updated 11-19-05


5-10-95 - DREAM - I was upstairs in my 16th St. house with a younger dark woman. The woman hwo ran the house was in the master bedroom. The dark woman accused me of killing my friends Terry and Alice and wrote their names down on a piece of paper.

When the police came, he questioned me about them and asked me if I knew who Elles and someone else was... the dark woman had spelled the names wrong.

I said, "No!" and the man went away. The older woman came out of the master bedroom and took the dark woman away.

End of dream

I knew it was time to get up but there were telephones ringing in my ear and I had to lay there and get the messages. Terry called me on the phone. I asked him what the time was, fearing I'd be late for work. He said it was 4:20 a.m. I knew it was later than that.

There were blue bubbles all over the ceiling then and I was directing them to move around the ceiling with thought. I moved them around and made them go down the wall and then vanished them with a wave of my hand.

I heard a loud bell ring in my right ear and wondered how no one else could hear bells that rang that loud. I mentally said, "Who is it?" A vision appeared in my head. It was a newspaper headline with a picture of a battleship on it. It said, "World War III."



VISION #1 - Newspaper Headlines: 'WORLD PREPARED FOR CRISIS"

Below it was a dark photo with a large title on it. "SHELTER"

VISION #2 - Poem Written: "Beware! Beware!"

"Death and Destruction Arrives"

"Prepare! Prepare!"

VISION #3 - Handwritten Note: "Consciousness & Awareness"

"Emotions bring Courage"


By Dee Finney


10-30-97 - Vision -

Scene: everything was orderly on the street. Then a child pulling a red wagon full of his belongings appeared. The voice said, "The Wheeled Kid" tripped and rolled head over heels". Everything on the street was then in chaos.

by Dee Finney


10-30-97 - Vision

A skeletonal man came towards me walking quickly and wildly on leg stumps with no feet. He wore a flapping black raincoat. He said, "That is why the world is in chaos and everyone is going nuts."

by Dee Finney


10-30-97 - A male voice said, "The people of the United States need to turn another page so they can bring about change."

by Dee Finney



11-14-97 WAR WITH IRAQ

I was in my car driving, but had my feet on the ground. I pushed the car backwards once and ended up going really far East. I turned, pushed the car backwards once more with my feet on the ground and went north a few blocks. I was astonished how far the car would go with one push.

Where the car stopped, I got out and went into an old building where there were dioramas like in a museum with people like the Hittites and Akkadians fighting. I was seeing the names of the ancient Mesopotamian and Sumerian Gods and rulers. As the fighting continued, it seemed that it was becoming more recent rather than ancient.

I had to leave the building and take my baby home, but instead of a car, I now had a little red wagon to pull the baby in, so I put her in the wagon and headed south a few blocks. I found myself in a sandy type area. There were no buildings here, just barren landscape and sand. I then saw some dark colored helicopters land and as soon as they did, soldiers dressed in camouflage uniforms pulled the pins on hand grenades and jumped on board the choppers, yelling at the top of their lungs in attack. They threw the grenades and ran like hell to get away again before they blew up.

At this point, I knew I was in Iraq and that we were at war.

by Dee Finney


The Shipment

Wednesday, November 19, 1997

We were in a desert like place.  I was with two of my friends, two people that I personally have never seen I guess but we were friends in the dream.  We had the same objectives.  We wanted to get our other friend out of what we saw to be a dangerous situation.  A rich kid whose father was like a gangster. We didn’t know this boy very well at all, but we knew who he was and where he was.  We were afraid for his life because of something that was going to happen in the very near future.   We were aware of a meeting between his father and someone else that was going to take place soon and we wanted to try to get him out of his father’s house to a safe place.

We went to this place and it was in a city.  We had the impressions this boy was royalty but the place where we went was not a palace.  It was made of bricks.  It was not a really tall building, perhaps 3 stories or so high.  There were security cameras all over the building that were able to see everything around the building.  There was a loading dock at the back of the building.  There was a road along side the building and another one or driveway going up to it, and the loading dock.

There was some weeds growing to the right of the driveway and a piece of old machinery to the right setting in the weeds.

While we were looking this place over that boy came out and my friends and he talked for awhile.  They were trying to convince him to do something that would allow him to get away from this place for awhile.  I almost want to say they were trying to get him to talk his father out of something.  This is rather vague since it was my friends who were talking to him while I continued to look around the area.  Then they went back into that building through the loading dock.

I went toward the building and was looking everything over when I noticed there were security cameras all over the building.  I walked up under the loading dock canopy where I found my two friends still talking and the other boy was inside the building.  I wanted to know if they had done any good but they indicated to me they were not sure, or had their doubts.  At that moment a very large truck backed up to that loading dock.  I had the impression it was a "propane" truck.  A man wearing a drab green military uniform and a military cap got out of that truck and walked into the area where we were standing.  I greeted the man and he acknowledged me, greeting me in another language as he walked past us and entered the building.  I looked up at my friends and we all knew this man was the man making the dangerous delivery to this place.  I would have said he was possibly middle East, Arab perhaps.

I had the sudden urgency to get out of there ASAP and out the door I went.  I looked up at the size of this propane truck and it was perhaps two or three times larger than any I had seen.  I realized the only way I was going to get back to the road and out to the exit fast enough was by flying but there were cameras everyone.  I moved along the side of the big truck until I felt sure it was blocking the camera’s view of me.  Then I took to the air and flew right into those weeds trying to stay low and out of sight of the cameras.  I flew over that machine in the weeds only to hit another machine in the weeds that I had not seen before.  The big truck was blocking my exit to the right and the weeds and the machines were blocking my exit ahead of me and to my left.  This one machine that I ran into with my forearm was running.  But the moment I hit it, it stopped running.  When I removed my arm again it started going again and I saw that where my arm had been was a working part that if it had not stopped it would have cut my arm off perhaps.

At this moment I realized the only way through was over it and I had to take a chance on the cameras seeing me flying.  Quickly I went over that machine and down to the road where I ran toward the exit.  My friends were not far behind.  I went until I came to a small barn that was built up on a high wall.  I started up the ladder but as I got to the top there was someone else coming in.  The guy said fine, come on out of there.  He waited until I got up into the building and then he made his exit and my other friends came up.  This was the exit, through this barn.  Then I realized the entire place where we had been was low land and totally surrounded by this wall.  The only real way in and out was through the barn.  Now we found ourselves in this small but very old barn and in the loft to boot.  We went to the back side of it and I told one of my friends "this is something like my barn at home isn’t it?"  The guy agreed with me "except I think my barn is a little larger than this one, I know it is."  I told him.  Then we climbed down the far wall into the lower area.  The door was before us but closed and as we were about to go out I looked up and there beside one of my friends was some kind of animal.  It was making all kinds of noises and looked just like a huge rat.  When I looked again this rat took the form of a opossum.  It had 4 babies that I could see and it was protecting them from the intruders, namely us.  It was hissing, making sounds and showing us its teeth.  I told my friend not to make any threatening gestures toward the animal and told him it was protecting it’s young and would attack if threatened.  Slowly he moved away from it.  At that moment one of the babies jumped from its mother onto my right shoulder.  It was dark and I knew the mother was about to attack and I grabbed the baby and threw it back toward its mother just as I yelled for everyone to run for the door and don’t look back.  As my friends ran for the door the animal came after me.  I jumped over it and flew toward the door.


by Bryon Smith

This dream is a prophetic and perhaps even somewhat viewpoint dream about something the spirit sees as a threat perhaps to many people.  It is in a foreign land and the "rich man" is a military leader.  The man making the delivery is also in the military, he wears the uniform of an officer but has removed nearly all of his medals and insignias from the uniform.

The "propane" truck is a sound alike symbol.  It means "Pro-Pain" and suffering and death is what the shipment contains.  We note the size of the truck to be very large. I said perhaps 3 times larger than a regular semi-trailer truck.  I want to say it was as large as a rail road car.

The machines in the weeds represent something that has happened here in the past.  These machines, at least the one we see is symbolic of a work that happened in the past and failed.  The weeds represent three things, one having to do with the past and the other having to do with the kind of work it was.  "Weeds = Not Productive or Not Good"  They represent dark spirits that can totally take over a land.  The other which hides the truth about the working of these machines.  You see hidden deep inside these weeds one of these machines still lives.

This same symbol is like cutting the head off of the beast only to have it grow a new head.

There is a few other things which I see and feel from this dream that I will not go into here.  The cameras are always watching and this has a greater implication than I care to go into here.

On our exit we find a wall, and this wall is symbolic of a kind of limitations that is placed upon this land and upon the ruler of this land.  So as to say "he is boxed in" and sanctions and limitations are on him.  This land is in a low state of being.

The little barn at the top represents a kind of store-house.  A place where things or provisions are kept.  Once again note the size of this building or barn.  It is small, it is old, un-painted, it is nearly empty.  It represents the inability of this land to acquire the food and supplies that it needs.  It says "they are starving" for something.  They have needs that are not being met.

Now we come across the loft of this barn and we find only a few shelves upstairs that have anything in them.  These are supplies that are very old and they are also basically hidden.  Only a few people know where these supplies are, or that they even exist.

Below we find the angry creature like a rat or opossum with it’s 4 young crawling around on it.  It will protect them any way it knows how and right now (at this time in the dream event, when it happens) it will threaten to "bite" anyone who invades its space or threatens its "young" or intentions for the future.  This is like saying the leader of this land being represented in this dream has at least 4 plans that are in the young stage of development and he will protect these with everything he has, in any way that he knows how.  The old machine that still runs is an unfinished work that has started again and it is a secret.  The delivery in the other big truck is a part of this work.  It is also a secret.

by Bryon Smith


11-21-97 - I saw a map of the Middle East which included Africa and India. The oceans were blue like in a National Geographic or Atlas map.  But under the map were the words, "DO YOU CARE?"

I was lucid and could ask questions about the area like, "WILL THERE BE PEACE?" The answer came back, "Yes!" I asked, "WILL THERE BE WAR?" The answer came back, "Yes!"

In a second dream, I saw the same map. This time there were boxes on the map with words and questions:  E-MAIL?, WHAT?, WHO?  BOY?, MIND? And others I can't remember.

I was listening to the news on T..V. about Iraq and while they were talking, I was seeing hundreds of Iraqians and Iraqian war tanks, etc. in a parade, moving thru a city and cheering.

by Dee Finney


11/30/97 Prophecy by Goro Adachi

•Recent activities:

It's been already two months since the last update, so I thought I'd better update on what I've been up to since the completion of 'The Elysian Fields'.  Well, I've been struggling :)  My main focus now is on the nature of reality in conjunction with psi-functioning ("remote viewing", etc.), as well as achieving peace within myself.  And, though I'm learning new things rapidly, it's becoming to be an extremely frustrating process, so much so that I'm somewhat burned-out lately.  I know it can not be easy because what I'm trying to do is basically transforming myself - changing how I think, perceive, feel..., in other words, 'metamorphosis'. I am attempting to break the barrier of who I am.  And it is causing a great "war", or 'cognitive dissonance', between my 'ego' and my 'will', and it's really an uncomfortable place for a mind to be in :)  But there is a sense, though subtle, that I'm slowly progressing toward a new 'awareness' - it's just that it's too damn slow! (Well, I guess persistence/determination/patience is the key as always, but the scarcity of positive feedback in this effort is quite discouraging.)   Currently I'm at a point where I'm trying to unify concepts like focus, will, subconscious information processing,  perceptual registration, reversed-time/pre-causal effects, relativity, non-locality, etc. into a nice comprehensible conceptual model which would make clearer how and why psi works, so that utilizing/developing psi would be easier and more effective.  This is partly a result of my abandoning the traditional/formal 'remote-viewing' method (i.e. Ingo Swann-related method) some months ago.  I made the decision because I felt I wasn't learning and improving much anymore, and I thought it would be better to go back and start personally looking into the phenomenon and the mechanics behind it now that I had experienced it and convinced myself of its reality, rather than just blindly following what the forerunners have done and their theories.  Since it ("parapsychology") is really still a field with so much still unknown and left to just speculations, I feel it is not yet time to settle and be comfortable with just one viewpoint/method that SEEMS to be on the right track.  I've studied what has been discovered and developed so far with regard to psi phenomena, and now I want to pursue my own philosophical approach and hopefully bring in some new useful angle.  (BTW, a new book titled, "The Conscious Universe", by Dean Radin Ph.D. is really good for finding out where parapsychology has come to, and it provides many very rigid scientific evidence for psi phenomena that main-stream science is not yet psychologically ready to accept - "the evidence seems valid but there must be some flaw in the evidence because psi just doesn't exist!" is, as unscientific and pathetic as it is, the die-hard skeptics' fundamental mentality).  It is very possible, however, that I'll just realize that the existing RV method (BTW, I personally feel it's about time we dropped the term "remote viewing" or re-define the term - it's creating a limiting preconception IMO) is the most effective way to go, but just realizing that would benefit me greatly and help me focus and progress, so it wouldn't be just a waste of time.

Human mind is so complex and full of uncharted potentials...  that much I'm becoming very aware of :)

  •On Oct. 30, this web site was mentioned in an article titled "See the future in these sites" on the CNN web site.  It calls my site "unique" :)  (Thanks CNN!)

  •Iraq situation:

It seems to me that U.S. now wants to attack Iraq/Saddam and they're at this point just trying to create/present reasons to do so.  We may be looking at another military action against Iraq soon.

Although it is still quite speculative, I'd like to point out some possible prophetic connection to the Iraq situation:

  Century VI-97

 Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruslera

 Feu approcher de la grand cite' neuue

 Instant grand flamme esparse sautera

 Quand on voudra des Normans faire preuue.

 At forty-five degrees the sky will burn,

 Fire to approach the great new city:

 In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up,

 When they want to have proof of the Normans.

 This quatrain (Nostradamus) is the one repeatedly discussed in my 'CWN Analysis' papers in which basically I associated it with Comet Hale-Bopp (its declination/elongation etc. during its perihelion was 45 degrees) and world events (e.g.. TWA 800, Mars probes [discussed in 'The Elysian Fields'], etc.) in/around 1997 (the year of Hale-Bopp, also the quatrain #, VI-97, suggestive of the year 1997).

Interestingly, as I mentioned in Analysis-4, Baghdad pretty much sits on the "45 deg." longitude.  And that combined with the hypnotic interpretation in CWN of this quatrain and its hypothesised connection to the TWA 800 incident (btw, I just re-read my TWA 800 piece and was kind of amused that I sounded a little cocky back then... :)  ..well, at least that suggests my perspective is changing, which is good.  ...Maybe it's a subtle thing that others wouldn't notice though... I don't know.), specifically the involvement of U.S. and a U.S. plane being targeted, it could speculated that the quatrain, on one level, also covers the current Iraq situation.  As reported in the news, Iraq is still threatening to shoot down the U.S. U-2 spy plane, and U.S. is more than ready to respond militarily.  The situation seems to be connected with Line 2 (attack) and 3 (retaliation) of the quatrain:

Line  #1  At forty-five degrees the sky will burn,

Line #2  Fire to approach the great new city:


Dream - 12-9-97

I was in a post-office. It was after hours and the clerks had gone home and left the lights on in the office and the door open. I walked inside and the telephone began ringing on one of the desks. The telephone turned into a mini-television show and showed three pictures in succession. The first one was that a war was going to start in the Middle East. The second picture was of the same war and that it was escalating into WWiII. The fourth picture was of a question about the price of corn in June, 1998.

In dream #2, I was telling some people about the previous dream prophecies. The Father of the woman I was telling this too, said that he had some churches in his neighborhood that had been talking about war for a long time, that the war was inevitable and could not be stopped.

by Dee Finney


12-21-97 - Dream: Night before last, I went to all these different areas in the world..I can only remember what looked like Jerusalem, and finally Russia. In all these areas, the men were fighting, angry, and it was very disturbing. I didn't even want to talk about it when I woke up because I was afraid it was a premonition.

Then, I told my grandfather about it, and told him I saw a small group of men with a whole bunch of others running around. One man was facing another, screaming, angry, his mouth open yelling at the other man...it was a bad scene. Then he said, "ya, that happened. I saw it on the news last night, you probably saw the news.." But, I try not to watch the news these days, and watch X-Files at 11:00...I certainly didn't see this. "Well, maybe someone had the radio on and you heard it." No. I was early in the morning that this happened. So I asked him to tell me the scene and the first thing he said was, "It was dark. There was a group of men and one of them had a machine gun and was shooting the others. They had a riot in Moscow yesterday and a group of four or five men were dealing with the attacker, and the streets were busy with people." Well, I couldn't believe it. I didn't see the gun but I definitely saw the scene, and the anger.

I woke up feeling bad that all these men around the world were fighting, and nothing was being done to help them. It was quite a night.

Joanne Stephenson


12/23/97 Prophecy by Goro Adachi

•I am a little concerned and suspicious about this Anthrax vaccination that the Pentagon has ordered to be used for all 1.4 million active duty men and women in the U.S. military (involving six shots taken over 18 months), reportedly because of the possibility of germ warfare.  First, the possibility that the vaccines used in the Gulf War contributed to the controversial Gulf Ware Syndrome is not ruled out - so it's possible that this Anthrax vaccine will cause more soldiers to be sick and the illness might even spread into the general public.  While this is just a possibility, what I noticed that may add to the speculation is its possible symbolic connection to the "Elysian Fields" model I developed.  In the model, there is a rivalry between 'Saturn', the original ruler (of Earth), and 'Jupiter' (and 'Mars'/'Venus' to some extent), the "intruder", which overthrew Saturn - and this has to do with "ETs" (mainly the "Jupiter"-related factions) interfering in Earth affairs resulting in "contamination" of human DNA and/or spirituality.  And I also illustrated in 'The Elysian Fields' that the model, in conjunction with the implications of the Nile, seems to be 'followed' in various symbolic ways repeatedly in history.  Now, the fact that the decision about the Anthrax vaccination announced in mid-December came just before the period called 'Saturnalia' (which is thought to have evolved into our Christmas) which is from Dec. 17 through 23, PLUS the fact that the big (currently #1) movie, "Titanic" (mythologically, Saturn was the most important of the Titans - the first gods), opened Dec. 19 - right in the middle of Saturnalia - and in which 'Titanic', the Saturn force, hits an obstacle and sinks, made me think that all this may be one of those ritualistic, symbolic events 'planted'/orchestrated ultimately by "the Cabal" (the hidden puppeteers).  The sequence and the timing of those events appear to depict the motif of Jupiter-related faction overthrowing 'Saturn' (represented by Titanic sinking) through or resulting in 'contamination' (which seems to be represented by the Anthrax vaccine in this case).  It is also interesting that the Titanic was on its voyage to the United States (NYC) from England, because in 'The Elysian Fields' I symbolically associated England with 'Saturn', and U.S. represented a "New World" / Earth that came to be controlled by the Jupiter-related faction(s) - thus the Titanic sinking and failing to get to the United States nicely depict the "Saturn" faction losing control over Earth symbolically.

So, in this symbolic context, I feel it may not be too farfetched to hypothesize that the Anthrax vaccination stuff represents the 'contamination' aspect of the mythological 'drama'/pattern

by Goro Adachi


12-31-97  Prophecy by Terry Rodgers

We will be at war again by the summer with the saddam and some other major country in the mideast. I also look for strong activity in Russia and China. The war in the mideast will enter the US through nerve gas and viruses. I do see something big happening in New York City by spring something with fire.

by Terry Rodgers


As of February 1, 1998  Prophecy

we are in a 699 day countdown

to the end of the Century! On March 5th, 1998 there will be a day of tears all around the world. Saddam Hussein will secretly attack Israel on that day with bombs and poison gasses. (This day is exactly 666 days until the year 2000 - and seven days before a lunar eclipse in Virgo at 22 degrees.) I only hope this message gets to the right people. Please send your prayers up to avert this event!

by Elizabeth Joyce


A great revolution is coming, but not the ordinary type. This is one that has never been seen before and it will be terrible. Forget all thoughts and desires of the past and future and begin to pray with forcefulness and concentration. This will begin with some type of deadly germ warfare and people will die as they work, walk eat and sleep. There will be released a deadly gas and this will be somewhere in Asia.

by Elizabeth Joyce


Following Dreams May be Gulf Situation Related


Snapping Turtles In the Strange Lagoon 2/4/98

Saddam Hussein

I went to this place with my father and one other man who was a friend of mine in the dream.  We had contracted with a man to take us somewhere on his boat but when we got on the thing we saw it was a real pile of junk and rotten wood.  In fact it was in the process of sinking when we got on it.  I protested aloud as the boat was sinking and water was coming up over the deck.  Father said we would have to find another way to accomplish our mission.  As the water washed over the last few boards that was left of the boat deck I stepped off onto some planks of what was left of the boat dock where this boat was docked.  It was rather strange to because the man acted like there was nothing wrong with his boat and that Father should pay the price anyway.  He didn’t though and we set out walking around on boards half in and half out of the water and looking around for something which never really became clear to me until the end of the dream.

As I walked about on this dock that was sinking just as the boat did I realized we were in some kind of lagoon.  The water was fairly clear and not all that deep in most places, yet there was a fear of being in the water.  It was like there was something dangerous that lived in these waters.  There was another building that was in slightly better shape than the dock that had sunk, was setting on the bottom at this point.  Father, the other man and I split up and was searching for something.  I understood there were things going on that was not clear to me but there was something about these buildings, the trees in the water and weeds and something that was on the bottom and or something dangerous that lived in this lagoon water.

As I searched about I found another old building that was just gray unpainted wood as the other buildings.  It was a larger building but abandoned as was everything here now except for a few people walking about on the boards now just as we were.

When some women showed up and started walking around in the larger of the buildings which had not sunk, but appeared to be supported some how.  I understood there were children coming to this place.  I was concerned for their safety.  I looked toward the land and saw the ramp that lead out to the land.  There were trees and grass all along this water line.  The land there was flat and just above the water level.  There appeared to be a gravel parking lot just the far side of those trees that ran along the shore.

I turned and searched frantically.  Sometimes I would walk along on the boards that floated low in the water.  Sometimes I flew along low over the water from one place to another and sometimes I actually sat on small boards and paddled along with my legs in the water.  I had to find out what the danger was, the danger to the people, to the children.  I more I searched the more concerned I became until I was no longer as concerned for my own safety as I was for the children that were coming to this place.

At points I could see the bottom and searched looking here and there for anything that I could find.  I could see sand on the bottom of this lagoon and weeds here and there.  There were bottles of something that appeared to have been discarded and left on the bottom like litter.  I didn’t know if they were empty or full of something or even what it was they might have contained.  It appeared they were not all that I was searching for because something living swam in these waters and it was deadly.

On the far side of these buildings and one building beyond the one where the women were expecting the children I found a set of planks that supported my weight.  Again I walked about searching.  I saw a rectangular formation of large pilings like rail road ties.  This formation was evidently a pen designed to contain something.  I walked as close as I could and saw it was full of some kind of weeds and every now and then I could see some of the weeds moving.  Then suddenly out of the water came the head of a rather large snapping turtle.  I looked beside me there near the planks that I stood on and there was a small "John" boat.  In that boat was a rifle.  I picked it up and took aim at the turtle’s head knowing my aim would have to be exact or my efforts would be for naught.  Just as I was ready to shoot the turtle started moving again along the edge then he went under the water.  A few moments later it emerged again on the far side of the pen.  It was evident this animal was trying to find a way out of its prison.  Again I took aim and again it went under the water.  Then I turned and saw another snapping turtle swimming along just to the left of the wooden pen.  This one was free and appeared to be searching for something on its own.  This one was the one I had been searching for.  This one was the danger in the lagoon.  Danger in the water.  I took careful aim at this one and it also went under the water where I could not get a shot at it.


by Bryon Smith

This is the situation with Hussein in Iraq.  I have seen him in dreams shown as a very large and dangerous snapping turtle before and the moment I awakened from this dream I understood that was the subject of this dream.

We see that one is confined but one is not confined.  The danger is real.  The children are in danger.  God is searching out the information to find the truth and is giving information to his people in different forms, dreams and visions.  A prophecy will be fulfilled if something is not done to contain that dangerous man and his supporters.

 The boat is symbolic of a effort to correct the bad situation and that boat or effort will fail.  The things it was supported by will also fail unless something is done to correct it.


Old Time & Deja Vu

Gulf War & Iraq possible.

 A friend called me and told me where to come have a cold brew with him.  I could tell he was distressed and told him I would come meet him.  I pulled into the parking lot of a bar I have never seen in my life and as I was pulling in there was my friend climbing into a window behind the blinds wearing his white Navy dress cloths hat and all.  I called my wife on the two way radio and told her we have a problem, come quick!  He was waving his arms about and moments later I saw someone reaching in to pull him out.  He fought back and moved around to avoid them while I ran inside to see what was going on.  By the time I got there the server had called the manager in and the both of them had pulled him out of the window.  They lay him on the floor as he could not or would not stand up.  his hat fell off and he had a bur haircut.  He was slobbering, crying and babbling something about "they have money to buy rifles and guns with but the children are starving to death."

 "You know,  people have used guns to provide food to feed the children for as long as I can remember."  I told him.  He didn’t hear me, he just continued to babble these strange words and disconnected phrases.

 I turned and looked toward the bar.  There I saw two taps and suddenly my vision zoomed in on them and I could read what was on each one.  The left one said "Old Time" and the right one said "Deja Vu".  I looked back at Matthew and Dawn had come in and was kneeling beside him trying to talk to him.


 There are two ways to look at this.  Either it is about Matthew having problems with depression and drinking or it is about the situation in the Gulf with Hussein.  Matthew was there during the Gulf War.

Old Time = In the past

Deja Vu   = We have seen this before (in the past).

No drink or beer was actually seen in the dream.

Hussein has recruited children to fight his wars for him.

The other children there are in fact starving because of Hussein’s evil influence.

A "window" is an opportunity to see and know things.  It can also be an opportunity for things to happen.

The white Navy cloths is a military symbol and the Navy is in the Gulf area at this time ready to pounce on Iraq if called upon.

Because of receiving dual messages one verifying another I thought to warn Matt that he needs to be careful.  These spirits can manifest themselves on people in ways that are not always anticipated by the individuals who are touched by them.

While talking to Dawn about it I suddenly realized what the turtle trap and the danger in the lagoon dream was trying to say.  One of the snapping turtles is in a cage, can’t really do much of anything as long as someone doesn’t fall in with it.  The other one is swimming about outside the confinement at this time.  No one is watching it and it is just as dangerous as the one who is confined at this time.  Libya is all but forgotten now and is still very much a danger.  Another king (dictator) is involved in this set of events, and he is the other snapping turtle that I saw.  There is danger in the water.

Signs in the Heavens

Triangular Event

 I spent the entire night going to and from as well as walking around a triangular piece of land that had a truck stop, picnic area and trees on it.  It was surrounded on three sides by highways forming a very good triangular shape.  One came in from the East and joined a section that went South West, then went on to join one from the North West.  One came in from the North West crossed the land and went off to the South.

 Since I made so many trips in to this place at different times, sometimes alone and sometimes with other people, sometimes flying sometimes in different vehicles I can’t say what event happened in what order.  I have vague recollections of visiting a two story church building where the members voted on who could join their church and who would be kicked out.  While there I saw three different people being kicked out for some reason.  I did not enter the building I can only say it was built of what appeared to be concrete blocks painted white.  It was two stories high and had two huge vent sections more like a factory ventilation system than a church.  I never entered this building, I only stood in the parking lot and watched as the three people were kicked out.  I understood there had been a vote and did not know the real reasons why these people were kicked out.  I had the strong impression this was like the Southern Baptist churches who vote to see if people are good enough to join their church.  I saw they could vote to have people kicked out.  They vote passing judgment on each perspective to see who is good enough to be one of their members, to see who will go to heaven and who will not.  Church attendance being required to reach "God" or Heaven, and them being able to choose who will or will not be admitted.  I can’t tell you the exact location or directions here either but after I left this place I went to the triangular section or "Truck Stop."

 When I turned around in this parking lot there was the most fantastic car I had ever seen and it was mine.  It looked something like a Dodge Viper had been driven through a special effects lab, been "Back to the Future" for a hover mod and then back to me.  This car was a space vehicle that just looked something like a car.

 I got in, powered up and took to the air.  I was flying along just above the tree tops and following a highway.   It was at this point I realized I was moving West bound.  I found the triangular truck stop and circled.  Then I moved out East again, landed and drove back to their parking lot.  I got out walked around and looked everything over.  I was taking notes of vehicles and people who were there, and others who came and went.

 I saw a tanker truck pull in, leave fuel and then pull out.  I made a note of it on paper on a table that was just setting out in the open in the parking lot.  I was in disguise there and could not tell anyone who I was or what I was doing there.  I was like a secret agent in that respect.

 These people were not like enemies to me, they were friendly enough and I was not really there to do them any harm.  I was there to make notes of who was there what events would happen and when.

 I walked around the property several times and to the South toward the point of the triangle was the wooded area.  When I would get to that area I would check to see if anyone was watching me and if not I would fly around that area to see what or who I could find there.  On the Southern tip of the triangle was a small clearing and I would stand there looking up at the night sky toward the West.  The stars were very bright.  I could see more stars than I had ever seen before.

 I returned to the parking lot, I talked to some people here and there and then got back in my car and drove away back toward the East.  As soon as I was out of sight I took off and flew around the trees for awhile just making circles and passes around the triangular area.  Then I would land and return to the place as before, parking my car in the East parking lot area.  This place had a long white "blinder" (solid white fence) so that my car was hidden behind it from traffic passing along on the North highway.  During my last trip out I found myself looking at something that was blocking my view of the stars.  It was huge and it was black and I could not see it at first.  I only knew that what ever it was it was blocking the view of the stars.  As we came closer I saw this thing moving around in circles also and it was above us.  I found myself on the right side of my vehicle now and moving low into the trees so the thing would not see us.  As it passed over I saw the image of a huge military airplane.  It had a name and I tried to call it by name but can’t recall now.  I think it was called Hercules or something like that.  Anyway it was a massive military airplane, the kind the front and back both open up on.  It was flying in the night with its lights off so that it would not be detected.

 I returned to the triangular truck stop and again I walked around taking notes as before.  Again that tanker truck pulled in but this time I was on the West side of the building when it did.  He pulled in and parked to the North of the building this time on the far side of the white fence.  I checked my tablet and said "I know that truck."  The driver said something to me when he passed as if he was curious as to who I was and what I was doing there and I didn’t recall recognizing him but he went on into the building.  At this moment I realized something special was going on there and heads were being counted, notes were being taken not just by me but by others who were there.

 There was another truck to the West shaped like a UPS truck but I recall no markings, only the dark green or olive drab color of the truck and the shape.  Just setting there, no one in it.  I returned to the East side of the truck stop and then went on my trip through the trees again.  Now my wife was wandering around the grounds and she went with me.  Another man was there and when I saw him I landed and didn’t want him to see my flying about.  I walked along behind him and to the left more or less with him to the South point of the land where we both stopped and were looking up at the stars.  My wife was to my right several yards away doing the same thing.

 The man said "how clear the stars are tonight."

 "Almost appears there are to many stars doesn’t it?" I asked him.

 "It does" he remarked.  "It seems unnatural."

 Truly it did, there were many more stars in the sky than usual and some of them formed shapes that we had not seen before.  While we were standing there looking up some of the formations of stars lit up in different colors.  One circular set of stars lit up bright red.  Some formations lit up bright white and others were bright yellow.

 "Something is about to happen" I told them.  We continued to watch as the lights in the heavens once again went dim and then totally vanished.  "We should leave now." I told them.

 We turned around and started along the South East section of the highway walking toward the North East toward the parking lot.  Suddenly the air was full of smoke.  "There is a fire up there somewhere" I told them.  The smoke became so bad that I even walked into a tree.  I could not see one foot ahead of me at that point and we all held hands trying to help each other along.  In moments the smoke started to clear and we could see several yards in front of us.  I pointed straight at the tree I had run into and told them that I had run into that tree near the highway.  We were now standing straight north of that tree about 20 yards away.  Then we started out again making our way through the smoke toward the parking lot.


 The first things that stand out here are…

 It is night time, something is going on that is not all public knowledge.

 Second, there is a vote being cast over something.  A kind of election.

 Three things are not agreed upon.

 The place has religious implications. (holy war)

 My own vehicle is supernatural in nature and moves unseen to those involved. (My dreams.)

 The triangular "truck stop" is a section of land that is a triangle that points to the South having passage ways on each side of it.  (Just like Iraq and Saudi Arabia)

 This truck is delivering something to that place being mentioned by the dream concerning the dream subject itself.

 The truck is familiar.  This place is familiar to me. (check past dreams for truck, recall the truck that delivered "Pro Pain" to a desert land.)

 Notes are being taken and heads are being counted.

 The huge military airplane is bringing something to that place in secret.  Now we see strong military implications involved in the dream subject.

 The sky and the stars appear unnatural.  These extra things are signs in the heavens and in the supernatural to give warning of pending events.

 The circle of lights went red.  To the left was an oval of stars that lit up yellow.  These are warning colors and indicate a return to something or a "continuing" of some event that is in process.  These are danger signs.

 Fire and smoke in the North from the position where we were.  Something has happened to the North, toward the truck stop. (Prophetic implications, Future Event.)

 We were unable to see exactly what it was because the smoke was so thick.

 This dream has all the indications of war or conflict.  My first guess is dream subject "Iraq."

  by Bryon Smith


2/8/98 Prophecy by Goro Adachi

  •1998... this will be one hell of a year - January and February have already hinted this.  For some reason, in my mind I perceive 1998 as being 'red', intense, and chaotic.  It might be viewed that 1997 was the year of a 'shift', and 1998 is the year of falling into chaos.  Incidentally, 1998 is 666 times 3; the three may be suggestive of the predicted "Antichrist 3" (a term used by Nostradamus), WWIII, or the "end-time" conspiratorial triad of the 'Antichrist', 'final pope', and the 'Cabal', etc.  The year 1998 also marks the 222nd year since the beginning of the United Sates (i.e. 1998 - 1776 = 222), and 222 times '3', again, yields 666.  Also '222' is a number associated with some/one of those conspiratorial secret societies (I don't remember the detail - can anyone help me here?).  Etc. etc.  So, symbolically this year is a very fitting time for some earth-shaking unrest.  I don't think those 'Cabal' guys obsessed with symbology will just pass up this one (i.e. there will be some major ritualistic/symbolic staged/planted events this year).

In fact, I already seem to see a series of orchestrated events.  The Clinton scandal, the Iraq vs. US/UN situation, the 'Titanic' and 'Wag the Dog' movies, the Olympics, human cloning, etc. are all part of a scripted mythology-based drama.  The main theme apparently is the familiar and important one of Jupiter overthrowing Saturn (which is discussed extensively in 'The Elysian Fields' or TEF).  First, the 'Titanic' movie (in which the ship Titanic sinks into the sea) that was released during Saturnalia (Dec. 17-23), and which is STILL the #1 movie (now almost two months), and the film symbolizes the fall of Saturn/Titans (Saturn - leader of the Titans).  And the anthrax vaccine/bio-chemical weapons associated with the Iraq situation, Clinton's sex scandal ("improper sexual relationship"), and human cloning (was a major news story in Jan. and apparently it's going to be done very soon this year) quite nicely symbolize the contamination/interbreeding/genetic manipulation event I associated, in TEF, with Pandora/'s Box which is a key event that follows the rise of Jupiter.  And now in Feb. we've got the Olympic Games which is of course an important event that honors Zeus/Jupiter (Jupiter is the leader of the Olympians - a group of gods), and it now looks like, coinciding with the Olympics, the U.S. and friends will militarily attack Iraq - the country that occupies the exact region where the ancient Sumerian civilization was and whose beginning around 4000 BC happened to coincide with the 'Enter Jupiter' region/latitude of the Nile (where the Blue Nile joins the While Nile as explained in TEF).  What's not clear is whether the Iraq-US war would represent the Jupiter-Saturn battle or the struggle between Jupiter and the Jupiter-related 'Venus/Mars' faction that involved some kind of contamination/genetic manipulation (i.e. Pandora-related event) which comes after Jupiter overthrows Saturn.  Now, IF it is the latter, then what might follow next is the 'Deluge'/Flood event, based on the mythological chronology.  It is somewhat eerie that there is that California "Big One" earthquake prediction (California sinking into the sea) made through progression hypnosis, in the book "Mass Dreams of the Future" by Chet Snow Ph.D., and the indicated date was the spring of 1998 - though I don't personally feel this will occur.  Perhaps it would be a more small scale and/or symbolic event instead.  Also, I feel it is likely that there will be some kind of major incident(s) associated with the Olympics that will catch everyone's attention and will be very congruent with all this pattern of mythological symbolism.  Notice that if the military attack against Iraq coincides with the Olympics, it would be another addition to the deaths of peace-makers (Diana, Mother Teresa, etc.) since one of main purposes of the Olympics is to encourage world peace.  So, in this light, I'd say there is a strong potential that there will be a peace-killing incident(s) in Nagano.

Furthermore, I'd like to comment on the Iraq and Clinton situation.  As you know, the Clinton scandal and the quick worsening of the Iraq-UN/US situation occurred/are occurring at the same time.  And it kind of makes you wonder why.  Just a coincidence or has it been orchestrated to be so?  All the ritualistic symbolic connections discussed above, and the movie 'Wag the Dog' suggest it is the latter.  The film came out just before the scandal, and the striking similarities between the scenario of the film and the Clinton scandal have caught the attention of people and the media (and is it just a coincidence that Clinton just got a 'dog' and was seen with the dog many times on TV just before the scandal and the film?).  It is quite safe to say that it's one of those planted mind-programming films.  And if so, by observing what it wants you to think, we could figure out what "their" (i.e. the Cabal) agenda is.  Let's see; in the movie the president of US is in a very similar situation as Clinton now, and he 'produces' a war to divert attention from the scandal.  A ha, so 'they' want us to suspect that U.S. attacking Iraq is Clinton's diversion - and many people/media indeed do.  But why?  One agenda that seems to be supported by the effects is that 'they' don't want us to watch and analyze the situation too closely.  It's real clever how 'they' did it/doing it:  release the propaganda film, then orchestrate a very similar scandal for Clinton while quickly pushing the Iraq situation toward conflict at the same time;  the Clinton scandal story overshadows all other news for weeks including the Iraq issue which would've surely become the top story otherwise; but Clinton is not forced to resign and regains popularity because of the suspiciously timely and widely watched State of the Union speech (this fact tend to negate the speculation that the purpose of planting the scandal was to destroy Clinton - at least it's not the immediate one... it may be a more long-term purpose, however);  then before you know it the U.S. is about to militarily attack Iraq, while it finally catches people's attention, they have to wonder (esp. because of the propaganda and Clinton's speech) 'is Clinton using this to divert our attention from his scandal?', and the Olympics is now here - thus people are really distracted and can not focus and think as clearly on the issue.  This suggests that 'they' have something to hide from us concerning the Iraq situation - but what?  I'm not sure.  But it could be that since it may be just a symbolic mythology-based public 'ritual' that has to be done (in their view), 'they' don't want us to notice the artificiality of the operation and start questioning and suspecting other hidden motives.  At any rate, the bottom line seems to be that taking military action against Iraq is the main agenda and other surrounding events are basically diversions (though the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal also seem to work as part of the planted shadowy myth-based symbolic public ritual) at this point.  The key was to identify 'Wag the Dog' as a mind-programming propaganda - without this people would suspect that the US attack on Iraq is a way of diverting attention from Clinton's scandal, and think they're so smart for figuring it out :), when it's actually the other way around.  We need to be careful of this kind of tricky psychological manipulation.  You can start by not perceiving the media (TV, newspapers, movies, etc.) as the reflection of reality or pure fiction, but perceiving it as what 'they' want you to think/feel;  then question why 'they' want you to do that.

by Goro Adachi 


Missile Dream  by Joe Mason


I was in a house in a town. I had to remove my clothes and get in a car. I felt okay about it because it had privacy. Then I was in a town, and something unexpected happened making it necessary to get out of the car. I then felt exposed. The scene changed, and I was in a forest area in a town or village. It was night time and foggy. There were a lot of trees. There was a town or village about ten miles away in another country. The U.S. was having a war with that country or town. We had decided to attack it. I thought it was just a mild conventional attack, to put down of a small thing. Then there seemed to be other people there, and they were going to send in missiles. We were a little surprised by it. Suddenly I heard a missile take off . I saw it through the window on my right. I saw the flame and the missile going up into the clouds. It was like a Cruz missile, only fatter. It was real thick. We could see it all the way to the target. It turned downward and headed down to the town. We saw a huge explosion and a bunch of debris blown up into the air, like the town really got wiped out.

by Joe Mason


2/16/98  Prophecy by Goro Adachi 

  •Since the last update it has come to my attention that February 22 may be a significant date concerning the current situation surrounding Iraq as the date makes '222' (significance of which was discussed in the last update below), and which also happens to be, probably by design, the final day of the Olympics.  Since 2/22 in Japan is still 2/21 in U.S., the U.S. military can start bombing Iraq on 2/22 US time, without coinciding with the period of Olympics - thus avoiding further controversy.  Now, it may not necessarily be the date of the beginning of the military assault on Iraq, but I expect some key event/shift on, or perhaps around, Feb. 22.

Another new correlation that I noticed is how the name of the likely coming military operation reinforces the strong symbolic emphasis on 'Jupiter' in the current world events.  The name apparently will be 'Operation Desert Thunder'.  As you may know, Jupiter/Zeus is mythologically the god of the sky, thunder, lightening, rain/storm, and other atmospheric phenomena;  and Jupiter used thunderbolt as a weapon -  which is also his symbol.  The connection is clear.  Notice that 'Operation Desert Storm', the previous attack on Iraq, also agrees with this symbolism.  It should also be noted that the White Nile - Blue Nile junction which represents, in my Nile theory / TEF, Jupiter coming into power and which also corresponds to circa 4000 BC - the 'zero point' for the civilization of Sumer that sat in the region currently known as Iraq - happens to be where, along the Nile flowing northward, 'deserts' start.  Coincidence?  Maybe, maybe not.

Another thing that I want to add here is that I feel the United States may use (small) nuclear weapons.  Aside from the issue of having to effectively destroy Iraq's bio-chemical weapons, the name/symbology of the operation, thunder/lightening, seemingly allude to nukes.  But more significant and eerie is the locality of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.  It is right on the latitude of the fateful #, 33 (33 deg. N.).  Without going into too much detail, as it will be a topic discussed  in the up-coming in-depth paper, 33 is a ritualistically and symbolically extremely crucial number;  for example, the JFK assassination took place in Dallas at 33 deg. N. latitude, the Roswell UFO crash occurred at 33 deg. N., the highest rank in Freemasonry (which may be directly or indirectly connected to the 'Cabal') is called the '33rd degree', etc. etc.  But the most relevant here is the fact that the number 33 is closely associated with nuclear weaponry;  the very first experimental nuclear explosion occurred near Alamogordo, New Mexico at 33 deg. N. latitude, a nuclear bomb was dropped at Nagasaki, Japan (the bomb was bigger than that of Hiroshima) which is at 33 deg. N., etc. and the U.S. president during all this was Harry Truman - the 33rd president of the United States!  There are more deep implications, but it's enough to make a point for now.  U.S. may not use nukes during this particular very likely up-coming  military operation, but I'd say the possibility of a nuclear explosion in Iraq sometime in the near future is very high nonetheless.


2-20-98 - VISION

I lay down to take a nap, closed my eyes and saw what looked like a dark angel fly by. A voice rang out, "And Here's The News".  A screen presented itself and on the screen I saw what looked like three huge winged planes, shaped like a dragon-fly more or less with long swept back wings.  The wings looked rather disjointed in places.  Then the next screen came up and it was showing me the parts of the disjointed plane close up.  each part was a plane itself like a stealth bomber or some kind of bomber that we used in the Gulf War.  I knew immediately that war was imminent.

by Dee Finney


3-22-98 - 40723 - DREAM - I was on my way to 20th St. school. I got to 17th St. and saw that all the 18 year old boys had been called up for training in the army. All the trucks, some of which were as long as 18 wheeler semis were parked about 1/2 way between 199th and 20th St. They were all army khaki green. These young men were all arriving by bus which was also army khaki green to transfer to these trucks.

3-22-98 - 40724 - DREAM- It seemed there was some connection between keeping the plans secret between the previous dream and the future. Someone had sat at a piano and made the symbol of a tic tac toe game on a piece of paper and drew the lines so that the lines got accidentally scratched onto the piano. Two other people came along separately and noticed those scratches and were immediately aware of a secret plot afoot.

A father came in the room and began questioning his son. The son feigned sleep in order to avoid answering his father.

Gen. Colin Powell was accused by his wife of sleeping with a prostitute because he had been out all night. The prostitute was named "Norma!"  HIs wife said she could smell Norma's perfume. Gen. Colin Powell denied it, but at the end he went to buy his wife and son, he could smell his own breath and the perfume, he broke off the hug and ran to take a shower saying, "Even I can smell the perfume of Norma.!"

I went home and wrote all this down in my dream journal, then asked one of my neighbors if she wanted to read my dreams. She said she did, but after she walked away with my book, I realized that all my future plans were detailed and diagrammed in that book and she couldn't know that, so I ran down the hall to get it back, just as she was taking my book into another woman's apartment to talk about it.

by Dee


4-29-98 - DREAM - I and Dee were in a car, driving down a long narrow roadway. Coming towards us from the opposite direction was a long, purple, shiny limousine. It pulled off on a road that was to our right. (The purple car itself turned left)  I said, "No!  That's not the right one!"

As we walked from the perspective of the car...two old fashioned black cars from the 40's pulled up. They belonged to Hitler. Two armies lined up on either side of the road and prepared to replay WWII.

DREAM VOICE MESSAGE:  "9 X 75" (This equals 675.  If this is a number of days, it equals 22 months and counting from 4-29-98 comes out to February, 1999)

by Joe Mason


Huge Guns Hidden in the Woods 12/11/98

Rolling hills, fields and wooded areas set in the daylight. I was in spirit and floating around here and there when I found the tracks of a huge machine. I followed them along until I came to a place where the trees were knocked down. I followed along until I found a huge military machine. The thing was every bit as large as a house yet able to hide in the trees. I went closer to see and it was a huge tank like cannon. I picked up a small rock and tossed it at the left rear of the thing that was hidden in the trees and the rock made a sound as it hit and bounced off. I did this three times just to be sure the thing was real and not just an illusion. Then I turned and went another direction until I came upon more of these huge tracks. Once again I followed them into the trees and found another one of these huge machines with the big gun. I went on and while going a Humvee passed by in the field where I had started out but did not see me. I found yet another one of these huge tank like guns hidden in the trees before I came to an opening in the trees where the dream ended.


This is of course a viewpoint information type dream telling me the military is once again hiding their intentions about some military action that is being taken. I saw 3 very large guns hidden in the trees and the tossing three small rocks at it was testing it to make sure it was true, and it is. Where and what these guns are about was not clear in the dream. Take a guess. ;-/


Dee777@aol.com wrote:

Subject: WE'RE AT WAR!!! Nuclear bombs may be next???

Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 17:35:14 EST

Hi all: I was not going to relay this information because I'm trying not to be a fear monger, but now that the President has announced we are bombing Baghdad, I will tell you the visions I had last night. Actually it was early this morning.

12-16-98 - 3:30:a.m. VISION - I was seeing a silo type construction. It was very tall. It was as though I could see through the building. I could see a machine of some kind drilling down through the center of this silo, and when the drill hole was complete, a nuclear bomb was dropped down the hole and it exploded.

After the explosion was over, I could see colored liquid-type jell flowing in the streets in several colors of blue, green, and yellow, and red.

Following the nuclear explosion, I saw three shorter type silo constructions. They looked more like oil tanker constructions where oil is stored. Here too, I could see through the constructions and saw drilling going on down through the center of these constructions. Here too, when the drilling was done, bombs (but not nuclear) were dropped down through the holes and exploded.

When this was all over, I was sitting in a room with some other people. It was a very bare room, with no furniture but the wooden chairs we were sitting on. The people I was with were men and women of various ages. There were no children in evidence. I made an announcement to them, that since their mates were gone, they and I would have to be a 'family' with each other. It was a very somber meeting with them. There was no joy in becoming a 'family' but one of necessity because there was no one else to be a 'family' with.

End of vision.

I cannot say when or where I was during this event, but obviously, it was not a good thing to experience.



From: enoch144@eagle-net.org (Enoch Shemna)

A couple friends of mine had dreams last night or the night before about War starting. I had a dream last night about the nation coming under attack during the holidays or Christmas. In my dream everyone was in their homes celebrating and sitting around their TVs and Christmas trees- the TV I saw showed war somewhere- the house I was in looked like the house I lived in as a child for some reason I dream of that house a lot - I was told once it was because I am very comfortable in that surrounding and I can go there in dreams to receive instruction. Well in the dream as I saw the war going on via the Television my family was watching I went to my parents room and kneeled down in prayer on their bed when suddenly I heard explosions outside- I ran to the window and instead of seeing my old backyard I saw a large and spacious american city being blown apart by fire from the sky-missiles and bombs I presume and black helicopters were hovering around the city as people scattered in the streets - one of the choppers turned toward my window and blasted its firearms in my direction as the window is shattering behind me as I am running away I yell to everyone to leave the house. I jump up and fly away as everything below is in chaos.

Then today I hear Clinton is bombing Iraq- perhaps we are next?


From: steffanlaw@halcyon.com (Steffan)

To: GENESISOFLIGHT@webtv.net (lee Chin)

CC: Dee777@aol.com (Dee)

Oh My God!

Dee has had a dream predicting the sterilization of man AND the earth. Mother Earth's blood is her oil. The nuclear explosion released all of earth's chakras (the colors flowing in the streets). The smaller explosions finished the job.

Dee watched man kill the earth! Iraq may be the target, but that is not clear, for the nuclear destruction of the earth's blood.

Dee was is a barren room as a survivor with no hope, placed into the situation of where the living will envy the dead.

Dee, I am so sorry that you had to experience this horror. But, as I type this answer, I get confirmation of its accuracy.

Love to You,



12-25-98 - DREAM - (Not in the spirit of Christmas) (Comments are in black)

Well: here we are again. I'm dragging my feet to report some dreams that I want to go into denial on.

12-25-98 - DREAM - I had three dreams the same - web pages about Scorpio timing programming with Rigel. I then slipped into a people dream in which I was working in an office where I got my secret metaphysical training back in the early 80's.

(The veil (which is an anagram of evil) is being shattered.)

The teacher tried to see me, but he got blocked by this old guy who ran the place. A short, chubby guy with balding head, very old. He told everyone not to try to take their final vacation before June 6th.

(Gayle sees (astrologically) the mid March and mid July as real tests for the USA. I see these same dates as real trouble times for the USA, however none of 1999 will be a treat for it. Moreover, I had a waking vision after Gayle and I swapped information about March-July 1999, where I saw the calendar of May, 1999 ripped in half vertically, which I interpreted as the veil being completely torn in that month or shortly thereafter. Another very reliable psychic confirmed my dates, and pointed to June, 1999 as the critical time for the USA. As goes the USA, so goes the NWO. Trouble for the USA, as I see it, means "natural" disasters, internal and external chaos, financial collapse &c.

All the young girls giggled when he said that. I was going to shut down my computer and go to my apartment which was in the same building, but when I shut down my computer, there was a radio playing the same voices right next to it. At the same time I got a phone call from a woman named Terry ...coincidentally the same name as the woman who taught our metaphysical group.

Terry, under numerology, is the name of a fighter, a person housing tremendously aggressive tendencies in check. As the veil of secrecy is lifted, those who carry this vibration and have not learned how to control it completely, could become very, very aggressive and assaultive.  (This describes her to a T)

She was on the phone with me, telling me that she had a secret program about the Scorpio - Rigel timing program and nobody else had it.

As Lloyd Pye says, Everything you Know is Wrong, and Scorpio is given a bad rap throughout history and legend. It is the Typhon energy that Hermes is supposed to have conquered. If you reverse the legend, then Scorpio could be the liberating energy. I don't get a "go" either way on this, but, realize that many, many of our legends and much history has been reversed. For instance, Plato's work was totally undone by Aristotle, his student. Nietzsche's work was corrupted by his sister. Constantine corrupted the Christian faith, and Mohammed attempted to right this, but, find that set of facts in any "religiously correct" scriptures. Again, in another reversal, however, Mohammed's message was so corrupted, few today practicing Islam would recognize their prophet. Nor, will many Christians recognize the Christ energy that is on   the planet today which shall soon be revealed to all, (Maybe June, 1999) but instead will attempt to murder it, as it was murdered 2000 years ago.

She was very mysterious about it, but she really wanted to tell me about it. While she was saying this, the old guy went around the office asking the men if they had the information about the Scorpio - Rigel timing program.

Those who have kept us in the dark for so long are frightened that their little hell-on-earth of a NWO will be exposed. They will murder the Christ energy if they can, and they will lead the sheep like pied pipers to do the same. They will protect the NWO, which has been in control of this world for many, many centuries.

Nobody did, and he was anxious to get his hands on it. While he was doing this, One of the guys named David who worked there, sneaked home to tell his wife Terry (who was on the phone with me) that the boss was trying to find out their secret information.

The secret will soon be blown, and the controllers from behind the scenes will be exposed. The pure of heart will be liberated from the illusion of the NWO hell.


I went on the web and found some really incredible stuff about the constellations and the timing of them regarding the book of Revelations. Coincidentally, it is about the Constellation Scorpio in mythology trying to kill the Constellation Orion

Back to the reversals. Much garbage has been "given" this earth by those of the Orion Constellation. Scorpio could be the savior. Again, I get no confirmation of this. But, consider the teachings of Manichaeus. He told of a separation of the Dark from the Light. He claimed to be the twin energy of Jesus Christ.

which comes right after it in the nighttime sky next spring. According to the timing of the web site I was on, 1 day = 1 year, however, the chart I looked at showed 5 years. Now if the chart is actually 5 months, then June of 99 could be bad.

Of this, Gayle and I can confirm on many levels, as stated earlier.

12-26-98 - I had 3 dreams of web pages showing me lists of information about Belgium invading another country. There was a name involved with this starting with the letter "D". I thought I would remember it, but I didn't and I'm not actually sure about the Belgium either, but can't get the word out of my mind. The dream was definitely a "B" name.

This afternoon, I decided I would try to lucid dream about this subject and here is what I got:

I don't get the names clearly, but consider Britain and Deutschland. Were they  the two countries? How about Bello-Russia and Deutschland?

I dreamed that todays invasion page had to do with Art Bell. He is in denial about it like it can't happen if he doesn't believe it. There was a light shining on the page and at the bottom was an upsidedown pyramid shape of links where you could click for more information or sign up to help with the cause. The link right in the center was to "Pray Every Day"!

Well, that's it. You can think about it a few days if you wish. I'm working on a web page about the Scorpio/ Rigel/Orion constellations.

Love, Light, and Joy




Now, Dee, here comes many years of studying, reflection and meditation for you. I have stayed out of Revelation for the most part because of the great amount of detail therein, and remained mostly in Daniel because of its simplicity.

Chapter 7, Daniel.

3: And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another.

4: The first "was" like a lion, and had eagle's wings; I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man's heart was given to it.

The beast "was" the British Commonwealth, then it became an unholy union of Britain and America, but America's wings will be plucked (Clinton's exposed perjury is the beginning of this--his arrogant defense at all costs of his character will solidify the wings to the beast), the beast will stand on its ground troops when it can no longer fly (physically or symbolically), and it has a man's heart (a soulless one).

5: And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and "it had" three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it; and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.

The second beast is Russia, which is as important a cog in the NWO as is the USA and GB. (Both beasts are striving for total control of their respective populations--don't think that the NWO needs a single leader--it only needs a single goal--domination and exploitation of the people.) Russia is now very hungry, its people are starving, (the ribs in its mouth) its currency nearly valueless, it is desperate. Watch out what it might do!

6: After this, I beheld, and lo, another, like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl: the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it.

This beast was not fully revealed to me until recently. Being like a leopard, it is swift, well camouflaged, made up of many colors, carnivorous. The beast is commerce. Its wings and heads are the law, government, economics, and the media. The law oppresses for the NWO, and always has, no matter what illusion it paints--Clinton's perjury will show how horrible both law and government are. Governments are instituted to enslave as many as possible. The USA was founded on Divine Principles of Liberty, but those principles have been reversed. Economics is based on the fallacy of supply and demand that is controlled by the NWO--which has been doing this for a long, long time. People are enslaved by economics in direct proportion to their senseless desires. The media is the NWO's tool of ignorance, it reports lies and leaves out the truth and confuses all who foolishly pay attention to it. However, the four heads and wings all are driven by commerce, which in the name of bringing prosperity to all, only enslaves the ignorant and weak, stealing from the poor to give to the rich. As this beast is exposed and the veil is shattered, many, many small countries that the USA has abused and exploited will turn on the USA with a vengeance. And, it matters not whether the political ideology of the country is communist, socialist or capitalist, all of those branches serve the same master, the NWO.

7: After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it "was" diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns.

The fourth beast is religion. The ten horns can be inserted as Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Islam, Buddhist, Confucius followers, Taoism, Tribal Religions, Pagan Religions, Secret Religions. (Many others, such as Gnostics, Zoroastrians, Manicheans could be inserted) All religions have been overtaken by evil beings and corrupted. How many ministers today would follow Jesus were he revealed on earth? Very few, because their realm of "saving" souls and honoring  mammon would crumble--they would have to turn everything and everyone over to Jesus--how many churches would do that?. Some would indeed follow the Light, but few indeed. Most churches in the USA have 501(c)(3) tax exemptions and are truly state religions. The money (tax relief) granted them by the government was too great of lure. Almost all follow Mammon and the US government, and give Jesus and God only lip service. Most will try to murder the Christ energy.

That's how corruption works. In the past, it had inquisitions, and stomped out the truth wherever it found it, it hanged Jesus, and it burned Joan of Ark, and many, many others. But, traditional religion would not have destroyed the world, for it lacked the power.

8: I considered the horns, and behold there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and behold, in this horn "were" eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking great things.

This small pip-squeak is Science, which speaks like a man, claims that no person has a soul, but was built from mud not from Spirit, and Science uses the eyes of a man rather than third eyes (for spiritual vision). It has ripped out by the roots the foundation of all traditional religions, (which of course, is the True, Loving Creator God). Those three rendered totally to the scrap heap were the followers of Zoroaster, Manichaeus and those of Gnostic following. And man now believes that he can now build better biological bodies and live forever, stupidly ignorant that the soul is an eternal energy. Man has sold out his Divine Birthright to be one with the Creator in exchange for technological nonsense such as televisions, cars and computers, which have a downside of nuclear bombs, biological weapons, chemical weapons.

Science is the god written of in Daniel 11:37-38:

37: Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

38: But in his estate shall he honour the god of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

The god of forces is Mammon or Mollock or Evil, who Jesus told us, has been running this planet for a long, long time. The god his fathers knew not is Science, which, ironically was shown us years ago to be an Anti-Christ energy by the etymology of the word. Those with a CONscience, have Divine Knowing of their Loving Creator God, and are not PROscience, but against it. Science, whether in mathematics, physics, psychology, technology, chemistry, astronomy, archeology, zoology, biology or medicine, is loaded with dogma to keep us ignorant, fearful, and under total control of the NWO. And, Dee, the sad thing is that all could have a conscience, if only they would detach from the things of the earth and follow the things of Spirit.

We are now at the time of reckoning, and all must choose whether to follow their spiritual beginnings or the NWO. Believe it or not, most, maybe a vast majority will take the NWO. Most of those will do it ignorantly, but, there are many who know the truth, and will drag down as many souls as possible into the NWO. So, the prayers you saw in the Bell dream are very, very real. The discernment must be to know within whether you are praying to the Divine Creator for Liberation or to the NWO for further enslavement. Many, many could not tell the difference, as stated above.




There is much disturbance in the astral plane, therefore much distortion can be brought down. However, when the same message comes over and over again, people need to pay heed. That message is that the USA has been deceiving its people and the world for a long, long time. The secret is now out to those with eyes and ears, but, the veil of secrecy is being stripped away, and the mightiest beast of the New World Order (the USA) will soon be exposed, and all lies will soon be exposed. How soon is the question. When it is exposed, all will choose between spiritual movement and falling to the NWO.



4-30-99 -

4-30-99 - DREAM ( In this dream I was my mother and my Father was my husband)

I was living in my 16th St. house and there was an anti-war type protest going on across the street. It seemed they were blaming me and/or my husband for the war. I was very upset about it because I didn't feel it was my fault.

The protestors were making marks on my property and curtains that made my house look beautiful. Then I saw my Father/husband come around the corner from the alley. He was coming home from work and it was about 5 p.m. He wanted to know what was going on. I told him the men were protesting the war.

My Father/husband said he didn't blame them. He said, "I don't blame them. I was with them in the last war and our own government was injecting them with "Klevox".

I woke up just as the word 'Klevox' was spoken.


5-14-99 - DREAM - This dream was not very nice at all. I don't know if it was spurred by some Email I read about "important people" being asked to leave Sandiego California.

I dreamed that I watched as people in some big organization who had promised people in the Russian and the American governments unfolded a plan where they were going to start world war 3.

The Russians planted a bomb in Munich Germany. It was a Neutron bomb…. At the same time that it exploded, the americans shot a missile with a hydrogen bomb attached from the indian ocean on the side of India that flew below radar until I was over china.. then it took off so it looked, on all radar, like it came from China. That bomb exploded over Sandiego. Totally destroying the city. The American's were told China was attacking.

They were also told that Germany was part of the attack…. But one of their bombs when off as soon as it was armed but before they could shoot it off.

There was also some kind of nuclear bomb going off off the coast of Florida close to the everglades. That was supposed to be a near miss from Cuba.

The ETs picked Paul and I up…and told us they had to take us to a town outside of Munich because there was a "team member" hiding there they could not find. And we had to find them so that they could be saved.

We were brought out to the area. When we got there it was Daytime. There were people standing on top of a tall building. One woman who was thin, had a smokers face, red/blond short cropped hair and was wearing a tattered and worn business suit started calling to us. The UFO we were on went in closer. She was holding a round gray thing. It looked like a model of a build that was about 18 inches tall and 2 feet round. She called to us that she knew the UFO's were going to come and save her. And that her children were inside the building (of which she had the model of). And they should be saved too.

I called down to her that we were not there to pick her up yet. To stay put. She shouted back that she knows we were going to save her.. And maybe to prove it.. she Jumped off the side of the building and plummeted down to the sidewalk below. She didn't even move or struggle on her way down… and she hit the pavement and was killed.

I was horrified by what happened. Then the ETs put Paul and I down on a city street. There was a man laying on the sidewalk, face up. But his body and face was covered with BIG BLACK BEETLES. It was DISGUSTING. They were eating him alive. He was obviously dying quickly. Paul questioned him if he knew where this person we were looking for was. As he did, he shook the bugs off of him.

The man moaned a bit but said nothing.

I didn't know what to do… I knew the guy was dying anyway, but wondered if we should do anything to put him out of his misery. Then I realized he was too far gone to even know... so I said to Paul, never mind him lets get going.

At this point I looked away from the man to a vast city scape of bodies and dead animals and birds all over the place.. only these big black beetles seemed to be alive. And the horror gripped me and I woke up all out of breath.

by anonymous


7-20-99 - 1st dream:  I am a soldier in a very large and devastating war. It seems to be sometime  in the near future, say 10 years from now, evident from the scnenery and my  own appearance ( a bit of balding and an older face). Also the weapons used  seem to indicate a newer technology... i had a gun that shot out drips of  liquid metal at a high speed which dispersed and hardened when it penetrated  flesh. It was most gruesome and devastating.

I am in a city which has become a battleground, and most building are blown out and the people have left, only soldiers remain. I am not sure who the allies are, or the enemies but I know that the chinese are definitely one of the foes. There are explosions going off everywhere and I am shooting people and being shot at for a long time. I take shelter in a blown out brick building and I am catching my breath and thinkng how glad I am to be alive when I am grabbed from behind by 2-3 chinese soldiers who immediately blindfold, cuff, and gag me. They drag me for a long time back to their camp and are talking about how they cant wait to beat the sh** out of me. I am then placed in front of general or lieutenant type who removes my blindfold and gag and begins questioning me. He repeatedly asks me about communications technology which I have no idea about and tells me to shut up and hits me everytime I try to answer. After about 10 minutes of abuse he tells the guards to torture me. I am once again blindfolded and placed into a small metal cage. I can hear my fellow soldiers in the cages around me and they sound as though they are suffering. Then I hear a loud buzzing sound which i recognize to be bees or wasps. The guards break 2 giant paper nests over my ankles and the wasps sting me for what feels like forever. They come up as far as my hips and I am numb with pain from the piques. Then i hear helicopters and men screaming and guns going off. I can smell smoke and immediately I realize my comrades are here to save all of us POWs. The smoke settels the wasps and when my cage is opened I am medivac-ed or airlifted into a red cross chopper and taken to hospital to recover.

end dream 1.

now, this dream was a bit scarry, but more like anxiety... I woke up thinkng how bizarre to have such vivid images and a vivid feeling of pain in my legs from the wasps. I only mention this dream because it seems connected to one I had a few days later...

2nd dream:

Same war... but time has passed once again... it is perhaps 2015 or so. I am still the same soldier and I recognize myself with my facial features which I have now... I am older of course and I now have memories of many tours I have done during the battle... the wasp torture being one of them. However this time I am in my native province of PEI (where I was born) I know this beacuse the scenery is very faimliar to me ... I am quite near my family's home actually.

I am in a field I think or near the shore... I cant remmeber now... and it is quiet and I am thinking about how I should havenever joined the battle... I should have stayed at work doing my computer job... and I am thinking how my parents were right to be scared for me and how they wished I hadnt joined the military. Then all of a sudden I hear planes and explosions and many of my batallion come running past me, I see an arwmoured vehicle shooting huge rockets everywhere. As i begin to run a huge piece of shrapnel digs into my back and I fall but continue to run again. I make it to safety and find myself back in red cross facilities again... I can hear my heart monitor... I think I am just waking up from anasthetic and surgery. I then hear he nurses scuffle and yelling as my heart monitor begins to fade... flatline...  now I wake up again but I am in a differnt place... a very lush green valley... and the sky is grey and swirling quickly. I have an overwhelming feeling of sadness. I am also alone and am overwhlemd by loneliness sadness or some sort of depression.. and I am walking towards the horizon. There are huge trees scatterd sparsely on the landscape.. really huge... like giant Oaks of hundered of years I am unsure as to my whereabouts excpet that it seems calm and peaceful but I am still unhappy. Then an old lady appears beside me, like an apparation...she looks familiar but I dont know her name. She has a gaze which tells me she can see my soul. She is smiling at me and asks me to follow her. As we walk I probe her with questions... where am I? who are you? she ignores me and leads me to the edge of the valley. As I look below I see a huge battelfield... but quite different from the previous one... there are 2 sides fighting... but not with weapons... and people dont seem to die, but only to fall back... it looks horryfying. I ask her why they are there and she says she will tell me when we get home. She turns and I fillow her to one of the largge trees in the field and to my surprise one was hollowed out and we both descended into what was obviously her home. We sat on some stools and began to talk. She told me that all those souls that were fighting were people whose faith wasnt really strong... they were believers but perhaps hadnt lived perfect lives... she said after all we are only humans... only the truely fatiful can ascend to heaven... the rest become gods soldiers in this eternal battle between good and evil. She said it was where I had to go... she said the evil people were only those who refuted the lord or committed atrocious sins. I asked her wwhy she wasnt fighting and she said the lord had chosen this position for her.. to be the guide of the realm. To help ease the confusion of new arrivals. I told her I was not a sinner and she said she knew that, but I was also not an exemplary man and so this was to be my role... and that only few actually get to join god in his palace. Then all of a sudden my father  appeared. He asked me if I was happy with myself... to run off and join the  war and now be dead. I said no and I was sad but Iwas only trying to protect out family. He said it was OK... The of all things he asked me a question about his broken computer!!! he was about to throw a pencil and paper to me to write instructions when the lady spoke up and said "Bill(my dad) we cannot interact with you.. your soul hasnt left your body yet." He said he knew that already but just wanted to see it for his own eyes. Then he threw the pencil at me and I caught it. The lady looked at me with amazement. I then started to tell my dada about the eternal battle and when the woman put her hand on my lips to quiet me she screamed!!!!! "you arent dead!!!! Ahhh!! you must be dreaming... wake up!!!!!!" And I said no I died on an operating table and she said "no... impossible" for me to feel your face and for you to catch a pencil... your soul has not left your bady yet.... " then she said "ahhh! you are dreaming... it is 1999.... not 2015... and do you  notice many babies and young children dying unexpectedly in your time??" I  replied yes and she said that "the lord was taking them so they would not have to endure the physical battle of war on earth so they could be with him in his palace while their souls are still pure"

end of dream 2.

And with that I woke up! not from my war injury... but from my dream!


More dream news... I went back to bed about 2AM this morning (7-19-99) and after the usual prayers, fell asleep. I was up at 6:34 after another dream. At first I was in a room with some young girls showing them a computer to play with, just to keep them busy doing something and out of my hair, and this machine must have been on some sort of full stream network or tv/phone system because full stream video was about instant on it. It looked very much like an Apple 6100 work station, but had a USB superdrive setup of some sort with a very interesting cartridge which I can easily draw out. This cartridge was very small, half the size of a 3.5 disk, and had a flat handle tang one handled it by. Think of it as a key or boot disk of some kind. The monitor was seperate from the machine and appeared to be a 17 inch job. The girls were looking form some program and there were many poping up, one right after another. What this symbolizes is beyond me as I have seen many computers in these dreams, as if my mind were one and already programmed or something to that effect. Suddenly this faded and I was climbing off a vehicle only to see more around me. Tanks... and the people I saw were Brits. Not Canadians or Aussies, not Yanks, but Brits from their speach, and they were knocking out tanks which appeared to be of non american manufacture, possibly soviet. The ground they were fighting on was green and field like with rolling hills. Helicopters were also in the fracus, which was merely an isolated machine here and there having at it, in short if it had been a major battle, it was about over. From the action and the smiles on the speaking officer's face, the Brits were winning. Then I was in a diferent place again as dreams are like that, in a small room and was being examined by two men. Removing my shirt, they noted blister like scales on my upper arms, a few here and there. I told them they were old and had been there for some time. (Picture very small button like clear gelitine drops which were firm to the touch, not watery at all.) They did not hurt and I was not concerned though possible radiation from the sun or something else was on my mind when I saw the lesions myself in a small mirror and there was not that many of them. What looked like thin red blood vessels could be seen down through them on very close inspection... They told me they wanted a biopsy the next day, then asked me who the engineers on ship's duty were. I told the Dave Ross and myself... They asked the question again and I realized the ship I was on was not that kind of ship, that I had not sailed with Ross for years. I told them I was nervous about surgical knives and needed a smoke, so I would pop below and get a cigarette, and be right back. They grinned and said cigarettes would be tough to find where I was at, and it was a one decker vessel... and I woke up. Now this is a first time dream for this sequence so merely think about it and we wait for a repeat... It must be noted however, that I sailed with Ross in the Bering Sea so equate it to virus lesions in the Bering Sea or possible radiation of some sort that far north, something that causes blister like bumps on the skin, which are painless. The lesions also could have been the result of that tank battlefield...


7-19-99 - I was in a house with several other people. There was a big opening in the wall and I could see clearly way down the street on the other side. There was a large green Russian tank aimed right at us.

The first time someone raised their arms, there was a big shot from the green tank in our direction. I ducked and didn't see if anyone got hit.  Some time went by and someone else raised their arms and another shot came towards us, this time not quite so violent. When the third  shot came our direction, I dropped the baby I was holding and followed my son Tom out the door to get away from this area.

We went into another building where they were selling or manufacturing some metallic screens that were folded up. They weren't heavy, so we each grabbed one and held it up so nobody could see our faces as we went past the Russian guys in uniform who were loading up a big green army troop truck with these screens.

The people I was with were making sing songy fake language like they were speaking a foreign language to fake out the Russians. It was not a  language I am familiar with. We held up these screens betweeen us and them and walked out past the troop trucks without being stopped.

End of Dream. How's that for synchronicity?


From: j

Hiya Dee..

You know, I had a dream about a week ago (Before the E. Timor thing broke out) where I was in Town, and walked past our main court building...There was a large number of military people lining up to enter the building, which had had all its' windows covered. I had the feeling that somwething VERY big was going on inside...They lined up by a swipe-card controlled entrance, and each held a large implement that looked like an old-fashioned typewriter...

My thoughts were at the time something to do with Martial Law here in Oz....

I've had recurring dreams where I've seen military people out in the streets of my city. At first I thought they looked German, then Chinese. Perhaps they were indonesian??

In all these dreams, I was saying "See? I told you this would happen!" Not once was I surprised at what was happening - always a very calm atmosphere, though also very strange and unnerving...

MAybe a sign of things to come?? I hope not, but I wouldn't be having these dreams all the time if they didn't mean something...

We live in interesting times...



8-10-99 - The radio was on while I had this dream, so I don't know how valid it is.

DREAM - I was in New Berlin. I both lived and worked at my house. I was going to go somewhere and went north on Calhoun Rd. (172nd St.) I got to the top of the hill where the two churches were and looked back. The valley below was so beautiful and my eyesight was perfectly clear. I wanted to go on but I saw something that made me come back to warn the others.

I saw female soldiers coming out of the woods and fields, heading for a house on the west side of the road. None of them were armed yet, but they were in uniform, all wearing that ugly green khaki color...long shorts and shirts.

They didn't bother me as I passed by as they weren't at war yet, but they were gathering together.

When I got back in my own building, I didn't know who was safe to tell about the gathering army.

I saw the boss having a meeting across the hall . . . Paul and ____. I went over and closed the door so they wouldn't be bothered. The boss acknowledged my presence and nodded when I indicated I was closing the door.

I had knowledge that a famous Princess had lost the button off her white coat, but I found it on the floor and headed towards where she was to sew it back on. However, I discovered that there was a spy in the building and I put him off the trail to finding the button. He didn't seem to know what exactly was missing.

I went to get the needle and thread to sew on the button before anyone noticed it was gone, and ended up sewing it to a huge pillow for a couch as it appeared the stuffing was coming out. I didn't have enough thread to make a knot at the end but it was sewed shut at least.

I then went to my bedroom and a radio announcer came in to do a show. He lay on the bed, reading the news into the microphone and I and another man were laying on the floor listening. What a cushy job I thought.

NOTE: That last part I now had bled through from the physical.


Date: 12/20/1999
From: jl

Subject: My Military Dream -- with a SICK twist!!

Disclaimer -- Not for the Squeamish!! {%>b} - - -@ Sick person losing breakfast!

Dear Dee and all,

I had one of my Military Dreams last night. Since I used to be in the Army, these dreams are accurate from a military standpoint. This one, unfortunately, was also viable from a recent historical standpoint, as well as up-to-date, as you will find out later.

In this dream, I was an Army captain, between 25 and 30 years of age. I was at a very ugly looking post somewhere in a flat plain. There were patches of snow on the ground and it was VERY cold. At the beginning, I was in a very large warehouse, about three blocks long by two blocks wide and over 100 feet high. If I have one unnatural fear it is this: being in a large, warehouse-style building alone in the dark. Anyway, I stayed close to the door I entered and it wasn't completely dark or empty in the building. I watched some steel workers in a makeshift workshop in the middle of the building for a few minutes. They seemed to be working on a small project to complete the building. Then I walked back outside and noticed four small families taking their children to another building labelled "Child Care Center". It was better-looking than the warehouse and most other parts of the post, one story and about the size of a Wal-Mart without the auto repair department or garden department. It had many large picture windows.

(Here I remind the reader of the above Disclaimer.)

I followed the families into the structure and found that, as soon as they were registered, the children were each given an injection. Out of curiosity, I asked a doctor what the injections were. He said they were an AIDS vaccine that had just been approved for human testing. The next few days, I continued to observe the "Child Care Center" and veterinary hospital I found on the post. Similar testing was going on there, as well, on all manner of animals -- domestic, farm-working and wild. Within a day or so, I heard animals wailing in agony, went inside to investigate and was told a similar story. I inspected the animals and their enclosures. The animals were very listless and dying at an alarming rate. BTW, it seemed that, even though I was only a junior officer, I was in command of this large, ugly post.

New animals were in other enclosures. These had not been given this potion. I ordered their release into my care. All of these animals followed me quietly toward the guarded gate. It seems that the guards were supposed to answer to someone at the main headquarters, not just to me, but they had made some arrangements that would turn out to be necessary. The guard gave me some directions to a hidden escape route so I could set the healthy animals free. After releasing them, I returned to the "Child Care Center." I noticed the same families as before going there, this time helping their children to walk or carrying some that had walked before. The sadness emanated from the group as an aura. Again I followed them into the building but instead of talking to a doctor, I inspected this entire building.


I found the "Child Care Center" to be actually some sort of a hospital with three large wards (or bays) -- minimal care, serious care and critical care units. These were much cleaner than the veterinary hospital, but were VERY full and ALL of the patients were children. The serious care and critical care patients all cried in continuous agony -- except those in critical care who hadn't the strength to cry any more. (Please excuse me for a few minutes -- I'm in desperate need of a break!)...

OK, back now, got some food and coffee, changed clothes, dried tears and took a Tums.

I entered the CCU and watched the young patients for a while until some nurses approached one of the beds with an empty gurney. They were preparing to move the weakest of these patients somewhere. I asked them why they were moving a patient that obviously should not be moved. All they said was that they needed the bed. When they finished getting the patient and the life support tools on the gurney, they started to move the patient out. I followed them. We went outside, across an open area (still covered in snow) to another (unlabelled) building. This one was smaller and painted a little more pleasantly than any of the others, but it, too, was overfilled with very young patients, but there was no crying -- just silence among the patients. Also, no parents were present. The nurses finished their job of moving the patient, so I asked them, "What is this place?" Surprised, they answered, "This is the HOSPICE, Ma'am," just as I saw another gurney being wheeled out a back door to a waiting vehicle. On the gurney was a small, lumpy area covered completely by a sheet. In my shock, I turned away only to face a full-length mirror. My mirror counterpart was wearing a Nazi SS uniform. To my horror, I discovered I was a captain in the Schutzstaffel, or what in the U.S. might be described as the Inspector General Corps with an serious attitude problem.

I ran out of the hospice, back to the "Child Care Center" to find four new families coming to register their children for "day care." I asked them why they were here. They all answered, "Both parents in each family work. They do so out of need. We all received orders from our places of employment to bring our children here because it was the best facility around."

I said, "NO! You can't bring your children here! I am permanently closing this facility to new children as of this moment!" The parents were a bit confused, but kept listening. I continued, "This is a 'Death Camp!' Follow me! I'll lead you to a safe exit and I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO MOVE FROM HERE!" I led the group to the same hidden exit the animals used. While there, I found a foot-long blue lizard that had gotten trapped in the chain-link fence. It waited patiently as I worked its little head free from the fence. Then it skittered on as far away from the camp as it could. I showed the families the hidden exit and told them to follow the lizard out, go their way, tell no one and NEVER RETURN!! Thankfully, this awful dream ended here.

BTW, I noticed that none of the families were wearing any kind of patch on their clothes or nano-computer in their skins. I also had no implant in mine.

Does anyone know where Herr Doktor Mengele used to practice his atrocities? I think he was the doctor in the "Child Care Center." I will appreciate any kind of help I can get with this nightmare. Dee, if you wish to include this on your website, please do -- with the disclaimer. Thank you very much.




1-3-00 - VISION - I was laying in bed because I had gotten suddenly tired while working on my new web page about the number 72.

I heard Joe walk by in the livingroom. I immediately saw "THE NUMBER 72", and then saw a soldier wearing an ugly khaki green uniform, get down on one knee and shoot someone else with a machine gun.

The color green uniform of the soldier was the same color green which was the color walls of the garage of the school from my dream earlier today.

NOTE:  Here is that dream and shows we have gotten complacent. We can't afford to do that:

1-3-00 - DREAM - I spent hours working on a computer screen with lists of subjects ... same as I've been working on for the last few days. I was lining them up alphabetically, putting them neatly on the screen.

When I was done with that, I was working at my job as supervisor of maintenance. My boss was buying an old school that was old and cracking and falling apart. He was told to take a picture of a cracked wall outside where the cars were parked. It was an ugly khaki green. I don't know why my boss would agree to buy this place. The parking lot was all dirt instead of poured concrete. However it was protected by a large overhang so the cars wouldn't get wet there if it rained. This was a huge place. Besides supervising the maintenance crew, I had to watch out for the women who worked with me because they were always getting themselves into trouble with the men. It wasn't really bad stuff, but stupid things like losing their wallets and purses, getting their cars backed into bad places like muddy swamps, so they needed the men to help them out and then they felt guilty and obligated. Instead of turning out well, they would end up wrestling over the money, or having to have sex for the obligation. I was constantly trying to keep them out of trouble to start with. While this was going on, I had to change clothes and put on a purple shirt and skirt so I was properly attired for my job.

I met my painter coming down the hall. He was dressed all in white but he was so drunk he could hardly see straight and he was weaving as he was walking. I just avoided him and walked around him. It wasn't worth talking to him in that condition. He seemed to be able to get paint on anything anyway so it wasn't worth arguing with him at this point.

I then met the two plasterers. They looked like twins, dressed in brown work uniforms. They were roly poly, almost as wide as they were tall. The boss showed me which walls he wanted done first. They were in bad shape, all cracked. The plasterers had to do their job first before the painter could come in which they did, however, when I came to see how they did, the plaster was rough and the plaster strips they put on were too loose and didn't stick, so I pulled them all back off and made them do the job over.

I felt I was about to get things under control and got the girls out of the building. I had to hold ones hand to get her out of there fast enough to keep her out of trouble. We got out to the parking lot and I saw that all the painters and plasterers all drove cars that were really old and were covered with paint splotches just like their work uniforms. They were all going to breakfast at the same place.

I heard one of the maintenance guys laughing, and as I was waking up, I heard Joe laughing in his sleep exactly the same. When he wakes up, I'll have to ask him if he remembers dreaming and what it was about. He seems to be in my dreams from time to time but he doesn't remember anything.

NOTE: Joe doesn't remember his dream, but he remembers laughing at something in the dream.

NOTE:  The above dream shows that we aren't keeping our eyes and ears open and think that everything is okay when it really isnt'.


1-10-00 - DREAM - This was a rather long dream ... like a look at World War II from a romantic memory standpoint. I played all the major parts myself, although there were supporting players. We created the representative flower, the representative candle, the representative airplane, the representative airport, all for memory sake. I then had to go somewhere and had a hospital-like place call a taxi for me. They said they would pick me up on Jaspar street which was on the other side of the hospital. I had to quickly get back to my apartment, change clothes and get to the other place. As I walked  along the hallways of a school-like place, I picked up all my old shoes, the yellow ones, the white ones and took them with me. I got to my apartment and chose a model who was wearing a 1945-ish green dress with gold buttons. I unbuttoned it and took it off of her and put it on myself and someone had to button me into it as all the buttons were in the back. I then got back down one level where I was supposed to meet a man and then get to the taxi to leave. I looked over towards where Jaspar street was and thats where all the hospital's dead bodies were removed and taken to mortuaries. There was a huge grey hearse there and several long station wagons parked behind it. I met the man I was supposed to meet, a white haired guy like an old movie star. I told him I would meet him on Jaspar St. His old wife followed me, trying to show she was jealous and tried to stop me. I ran up a flight of stairs, went the whole block on the higher level, then just before I came to the stairs that went down to Jaspar St. I came to what looked like a special greeting place that had sparkled stuff suspended in the air on a webbing-like stuff. I went through it with my face and it felt like chain link fencing. I went through it anyway to prove to the man's old wife that I could take anything she dished out, then went down the stairs to the waiting taxi-cab where the old man again waited me to go with me into the future. The old wife was wearing a pink dress and she tried to push me down the stairs and ended up falling down the stairs behind me instead.  

I woke up as I got into the taxi-cab.


1-10-00 - VISION - I was seeing a railroad switching yard with numerous troop trains in it. Then I saw numerous soldiers dressed in dark green colored dress uniforms get off the trains and run along the tracks ahead of the trains.


Second Stealth Bomber Dream
Date: 01/13/2000
From: jl

Last night I prayed that God would make my dreams easier to remember (be careful what you ask for -- you just might get it!).

In my dream, my family and I went on a trip somewhere in mountainous country that was supposed to be Laughlin, NV, but definitely wasn't. My children and I had gone to a forested area with a lake in the middle that reminded me of a mountain community about 40 miles from my home.

We were walking along the lake when we saw a black Stealth bomber circling overhead. After making a few complete circles of the area, the plane seemed to drop something -- a heat-seeking missile that flew on past the little city and disappeared from view. I sensed no explosion, but I called my grown children away from the water. We passed through the trees on the way back to a street. On the way through the trees, we came across some sort of wild animal, about the size of a cocker-spaniel that needed our help to get back to its home across this street. Just as we picked it up, the bomber had made another run, releasing another heat-seeking missile. It also passed over us and disappeared. We crossed the street and came across two children that were hiding under a makeshift shelter with a corrugated metal roof. They said they would take care of the animal for us, but the animal would have nothing of it now that it was near its home. It led us to a clear river, which it swam across to its home.

We bathed in the clear water for a bit, shielded by overgrowing trees as another heat-seeking missile sizzled by, behaving just like the first two. All of the missiles seemed oblivious to us, but they frightened us just the same. We heard people calling to us, saying, "Come quickly!!"

I told the children to remember their high school science classes and stay in the water to keep their body temperatures cooler until we reached the others.

When we reached the other family, they said, "Follow us! Our home and  this covered pathway do not register as heat sources! You will be safe here until they stop. The dream ended and I awoke with a sense of relief.

Brief Note: I awoke several times during the course of the dream and could only think, "I've got to go back to sleep and finish this dream!" This dream, like all my others was in full, 32-bit Technicolor with all the right colors in all the right places!


NOTE: This may or not be related:

From: B G
Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2000 4:35 AM
Subject: A ship on the road

I am *back* in the Air Force, but I am assigned to temporary duty on board this battleship (about the size of the Missouri). I (personally) know precious little about how the Navy runs their department, and even less about battleships. Anyway, after morning rollcall on deck, we all disperse to our duties and a process begins that means removing the boat from the water and mangering it onto a rolling platform (a very large trailer-like vehicle with no truck to pull it). Then, my advice is sought for a variety of things (none of which is based off of my training, but more on organization ideas and geographical directions). I am amazed and troubled that the vehicle the ship is strapped to (sitting upright on a very narrow keel, almost like a knife on its cutting edge) is now released to be *driven* by its own rudder capability (I have no idea how they might accomplish this) and it rolls (almost careening) down a winding road on a steep hill/small mountainside. Eventually, the captain assumes physical control and stops the near wild vehicle at a soft-grounded site ate street-side (he is not near as furious as I would have been). Several times the ship and its vehicle nearly topple (or sink in the mud) and it is a constant vigilance (mostly between me and the captain) to keep it from destruction - for some reason there is no sign of the crew and the ship has considerable rust - I believe we were readying it for dry-dock refurbishing.

Later, after the success of the mission I have the captain's absolute trust and faith in my abilities, even though I was more the *fish out of water* than the ship was.

btw: the landmarks and surrounding area kind of reminded me of a wild area I used to visit when I lived in Okinawa, Japan (it's a tropical island smaller than Hawaii's Oahu).



1-21-00 - DREAMS - I was seeing a computer screen with animated red lines going across the screen. The term used was '240 cycles'. I don't know what it referred to.

Another dream seemed to be about the Chinese people or China, but I can't remember the dream at all.

I decided to look up the term "240 cycles" on the internet. Besides some junk files, one file was about music, one was about tachychardia of the heart, and one was about NASA.

I wanted the one about music to be the right one so I spent the morning looking up files about music theory since I'm working on a file about sound.

I still didn't feel comfortable about the meaning of the "240 cycles" so I decided to meditate on the term. This is what I saw and heard:

#1 - I saw four sizes of bullets or missiles, starting with a small one on the left getting progressively large towards the right.

#2 - I put my thumb on the 1st one and a voice said, "Oh! That's the micro-lockout thing."

#3 - Then I saw some guys . . . older teens or young 20's. There were 5 of them. Three of them were sitting on a long table with their legs hanging over the edge. Two were standing. . . one to the left, one to the right. They were wearing baseball caps on backwards, at least had on white shorts. They wore T shirts and oversize sports shoes. They were having an argument or loud discussion with each other. (I couldn't understand the words.)

#4 - "Nuclear weapons!"

#5 - "Funerals!"

#6 - Two men were arguing with each other. One said, "Can you tell me what's going on here?" The other guy said, "Bills and more bills!"

#7 - "Rumours of war!"

#8 - "The legal system is messy!"

#9 - I saw an older man sitting behind a large desk. He was wearing a medium blue long sleeved shirt. I think he wore a tie, but not sure. He was in a large business type office, but I couldn't see the background walls of it. He said in a deep voice, "You asked a question and the answer was 'No'! Now the answer is 'Yes!' Can't you wait until you notify your own countries men?"

#10 - I saw a man in a white shirt sitting on a long table similar to the young men earlier. He said, "It's coded in 3 . . . Agnus Dei!" (The meaning of Agnus Dei sacrament)

NOTE: According to the tradition, the Agnus Dei sacrament has not been used since 1964 and since only a Pope can consecrate the wax used in this ceremony, and no Pope has done it, there is NO Agnus Dei available. It is only done during Easter week Saturday.  

#11 - I saw the words ...' It's the 4th move Mr. Schultz!'

#12 - "It goes into effect at 90,000 hours"

NOTE: (This meditation was done on 1-21-00 at 12:30 p.m. PST.) 90,000 hours - 3,750 days. 3,750 days = 535.71428 days. 535.71428 days from today = June 18, 2001

#13 - "This hurts me more than it hurts you. You don't now a mosquito from a missile!"


2-1-2000 - VISION - I was seeing soldiers jumping out of a helicopter. They were wearing dark green uniforms with no camoflage and carrying black rifles. The words 'sneak attack' was superimposed on top of the picture.


2-13-00 - DREAM - This was a getting ready for war dream. The number 58% was used as was the letter "C". At the end, I looked out the window and I could see a soldier in camaflage sitting huddled out in the pouring rain with what looked like blown down tent material around his feet which were in a bout 6" of water.

In the room with me was a soldier from our side, wearing beige khaki colored uniform. He was resting on a cot. I called his attention to the guy outside. He didn't want to believe that there was a soldier out in the rain.


4-29-00 - DREAM - Part of the dream was about men readying for war. I saw some of them in camoflage uniforms inside a tank-type vehicle, leaning out the window, taking aim, firing their rifle, then another person would take a turn. When the dream was over, I asked what place this was and was given the name Turngale (don't know how this is spelled) I also saw a black symbol which looked like a fleur de lis turned sideways. I think this whole thing is symbolic for something else, not about a physical war.


5-2-00 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, WI, in my 16th St. house. My brother Marty and his wife were there. We were upstairs in the front bedroom. (The rooms were not the same as normal however). (Name Marty means 'warring')

A man began dragging a military airplane through the hallway and it bumped into the walls on both sides. I noticed that the wings were rather thin, made of some rubber substance and paper glued together. Three quarters of the right wing pulled off, and part of the left body also got damaged. I told the guy he was out of business for the day and he was upset. He had planned to fly.

I was sitting on the bed and a woman came in the room and was looking on the dresser and the bed and we were comparing lipsticks. It seemed that this woman was Arabic, but I'm not sure. We both had lipsticks that were worn way down so it was difficult to put it on straight and cover the whole lip. We were both using the mirror on the dresser to get the lipstick on right. I managed to do pretty well, but she smeared hers way beyond the lip line. It was pretty messy. It felt a little ominous at that point.

Right then my daughter-in-law Becky came in with a gadget to put on my face that were goggles and headphones like pilots wear. I always put her off when she brought in gadgets for me to try out, but I decided I would put them on to get rid of the other woman.

I put on the goggles which automatically adjusted for my eyesight so that my eyesight was clearer than it's ever been. I could see out these two small eyepieces to focus, but between them was a lazer light that shined out to aim the guns of the airplane automatically where I was looking. The red light of the lazer shined out onto the mirror where the woman was standing and I could see fear in her eyes and she scampered from the room.

I told Becky that those goggles were the best piece of eyewear I'd ever had.

As I woke up I heard a song sung. "Right - three degrees - then through the trees -" to the tune of 'Sinking Sand'. The name of the song is really My Hope is Built on Nothing Less.

The music is playing on this page: http://www.greatdreams.com/father.htm


5-13-00  - DREAM - I went into the basement in a new place to continue doing my laundry there and heard some loud noise from upstairs. Suddenly then, several Chinese or Asian looking young boys/men came downstairs into the basement to practice their war games. They all wore black loose suits like Karate type outfits (I'm not familiar with that type of clothing) They also wore black helmets and black goggles and carried black guns that shot needles which they called stun guns. They didn't even have to face to person to shoot at them. They could aim the gun backwards over their shoulder and still hit them. They showed me how they did this and hit one of their own kids in the forehead with a needle from the gun. When it hit the kids forehead, a sign came down from his forehead. The sign was in two parts. The print was tiny so I couldn't read it... but it was a sign non-the-less.


5-19-00 - I was awake most of the night, listening to the radio, but when I finally fell asleep, I was dreaming of mothers preparing their sons for war. They were knitting caps with 33 stitches around the cap at the forehead and the top of the hat where it expands went to 60 stitches.

There was a woman there who didn't want to listen to the man who was giving the instructions for the preparations. He made a pronouncement that no one was to take their bicycles out into the dark. But one mother did and her son was killed. She came back in with the rubber from the wheel of the bicycle and it was black and white striped like a snake lengthwise striped.


5-20-00 - DREAMS - (These were little dreams)

This was an all white dream - There was a white circular tray with white bulls on it with long horns. It seemed to spin around a few times. I seem to recall white men with white hats, then I saw on the tray all white cows. The impression was that this was Hungarian. My impression that this had to do with getting ready for war.

This was a color dream. We received an envelope in the mail, not addressed to us personally, but in our mail box. In the envelope was a stack of picture postcards all in Italian.

I thought I had done all my laundry, but the more I looked the more laundry I found. I didn't even want to get out of bed, but I had to wash the bedding too, and I began hauling the laundry down to the basement to do the wash. There was an undertone of worrying about war and preparations being made for war by the Italians.


7-12-00 - DREAM - I was seeing black helmets with empty eye holes and mouth holes. They were labeled D+ and G+. There were many more G+ helmets than D+ helmets. I was told that there was a war going on between these two factions and that I was fighting on the wrong side.

The dream switched to a people dream in which 3 swashbuckling pirate type guys were going to fight each other. I decided I needed a bathroom break because I didn't want to participate.

However, I couldn't just walk out. I needed to make an excuse to leave and not participate.


Date: 08/22/2000

From: anonymous

To: Dee777@aol.com

Good to see you are still here, thanks for replying.

It was only short I think I just layed down for 10 mins and drifted off, I  remember a lot of my dreams but this was not like the rest.

Here goes.

I'm watching everything from a 3rd person perspective floating in mid air  above nothing, I'm just in the air surrounded by absolutely nothing. Then infront of me I see what I'd describe as a plateau, infact the best way  to describe it would be to compare it to a plant that has been pulled out of  the ground, if you can imagine the earth that clings to the roots of the  plant with alot of earth at the surface and degrading into a kind of cone shape, well thats how the plateau was accept it was just solid brown rock with jagged edges. Just a piece of the earth that appeared to have been litrelaly pulled out ad was floating in this void.

On the surface I saw lions there were alot of these and they where the only animal on the plateau they appear to be content just strolling around doing their thing. Sundenly I saw a dragon appear to my right closely followed by another of similar shape and size but of a different colour (unfortunatly I can not remember the colours but they were both different colours) I then watched as these 2 dragons mounted an attack on the lions One swooping down and grabbing them by its claws then dropping them of the edge of the plateau where they just fell into the nothing. and the other one swooping down and breathing fire on them the results of both attacks where killing the lions who where helpless against the onslaught. in the centre of the plateau suddenly from the ground a perfectly circular tower began to imerge the top was perfectly flat, the sides were perfect smooth and it was circular and its colour was pure white as it rose I saw that at the top of the tower it had a face with very plain features, it just rose out of the ground and came to a halt after rising high above the plateau. the minute that the tower began to rise the dragons stoped attacking the lions and focused there attack on the tower but it had no effect whatsoever, suddenly another animal appeared from the sky this was a massive winged lion twice the size of the dragons, the moment that this winged lion appeared the dragons turnt away from the tower too join the winged lion, as it flew in the dragons both took position under the lion one on each side so that they were now flying towards the tower in a pyramid formation.

As they got closer the dragon continue to breath fire at the tower then the winged lion open its mouth and a bolt allmost like a laser shot out of its mouth in a continuous stream that expanded the further it went aimed directly at the tower, but before this hit the tower it suddenly opened its mouth and spoke (I wish I could remember what it said) the instant that it spoke the whole place filled with light that took over and wiped out the whole picture and I woke up immediately.

I would love to know your interpretation of this, thank you for taking the time out to help me.

God bless


10-13-00 - DREAM - I was working on a computer and the screen was white with flowers on it, but I don't remember the topic.

DREAM - For a long time, I was watching a scrolling dark gray screen with typing I had done at least 6 months ago. It was a list of steps necessary leading to WAR. It was scrolling down and was almost to the end and it stopped scrolling.  I noticed that there was one misspelled word  'Forom'.  It was supposed to be  'FROM'. I thought I would correct the word, but then had second thoughts about it because it might make the paper finish scrolling and I was scared to find out what would happen after that.  As long as it wasn't scrolling war couldn't come.

I woke up, got up and went to the bathroom, then came back to bed and lay there for a few minutes waiting to go back to sleep.

I then saw the computer screen again. The word From was now corrected, the paper changed from dark gray to red, white, and blue, and a large white box in the center had the word PERMIT in it, and the page started scrolling to the end.  All the steps had now been done for WAR to start.


Subj: 3 Prophetic Dreams

Date: 1/13/2001
From: dream-link@dream-link.org (Bryon Smith)

Among Arabs 1/13/01

I woke up and found myself laying on the ground inside what might have been a ruin or what was left of a building or area sounded by buildings that were made of stone. I was under a blanket and had Arabs on both sides of me. I got up and saw the entire place was filled with Arabs. They were like refugees without a home and all waiting for something to happen. I spoke to one of them but can't remember what was said. Then at a certain moment all the Arabs got up and went to a rock and all faced the same direction and I went with them. They all got on their knees and started to pray and as they did I clasp my hands and looked toward the sky and began to pray. Then the Arab on my left who had been on my right as I woke up and found myself laying on the ground said to me, "You are not Arab you are Christian you don't need to do this with us." I turned to him to reply and said "I do this out of respect, not because I have to." And I returned to my prayer to my God and wondered to myself, it is the same God by another name isn't it? I then looked at my wristwatch, which I had never seen before and the time was 6:15 PM.


All of these dreams from tonight have prophetic nature and are dealing with a situation. Here we see the implications of the Arabs. We see indications of a time being late in the day.. 6:15 to be exact. On my watch that area of time had become a black wedge shape like a piece of pie or pie chart. We also see what is described as a "holy" situation. Another thing that we see is they knew I was Christian in the dream but were not hostile toward me at all and in fact welcomed me. As I looked up toward heaven the man I had spoken to also looked up and this is when I thought to myself that we must be praying to the same God by another name.

I feel a powerful message in this dream but I am unable to put words to the rest of it or even to understand all that it implies.

Among Military 1/13/01

I suddenly found myself walking along near some trees and before me were many military vehicles, mostly smaller ones like Humvees were near me. Suddenly men started getting into these vehicles and I ran up and spoke to one of them as he got into his Humvee. I called him Lieutenant Col. Steve something but can't recall the rest of the name. He suggested that I should get in with him but I was dressed in different cloths and Military policy states that for a civilian to be in a Military vehicle under these conditions there must be some contract and I must be there in some sense to serve the Military. I told him as he started to drive out and I ran along beside the right side of his vehicle and was talking to him through the window. I said I was there as a civilian observer for the military and he said that he thought it would be all right for me to get into his vehicle with him and go along with them.


Dreams of the military deal with government and what I saw here says the military is moving again and getting ready for war, or getting ready just in case or something. I called that one man by name which makes me think this is more than just a dream, it is prophetic also like the first and that man may actually exist in real life.

Mansion of Death 1/13/01

In this dream I found myself in a huge stone Castle and armed to the teeth with weapons. I had 3 pistols and a whip like thing made of metal that had blades all the way down it. I had several other weapons to but can't recall each of them. As I moved from room to room I was very careful and very still not to make any sounds. I opened a door and a creature bellowed at me and I closed the door back and went to the next door, the same thing happened but it was a different creature. This one was large and very hard to see in the dark, almost as if it were camouflaged or nearly invisible, and again I slammed the door and went on to the next door. I recall looking at my weapons and thinking, "yeah, right, like I'm going to take on a dragon like monster the size of a building with 3 pistols and razor whip." The razor whip was very similar to a huge chainsaw chain.

I went on down the big room to the third door and entered and found a smaller room and a flight of stairs. I started up the stairs and another man entered the room behind me. I looked at him and realized he was involved in this situation just as I was and he was not a "game objective" so I went on up the stairs where I found a women who was also involved in the situation just as I was. We all had weapons, they were mostly different things and we were all armed quite well. At the top of this flight of stairs we spoke to each other and each decided we would go a different way and see what we could find and then rejoin and report on what we had discovered. I went down a hallway and into another room where I found another women who was not armed. She was dressed in some kind of large dark colored dress and she looked to be rather large. Seeing she was not armed I wondered if she was one of the "players" or one of the "objectives" so I reached and felt of her and realized she was fat, she was pregnant and she was about ready to deliver a child. Just then the other two came through the room and I reported that I had found this pregnant women about ready to deliver a child and I left that room and went on into a larger room.

I went to a window and looked outside. It was a gray light outside like it was very overcast. I could see what appeared to be a courtyard but there was no way down to it from here. As I stood here I realized that two of my pistols had vanished. A man entered the room dressed like a US marshal and handed me a rifle revolver, the kind that was used back in the late 1800's and said "you may need this." I checked the gun and looked up and the man had left the room I guess the way he had come into the room, by the same door I had entered the room.

I left the room and followed a passage around another way and ended up over some of those other rooms that had monsters in them. Now I was standing on an old wooden floor when the others, the man and women I had met earlier ran to me and indicated they had been in an awful fight at the far end (North end) of the building on this floor. They were asking me for my help to beat the monsters there. I checked my weapons and followed them along a high wooden walkway until we were back in another set of rooms and on stone again. We set out to find the monsters and each one of us were working different rooms again but staying very near each other not more than a room or two away. I finally entered a room and saw a little girl there who could have been 4 or 5 years old. I said something to her and asked her where her mother was but the girl suddenly became like one of those possessed little dolls you see in horror movies sometimes like Chucky and she caught me somewhat by surprise and attacked me. I grabbed her and was holding her away from me and I was yelling for help since I couldn't turn loose of her to grab a weapon. I realized she was not a little girl at all but was one of the monsters and she had taken this form knowing that we could not turn our weapons against a little girl. Several seconds seemed like an hour as this fight continued between me and the demon child until my new friends rushed in and helped me get loose from her. At this point the little girl became some kind of machine and fell apart about the waste and I tossed her upper half into the room and we all ran out and closed the door behind us and checked our wounds.


This dream deals with a huge situation with many aspects and many dangers. The pregnant women also indicates that something is about to unfold in real time and it is not going to be very pleasant. In fact that demon child I was fighting with in this dream is most likely that women's child.


Date: 1/30/2001

From: dream-link@dream-link.org (Bryon Smith)

They Hide in the Night Sky 1/30/01

Prelude to War

This is one of those dreams that went on all night long. I was in a foreign country and only a few people I spoke to could speak English but those who spoke another language I could usually understand in English in my mind. Anytime a translator was not present and I spoke to someone and they answered me I could understand them in my mind. It was very strange as if the English translator was in my mind.

I can't even say exactly where this dream started out because it was as if I was in a foreign country all night long and all the details would be hard to remember. I was in a big room that was literally filled with soldiers wearing camouflaged uniforms. Not one of them carried a weapon however and all of them looked like they were mad at someone. As I observed several conversations and things that were going on I realized there was at least 3 political groups being represented here and they all hated each other. I asked one tall man standing to my left at one point "are you a freedom fighter" and he answered that he was. They were here for some kind of negotiations but I never got close enough to the leaders at this point to figure out what they were trying to accomplish. Later however I did meet one of the leaders outside seated at a table with 3 or 4 other men all from his political group. I asked him a few questions and he appeared to understand English just fine but he answered in another language and the larger man to his left translated to me in broken English. He said "war has come to my country" and I said something like "I understand" and he answered "You could not possibly understand" and I said "I was sorry if I sounded like I understood all of it but that I do understand that his people were at war." I realized he was so filled with hate and frustration that to try to carry on a conversation with him could provoke him into killing me because he was so very mind set on the fact that no one could possibly help or understand the situation that he and his people were involved in. Honestly I got the impression from this guy that he would not be happy until the enemy of his people were dead and that he didn't want negotiations at all, he just wanted them dead.

This all appeared very much as if it were a civil war inside his country but the feeling of all this was quite strange because it was like the enemy was both inside and outside of his country. It was as if there was at least 3 groups involved in this war. I can't even place what language they were speaking but they weren't Russian and looked more like middle easterners but I am afraid to guess for fear of being wrong and perhaps misleading the reader of the dream away from the truth or message of this dream.

Now I suddenly found myself looking down on several small houses from the air and I saw this one house and someone said that was the house of the leader of one of these political parties. The next thing I knew I was standing among a fairly friendly group of these people, some young men, their mother and some children were in the area. These were not dressed in military attire and were standing in their yard when suddenly I saw fire flame up from a window of their house and I ran yelling "fire your house is on fire" and we all ran and when I got there the fire was gone and inside the window was a barbeque grill. They said not to worry and invited me inside where they cooked meat that looked similar to hamburger but I'm not real sure what it was made of. The guy who was putting these meat patties on the grill tossed one that nearly feel off and I caught it and put it back on the grill for him. They said they had the grill inside the house in order to prevent someone else from knowing they had it and coming to plunder their food. They said if you want to keep it you hide it and that's why the grill was in the house.

Later on I walked around outside and some young girl was following me around and I got the impression this girl was like my older daughter. We walked around some poorly made buildings and some trailers until we came to the edge of the woods were we found a wooden shed. We went into the shed and found a lot of clothing and new fur coats and I picked one of them up and it was quite heavy. I looked in the pockets to see what was weighing it down and it had to very large clips of ammunition in it. I moved another coat and there on a table like structure built into the shed was a very large military rifle. I picked it up and removed the clip to see it had two clips of ammunition fastened together and fully loaded. I looked up inside the weapon and there saw it still had 4 more rounds inside the gun and would fire 4 times without the clips even being loaded. The cartridge was quite large, larger than a 30-06 military cartridge used in WW II. Guessing I would say the bullet was about a 40 caliber and the entire cartridge was about half again as large as the 30-06.

I looked the gun over and it had a tripod like thing that folded out under the barrel and several parts of the metal were different colors. Most of the gun was dark in color but little things like the folding legs were bright aluminum in color and there was an extra piece on the end of the barrel that was also bright metal color. I looked up at the young girl that was with me and she said something to me but I can't recall her exact words. Then I answered something like there was no way you could carry that outside of that shed in the daylight without someone seeing you. I also said something like "these people are ready for a war they just don't want anyone else to know they are ready." I put the clips back in the rifle and put it back where I had found it and covered it with a coat.

We went back outside and it was getting dark, I believe they had a fire going and some of the men were standing around outside. I get the impression they were looking across a river or clearing. There was something that divided this group of houses from the group on the far side. These men were all looking across the way and I started to look to see what they were looking at. I could see the night sky now and some stars and I could see some houses on the far side and then realized that one of those houses was a house I had seen from the air, it was one of the political group leader's house. Suddenly I noticed something in the sky that looked out of place but was nearly perfectly camouflaged. I began to study this object as it hovered about 500 or so feet in the air above the river. It was an odd shaped thing almost as if it had wings and a tail but everything was squared off and rectangular and didn't look anything like an aircraft or anything else I have ever seen. I finally responded "that's a UFO, an alien flying craft of some kind" and one of them answered "Yes, it is" and said it had been there for several minuets. As we watched it finally began to turn around and for a moment it faced us and I could see there were no visible windows on the craft. As it slowly turned another one immerged from behind it identical to the first and flew off slowly to the left. We all stood there shocked and amazed that these things could be hovering there in plain sight and yet we had not seen them. Then more to our amazement another one immerged as the second one had and it followed the second one that had flown away. The first one continued to turn until it was facing the house of the political leader then it stopped. Two or three small bright burning objects were fired out of it toward that house but one of them fell in the river and vanished into the water. These burned almost bright white about the color of pure magnesium. The second bright object landed on the roof of the political leaders house and set it on fire. When this happened the UFO turned and flew away in the direction the other two had gone.


This next dream was also related because we were inside a trailer with people of that same race of people and they were taking us in like the first family had done. The trailer began to rock back and forth as the wind was blowing strong outside and I looked out the window and could see a city or fairly large town about a mile or so in the distance. I could hear a radio warning and someone talking on it and I knew it was a weather warning but could not understand all the man was saying as it was not in English. The man who I think owned this trailer was warning everyone to get on the floor away from the windows. I looked again and saw a huge black turning cloud moving over that city and I judged the size of it at least a mile across the bottom. "It's a tornado and if that's not at least a 5 I'll miss my guess." I watched the path of this storm as it crossed the town and it was heading at a diagonal direction across the land and not coming toward the trailer where we were. If it had been I would have been out and going to find some place else to hide. So we all got on the floor and lay there away from the windows with blankets over us and was laying there feeling the trailer rocking back and forth as the storm passed by.


These are dreams talking about something in another country. Political conflict, war, death and change. I could try to analyze all of it but I have several places to be this morning, tapes to drop off and people to see.

I find it particularly interesting about the UFO's in the dream. Yes there's something otherworldly about the events that are going on which this set of dreams is talking about. These UFO's were what I would say heavily armored and war machines. They are operating out of sight to the human eye and perhaps only a few are aware of them. They are instigating the war perhaps I do not have the answers for all of this. But this is my dream contribution for today. If anyone has any thoughts please share them with the group here so we can all consider the possibilities.


2-14-01 - DREAM - I was working on a project to take the date off the back of some Christmas cards that I was using to decorate my house. Other people wanted to look at them. The date on the back of the cards was 1812.

There was an old couple who followed me to another house where I was going to retrieve some material for this project. I parked my car under an awning ... like a portico ... and they backed up into the space just outside the portico. However, they were in the way of the owner coming back.  I was going to direct him to park over further, but I knew that if I just told him, he would back up right into the house, rather than the parking space that was available. I tried pointing him in the right direction, but thought better of that and just told him he should go back home.

I then went back to my project where I was erasing the 1812 date off the cards. I looked at how my decorating was coming. The cards that had houses on were about a foot high and looked like real model homes.

As I was waking up, a voice popped into my head and said, "Federalist Papers".  See;  Amendments

Federalist Papers - Project Gutenberg   The Anti-Federalist Papers

Beginning on October 27, 1787 the Federalist Papers were first published in the New York press under the signature of "Publius". These papers are generally considered to be one of the most important contributions to political thought made in America. The essays appeared in bookform in 1788, with an introduction by Hamilton. Subsequently they were printed in manyeditions and translated to several languages. The pseudonym "Publius" was used by three man: Jay, Madison and Hamilton. Jay was responsible for only a few of the 85 articles. The papers were meant to be influential in the campaign for the adoption of the Constitution by New York State. But the authors not only discussed the issues of the constitution, but also many general problems of politics.

The War of 1812 was fought between the United States and Great Britain from June 1812 to the spring of 1815, although the peace treaty ending the war was signed in Europe in December 1814. The main land fighting of the war occurred along the Canadian border, in the Chesapeake Bay region, and along the Gulf of Mexico; extensive action also took place at sea

NOTE: The connection between the Federalist Papers, 1812, and the Constitution is indeed the War of 1812. The Treaty between Great Britain and the U.S. was never ratified by Congress. The Second Amendment was placed onto the constitution giving the American People to bear arms and create militias, because the people were always worried that Great Britain would attack us again.  

Notice that Great Britain possesses Canada, and Great Britain was always encroaching the U.S. along the Canadian borders and backing the Native Indians who were at war in various places along the borders.

The Original Thirteenth Amendment: - Titles of Nobility and Honour

NOTE:  And who ... tongue in cheek ... is being crowned  King George W. Bush?

The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution


2-17-01 - TALK ABOUT WAR

DREAM - I don't know what country I was in, except that it was an Arab country.  In the next room, at a distance, a dark, swarthy man, dressed in a dark army green uniform was trying to instill talk of war and hate into his young son who was about 10 to 12 years old.

The boy came out of the room, and I had the opportunity to talk with him. I told him that the joy in life were the child-years, when one goes to school to learn about all the wonders of the world, all the things one doesn't know. 

The young boy, who was dressed in an army  uniform of dark green like his father, had bushy eyebrows, black hair, and dark skin like his father. I thought I saw understanding in his eyes, as I talked of the joy of learning.

I hope so.


3-5-01 - DREAM - It was a bright sunny day.  It was 11 a.m. and springtime.  Yet, people were getting ready for fall because the leaves were falling off the trees.  I thought that was odd... why get ready for fall when we've been waiting for spring for so long?  The kids all decided they were going to play war or some other boisterous game in the livingroom. I said loudly ... "Go OUTSIDE!"  They didn't want to and ran into the kitchen to play.  I said again, "Go OUTSIDE!" I trying to READ!"  I had a book in my hand about the 'clan'.  I saw a vision in my mind of a black line, then a hump, then a black line, then a hump ... over and over.  According to what I was seeing , ' a woman' was in charge of keeping track of the 'clan'.


6-8-01 - DREAM - These dreams were probably brought on by viewing the horrific memorial to the "D" Day Memorial in France.


#1 This Peace Memorial was constructed of a series of models of war, guns, and missiles on display.

#2 - This memorial couldn't be viewed by black people unless they paid an entrance fee of $2.45 and submitted to an excruciatingly painful and bodily intrusive exam including their mouth, nose with chemicals that made their faces swell.

#3 - I was working for a television producing company. First they brought in huge tanks with soldiers whose only thoughts were "the girls' and what they could see or do from their position on top of the tank. The company hired a young man who had left a similar position at another television company. He sent his first day regaling his new co-workers of the various ways he cheated and abused his position at the old company by 'borrowing' films and privately entertaining his friends. O ne of our men commented , "Well, as long as you didn't charge money for it, it was probably okay," and then they left at 4 p.m., an hour before the end of the workday. One could easily see he was going to teach his cheating and abuses to anyone who would laugh at his antics.

I was then trying to create my own memorial to Peace by drawing on glass which wouldn't stick and making a thin plaster coasting on 'foil' and it kept breaking.



Back at home G.H. comes in. (He is the electricity master and also IESOUS (Jesus) from previous dreams.)

He calls me into another room where there is a desk and a telephone. He shows me a large newspaper and asks me if I can read it because he needs to get a phone number from it. I look at the newspaper and recognize the printing as Vietnamese and suddenly realize I am living in a Vietnamese neighborhood.

G.H. goes on the phone. A moment goes by and he suddenly says, "Fonda? How are you?"  I realize that he is talking to Jane Fonda who supported the Vietnamese and who was against the U.S. being in their war and who made some terrible statements about the U.S. at the time, which millions of people never forgave her for, including me.

I saw that my sister-in-law Bernice (means 'brings victory), was in the room. She is a strict Catholic, a very small blonde woman. I realized she could help G.H. better than I could. She came over to the desk to help G.H. and I said, "I'm outa here." I knew I wasn't needed there. I went into the livingroom to clean which I was behind on.

In the livingroom I had so many plants, including trees on tall candle pedestals that I could barely walked between them. In between the plants were antennas from electronic equipment.

One of the plants looked like a large mushroom. It looked like the soil was too dry so I watered it and then noticed that little mushroom plants were starting to grow around it. I tapped on the mushroom accidentally with the glass and it sounded like an upsidedown seashell.

I noticed that the leaves on the plants were dusty and saw a couple spiderwebs, so I knew I would have to clean all the leaves on the plants individually so it would be a big job.

I began to lower the antennas so I could walk between the plants better and begin my work.

Jane Fonda and Vietnam:   


Subj: Military Moving Again 6/26/01

Date: 6/26/2001

From: dream-link@dream-link.org (Bryon Smith)

Military Moving Again 6/26/01

At first, in the first set of dreams I was spying on a military operation and observing trucks, vehicles, supplies and ordinance being moved over the highway and by rail. Upon first inspection I thought this was just training ordinance but when I saw some of the men moving rockets I also saw them moving an extra can of explosives or something very dangerous that caught my attention. The next thing I did was to walk right out there among them as they had one group unloading the vehicle and another group transporting the items to another vehicle. They mistook me to be one of the men transporting items and handed me one of these round canisters and I walked away with it but didn't take it where it was intended to go.

I walked down the tracks a short distance and looked the can over but couldn't determine what was in the can. All I knew was it was not intended for a training purpose. The canister itself was about 8 inches tall and perhaps 10 inches wide. It had a sealed lid on it and was green and somewhat brown in color. It had some markings on it but I couldn't decipher what it said.

I was puzzled over this object and realized I couldn't figure out what it was beyond this and also knew that if someone saw me with it I would be in trouble. I turned around and put the object behind my back and then slowly let it down among some of the other items that were being moved. Now I was on what looked like a long flat rail car but it might have been a flat bed truck trailer I'm not real sure. I can tell you the items I dropped the canister among were stacked on racks, they were rounded and long shaped like large bullets or rockets perhaps. They were also olive drab green in color.

In moments after I dropped the item a man in uniform came up to me and asked me if I had something behind my back, I showed him my hands and told him no. He didn't believe me and searched and found the item and carried it back to put it with the others on the other transport vehicle.


Comment: There are certain people that I can dream about and I know it's about those people who I see in the dream. I can have military dreams like this and you can be about 95% sure it is actually speaking of military and government activities. This dream is not only showing a curious or questionable military activity but is showing there is something hidden going on. They want someone to think this is a training mission but there is more to it than that. It is like they have the ability to make the training ordinance live rounds by using what ever is contained in those canisters.

Second Military Dream 6/26/01

Now I was dressed as an enlisted man and had the belt, ammunition and some really strange looking hand grenades. We were getting ready to move from the vehicles we were in and on to water transport vehicles. We arrived at a large body of water where these strange-wheeled vehicles were waiting for us. Teams drove their smaller vehicles up on these and men would close the doors behind them and they would take off into the water just like a boat.

While some of the other men were loading I pulled this strange item up from my belt and turned it over. I looked at a strange pin like switch on the bottom of this thing and said something to a man standing near me. "That's the trigger isn't it?" The guy smiled at me like "Yah, you know it is" and he walked away. It was like he knew I had to have had the same training that he had and my question was really a dumb one to be asking, unless it was a sarcasm.

Now our team was loaded and going into the water and someone dropped something on the landing and I yelled "wait" just as our water transport vehicle was entering the water. Then I realized I was going to have to give it up, swim or fly to get the dropped item and if I were to fly then someone would know that I was different than everyone else there. I heard one of the officers on the back of the ship call out to stop the vehicle. I had no choice and there were about 5 people on the back of this transport. I took to the air, flew, got the item and returned. Now some of them were giving me some real strange looks and I think someone said "you didn't see anything" but I flew up on the back of this thing and discovered the vehicles beneath were now covered with the small size bails of hay.



7-27-01 - DREAM - I was at a gathering place where people were coming together from every direction. This was all being done (in slow motion)

It was time for the trains to come in and many children were sleeping on the floor. We decided to just leave them there. A descending escalator was bringing people and suitcases down to the trains. Every so often, something would go astray. One time a sheet of US stamps got pushed off the escalator ramp. I was trying to decide whether to pick it up or not and it tore in half.

The one half stayed as stamps with US flags on them. The other half turned intoa silver business card which said, "JEWS USA and "THE JEWISH NATION!"

I was then standing on the train platform which all the trains came rushing by. There was barely an inch of space between them.

NOTE: In December of 2001, Israel and the Palestinians came close to a big war, there was lots of terrorism and suicide bombers killing people in Israel. It was a bad time.

NOTE: The suicide bombing and war excursions between Israel and Palestinians are getting worse and worse. By April of 2002, we are as close to war as we can possibly get without dragging the U.S. into it.


11-17-01 - DREAM - I was in a building where I was trying to get a project done, but I couldn't get all the parts I needed. I wanted to do a sewing project with hearts, but they had the template for the heart, which I could draw around and create the heart myself. 

They had two small antennas or communication devices there, that they were going to wire up for me.

Then the two antennas/communication devices fell out of the dream picture into a black and white screen below it. 

On antenna became a drawing of a set of building outlined. The other antenna became another drawings of a couple buildings, a mosque and an airport outlined.  Between the two buildings were 7 objects. 

Then appeared a small man on the left picture where the 1st set of buildings were located. A caption appeared a above the man's head that said, "Looks like germ warfare to me."



12-4-01 - VISION - I heard a bell ring loudly in my right ear. I said I was ready for a message which I heard but it didn't register in my mind. I then saw a celebration of red and white confetti bieng thrown off a balcony and knew that England had won their war over someone.


1-10-02 - VISION - I was laying bed with my eyes closed. I could see a man standing in front of me with a large board covered with a white sheet. The man resembled the actor Garner. He said, "This is going to seem real misleading."  Then he pulled back the sheet. He said sharply, "OK - KILL 10 MILLION PEOPLE!"



2-26-02 - DREAM - I was the manager of an apartment building. Someone knocked on my door. When I answered it, a brazen young man started chiding me to hire him and his friends to shovel the snow. He said, "Look at you - wearing a bright red dress that says, "I love you".

I pointed out to him a shoveling crew of 6 or 7 young men who were working across the street who were already working for me as shovelers.

While I was talking, other young people were gathering in the lobby, sitting on a short wall. It felt that they were there for my protection.

I was wearing a bright blue sweater over my red dress and it was rather fly-away thin. So I decided I would change into a heavy white sweater and join the young people out on the wall.

I needed make sure I had my silver apartment key in my pocket so I didn't lock myself out.

So I went into my bedroom to get my white sweater and when I opened the door, there was a man crawling out the window who looked like Robert Redford with a yellow mustache.

I told him to please watch out for some brash young men outside who might be up to no good. It never dawned on me to wonder why the man was in my bedroom. It was enough that he was leaving.

And as he crawled out, I could hear him groaning because he hadn't opened the window wide enough and he was struggling to get out.

NOTE: coincidentally, this e-mail came in my e-mail box the same day I had the dream:

Subj: [joycelist] Redford dances with nonsense
Date: 2/28/2002 

From: joycelang@prodigy.net


Brent Bozell
February 27, 2002

Redford dances with nonsense

Actor, director, entrepreneur and liberal activist Robert Redford has weighed in on the horrific events of last Sept. 11. The good news is that his remarks clearly weren't as aggressively obnoxious as those of, say, Bill Maher, Susan Sontag, Aaron Sorkin or Michael Moore. On the other hand, it's proof positive that the mushy-headed maybe-we-brought-it-on-ourselves crowd is alive and well with their heads clearly set ... in the clouds.

Redford didn't choose the "Tonight Show," or GQ, or even the New York Times for his discourse. Oddly enough, he penned his message in his Sundance company's spring catalog, meaning it probably went into the trash, the way most catalogs do.

Which is too bad, because "events of this past year seized us from behind like a mugging in a dark alley," wrote Redford. "Perhaps we were too closed, too preoccupied to see it coming. Were we too closed in our own self-absorption and self-interest? Not open or interested in others -- other cultures, other views, other voices? We seemed closed in our own success and greed."

Don't you just love it when a multi-millionaire Hollywood heartthrob gives America lectures about being too closed in self-absorption and greed? But wait; it gets better. Professor Redford thinks it's time for America to shape up and start caring about the world around her:

"Maybe we can open our minds now to new opportunities, to new realities, to change ... An open mind to other people's needs or suffering, other people's beliefs and cultural traditions rather than just our own ... Perhaps in this season we can celebrate the importance of this openness. I believe we are ready. I believe we can be the better for it."

Let's see ... In 1914, the world was thrown into war and civilization was saved by ... the United States of America. The fascists tried it again a couple of decades later -- and the United States delivered the world from evil again. The Soviet Empire was defeated by a resolute West led by the United States. In 1991, it was the United States again at the head of an international effort to stop Iraq's warmongering. And now, for the fifth
time in the past century, we're leading the free world in the struggle to rid the world of evil.

Yet, according to Mr. Redford, it's high time the United States showed "an open mind to other people's needs or suffering."

Eerily -- or, perhaps, predictably -- the Sundance catalog mailed at roughly the same time that Redford's partner in environmental extremism, Ted Turner, told a Brown University gathering that the 9/11 mass murderers were "brave" and had been motivated by "abject poverty" in the Muslim world.

This isn't the first time Redford's shown sympathy for America's enemies. A decade ago, he produced and narrated the propagandistic documentary "Incident at Oglala," his contribution to the effort to free Leonard Peltier, then, as now, a leftist cause celebre. Peltier, an American Indian,  was convicted of the 1975 terrorist killing of two FBI agents and is serving a life sentence in federal prison.

One expert on Indian issues, interviewed around the time that "Incident" was released, said it sounded "like the 'JFK' of Indian films." Redford, for his part, said at a congressional hearing that while he couldn't prove Peltier's innocence, "no one ... has proven him guilty." (Memo to Redford: Oh, yes, they did, which is why Peltier will rot in prison for the rest of his life.)

It's fascinating to follow the logic of left-wingers like Redford because you find yourself wondering if they really, truly believe a word they're saying. He told USA Today in 1992 that both the Peltier case and the Rodney King case "have to be laid square at the feet of two (Republican) administrations that have had neglectful and abusive attitudes about human rights."

And, of course, there just has to be an environmental angle to this, which he managed to weave into the catalog mini-essay: "Open lands; lands free ... of man's intrusions and arrogance of corporate machine use." Somehow Redford always feels free to play with accusations against Republicans in the White House, as when he charged in 1990, during Bush's term, "Never can I remember a time of such naked greed and profit at the expense of the environment as the last decade."

If there were a Hall of Shame for embarrassingly stupid analysis pertaining to 9/11, I'm not sure whether or not Redford would be elected. On the other hand, I'm confident that loudmouthed actress Sandra Bernhard would be voted in unanimously. In a Feb. 25 chat on the Washington Post's Web site, someone asked Bernhard, "Who are the real terrorist threats?" She responded, "George W. Bush and his band of brown-shirted thugs."

Next to Bernhard, Redford is Alexis de Tocqueville.

Brent Bozell is President of Media Research Center, a TownHall.com member group. Contact Brent Bozell

2002 Creators Syndicate, Inc.

3-12-02 - VISION - I saw 12 military cartoons in a square picture. While I was thinking about that, I saw a 3 ring binder, with a lot of writing in it. The page was turned backwards to a previous page, where it said that these military feuds and re-negotiations were like the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, One was too hot, one too cold, one just right, OR one too large, one too small, and one just right.


3-14-02 - DREAM - 

A tall, blonde guy came past to go to an office nearby. He spoke with a German accent. He said to me as he passed by, "You know nobody cares if there is war as long as they have their sports."

I understood what he meant. Our soldiers were off at war in another country, and we just kept watching football and basketball like there was nothing going on.

We knew there was a war going on, but we didn't know how it got started.  I said, "Who really gets to declare war?" 

Nobody knew, so we were going to look it up in the encyclopedia.

We went outside then and were standing in an alleyway near a small grove of trees. The German man, myself, and another young woman were standing there, trying to understand how wars get started when an older gray and ugly yellow station wagon came down the alley. A middle-aged man bellowed something out the window of the car which we couldn't understand as he went by. His voice was loud and intense like he was angry.

The car pulled to a stop overlooking the edge of what was either Lake Michigan or the ocean. I just know it was a beachhead type of area.  We heard him bellow the same word across the water but we still couldn't understand him.

We avoided him by walking to the other side of the grove of trees so he couldn't run us over with his old car as he went by. Twice ore he went by bellowing something we couldn't understand.

We kept hiding in the trees so he couldn't hit us.

Finally he got out of his car and walked past us. Now that he was walking, we could understand him, but still - in an angry voice, he bellowed - "PEACE! NOBODY WANTS ANY!"


4-22-2002 - DREAM - As I was waking up, I was overhearing a conversation between some women. One kid missed the bus for school and the other one said, "The bus will come back for him." The other woman said, "Since the war in Syria and Oman, there has been such an influx of refugees that it looks like the front lines are in Charleston and Williamburg.  And they are making buses easier to drive so that the war widows can drive them. 


4-19-05 - DREAM - I was living in a house with a woman named Mary. She had a husband, but he was never home. He worked night and day it seemed.

I woke up in the morning, when Mary came to the door of my bedroom and asked if I was all right. 

The room was dimly lit because there were dark shades on the windows, so I couldn't tell what time it was.

I became alarmed that she needed to know if I was okay, so I got out of bed to see if she, herself was okay.

I came out into the living room, I saw on the clock that it was 10 minutes to 8 a.m.  It was later than I thought and I could see that the sky was blue and the sun was shining outside. I should have gotten out of bed hours earlier. 

Mary was sitting in the living room talking quietly with a couple other women.  

I needed to go to the bathroom and when I went in there, I saw there was no lid or seat on the toilet, so I couldn't sit down on the toilet without falling in, so I couldn't use it.

I decided to look for another bathroom and going through the hallway, I could look into Mary's husband's bedroom.

On the wall, was a TV wall screen as large as the whole wall. It was showing a war movie.

I don't like watching war movies and this one was particularly gruesome. There was a weapon they used that shot fie, not bullets. When someone got hit with the fire the burst into flames, completely immolated and burnt to a crisp. It was so awful I couldn't watch it, so I closed my eyes to blank out the sight of it.

When I opened my eyes, the movie replayed itself and when it started getting really bad - to see the soldiers being annihilated by streams of fire coming down from the sky, I just couldn't watch it and closed my eyes again. 

Again I opened my eyes and the scene started replaying itself again.  It came to me that every  time I closed my eyes, it would repeat the war scene and it wouldn't stop doing that until I watched the film all the way to the end or I would never be horrified enough to do something about it to prevent it in the first place.

So I stood there and watched the soldiers being hit by streams of fire coming from the sky. All the soldiers had were rifles to defend themselves with. They had no defense for these horrible weapons. They tried pressing themselves up against walls or behind objects and that didn't help. When the stream of fire came down, the fire was worse than a bullet, it could billow around corners and immolate anything that was close by.

The film just kept getting worse and worse.  Unfortunately, I was so horrified to see all these solders getting burned to death, I couldn't watch the film all the way to the end. I couldn't stand to see all these men die so needlessly. 

I had to close my eyes - it was too horrible to bear.


See:  http://www.greatdreams.com/war/rule_2002.htm



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