleasant looking, the fatherly type - he looked like Jeb Bush.  The Vice President was shorter, with dark hair.

I was in the process of feeling some thin brochure-type catalogs. He took them from me and looked through them and then laughingly dressed up in women's clothes. He made a very handsome woman, I must say. 

The men left my office then and I saw what they left on my desk. It was a war map. 

All the countries we were at war with were on the map, placed together like it was one continent. One country was labele WAR. It was shaped like Israel. The other countries around it were labeled with their names and there were many of them. 

I saw North Korea, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Taiwan,  and many others. We were at war in all of them. 

All the countries were blood red in color. 

Underneath the map, it said, RULE 2002 WAS INSTITUTED IN 2002.

See: http://www.greatdreams.com/political/rule_2002.htm


Posted by marie on 11/13/2005, 5:13 pm

this is the wierdest dream ever..here it is

it is afternoon, my husband and I are taking a nap. I hear a loud noise outside my bedroom window. I run out the door and I notice that a large radar dish has fallen and barely missed my house. I find it strange. I look up. I notice more things crashing to the earth. Trucks, other people's cars, pools, fences..etc. I start to run inside, scared to death. As I am opening the door, I notice that outside the atmosphere felt different. This is hard to describe. The air felt heavy. It felt dark, ominous. Everything around me had a wierd, orange-yellow glow. Then the strangest wind started. It started whipping in a wierd way, as though its direction was all sides. And it kept getting stronger. It was like no other wind I had ever felt (and I know wind, I live in Florida...hurricane-ville). I run inside. My daughter and my husband are scared. We are all freaking out. I hear a knock on the door. It's my neighbors (not my real neighbors, these are people I have never met).They start fiing in.. Some are saying, this is it..we all need to repent. We turn the tv on. We hear the news "this is the end of the world, the tsunami in Asia has caused a shift in the earth's core..this is the end of the world" Then, all of the sudden, about half the people in the room disappear..including my husband...my daughter and me and some of my neigbhbors start screaming and I wake up.

The wierd part of this dream is that I woke up three times during this dream, and went back and continued the dream until the end.
I have never had a dream of this magnitude.




45 Prophecies on the end of the millennium - on 1999-2000

... The collision with a comet (which should generate huge waves and, possibly, the "three ... 44) In a prophetical dream of Don Bosco, he saw two saints holding strips ...


... will appear as Kalki, riding a White Horse, with drawn sword, blazing like a Comet. ... this theory and applied science you can go back and look at my dream of the ...


... I tell the boy, "No, the comet is over here." I look at the spiral object again (looks ... I wake up from the dream at that time, AND I get the feeling I don't ...


... In a second dream, I saw the same map. ... is the one repeatedly discussed in my 'CWN Analysis' papers in which basically I associated it with Comet Hale-Bopp


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... 7-16-03 - LATEST COMET PREDICTION - WILL HIT THE MOON IN EARLY 2004 Following that - one will hit the earth. ... RED LINEBLUE LINE THE DREAM AND THE REALITY. ...





... page recently where I received a message from IESOUS OF NAZARETH in a dream: THE BLEEDING ... A mighty comet will fall to earth and great destruction will follow. ...


... This vision of bounty is like a dream of how beautiful life will be with Me ... Then once the Antichrist comes to full power, I will send My comet of destruction ...