channeled by Dee

"It's kids, not parents who are responsible for their own mistakes. Parents are responsible to teach their children responsibility. This might seem like a mixed message, but it is not. It is the parents responsibility to instigate responsible senses in the children. That is their job. It is then up to the children to be responsible for themselves as they are growing up. There is no excuse for not doing what they are supposed to do. They know what they are supposed to do as they are taught.

In this day and age, there is a demarcation between who is responsible for what and at what age and this is not so. As soon as you are taught, you are responsible for yourself. That is part of the lesson. You cannot expect your parent to be responsible  for something you do.

It may seem that the parents aggravate the situation because they demand so much of their children. But that is only because they feel so much pressure and demand upon themselves. And the children will have to learn to deal with this,  In this age, the responsibility and demands upon themselves and the earth are getting greater and greater.

Because of the number of people they must be responsible more and more. This is only the right thing to do. Because of the love of all parents and the love of all children, and the love of the world, this must be done, or the eventuality is that there will be no loving place to live; there will be no place to live at all.

In this age, it is even more important to deal with right now, because the earth has deteriorated so much over the years. It will take the whole of the population to work to restore it to it's natural state.

The whales, the dolphins, the fish, all the wild animals, all the species of bugs, birds, and animals that are  being wasted and becoming more and more extinct  or close to extinct; this is something we need to monitor and try to work on that so that these species will go on as they were once.  Each species of bird and fish and animal was created for a specific purpose and each one has their place in the hierarchy of and what you would call the food chain. Each one is dependent on both the one below it and above it. In this way, that is the only way that the earth can be in a balanced manner and continue that way.

If one of the species in that chain becomes extinct, the one below it would explode to such an extent that it could not be contained. This could cause great devastation on the earth that has to be dealt with in some manner as a problem than if this would not have happened in the first place.

That is part of the responsibility told of in the story of Adam and Eve where they were told to manage the earth. That is still part of the responsibility from the time of Adam and Eve. That is our job here. Even though we know that the story of Adam and Eve is just a story, still, what they were told then is still true today. We must take care of the animals, take care of our children, and take care of the earth. We must make the entire earth 'The Garden of Eden."

The ecology of the earth is a very big job. We must do our work diligently, because if we do not, there will be no earth for us to live in. We cannot live in a world of garbage. We must be able to recycle, we must be able to re-use things, we must find new uses for things that seemingly are wasted.  We cannot take things from the earth and then throw it into holes and expect it too just "yucky" it's way down into "something" again because there is no time cycling available for this any longer.

The things that are in the earth now, must be put into wise use and not just chopped up and tossed around and then thrown back into a hole. That is not the way to do it.

The purpose for this message is to let you know that this is a very, very, big responsibility and we must work on this now. We cannot put this off to tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year. No matter what other big things are going on, this is something we must do now.

We must all work together on this. This is not a one person job, or a two person job, or a five person job, or a 10 person job. We all must do it.

This is something we must start on today. We cannot put it off. Even a month from now might be too late to stop the process of destruction of something being destroyed now. There is no time to waste.  None.

Thank you very much for listening.

Em ne Mok to all.



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