My experiences on September 23, 1972

by Edward P. Eisenhauer.

May 02, 1999

The topic of walk-in is very simple to understand actually, but a bit harder to live through and with. Let me explain how I relate to the subject.

The following is one of my experiences with a NDE or Near Death Experience. This is the one that created my walk-in profile. It came to be after my last tour in Viet Nam and after leaving my previous family situation in New York in search of a new life.

Within months of returning from Nam in the early seventies, I was riding on the back of a motorcycle for the second time in my life, and I went through the veil of life and death.

After discussing whether or not to return with the powers that be, I clearly remember re-entering my body and being "assisted" with knowledge that allowed me to medically pack my barely attached right forearm and walk into the VA Emergency room four hours later.

Throughout the on-scene incident on the physical plane and other planes, I clearly had the assistance of an over-sheath of another being, which I am still coming to know and learn from continuously.

During the incident and after, I knew more than I did from the personality that started up Mt. Lemon.

Following is my NDE experience step by step.

In Tucson, Arizona, on a sunny morning in September 1972, the 23rd to be exact, a buddy from the 1st MI (Bars) in Viet Nam and I were going to go up Mt. Lemon to Rose Canyon Lake. I was riding on the back of his brand new 1000 Honda motorcycle. He hit a patch of sand and then a rock sticking up on the side of the road. I was catapulted down the road approximately 250 yards and off the edge.

I remember realizing the bike was out of control, then bouncing down the road. I was dressed only in cutoffs, boots, a helmet and my boot knife from Nam. I remember sliding down the road on my helmet and my boots with my back arched to avoid more flailing of my skin by the road surface.

In the hospital it was estimated that about 85 percent of my skin surface was road flailed. It was at this point that my left foot caught in a pothole and my momentum flipped me into the air, off the road, and down the side of the mountain approximately sixty feet from the road.

It took quite a bit of time for me to be comfortable enough to review these memories. I still have fragmentary recollection of memories that seem to make no sense in the middle of the incident.

For example, as I was flipping by, I remember vividly the vibrant green color of a patch of plants, the sounds the birds and insects were making, and the smell of the pine forest mixed with that of damp earth. These memories are as clear for me today as they were that day in September 1972.

However, once I went airborne and before my impact, my consciousness shifted planes, and I have no memories for a while of the third dimensional plane.

My next recollections were of my consciousness traveling through a plane at a great speed. Then, and since then, I have been able to see my self from another location and experience the shifting of my consciousness between my light bodies (like a shift of perspective) while on the planes. I can sense myself jumping between two locations. It is as if I am going through the actions and then I jump back and can also observe myself interacting. I am not yet sure of the exact methodology being uses, but my spiritual hierarchy uses it to instruct me quite effectively.

To continue the narrative, I could feel myself traveling through space at a tremendous speed, and I could see my permanent atoms traveling through space. My atoms looked like little colored atoms with energy trailing off the backside, like a comet with a real stubby tail and the head made up of three revolving luminescent globes, the tail no longer then the size of the head. The background was black space with colored dots of light like the dots of colored light created by the plastic pieces in that child's game called Light Bright. The colored dots did not move from the position I was observing from, but my atoms were moving across this back drop at what seemed a very rapid rate.

To clarify, when I have the experience of interacting on a plane and observing myself in the interactions, in the observer's position I am fully conscious of everything I know in this three dimensional reality. I am aware of whatever my developing consciousness has learned on the different planes and whatever I need to know on the plane I am working on, plus information and the knowledge I need to work on the plane I am observing from for the current interaction. The thing is that, from the observer's position I can interact, and I can affect the planes but usually I can only perceive the scene like I am looking out from a wall with my eyes only. I get snatches of the location I am in only when I jump from there into another operational area. This might be a jump to another light body I am observing, back to my physical body, or, at times, to carry another consciousness to another location.

I am eternally grateful when I get to experience this shift of consciousness for the bliss and understanding it brings. However, I get to experience this point of view only when something needs to be done, and there is usually a bitter sweetness to each experience.

Back to my becoming one with Mt. Lemon near mile marker 18 in September of 1972. After observing myself in my atomic form traveling through space, I was possessed by a sense of sadness, which escalated into a sense of shame and emptiness. This prompted a communication between my consciousness and another consciousness that I never got a visual on. I knew at this point, that action was critical or else I would be leaving the Earth's sphere of influence or this life.

The visual at this point changed. My atomic atoms stopped moving and were replaced with a visualization of me in my physical form standing on a platform suspended in the space backdrop previously described. At this period, my perception moves back and forth between me standing on the platform suspended in space and me observing myself standing on the platform.

A lot was transpiring at this point and, it all happened at the same time! I cannot clearly delineate when I was in the consciousness of the being standing on the platform or when I was in the form of the being observing me standing on the platform. There are sections of this experience, when I do know which position I was in. Other times I think I was partially in both locations.

The communication level at this point was beyond description. A general explanation would be like an open ended telepathic communication with four plus entities and a direct input from the universe at large for needed information. The information input were the akashic records, but it was quite a while later in my development that I found out what this information source actually was. At that time I didn't have a clue to what those records were. Since then, my access to the records continues in the same manner; if there is a need, the information just flows through my consciousness.

At this position in the interaction, I knew I was returning home for a long over due rest. I was in space with many different colored dots of light. There was no star warp motion like in Star Trek. I start to understand that I have been in voluntary incarnation continuously for the last 12,000 plus years. At this point in my journey outward, i (little i) and some part of "I" stopped my consciousness traveling outward to my resting position (home).

I clearly remember mentally yelling, "Stop! Just hold it a moment!" This was done from the position of the observer and then I shifted into the form standing on the platform. The unseen voice asked, "Why?" I responded, "I have not accomplished what I said I would do! And there is not enough time to come back through." The ensuing communication is very difficult to reiterate. I will just give as many of the impressions I have been able to retain. With the help of big "I", I started a debate, with, for lack of a better word, the universe at large. Quite a lot was discussed or revealed at this time to my personality. In this interaction I remember thinking, "What a trip I am! Now I'm arguing with God. I better watch my step here!" I wasn't a very spiritual person up to this point in my life's trip. I will tell you that i chose to argue against my well-deserved rest and to return to this planet.

A great amount of discussion was issued toward me. This was strange to experience because it happened like this. Many, many beings were talking at the same time, myself included, but I could actually understand and keep track of all that was said and even respond to the input. The general discussion was, "You have done more then you need to already!" Come home/back! You deserve your rest." It was established that I had done my job well, over and over again, and it was my right to take the next cycle step. One example of my efforts in this world was presented after another. Loved ones told me I had been away for too long, saying I should return, not return to Earth, and so on.

My final argument was I had promised to be on Earth now to help those who would need the unique help I could offer. This changed the input from the others, but I must admit I, at that moment, didn't have a clear idea of what my help could be even though I invoked the argument. I felt like I was going to cry while looking out from that form on the platform. It was me, the little me, who was given the right to decide my fate, somehow justified by rights accumulated in previous work that I still know nothing about. From my contacts helping others since then, I suspect that, the work is from previous incarnations. I have always been in service to mankind as a warrior for the light or as a teacher in the brotherhoods of light. The reason I wished to be here now was to be a friend, helping those who are old friends having problems in this final transition. Yes, when times are rough for me, I would like to know more about my previous spiritual development history, but when things settle down again, I realize knowing absolutely would take away the joy of discovering more about my over sheath.

My decision was made. When I was instructed that my request would be honored, I was asked, if I understood what was involved and that there would be severe pain. I responded, "I do not understand all that is necessary, but I wish to try it. Please help me!" Now I was enveloped in a clear black field and could feel or sense nothing but well being. Here I was given the spiritual as well as the physical strength to save myself until other help could arrive to assist my physical form, thus I became a walk-in.

During return journey, I was in this clear black field. I since have found that field was the light body of my walk-in. I felt no motion or any stimulation during the return trip, but soon there were golden rays of light all around the bottom of the black field. I sensed the black field was cone shaped. Through the golden ray I started to see my cadaver covered with road rash lying broken on the rocks in a twisted position. I thought," Do I really want to do this?" I was answered instantly; "You don't have to, if you do not want to! It is going to be hard for you and it is going to hurt!"

I jumped through the circle of golden rays. I felt myself entering the body in a spiral path through the chest area. I was in the body, but I was in a dark area and I could feel nothing or sense nothing. I thought, "Oh God, what do I do next? How do I start this thing again?" The next thought I received was "Breathe to live." I remember thinking; "Well you know that's probably a really good idea!" I started my body breathing. I felt my chest breathing and that is when the pain hit. I knew I was back in the body at this point but all I could feel was pain and darkness.

I asked, "What next?" The reply was "Try wiggling your toes." Which I did, first my left toes then the right. I kept testing each section of the body until I got to the chest area. At that point I opened my eyes. I couldn't see anything because the plexiglass facemask covering was fogged over and covered with water droplets. This is exactly when I became one with my walk-in. I felt it interlock with me, and instantly I now had all the information I needed to save the body. I knew my left arm would still work so I reached around and tried to unsnap the face shield so I could see. It would not release. I was instructed to tear it off; I did, ripping it into three pieces. This feat impressed me, but I still had more important tasks to do and more important problems to solve.

Next instruction was, "Straighten out your legs and position yourself for shock." I wiggled my body straight and positioned my head downhill. I was basically lying in that direction which made it easier. I knew my barely attached right hand was under my right shoulder blade and I was able somehow to get a hold of it. I then knew how to reset the compound fracture of the forearm by using my right leg. I bent my right leg up till the back of my right foot touched my butt. I held my right hand on my right kneecap with my left hand. Then, with my left hand I pushed the leg flat to the ground, refolding the muscle tissue and balancing the bones end to end at the point of the breaks. Then I brought the right arm into my stomach area where I could bring pressure to bear in order to stop the bleeding.

There is more to my story but this is a brief description of my transition to a walk-in. At the scene I had the assistance of two people whom I never got to thank. One was a fireman who helped me splint my forearm with a Woman's Day magazine. The other was a nurse who massaged the severed hand, which allowed me to feel it and keep the blood flow going to it. The fireman also realized that I was going into deep shock at one point and actually pulled the carpet out of his Volkswagen to cover me. This allowed me to stabilize my body temperature. It took over two hours for an ambulance and medical personnel to arrive and about an hour and a half ride back to a hospital which refused to treat me because I didn't have insurance. So I called a friend to pick me up and take me to the VA Hospital in Tucson.

Some further observations: I believe, if I were to lose the walk-in over-sheath, not only would my actual age show on my physical form, but parts of my body would probably cease voluntary functioning in certain areas. For example, sections of my body still work even though bones ripped through the nerve cords involved.

Medical science had decided in 1972 that my right forearm should have been amputated at that time. What was done by "me" on re-entering this body and in regaining the use of this form -- shall we say defied the logic and premises of the medical profession, at least at that time.

Since then, after accepting and starting to walk my spiritual path, esoteric understanding comes to me, if I ask. If I listen to what I call my spirit all is revealed. If I ask for information, shortly it is delivered. My understanding did not occur overnight, but quickly once this personality accepted the assistance of my over-sheath.

I would like to point out the message I wrote originally was intended solely to show the compatibility and joyousness a walk-in incident actually comprises. I felt there was some negativity and useless mental conflict being created about the subject. All I tried to show is that a walk-in is of your own spiritual hierarchy and a gift of life. At least this how I understand my experience

When the term walk-in came to my attention, I was very interested in exploring the experience, to say the least. Since I suspected the topic might have some relevance to my spiritual development.

Here is what I learned:

First, the subject loses all (or at least most) of the fear of death. You know what happened so the fear of the unknown is gone. This is a major asset when you choose to explore a "Mystery" or the unknown.

Second, communication between you and your other dimensions increase, if you listen and create a "system" to communicate.

Third, you fall hard if you choose a path outside your dharma thus creating negative situation, but you learn quickly also (hopefully).

Fourth, most of the conflicts the mental plane creates over this "arrangement" are moot. Why? Cause the walk-in comes from the individual's spiritual hierarchy. So where is the conflict between paths? Where is the spookiness?

Fifth, At least in my case (and I suspect in all these cases) the developing ego has requested the assistance. That might be the point the arrangement should be viewed as assistance not a take over.

Sixth, Is it really any difference to ascend your vibration to touch your higher light bodies or have it walk-in to the physical plane? Well, for sure the latter way is usually faster due to the circumstances but to understand the developing personality must still do the work required.

Seventh, A walk-in is a gift of life.

I always found the understanding was ours for the price of stillness and the effort of clearing our mental plane. If "ALL is one" (or scientifically "The Unified Field Theory") then why as we aspire to learn or understand do we constantly break things apart. Then we place different labels on the parts. Now we claim we understand the parts but now we find more questions instead of the absolute peace of true understanding. I found that the churning of the mental plane (sort of garbage in garbage out type of operation) was not intellect, though many are impressed with the activity. Knowledge (at least to me) had a sort of stillness quality to it. I guess I define knowledge as / intellect in function. (Actually I define it more as Verb rather then a Noun) I was trying to show that the fear or spookiness of a walk-in is a --mental creation -- the walk in and the personality were always of the same "one soul" therefore there is no conflict, just a higher "lightbody" functioning directly in the physical form.

Time will show the actual truth but I believe that understanding is brought through the personality by simplification.

By your leave / my peace I leave with you!

Edward P. Eisenhauer

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