2-1-00 - DREAMED TWICE - I was working on web pages with links back to my own dream pages.


2-1-00 - DREAM - I was in a long sleek darker brown station wagon with my husband. (I didn't see his face)  We were driving through a forested area and met up with another car that was brown and white, a station wagon, not quite so sleek looking. The other car and us were on the same narrow path but going in opposite directions. The other car moved over to the right somewhat to make room for us, but we then backed up really fast a long distance and up another roadway, hiding our car from the main road so the other car couldn't see where we were.  I was wishing that I could drive backwards that fast.


2-1-00 - DREAM - Repeat of the first two dreams... working on a web page with links back to my own dream pages.


2-1-00 - VISION - I saw army soldiers, dressed in dark green uniforms, carrying long black rifles. They were jumping out of a helicopter.  The words 'sneak attack' were placed on top of the scene.

I hope everyone in the world still has some Y2K supplies left because I don't know where this is.  See this page:  Dreams of War


2-1-00 - VISION - This was a blue and yellow card I received in the mail. It said 'Electric Bill'.  It was for $43.00


2-2-00 - DREAM - I could swear I had this dream before, but didn't find it on the harddrive. I've already lost all the details. It was about a Greek calendar, and I was in a place with some very large horses, normal size, but they didn't have fur, they had tight curly wool for hair.  They were right up in my face and I was rather scared of them, but I was trying to be brave and patting their faces and asking how you controlled them. The one I remember seeing was like a black and white pinto. His left eye was right in front of mine. Very close.


2-2-2000 - DREAM - This is probably several dreams put together. Not sure.

I was at a gas station, pushing my car out into the street by hand all by myself. The street was snowy and cars were standing there with their lights on, waiting for me. This happened several times.

I was with Michelle in her car and she was driving. The road was a slight curve to the right, but she was going super fast, but suddenly she was in the back seat doing something else and I was sitting up front alone, still going super fast and nobody was driving.  I finally hollered for her and asked whether she was driving or not.  By then, we had come to a dead stop on the left side of the road behind someone else and the road was muddy.  At least we didn't hit anyone.

I was on a farm with Joe.  He went outside to do something. I could hear someone sloshing laundry in a huge tub off to the right behind another building.  Joe got all excited that the other woman was doing laundry.  She was washing sheets by hand in a big tub. Joe took a big white shiny silk star-like edged circle with a ribbon hanging down. It said ,'AZTEC' on it. She put the woman up on a pedestal and pinned the ribbon on her chest. He said to her, "Now YOU are the Aztec."  I was feeling rather jealous about this but after he pinned the award on her, he just left her standing there and came back into the house.

Inside the house, we got some visitors. One guy had a baby with him, and he laid a quilt on the floor and played with the baby. He supposedly was waiting for his wife to get off from work and was going to go pick her up. Two other guys were just standing there and talking. I can't remember about what.  Joe and those guys were going to go to work together.

Finally they left and I turned around to go back to doing housework, and I had to start all over because the house was a mess. There was laundry all over the floor again along with toys and stuff.

I heard a vehicle in the yard and then someone knocked on the door. Four men stood by the front side door wanting to ask permission to drive through the yard with their work vehicle. It was some kind of farm vehicle. I didn't get a clear look at it.  There were two doors on the side of the house, a front one and a back one.  I went to the back side door, and they were at the front side door. Their vehicle was making so much noise, they couldn't hear me.  They were all really tall, about 7 feet tall and dressed like Amish men.  Finally I got their attention and allowed them to go through the yard to do their work.


2-2-00 - VISION - This was a web page that was all white with blue printing and a picture of a dove on top with a blue line and willowy flowers beneath it.  It was a copy of an e-mail addressed to ALL.  

NOTE:  I already thought about that yesterday because I have a series of e-mails I was going to paste onto a web page and publish it. The only thing I didn't think of was putting the picture on the top.  Duh!!!


2-2-00 - VOICE - I heard very loud in my left ear -   'UNCLES!'

NOTE:  Huh???


2-2-00 - VISION - I saw a brilliant white sun.


2-2-00 - VOICE - "The changes are coming more and more in big jumps and little jumps!"


2-3-00 - DREAM - I was looking at a music web page similar to mine, but instead of just groups of song sites like mine, this linked also to individual songs where you had a choice of downloaded either the music itself in a Midi format, or the voice version in MP3.

NOTE: That's a lot of work.


2-3-00 - DREAM - I worked in a factory building and was in charge of maintenance. I saw some women go into the tool room, so I quickly followed after them to tell them that we didn't welcome visitors there. I went inside and to my surprise, found that the shelves were empty. All the tools had been removed, and everything obviously had been moved professionally and labeled and categorized as it had been moved.  I followed on down another aisle and found that some women had set up the room as a warehouse for other things so the space wasn't wasted. One table had grouped magazines, 6 for 88 cents which were tied together and you took your chances what you got as you couldn't see what the inside ones were, only the outer ones. I thought that was rather a clever idea.

I found out then from one of the workmen that a 10 year old boy had killed some classmates and he hadn't been caught, but another boy had taken his picture at a party. It just had to be developed and we could see what he looked like. So, we got the pictures developed and I looked at the photos.  He looked like an ordinary child, not someone who would commit murder.

Strangely then, the child who had killed came into the room where I was and demanded a drink of water for his father. There was none to be had where we were. I volunteered to take him across the street to where the offices were as I was going to go over there to go to the bathroom anyway.

This gave me a better opportunity to get to know the boy to see if he really was a killer and why he would do such an awful thing. He would be picked up by the police on the other side of the street then also.  As we were crossing the street, the boy and I were talking and he wanted to know what time he was going to get the water and I said it would be about 7 p.m.  He got so distressed that he had to wait for the water that he started to beat his head against a brick wall.  I looked at the clock and it was only 5 minutes to 7.  The child couldn't even wait 5 minutes or less for the water. I was astounded that the child was so impatient.

When I got to the other side, I took the boy to the bathroom with me and the cops came and took him away for the murders. What makes a child get so impatient?  I didn't understand.

The men said they would do me a favor and get me some stamps while they were out, but then I realized I had to go to the bank anyway as I had to deposit my paycheck. However, I didn't have the check in hand yet, only some white fake dollars in my wallet. I put them in there to pretend I had money when I really didn't because it made me feel better.  I then went through the desk drawer to make sure the paychecks were in there.  I saw 5 that had typed envelopes and two that had envelopes with the names hand written in green. Mine was one of the typed ones.

While I stood there, my mother showed up at the door. She didn't look so good. I asked her how she was. She said, "Not so good! Could you come and visit me?"  I said I would and she left to go home and wait for me.

As I headed for the bank, I met a woman friend who was married to a Chinese guy.  They had had a disagreement and when they met, he presented the back of his neck for her to kiss out of respect. But then he stood up and presented his butt for her to kiss right out on the street. It looked like she was going to do it.  I couldn't believe it.

While I stood on the corner, I saw that the building was for sale. I thought it would be a good idea to invest in it, because there would always be a use for a good building.

I gradually woke up after that scene.


2-3-00 - DREAM - I was in a house that had pink flowered wallpaper on the walls. Two women came to visit... one blonde ... one dark haired. The blonde woman suggested that they help me paint the walls since the wall paper was old.  I thought that was a good idea. However, the blonde and the dark haired woman had different ideas of how to go about this and so did I.

The blonde woman just wanted to paint over the wallpaper. The dark haired woman knew that the paper had to be pulled off first in order to paint.  As we pulled the wall paper down I saw that there was silk flowered material under the wall paper and I insisted that I use that material to make some beautiful dresses with it.  So, I started folding the material for future use. I also saw that the walls needed replastering now that the paper and material was removed. The women decided that was too much work so they left.

Then my old friend Sandy who I used to work with came in with her husband. She was showing me that she had a pattern which made three different pair of slacks. I swore up and down that I had just bought an identical pattern and wanted to prove it to them. However, when I got my pattern instructions out, they weren't the same at all. All the numbers on the instruction were two numbers off from hers. Where mine said 38, hers said 36. Where mine said 3, hers said 5, and so forth. Then I looked closer and mine wasn't for slacks at all, it was for a flowered dress.  I was really surprised that I could be so wrong. l was certain that mine was for 3 pair of slacks also.

I then went to my desk where a radio was playing. It was playing two stations at once. One was Spanish and one was English.  I couldn't listen to both at the same time.  A young Mexican boy came up behind me so I knew what he would prefer and then his father showed up as well.  But I couldn't speak Spanish, so I preferred the English which is all I knew how to speak.  

Another woman came up and asked me if I knew how to change the station. I said I did, but when I looked for the button to change it, the radio didn't even look the same, and I ended up playing with every button to find the right one. I finally found the English station so it came in clear, but then the Spanish speaking people left the room.

She also asked me about some beautiful copper plates and wiring I had on the desk. I told her that was my computer and moved it aside. It looked like gold and was all wired together which I had done myself I told her.  There was also a sewing machine case attached to it so it was multi-purpose.  I was very proud of being able to do that.

I had a lot of work ahead of me in this place ... I don't recall how this dream ended since it just popped into my head when I sat down to type the one following....


2-3-00 - DREAM - I was working on a web page that had a very narrow table box down the center. Inside the box, as I was scrolling I saw the dates June 2, June3, June 4, June 5, June 6, and June 7. I knew it was about music... then I saw the number 154.  That number stunned me.

I woke up instantly after seeing the number 154 since we all know that 153 is the key number we study.


2-3-00 - VISION - I was thinking about the number 154 and the month of June and I suddenly saw someone pull a cover off of a sewing machine.


2-3-00 - VISION - I saw the words:  "God has the authority over man!"


2-3-00 - DREAM - I was with my Mother in a house. She was busy doing something, perhaps sewing. I saw a partial glass of milk I had started earlier and decided to finish it. I started to take a sip and it was warm and at the same time I saw something black at the bottom of the glass, so I spit the milk back into the glass.

I then went over and sat on a bed which had a multi-colored quilt on it and spilled the milk out of the glass onto the bed.  There were several black tadpoles in it and old rotten black sticks. I told my mother, "Look what was in my milk!"  She didn't bother to turn around, so I said it again. Meanwhile there were even more black tadpoles and rotten black sticks.  They were multiplying in front of my eyes.  I kept trying to get my Mother's attention and she never bothered to look and finally left the room.  I brushed all the tadpoles and rotten sticks off onto the floor, deciding I would sweep them up with a broom instead of trying to pick them up with my fingers off of the bed.  I was very upset.


2-3-00 - DREAM - I was in a house with my son Bill. The soap opera "One Life to Live" was on the TV. I went into the livingroom and saw what a mess it was on the floor. There was another smaller TV in this room with some other show on. Deciding that I had to clean this room, I thought I could change the station on this set to 'One Life to Live' while I worked.

There were toys and laundry all over the floor.  My son Bill, who was about 4 years old had a box of crayons in his hand. I didn't know whether I should put the toys upstairs in the bedrooms or downstairs in the basement.

While I was deciding, my son Bill picked up a red table that they played with . . . it kind of looked like a red airplane for a moment.

He left the room with the table/airplane and I decided to go out into the hallway.  I opened the door to the hallway which was all white and had white doors to all the other rooms.  On the far wall in the biggest letters I've ever seen was the word 'COLD' written in black crayon. Every door had huge black scrawls on them in black.

I opened the door to another hallway where the stairs were. That room was done in oak and I didn't see any marks in that room, just in this one.

Then I saw over to the right, in black crayon also. . . a message like from God.  It started out, "There are NO fixes"  there was more writing but it was really fancy like calligraphy and I could make sense out of the rest of it.  It went on and on like a long letter and I couldn't read the rest.

My son had never written on the walls before so I was really distressed about this.  The message from God... "There are no fixes" has me really upset.


2-4-00 - DREAM - This was like being coached through a test. I was seeing small web pages, about 12 lines per page. I can't remember what the words were on each page. . .  it was like reading poetry, not two lines were the same length, but all were short. When I would get to the end of the page , it would flip automatically to the next.  Then, finally, one page had a blank space for me to fill in and I typed the words, "The Butterfly Effect".  Someone spelled out, "Good Girl!" and the pages continued, but then they were going backwards and too fast to read. Finally, another space was provided where I put in the words, "The Butterfly Effect" and the final page was like a 'Table" page with all the words even and solid and nothing moved any further.


2-4-00 - DREAM: (Note, this was a manipulated dream)

I was at a house I've never been in before. I can't remember who the other people were in the house. I decided to go outside for some reason... look at the flowers or something.  There was a high white porch and steep steps outside.

I noticed how dark it was for mid-afternoon but it was quite warm out which was a surprise to me. The stairs were so steep that I had to hold onto both hand railings on the way down.  I was very careful not to make a misstep and fall.

I then turned around to go back up the stairs, but they were now in a different direction and separated from the house by a bridge of a 2 x 10 plank. I climbed the stairs carefully as they were as steep as before, then I had to 'walk the plank' bridge.  I did that successfully also even though it was a little wobbly.

As soon as I crossed the bridge, I met a whole lot of people and a woman greeted us.  She yanked up her shirt and showed us that she was wearing a grey bra.  People was aghast at her brazenness to show her bra.  So, she decided to play the game and pulled her bra up and let her breasts show too.

She didn't have much for boobs, but I got upset and slapped the side of her right breast with the back of my hand really hard and you could hear the 'slap' sound.

She didn't care and just started mouthing off to the people and didn't pull her shirt down.

The whole dream got bizarre then, and I started seeing figures like Mayan stone carvings with weird mouths and tongues hanging out which I just been reviewing.


2-4-00 - DREAM  (Note, these dreams were manipulated by some outside entity or I miss my guess)

I was standing on a porch on Center St. in Milwaukee. The sky was just getting dark. There were lots of people outside because it was warm.

Suddenly a bright light flew over heading west and everyone got all excited. We were seeing a real UFO. I started screaming excitedly, "Oh my God! Oh my God!"  Other people were awestruck.

All of a sudden, I saw the lights from a huge American jet plane with wide wings like a big bomber flying after the UFO, then followed by another jet and another jet.  The first jet shot at the UFO and hit it.

The UFO started spinning and jumping around in the sky and the other jets started shooting at it also.  Then the unbelievable happened...the UFO started shooting at the jets.

The people were cheering for our side.

Our jets were helpless against the UFO and the sky was a blaze with white lights and planes blowing up.

My heart start beating fast with the excitement and suddenly, the whole scene disappeared and I saw an ugly yellow and blue face in my dream with it's tongue hanging out and wagging in the air... and I hollered out loud.... "it's just a DREAM!".

I woke up really upset that the whole thing was faked.


2-4-00 - DREAM - (Another manipulated dream)

I was standing on the porch on Center St. and I saw my first husband driving a farm tractor on the street. I couldn't figure out what he was doing in the city with the farm tractor so I walked over towards it.

I then saw that the tractor had no wheels and as I walked around the tractor, all the color disappeared off it and there was no motor covering, then no motor, and I was getting upset.

I walked past the tractor and saw T.M. standing in the dark and I was going to talk to him, when T.M.'s face turned to a yellow and blue ugly face with it's tongue wagging.

I woke up all upset at the manipulation.


2-5-00  - DREAM - I was seeing the same list of Butterfly Effect terms that I saw the other night. The two that I remember now was 'Mariposa Butterfly' and 28 cycles.


2-5-00 - DREAM - I was an apartment building. I think I was the manager. Some devastating event had happened and the hallway was full of large shreds of wood and fallen, broken trees.  (In order for this to happen, one would assume that there was no roof, but I didn't notice that  at all.) Every apartment door that we went past was open. I could see a shaft of sunlight inside every apartment, but there was nobody in these apartments. They were all vacant. I was thinking about the wisdom of having these doors open. Normally, all vacant apartment doors are kept closed.

As I and the other people went down the hallways, we were pushing some kind of cart and had to push all the shards of the destruction aside in order to get to the other end. It seemed that the hallways was extraordinarily long compared to normal.

When we got to the other end, we went downstairs to our meeting room where survivors of the destruction were gathering.

As people gathered, I noted that my husband was missing. I started to get concerned as others came in and he didn't show up. I mentioned this to another person, then another, trying to figure out where he might be. I remembered that he had gone to a church meeting and just had not returned. I wondered if he might have gotten involved with some kind of occult church and they were hiding him.

Down the hallway, I spotted a friend of my husband and the group of us who were now concerned about his being missing went down to question the friend about this, and I mentioned the possibility of his being in an occult group to him also.

While we were quietly discussing this, I saw a group of black people come into the building. They all lived together down on the far end of the building. They were very noisy and were following a young white man. I couldn't tell if they were arguing or questioning, but they were very loud. They all went into an apartment but didn't close the door. I saw the young white man go into another room and all the black people followed him in there, still all hollering excitedly.

Meanwhile I was talking to my little group of people about my missing husband and the noise was very distracting.  So, I motioned to the young white man to take their argument or whatever it was 'outside'.  So, the young white man went out the door and all the black people followed him on down the street. I saw him follow along a long aluminum cyclone fences. He went through a gate and I woke up.


2-6-00 - DREAM - I was working in an office situation. My boss came in the office late in the day and two salesmen came to see him. These were all very tall men. I'm  tall myself and they were all much taller than me.

I asked them if they would like coffee and they said "Yes!"  One man said he wanted his 'white'. The other man said that he would have his the same.  My boss always had his black. I went to the kitchenette we had and saw that the coffee pot only had one cup of coffee in it, so a new pot would have to be brewed.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad, but there were several people in the kitchenette who said they would make the coffee and I should go ahead and go. I asked my little son who was there to turn on the water faucet which he did, which made my having to go to the bathroom ever more urgent.  

I can't remember why I couldn't find the bathroom, but I didn't go, but got into a conversation with my daughter and then my son and the coffee didn't get made right away.

I asked my son again to turn on the hot water and he said it was on already. My daughter then made the coffee and I was holding her baby as she was going to go to the doctor with her for some reason. My daughter took the coffee in to my boss and came back out all flustered and upset. I asked her what was wrong and she said she had gotten hollered at because they complained that her hair was too short and the heels on her shoes were too flat. And they didn't like the color of her dress either

I had noted that my own hair was long enough so that it reached down my chest on both sides and was dark and sleek, my dress was bright blue, and I wore quite high heeled shoes.  A person can't instantly grow their hair, but I told her she could borrow a red dress and 5" high heeled shoes from me if she wanted to.

She had to make it to the doctor's office with the baby by 5 p.m. and was now running late because of my bosses strange requests.  It was getting hot in the room so I began taking the babies outer wear off. She had a cute little hat on which I took off, then her sweater.

Two more men came into the office whom I had known from elsewhere, and I ran up to the one and threw my arms around and pretended to cry. He asked what was wrong, and I told him about my daughter's situation, and how my boss had treated her. This guy was a salesman also, so he would get the picture.  I also said that my boss had insisted that she sleep with him, which he hadn't ever said.  I was trying to illicit this guys emotions of protection towards me and my family.  He said all the appropriate things so I knew I could trust him in the future.

I tried to console my daughter and told her she could borrow my clothes. By then, one of my other sons was going to climb up the upper bunk bed and accidentally broke the bottom rung out of the ladder.  Another woman came in and told us what had happened and the boy's father got all upset, but I realized that my son was just getting too big to use the flimsy childhood ladder for that bed.  I understood that he was just growing up and forgave the incident and then had to explain this to the boy's father.


2-6-00 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house. My mother was there, and then two kids came home from school.  One was a tall blonde girl, and the other was a Japanese guy. When I saw him, there was a black toy Scotty dog right by the  door, up high by his head, so I removed it to see him better.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad, so I went to the bathroom, (I obviously really had to go).  In another moment I had to go again and went to a different bathroom. This bathroom was like a cleaning closet. It was small and had a vacuum cleaner in it as well. I sat on the toilet. The toilet paper was like soft blue cloth with a diamond pattern on it.

I was sitting there peeing and my young son came into the next room and hollered at me that he was going to delete the 'Watcher' program on the TV because it was jammed. I said, "Okay!" then realized I hadn't really heard what he said and asked him to repeat it. He said, "I'm going to delete the Watcher program on the TV because it's jammed."  I then said, "Okay!" again.

All this time I had been thinking about where the Japanese guy and the tall girl slept because we didn't have that many bedrooms and my mother wouldn't have put the guy and the girl in the same room, and she wouldn't have put the tall girl in with my daughter, nor with her, so where did they sleep? I couldn't figure it out.


2-8-00 = DREAM - I i can't remember how this dream started, but I had been at work. When I left, my old Dodge car was out in the lot and my son MIchael was out there with me. I planned to drive, but then I said he could if he wanted to.  I went over on the right side of the car and the whole hood and side of the car was pushed in.  A Mexican guy came over and they discussed what it would take to fix the car.  I dont' remember the details, but I knew it would take a lot of work.

We got into the car even though it was crushed in on the right side, and I had to lean to the left a little.  (In bed I was laying on my back in the same position)

Now, we were driving up  a steep mountain highway, which got steeper and harder to drive up the farther we went.  The Mexican guy and his partner were ahead of us, and I discussed with him where we knew each other from. I said that I thought it was in English class or something, and he agreed that it probably was in school because he was trying to graduate and was taking every class he could to get his degree.  I said I didn't think I would ever graduate because I was always taking classes.

As we drove along, I saw that the cars ahead of us looked like weeds growing out in a field, and were camaflaged.  They would pass each other from time to time, and we were close to them in back, but never passed them, until half way up the hill, they all pulled off the road on the right to pick marijuana and when they did you couldn't even see where they were... they blended in that well.  

We continued on up the hill and finally the car wouldn't go any more so we started climbing up by hand.  The path was so steep, it was almost straight up.  It was really hard, but we took our time.  I was starting to feel chest pains with each breath and I didn't know if I could make it, but we kept going slowly anyway. I was determined to make it.

Finally, we got to the top of the hill and I began to pull myself up, and two guys were up there by a blue pool of water and walked over to the edge of the mesa with a huge iguana in his arms.  I just hung on the edge, trying to see what was up there... it was gorgeous.  The sky was clear blue with clouds studded here and there, dark purple and snow covered mountains in the distance... I hung there awhile... catching my breath.

Finally, some other people caught up to us, and a guide came and showed us the way to get to the real top of the mountain,... we had to go up a stairway-like ramp  and around a corner up two really easy steps and out the door to where I was shocked... there was a whole city up here.  We had been at the 11th level and the top was the 12th.

All the houses were lit with lights ... it was like a ranch house type community.  People were standing mostly in couples along the rim of the mountain... looking out at the sky and the view.  

We walked along the sidewalk and I marveled at how many people had made the climb up the mountain, and actually lived on top of the mountain. I t was wonderful.


2-8-00 - DREAM -  This was a commercial for a water treatment. I first saw a square bathtub ... the scene seemed to be black and white. The tub was square on the top, but as it angled down towards the bottom, it became rounded with the drain in the center bottom. Then a girl came in and the dream was in color. She sat down on the edge of the tub and poured a blue chemical into the water. She swished the water with her foot and the blue chemical went out into the water and blended with it as the music played ... the name of the chemical was in the song ... but I don't remember it.  The water meanwhile turned yellow, then green, then back to blue, and then back to clear... while the song went on. The focus was on the water, not on the girl. When the song ended, the dream ended.


2-8-00  - DREAM - I was an apartment manager and had had a bathroom done over in a really large apartment.  I showed it to a  woman. The bathroom was right by the front door for some reason. She looked at the bathroom, but saw the rooms past it which we hadn't worked on yet. We were going to start the work on Monday which was tomorrow.

The woman saw mold on the wall in the livingroom where the air conditioner hole was. It hadn't been painted yet either. I assured her that the work was going to be done tomorrow. I really wanted her to rent it, but she couldn't see what it would look like when it was done, so she said she didn't want the apartment.

I was very disappointed because I really wanted to rent it to her.


2-8-00 - VISION -  I saw a map of the United States which was black with multiple lights flashing on it, especially in the cities, but in other areas as well. Then a beam of light came out of Wisconsin and illuminated Texas.


2-8-00 - VISION - I saw white book with gold and red lettering. It said,

I,   NY



2-8-00  - DREAM - I was dreaming that my friend Barbara came to visit. That was a great thrill in itself, however she brought with her, an assortment of chocolate cakes and laid them out in a long row on the coffee table in the livingroom. She began to say, "I came to show you this great business deal my friends and I came up with. These cakes are all made with special recipes."

I was still in the other room, seeing her through a square arched doorway. I interrupted her and started to tell her that I dreamed last night that she brought me many chocolate cakes, so my dream was prophetic.

While I was telling her this, I had a vision that I was sitting on a street corner and a bright blue heifer came along the street leading a tiny bright blue puppy dog - like a poodle.

I knew that blue dogs were unusual so I coaxed the puppy over to me and the blue heifer walked away.

I woke up startled and excited. I have no idea what it means yet though.

NOTE: I found this on line:

What are Blue Dog Democrats?


2-9-00 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, somewhere on the south side on 16th St. I was outside with some other people, and got bit by some kind of bug, maybe a mosquito. I got a lump on my right arm, high up. I scratched the lump which was itchy and the lump kept getting bigger and bigger. The bigger it got, the more I scratched it. Finally, I looked at my arm and a huge blood bruise had developed on my arm.

I looked at the bruise which was growing and moving upward. I showed it to the other people and we were all worried about it because it was getting so large. I pressed on the bruise and saw that the blood was working it's way up under my skin, so it was spreading ominously.  All of a sudden, a line of blue rivulets started to run down my chest in thin rivulets from my collar bone area. I got scared and leaned over and I was spraying blue blood all over the ground in long thin lines.

The blood finally stopped and I decided I should go home and headed north on 16th St. As I crossed Wisconsin Ave. which is the 7th north cross street, the street became a tunnel which was an icy lane almost like a skating rink, and I shushed through the tunnel like I was on skates, but I just had on boots. It was very slippery. There were other people behind me.  The tunnel had railings all along the sides which we could grab and help propel ourselves along.

The tunnel turned into a long hallway which was all iced the same and we all continued shushing through this long building which was 16th St. and finally came out into a large orangish area which was like a lounge in a hospital or hotel. The room was empty of people when I got there, but there were many people behind me and the room was soon full of lots of people who all stopped for refreshments.

Some people started a card game, which consisted of matching cards, somewhat like Aces High, but it was a double deck because one man who showed up ended up with two kings and that stopped the game until he reshuffled the cards inserting the Kings into the deck without looking. It had to be secret so nobody knew where the Kings were.

The cards were then lined and up and counting began, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc. When the counting was done, I saw a double row of shapes that were unusual which had three ridges on them. Then the counting began 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3, etc. and finally the shapes and number 3's began downloading into rows and as I woke up it was like my gameboy game with the numbers descending and piling up at the bottom.

These are the shapes:  


2-9-00 - DREAM - I had two dreams about the harvest. I no longer have all the details of the dreams.  

In the first dream, there were several rows of corn growing which had huge ears ready to be harvested.  They were growing really closely with all the ears facing east. However, in these rows, they were growing at the end of a clothes rack on which all my clothes were hanging on triangular shaped wire hangers. All the clothes were sorted by color, slacks and skirts and there were colored cloth tabs on the rack showing which colors went where. Everything was orderly.

There were 4 judges of the harvest, 3 men and a woman.  They also brought two young men with them. They called them by a special term which I unfortunately can't remember. (They weren't called the 'witnesses' but I know they were called by a term that meant that)

In the second dream, the same people were involved so I couldn't tell the two dreams apart from each other.  There were two games going on at the same time outside the house. One was a baseball game and one was a car race.  We could see both stadiums from the house, but not out the same window, though in the same direction. I could catch glimpses of both events going on while we talked about them.

Finally, I decided I'd try to watch the car race out the window, but it had a long reddish-brown shade on the window which went all the way to the floor. I raised the shade but it only went half way.  So, I took the entire shade off the window and was disappointed to find that I couldn't see the whole car race anyway because there were too many trees in the way.

In this last scene, I found that I had misbuttoned the top two buttons on my shirt and I made mention that the shirt was either a 58 or a 64 and one of the judge guys said, "Make it a 64".    (That was supposed to be in reference to the size of my bosom)


2-11-00 - DREAMS - In the beginning, I was dreaming of geometric shapes in certain numbers in groups of various colors. I also dreamed of numbers, which reminded me of yesterday's dream of the 1, 2, 3, which didn't mean anything to me.  

I then dreamed I was at home with my daughter and husband.  There was a blue pool in our backyard which was beautiful and inviting though it was snowy outside. It was steaming in the cold air.  My daughter challenged me and invited me to go into the pool with her even though it was cold outside.  We both dressed in bright red winter outfits and then I realized what we were doing. . . we were dressing for the winter weather when we would have to wear the outfits, run across the yard, strip down to our bathing suits which were also red, and jump into the water.  Then coming out, I needed a bathtowel to wrap myself in.  I went to the closet and found a beige bathtowel hanging on a hangar. I pulled it out and saw that it was woven in squares but was all beige. In the center of each square was a writhing moth worm.  I wasn't sure that's what it was at first, so the dream made it come closer and sure enough that's what they were. So, I had to throw the towel into the laundry.  (That was the end of the people part of the dream)

The dream then switched or went into a separate dream where I was seeing railway cars that were rather toy-like, all indifferent colors, being pulled across the floor.  Then I started seeing numbers again.. . like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.  

I then had a vision that said, "This is the discovery of discoverism!"


2-11-00 - DREAM BY MICHELLE OF DEE -   Michelle was at a religious boarding school. She was there rather as a subversive spy to find out what secret writing they had that they weren't supposed to have.  She was a child's age.

Michelle's room was very small and she had to climb up a ladder to get there, and then up another ladder into her room. She had a dresser and a bed and piles of toys and stuff, and the room was so small she couldn't lay down on the bed, nor stand up straight and had to sleep at an angle so she wouldn't hit her head on the ceiling.

Michelle wanted to leave the school so badly and was planning on running away but didn't know how to do it without getting caught by the nuns.

Michelle went down to the cafeteria where they refused to feed her, saying that they wouldn't feed badly behaved children, that she was far too willful and did things that were against their rules.

When she was in the cafeteria, Michelle met Dee who was a tall adult,  wearing a voluminous gold gown and had on a pendant with an elephant's head on it. The elephants head seemed to move but Michelle could never catch it moving. Every time she looked it was in a different position, but she could never see it actually move.

Michelle told Dee she wanted to leave and Dee asked her if she had gotten the writing that she had come there to get. Michelle said, "Yes!" and then Dee agreed to help her get out of there, but first they had to go to Michelle's room and retrieve the writing.

Michelle said that she had copied down the writing, but couldn't actually read it.  She had it on a yellow legal pad which she handed to Dee who was too tall to get into the room. Dee stood on the ladder while Michelle was in the room trying to decide what to take.

Michelle's school uniform was hanging on a hook. The skirt was gray and purple plaid. Dee told Michelle she could only take three things. So Michelle took some time trying to decide what to take. She had choices of dolls, books, drawing pads, clothes, etc.

Finally Michelle picked up three drawing pads and asked Dee if she could count that as one thing because they were all the same. Dee told her "No!" That is three things!" So Michelle took the three drawing pads and Dee took the yellow legal pad with the secret writings of the boarding school run by the nuns.

The last thing Michelle saw was the pendant with the elephant head, trying to figure out if it was really moving or not.


2-11-00 - VISION - I saw numerous scenes of outdoor gardens and inside rooms full of lots of stuff and brick-a-brac.


2-11-00 - VOICE - A man's voice was discussing something Dee was asking for - a person - and the man said, "2 - 4- 11- 38"


2-11-00 - VISION - I saw a page of what looked like Christmas decorations. The one in the center was a bright yellow teapot with two blue dots on it.

NOTE: Joe says that a constellation is called 'the teapot'. It is Sagittarius and is on the southern horizon when we can see it in the northern hemisphere. It contains the Star Antares.


2-12-00 - DREAM - I dreamed about a huge web page about "The butterfly effect". When I tried to 'save' one of the links, I woke up.


2-12-00 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building and it was my last day and I was helping to clean up everything before I left.  I met some painters or construction guys at the end of the day who were parked in the underground garage. I wished them a happy life and they ignored what I said and drove off. What was so funny was that they had packed the truck in such a way that it had no bottom, just a ledge around the inside to stand on to get their tools. So, when they drove off, all their pads and mattresses they had used were left behind in a pile where the truck had stood.

One of the men, when he discovered this effect, came back and he recognized me and told that he and his little son got along really well.  He asked me to come to dinner with him, but I said I couldn't do that as I didn't have time, but wished him well.

There was a woman there who was watering plants across the street with a long black hose and I thought that was a good thing. But then someone else pointed out that she had watered everything with water that was too cold and that she should have used water from a different spigot that was warmer. I looked to see what she had watered and the ground was dry and barren where she had watered. I noticed then that there were two hoses, a black one and a green one. The green one was twice as long as the black one, so I took the hose and watered everything on our side of the road.

(I don't know where I was going to,just that it was my last day)


2-12-00 - DREAM - (Same theme as the last dream ... my last day of work)

I was wandering around getting rid of things, cleaning up things, getting ready to leave because it was my last day of work. I tried to give away two black purses because they were like new, but nobody wanted them so I kept them instead of throwing them away. I had bought a larger black purses.  (I just did that too in real life. I bought a larger new purses, then carry my old smaller black purse inside the new large black purses. Duh!)

Somewhere in this dream, I saw a button with the letter C on it surrounded by Mayan symbolism, and when I pressed it, up came a page with subjects starting with the sound of "A". (This symbol has been in numerous dreams recently)

I was in a vehicle with my husband and painter Bob. This was not really a car, just a vehicle we rode on top of.  We were going down a street crowded with people and tables like a flea market. I hollered at them to stop the car and almost jumped off the vehicle before it was fully stopped.  They continued on and I crossed the street to see what these people were doing.

The road became icy like a huge storm had just gone through. I didn't have boots and was not prepared for walking on ice so it was hard, but I didn't fall and continued on my way.  I was rather like walking around looking at stores and buildings like I was taking my last look at the neighborhood because I was leaving.

I then realized I had nowhere to go and no new job.  I then realized that my husband had his own house to go to and didn't have to worry. I only had to worry about where I was going to go. I decided I'd better look in the newspaper on Sunday to see if there were any jobs in the apartment management business for me to do.

I wasn't particularly worried, this was just something I needed to do.

2-12-00 - After I lay down to take a nap, I closed my eyes and saw  a a shadow of a person hover over me and kiss me on the cheek. I felt the kiss in the physical.

VISIONS:  ( I saw something that was like a rocket but it went too fast to really see it.

I then saw the word  'ELEMENTARY'

I then saw a grid-like structure which was stone grey, and behind it flashed alternate colors of bright blue and lavender and back and forth again and again.

I was impressed with the words ' Time and Space'

I then saw what looked like colored stars of red and blue rushing through purple and blue time and space at incredible speed.

There was a break and the subject changed:

I heard rock and roll music and saw a crowded room full of dancing people in black and white.

I heard a voice said, "All this must change"

I heard a strange noise and then saw a squirrel come running from the right and he scurried over to my rock garden and was sniffing around.

NOTE: I have never seen a squirrel here because the orchard farmers kill them all so they have a good crop.


2-13-00 - DREAM - This was a getting ready for war dream. The number 58% was used as was the letter "C".  At the end, I looked out the window and I could see a soldier in camaflage sitting huddled out in the pouring rain with what looked like blown down tent material around his feet which were in a bout 6" of water.

In the room with me was a soldier from our side, wearing beige khaki colored uniform. He was resting on a cot. I called his attention to the guy outside. He didn't want to believe that there was a soldier out in the rain.


2-13-00 - DREAM - I was somewhere where I saw a huge dark brown round table with 8 legs. It had a feature where a portion could be unhinged and let down and the remainder stood on 4 legs and the other 4 legs folded under the table and it didn't take so much room.

My attitude was that I would do anything to get that table and as it happened it belonged to a young good looking man.  I told the man I would even marry him to get the table. He didn't seem to care one way or another but wasn't against it.

Instead of getting married though, we went to sign a contract that was more like we would be married until one of us whistled, so it was called a 'whistle contract'. We went to the lawyer's office and he was out of the forms. He said all we had to do was write it out in longhand.  I found a pen that wrote in red, but it didn't write very well so I had a hard time scratching the ink onto the paper.

Before I even got done writing the contract, the young man said that he was going to go spend the weekend with some college kids. He didn't even ask me if I wanted to go along. He called me Honey when he left, and I sat there thinking, "Oh well, maybe getting married wasn't such a good idea afterall."


2-13-00 - DREAM - I wasn't at my own house, but was with friends and family somewhere. I picked up the phone to call someone but got a wrong number where there was a restaurant.  I looked at the phone, trying to dial the number 874 and figured I had hit the wrong numbers because I wasn't facing the phone straight on, but hitting the numbers from upsidedown backwards.  I figured I had probably hit 797, so I tried again very carefully to dial 874 and got the same people.  I could hear a loud voiced guy in the background talking behind the woman who answered the phone.  He was telling a story that sounded just like the dream I had had the night before. Mine was a dream and his was real life. I had actually dreamed 'his' life as it happened that day.  

I hung on the phone, wanting to go home and get my dream journal and asked a blonde woman friend to listen to the phone while I ran home and got my journal.  She got to the phone and listened a moment, then said that those people were calling the cops. The cops got on the phone and they started to ask questions about where I lived and I just hung up the receiver and ran out of the room.

I didn't feel very well, was groggy sort of and got dizzy. I leaned my head on the shoulder of the nearest person who was a relative of some sort. It was a tall guy, rather young. He stood there and tolerated my head on his shoulder, but I could hear him say to his Dad, "how come when she doesn't feel well, she always uses MY shoulder to lean on?"  His Dad who was my husband I guess told him that I wasn't feeling well and he would take care of it.  He helped me to another room and helped me put on a cotton plisse robe that was dark blue with white flowers, perhaps roses, on it.  (I don't own one like that)

I started to feel better and wanted to go get my dream journal, so pulled away from my so-called husband and told him I had to go get my dream journal, and he let me go.

I got out on the street and was standing on the corner, waiting for the light to change and wasn't feeling very well and was dizzy, and a man and a woman came up from behind me and helped me sit on a bicycle with the woman.  I sat on the seat and she sat on my right knee and the man was steering the bicycle. She was chit-chattering on in a high pitched voice about stories she had in her mind.  The man was going to write them. There was a lot of bicycle traffic going the other way so it was hard to steer around them.

I was happy to be getting some help to get home because it was a long walk down the street.  I was pointing out people's houses along the street. One guy on the other side had a pet chicken. It was a huge red/orange chicken, larger than most.  On the side of the street we were on, were houses that had ceramic decorations on the fronts of their houses, all pastel colors.  Even houses that were in the back had these colorful decorations on. We finally got down to the end of the street where I lived in an apartment building.  

The woman next door had her garage door open and I could see down into it because it was below ground level. Her car was gone, and she had all kinds of bedding stored in her garage, like white bedspreads, etc.  

My garage door was open also and the guy steered the bicycle into it without even asking me if it was mine. Maybe it was obvious. In my garage, it was full of books on shelves, a lace curtain on the window, and vines growing in pots.  

I asked them if they could tell it was my garage. I said, "Isn't it pretty in here for a garage?"

They were going to go upstairs with me to get my dream journal because this guy was going to turn my dreams into stories. They didn't care I was flipping out like my husband thought when I  went into other realities during the day.


2-14-00 - DREAM - I was seeing a flattened rectangle with words in it. There was pressure put on this rectangle from above and a projection came out of the rectangle on each end, one to the left and one to the right. These projections changed like spikes as the pressure changed from above.   When I saw the words close up, it said, "Voice is the edge of Sound"

NOTE:  It comes to me that the rectangle represents mankind and the pressure from above represents problems presented from the spirit world, and the projections represent negative and positive reactions to the pressure.


2-14-00 - DREAM - I had just moved into an apartment building I had managed before. I went down to the maintenance room to check on what was going on. I found a stack of yellow receipts laying on the floor just inside the door. Maintenance had been required to go to every apartment and find out from the resident when they were going to do their laundry so a schedule could be set up in the laundry room on a chart.  There were some duplicates which all had the name "A Bartz" on them.  Nothing had to be done with those.

While I was in the office area, numerous people who had been living there a long time and who knew me came to see me and say 'Hi!" and welcome me back.  It was quite a nice thing to have happen. It made me feel really good.

One man who came in who was older and partly bald had a huge sore on the left side of his head over the ear. It looked like a fresh scab on the wound like he had been picking on it recently.

I decided to go through the yellow receipts first to see what was written on them, and as I did, the scene changed to a moving web page and I was looking for the words 'wave sound'.  There were other words relating to the subject of electricity and frequencies there and I was looking for those particular words to click on and go to that page.


2-14-00 - EXPERIENCE:  As soon as I lay down in bed, I heard three quick knockings on the wall.  But I wasn't sure if it was real or just in my head.  I asked mentally, "Who is there?" but didn't receive a reply and just fell asleep.


2-15-00 - DREAMS - I was given several more examples of different kinds of sound.  These were in separate boxes in separate dreams.  One was FCC, one was 'sound wavs', one looked like gibberish, but I recognized the name 'Ilyes' in it, who is an expert on crop circles being created by sound and light frequencies.


2-15-00 - DREAM - (this is just one scene. I can't remember the dream itself)  I was in a car of some kind with an old man who was driving.  There was no steering wheel.  He had a dark grey box on his lap or in front of him on which were small buttons which he used to steer, start and stop the vehicle.

He was told to fill up on gas before we got on the freeway and I was rather freaking out that he could control this vehicle with no steering wheel and no floor pedals. Everything happened from this tiny buttons on the control panel on his lap.

The car actually rose up slightly in the front when the gasoline entered the tank from the bottom. There was no gas station that I saw, it was just a special area we drove over and stopped for a moment.

We were then poised at the top of a high hill and there was another man behind us in the back seat who was commenting on where we were at the moment which was at the top of a 750 foot hill just at sunset. The shadow of our vehicle which shown on the rocks in the valley looked rather like a plane. The man said, "Just imagine how it would be to be 10 times higher than this".  

I had to admit it was pretty exciting.  We then took off down the hill which looked like a roller coaster hill, but without tracks. This was not a paved road, but rather a worn track in the earth from people doing this numerous times.  The ground was rather rough under us, but there was no bouncing around inside the vehicle, the suspension must must have been great, or we weren't touching the ground very much.

I recall that we came back up out of the valley and went around some high cliffs and stopped.  I can't recall what kind of place we were in, but it was in the mountains.  I was introduced to a man who was going to be my husband. I was rather taken aback because there were no pupils in his eyes. One was tan and one was blue. He was blind. He didn't even know where he was or who I was.


2-15-00 - DREAM - I was on the computer and found a page that had a light brown background with brownish butterflys on it. It was so pretty, I decided to use it on a couple of my own pages.  In AOL Press, some pictures don't show up when you are putting in the background and you don't see them until you upload them on the web, so all I was seeing was a light blue background.  I started to wonder if I had actually put them there or not . . . and I saw a flash of a page with bluebirds and a beautiful lamp stand on it... but it was black and white.  I was puzzling over it when I woke up and the telephone rang.


2-15-00 - MEDITATION - I was seeing a web page with all my own UFO related pages listed, then all of a sudden I saw the cartoon Felix the Cat at the top left-hand corner.

NOTE:  Author Phillip K Dick also had a metaphysical message in his novel VALIS about Felix the Cat - He states:

18. Real time ceased in 70 C.E. with the fall of the temple at Jerusalem. It began again in 1974 C.E. The intervening period was a perfect spurious interpolation aping the creation of the Mind. "The Empire never ended," but in 1974 a cipher was sent out as a signal that the Age of Iron was over; the cipher consisted of two words: KING FELIX, which refers to the Happy or (Rightful) King.

19. The two-word cipher signal KING FELIX was not intended for human beings but for the descendants of Ikhnaton, the three-eyed race which, in secret, exists with us.

From Ken Pierce Books

More than 10 years before there was a mouse named Mickey there was a cat named Felix. Born in 1919 from the pen of Otto Messmer, Felix the Cat has had an amazingly long and prosperous career.

From the early days of silent films and follies to the television and comic book era of Joe Oriolo up to the present, Felix has been and always will be the World's Greatest Magical Cat. Following in his father's tradition, Don Oriolo once again has Felix on top

Felix the cat Animation Site

"Nicholas Brady" (an alter ego of PKD) and Silvio Sadassa overcome the Empire and its tyrant Ferris Fremont through a clever manipulation of signal and noise. The noise of Fremont's lies will be cut into by the subliminal signal that they will put into musical recordings telling the American people he is really a Communist puppet. Similarly, a signal is sent out at the end of the novel VALIS: a juxtaposition of TV commercials for Food King and Felix the Cat gives the world the great words: "KING FELIX," the joyous king. The suggestion is that Zebra/VALIS is constantly projecting a small, subliminal signal in unsuspecting areas to penetrate the overwhelming noise of the Empire. Perhaps this "still small voice" can even be found in the din and confusion of a genre of trash writing known as "science fiction..." or the great provider of trash called TV. PKD often heard voices through his radio insulting him and telling him to die. Many schizophrenics experience the sensation of being "talked" to by electronic devices or being controlled by electronic beams. But what validated PKD's VALIS experience for him was the feeling that he was receiving pure, undistorted, rational information; not irrational urgings or unintelligible voices. He could not help but feel he was seeing the "invasion" of rationality and a pure signal into an increasingly cacophonous and dissonant world.

From:  Philip K. Dick Cyperpunk

2-15-00 - VISION - As I was going to sleep, I was thinking about Anna Hayes and the ETs and I had a vision of two blue eyes and the top of a nose of a person looking in at us through a small rectangular portal type of window.


2-15-00 - VISION - Right after the above vision, I was thinking about Anna Hayes and the ETs,  I continued thinking about that and the vision of the blue eyes and I suddenly had a vision that I was inside an large airplane hangar. I could see a huge cylindrical rocket-type object laying on the floor with a man beside it. There was a big hole in the wall by the corner where the edge of the door was.  A voice said, " Do not let it out!"


2-16-00 - LUCID DREAM - I was researching Felix the Cat and it's meaning with regard to the UFOs and I came across a letter written to someone which was not only about the subject, but was typed in such a way that it had shape as well of some sort.  I couldn't read all the words, but I saw one that was 'Fairyland' and 'Felix' and some others I can't remember anymore  

The letter was telling about the beings referred to as 'Felix' which I had thought perhaps were the original 'leonine' beings that looked like cats in mythology.  As I was reading, in the shape part of the letter I was starting to see eyes and a nose of an infant sized being. I was getting excited that the being was appearing right in front of me and that it required great responsibility to take care of it.

This whole event required certain things to occur in order for this to happen, and I must have been close to doing these things. Someone else off to the side said something about publicity or something and not only did the eyes and nose disappear, but the words themselves began to evaporate off the page.  Finally, all that was left was a white smudge on the page to show that something had actually been there at all.  

I was so disappointed that I couldn't know what this was because it felt like I was on a breakthrough of knowledge about this being.  All of a sudden while I was thinking intensely about this being, I saw  a closeup of an infant size head of a creature with white glistening fur. It was a white infant Yeti.

I came awake with a feeling of complete awe.  How close I was to seeing a real creature which only had been seen in fleeting glimpses by people and only stories of hikers in the European mountains existed, and no one had ever been able to really be close to one like I had.  


White Bigfoot

Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti Database


2-17-00 - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere. My family and others were with me in an area where the soil had been removed quite deep into the earth.  I noted that there was a long sloping area where we were and it was the same slope that the natural forested area had been, but with no grass and trees, the area was much more difficult to walk on.

We had collected all the garbage and decided to burn it in an old rusty barrel instead of waiting for the garbage men to come and get it and haul it away.  (We always did this on the farm as well until burning was no longer allowed when the area became more populated)

I noted that there was another barrel of garbage already waiting by the street, so I told my son Michael, if he would, to please roll the second barrel up by the first one and we could burn that one too.

I noted that there were 4 bolts of yellow cloth that I threw into the barrel to burn it.

We were then on the street standing around and my son Bill was playing on the sidewalk.  I saw a huge old camel coming and was afraid it would harm my son, so I told him to get into the car with me.

The car was a red, white, and blue Volkswagen, a very small car for 4 people. I climbed in on the passenger side. I had to yell at him to get inside the car as he was just going to stand next to it. We were trying to roll up the windows and turned the handles the wrong way at first.  We opened them instead of closing them until we figured out which way to turn the handles. The camel was coming closer and felt very dangerous. I was assuming my husband was in the driver's seat, but after we all got into the car, my son Bill was all grown up and he was the one driving.

He backed the car up over a trolley car track in an intersection that was not straight across, but more Swastika shaped . . . on an angle.

I yelled at him that he wasn't supposed to back up across an intersection, and he told me that there was no law against backing up over a set of tracks, but I insisted that you couldn't back up across an intersection whether there were tracks there or not.

After we got all the way across, I could see that we had just barely made it, because between the tracks, I could see holes way deep into the earth. I don't know how far down they went, but from the darkness . . . it was a long way.


2-17-00 - MEDITATION - I saw a map of cities along an ocean. These were all small maps on one large map sheet. The small maps were close-ups of the streets alongside the water in each case.

There was no indication of what this represented.

NOTE:  Later on when I was thinking about this, I realized that there was something strange about these maps.  In each one, the water was at the top of the maps, not on the side like all the other maps I've seen, so in each map, the water had to have been to the north of the city.


2-17-00 - MEDITATION - I saw what looked like a gameboy with a grid on it and the cartoon figure of Nancy (of Nancy and Sluggo) and another figure falling, falling, falling... it was a long way down. When they landed, the male figure was the cartoon round dog "Arf!".

They didn't look hurt... just stood there.


2-17-00 - MEDITATION - I meditated on the map and saw the words,  ____ , Brazil,  Detroit, MI, and one other I could recall.

Later on I tried to meditate on the map again, but couldn't get into the right thought stream because me heart was beating weirdly and jumping around


2-17-00 - DREAM - I was in a city with some people. We were cleaning up the house and this was a total have to go to the bathroom dream. I had to go pee really bad and all the bathrooms were otherwise occupied or didn't have a proper toilet to use so I could never go.

In one scene, my friend Kimber was crouched on the floor getting ready to pick up her son Luke's toys. The toys were all animated. There was a circle of toy soldiers surrounding a huge animated black spider. The soldiers were going to attack the spider from all sides and it seemed that they were all afraid of it also.

A girlfriend asked me to go to a movie with her, but things kept happening and we never went and then she had to leave.  

Then the Queen of England happened to come by and she heard about my not being able to go to the movie with my friend so she said she would go with me. So, we were walking down the sidewalk... she was several steps ahead of me.  It had just rained and when she turned the corner to the left, I made a misstep and stepped right into a puddle of water with my white high heeled shoes which had a black stripe across the  toe.

The Queen, dressed in a pink suit, hat, and shoes, said to me... "Let that be a lesson to you ... when someone asks you to do something, do it right then, because they won't always be with you."  

I said "Yes Ma'am, you're right!"

I dont' recall going into the theater but then found myself high on a hill with two men. We were going to play music together and I was going to be the piano player.  As we finished playing, the one man said, that it was time to go home, so I turned around and played the song, "Good Night Ladies" and sang, "Good night ladies, good night ladies, good night Ladies, It's time to move along."

As I was playing a blue airplane buzzed us and the other guy waved at him and I saw the shadow of the plane go over where we stood.

I turned and saw the plane go really low and buzz a house, then the plane looked like it was red, white, and blue checkerboard like a racing plane, and it buzzed some other people in a park.  It made a sharp right turn, buzzed some cars and trucks on the street and landed right in the middle of a busy street.   I heard an announcer on a loud speaker say, "Ladies and Gentleman, that's what happens when you fly too low."

NOTE:  A fiery crash of a Emery Express plane occurred today in flames when their load shifted on take off, but I don't think this dream was connected to that.


2-18-00 - DREAM - I was one mixed up person. I would start one job, then suddenly find myself somewhere else doing something else and not knowing how I had got there or why I wasn't doing the other job. Nobody else seemed to notice that there was something wrong but I sure did. I was questioning my sanity OR I had missing time.

I was in the process of moving from one apartment building to another and at the same time I had other people to take care of and make sure that they got taken care of and moved also.

We got some visitors at one point, three beautiful young women came into the house and I asked if they would like some coffee and they said "Yes!" (They looked rather like our daughter-in-laws Sabrina's sisters)  I went into the kitchen and there were two coffee pots, neither one of which had enough coffee, so I had to make fresh coffee. One pot only made one cup at a time, but it was better than nothing. The other one made 8 cups.  

I plugged in the coffee pots next to each other and the water flowed into the pots by itself, and filled up with fresh water instead of coffee. I was dismayed that the water was going to overflow and flood the kitchen. I had other things to do so I left the room hoping the coffee pots would figure it out and fix themselves and do what they were supposed to do on their own.

I was then in the process of moving and was totally naked, moving picture frames into the new apartment. I didn't seem to notice that I was naked nor did anyone else. I figured I'd wear clothes on the next trip. I didn't seem to have had time to get ready for the first load. I walked across the parking lot with two large picture frames which were about 5 feet by 5 feet approx. and took them inside and stood them in a hallway because the space in the new place was different than in the old one so I didn't know where I was going to hang them. There were no pictures... just frames.

I put some clothes on and I then spent some time hugging everyone goodbye before I left for the last time because I didn't plan to ever see any of them again.

I was concerned that everyone should know where I was going and was going to  exchange phone numbers with my girlfriends. It seemed that no one had anything to write on except schoolbooks and I didn't want them to have to tear up a page in a book just to write my phone number on.

My friend Monica came up with a small book like an autograph book. She opened it up and in the middle on each page was my name with a different address and phone number... all the various places I had ever lived. There was no more room to put another phone number and address. We were trying to figure out what to do when I realized that I didn't know what my new phone number was going to be so it was hardly worth all the trouble we were going through. I finally told them I would call them when I got the new phone installed.

I rushed around then, getting the small kids ready for the day because I had to get to school and work.  I knew it was getting late and I wanted to take something to school to eat but couldn't figure out what to take, so I finally grabbed 4 slices of wrapped cheese and a package of Twinkies.  I also had two bags with 4 loaves of bread in each, but decided I couldn't take that. I left those in the lobby for the kids for the day.

I saw a grey school bus stop at the front door and picked up some kids but was certain that wasn't my bus.  My adult babysitter was laying on a bench in the lobby waiting for me to leave and I couldn't figure out where I was supposed to go to school.  I didn't know where it was, nor when the yellow bus would go by. I thought perhaps I would just grab the next school bus, go there and go into the office, hoping they could tell me where I should go. I had plenty of money, checks, and credit cards in my purse, so I wasn't worried about the cost of traveling there.

I walked out to the curb and behind me on a balcony I could hear Geraldo Rivera talking on a radio. He said, "Dee Finney was a good person and deserves a medal for all she did, but she sure didn't know how much she was worth."  He was talking about me like I was missing and perhaps dead .  I knew I was alive and okay ... it was just that nobody else knew where I was and I didn't know where to go or how to get there.


2-17-00 - DREAM - I was going to type something into the computer and began to type. A voice said, "You can't type directly on the computer, you need to go to Microsoft and download Cat108."


2-17-00 - DREAM - I was inside my new apartment looking out the window.  It was really beautiful here. There was a huge blue pool outside my window. It wasn't deep as I could see white round rocks on the bottom. So it wasn't a wading pool exactly either. Around the one side of the pool was a white rock wall about 3 feet high and green grass above that.

I noticed that people were just walking in and out the front door of the building so that meant that the front doors weren't locked like most buildings I've lived in.  I was thinking that I must have moved far enough north that nobody worried about being broken into.

I noticed too that my apartment door didn't have a lock on it either and from where I'm from, nobody has a door without a lock, so I planned to call the locksmith and have a double deadbolt put on this door also for my own peace of mind.

I went outside and saw that a man was delivering my new car. It was red and black. The top was black leather, and the bottom was shiny red. My small son was outside wanting to get a ride but the man didn't have the authority to let my son get in the car.

I was holding a bright blue basket and wanted to stretch it so I had been looking for something larger than the opening of the basket I could put into it to make the opening larger than it was. I set the basket down on the hood of my old car which was blue.

My son came over to where I was and he smelled really bad like he had peed his pants, so I told him he needed to change clothes. None of the clothes had been unpacked yet, so he put on a pair of his Dad's white jockey shorts, and was looking for some pants to put on when I got into the car with the man.

I was intending to wait for my son to come back outside and drive him around the block for a treat even though I didn't have my purse or my driver's license with me. But the man started to back up the car farther and farther and faster and faster.  I was telling him wait, but he wasn't waiting, he just went faster and faster. I didn't want to disappoint my son and have him miss the ride.

At the end of this dream, I was chanting, "I have something, I have something, I have something, I have something."... the end of the word being toned in many different pitches up and down and drawn out long.


2-19-00 - DREAM - I was in my mother's house. I had carefully written pages and pages of complicated statistics about growing fruit and vegetables.  It was at least two inches thick of pages inside a brown 3 ring binder.

When I came into the kitchen with this binder, my friend was sitting there. She had just purchased 250 pounds of fruits and vegetables.  They looked wonderful and were totally ripe.  The pears were yellow with bright red blush on the skin, and there were peaches, apricots and all sorts of vegetables from the garden like zucchini and eggplant and squash. The fruits were separated from the vegetables and I saw there was a plate of peach pits from the fruit she had already eaten.

I was concerned that she had actually gotten what she paid for, so I wanted the fruit and vegetables  to be weighed so I could add the statistics to my book so others would know what to expect once I got all these statistics and plans computerized for others to read.

I called my brother Marty to come upstairs and help carry the vegetables and fruit downstairs to the big scale.  This was difficult to accomplish because the fruit was so ripe I didn't want to crush or bruise it while we carried it.  We had to carry each type separately and weigh each kind, because you can't compare apples to oranges as they say. I had to figure out too what the peaches weighed from weighing the pits. That would be a complicated theory without a doubt.

We carried all this downstairs and I wrote down all the statistics in my book. Then someone suggested that I write a book.  At the moment, it seemed like a good idea, so I started it out, "I pictured the rose garden in my mind..."  and I could write no farther on the paper because a drawing of a rose garden appeared magically on the paper and I couldn't write across it.  

I was going write around the flowers but that didn't seem appropriate and then I dropped the pen on the floor and it landed under a long table where many other people were sitting and I couldn't reach it. They helped me retrieve the pen so then I carried my paper with the rose garden on it to the livingroom.  Some of the engineers followed me who had been at the table.  One of them was from A-C who passed away in 1984 or before. He leered at me with a grin on his face just like he used to years ago.  I'm sorry to report that it bothers me now just like it did then and gave me the creeps.

I sat down in a comfortable chair with a plain piece of paper and began again.....


2-19-00 -  VISIONS - I was trying to go to sleep but couldn't.  I was seeing a line like the horizon with a house in outline... the roof lifted off and left the square house with 4 square windows in it and the word harmonize and harmonising came to mind.


2-20-00 - LUCID DREAM -  I was listening to the Art Bell show and the woman named Patsy who is called "Harlot" but is a full blown Satanist was on. This was a repeat show so I didn't want to miss it this time around because Art was blown away by her when she was on the first time.  I had my eyes closed but was hyperalert and there was no chance I was going to go to sleep. A man called in and said he wanted to be a Satanist and she was going to give him some information on how to do it, but she couldn't give it on the air. She started to tell them there were two things he could do, but he had to make a choice. He said he would do both.  She started to tell him that people have to make a choice and if they can't then she has no respect for them.  While she was saying this to the man, I had a vision of a dream .. . a Lucid Dream... I was coming to an intersection on a dark city street.  I seemed to be driving but there was no vehicle. Ahead of me in the middle of the intersection what a very long black and white vehicle. . . it was mostly black but the last quarter of it was white. I made a right turn to get ahead of it.  I was not really driving but was bounding with both feet like a Kangaroo. How I was doing this I don't know, but that's how it was happening.  I was racing this black and white vehicle. I had to pass other cars who were going slower, and I did this by making extra effort, still bounding like a Kangaroo. I finally got to 66th St. and made a right turn because the street I was on actually ended there. I can't remember the name of the street I was on . .. maybe Mitchell St. I would have to find a map and look it up. I used to live on 66th St. so am familiar with the streets.  When I made the right turn I woke up completely from the dream ... still listening to her talking to the man to tell him how to be a Satanist.

After the dream was over, I realized that people don't really know what it is to be a follower of Satan like her.  She said, "If you are wishy washy in your religion, you ARE a follower of Satan". I came away from that show having to acknowledge that she is right. Unless you are a straight and narrow fundamentalist like Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell, you are straying to the side of Satan.  I know too that after hearing her, if I decided to join a church, I would up there by the pulpit preaching that exact message.  "If you aren't far right and strict in your beliefs, then you follow Satan.!"  

She had a big impact on me.


2-20-00 - DREAM/VISION - I was dreaming about counseling people but can't remember the details. As I was waking up, I had  vision of a white Shetland type pony with a white bridal with colored flowers on it.  The inside of my cheek was stuck between my teeth and I was biting down hard on my own mouth.  No wonder I woke up with blood on my lips yesterday and my cheek was sore.  I was trying to chew on my own mouth from the inside. Ouch!


2-20-00 - VISION - I again saw the white pony and was wondering what the white pony represented, and then the pony changed to a scene of myself ... only I was sitting at a table talking to people... and I was an Indian woman with long black braids coming down on each side of my head. I was wearing a buckskin dress.


2-21-00 - DREAM - I was in a place where there was a huge earthquake that lasted quite long in my estimation.  It started when I was inside a very large barn-like structure.  The bracing wood of the roof rafters started coming off and falling down, but fortunately the roof itself didn't fall.

While I was running with the others to get outside, I was trying to get dressed at the same time. A woman friend of  mine had grabbed three dresses and I couldn't get into the first two because the sleeves were too tight and were banded so there was no give to the material.  The last one was a slinky black gown with a shimmery gold slip so this is what I put on.

At the end I was seeing the letters 'ISLYD7'.   At the exact same moment Joe turned out the light in the room so I startled awake suddenly with my heart beating really fast. I tried to think where this place might be but have no idea. The 7 could be the timing, either days, weeks, or months.


2-21-00 - DREAM - I was in a house in the beginning where nobody had cleaned for quite some time. In order to make lunch for the man who was with me, I had to scrub the kitchen sink completely because it was so dusty. It was made of plastic so when I cut a sandwich in half, I made an accidental slice in the sink counter surface. I thought to myself, "I'd better not ever do that again." Obviously it was not my own place.

I next went outside and was now in New Berlin at my old house which I haven't lived in since 1980. There was some yard work that had been done, mounds of fresh dirt were piled above the house.  I was below the hill, next to the house and saw a mist of water coming down. I didn't immediately realize it was the hose sprinkling automatically above the house.  I was standing next to a tree and I could hear something in the tree buzzing ominously. I looked closely and tiny, tiny birds had nested in the leaves of the trees. These birds were so small that just an upturned corner of a leaf was large enough for the bird to make a next and lay its eggs in.  I saw several of these nests with the birds in them. The birds seemed to be angry about the water coming down into their nests.  I guess the water was coming from an angle that normal rain wouldn't come.  I tried to protect the some of the nests by moving them intact to a vine trellis on the side of the garage. This seemed to work.

I then went up above the house on the hill and grabbed the hose. I saw what looked like huge boot imprints in the fresh soil of the mounds of dirt so I took the hose and watered the dirt so the boot imprints disappeared and the soil moved itself so that it was flat instead of mounded.

While I was doing this, I was talking on the telephone to my daughter-in-law Debe on a cell phone. (I don't remember the conversation, but I talked with her twice by e-mail yesterday)  

At the same time, someone called me from the house to tell me I had a phone call inside the house.  I went down the hill and inside the house to take the call but the person had already hung up and my call with Debe was cut off when the other call came in.

I was then in an office type setting and a man came to the door wearing a brown overcoat and was carrying a brown brief case.  There was a man in the office with me who looked rather like a television attorney like Scott Baldwin from General Hospital.  (That was quite some time ago he was on) The man who came in introduced himself as Dave Larson. I asked the man who seemed to be the boss whether I should excuse myself and leave the room and he told me I could stay.

We started to have a discussion that was quite innocuous, but seemed to lead to something that seemed more sinister and hidden. The attorney guy seemed to get quite enthusiastic turn of events that we knew more than he thought we did. It seemed related to the barn and the earthquake of the previous dream and perhaps was a legal thing that the barn should not have come down in the quake.  (I'm not sure about this aspect of the conversation)

The scene changed or progressed rapidly and I was now outside on a country road. I could see two spectacular trees in someones yard which I wanted to photograph. One was full of flowers that were rose red and stood in a candle-like formation on each branch. It was spectacularly beautiful.  Behind that tree was another tree that had long thin leaves, rather banana-like but while most were grass green, there were numerous yellow leaves amongst them that made the tree look most unusual. I saw rather closeup that there was a man in amongst these trees who was working with some white flowers that looked rather like white orchids or something larger and more spectacular.

It was late in the day so I told the man I was with that I wanted to come back in the morning and photograph these trees and wanted to take some closeup photographs as well.

I woke up remembering the beauty of these trees. But I don't know where they are. I've never seen any like these.


2-22-00 - DREAM - I was watching a computer page with animated words that were dropping down like a gameboy. It was about politics but I couldn't actually read the words, although I knew it was about Bradley.

I went into a real dream where I found myself standing alongside a river.  There was a small lone duck on the water ... like a Mallard but smaller.  It would dive down into the water and become a line on the water, pop up, dive down and become a line on the water again. It did this a few times, then I saw a larger line on the water turn and come directly towards me. What popped up out of the water was an American eagle symbol on an American shield with a flag banner under it.  On the banner it said, "DAV TEAM/SURF TEAM".

NOTE: What does that mean?  The lame duck wins????


2-22-00 - VISION - I heard a voice say, "Look at this!"  I saw a light green sheet of paper that was large like a map.  On the left was a large circle that had a mountainous area inside of it.  On the right one above the other were two circles - each one looked like the world with several wavy cracks on it.


2-22-00 - DREAM - I was in the kitchen in New Berlin , WI . I saw my brother Marty at about age 14. He had a large baking type potato sticking out of his mouth. It immediately reminded me of politics for some reason. I then saw two dates - 9/63 and 6/3/95.

2-23-00 - DREAM  - A long dream about Indians which I can't remember.


2-23-00 - DREAM - I only remember part of this dream.

I was somewhere outside climbing around mounds of dirt and sand between old buildings.  There was a heavy wind blowing. A voice said that archaeologists and geologists could tell over time which way the prevailing winds blew because the sand and dirt was layered and littered with leaves and things which all lay in one direction.

The dream then changed to a web page of links to geology sites.

After that I was in West Allis on 70th St. I had to go out and mail a letter or something. There had been a heavy snow and lots of people were out shoveling the snow off the sidewalks. It was unusually warm outside and I couldn't figure out why the snow wasn't melting.

An old white haired man dressed all in white crossed the street at the same time I did. He was a plumber or something and I was thinking maybe he might offer me a job so I could work close to home.


2-23-00 - DREAM - I was in an apartment with my husband. (I can't remember his face so I don't know who he was)  He complained that he didn't have any room to do anything by himself. I showed him that we had two extra rooms that we didn't use for anything though it had furniture in it which I recognized as belonging to my Father.

I told my husband he could move the furniture around if he wanted to. There was an old fashioned, out of tune organ in one corner. There was a stereo and several kinds of rocking chairs which were my favorites. But I told him he could change anything he wanted to make it comfortable. That seemed to satisfy him.

There was another room that belonged to my son Michael. I glanced through the door and recognized a small trellis-like object sitting on a small table. I knew we couldn't take over that room because it was Michaels.

All of a sudden I heard an old fashioned organ below our feet in another apartment play the note of "A" like a trumpet. I just smiled and we continued our conversation.

The door to the hallway was open and I noted how narrow these doors were. I was friends with all the neighbors and the lady next door who I think might be Monica was my special friend.

I had just said that I wanted a cup of coffee and my friend said that she was just going to put on a fresh pot of coffee.  So she brought a cup of coffee in for me and we sat on my bed amongst the blankets to talk.

Unfortunately, when she came in, the closet doors in my apartment popped open so she could see into them. I was a little embarrassed that she saw that my closets were so empty.

Another old man came in also. He was rather old and laid on the bed and covered himself up with two blankets, a white one and a red and white one. I asked him if he was warm enough and he said, "No!" So I covered him with another light blue blanket and he rather disappeared from view though we knew he was there.

My friend and I talked about how much larger our apartments would be if we took down the wall between our apartments. Then our rooms would be twice as big.

Just as I woke up, a booming voice from under the blankets aid, "Call it apartment 111."

NOTE: I sent this dream to Monica, and she said she just put up a wall in the middle of a room to make two 'smaller' rooms. :-)


2-23-00 - MEDITATION - mid-afternoon - I went to the 12th spiritual level.  I was met by a Hindu man wearing only a loin cloth and turban. He was doing a yoga pose, standing only on one foot and crouched down into a bow.


2-23-00 - MEDITATION - I was hearing some clicking noises in the house and then saw a bunch of black and white kittens rolling around on the floor with each other.


2-23-00 - MEDITATION - I had gotten interrupted by a phone call, so went back to meditate again. I found myself laying on a couch in a house where the sun was shining. I was trying to meditate and was getting sexually stimulated. However, it must have been 3:30 p.m. and people were coming home from work and school.

The house started filling up with people. One woman in particular who seemed to be in charge was tall and thin and was dressed all in black. (pant suit)  I couldn't get a direct look at her. I could only see her in the periphery of my eyes. She was talking to other people. When I turned my head fast to look at her, I couldn't see her.

I could hear the voice of Captain Kirk/William Shatner from Star Trek. There was no doubt it was him.

There were several other men there, one of whom was my husband. We were invited by another man to come visit him next door. He said he would be in the garden behind the house . We went there hand in hand and looked for the garden and all we could see was a single tree.

We got to the house then and my husband went to look for the other man.

I went upstairs and I could hear the voice of my friend Bonnie downstairs. She said, "Dee! I know you are here. Your perfume is so strong, I can smell you all the way down here."

There was a grate in the floor in the bedroom I was in and I continued walking towards the window in the long room. I heard Bonnie through the grate I think though it seemed I was hearing her just in my left ear. She continued to track my progress through the room by the smell of my perfume though I wasn't making any noise.

I don't know what brought me out of it, I was very reluctant to come back.


2-23-00 - VISION - 10:00 p.m.  I saw a circle of snow covered mountains. I was above them.

A woman said, "I've discovered that!"

I saw someone pick up a pair of medium blue socks and a pair of white jockey shorts. Behind them was a red, yellow, and gold banner flag... Tibetan perhaps.

I was then in a dimly lit room with two men. They both stood up in front of me. One went to the left, and the other one went to the right as if to get something.

Some time went by, then I heard the man confess that he hadn't been totally honest in disclosing everything he knew. The other man said, "You are under arrest for fraud!"

Some time went by, then I saw two women in white walking side by side with two men who were wearing medium blue clothes. I don't know where they were, but they were outside.


2-24-00 - DREAM - I was inside of a special room with a man. I couldn't see the man as he was behind my right shoulder.

I was in possession of three keys, the largest of which was gold. I inserted it into a key slot on the wall which activated an electric door just to the left of it.

Nobody knew I had this key. There was a problem. In order to activate the door opening, a certain amount of leverage had to be placed on a blue card or plate surrounding the lock. The problem was that the card was gradually pulling away from a tiny pivot point to which it was fastened.  Finally, on the last turn of the key, the blue card pulled up off of the pivot point exposing it, and rendering the key useless because no more leverage was available . The pivot point was so tiny, it could hardly be seen much less manipulated.

However, the man who was with me had an electric tool similar to a needle nose pliers. He was able to grasp the pivot point which was a tiny short square object attached to a bolt of some kind beneath it.

The electric tool spun causing a slotted screw to turn to the right which also pivoted a water pipe that was dripping so that it dripped into a pool-like area rather than on a surface where someone might hurt themselves. There was a sign on the dripping pipe warning people of the dripping water. Now, we, together, had rendered this dripping water pipe safe

NOTE: When Joe woke up I told him about this dream and he said that they had had a leaky hose at work the day before in a room just like this that his co-worker Jeff had fixed, but they had all been called to witness the leak because it was forming a tree-like pattern of lightening streaks from the water.  It was very unusual as the water itself couldn't even be seen because of the water pressure... it was spraying rather than dripping until after it hit the plate where the water was hitting. 


2-24-00 - VISION - I was seeing what looked like a water treatment plant from high up in the air like I was in an airplane. There was a large pool of water with two white pipes at opposition to each other with rakes of some sort on the ends stirring the water and a pipe at the center of this pivoting pipes was upright pipe spraying water into the air which fell back down into the pool. This was in an area that was surrounded by higher hills.


2-24-00 - VISION - The people weren't keeping up their end of the bargain about the water so it was now dripping dangerously again.

All the people were on roller skates - not roller blades - adults and kids alike.

They all skated along a path from a baseball field to a road that went by the field. Half of the kids wore tan cowboy hats, the other half of the kids wore bright blue baseball caps with an orange insignia on the front - probably an Indian face.


2-24-00 - VISION - I was standing underneath a dangerously dripping concrete pool of water which was over my head like a birdbath ona concrete pedestal. It was dripping a lot on one side and the sidewalk was getting all wet.  I was worried about the people who would get hurt.


2-24-00 - VISION - 3 a.m. - I was seeing a room with a shelf along the wall with all stuffed toy dolls and puppets on it. They were all very colorful and cute.

I saw another wall of stuffed dolls and puppets... A rather robotic sci fi voice said, "Alan Bach!"

I started to think about the name , wondering if I heard it right.

I saw another all of stuffed dolls and puppets hanging on hooks on a wall next to a door that went to another room. The voice said, "Why don't you go look and see!"

NOTE: I went on the internet and looked for the name Alan Bach, Allan Bach, and Allen Bach.  I found men with all those spellings, most of which were rodeo riders.  Maybe it was all the same guy with misspelled names on the websites. I don't know.  There were some other guys with the same name. Nothing rang a bell as being the stuffed dolls or puppets.


2-24-00 - DREAM - I can only describe this dream as Michelle's ship. There were people in this dream, but many of the objects were not real, such as a ice-blue jello-like gecko or other long legged animal which was going to be my lunch. I was going to eat in front of all the other people but ended up teasing the other people so they would gag and get squeamish.  

Much time was spent moving things around maybe like energy or something to spread two spaces into larger rectangles made of stars like this:

*          *
*          *
*                     *
*                     *