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I was in the country on a farm that had an apple orchard. 

We knew that the weather was going to get too cold before the apples were ripe enough to pick, so the extraterrestrials came along and took the whole orchard into the next dimension to save the crop because if an apple gets frozen, and then quickly thaws, the change quickly makes the apples get punky and shrink and be unedible.  Therefore, taking the whole orchard into the next dimension and keeping it there until the weather danger was past, the whole apple crop was saved from damage.


2-1-14 - NAP DREAM -  I was in the living room of my house and we were having  a meeting which we did once a month.  As we were sitting around on the couches and chair discussing various things, a group of older white haired ladies came in.  One of the newer ladies stood in front of the wall size map which had white circles in a pattern around the southern part of the U.S. and up the east coast. These circles were connected by white lines which showed the underground tunnels from one spot to the other.

dumb maptunneling machine


tunneling machine

This is a $13 million tunnel boring machine (TBM) used for tunneling at the Nevada Test Site. (Remember that Area 51 is part of the test site.) Many other types of TBMs are used by many government agencies, including the 'nuclear powered TBM' [NTBM] that melts solid rock and leaves behind glass-like walls.

Most tunneling activity is under military installations and all information is highly restricted. Former employees of said facilities have surfaced over the years to talk of massive underground installations in places like Area 51, the Northrop facility in Antelope Valley, California (rumored to have 42 levels), and the Lockheed installation near Edwards, California.

The 'Black Budget' currently consumes $1.25 trillion per year. At least this amount is used in black programs, like those concerned with deep underground military bases. Presently, there are 129 deep underground military bases in the United States. They have been building these 129 bases day and night, unceasingly, since the early 1940's. Some of them were built even earlier than that. These bases are basically large cities underground connected by high-speed magneto-leviton trains that have speeds up to Mach 2. Several books have been written about this activity.

The average depth of these bases is over a mile, and they again are basically whole cities underground. They all are between 2.66 and 4.25 cubic miles in size. They have laser-drilling machines that can drill a tunnel seven miles long in one day. I was involved in building an addition to the deep underground military base at Dulce, which is probably the deepest base. It goes down seven levels and over 2.5 miles deep. I helped hollow out more than 13 deep underground military bases in the United States.

more photos

From Dr Bill Deagle's December 2006 Granada Forum Lecture:

I took care of John Fialla, who was best friends with Phil Schneider. How many people know about Phil Schneider? Well, they were using tunneling machines back in the mid-90s that could tunnel through a rock face at seven miles per day, that could cut through a rock face with high-energy impact lasers that could blow the nano-sized particles of rock so that there was no debris left, forming an obsidian-like core, and laying an inner core for unidirectional maglev trains that travel at Mach 2 to 2.8 underground between these very very powerful and organized cities.

There's 132 under the United States, an average of 5.36 to 7.24 cubic miles in size at an average of 1.5 to 4.5 miles underground, built, by and large, most of them in areas away from geotectonic areas - but there's going to be lots of new geotectonic faults established when you have force 11, 12, 13, 14 earthquakes hit the Earth.

Why are they rushing to do this? Because they know that catastrophe is coming. And where's this money coming from? It's not coming from our regular Black Op budget. It's coming from the illegal sale of drugs. In the United States there's at least, by conservative estimates, a quarter of a trillion to a half a trillion of illegal drugs just sold in the United States that goes directly into underground budgets, and 90-95% goes to the DUMBs [Deep Underground Military Bases].


The following was written by
 Richard Sauder, PhD, adapted from his book Underground Bases and Tunnels:

The nuclear subterrene (rhymes with 'submarine') was designed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, in New Mexico. A number of patents were filed by scientists at Los Alamos, a few federal technical documents were written - and then the whole thing just sort of faded away.

Or did it? 

Nuclear subterrenes work by melting their way through the rock and soil, actually vitrifying it as they go, and leaving a neat, solidly glass-lined tunnel behind them. 

The heat is supplied by a compact nuclear reactor that circulates liquid lithium from the reactor core to the tunnel face, where it melts the rock. In the process of melting the rock the lithium loses some of its heat. It is then circulated back along the exterior of the tunneling machine to help cool the vitrified rock as the tunneling machine forces its way forward. The cooled lithium then circulates back to the reactor where the whole cycle starts over. In this way the nuclear subterrene slices through the rock like a nuclear powered, 2,000 degree Fahrenheit (1,100 Celsius) earthworm, boring its way deep underground. 

The United States Atomic Energy Commission and the United States Energy Research and Development Administration took out Patents in the 1970s for nuclear subterrenes. The first patent, in 1972 went to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

The nuclear subterrene has an advantage over mechanical TBMs in that it produces no muck that must be disposed of by conveyors, trains, trucks, etc. This greatly simplifies tunneling. If nuclear subterrenes actually exist (and I do not know if they do) their presence, and the tunnels they make, could be very hard to detect, for the simple reason that there would not be the tell-tale muck piles or tailings dumps that are associated with the conventional tunneling activities. 

The 1972 patent makes this clear. It states:

"... (D)debris may be disposed of as melted rock both as a lining for the hole and as a dispersal in cracks produced in the surrounding rock. The rock-melting drill is of a shape and is propelled under sufficient pressure to produce and extend cracks in solid rock radially around the bore by means of hydrostatic pressure developed in the molten rock ahead of the advancing rock drill penetrator. All melt not used in glass-lining the bore is forced into the cracks where it freezes and remains ... 

"... Such a (vitreous) lining eliminates, in most cases, the expensive and cumbersome problem of debris elimination and at the same time achieves the advantage of a casing type of bore hole liner."

(U.S. Patent No. 3,693,731 dated Sept. 26, 1972)

There you have it: a tunneling machine that creates no muck, and leaves a smooth, vitreous (glassy) tunnel lining behind.

Another patent three years later was for:

A tunneling machine for producing large tunnels in soft rock or wet, clayey, unconsolidated or bouldery earth by simultaneously detaching the tunnel core by thermal melting a boundary kerf into the tunnel face and forming a supporting excavation wall liner by deflecting the molten materials against the excavation walls to provide, when solidified, a continuous wall supporting liner, and detaching the tunnel face circumscribed by the kerf with powered mechanical earth detachment means and in which the heat required for melting the kerf and liner material is provided by a compact nuclear reactor.

This 1975 patent further specifies that the machine is intended to excavate tunnels up to 12 meters in diameter or more. This means tunnels of 40 ft. or more in diameter. The kerf is the outside boundary of the tunnel wall that a boring machine gouges out as it bores through the ground or rock. So, in ordinary English, this machine will melt a circular boundary into the tunnel face. The melted rock will be forced to the outside of the tunnel by the tunnel machine, where it will form a hard, glassy tunnel lining (see the appropriate detail in the patent itself, as shown in Illustration 41). At the same time, mechanical tunnel boring equipment will grind up the rock and soil detached by the melted kerf and pass it to the rear of the machine for disposal by conveyor, slurry pipeline, etc. 

And yet a third patent was issued to the United States Energy Research and Development Administration just 21 days later, on 27 May 1975 for a machine remarkably similar to the machine patented on 6 May 1975. The abstract describes:

A tunneling machine for producing large tunnels in rock by progressive detachment of the tunnel core by thermal melting a boundary kerf into the tunnel face and simultaneously forming an initial tunnel wall support by deflecting the molten materials against the tunnel walls to provide, when solidified, a continuous liner; and fragmenting the tunnel core circumscribed by the kerf by thermal stress fracturing and in which the heat required for such operations is supplied by a compact nuclear reactor.

This machine would also be capable of making a glass-lined tunnel of 40 ft. in diameter or more. 

Perhaps some of my readers have heard the same rumors that I have heard swirling in the UFO literature and on the UFO grapevine: stories of deep, secret, glass-walled tunnels excavated by laser powered tunneling machines. I do not know if these stories are true. If they are, however, it may be that the glass-walled tunnels are made by the nuclear subterrenes described in these patents. The careful reader will note that all of these patents were obtained by agencies of the United States government. Further, all but one of the inventors are from Los Alamos, New Mexico. Of course, Los Alamos National Lab is itself the subject of considerable rumors about underground tunnels and chambers, Little Greys or "EBEs", and various other covert goings-on. 

A 1973 Los Alamos study entitled Systems and Cost Analysis for a Nuclear Subterrene Tunneling Machine: A Preliminary Study, concluded that nuclear subterrene tunneling machines (NSTMs) would be very cost effective, compared to conventional TBMs.

It stated:

Tunneling costs for NSTMs are very close to those for TBMs, if operating conditions for TBMs are favorable. However, for variable formations and unfavorable conditions such as soft, wet, bouldery ground or very hard rock, the NSTMs are far more effective. Estimates of cost and percentage use of NSTMs to satisfy U.S. transportation tunnel demands indicate a potential cost savings of 850 million dollars (1969 dollars) throughout 1990. An estimated NSTM prototype demonstration cost of $100 million over an eight-year period results in a favorable benefit-to-cost ratio of 8.5.

...Was the 1973 feasibility study only idle speculation, and is the astonishingly similar patent two years later only a wild coincidence? As many a frustrated inventor will tell you, the U.S. Patent Office only issues the paperwork when it's satisfied that the thing in question actually works! 

In 1975 the National Science Foundation commissioned another cost analysis of the nuclear subterrene. The A.A. Mathews Construction and Engineering Company of Rockville, Maryland produced a comprehensive report with two, separate, lengthy appendices, one 235 and the other 328 pages. 

A.A. Mathews calculated costs for constructing three different sized tunnels in the Southern California area in 1974. The three tunnel diameters were:

a) 3.05 meters (10 ft.)
b) 4.73 meters (15.5 ft.)

c) 6.25 meters (20.5 ft.)

Comparing the cost of using NSTMs to the cost of mechanical TBMs, A.A. Mathews determined:

Savings of 12 percent for the 4.73 meter (15.5 ft.) tunnel and 6 percent for the 6.25 meter (20.5 foot) tunnel were found to be possible using the NSTM as compared to current methods. A penalty of 30 percent was found for the 3.05 meter (10 foot) tunnel using the NSTM. The cost advantage for the NSTM results from the combination of,

(a) a capital rather than labor intensive system,

(b) formation of both initial support and final lining in conjunction with the excavation process.

This report has a number of interesting features. It is noteworthy in the first place that the government commissioned such a lengthy and detailed analysis of the cost of operating a nuclear subterrenes. Just as intriguing is the fact that the study found that the tunnels in the 15 ft. to 20 ft. diameter range can be more economically excavated by NSTMs than by conventional TBMs. 

Finally, the southern California location that was chosen for tunneling cost analysis is thought provoking. This is precisely one of the regions of the West where there is rumored to be a secret tunnel system. Did the A.A. Mathews study represent part of the planning for an actual covert tunneling project that was subsequently carried out, when it was determined that it was more cost effective to use NSTMs than mechanical TBMs? 

Whether or not nuclear subterrene tunneling machines have been used, or are being used, for subterranean tunneling is a question I cannot presently answer.



The woman said she was interested in that, and I told her she could sign up for tour if she wanted to.  Since it was all underground, you just got on the train, and it took you from camp to camp.

2-1-13 - EASY EYE OF 860

DREAM - I was in the kitchen of my house, and some young teens starting coming into the house, and I wanted to tell them about my new job, but I didn't quite know how to broach the subject.  I didn't want to jump into the subject of metaphysics right away, so I asked them if they were interested in World Affairs. 

The teen girl said, "We study World Affairs in school every day."

That was good to hear.

Meanwhile two women came in, evidently actresses from TV and middle-aged.

I planned to tell them about my new job as well, but again, how to broach the subject.

suddenly, in front of my face was a black label with the statement on it  EASY EYE OF 860.

Let's see what that might be.

860 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 860
Ab urbe condita 1613
Armenian calendar 309
Assyrian calendar 5610
Bahá'í calendar −984 – −983
Bengali calendar 267
Berber calendar 1810
English Regnal year N/A
Buddhist calendar 1404
Burmese calendar 222
Byzantine calendar 6368–6369
Chinese calendar 己卯 (Earth Rabbit)
3556 or 3496
    — to —
庚辰年 (Metal Dragon)
3557 or 3497
Coptic calendar 576–577
Ethiopian calendar 852–853
Hebrew calendar 4620–4621
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 916–917
 - Shaka Samvat 782–783
 - Kali Yuga 3961–3962
Holocene calendar 10860
Igbo calendar −140 – −139
Iranian calendar 238–239
Islamic calendar 245–246
Japanese calendar Jōgan 2
Juche calendar N/A
Julian calendar 860
Korean calendar 3193
Minguo calendar 1052 before ROC
Thai solar calendar 1403

Year 860 (DCCCLX) was a leap year starting on Monday (link will display the full calendar) of theJulian calendar.


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There are many items for sale with the number 860  including cameras and priinters, promishing eye-catching visuals.

Interestingly enough for me, is the muusic for the funeral of Queen Mary II of England, who is the daughter of Catherine of Aragon who i was studying last week:

Mary II (30 April 1662 – 28 December 1694) was joint Sovereign of England, Scotland, and Ireland with her husband (who was also her first cousin), William III and II, from 1689 until her death. William and Mary, both Protestants, became king and queen regnant, respectively, following the Glorious Revolution, which resulted in the deposition of her Roman Catholic father, James II and VII. William became sole ruler upon her death in 1694. Popular histories usually refer to their joint reign as that of "William and Mary".

Mary wielded less power than William when he was in England, ceding most of her authority to him, though he heavily relied on her. She did, however, act alone when William was engaged in military campaigns abroad, proving herself to be a powerful, firm, and effective ruler.


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here is queen Mary the 1st

Mary I
Mary has a high forehead, thin lips and hair parted in the middle
Portrait by Antonis Mor, 1554
Queen of England and Ireland (more...)
Reign 19 July 1553[1] – 17 November 1558
Coronation 1 October 1553
Predecessor Jane (disputed) or Edward VI
Successor Elizabeth I
Co-monarch Philip
Queen consort of Spain
Tenure 16 January 1556 – 17 November 1558
Spouse Philip II of Spain
House House of Tudor
Father Henry VIII of England
Mother Catherine of Aragon
Born 18 February 1516
Palace of Placentia, Greenwich
Died 17 November 1558 (aged 42)
St James's Palace, London
Burial 14 December 1558
Westminster Abbey, London
Religion Roman Catholicism

Mary I (18 February 1516 – 17 November 1558) was Queen of England and Ireland from July 1553 until her death. Her executions of Protestants caused her opponents to give her the sobriquet "Bloody Mary".

She was the only child of Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon who survived to adulthood. Her younger half-brother, Edward VI, succeeded Henry in 1547. When Edward became mortally ill in 1553, he attempted to remove Mary from the line of succession because of religious differences. On his death, their cousin Lady Jane Grey was at first proclaimed queen. Mary assembled a force in East Anglia and successfully deposed Jane, who was ultimately beheaded. In 1554, Mary married Philip of Spain, becoming queen consort of Habsburg Spain on his accession in 1556.

As the fourth crowned monarch of the Tudor dynasty, Mary is remembered for her restoration of Roman Catholicism after the short-lived Protestant reign of her half-brother. During her five-year reign, she had over 280 religious dissenters burned at the stake in the Marian persecutions. Her re-establishment of Roman Catholicism was reversed after her death in 1558 by her younger half-sister and successor,Elizabeth I.



2-2-14 - DREAM -  I was working on increasing the size of the business plan, using colored threads in rows.  It was an abstract concept, like for the cover - not the details.

My sister and I were then outside by the road, heard the maill lady coming.  it was getting late in the day and we didn't want the mail lady to see us standing   there waiting for her, so we were hiding between trees.

My son-in-law Michael then came along, and he had passed the mail truck on the road, and he said he hoped that the mail truck stopped at our place because he could see three sets of golf clubs on the truck and he really wanted those delivered to our house.

Finally, the maill truck arrived, and the chubby lady brought multiple packages up to the house and included in them werre three sets of golf clubs for children.

Michael got all excited and called the girls out to come get the golf clubs  -  the girls looked like triplets, really pretty, dark-skinned girls.  They all knew how to play golf already and were all excited.

Their mother then came out with a video camera and started taking picitures of the girls swinging the golf clubs, and I have to admit, it was a pretty picture.

I then went into the house where the baby was and I was sitting by the window with the baby. There was a screen on the window but the window was open and I could hear some flies buzzing, so I quickly spotted the flies and kept hitting at them until I killed them all.


2-2-14-- D + 6   DREAM - MIND CONTROL

I was living in a nice house on a street of nice houses, most of which were ranch type.

The man who lived across the street from me, was a really big guy who always wore layered T shirts (sleeveless) of green and black - the black against his skin, covered by the green one.

He had a little girl he loved a lot, who apparently had the run of the house no matter what.

One day, she turned on their stero full blast - so much so, it sounded like it was playing that loud in my house as well.  He did nothing about the noise, just let her play it as loud as it was, and he was outside doing yard work and not saying a thing to her.

So, I looked at my sterio and it had a remote control on it and I decided to test it to see how far it worked -  apparently far enough - and I was able to turn over their stero from my house, which made the little girl cry, and the man to get angry with me, and he came rampaging over to my house to find the remote control, which I managed to hide.

He just pushed his way inside my house, and took one of the phones off the hook, which meant I couldn't call 9/11 from any of the other phones, even though I threatened to.

He apparently wasn't aware that I also had a cell phone that wasn't connected to the other phone system.

I don't know where all the other people came from, but all of a sudden I had a house full of people, two of whom were psychiatrists I had seen on TV on some show, plus 6 other people, one of whom I saw sitting upstairs playing with something in a cardboard box with something I couldn't see beneath a cloth that was over it.

This whole thing went on, with him rampaging until one of the women suddenly shunk down and became like a limp 3 inch doll laying crumpled up on the floor.

I was almost going to stomp on her because she looked like a bug, but I restrained myself and didn't.

It almost seemed like this went on  for days, but people came and went, including the lady with the box with the cloth over it.  I noticed she was always on a different floor than the man, who was really big and fat.

I discovered early on that he had a 'wood' fetish', so when he was rampaging one time, I turned on the light and showed him how clean and shiny the cabinets were in the kitchen - not a spot of grease or grime on them, they were shining in the light, and he really liked that.

Another woman then shrunk down to this little crumpled doll on the floor, and I managed to get ahold of his T shirts and pulled them up over his back and over his head, and he went very calm and went home, along with the psychiatrists, the other people, the woman with the strange box with the cloth over it.

Then the next day, it started all over again, the music playing from his house, him, the psychiatrist, and the woman with the box with the cloth over it.

I tried to figure out why these other people were all willing to travel to my house to watch this man go through his tirade until one of the women shrunk down to a 3 inche crumpled doll, but I could figure it out.

Then I saw a sign in the air that said,  " D + 6"  and I knew that meant he was going to shirnk 6 people and then me probably.

But that day, he was going through his tirade, with the psychiatrists following him around, and I saw the woman with the box go upstairs with the box.  I stopped her for a moment, and she said,  "I always have to be on another floor from where he is."

I thought that was a little strange, but knew then that she had to be one of his controllers - like the psychiatrists were.

Two women were already shrunken, and I didn't see what happened to them once they shrunk.  All I knew was that if I could get near him and pull his T shirts over his head, he would stop and be meek and mild and his tirade would end.

So, there had to be something magical about his green/black set of T shirts that could control him, plus the woman with the box with the cloth over it. 

I never saw what was in her box, because it was covered with cloth, but she always had her hands under the cloth, sitting cross legged on the floor while his tirade was going on, and I couldn't figure out why she was willing to come all this way from town to witness all this goings on with his madness.  Wasn't she in danger of getting shunken down, and why wasn't she worried she could be one of them, until I figured out that maybe she was controlling him with her hands under the cloth, OR, was she the one shrinking the women to the 3 inch doll size?

I began to wonder who the crazy person was - the fat man and his black/green T shirts or maybe it was the woman with box with the cloth over it.

I managed to stop her from going to a different floor on the next day and insisted she had to be on the same floor, and nothing happened, which made me evern more suspicious about her.

I wasn't about to let this continue until the man got D + 6 if I could help it, and woke up.


2-2-14 - NAP DREAM - I was sittiing in a chair in my living room and looked down at my pregnant belly.   I was having a baby for my sister. ( she is a Jehovah's Witness)  and all of a sudden I saw a protrusion that was head size, and in one more second, withhout pain, appeared a pure white (hairless and bald) baby.  (I didn't look to see if it was a boy or girl - I just saw its head.)

I must have gone into shock, because I didn't see the rest of him being born.  There was no blood, no crying, no sound did he make. 

A few minutes went by and I asked my husband where the baby was, and he said, "He's right here", and picked him up off the floor.  He was wrapped in a cloth made of black yarn, soft and warm. I had knitted that cloth myself.

My husband handed the baby to me, and I unwrapped him, and saw his bald head, and the baby opened his eyes and they were large and black, with a hint of dark blue - like the homeworlders.  He turned his eyes and looked at my face and there was a hint of recognition and almost a smile. 

I held him and he made no sound, and I wondered about the afterbirth, and I looked down and there was a filmy bag there made of cream colored yarn that he was been born in, and there was no blood on it either. The cream colored yarn was laid out such:  /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ - the symbol of the bloodline of the Holy Grail. 

I just sat there and held my child, feeling the bond forming between us.

NOTE:  For me, a birth with no pain is not unusual.  I had 6 babies within 10 years, and my last babies were painless, and I just barely made it to the hospital the last time.  I gave birth to him on the bed they laid me on and never went to the delivery room.  I admit I screamed as he came out though because of the intense pressure of his head though.

But there was no pain, no pressure, no feelings, just love for this child I gave birth to.

Here are other babies I gave birth to in dreams:   evidently, this is not unusual.  It means something 'new' being born.


2-2-14 - VISION - I had my eyes closed and heard:  "She bought him his favorite tie."  and I saw a young blonde man wearing a multi-colored long sleeved polo shirt with a gold bolo tie.

gold bolo tie



I was debarking a ship and everyone we in a really big hurry to get off the ship.

I interviewed some people who all looked very worried and harried.

A man sat at his desk bent over with his hands over his head - in dire stress.

I asked him, "If you were going to give advice to someone who was going to buy a new house right now, what would you tell them. "

He barely lifted his head to speak to me.  He said, "  Do not go out and buy a big new house anywhere.  If you are being forced to move for any reason, rent the smallest, cheapest house you can in a safe neighborhood."

I asked a woman about buying new furniture and she said, "Right now, if you have to purchase different furniture than what you already have, just get some cheap stick furniture you can throw away if you need to later, this is not th time to buy big fancy furniture."

I asked another woman about a new car purchase, and her advice was, "If you 'absolutely have to ' get a different car, go to a used car lot, and get the cheapest car you can get away with.  If you can get a few more miles off the car you are currently driving, stick with it as long as possible."

This is not the time to spend money.  Sock it away under your bed if you have to -  don't spend unless you absolutely have to.  Don't invest in anything, and don't keep your money in the bank either - in case the banks decide they have to close and you can't get access to your money at all.

Pay cash for whatever you can afford - no time payments on anything.


2-3-14 - DREAM - I had a garden planner made out of about 4 decks of cards, and every card had a picture of a different plant on it.  My job was to separate the cards with my finger tip and they would slowly turn around, having been separated from its next door neighbor.

This was very laborious and very slow, and then I realzied that when the card was turned sideways, I could no longer see the picture of the plant.

I hadn't yet solved this puzzle of how to plan the garden.


2-4-14 - I was sitting in my meditation chair and was taken into a dream in which I saw two cars as a distance racing east, and I ended up across the street from Mikki's house. 

The house across the street seemed empty, and I tried to get into a back window and got into a room that was full of tape recorders and the tapes were all recordings of things that were said in Mikki's house, especially between Mikki and Paul.

Some of the tape recorders were empty - the tapes being removed from the house, and whoever had recorded them had left the area already - their work completed.

I could hear Mikki outside and heard her answer her cell phone and a friend was calling her (name left out here) .  She got into a conversation with he woman and wasn't paying attention to what was going on in the house ascross the street from her, which was now darkened with no people in it but me.

Paul then showed up in the house and saw all the tape recorders and missing tapes - the recorders were alll sitting open and empty.

The phone was off the hook and there was no way to call out and get anyone's attention.

Mikki was outside trying to call Paul for help and she couldn't get him either because the phone was off the hook where he was... the phone was only for listening in on their phones.

I really flipped out as I woke up - the whole dream seemed so freaky. Mikki is in trouble and I can't help her.


February 5, 2014 - I was visitng the Milwaukee area, but nothing was quite normal.  All the sounds were louder, thuddier, echoing, things were larger than life as well.

In one scene, out in the country,  the water was very deep, though clear -  a house I had been earlier was suddenly under 20 feet of water, though could be seen clearly below the water.  We could no longer go into it.

A couple women came to inspect, and were dressed in very heavy fabrics.  They said they wanted to go to the main building, and since I used to work there downtown, I said I would go with them.

There too, everything we larger, thicker, louder, thuddier sounds and echoing. 

I met a man who looked handsome, but his head and face were four times normal.  He said that he was trying on some new glasses that were called 'soundtronics' which transmitted sound as well as visual clarity. 

I told him that I was wearing a pair as well, and thought they were quite nice.

In this room, Christmas decorations were being taken down off the wall because Christmas was over.  It looked like a child's pageant had been held in this room.  There was very heavy burlap on the walls, held on with safety pins that were 4 times normal size and were made of gold apparently.  I started to help remove the safety pins whiich operated normally, just that they were bigger.

I went down into the basement where the maintenance crew was, to inspect the room where people kept spare items in wooden lockers.

Here too the sounds were louder, thuddier sounding, and the concrete seemed thicker than normal.

At one point, I saw a couple yellow painted concrete pipes alongside the wall that clear water was coming out of from somewhere.  The water was just then running along the wall, and where it drained to I don't know but it seemed there sure seeemd to be a lot of water avalable to waste it like that.

NOTE: SOUNDTRONICS is technology used in theatres, such like wireless micrphones, or in home theatre settings.



I did as you suggested.  Whether I was talking to mustache man or not who knows!  The first thing I saw was a  crustless pumpkin pie (that's the only kind I can eat and what I make for myselfl!)
That represented the timing.  (Halloween)
Between now and then, he said he want's me to study art - specifically architecture.
OKay! I studied art in school. I'm particularly good with perspective, houses, and landscapes.  I just can't draw people - but that's okay with this idea.
He said, "I want you build a glass pyramid."
I've already designed one to seat 300  (done in 1992)  also in 2010.
He said, "Think 12,000" 
and my mind goes to crystal Cathedral in California that went out of business recently when Rev. Schuller died and his son couldn't keep the crowds coming.  It was sold to another venture ... I didn't follow up on that because I couldn't afford to buy it anyway.
So, I'm thinking 12,000 people and he said, "Think terrarium",  and i'm thinking of trees and plants with birds flying overhead with lovely music playing..
I also think of conservatories, my favorite of course is in Milwaukee,  three domes, each with a different atmosphere and growing culture -  I've been there many, many times.
Then he says, now think  Biosphere... and my mind goes to the one in Arizona or New Mexico , wherever it was,  I think it was a failure , but they lived in it for two years.
I've seen them in space in movies too.
I studied blueprint reading in the 70's.  I could read blueprints to my bosses over the phone when they forgot to take a particular blueprint with them on some job trip   -  we had engineers with brain drain sometimes. :-)
We had a CAD system, but only the draftsman were allowed in the room with them... and I only dated a couple of them.  :-)  and not in the CAD room. hahaha
However, I'm in communication with a dome builder company, a pyramid builder who builds them for healing systems, and with a guy who lives in Poland who is designing sound/color healing machines that goes into pyramids.
So, I'm familiar with all this as far as concept goes.
So Halloween is plenty to time to come up with a pyramid biospehre to feed 12,000 people.
Concept - build one, build 1,000 all over the world... feed everyone on the planet.  :-)
Love, Dee

NOTE:  The mustache man came to visit my friend Mikki last night 2-13-14 -  He first appeared as  sandy-haired blonde, and when she recognized that he had visited me because he said the same thing to her that he said to me, "You are going to work for me."  She told him, "No I'm not!" You are the guy who has been visiting my friend Dee. He changed to the black hair, black mustache guy she knew I had told her about. 

Because of her attittude, he actually grabbed ahold of her arm and at that moment, her husband woke up and sensed something negative and dark in the room and called for an ET to come help and they told the guy to "GET OUT".

When she said, "You are acting like the Antichrist", he replied, "What's in a label. I don't care what people thinkk about that."

That's what power does to a person I guess.



I was dreaming about sanitizing the bedding on the biosphere project that had failed.  I took all the bedding off the bed to be sanitized, and realized that my husband had already taken three sheets off the bed and had just thrown them into the hamper and had not washed them, and I had to sanitize those as well.

I then electronically deleted a quartz crystal that was about 4 inches square off the bottom front left foot corner post of the bed, and immediately knew that was a mistake, so I put the quartz crystal back right where it was attached to the foot of the corner post of the bed.  The quartz crystal has to be there.

The crystal, according to the internet - is Rose Quartz

2-7-14 - It was suggested by a physicist that if we build pyramids on top of quartz bedrock, we would get tremendous healing experiences in that location.


2-7-14 - DREAM - I seemed to be hovering over a rock garden, and there were people's photos on the rocks.  I was looking at one particular photo of a very thin man, whose picture had a tan background.  The camera was going around and around this rock garden, and  I counted 4 photographs of this man.  By the time the dream ended, there were now at least 20 to 25 photos of this same man, and the photos were all lined up in a row.


2-7-14 - DREAM -  I was at a woman's place of business, which seemed to be the 'bee' business, though I  saw no bees. Her structures were like a fence, painted forest green wood.  I felt that I wanted to duplicate her business, especially the forest green painted wood.

I had to go home because the woman wasn't there, and when I got home, there were a lot of little children there who wanted candy, but one of the little girls had a boo boo on her right cheek, so I picked her up and cucddled with her on the bed, and turned on the TV because is was 11 a.m. and it was time to watch The Young and The Restless.   But the sound of the television was way too loud, so I coudln't watch the show.

I then went back to the woman's business to meet the real estate lady there to talk about the 'bee' business.  I told the woman, "Don't be a minute late."

When I got there, I met the tall thin woman who had black hair, and the entire forest green fence had been dismanteled by the real estate woman.  She was selling her 'bee' business outride.

All the forest green boards were now laying in a pile in the back yard, and all were for sale and I could purchase the woman's 'bee' business myself, not have to duplicate it.


2-8-14 - DREAM - I was looking at a web page I had made of things I needed to do, then all of a sudden, I was looking at a very pale calendar page, and  I could see that it was the month of September, and each day was a different size, but nothing was written in it.  Was I too busy to journal what I was doing - that is harvest time I know.


2-9-14 - DREAM - I was going to meet someone to watch a parade.  I went outside and across the street was a square block, the sidewalks full of hundreds and hundreds of people waiting for the parade to come.

I didn't know where the person I was going to meet was coming from, where he was going to park, and where we would meet.

In the midst of that dilemma, the telephone rang and I almost lost even that part of the dream.


2-9-14 - MEDITATION AND DREAM -  I closed my eyes and I saw a page that had the 6 of Clubs on top. While I was puzzling on that, I saw another page that had the 3 of Clubs on top and on the next line 620 hs.

I then went into a dream, and was in my apartment, working on trying to get people to put $20 a week into an account at the bank, which after a time period would make them the owner of what property I was selling. (Maybe the community?)

While I was doing that, I was supposed to call my daughter-in-law Becky and convince her to join the $20 a week plan and meet her at the bank to help her set up the account.

Meanwhile, a tall man came to the door and was trying to talk to me, when the phone rang and it was someone from Australia.

I had to tell the man to wait because of the man from Australia.

Meanwhile, some other women showed up and told me there was a delivery downstairs in the office. 

I had to rush downstairs to see what had been delivered, and I was told there was two pounds of hamburger (whiich I have stopped eating) and it had been put in the refrigerator that was standning behind my desk.

On the desk was a myriad of office supplies, and a large 24 pack of lightbulbs (something I really had just purchased).

Last month I dreamt that Jesus was visiting me and hangiing a string of lightbulbs in the lobby of my building.

One of my finer moments. :-)


Another Iraqi official in custody - Hossem Mohammed Amin al-Yasin, the six of clubs

The Age ^ | April 27, 2003 

Posted on Sun Apr 27 2003 06:27:04 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) by MeekOneGOP

Another Iraqi official in custody

Sunday 27 April 2003, 10:30 PM



US-led forces were Sunday holding the former head of Iraq's National Monitoring Directorate, who figures on a list of 55 wanted Iraqis, the US Central Command announced.

Amin, also known as Hossem Mohammed Amin al-Yasin, was the six of clubs on the US deck of cards listing the most wanted figures.

The general was among the key figures in Saddam's weapons programs and would have detailed knowledge of any illegal armaments, if Iraq still possesses them.

For more than a decade as head of the monitoring commission, the former air force communications engineer has earned a reputation as a loyal officer to Saddam.

Amin and his troops refused to allow UN inspectors into presidential palaces and other "sensitive sites" during the first round of UN inspections that ended in 1998.

He also was one of the few Iraqis authorised to comment on weapons of mass destruction. Like most of Saddam's most trusted lieutenants, he is from a prominent Sunni Muslim family from Mosul in northern Iraq.

Early in his career, Amin was assigned to different air bases and radar installations. His career took off when Saddam established the military's Technical and Scientific Committee, a weapons research and development think tank, in 1980.

Others on the committee included Gen. Amer Rashid, Iraq's minister of oil, and Amir al-Saadi, Saddam's senior weapons adviser who is also in coalition custody. The committee was later expanded into the Military Industrialisation Organisation, which produced all of Iraq's most lethal weapons.

Amin was also believed close to Saddam's son Qusai, who was the commander of the Republican Guard, and Saddam's personal secretary, Gen. Abide Hmoud.

That made Amin one of the best-connected insiders in the Iraqi ruling establishment.

Amin was also believed to have been among the Iraqi officials the Baghdad government claimed were encouraged by US intelligence agents to defect last year.

Iraq claims the attempt was made when an Iraqi delegation travelled to Vienna, Austria, last year to discuss the resumption of inspections with UN officials.

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KEYWORDS: 6ofclubs; alyasin; amin; deckofcards; iraq; iraqifreedom; mostwanted; sixofclubs
Another one. One by one, we're hauling in the bad guys in Iraq ! 
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To: yall


Sayf al-Din Al-Mashhadani

Three ♣: Sayf al-Din Al-Mashhadani, Ba'ath Party branch command chairman (#46, was #27).




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After I woke up, I was trying to figure out the 6 of Clubs and the other numbers and a voice in my head said, "Maybe he ate divine plums."

That I can look up on my computer, because I've written about sacred trees.

2003 DREAM saw a white ladder in front of the window, which surprised me, but then a man dressed in a white painter's outfit climbed down the ladder from the roof, then moved the ladder over to the huge plum tree in the yard and climbed up into the plum tree.

The plums were hanging in huge clusters, larger than cherries do - I mean they were HUGE clusters. The plums, however, were about the size of cherries, but I knew it was spring and these plums would grow to 10 times the size they were by summer harvest.

Someone behind my right shoulder said, "He needs to remove all the red leaves that are ______ (unremembered term).  I could see some red leaves among the green ones, but I couldn't imagine how he was going to be able to get all the way to the ends of the branches because he was too large for the branches to hold his weight.

I then noticed a palm tree growing in the yard near the plum tree and I knew that palm trees can't grow in Wisconsin so I didn't know how it got there.  I then saw that the whole top of the palm tree had broken off in a huge windstorm. The tree was still alive but the growing tip was no longer there.

The man in white came down out of the plum tree and moved the ladder back over to the house and climbed back up to the roof of the house.

All of a sudden, it looked like it was pouring rain outside, but I knew it wasn't really raining, this was caused by the man in white on the roof with a water hose.

The Coming of Aquarius (The Water Bearer)

The Ages and the Coming of Aquarius

But the water was coming down so hard, I could no longer see out the window, so I decided to go downstairs.

When I went downstairs I heard that my friend Irv had been shot and taken to the hospital. It wasn't known if he would live or not. (NOTE: Irv actually passed on from a heart problem on December 2, 2002)

I heard that a gun had been found in the house and examined, but it was apparent that no shots had been fired from it. But then someone discovered a shoulder-fired rocket launcher near the gun.  I saw the two piece rocket launcher as they took it to be examined to see if Irv had been shot down with the rocket launcher.  If he had been shot with that, he would have a hole in his body about 3 or 4 inches across.

But then, all of a sudden, Irv appeared in the yard. He said he had had a miraculous healing and was no longer in pain. He had a brilliant smile on his face and was wearing a white shirt and had a full head of hair (vs a bald head in real life) and looked younger and stronger and thinner than I had ever seen him in real life. He looked great and I knew that a miracle had really happened.


    All plums that are sharp or sour, are binding, the sweet are loosening.


Or Rob of Quinces

    College : Take of the clarified juice of Quinces, boil it till two parts be consumed and with its equal weight in sugar boil it into a Rob.

Miva vel Gelatina Eorundem
Or Jelly of Quinces

    College : Take of the juice of Quinces clarified twelve pounds, boil it half away, and add to the remainder, old white Wine five pounds, consume the third part over a gentle fire, taking away the scum (all you ought) let the rest settle, and strain it, and with three pounds of sugar boil it according to art.

    Culpeper : Both are good for weak and indisposed stomachs.

    College : Rob of sour Plums is made as Rob of Quinces, the use of sugar is indifferent in them both. Rob of English Currants is made in the same manner, let the juice be clarified.

    Culpeper : The virtues are the same with Rob of Barberries.

Rob Baccarum Sambuci
Or Rob of Elder Berries

    College : Take of the juice of Elder Berries, and make it thick with the help of a gentle fire, either by itself, or a quarter of its weight in sugar being added.

    Culpeper : Both Rob of Elder Berries, and Dwarf-Elder, are excellent for such whose bodies are inclining to dropsies, neither let them neglect nor despise it. They may take the quantity of a nutmeg each morning, it will gently purge the watery humour.

    College : In the same manner is made Rob of Dwarf-Elder, Junipers, and Paul's Betony, only in the last, the sugar and juice must be equal in weight.

Succus Glycyrrhizو simplex
Or Juice of Liquorice simple

    College : Infuse Liquorice Roots cleansed and gently bruised, three days in Spring Water, so much that it may over-top the roots the breadth of three fingers, then boil it a little, and press it hard out, and boil the liquor with a gentle fire to its due thickness.

    Culpeper : It is vulgarly known to be good against coughs, colds, &c. and a strengthener of the lungs.

Succus Glycyrrhizو compositus
Or Juice of Liquorice compound

    College : Take of the water of tender Oak leaves, of Scabious, of each four pounds, English Liquorice scraped and bruised two pounds, boil them by degrees till they be soft, then press out the liquor strongly in a press, to which add three pounds of juice of Hyssop, and dry it away in the sun in a broad earthen vessel.

    Culpeper : The virtues are the same with the former.

Succus Pronorum Sylvestrum
Or Juice of Sloes, called Acacia

    College : Take of Sloes hardly ripe, press out the juice, and make it thick in a bath.

    Culpeper : It stops fluxes, and procures appetite.

    College : So are the Juices of Wormwood, Maudlin, and Fumitory made thick, to wit, the herbs bruised while they be tender, and the juice pressed out and after it be clarified, boil over the fire to its just thickness.


    College : Take of Eringo Roots as many as you will, cleanse them without and within, the pith being taken out, steep them two days in clear water, shifting the water sometimes, then dry them with a cloth, then take their equal weight in white Sugar, and as much Rose-water as will make it into a Syrup, which being almost boiled, put in the roots, and let them boil until the moisture be consumed, and let it be brought to the due body of a Syrup. Not much unlike to this are preserved the roots of Acorus, Angelica, Borrage, Bugloss, Succory, Elecampane, Burnet, Satyrion, Sicers, Comfrey the greater, Ginger, Zedoary. Take of the stalks of Artichokes, not too ripe, as many as you will, and (contrary to the roots) take only the pith of these, and preserve them with their equal weight in sugar, like the former. So is prepared the stalks of Angelica, Burs, Lettuce, &c. before they be too ripe. Take of fresh Orange pills as many as you will, take away the exterior yellowness, and steep them in spring water three days at the least, often renewing the water, then preserve them like the former. In like manner are Lemon and Citron pills preserved. Preserve the flowers of Citrons, Oranges, Borrage, Primroses, with Sugar, according to art. Take of Apricots as many as you will, take away the outer skin and the stones, and mix them with their like weight in sugar, after four hours take them out, and boil the Sugar without any other Liquor, then put them in again, and boil them a little. Other Fruits may be preserved in the same manner, or at least not much unlike to it, as whole Barberries, Cherries, Cornels, Citrons, Quinces, Peaches, common Apples, the five sorts of Myrobalans, Hazel Nuts, Walnuts, Nutmegs, Raisins of the Sun, Pepper brought green from India, Plums, garden and wild Pears, Grapes. Pulps are also preserved, as Barberries, Cassia Fistula, Citrons, Cinosbatus, Quinces, and Sloes, &c. Take of Barberries as many as you will, boil them in spring water till they are tender, then having pulped them through a sieve, that they are free from the stones, boil it again in an earthen vessel over a gentle fire, often stirring them for fear of burning, till the watery humour be consumed, then mix ten pounds of sugar with six pounds of this pulp, boil it to its due thickness. Broom buds are also preserved, but with brine and vinegar, and so are Olives and Capers. Lastly, Amongst the Barks, Cinnamon, amongst the flowers, Roses, and Marigolds, amongst the fruits, Almonds, Cloves, Pine-nuts, and Fistick-nuts, are said to be preserved but with this difference, they are encrusted with dry sugar, and are more called confects than preserves.

 NOTE  Because of the high acidity stomach, Type Os should eat fruits of alkaline nature such as berries and plums..

8-31-09  In Saturday's dream, when I was cooking for the funeral, I had three plums in an 8-quart Revere ware pan that i own in real life. That would be a political plum for his son to get in on the ground floor of a national health care plan or advising businesses on it.

NOTE  I am not a vegetarian, but eat almost no meat, fowl,
or fish. I am trying to eat primarily raw foods.

I focus mostly on fruits: blueberries, raspberries,
strawberries, pineapple, bananas, apples (Fuji),
pluots, plums, grapes, red grapefruit, watermelon,
blacberries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, dates,
cranberries, coconuts, tangerines, limes, lemons,
pears, rhubarb.

And raw vegetables or lightly steamed: carrots (baby
carrots my fav), celery, almost all varieties of
lettuce, broccoli, green beans, snow peas, mushrooms,
cabbage, brussel sprouts, spinach, sweet onions,
garlic, parsley, chives, tomatoes, peppers, snap peas,
sweet peas, corn, y red potatoes, avacadoes, (Not
the bright green kind!), olives, most squashs,
generally all legumes, and nuts and seeds. I would
also include most herbs and spices that could be
although there is a great natural cooperative
called "Frontier Herbs" in Iowa that is a wonderful
resource for many of those items. Did I mention
popcorn? I must confess, that on some veggies I still
prefer butter, if they are eaten steamed!

I feel so much better when I eat this way that it is
hard to believe the difference when I stray. But, it
is difficult at times to get much variety in colder
growing areas, so the supply is frequently less than
desireable. Oh, I'm not saying they aren't available,
just that they come so far and have been so
genetically engineered that they seldom feel, smell or
taste anything like what they are meant to be.

I have a rule, if it doesn't smell like a tomato,
peach, etc., it can't possibly taste like one, so ast
those times I get a little frustrated. So I am usually
stuck with the apples, bananas, and grapes during
those times. Along with this list I would also love growing sprouts and alot of
herbs andifferent herbs too. For awhile i have thought of growing fig trees
also, I truly love figs and the trees are really beutiful and not
hard to grow from what ive read about them.
Growing a variety of grains would be great too..such as amaranth &
barley, oats..I would love chickpeasand black beans too.

Is there an indoor growing system
that can provide for growing all these things year
round, and if so what is it?

Bon appetit!

In the early stages of Parkinson's disease (PD), no special dietary changes are typically required. You may want however to increase your intake of foods rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are those chemicals that scavenge and eat-up so-called ‘free radicals’ –- tiny molecules that circulate in your tissues and damage those tissues. Free radicals have a special affinity for cells that produce dopamine. So the greater the number of antioxidants in your system, the fewer the number of circulating free radicals. Theoretically that should reduce the rate of loss of dopamine cells over time.

So what foods contain a lot of antioxidants? Fruits and vegetables -- especially the darkly colored fruits and vegetables. Some examples include leafy green vegetables (such as spinach), broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, garlic, red kidney beans, pinto beans, blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, plums and apples. Tea -- especially green tea and black tea -- contains a lot of antioxidants. Red wine contains antioxidants. Dark juices like pomegranate and blueberry juices are rich in antioxidants.

Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential nutrient for most tissues in your body so you want to make sure to consume adequate amounts of these nutrients. Fatty fish like mackerel, lake trout, herring, sardines, albacore tuna and salmon are high in two kinds of omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). It is probably a good idea to add fish to your diet if you are not already eating fish on a regular basis.

You also need to get adequate sources of calcium, magnesium, and vitamins D and K to strengthen skin and bone. You can usually obtain these nutrients from dairy products like yogurt and milk. You need some amount of sunlight to get enough vitamin D.

Here are some ways to include these healthy foods in your diet:

§  Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries can be stirred into vanilla yogurt for a delicious dessert. Or they can be blended with fat-free yogurt and ice in a blender to make a smoothie. Fruit smoothies can also help prevent the constipation associated with some PD medications.

§  I never liked spinach that much until I found a way to combine it with foods I do like, such as salad or rice or scrambled eggs. Happily I like these combinations better than any of the stand alone alternatives. I stir chopped, fresh spinach, tossed in olive oil into my salads or into steamed brown rice. I also sometimes add raisins to that rice and spinach dish.

§  Carrots are loaded with a potent antioxidant called beta-carotene. Cooked, steamed or pureed carrots liberate the antioxidants or somehow make them easier to absorb. Cooked carrots are often more tasty as well. I like my carrots steamed and then slowly cooked in the juices of whatever meat dish I am having.

§  Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant and is found in some nuts in whole grains. Although studies on the anti-PD effects of vitamin E have yielded only discouraging or mixed results vitamin E should nevertheless be a part of your diet. I get most of my vitamin E from whole grains. I cook and steam some whole grain like brown rice, cous cous or bulgur wheat. Then I add items like raisins or cranberries, chopped parsley or spinach, and olive oil.



2-10-14 - DREAM -  I was out at my Dad's Lake Cottage, and I was planning to open a bar and restaurant there. 

We also had a train - a real large train - and we planned to give people rides on it.

It was now summer time around 10:p.m.  and I saw my Dad walking around telling people that he was the bar tender at my bar.

A few minutes later, my Mom showed up and she started telling people that she was going to be the bar tendner at my bar also.

Then my Dad told people that he was going to be running the train also.

I knew that the ground was way too soft to run the train because the train was heavy iron and running it on the tracks would make the tracks shift on the soft ground and fall over.  The train was just there to look at for nostalgia sake.

It's like the old adage, just because you have a license to drive, doesn't mean that you should drive.

NOTE;   My Dad passed away at age 72 - some 40 years ago, and my Mom who was 15 years his junior in age, died at the age of 88 in 2006.

So, exactly what this all means is a little dubious.


2-11-14 - DREAM  -  This was a group dance, and "Adam" from the Young and the Restlesss TV show was the head dancer who had to be eliminated.

I've had this dream before, where the dancers made 4 pointed stars and danced like a square dance, though I don't recall hearing the music.

People danced around each other going left hand, right hand around a circle of dancers, and one by one a dancer would be elimiinated, with the idea that eventually Adam would be the last man standing, and then eliminated when he was pointed out.




2-12-14 - DREAM - I and a female freind were out in the country at the top of a hill.  We crossed a road and walked carefully down the hill, and at the same time, a group of gravel trucks were coming from our left and as it was, we were going to cross paths at the bottom of the hill.

We got down to cross paths at  the exact same time, and they were dumping their gravel right when we got there.

Wish I could remember why this happened and the result, but I can't.



(I'm calling this the underwear wars because everyone's underwear had a name and mine was a long name starting with the letter "L" which I can't remember so I'm calling mine Laverne.

The man I was having an argument with was Bill from "The Bold and th Beautiful TV show" I can't remember his underwear name either.) 

Apparently, it was a crime of some sort to pick up a magazine off of someone else's table of laundry and read it and talk about it or show it to someone, and then leave the magazine out in the open, but that's what our crime and argument was about.

So, when the crime came up for discussion, our laundry name was used (not our given name).

Another issue here also is, everyone was barefoot, and if you reached out and touched someone with your bare toes, that was the lowest insult you could give someone, and I did that a few times just for fun and that was really looked down upon too and people's feelings were hurt by that also.

So,, the fact that I borrowed Bill's magazine from his laundry table and left it lay out in the open on my laundry table, was one of the worst crimes and it was talked about and written about and our laundry names were mentioned in public, everywhere we went and it was extremely embarrassing for both of us.

And every time the argument was talked about, the embarrassment and vulnerability grew and grew, and would provoke the other one to use the other person's laundry name again, and it made the whole thing worse and worse.

Since everyone's laundry was out on their own table, we walked around carefully, as we were all barefoot and wary that we could walk on someone else's laundry if it fell off the table, and at the end, I reached out with my toes of my right foot to pat the face of one of my friends, and she was so insulted, I had to tell her I was sorry that I was only kidding and she burst into tears and I had to hug her and apologize.

It was extremely embarrassing to have my laundry name used in public over this dumb argument, and I finally put the magazine back on Bill's laundry table to end the argument, and apologize.


2-13-14 - MEDITATION - DREAM -  I was watching Sid Roth's Supernatural TV show, and the guest was a man who prayed for God to set him on fire and after a couple of years, God did set him on fire and he gives people attunements so that they are all set on fire by God while he is preaching... it was pretty amazing to see all those people laughing in his audience - but I GOT TIRED, and turned off the show and started to meditate.

All of a sudden I had a vision of the Jack of Diamonds, which is the third card down from the top and the Jack of Diamonds said to me, "I AM THE ONE".

I've dreamt about Jack from the Young and the Restless show many times, and I thought, "I should go back and see what Jack had to say over the years, and while I was thinking that, I saw a bridge form over the top of the picture and it went and showed me the ACE which was even higher. 

The ACE of Diamonds said to me, "YOU ARE THE ONE".

I got the biggest grin on my face I've ever gotten during meditation.

All of a sudden I was in a dream, working in an office, and a young girl came in and started asking me to tell her about God.

I asked her, "Have you ever prayed to God and asked him for something?  Have you ever asked God to show you what you want to be?"

She had a dumbfounded look on her face, and said, "I never asked!"

So I told her, she should ask God to show her what she wanted to be in life... and while I was still talking, another young girl came in with a stack of blueprint drawings and a purchase order on top and said,  "Accounting said they needed the blueprint for this order.

I showed her all the blueprints attached to the purchase order -  (they started with the number 415)  and I told her to give the purchase order to the person accounting wanted her to give it to, and she handed the stack of blueprints and the purchase order to me again.

She then said, "I need you to tell me about God!" 

I asked her if she ever dreamed, and she got a blank look on her face... and said, "I don't remember!"

I said, "That's the first thing you should do because God talks to people in their dreams!"

While she was thinking about what I said, an older man came into the office, and said, "I've come to take you to the airport!"

I said, "I  wasn't planning on going anywhere... who are you looking for?"

He answered, "Paul".

I knew that "Paul" had an office right above mine, and pointed upward and said, "He's upstairs".

He refused to listen to what I said, and reached for my arm and said, "No!  You are the one!"

and I woke up.



4-10-10 - YOU GOTTA LAUGH - This dream is about a group of TV stars, from two different families on the same station.   Both men in the dream are named Jack - one from each show.

DREAM.   I was in a high-rise business office, overseeing a meeting that was supposed to start and conclude quite quickly as soon as some documents were signed.  Jack from "As the World Turns" was the only one sitting at the desk (not in the seat of authority)  waiting for the others to show up.  He wanted to get home because there was a family gathering going to happen with three sisters and two brothers.  

I understood his anxiety to want to get the meeting over so he could get home. 

While we were waiting for the others to arrive, I made sure there was plenty of water in the fish tank that was taller than it was wide.  The fish tank sat rather precariously on the edge of the sink - the water was rather warm to the touch, and it needed some more water added.  The fish in this tank were rather small - like guppies. 

By mistake, I took a drink of the fish tank water -  it was rather sweet tasting, and I think I may have swallowed a small fish that was floating on the top of the tank.  I added some water to the tank, then turned my attention to Jack who wanted to go home after the meeting. 

I turned and found myself in the house of Jack, from "The Young and the Restless" - who was waiting for the others from the family to arrive so they could have a leisurely dinner and enjoy each other's company.

Jack was looking out the window to our right and I heard him say, "It's so nice to be able to live in the country and have a quiet afternoon at home."

Just then, I saw a freight train go by on tracks that were not very far from the house.  (One could have thrown a rock from the house to the train)

Just as the train went by, a dump truck came off the highway and starting dumping gravel on the driveway about a foot deep.

No sooner did the dump truck go by, when a huge 100 passenger tour bus pulled into the driveway and pulled in front of the house. 

So much for a quiet afternoon at home with the family.

Note -The three sisters in the night sky are the stars comprising the Orions belt namely Alnilam, Alnitak and Mintaka. Alnilam is the star on the left under Betelguese the alpha star in orion constellation, Alnitak is the middle and Mintaka the star in the right side.

Some folk know them as the Three Kings, or the Three Sisters.  (The three sisters could be the dream about the women I wanted to work with in a bar)  (The three Sisters can be seen only from November thru February - but from all over the world as they are on the equator)


2-14-14 - VALENTINES DREAM - I started out with a web page and sorting out a series of number = mostly 11s and 5's and the names of Biblical men.

Then it switched to a dream, and I was in a large room with Daniel/Cain (he's used both names in the Young and Restless TV show) He was designing a series of boxes we were going to live in - within that larger room.  The boxes were about 4 x 4 x 8 - (like little caskets laying down, and stacked on one another.

Then all of a sudden, we were in a vehicle, being driven by Cain and juxtapositioned behind his Father's car, such that his Father could see my laughing face in His rear view mirror of his car - and we were racing down the highway, and Cain was laughing like a maniac, to tell his Father, "You are getting married.  You are getting married."


bible verses 11:5



I first saw a calendar page -  August, September, October, November -  all the letters were capitals, black, twisted and tumbling against each other.

DREAMS -  People were plowing the land - whether they were going to plant or plow the weeds under, I don't know.

People were giving each other wrist bands of several colors, seemingly made of cloth.


2-15-14 - DREAM - I was with a small group of men I worked for which was AFTER the destruction of most of the earth after the apocolypse.

I carried a large size picture book of things that had existed BEFORE the destruction, and as we walked around the earth, we would turn the pages, and point to a picture we liked and manifest it back into existence.  We did this many times and made the earth beautiful again.

We then went back to our office, and the boss came over to my desk, and dumped some sports toys and miniature musical instruments onto my desk.

He said, "This is the thanks we got for our good works." and I knew that we were expected to manifest back into existence, musics, sports, and all the fun things those men deemed welcome back into their world.

The were three baby grand pianos, footballs, baseballs, golf balls, and miniature size things one would entertain themselves with.

I did not see anything electronic at all, just things could do with one's own hands.

One more thing was in that bag - and it was a bag of candy - all solid sugar.


2-15-14 - NAP DREAM -  I  was with the same small group of men, who were now manifesting one wish per person to have something manifested back to them.

It was usually a loved one - child, parent, pet, etc. 

The people were so grateful to have even one person returned to them. 

Who would you pick if you could have only one person returned to you?


2-16-14 - DREAM - I was in Africa with the same small group of men.  We were looking out for the welfare of the African elephants.  Each day we would go to a different area, and gather together what elephants we found to make sure they were okay.


2-16-14 - NAP DREAM -  i was with my husband and my girlfriends all wanted him, so I had to fight real hard to keep him all for myself, and when I was assured that I had him, then  I noticed that the girls all wanted the guy who was going to work upstairs.  All those girls had short brown puffy hair and wore fur coats of really long fur - like a bear coat.  I then also wanted to go after that guy until he was mine too.  It wasn't hard to do.  All you had to do was everything he wanted done, you did it before anyone else could do it.


2-17-14 - DREAM -  I had a large piece of paper with cards marked  K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 6, 4, 3, 2, A, ETC. over and over and over.  I was marking off the Kings, and then folding the paper where I had marked it into a 5 sided piece shaped like a Pentagon. 

When I had the first piece of paper done, I turned to the next piece of paper and started doing it all over again, marking off all the Kings, and folding the paper into a 5 sided piece of paper shaped like a Pentagon, once more.

NOTE:  I had a dream in which I deleted all the Kings in 2013 as well.


2-17-14 - NAP DREAM - I was laying on my bed with a red blanket with friends and family and neighbors all over the place.  We were trying to stay warm and watch the kids and enjoy just being around each other.


2-18-14 - DREAM - I was writing and then editing an article about the ice skater Boitano.  Unfortunately, what you write on the dream computer doesn't transfer over to the real life computer.


2-18-14 - MEDITATION:  I saw a flag similar to this twice;

aljazeera logo

In my vision, the symbol was in the upper left hand corner, and the bottom half of the flag was torn off -  and I saw the same thing twice.

Later in the evening, John Hogue mentioned the black flag of afghanistan, and I looked it up and the flag didn't look like this one, but they did have a series of black flags during their history.


2-19-14  DREAM - It was nighttime and there was a baseball game going on in town.

I cooked dinner to feed my family -  it was only three boiled potatoes, that had to be divided between 8 people.

A woman who looked like Judy D.  was sitting in a garage watching the game on TV, with a sign for 'cheap parking' in the garage which was for 1 car, but she sat in the garage alone, and there were no cars or people on the streets either and it was dark out all along the street.

I typed up a newsletter and I should have made copies for everyone, but for some reason I didn't make any copies, and only one copy was distributed and I asked for the letter back because I had forgotten what I said.

She had it in a case of some kind in her bedroom. 

I didn't even have a copy for myself.

I didn't see any other people either.

Later, I remembered the last scene in the dream.  When I was done slicing the potatoes into 8 parts, I turned the cut my daughters feet off at the ankles.


2-20-14 - DREAM -  I was a polygamist wife.  There were 18 of us.  The husband died, and I was in charge of the funeral.

I was told that I was the "Mary discontender."

I didn't see any people in this dream, just the placement of the wives, who were seated in circles around the central husband.

NOTE:  This word 'discontender' is on the internet 7 times - always in the lyrics of this song:

Uploaded on Jan 10, 2009


Are You Ready [x4]
Tonight we ride

All you service sector, discontenders, RIDE WITH US
All you voiceless fuckers and system suckers, RIDE WITH US
If you wanna see the seas of flame, RIDE WITH US
If you wanna see the seas of blood, RIDE WITH US
On and on, on and on and on and on

Woh oh...

In the denim buggies across the dunes, RIDE WITH US
Scratch the crack and smell the fumes dude, RIDE WITH US
If you wanna kill for inner peace, just do it, DO IT
If you wanna slay the bourgeois beast, RIDE WITH US
On and on, on and on and on and on

Woh oh...


On and on and on.....

The following is a series of letters from a man who came from a polygamist family May 2003

Topics:  Health Care in Polygamist Families  | Polygamist Endowment Information  | I guess polygamy is just in my blood   |  Meet John Whitman Ray  |  Polygamist Prayer Methods

Health Care in Polygamist Families

Today’s polygamists, those living primarily in Utah, Arizona, and various other surrounding areas, stretching even into Mexico and Canada, are gaining much notoriety because of the terrible abuses inherent to these societies. These polygamists, who base their practices on early Mormon belief, habitually force young girls below age eighteen into polygamous marriages with much older men. I have seen this with my own eyes. My own father, in 1974, at age 36, took as a plural wife a girl 16 years of age. It is laughable to see the impotence of state and local government when it comes to dealing with this particularly insidious form of child abuse. In the last 50 years, only one individual has been successfully prosecuted for committing this despicable act. This individual is Tom Green, the notorious Utah polygamist who was recently convicted of child rape. It is astounding to see that only one man has been the recipient of criminal justice when literally thousands of men are committing this very act routinely, with support of their community, and under the apparent indifference of law enforcement officials from the level of the common patrol officer to the Attorneys General of the states in which these acts take place. This form of child abuse is receiving some attention in the press, but this is not the only form of child abuse that routinely takes place in these societies. There are also dangerous medical and health practices that are routine to these Mormon-based polygamous societies. I would like to go into some detail about these practices that have resulted in the destruction of various children’s health, and even death.

In Mormon-based polygamous societies, there is a common mistrust of the modern medical industry. Large numbers of children born into these groups never receive immunizations of any kind. When I was a child growing up in one of these groups, I witnessed waves of destruction brought about by whooping cough. This disease ravaged the community I was living in. Fortunately, my parents had converted to this lifestyle when I was seven years of age, so I had previously been immunized. But many of my childhood friends became afflicted with this dreaded illness. Many infants who had contracted the disease battled impending death. I don’t specifically remember any deaths taking place during this wave, which took place in Pinesdale, Montana during the period between 1974 and 1977, but the risk of this was very high. Adherents within these polygamous societies have an unhealthy mistrust of modern medicine, as I have mentioned, and it is amazing that I didn’t see more health disasters take place than I did, but nevertheless, I have seen more than my share of misery as a result of this dangerously backward belief system.

Mormon-based polygamists, who refer to themselves as Fundamentalist Mormons, also practice their sacramental ceremonies a bit differently from the methods found in wards within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Typically, in an average non-polygamous LDS ward house, the water is distributed among the audience in small, individual cups. But in the Mormon Fundamentalist sacrament meetings the water is disbursed to the audience in large, one liter glasses. During the ceremony, each glass touches the lips of 40-50 people. During the ceremony, bread crumbs inevitably accumulate in the bottom of each glass until the last person gulps down the last of the water--bread crumbs and all. This practice provides a breeding ground for hepatitis, which frequently ravages entire congregations. Mormon-based polygamists are quite unable to deal with this disease. Indeed, many adherents seem ignorant even of simple hygienic practices, such as frequent hand washing, as methods by which to slow the spread of disease. To many, if not most of these people, a gamma globulin injection is out of the question, even unknown as a medical practice.

When I was eight years old, my older brother, who was twelve or thirteen at the time, suffered a serious accident. He was in the attic of a family who had volunteered to temporarily hold the belongings of another recently converted family, when he fell through a trap door, landing approximately twelve feet below. He received a massive concussion. He was taken to a bed in the house and the presiding apostle of the community was summoned. I was allowed into the room where my brother had been taken and I witnessed a horrifying scene. The apostle stood at the foot of the bed and instructed my parents as to how they might care for my brother, who was writhing in agony, delirious, and vomiting profusely. The apostle instructed my parents to hold my brother down and apply pressure to the swollen areas of his head. This seemed to bring about severe pain on the part of my brother and he struggled violently. They offered priesthood blessings as a means of treatment for his severe head injuries. This struggle went on for hours until my brother finally fell unconscious and completely exhausted. At no time during this ordeal did anyone call an ambulance, or take my brother to a hospital. Indeed, he was never seen by a medical doctor throughout the acute phase, or the ensuing recovery period.

My brother spent weeks in a darkened room after this accident. Even the weakest light brought severe pain to his eyes. He kept complaining of the ringing in his ears. He suffered immensely throughout this period. I have been profoundly affected by this traumatic event. But my brother seems to have sustained injuries that have had a lingering effect on him ever since. As an adult, I have spent countless hours contemplating this event, and I have also studied a bit about traumatic brain injury, and the lasting effects it can have on individuals who have suffered from it. My brother’s life has been tragic ever since. He displays disturbing personality problems that I have since learned are common among people who suffered similar injuries as children. He lives a life of uncontrollable alcoholism, destructive self-centeredness, a seeming lack of conscience and many other severe and uncontrollable personality disorders. To this day, he has never received a proper medical evaluation, and this incident has fallen into the web of secrecy that surrounds the lives of Mormon-based polygamists.

The abuse that abounds in these polygamous communities is profound and extremely widespread. The public has only heard bits and pieces of information about these communities that have aptly been described as the American Taliban. Law enforcement has inexplicably ignored these communities who are also known to stockpile weapons. Many who are informed about the dangers of these polygamous societies have alleged that the potential dangers involved in law enforcement intervention would bring about a situation similar to what occurred several years ago in Waco, Texas. If the Mormon-based polygamists were pushed in a similar, inept manner, I testify that the Waco incident would seem like an independence day celebration in comparison. Mormon-based polygamous groups have been allowed to practice their abusive craft for over one hundred years. They will not submit to law enforcement easily. The potential for violence and loss of life is immense, but certainly not inevitable. The central power structure within these factions needs to be eliminated entirely, and swiftly. There are methods by which this can be achieved while incurring a minimal level of violence. It is imperative that minimal violence should be the goal if any action is to be taken against these offenders. The vast majority of the members of these groups are helpless women and children who are today in a very dangerous environment where indoctrination and isolation are a way of life. It is despicable that the communities of Colorado City, Arizona; Hildale, Utah; and Pinesdale, Montana are allowed to name their own law enforcement officers. In these communities, the offenders are the police. Under the present circumstances, these abusive environments flourish and grow steadily. The sooner the problems inherent to these polygamous communities are dealt with by legitimate law enforcement, the less potential for violent conflict, which will endanger the lives of many thousands of innocent children who are today suffering from abuse. Procrastination on the part of government officials can be blamed for the intensified gravity of the present situation. Refusal to take action immediately will only make the problem worse for these helpless children.

I wholeheartedly endorse Flora Jessop as an extremely competent expert in matters relating to Mormon-based polygamists. I urge all government officials to take this matter as most serious. Ms. Jessop possesses a great deal of expertise and is indispensable to the hope for these innocent children. I urge you all to take her words very seriously. The American people are dangerously ignorant of the crimes taking place in these communities, and Flora Jessop can provide the information that is so lacking. Please consider taking immediate action for the sake of eliminating the enormous suffering that is taking place right before our eyes.

Troy A. Bowles

Magna, Utah


Polygamist Endowment Information

To my knowledge, temple clothing used by Mormon Fundamentalists is identical to that used in the LDS Church. I could be wrong on this. When I was a child, my parents bought their long garments from the LDS Church, although they had been excommunicated in 1973. In about 1980, the LDS Church stopped making long garments, however, and Owen Allred appointed various relief society members as authorized crafters of these garments. It is possible that some Fundies buy their temple clothing from the LDS Church, but I do know that there are women in the Allred group (always women for this work) have been authorized to make temple clothing. I am not aware of any alteration to the patterns used in making temple clothing within the LDS Church since the nineteenth century, but this may be something interesting to verify. Excellent question! They do call these costumes "temple clothes". My memory of them is that they were white, with a green apron embossed with fig leaf designs, just like LDS temple clothes. Like all LDS funerals I have attended, the deceased in a Fundamentalist funeral is displayed in the casket in temple clothing, without the hat.

I'm not sure how the other large Fundamentalist groups operate regarding temples, but the Allred group has an "endowment house" in which they carry out their temple ceremonies. It is on the same piece of property as the RCA (Rulon Clark Allred) building in Bluffdale, Utah. The RCA building is where the Salt Lake area congregation assembles for sacrament meeting and various other functions which include dances and even basketball games. The RCA building was completed in the late 1970's and is visible from I-15, from the far right southbound lane, immediately before the interstate starts to descend into Utah County. The endowment house was formerly occupied by the caretakers of the RCA building, and was converted in the early 1980's and dedicated to the function it now serves. It is situated to the immediate west of the RCA building. The glass windows of this structure have been boarded shut from the inside. I would imagine that the other large polygamous groups have similar structures. Flora Jessop probably can tell of how the FLDS group handles endowments.

The LDS Church, as you know, has eliminated significant portions of the endowment ceremony. The Mormon Fundamentalists pride themselves in their insistance on not changing anything, and their endowment ceremony is much longer than that performed in LDS temples. I have not personally taken part in the ceremony, but I asked my mother many questions about it as I was growing up. She told me that the endowment ceremony had been some eight hours long during the time of Brigham Young. I assume from this that the Fundamentalist endowment ceremony is also very long, like this. Although the Mormon Fundamentalists pride themselves in their resistance to change, I have learned from my own research that their lifestyles and beliefs are actually unchanged from the time of Brigham Young, and not necessarily from the time of Joseph Smith. Whether they realize it or not, their version of Mormonism has also been altered since the time of Smith. It was during the period surrounding the Manifesto, and the ensuing two decades that they broke away from the LDS Church. They are a culture that appears to be frozen in time from that period. I wish I could provide more details about their endowment ceremonies, but I broke away before I had the opportunity to participate. Interestingly, when my parents first converted to Mormon Fundamentalism in 1973 (they had previously been very active LDS, married in the SL temple), the Allred group did not have an endowment house. But my parents switched immediately to the long garment style upon their conversion. During this period, the Allred group was in a bit of a quandary since they did not possess an endowment house. Many adults did not wear garments, having not been endowed, so their construction of an endowment house in the early 1980's represented a very important development. Owen Allred apparently received a "revelation" during this period in which he was instructed to build the endowment house. I noticed that the older members wore the garments, even though they had never been members of the LDS Church, and therefore had no previous access to a temple. They had received their endowments before the "split" in the 1950's, when the Allred group broke away from the FLDS over a leadership dispute.

Also interesting, and part of this discussion, is the practice in which members of the Allred group always kneel facing the Salt Lake temple when praying. They believe that the Salt Lake temple is the most important temple within Mormondom although, for obvious reasons, they are not allowed to enter. During family prayers among the Fundamentalists, frequently included is an appeal that the "temple doors will be opened to all worthy and righteous saints". They believe that Joseph Smith will return someday with Jesus Christ, and that the Salt Lake temple will be returned to the Fundamentalists, as they see themselves as the correct caretakers of the "keys to the priesthood".

Finally, you ask how I acquired such knowledge of the secretive Mormon Fundamentalists. I was there. I was seven years old when my parents joined the Allred group and were subsequently excommunicated from the LDS Church. I was hyper-curious as a child, and a voracious reader, as I am now. I also have an extremely good memory. When I was growing up I asked my mother endless questions about this new faction of Mormonism we had become a part of. My parents had great hopes that I would grow up to be a Fundamentalist scholar and they gave me numerous books to read. I read many books by Ogden Kraut and other polygamous authors. I never forgot anything I studied at that young age, and many years later as an adult, I started studying the forbidden (correct) history of Mormonism. In my adult study I have found much information that I have been able to compare to what I learned when I was growing up in polygamous society and I have been able to correlate much of this forbidden information with what I learned as a child. I really have a unique perspective now, having grown up first in the LDS Church, and later in Mormon Fundamentalist society in a family where my father had four wives.


I guess polygamy is just in my blood.

My ggg-grandfather was Levi Ward Hancock. He was born in 1803 in Massachusetts. He notes in his autobiography that his family was "puritan stock," and indeed they were. The Hancock family came from England in the 1630's. It's most notable member was John Hancock, signer of the Declaration of Independance and first governor of Massachusetts. But enough about them.

Levi Hancock joined the Mormon Church in 1830, the year the church was officially organized. He was single at the time of his conversion, which came about after hearing a sermon given by Parley P. Pratt. His parents and siblings also converted to Mormonism. He met Joseph Smith in early 1831 and grew quite close to him. It seems that in 1833 they agreed to an "exchange of women". Compton writes about this in his first chapter of <i>In Sacred Loneliness</i>. Levi Hancock was interested in a young woman who lived with Smith named Clarissa Reed. She was seventeen. Smith was interested in Levi's niece; sixteen year old Fanny Alger. The arrangement was made, and Fanny's parents were thrilled to have this connection with "the Prophet". Levi Hancock married Clarissa Reed and in April 1834, their first child was born. They named him Mosiah Lyman Hancock. He was my gg-grandfather. Mosiah Hancock became well known later as a prolific missionary. He also married six women. Mosiah Hancock's daughter Clarissa married my g-grandfather, Earnest Richard Bowles. The rest is history, and it is a history flavored to the present with controversy. Compton credits Mosiah Hancock's autobiography as being the best source of information we have on Fanny Alger.

Both Levi Hancock and his son Mosiah left brief autobiographies (both online). Levi's story breaks off in an incomplete sentence in about 1836, but Mosiah's takes off from there and the story of these two men is pretty fascinating. While I was reading these stories I fit the events in with some things I had learned about my family as a child. There is a tradition among the descendants of Clarissa Reed that she was one of Joseph Smith's polyandrous wives. This has been difficult to prove, but there are several of her descendants who insist that this was a fact. As a child I heard my father say that there was a possibility that Mosiah Hancock was actually the SON of Joseph Smith! My father was a great admirer of Mosiah Hancock and he did a bit of research on this ancestor and found some people believing that this was so. One day I heard my father tell my mother that "if this is true, our children have righteous blood in their veins!" At first I didn't grasp the enormity of the situation. I was about eight years old and I had never heard of Smith's polyandry. I remember thinking that I was disappointed that we no longer had Revolutionary War heroes in our ancestry. I didn't want to be descended from Joseph Smith even at that age. I had a great admiration for John Hancock (still do), and I was not happy with Mormonism. I asked my mother about this a couple of years later, and she dismissed it abruptly, saying only that there was a man in the LDS Church named Mckay Smith who believed this. I sensed that she didn't want to discuss it, so I dropped the subject, never mentioning it to anyone in the family again. But this event is very significant, because it reveals that although polyandry is not practiced in today's large polygamous groups, at least some of them acknowledge that Smith practiced it. It tells me that MY parents acknowledged it! This is in sharp contrast to the LDS Church, where it is never discussed, and probably hasn't been practiced since Smith's time. (Disclaimer: I cannot state with authority that none of today's polygamists engage in polyandry. With these people, anything is possible.)

I don't know if I'll ever know the truth about whether or not my gg-grandfather was really Joseph Smith's son, through a polyandrous union. I was a lot happier with my puritan ancestors!

Meet John Whitman Ray

Those of you who are familiar with my story will remember John Ray, the presiding apostle in the small polygamous community known as Pinesdale, Montana. Ray was a young favorite of Rulon Allred in the early 1970's. Ray was by far Allred's youngest apostle, and possibly the most radical. I first met him in 1973 when he was 38 years old. I've never known anyone in my life more charismatic than Ray. He converted my parents to Mormon Fundamentalism, then took them to his Montana community. He was one of the few high ranking priesthood members who actively pursued converts; and he found them in abundance in Utah. Several of his converts would become his wives. When I knew him he had 12 wives and about 65 children, including step-children. His was known to persuade LDS women to leave their husbands to join his harem.

Ray was obsessed with alternative medicines and holistic practices. His followers regarded him as a miraculous healer. They believed that he received divine inspiration at will. When my older brother suffered a severe head injury, Ray instructed my parents not to take him to the hospital, but instead to use his own brand of quackery which involved applying direct pressure to the most painful areas of the injury. My brother was completely delirious and had to be held down by several adults while my parents applied pressure to the wounds. My brother was in agony and was vomiting all over the bed and the people who were holding him down. Consecrated olive oil was applied liberally and priesthood blessings were given (of course). Ray instructed them to do this for at least 3-4 hours before my brother finally collapsed and was taken home. I have described this scene many times on this board, because it has been in my mind for over 25 years. My brother has, since that incident displayed several very severe personality disorders. He is irrationally self centered and immature. Today he is 41 years old. He has been dangerously alcoholic since his teenage years. He has also abused cocaine to a level that almost killed him.

John Ray left a trail of devoted admirers everywhere he went. He also left behind numerous enemies. I am one of them. Ray was always involved in some sort of sceme and he defrauded his converts out of every cent they had in order to finance his aggressive path to fame. My own parents gave him thousands of dollars that they had managed to obtain from selling their Salt Lake house. Ray had something cooking in Hawaii in 1977, and legend has it that he left behind his huge polygamous family for the love of a single woman he met there. But it goes even deeper than this. Ray apostatized and was never seen again by the polygamists. His whole family was left to fend for themselves and most of his wives married into other polygamous families. One of these women became my father's third wife. She came into our family with three of Ray's children.

After Ray's apostacy, my parents returned to Salt Lake City to join the much larger part of the Allred group. Pinesdale is still a polygamous town, hidden away at the western edge of the Bitterroot Valley, in Montana. It has since been presided over by an apostle named Morris Jessop, who is a much more stable and predictable individual than John Ray, who was a veritable mad genius.

It has been very difficult to track John Ray since 1977, that is, until the advent of the Internet. It seems he grew very fond of Hawaii and he spent several years living there while he carved out a new life for himself. He left the United States permanently in 1989. When I knew him, Ray seemed to have impressive academic credentials. He was a mathematician and reportedly had been awarded a Doctorate of Science at Lafayette University. He truly was an intellectual heavy-weight, although his sense of logic was missing a few key elements. Over the years he collected several correspondance-school doctorates and added a few questionable honorifics to his name. He even is alleged to have been awarded a knighthood, although I have unable to determine who awarded him this honor. He carried the obligatory "Sir" in front of his name along with this recognition. For all I know, he was knighted by Queen Lateefa. But in his later life he seems to have charmed even more suckers than during his fling as one of Rulon Allred's Apostles. He was awarded the dubious degree of Doctor of Naturopathy in his post-polygamous life. He developed a system of personal health that carried all of his signature quackeries from the days in Pinesdale. He called this system <i>Body Electronics</i> and it involved a specialized diet routine and his own bizarre version of acupressure. He gave numerous seminars and made several video-tape lectures.

John Ray died in April, 2001 in New Zealand. He was visiting the home of a friend at the time of his death at age 66 from a heart ailment. He had been residing in Queensland, Australia at the time of his death. At his request he was cremated and his remains were scattered at sea. He left behind a very large following of people who believed he was the most highly skilled healer on the planet. He also left behind numerous children who saw him for the last time in 1977. He had a profound effect on the lives of literally thousands of people. He left an impact everywhere he went.

Meet John Whitman Ray.:

Polygamist Prayer Methods

Although they are completely restricted from entering any LDS temple (polygamists are excommunicated), Mormon Fundamentalists still believe that they are the legitimate priesthood authority and are therefore the rightful caretakers. They kneel facing the Salt Lake temple because that is the most important temple in Mormondom (at least to them). Mormon Fundamentalists have very rigid prayer practices.

When I was living in Pinesdale, Montana, every morning at 6 AM a prayer session was held in the schoolhouse. Proper prayer protocol was strictly observed in these sessions. Polygamist Mormons have a strange obsession with kneeling upright, as opposed to the more casual method commonly seen in the LDS Church where members frequently kneel in a more comfortable manner by sitting back on their lower legs and ankles. It seems to me that the polygamists believe that if one is too comfortable, then one isn't doing it correctly.

In these early-morning prayer sessions, it was required that all present repeat the words of the prayer. One person is chosen to lead the prayer, and the prayer is given one sentence at a time. The prayer leader then waits for everyone to repeat each sentence before moving on. This made for long, uncomfortable prayer sessions. Often these sessions lasted for fifteen minutes or more. One's lower legs often become numb after such a length of time. I can only imagine the discomfort experienced by pregnant women, who are ever present in any polygamist gathering. Oh, how I loathed these early morning prayer sessions!

Most Mormon Fundamentalists adhere to these methods even in family prayer at home. When I was engaged to my wife, we were visiting my parent's home and my father called us together for prayer. When everyone was present, he instructed us to kneel facing the temple. My wife was stunned by this, and she frantically started to whisper to me, inquiring as to which temple we were required to face. I told her to just do what everyone else was doing. My older brother's girlfriend was also present and was equally dumbstruck. She simply started laughing. This took place over 16 years ago, and now I refuse to participate when my family does this. They do not push the issue, and for many years now they have not engaged in this prayer method when I am there. Instead they pray while gathered around the dining room table, in the manner that is usually seen in an average LDS home. My family has been aware of my strong opposition to their religious practices and now they alter their behavior when I am present. I think they do this in hopes that I won't be driven away. My two children, the oldest of whom is ten, have never seen my family pray in the properly prescribed manner. Mormon Fundamentalists are instructed to kneel in prayer, facing the Salt Lake Temple three times each day.

I suspect that these methods of prayer were practiced in the early LDS Church, around the time of Brigham Young, but I have not been able to verify this.

Mormon polygamists scoff at LDS members for their tendency to utter prayers in a way that indicates that the words are memorized. Every Mormon in Utah is familiar with the rapid utterance of the blessing on the food. But even though they may scoff at this practice, inevitably Mormon Fundamentalists engage in this behavior themselves, offering certain appeals that are always present such as: "Please hasten the day in which the temple doors will be opened to all worthy and righteous saints" and "please hasten the day in which the blood of the prophets is avenged." Of course these pleas are rarely uttered in proper English, and they tend to become arbitrary word strings that only contain the key words. This indicates that the person offering the prayer is not concentrating deeply enough, and often during sacrament meeting someone will get up and complain indignantly about this. Fundamentalists also nit-pick over certain choices of words uttered in prayer. For example, many shun the word "We come before thee..." Instead they say "We present ourselves unto thee..." The claim is that NOBODY comes before God. They also don't like it when someone refers to prayer as saying the prayer, but instead they refer to is as asking the prayer. Many believe that it is offensive to stray from this protocol.

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2-21-14 - DREAM - I was hired by an older man to be the caretaker of his gardens.

I put on his gardening suit, which was bright green, pull on suit that was a thick layered soft outfit that went on over my own clothings.  It was held on at  the shoulders like a vest was except the pants were connected to it as well.

We went out into the front yard, and the man showed me the vines that were growing off the front porch and strung out over his front lawn.

During the winter, the vines had gone dormant and were green, and they appeared to grow off of each other, and I had to start watering them from the largest to the smallest - in that order.

As I did this process, the main vine grew green again, followed in order on down the heierchy I'll call it, from large to small, like a family of smaller and smaller vines.

By the time the vines were done greening up in the spring watering, I then woke up.



I was working on a computer program, getting instructions on how to make something.  It had something to do with a gadget that hung on the wall.  Exactly what it was meant to do I can't recall.

My ex-husband Ed came home and interrupted me and I didn't want to share what I was doing, and fortunately, he decided to go out again, and I knew what he was planning and just let him go because I wanted to get back to what I was doing.

As I walked through the living room, there was a giant spider - a Daddy Long Legs - about 6 inches across on the wall.

I continued to the kitchen to get the instructions I had printed out and left there.

I went back to the living room and the gadget I had in my hand, which I was to attach to the wall, had a little basket on it with a snail (without a shell) hanging on a stick about 2 inches long.

I hung it on the wall - high up - where the snail was to do his thing.

I then went back to the computer to work on my original project and printed out the instructions which turned out to be a magazine.

The magazine was full of ads, and each ad had a photo with the name and phone number of a person to contact beneath it.

To my surprise, inside the magazine was a tear out mini magazine of more instructions that was called  SAND DRONE.

Beneath those words, it said BLOODY SAND.

and I woke up with someone in my head saying, Start calling, call a way! -  and I knew I was supposed to call all those phone numbers in the magazine I had just downloaded.

Here are some examples of what I found duting research:

Saving Private Ryan Movie Review - Common Sense Media

Read Common Sense Media's movie review to help you make informed decisions. ... on Normandy Beach with his intestines spilling out onto the bloody sand.

Wind of Change - Salem-News.Com

Dec 27, 2010 ... This poem written by Arthur Jewell during the Israeli attack on Gaza that we refer to as 'Cast Lead' ... This prison-camp of bloody sand?

  • Kill 'Em All | Dissident Voice

    Dec 17, 2012 ... Thomas Riggins / 02/18/2014; Understanding Modern Israel John Chuckman / 02 /18/ ... To keep oil gushing from bloody sand, And steel boxes ...

  • Bowalley Road: Palestine: The Kiwi Connection - Similarto Bowalley Road: Palestine: The Kiwi Connection

    Nov 23, 2009... grim sport, forty Palestinian men lay dead or wounded on the bloody sand.... Segue to the Israeli action in Gaza at the beginning of last year.


2-22-14 - DREAM -  There was a star in front of me that had pegs within the points that held clay inside of the shape.

I had to be careful not to dislodge the clay within the star shape so it wouldn't lose it's shape.



2-23-14 - DREAMS - I had a series of dreams about sending e-mails that had color on the backs of them.

One was to a friend by the name of B.B. which was seen as pink, I was told I had to cut him out of my life completely.

A series of e-mails to two other mail friends, who were also teachers were different.

The e-mails that had pink on the back made me itch.

The e-mails that had bright blue on the back caused me pain.

The e-mails that had bright red on the back also caused me pain.

The e-mails that had white on the back made popping sensations behind my right eye for both myself and the other person.

When I talked to these same teachers on the telephone, the white - eye popping sensations caused tremendous sexual feelings between us as well.


2-23-14 - NAP DREAM -  I was in a house with my family.  We had some yummy Strawberry ice cream in the freezer and I wanted some of it myself, so I asked my baby girl - about a year old if she wanted another helping of it, so I could get some myself and not feel guilty.

My husband was too interested in going next door to look at the empty apartment that hadn't been cleaned yet to see if there were any treasures left behind by the man who had just moved out. 

I was in the apartment myself in another dream recently.


2-24-14 - DREAM - I don't know where I was.  I was inside a structure, helping to build a smaller structure inside the room with some sticks on top of sand.  The frist time I did it,  I was successful, but the second time I wasn't.


2-27-14 - 3:15 a.m.

DREAM - I was either visiting or working at a company where they were laying out the shape of a huge animal figure on the ground, using tubes through which they inserted animal fur such that when it was done, it would look like the real animal laying on the ground. 

They used real fur  in the appropriate places, meaning that the neck fur actually came from the neck of the real animal.

Some cops in blue uniforms came by and they were showing off that they had some fake money with bright blue enamel on the face of it, and I pulled out a bag from my pocket and I had even more of this fake money than they did and I counted out $100 worth.

Then we went back to working on finishing creating this fake animal on the ground.

All of a sudden, I heard the noise of the bedroom door open and Joe came walking out of the bedroom wearing really pale blue summer underwear with boxer shorts, and he said sadly, 'Your Father died" like he had just been notified of that fact.

NOTE:  My real father died many, many years ago, and his birthday was on 2-24-14 and he would have been 111 years old.  He passed away at age 72.

He was 35 when I was born, and i'm now 75, so a lot of years have gone by.


2-27-14 - NAP DREAM  -  I was taking care of a little girl who had some scratches on her right arm on the under side. 

While I was holding her and comforting her in her tears, she said we should call the police against the man who hurt her.

I woke up to a telephone call before I got any details... but I remember her mother coming into the room before I woke up.


2-28-14 - DREAM -  i was counting colored threads that were inside of clear straws.

I was putting them on a page, and I turned the page and when I came to number 107, I knew that was a person and that they would be healed.