2-1-09 - DREAM - I was looking at a large table cloth that was embroidered in fine detail everywhere.  The pattern was made up of little squares, some of the squares broken up into smaller squares, and each square had the image of a man in old fashioned clothing, or just words that someone said that had been remembered.

Then the tablecloth vanished and I was looking at the brown table itself which was very shiny, and on this table - on the left was a line of sky blue discs and on the right was a much smaller line or orange discs.

Then the blue discs started flying across the table at the orange discs - of course there were fewer and fewer orange discs as they got hit by the blue discs.

I woke up with the thought that it was about the Blue and Orange War.



2-2-09 - DREAM - I went to my apartment building to visit. I hadn't been there for awhile and lived elsewhere.  Some ladies were having a church service in the lobby.  I sat down and listened to the ladies sing.  The oldest woman sang a solo and her voice was starting to go hoarse with age. I felt sorry for her because she seemed so sad, so when she was done singing, I took her hand in friendship and she held my hand willingly. I started asking her if she liked to remember things from earlier in life, and she acted like she didn't know what I was talking about.  It was evident I wasn't comforting her and I was making myself homesick, so I finally said goodbye to her.

I made an inspection of the building to see if they were taking care of it, and it was getting shabby looking.  As I walked back toward the lobby, I found a book laying on the floor.  I picked it up and it was "Atlantis, The Antedeluvian World".  ( I have that book in my own library) 
Also: see:,+The+Antediluvian+World&spell=1


Farther along the hallway, I found three other books laying, which I also picked up but didn't look at the titles.  At the corner of the hallway was a whole pile of children's books about animals, and coloring books of child brides.  There were too many to take them all, but I took some of them as it was evident that they were there for people to read and return when you were done with them for trading with others.

My car was parked outside at the curb behind the building, but somehow I had lost my shoes.  I still had an apartment upstairs and headed that way to find them.  After I retrieved my shoes, I went outside and found huge round holes in the ground like it was sinking down into holes that were below that/  The holes were about 4 feet deep, way larger than a gopher trail would make.  I wondered what was below the ground and also why the maintenance crew didn't fix it.


2-3-09 - I was awake all night so when I finally was so tired I felt sick, I sat on the couch and leaned over sideways against a pillow.  I was too tired to fall asleep easily.  So I pretended to start to meditate and with my eyes closed, I could see someone laying on my lap.  I couldn't see who it was but he was wearing a colorful clown costume.  I told him to get off of me and he did, but then someone decided to lead a whole group of people through the house on a tour.  There were hundreds of people of all ages.  One grey haired woman decided to stop and look at me laying on the couch.  I finally had to tell her, that she saw me long enough, but she didn't want to leave, and finally the tour guide had to come and pull her away.  That was strange.

DREAM  I was working in a large office building and in the process of quitting my job, but first there were some things I wanted to do first.  There was a large round pillow that had beautiful flower garden embroided on one side, and on the other side, the cartoon figure of a black and white cat - like Felix.

One of the guys asked if he could have the cat for his puppet collection and I said yes, and spent the next long time trying to cut the cover off the pillow without destroying the flower garden, because it seemed that part of the design actually held the pillow together - it wasn't just on the cloth.  So I was carefully cutting some little threads so as not to destroy the design.

While I was doing that, some other people came through the building - some very agile people, and for some reason, they all quickly climbed up the wall like there was a ladder there, but there wasn't - they were just really good climbers, and they climbed all the way to the third story in just seconds flat.

Then other people started stopping by to say goodbye and to be sure to come back and visit, and my boss stopped and started talking to me, and she asked me what kind of job I was going to get, and I had to tell her I didn't know yet. I hadn't started looking.  She asked me how much money I made, and I answered, "You know! I work for you!"  She replied, "Oh yes, that's right!"  Then she commented something else about my pay and I didn't hear what she said, so I really don't know how much I was making.

Then a young to middle aged man came by and he told me that when  I get a job with a pay range of $42 dollars or so, to come and take his place, because he didn't like working with all these women - and a whole bunch of beautiful women walked by.  I gathered that he still lived at home with his Mom, and he wasn't too thrilled having to spend the whole day with women.  Why didn't he just quit and go somewhere else then???

I woke up just as I was going to walk out the front door.


2-3-09 - NAP DREAM - Most of the dream evaporated as soon as I woke up but I remember there was some cleaning going on, with little kids, and getting ready to go to a singing audition.

At the end, I, my little daughter and my cousin Shirley went to hear the audition at a house where we had to go into the entrance that was on the alley.

When we got to the house, my daughter ran around the corner in a playful mood and did something else, and I had to go get her. When we got into the house, a woman had her singing audition, and then we found out that the woman who had auditioned the day before that we hadn't heard had won the audition.

She had sung, "All by myself" by Sammy Davis Jr.  Il Divo - Italian  Celine Dion - English


2-4-09 - DREAM - I was cleaning the kitchen, and doing laundry all night - through two back to back dreams.  I evidently hadn't been there is quite some time. My husband Jim wasn't speaking to me except when I asked him a question about the bacon he cooked for breakfast - a big fat slab. I asked him why he didn't buy the nice thin meaty bacon and he said it was too expensive.  There was nothing in the house that I could eat for breakfast, so I went without.

The house stunk like old dried dog poop, and nothing had been done in a long time.  The kids were all there - like they would have been 30 or 35 years ago - they were all little, and there were some other kids in the house I didn't know.

So I spent all night cleaning up and doing laundry.

At one point I went down to the basement to get some towels I knew were in the dryer and the basement was huge - even larger than the apartment car garage we had in Milwaukee.  I couldn't find anything down there - met people  I didn't know who were working at desks and it was brightly lit. I have no idea where that was.  But back upstairs, it was like 35 years ago again.

There was a big old blue coffee pot on the stove - the type used for camping.  I dumped out the coffee ground and I could see soap bubbles in the coffee grounds - it was nasty. 

I made it known to my husband that I was cleaning and he had better not interfere and he didn't.


2-4-09 - NAP DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house in the dining room.  We were going to hire a teacher to come in and teach us a math game with a deck of cards. She was going to charge us $10.  The table we sat at was 8 feet long, and sat 8 people - 3 on a side and 2 on each end.  It was in a 10 foot square room.

My Mother told my Father that we were going to be paying $10 to learn this math game with cards, and he said that he would teach us to play the math game for half the price, which would be $5 each.

I looked at the clock and it was exactly 5:00 p.m. and my Father was getting off of work and it would take him 10 minutes to get home, which would be 5:10 p.m.

I knew we would have to turn the table on a diagonal in the room to make room for my Father to stand to teach us.

I realized there would be 12 people in the room, 10 at the table and two standing.

I woke up and started thinking about the dream and the numbers and the physical telephone started to ring.  So I opened my eyes and it was exactly 5:00 p.m.

It was the doctor's office confirming Joe's appointment for tomorrow at 9 a.m.  I mistakenly thought it was the dentist's office.  I called Joe to the phone, and a knock came at the front door - the FED-EX man delivering my new supply of jewelry for my business, which was all Hearts!

So what was the math game my Father was going to teach us?  Hearts?

NOTE: I told Joe the dream and then went to my computer to write it down, and AOL had a note on my screen that said I had been away from my computer for 128 minutes - another important number.

ANOTHER COINCIDENCE:  I went heat up some dinner, then sat on the sofa and turned on the TV.  The first thing that came on was the show "All My Children" and Kathryn Chancellor was playing a card game of Sollitaire on a brown table, then her roommate Murphy came into the room, scooped up all the cards and asked her, "Are you any good at Rummy?"  She said she didn't know how to play Rummy, so he taught her how to play Gin Rummy, and she beat him so many games, he owed her $6 million dollars at the end of the game.

NOTE:  Joe thinks this dream is about the Tree of Life



2-5-09 - DREAM - I was managing a large apartment building that was really unique. There was a huge library at the end of the building. I went down there with some of the other residents because I wanted some books on farming.  I was amazed how many books were in that library.  At the same time they had copies of magazines that were 3 feet tall by 2 1/2 feet wide - I don't recall what was in them, but I wanted some anyway.  So we carried some of them back through the hallway as well.

Then I found out that there was a large swimming pool in the basement, and one of my maintenance men invented a 'boogie board' - which looked like a small surf board. People used them to stay afloat when they couldn't swim yet.

The man said that someone had stolen three of them, so we had to get out of the pool and go look for those boards, but we didn't find them.

So, I went back to my apartment to do my reading.



2-6-09 - DREAM -  I was a young woman, living in the city.  I wanted to date a guy and he was friendly but didn't seem too interested in being more than friends - good friends.  Then he made a play for a guy, and he was sitting on my bed and I got a good look at his chest - he didn't hardly have any boobs and his chest was really hairy - like a guy -  turned out he was gay.

The same day, I asked a really bearded guy what he was doing that night and he said he didn't know yet.  I told my friends, "Well!  He knows where I live if he's interested."

We went to my girlfriend's apartment while she was getting ready to go out, and it turned out that she had an office in her apartment and she answered phones for them at night and took shorthand.  She wanted to go to night school, and people's nails now and then also, so the apartment would be empty while she went to school, so I wondered if I could do her job while she was gone.  I looked at the schedule on her desk, and she worked for OPKO CORP.


    Sep 23, 2008 ... OPKO Health is a healthcare company focusing on the commercialization and development of proprietary pharmaceuticals and instruments for the ...

  2. [PDF]


    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
    Opko Corporation. It will be headquartered in Miami, Florida and intends to apply to. have its shares listed on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX). ...

    NOTE:  I evidently was someone else - not myself.


    2-6-09 - DREAM - I was with my husband Jim all day and wasn't in a very good mood. He decided he knew what my problem was, and it was that I need some sex, which he proceeded to do.  He was evidently right because I was in a good mood after that and felt like I was smiling inside the rest of the day.


    2-7-09 - DREAM - It seemed I was in England in a very old house.  The sofa in the livingroom was an ugly yellowish color and I was determined to fix that so the sofa cushions were all taken off and changed to brown and white tweed, but not put back together until a 'gentleman' from America came to visit.  Then we quickly put the sofa back together like a puzzle.  . I was afraid of a short circuit fire in the corner of the house.  I made dinner for a group of people, which was all cooked in the oven.  I opened the oven to show the people the dinner, and it was all American meats except for a tall dark loaf of bread which broke in half and fell apart when I looked at it.  At the end I was looking at a grid-like puzzle and I knew I had to take out #65 to eliminate the danger there.


    2-8-09 - DREAM - It was wintertime, and I worked at AC with TM. It seemed that I also worked for another guy in the evening. He was either John R or Ralph G - he looked like a combination of the two. 

    Earlier in the day, in the front hallway at home, it became apparent that my son Tom was having an affair with my daughter-in-law Debbie though neither one had announced it, but I found out that they were both leaving home and their and going to same country town.

    My plan was to go home with T.M. to his apartment on 68th St. and then to my other job on 54th St.  I was trying to figure out how far north I had to go on the bus to the 54th address - I was thinking it was in the 100000 block.

    So I started filling out a pink message sheet from a pad what my itinerary was, so my boss would know where I was.  It was quarter to 5, and I was supposed to be at 54th St. by 5 p.m. but  I wanted to spend the night with T.M. and if I managed to do that, I would just cancel my other appointment.

    T.M. took me to his apartment.  It was on a higher floor and was all glass walls. I thought it looked like a television set - there was no privacy at all.

    I was there only a few minutes and an older woman who lived across the hall walked in and started questioning me who I was in a derogatory manner, calling me a mother _____  (it didn't start with F)  I told her that the only son I had left at home was a teenager.

    I asked who she was that she had the right to question me like she was.  She didn't say her name and she had a younger blonde woman with her - who might have been her daughter.

    Finally, it came time for me to leave to go to 54th St. so I went to the coat room near the front door of the building and got my boots and coat.  My boots were almost knee high and had 5 inch heels on them.  My coat was black - and I questioned myself why I was wearing a black coat with brown boots. That wasn't very fashionable even for me.

    I finished writing out the itinerary on the pink message slip and I signed it at the bottom -  Sonja!

    The girl's name Sonja \s(o)-nja, son-ja\ is a variant of Sonia (English) and Sophia (Greek), and the meaning of Sonja is "wisdom".



    2-9-09 - DREAM - I was living in a different house in a small town.  I realized that fact in the dream when my kids came in the front door.  They brought a couple new kids with them I didn't know.  I asked my daughter what their name was and they said "Tland".  They were already going through the house so I didn't get to meet them - just saw them going through with the kids.  I wondered when I would meet their parents and where they lived.

    Not more than a minute later, the kids were playing with their Dad's electric drill, mixing red paint.  I stopped them and sent them outside to play. I knew their Dad was going to be mad about that.

    I went outside then to the field with the dog, which was a large black Labrador retriever.  The dog was running around playfully, when our other dog showed up, which was a large white Chihuahua.  It had a huge grey arrow with a long feather attached to it, embedded in its front right leg.  The arrow didn't seem to bother the dog, it just kept running around like normal.  I knew it must hurt and that I needed to take it to the vet. 

    A couple of the kids tried to get the arrow out but they couldn't.

    As we headed back for home, the black lab dog kept getting in my way because it was walking in front of me on the sidewalk and other people kept admiring it. Then we finally got back home with the Chihuahua with the arrow still embedded in its leg and we had to go past the garage where their Dad (Ralph) was trying to use his electric drill and discovered it was covered in red paint, while he was trying to demonstrate something to another guy I didn't know.  (Tland?)

    I ran into the house with the dogs to get my purse which I couldn't find.  I had to ask the kids where it was and they showed me.  All I found though was my coin purse which was so full of coins, they were falling out.  I knew I needed more money than that to pay the vet with but I didn't know where my purse was.

    I also figured I should call the vet ahead of time and ask for an appointment - it was now past 4 p.m. and they closed at 5.  I knew she would see an injured animal.  So I went to the phone desk, and there was no phone there, so I asked the kids where the phone was and they didn't know.

    Then I realized I didn't have shoes on and discovered there was a big black woman in the house and she was wearing my shoes.  She had a boyfriend with her and he was being amorous with her, so it took me a few minutes to get my shoes back, which were red plaid tennis shoes.  The black woman's shoes were red flip flops with yellow insides.

    I still hadn't called the vet, and I figured I should tell my husband where I was going in case he needed me for something, but I didn't want to face him about the red paint covered drill either.

    Then the mailman delivered the mail to the mailbox at the street and I wanted to get that into the house.  As I said that out loud that I needed to get the mail into the house, a young black man was sitting there - acting very friendly and said I didn't need to get the mail - and then I saw it was raining outside too.

    I didn't want to get wet either, and I needed to get the dog to the vet. 

    I felt so frustrated, I woke up.

    NOTE:  I don't have a black or a white dog of any kind, and the kids in the dream were not my kids either. My daughter looked like my daughter-in-law Debe as a child.


    2-10-09 - FIRE ANT FREAKOUT!  DREAM -  I don't know where I was.  It seemed like summer outside, no snow, everything was green and it was warm.

    The dream starts out inside our house.  I was in the livingroom.  My little girl, about age 4 came into the room and was going to tell me something, when I saw some red ants crawling up her legs.  There were so many of them, I started to freak out.

    I picked up my daughter and ran outside with her and started brushing the ants off of her.  There were so many of them, I then picked her up and bounced her feet against the ground so the ants would fall off, which some of them did and I continued brushing off the ants I could see.  Some of them were fatter than others, shiny brownish red - others were a little smaller and thinner. 

    As I bounced my daughter against the ground on her feet, the ants formed a trail about 4 inches wide and were going down the street and as we tried to walk back to the house, we had to step over trails of ants about every few inches because the trail snaked back and forth for several feet before it went on down the street where other people were dancing around and over the trail of red ants.

    We went back into the house and there to my utter disgust were trails of ants, though a little narrower. going up and down in the corners of the living room.  There were so many of them, I ran to find a can of pesticide which I found rather quickly and ran back with it to the living room and started spraying the trail of ants.

    I managed to kill some of the ants but the number of them was so great, more and more just kept coming.  I was rather in a frenzy now and the dead ants, live ants, and everything in their way were swimming downstream in the pesticide which started eating through the carpet into the floor and then eating through the floor.  The pesticide even ate through the flooring beneath the carpet, which I saw was shiny silver metal in two layers, and the pesticide was eating larger and larger holes in the metal. The hole in the floor starting out about two inches wide, became larger and larger, and eventually ate away so much metal, it ended up looking like a sewer drain basin.  Fortunately, the ants that walked through the stream of pesticide, following their ant mates, also died and floated downstream in the pesticide, of which there was a lot on the floor.

    A large sized man, who seemed to be my husband came into the room and was rather stunned to see the ants on the floor, and then he spotted another trail of even larger fat red ants coming down the wall in a narrow trail, and crawling over some little birds, a brown dove, and some other little critters huddled together in the corner.  They seemed afraid of the ants too.  

    My husband grabbed the can of pesticide from my hand and sprayed the birds and critters and they also died and fell onto the floor into the pool of pesticide.

    I was really freaked out by now, as now I was seeing groggy red ants wandering around, which hadn't died. They were very disoriented, but now, not being in a trail, they were wandering out from the trail and covered more and more territory.  I couldn't help wonder if they survived the pesticide, would they find their way back to the nest and make more baby red ants which would now be immune to the pesticide?

    I woke up, wondering about that.


    2-11-09 - DREAM - I was with a small group of people who were studying Buddhism but they were so quiet and rarely said anything, so I decided to go on the computer and look for other groups of people studying Buddhism, and thought maybe I'd start my own group to study Buddhism.  (A little too ambitious of an activity?)

    As I was thinking about that, I looked out the window and there was a man coming down the street with an old lawn mower, asking people if he could mow their lawn and nobody was accepting his offer.

    My husband went outside to help the man out because his shoelace was hanging loose out of his shoe and the man wasn't paying attention to it and could hurt himself if he used the lawn mower on the steep hill of the yard next door where he was going next.

    I went out on the porch with my baby girl who was about 2 ish, and sat on the porch swing.  We were quite high off the sidewalk as we all had steep hills in front of the house about 6 to 8 feet high.

    As I sat there watching my husband and the man with the lawn mower, I saw a woman in a yellow dress slowly walk up the stairs to the second story porch next door.  I was intrigued with her face, as it was the same strong alien looking face as I've seen many times before  (my daughter's mother is an example in my January dream)  I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

    As I was watching her, a young woman and a large strong faced man came out of the lower floor of the same house.

    I immediately thought about having an affair with that guy, but he was reciting poetry really loudly, and I knew I'd never been able to tolerate listening to poetry all day no matter how good looking he was.

    As I woke up I saw a sign that said.  St. George's Cross.

    NOTE:  I looked up St. George's Cross on google images, and found that it is a red cross laying down on a white background of the flags of several countries, including England.

    Further information talked about St. George himself, whom nobody seems to know who it really is on one hand, but credit's other men as being St. George and that he is the patron Saint of Virgins and the poor.  Also, there is a group of people who honor the Knight of St. George, and he is featured in a long poem by Edmund Spencer - called the Faerie Queen.

    Knight of St. George (Canada)

    St George is among the most famous of Christian figures and is the Patron Saint of Canada. But of the man himself, nothing is certainly known. Our earliest source, Eusebius of Caesarea, writing c. 322, tells of a soldier of noble birth who was put to death under the orders of the Emperor Diocletian at Nicomedia (an ancient city of North West Asia Minor near the Bosporus in present day Turkey) on 23 April, 303, but makes no mention of his name, his country or his place of burial. According to the apocryphal Acts of St George current in various versions in the Eastern Church from the fifth century, George held the rank of tribune in the Roman army and was beheaded by Diocletian for protesting against the Emperor's persecution of Christians. George rapidly became venerated throughout Christendom as an example of bravery in defense of the poor and the defenseless and of the Christian faith.

    A holiday in honour of St George, to be kept on 23 April, was declared by the Synod of Oxford in 1222. The fame of St George throughout Europe was greatly increased by the publication of the Legenda Sanctorum (Readings on the Saints), later known as the Legenda Aurea (The Golden Legend) by James of Voragine in 1265. The name 'golden legend' does not refer to St George but to the whole collection of stories, which were said to be worth their weight in gold. It was this book which popularized the legend of George and the Dragon. The legend may have been particularly well received in England because of a similar legend in Anglo-Saxon literature. St George became a stock figure in the secular miracle plays derived from pagan sources which continued to be performed at the beginning of spring. The origin of the legend remains obscure. It is first recorded in the late sixth century and may have been an allegory of the persecution of Diocletian, who was sometimes referred to as 'the dragon' in ancient texts. The story may also be a christianized version of the Greek legend of Perseus, who was said to have rescued the virgin Andromeda from a sea monster at Arsuf or Jaffa, near Lydda (Diospolis), where the cult of St George grew up around the site of his supposed tomb.

    Saint George is a leading character in one of the greatest poems in the English language, Spencer's Faerie Queene (1590 and 1596). St George appears in Book 1 as the Redcrosse (sic) Knight of Holiness, protector of the Virgin. In this guise he may also be seen as the Anglican church upholding the monarchy of Elizabeth1:

    But on his breast a bloody Cross he bore The dear remembrance of his dying Lord, For whose sweet sake that glorious badge we wore And dead (as living) ever he adored.

    The legend of St George and the dragon took on a new lease of life during the Counter Reformation. The discoveries in Africa, India and the Americas, in areas which maps had previously shown as populated by dragons, presented vast new fields for Church missionary endeavour, and St George was once again invoked as an example of danger faced and overcome for the good of the Church. Meanwhile, the Protestant author, John Bunyan (1628-88), recalled the story of George and the Dragon in the account of the fight between Christian and Apollion in Pilgrim's Progress (1679 and 1684).


2-12-09 - DREAMS - Two dreams, where I was going to interview for a new job managing an apartment building.  In the first dream, it was a long walk to get there - and the second dream, it seemed I was there, and at the last minute I had to go to the bathroom.  I knew that the woman who was coming to interview me would be there any second but I had to go to the bathroom even though I knew the woman didn't even know which building she had to go to and I should be watching out for her.

When I got out of the bathroom, I went to the front lobby and the receptionist said that a woman had been here to see you and she left 10 minutes ago.:

Since it was the exact time of the appointment, I said, "Well, then she was 10 minutes early."

I went across the street to another building where I should have been, and in that lobby I meant a woman who was a previous boss (someone from TV with a bad attitude on The Young and the Beautiful.  She wanted me to look at a new glass door that had been installed, that opened by pushing levers on both sides of the door.  It would be impossible for many people to open that door unless they were tall with long arms.

I told her I had never seen it before, and she questioned that, so I repeated myself, "I've never seen that door before."

I went back to my room which was an office, and the phone rang and it was Ralph (a previous boss).  He said, "I've been watching you and I've noticed that you never once left that building wearing a suit.  Why is that?"

I said, "Well, I don't have a job!"

He asked, "What do you do all day?"

I answered,  "I sit here and watch people and judge them!"

He asked, "And how does that help you?  And does that ever help them?"

My answer was ,"No!", but I didn't get to say it because two other people came into the room to show me something and tell me something, so I quickly said to him, "Hang on one sec!"  and whispered to the people, but I knew he could hear that too.

Before I could get back to talking to Ralph, I woke up.


2-13-09 - DREAM - All I remember is working on web pages to sell gold and pink round gemstones.

NOTE: I think this is symbolic of something else - as I don't sell single gemstones like that on my jewelry site.


2-14-09 - DREAM -  This whole dream consisted of choosing the proper clothes that I would wear to work at my new job.

Upstairs all I had to choose from was 3 red blouses, and the only difference between them was the shape of the collars, pointed, round, and peaked.

So I went down to the basement where I knew I had washed some clothes and they were still in the dryer.

There were some old ladies down there and I didn't see the dryer, so I asked where the dryer was.  One white-haired woman said, "It was moved over there 3 months ago." 

The dryer was under a large table against the wall.  I opened it up and my cleaned and dried clothes were still in it.  I found a beautiful two piece green skirt and top, which could be worn either inside or out.

So, I took my clothes upstairs with me, practically running up the two flights of stairs, because my ex-husband Jim was trying to find out where I lived and I was living with other people now.

He didn't find me, and I woke up.


2-14-09 - NAP DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, WI on 16th St. and my daughter-in-law Debe parked her car in front of my house and left a pouch hanging on the side of her car with 2 black cases inside for me - rather like CD's or something for me to look at.

Her mother then came along and said to Debe, you ought to make her pay for that,  and at that moment I was looking in the back seat of the car at stacks of magazines and books I loaned out and gave to people for nothing that I had bought and paid for. That didn't seem very fair.

Then I went into a large building, where there were 3 black bulls caged along the hallway in rather large cages. I was afraid of them but they were caged, so managed to walk past unscathed. 

But then I had to go around a corner, and there was a large white bull - like a Texas steer with big horns, and it wasn't caged, just tethered by a cord to the next door I had to go through.  It made a strange noise as I tried to get past it, and when I opened the glass door to the next room, the white bull steer beat me through the door into the next room and now it wasn't tethered anymore, just dragging it's cord.

We went through 3 more glass doors the same way.  I managed to get past the white bull steer and open the next glass door, and it would beat me through the door into the next room.

The last glass door was to the outside, and the white bull steer beat me out the door and ran down the street, which I was glad to see because I didn't have to go past it again, but I saw it go to a big mud puddle and start wallowing in it.

Then alongside the road, three brown and white pigs came out of a hole (like a gopher would) and ran down to wallow in the same mud puddle as the white bull steer.

Then three black and white cats came out of the next hole in the ground by the street and ran down to the mud puddle as well.

NOTE:  Dee: I just read in some book that "long horn" was a CIA
code word for something. Hilary Clinton was born in the Year of the
Pig. She is the new ambassador taking Condoleezza Rice's place.
She's going to be in Iran next week--maybe lying down with pigs. I
just read a comment on a news headline bulletin board in yahoo/buzz
up that Bill Clinton brokered the nuclear sales to N Korea.


2-15-09 - DREAM -  I was working in a University office.  I was handed a large Rolodex with a card for every student.  By using school records for each student, it would be up to me to cull out the worst students.  Only those remaining in the Rolodex would be saved.

I was also responsible for saving documents and books for posterity, which took research work, so that the words of prominent scholars of the ancients would not be lost.

One of the male teachers offered to drive me home at the end of the day.  We went out to the large garage at the back of the building and his car was parked inside.  It was the smallest car I had ever seen.  He said it was from 1952 but it looked brand new as he took really good care of it.

I opened the garage door so we could drive out just as a very large electrician was coming in to do some major work way up by the ceiling in the garage. A guy like him would never fit in that little car.  I wondered if there was some criteria about the size and skill of people as well.


2-16-09 - I can't remember the dream, but we were preparing for the end times.

I had drawers full of journals with private information in them and I had to hide these so others wouldn't see them.


2-16-09 - DREAM - I was moving into a new apartment that hadn't been cleaned prior to my moving in.  I determined that the bathroom was the worst so I decided to start there.  My son Ken volunteered to help and I gave him the job of cleaning a 9 x 9 baking dish.  My daughter didn't want to help.

When I went into the bathroom, rather than a sink, there was just an upright tall upright silver spigot that moved around so it made it especially difficult to get water into a small necked container so I could do my work with it.

An older man came in, wearing a brown suit, and I complained about the water spigot, and he said that one has to get used to the rhythm of it and I would have no problem. I agreed that would make a difference.

Then my friend Sheila came into the apartment and was looking around.  She brought with her my male friend G.H. (IESOUS) (Jesus)  After they started looking around the apartment, I noticed that I was naked on top, and I had to run around looking for a blouse or a sweater to put on.

G.H. (IESOUS) said, "Don't worry about it.  The body is beautiful and natural as it is made."  and he laughed loudly. 

I noticed his tongue was white in his mouth.

I went into the bedroom and saw that there was nothing in the closet.  G.H. (IESOUS) (Jesus) followed me, and we quickly kissed so Sheila wouldn't see that we loved each other. 

I finally found a blue flowered summer housecoat like I used to wear 40 years ago.  There was a button missing on the front in the middle, but I put it on anyway, just to cover up my naked body.

I asked G.H. (IESOUS)  if he would mind taking me to the Laundromat the next day, so I could do all my laundry, rather than fight the battle for the washing machines in the basement of the building.

He laughed again and said, "Of course, but you know I'm going to want to eat too.  You don't have to if you don't want to, but I will."  And he smiled again, and I was happy that someone was going to help me.


2-17-09 - DREAM - I was living in a house that was partly below ground - like a basement - with 3 foot thick concrete walls. The windows were at ground level outside. 

NOTE:  After I woke up, I knew that house would not be good in rainy or snowy weather because the water could come in, and it would not be good in wind either - though the walls were thick enough, what about the windows and roof?


2-17-09 - DREAM - I was living in the country and was outside looking at my flowers.  I saw my orange cat coming down the sidewalk next to the barn, and its left front leg was skinned raw like it had been hit by a car.  It kept falling down because its leg was broken also.  He kept getting back up and trying to walk again, but his leg was badly injured.

Just then I heard a vehicle coming down the street and its motor was going tick-tick-tick-tick-tick.  I looked over at the car which was grey and it started slowing down in front of my house.

There was nobody in the house, and I remembered that  I hadn't locked my front door, so I ran to the back door, and my black cat went through the door slowly ahead of me.  I went to the stairway that had 5 steps up and by the time I got to the kitchen, the man was already in the house  - and his skin was grey and he was about 45 years old.

He started talking about love, and I said, "shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up." 

He said, "You'd be surprised how many loving liaisons I've had on Holidays, which he started listing, included Christmas, Easter, and Valentine's Day.

I started shouting, "Get out, get out, get out, get out, get out."  and woke up with my heart pounding.

But that didn't get rid of him.  Even while I was awake, he was trying to give me gifts. In a vision I saw him give me a glass jar with three large balls with gold leaf covering them.

Even while awake, I was saying mentally, "get out, get out, get out, get out."

Then I had a vision of a sign that said, "Lush boy scouts."

I tried to stay awake, but I fell asleep again.

DREAM - I was living in a house with my husband who was home.  Behind the house, coming down the street, I heard the sound, 'tick - tick - tick-tick-tick-tick' coming closer. 

From around the corner, I saw the grey car -  but this time it looked like a train engine.

I said to my husband, in a panic, "Please tell me I'm dreaming".  I was scared because I recognized that car noise.

The car pulled around the corner and stopped in front of the house.

I was glad my husband was home, but the front door wasn't locked.  So I ran to the front door to lock it.  I did so, but then saw that there was a second front door.  I tried to lock the door, but the man, who was a light skinned negro, put his hand on the knob and the whole door fell off the hinges and he started to come in.

My husband was right at the door this time, and the man came in and opened up a map to show my husband.

Again I woke up with my heart pounding.  I was so scared.


2-18-09 - DREAM -  I was living in Milwaukee, WI.  A friend asked me if I would like a job doing shopping for other people.  I said I would consider it.   She went away and just a few minutes went by and a woman named Jan called from the store at the mall and said she had a shopping job for me if I would like to do it.  I said, "Okay!"

So, my husband and I were going to a car junk yard for car parts in the same area as the mall, so we stopped at the grocery store to meet Jan and do the shopping.

Jan gave us the woman's shopping list, and her address which was in Oklahoma.  One of the items was 3 white onions which got pulled out of the ground right there.  I noticed that there were so many onions growing together, that they had square sides when they got pulled out.  I noticed that there were some very small flies buzzing around the onions.

For some reason we didn't do the shopping while we were at the store but we had to get the car parts which we didn't either.  We just went home.

(At some point along this route, I saw three brown square onions but can't remember where they were, but they were identical to the square white onions I was sending to Oklahoma.

On the way home, I saw at least 100 white horses in a field which I admired greatly.

There seemed to be a lot of people around  who needed my husband and they distracted my husband, so I went to the house myself. 

Standing by the back door, all in a group, were the 100 white horses. 

I noticed that there was no grass for the horses to eat and worried they would starve. I called them "Baby" as I went by and greeted them, trying not to be intimidated by being so close to them.  They were all standing so close to each other and none moved except to follow me with their eyes and watch me walk past.

Once I got in the house and looked out the window, I could see that there was a wire fence between the house and the horses, that I hadn't seen when I was outside. 

I went into the kitchen with the onions and there, in the kitchen was a young white horse, and a woman who looked very angelic.

My first thought was that the horse was trying to find something to eat in my kitchen, but the angelic woman who was wearing a lacy light blue gown, was coaxing the young horse to go back outside.  I saw a young man, dressed in light brown shooing the group of white horses away from my back door as well.

The next time I looked outside, I saw my husband and some men driving away with a car pulling a very large white box with black writing on it like a label which was on a 2-wheeled wagon.

I then realized I still hadn't done the shopping for the woman, so I got in my car and drove back to the mall myself. I was worrying about whether the woman in Oklahoma was going to pay for the food once she got it because she didn't know who I was so I determined I would make up an invoice from my business  DREAMTIME so it would look official. That would make her more likely to pay a real bill. 

It wasn't quite dark, but I needed lights on to drive.  I drove such a long way on the straight road, I started to feel that I was dreaming.  I became worried that my lights weren't on so I had to check whether they were or not, and they were.  The road curved just a bit and I had to move my arms to make the curve in the road, and that made me realize that I wasn't dreaming and made me 'aware' again.

and I woke. 

NOTE:  I immediately connected the white onions to nuclear bombs, and Oklahoma to my dream of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.

Studies on nuclear carbon onions

White horse on our own site:

White horses on our own site:


2-18-09 -  Joe is having his taxes done by H & R Block at 2 p.m. today.  I dreamed 5 different dreams about having taxes done vs the new stimulus package.

DREAM #1 -  A big black crow was having his taxes done.

DREAM #2 -  A wise old brown owl was having his taxes done.

DREAM #3 -  A pale green police dog was having his taxes done.

DREAM #4 -   I was living in Wisconsin with my first husband Jim, and he had an appointment to have his taxes done at 2 p.m. with H & R Block on Wisconsin Ave.  While we were waiting for 2 p.m. to arrive, I was cleaning the house.

I asked my son Tom to refinish a small desk that he had refinished once before.  He was reluctant to do it again, but the previous beautiful finish was getting worn off.  We told him that we needed to take care of good furniture because everything cost a lot of money to buy new things when the old ones got worn out, so he took the desk  to the basement to refinish it once again.

I then went to the telephone and called H & R Block to ask them if they had the new tax rules from the new stimulus package that Obama had just signed.  They said, "No!", but they weren't going to use those rules anyway.  They planned to just do them according to the software they already had, and when the taxes were sent in, they expected IRS to make the adjustments on their end.

I was very unhappy about that, as I didn't trust IRS to make any adjustments on their end as they would lose money that way, as the rules benefitted the people, not them. 

I then found a small map of the mid-west, and made a copy of the map for my husband could put it in with his tax papers to prove that we lived in Wisconsin.

We sat on the sofa waiting for 2 p.m. as we lived only 5 minutes away from the office of H & $ Block and my husband didn't want to go too early and have to sit on the hard chairs in their office..

At 5 minutes to 2 p.m.  two school buses pulled up in front of the house, and my husband got up and went to the door to leave for his appointment.

I woke up and lay in bed thinking about all the various dreams  I had about the tax issue.

I then had a vision of the pale green dog walking through a park in front of a tall thin man with a beard - similar to what Abraham Lincoln looked like, but in brown hunting clothing.


2-21-09 - DREAM -  I don't know where I was but it was like a cemetery with square stone markers placed on the ground with people's face pictures on them.  I knew that at some point these people would come out of their graves fully human in their previous size.


2-21-09 - DREAM - I lived across the street from work in an upstairs apartment.  I went home for lunch at noon one day and on the stairs I found mail that had been misdirected to other women in the building and those women put the packages and letters on the stairs for me.  At the bottom of the pile, I found 5 handwritten notes from other women who needed help with something. I took those back to work with me.

As I crossed the street, there was a big machine blocking the normal road I would walk on, and a man there made me walk on the lawn, but as I walked on the lawn, there was another man, dressed in army fatigues, playing war and he pointed a big black stick at me, like it was a rifle.  I ignored him and continued walking and entered the building and went through the lobby to the elevator.  The building seemed to be A-C (Allis-Chalmers)  but the neighborhood wasn't the same.

I can't remember what happened inside the building.



I was living in my 16th St. house.  I and my family were all in the kitchen and I was making spaghetti sauce while the family watched.  Everyone was sitting on chairs watching me and there was an infant crawling around on the floor whom I had to watch to make sure he didn't hurt himself.

Everyone knows that to make perfect spaghetti sauce it takes almost forever, and there was such a big amount of hamburger and spices and veggies to cut up to make the recipe perfect, I needed help.  I had to ask the family to move their chairs away from the hot oven at one point, and a huge pot of water had to be brought to boiling for the spaghetti. 

J. R. Chandler from "All My Children" TV show was there and my own family's women were there.  Once I got the hamburger brown, I asked each person to do a little part of the process of preparing the recipe so we all had a little part in the creation of the perfect spaghetti sauce.

Then, all we had to do was watch the pot of sauce cook down to the perfect consistency and that takes almost forever.

While we were watching the pot of sauce to make sure it didn't overcook, I noticed that Dr. Louis Turi was creating a huge face mask of a man out of dark brown clay on the floor.  The man's face was perfectly smooth, but Dr. Turi was at the point where he was opening the man's eyes.

I told everyone to come and watch the eyes being opened and they all gathered around while Dr. Turi fashioned the man's eyelids and then shifted the clay around the man's eyes to create the man's lower lids on the face and then open the lids so the man could see.

Dr. Turi said, "It's a shame that  I had to do this all alone, because nobody volunteered to help me, but that's my job," and he sighed.

I felt sad for him because he was creating the perfect man, but nobody but him knew how to do that.


2-23-09 - DREAM - I was at my mother-in-law's house in Wisconsin  (not the real farm house)  I knew that an airplane with bombs in it was going to come over and drop the bombs at some point, but it seemed that no one else knew it.  I kept looking up into the sky, watching for it to come over the hill to the east, and I needed to tell the people who lived here, but also the large group of people who were having a wedding reception on the side of the hill near the house.

All of a sudden, a horrendous rain started falling, the kind you can't see through -  and then it turned to hail that pelted the windows and the roof loudly.

When the rain stopped, which was quite quickly, all the people were heading for their cars, dressed in wet suits and dresses.  That was the end of the wedding, and everyone went home and I didn't need to tell them about the plane and the bombs.

As it turned out, my mother-in-law was trying to sell her house, but she was so overwhelmed with us being there, she was exhausted so I told her to go lay down, and the rest of us would take care of things.

Someone had sanded the wooden kitchen floor, so I took a broom and swept up the wood sawdust, which was immense, and I had to do it twice because there was so much of it.

One of the little girls there said she wanted to donate her hair to people who didn't have any, but nobody would let her cut her hair.  She was only about 6 years old.  So she took a scissor and cut half her hair off the back of her head.  We couldn't put her hair back, so we got a light blue envelope and put her blonde hair into the envelope and saved it to send it to the place that was collecting hair for others to use as wigs.

I noticed then too, that everything people gave to my mother-in-law, she turned around and put it in a very large manila envelope to give to her poorer relatives that had less than she had.  I saw the name on the envelope - it was Ellie.

Some people pulled up outside who wanted to see the house, but there was also someone on the phone asking about the house, and nobody was available to go talk to the people or have them come through the house, so they finally just left.

I went outside for a walk, and the hill in the front of the house, which was made of granite was crumbling and constantly falling in little chunks - a constant rain of stone falling down.  I saw a bright green gila monster go scuttling into a small cave for safety.

I walked back to the house, because my mother-in-law needed to know that the mountain was falling down.  I knew it was a hill, but I kept calling it a mountain anyway.  She was too tired to hear about it.

I later saw an armadillo in the front yard who was scurrying for safety as well, and the little girl was chasing it because she wanted to play with it, but she couldn't and she was crying, so I had to take her back into the house.

I went back outside, and saw that the house was made of massive dark stone, with really thick walls, but someone had set fire to the inside and was burning the wood out of it.

I wanted to watch it, and someone told me that I should hide behind another large stone structure because the stone walls might crumble and fall, so I did, and continued to watch the house burn inside.

After awhile I went away to go shopping, and when I returned, in the place of the stone structure, was a bright silver trailer - the size that would hold 2 people on a camping trip.  There were two men standing on top of it, putting the finishing touches on the roof. 

We drove around it and saw that the whole trailer was bright silver, but then I saw the stone structure that had been there, had been moved over to the next lot.  I don't know why I hadn't seen it from the street, but there it was and my mother-in-law was in it, getting it ready to live in again.



2-24-09 - DREAM -  I went to visit three young men who shared an apartment.  I evidently had had some kind of female surgery because I was always laying down to conserve my strength, (I was laying the same as I was in bed)  I never saw any of those men's faces.

Inside the apartment, each man had his own bedroom, and they shared the livingroom and kitchen and bathroom. 

The man who brought me to the apartment, opened the door to one of the bedrooms to tell the young man I was there, and he came reeling back out from the stench.

I didn't believe it could be that bad.  I said, "The only thing I couldn't stand would be to find a dead baby in a pile of clothes in the closet."

I was laying on the hallway floor while he was doing that.  Then I got up and went to the livingroom and climbed up into an oversized chair that was soft, and curled up in the chair (like I was in bed)  and the chair rocked not only back and forth but sideways as well.  It finally settled down though.

Then two women came into the room.  I recognized them both - probably from another dream.

Then I went into the apartment building office, and the accountant was there.  I recognized him instantly.  He was blind and had a crippled left hand, which he couldn't extend his fingers.

He recognized my voice and I asked if I could touch his hand in greeting, and he said, "yes!" and I patted his crippled hand.

I saw him reach out and punch the adding machine with that hand, and he moved his arm slowly and deliberately also.

We started discussing names and how they changed from generation to generation, but I didn't think they changed as much as the one he showed me -  It was Quigly or Quincy.

This him:  -  If this link doesn't work.  It's Bashar. 

Then one of the young men brought in a young blonde boy about 4 years old.  His name was Raymond.

The other two girls and I were there to sing together, and I was hearing really beautiful organ music playing.






2-24-09 - DREAM -  In the dream I was about 45 years old.  (That's when I got divorced the first time)  My ex-husband was yelling at me for not getting the kids laundry done.  (laundry in dreams stands for the chakras -  the colors)  So, I was working on that.  (At one point some years ago, I had everything done but the green work clothes, and then everything was done but the ironing, so apparently I backslid somewhat here) 

I was living in an apartment with two friends whom I met at age 18 when I left home.  One friend was Loretta, and the other was Stella, who ended up being my maid of honor when I got married.

So, here we were at age 45, still friends, and we decided to live together again like we had at age 18.

Friday night came and we got paid from our jobs, and Stella and Loretta went out and bought some bottles of wine and went next door to party with a couple guys who lived there.   I stayed home and did the laundry.

A few weeks went by with the same routine.  On Friday night, they would cash their checks and go next door and party.

One Friday, Stella started moving her stuff next door, and when I asked her what she was doing, she said, "Every Friday night, I get younger and I want to make it permanent."   While she was talking, I could hear Loretta laughing loudly next door.  She had a peculiar laugh - like a donkey braying.

I wanted to know what was so much fun in that apartment besides just the wine, so when Stella went back over to their apartment with another bottle of wine, I followed her and looked in the window.

Inside their apartment, was an entire wall of computers, all turned on to screens showing the stock market programs available on the internet.

I knew then what they were doing.  They were playing the stock market while they were drunk on the wine.

Whether they were winning or losing, I don't know, but they were playing it like a game.  (You can play in the stock market all over the world these days - not just in the U.S. market.)

I quickly went back home, and when Stella walked in to get more of her stuff, I said to her, "You aren't getting younger every Friday night, you are getting old and stupid!"   and I heard Loretta next door cackling her laugh again.


2-27-09 - DREAM - I don't know where I was, but it was an office building.  I went into one office in the morning and someone had had an orgy in there and thrown  red, orange, and yellow Jell-o all over the floor, and I had to clean it up.  I was really mad that they had thrown the Jell-o all over the place.  It turned out I was friends with the guy and I told him off.  Then he decided he would make friends with me more intimately.  He gave me a piece of white candy to eat, and then he put a piece of white candy in his mouth, and then he wanted to open-mouth kiss me.  I didn't want to , but he kept encouraging me by saying, "C'mon, c'mon."

We got caught then, and then I got admonished for it.  I still had to clean up the Jell-o. 

I got a phone call from a woman in another office, she was also a friend of mine (probably Lee).  She had someone come into her office too, and I was trying to do something on the desk at the same time, so I would do something and then say something to her down a white tube.  She said she had someone in her office also, so she said it was fine what I was doing.

I had to go back into the other office to finish cleaning the floor, and over in the corner was a pile of black poop on the floor and on the newspaper.  I took a stick to push it into a neater pile so I could pick it up.  It was a mess as anyone could imagine.

While I was working on that,  a black, white, and tan basset hound bitch came running out from under a low coffee table.

Following her were either tiny basset hound puppies all with long black fringes hanging down on their lower bodies like a fringed skirt.  I thought at first that meant they were all girls, but someone off on the side said they checked the sexes, and some were actually boys.  They could all run already in a pack, and were all so adorable.  For just a second they looked human, but they were really puppies. 

They all decided to follow me, Mama basset hound and all her puppies.


2-27-09 - I dreamed about doing laundry three dreams in a row.

In dream three, I was living with my husband Ed, but he looked something like Paul from 'As the World Turns' TV show.  I saw him go into the kitchen to make coffee, and I felt very intimidated by him and afraid to make a mistake of any kind in case he got drunk at some point and would find fault with me..

I got out of bed and went to his highboy dresser and moved some T-shirts over into a very large wide drawer in a credenza type dresser where there were 4 piles of white cotton shirts, many with high roll over collars, but some just regular T-shirts.  I made a fifth pile of the no collar type T-shirts.  I then found several greeting cards in the highboy dresser and moved them over into the top left drawer of the lower dresser.

When I finished that, I went out into the kitchen where Ed/Paul was sitting at the kitchen table sipping very hot coffee.

I went over to him and gave him a tender kiss in order to taste the coffee, because the coffee in the cup was too hot to drink.

We smiled at each other, and then I went back to bed.

I just have fallen asleep and Ed came to bed at some point, but I don't know when.

The telephone rang and as the phone was right next to the bed, I answered it and said, "Hello", in a very high pitched voice.

The voice on the other end of the line said, "Hi!" in a high pitched voice, and I knew instantly it was my very dear friend Alice, whom I hadn't heard from in many years.  I wondered if she knew what time it was at our house, because she lives in a different time zone.

Alice said, "I love you!"  and I responded, "I love you too.  I think of you so often!"

Alice then said, "Is Dolores within?"  and I was instantly awake.


2-28-09 - NAP DREAM - I was following some girls to the drug store, and the dove into the ground, pixelating and vanishing as they did, and then three feet farther on, they came back up out of the ground pixelating and then turning back into physical bodies again.

I got upset that nobody ever taught me how to do stuff like that, and a voice in my head said, "When you practice magic, it takes 30 years off your life."

I decided knowing magic wasn't worth 30 years off my life span.


2-28-09 - DREAM - I was living in the same town with my friend Donna,  She had lots of other friends, but this one day, it was lunch time and Donna, one of her friends, and myself were going to do something together but didn't have enough money to buy lunch.  In my purse, all I had was 1/2 of a green dollar bill wrapped around a handful of peas, and a credit card.  My credit card would buy lunch for all of us, so Donna's husband Rick said he would drive us to the store, which was in a nearby town.  We had to drive through the country to get to the store, which was in a huge parking lot area where there were other stores also, but one couldn't call it a mall because it was a hodge podge of stores scattered.

I don't know how this happened, but after we got to the store, Donna's friend killed Rick and cut off his head.  I wrapped up Rick's head and took it to the ladies room and hid it in a closet way at the back where it wouldn't be found any time soon.

After Donna's friend killed Rick, she set up a table at the door of the store to give a lecture against violence.  I volunteered to listen to her speech, but she couldn't handle it and broke down crying. 

Donna knew that being kind and gentle wouldn't be the way to handle her friend's guilt about killing Rick, so the two women went into an area in the store where nothing else was around and they started wrestling quite vigorously to get her friend out of her melancholy and guilt.

Meanwhile, I went upstairs in the store, which had a huge elevator to hold many people at the same time to go to the ladies room and check to make sure Rick's head was safe.

On the way back to the elevator, I was the only person on the elevator until a mother and her toddler son came on.

The little boy stood at the edge of the doorway.  I had already hit the down button on the elevator, but nothing happened. 

As it turned out, the little boy was standing on a hidden wire at the edge of the door which prevented the door from closing.

The little boy got intrigued with the hidden wire, and he reached down to play with it, and when he did, it turned red and the red color of the electricity ran like a snake from one edge of the doorway up to the point where the boy was touching it with his hand. But the boy didn't just play with it with his hand, he decided to try chewing on it, and that made the wire short circuit from the saliva in the boys mouth, and then the door couldn't close at all.

So we were all stuck on the second floor together.  The boy didn't seem to be hurt but the elevator no longer could go to the lower level,  and I woke up.