2-1-03 - DREAM - I was living and working in a large place like a factory. There was nothing 'real' about this place, but it was interesting.

There was a bunch of doll-like figures - all female - laying on the floor in a corner. They were really cute, but only half of them were colored in, the other half was blank white. Someone said, "What about their souls?

So, I took each doll-like figure and drew white dots on their blank sides until the blank parts were filled with cell dots and then the dolls came to life like little babies. Then they were ready to give to people.

When I finished that, I went downstairs to the lower floor, where everything was a mess and things were taken apart and remodeled into other things. Some of it looked like it should have just been burned and thrown away, but we decided it was better to recycle it.

I went outside then and saw that there was a drought going on. I had planted a lot of seeds in the garden but nothing came up yet. I knew I had to water the seeds or I'd end up with nothing in the garden.

So I turned on the water and there were only enough to go half way through the irrigation ditch. I hoped if I turned on the water at the other end of the garden, there would be enough water to get the seeds to germinate.


2-1-03 - NAP DREAM - I went to visit someone in the hospital somewhere on 3rd St. This was a small, dim place, on the 2nd floor. I was standing in a waiting room, waiting my turn to see this person. I could hear lots of children outside the door. I heard someone say there were 20 children out there in the hall.

Then two black women came in - they looked familiar - maybe TV characters - I said, "HI!  They brought their little girls in. My little daughter was waiting outside with her Father.

I never did see the sick person, but decided to leave because I had to go to the bathroom. I went down the steep, front stairway - it was almost like a ladder, but I was able to go down forward, very carefully.

I could feel something rubbery under my left hand where I was holding on.  When I reached the bottom, I discovered the rubber was actually my husband's knee high black rubber boots.

He and my daughter were walking ahead of me and I said I wanted to go shopping. My daughter said she wanted either a doll or some candy, then decided she preferred candy.

We were already in a mall on 3rd St. but decided to go elsewhere to get the candy. So we went outside and I discovered why my husband was wearing the high boots. the ground was so mired with water and mud, even what looked like a high area, I sunk in to my ankles. My husband moved over to the right about 20 feet where it wasn't so muddy so I was forced to move over there too, crossed the lawn and slid down a 4 foot long brick slide - walkway. There was a guard sanding at the bottom to make sure I didn't fall.

My daughter wanted her candy and we determined that 36 or 37 pieces would be good.


2-2-03- DREAM - I was working in an office somewhere in the midwest. (not somewhere I've worked before)

I walked up to this huge typewriter that a huge black woman claimed was hers, but there were 2 purchase orders already in it that I needed to put dates on. Because the typewriter case was adjustable, but loose, all I managed to type was 5 for the month.

The black woman came and adjusted the typewriter so it would tye better but put a cloth over it so I couldn't see what it typed. Then she got angry when I could see what it typed.

This typewriter also had a huge radio as part of it and it was really loud. I managed to turn it from music to news, but couldn't find the knob to turn it off.

I looked at the purchase orders. One was for a Diffuser and the other for a pattern repair.

I was going from there to another company to work as well at a second job. I needed to change clothes to do that and changed from winter to spring clothes. But when I finally got ready I was dressed all in pink, but then I had 3 purses and since the pink one was empty and I had 2 wallets in the brown one and miscellaneous old stuff in the black one and dint' have time to move everything over, I had to leave the pink purse behind.

One of the men was there, he said he had lost a tremendous amount of weight and couldn't wear any of his winter coats, so he just walked out wearing just a silk shirt and gabardine pants.

I was bare-legged and wearing sandals and I felt tremendous joy because I loved my job and the people there so much.

I walked down the stairs and at the bottom of the steps lay a woman, crumpled up on the ground.

I helped her sit up and felt her forehead to see if she had a fever and she didn't but as soon as she sat up, she vomited out water about 10 feet.

I was astonished. She said, "That is nothing - tey say that in bad cases, they expectorate like that for 100 feet."

When she said that, I heard a black man, out of the window, made some kind of comment something like, "Why is it always us"!

At the curb a large 18 wheeler truck pulled up. It had to be loaded with items from the company to take it from the midwest to California.

The driver refused to drive the truck to California though. He said, "No farmer will drive trucks to California because all the cattle are quarantined from sickness."

I thought about driving the truck myself just for the fun of it, but I had my own job to get done.



2-04-03 - DREAM  - I was in the garage of my New Berlin house where my family was having a yard sale, getting rid of unused things.

I was tending a long table and someone asked me about an item that was over aways, so I walked over to where they were.

The farther I went, the more my back hurt, until I finally couldn't stand upright. I asked for someone to give me a long stick to help me walk.

The pain made me see 5 Rx's slide past my view. I hobbled back over to the table where there were green plants growing and the pain subsided quickly.

NOTE: I woke up and felt the exact same pain in my back.  However, after getting up, within an hour the pain was gone all by itself.


2-4-03 - DREAM - I was now in the livingroom of a house. My husband Ed was working near the baseboard in one corner. He wasn't cleaning up after himself and there was sawdust all over the floor, so I went to get the broom. I started to sweep the sawdust, then saw that there were blue and white seed beads all over the floor. I started to sweep them together also. I decided I could pick up the seed beads and sort them so even if they got mixed with the sawdust.

Then as I swept farther over on the floor, there were some boards laying there with white diamonds all along them. So I started sweeping the white diamonds into the bead pile as well.

I then noticed that the boards were actually large green cloth wall hangings attached to boards with Japanese pictures on them of young Japanese women. There were 5 of them. I decided to decorate the walls of the room with these picture boards. the front wall of the room had 3 huge windows on it. The windows were about 12 feet high by 5 feet wide - the center one had a dark shade pulled all the way down, so I decided to lean one of the picture boards against the shade and put the other 4 along the other walls - there was no furniture in this room.

As I picked up the picture boards to stand them up, the pictures of the young Japanese women had grown to full human size and the bottom of the pictures now had no boards attached to the green cloth so I couldn't stand them up at all - the cloth was like a skirt that reached the floor.

Suddenly the 5 picture boards turned to 5 live dark-haired women, standing in a row in my livingroom.

As I woke up I knew this was Connecticut.



2-4-03 - The radio was on so this might have been influenced by outside voices.

DREAM - I was upstairs in a house. There was a library in the room and an even more secret library in the closet where 2 nurses were stationed.

I told the nurses I wanted to research Chronic ______, but I couldn't think of what the second word was as soon as I wanted to say it, I could think what the word was, but the word wouldn't come out of my mouth. So the nurses were trying .....


2-5-03 - DREAM - I was in an office, working on a computer. I was making copies of a pattern. (This was the inside cover of a Paradise Pattern from which fashion doll dresses are created by crocheting) I made and saved copy B and C.

After I finished that, I looked out the window and I was in a skyscraper building, looking down on a river wharf where there were dozens of ships of various sizes berthed.

My boss came into the office then and stood behind this big old-fashioned wooden desk. He looked very much like Jerry Seinfeld, the Comedian.  He made a phone call to a manufacturer about an impeller to see if it was ready yet. He called it Model 3D.

He didn't get the answer he needed as yet.

I went to vacuum the livingroom. The carpet was grey plush. I had used a small vacuum cleaner and vacuumed up a chunk of metal by mistake. So I opened up the cover of the dirt container on the vacuum cleaner, allowing the motor to run, hoping the air force would blow that metal chunk out, but it blew all the dir and grey carpet fuzz out instead and the metal chunk remained in the vacuum cleaner.

So I re-vacuumed the floor, using a larger vacuum cleaner, leaving the metal chunk inside the small vacuum cleaner. At least it was isolated and I knew where it was.

2-6-03 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, working at my apartment manager job. It was Christmas Eve Day - Dec. 24t.

There was a lot of work to do before we could celebrate Christmas that evening.

I was working with Joe the maintenance man. We were cleaning the garbage out of the basement and hauling it to the dumpster out in the parking lot.

I decided I would help with the labor of hauling out the garbage because Joe got a phone call to be in New York City for a special job at 7 p.m. and we were supposed to be celebrating Christmas at 10 p.m.

It was now 4 p.m. I hauled several large bags of trash out to the dumpster. I noted that the dumpster was dark green n the outside, but it had a see-thru end with a large clear see-thru plastic box inside of it within a lid on it. It was too pretty to put garbage in, so I left the bags of garbage next to the dumpster. There were so many bags, they wouldn't have fit into the dumpster anyway.

I noticed that next to the garbage bags, there was a small paper bag that had $75,000 written on it. I intended to pick that up and see if it really had money in it, but I got interrupted by a tall blonde man and two young black women and when I turned back to look in the bag, it was gone.

I didn't concern myself with that, much because it wasn't mine to start with.

I decided I needed to wash my hair and went into the basement locker room to get the shampoo. The room was perfectly clear, painted in light green and yellow. I had forgotten my key for my locker upstairs in my apartment, but I had my mailbox key and pried my locker open with that.

On the to shelf of the locker, I saw some bottles that looked like shampoo. They were bright green and the label started with MIR - (means PEACE) but it might have been MIRACLE, but I was thinking it was the same name as the spacecraft of Russia's that came down.

I grabbed the bottle of shampoo and started to go upstairs.

I was thinking about Joe's schedule. If it was now 4 p.m. and he had to be in New York at 7 p.m. to work at some job and be back in Milwaukee at 10 p.m. t celebrate Christmas, that he'd never make it back in time, considering how long it takes to go to the airport and fly on both ends of the trip - that we should probably plan to celebrate Christmas the next day.

At this point, I woke up because MY Joe was outside the bedroom window, revving up the car to go to work.

I heard the telephone ring and figured it was my friend Michelle, calling. Then because it only ran gone time, I realized the phone had run in my left ear inside my head. So I relaxed, hoping for a voice message and fell asleep and was right back in the dream.

Back i the dream, I was standing in a hallway, waiting for the elevator with the blonde man and a young woman I remember from work in the 70's or a girl from high school - name Jeanine.

We were on the 10th floor of the building and I could hear the elevator coming. I remarked to Jeanine that this was going to be rather a miracle because the wall where the elevator was supposed to be had no elevator doors on it, was only 6" thick and there was nothing behind the wall. There was a doorway  to my left and we could see there was nothing behind the wall.

(I remember this elevator from a previous dream that I could see into a window of this elevator into the elevator of the building next door and tell what floor it was on.)

I then went to my apartment and sat at my desk with a large 3 ring binder. I was going to help Joe get his job in New York get done faster and I made a list from 1 to 100 where the list of ships at berth were in the river there.

NOTE: Recall that yesterday's dream showed me at least 100 ships berthed in the river in New York.


2-8-03 - DREAM - I was told that two women were going to put on the play 'Alice in Wonderland'.

"  Born at Daresbury, Cheshire. Was educated at Yorkshire, Rugby, Oxford. Lived and worked in Oxford as Math Lecturer."

I then saw an American woman go into room 4 and start saying the lines to someone, but she was supposed to go into room 3.

I then saw a young woman go on stage and start saying the Jabborwocky speech in Russian. I could see the words while she was saying them.


Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe

Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!

He took his vorpal sword in hand:
Long time the manxome foe he sought -
So rested he by the Tumtum tree
And stood awhile in thought.

And, as in uffish thought he stood,
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
Came wiffling through the tulgey wood,
And burbled as it came!

One, two! One, two! And through, and through
The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.

And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
A frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!
He chortled in his joy.

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.

I then went somewhere where I was telling other people this amazing thing about the play being put on.

I decided to go down the main street to watch a race - there were thousands of people there. I went down some steps to get closer to the racers and there stood my Mom. She looked like she was about age 50 or 60 (she is now 86)

I gave her a big hug and we talked about the miracle of finding each other in a crowd this size.

We went home together so she could rest.

I decided I wanted to go find my kids who were also at the race, but two little boys came running into the room and threw themselves into my arms. They were so cute.

After they settled down and went over to play with their toys, I went into the next room and a huge white bird came from behind me and landed on my head. He wasn't heavy, but I could feel his feet entangled in my hair. There was another large colorful bird there, like a parrot, sitting on top of a large cage, who was scared of the bird sitting on my head and he came towards my chest like the children had, spread out his wings and feet and clung to me in fear like the little boy had previously. I held him to calm him down.

I may have woke up at this point as I started dreaming I was writing down the dream about the two women doing the Alice and wonderland play and seeing the words to the second girl's play in Russian.

I then started to dreamt hat I was telling someone about the two women doing the Alice and Wonderland play.

I then realized I had never written it down, that I had only dreamed that I wrote it and really needed to get up and write it down.


2-8-03 - VISION - I saw a business card announcing the play and across the top was written, "Lord of the Flies"

2-8-03 - VISION - I saw a business card announcing the play and a large black fly was crawling across it.

2-8-03 - VISION - I then saw two rows of text, referring to the play and it was repeating wider and wider

2-8-03 - VISION - I saw an e-mail receipt  from ARRES OF 11. It was about a school.

2-8-03 - VISION - I saw a letter about the school

2-8-03 - VISION -  I saw a door open - it was number 289 and 491 and it said TRAIN DAY TO GO INTO NIGHT!


2-8-03 DREAM - I was on the hone with Lee C and we were working on a project together. She was giving me the names of people and I was writing out invitations to join us with this project.

She laughingly told people that her husband gave her this great new idea to work together.

All of a sudden she was in the room with me and she was giving 'yumptuous' food away to kids, mostly chocolate cake and brownies. I was baking it with the help of some ladies and then Lee was distributing it to the young people that came to the house.

She had to leave and started putting the chocolate browning in different drawers of a little stand I had next to me. I was really hungry by now.

Lee left and I discovered I had half melted chocolate chips stuck to the hem of my sweater, so I started picking the off and eating them. Yum!!!


2-9-03 - DREAM - (There was nothing real about this dream)  I was given a set of maps drawn on a white board. They were outlines of what looked like islands. The main island had the number 82,500 written on it.

I took this map board to an office where some people worked who would have been interested in it, but when I got there, only one girl was working and she was nowhere near where those other people worked. The whole area was dark.

There were dozens of cubicles in this office.

I saw that the area where this girl was had dim light and there was a light switch on the pillar where she was standing. So I asked her where the light switch was for the dark area and she said it was back by the door.

I didn't want to go all the way back to the door just to turn the light on, so I left without telling anyone about the map.

NOTE:  during that same day, I realized that the Turkey earthquake was quite near those islands. My perspective had been from the north and the maps on the internet were from the perspective of the south.


2-9-03 - DREAM - I was sitting outside in the yard in the sunshine, but visiting some people who were in the house talking to each other. I could hear the voice of my first boyfriend Roger, talking to his current girlfriend, who I knew was a blonde. (As far as I know he is still married to my dark-haired old girlfriend Marge and they are happy together)

Anyway I couldn't leave because I was waiting for my baby daughter to wake up.

Meanwhile I was overhearing Roger and his girlfriends' conversation. It sounded like she was breaking up with him and I heard him say to her, "You're nothing but a slut, but I always loved you best of all."

I decided to tease him, as I hollered, "I thought you loved ME best of all."  I heard him say back, "Oh! I'm sorry! I forgot your were there listening." Then I heard him say to his girlfriend, "I'm so miserable, I just want to die."

I decided I'd better wake up my baby daughter and go home, but first I had to go in there and go to the bathroom. so I went into the house and started p the stairs, I could feel and hear myself peeing as I walked up the stairs and wondered if I'd have enough pee left to make it worth even going up the stairs.

As I neared the top of the stairs, I could hear the voice of my Aunt Cora in the doorway of the bedroom to the left, but I didn't look over there.

Instead I noticed that the stairway door to the attic was open, so I looked up the stairs because I thought I heard voices up there. I saw that the stairway had been remodeled and it was painted shiny and pristine brilliant white. I was amazed how beautiful lit was.

I called up the stairs, "Anybody up there?", but nobody answered.

So I turned right and went into the bathroom, and to my surprise the bathroom closet door was open and when I looked in the closet, I saw that there was a brand new, newly remodeled stairway that went both down and up. This too was painted with the shiny brilliant white paint.

I was so surprised to see this secret stairway in the closet, I woke up.


2-10-03 - DREAM - I was seemingly in a resort town in the Southeast. A woman with dark hair and a southern accent was giving a tour of the town in a open mini-bus.

I was on the back of the bus and she drove so fast, I felt like I was going to fall off the bus into the street.

On every corner in this town was a store where one could buy goodies to eat. The very first one was a light blue store that had a large sign painted on teh window 7 FLAVORS of icecream.

I got hired to manage an apartment building and I was checking to see which apartments were empty, because we had to repair them quickly so new people could move in. The plaster was rough in the repaired rooms -it looked like it was plastered and then finished off with the tines of a fork in a vertical direction - it wasn't smooth anywhere.

I met the plaster Mason repairman and he told me that he was going to plaster over a wooden beam archway so nobody would know it was there. I didn't like that idea because I like wooden beams in doorways to start with and by plastering over it the way he described, there would hardly be any headroom to walk under the arch and made the room look like a cave.

When I finished talking to the Mason, out in the hallways, people were lining up, waiting to go upstairs where they w ere giving away kittens at the eighth gate.

The last woman didn't have anything to carry her kitten in, so I quickly washed the dirt out of a discarded bowl that was chipped, but had handpainted fruit on it, that she could carry her kitten in.

I then planned to walk over to the rental office so they could give me a list of empty apartments so we could get them ready for occupancy.



2-11-03 - DREAM - I was visiting what I thought was a motel, but it turned out to be a comedians rehabilitation hospital or nursing home. (I did'nt realize that all the people I was seeing were comedians until after I woke up)

Everyone was either laying in bed, or walking hunched over like they were recuperating from accidents. All of them were wearing pajamas and bathrobes. Some had bandages around their heads.

At one point, I was in a sitting-room and Cary L., my friend the psychologist came and sat next to me and asked me what kind of questions 4 year old children ask. I told her, "They want to know about themselves and they want to know how people feel."

At this point there was a woman named Cheryl there, but she was gone. (Cheryl-Charles=manly)

I went into the kitchen where G.H. was doing the dishes sitting around everywhere. I said I would do the dishes but I didn't see a dishpan. I told him I could do them in a large bowl. He said, "Oh!" like he had a bright idea and he went into the pantry. He came out with an old bent, battered and half collapsed collander that was dirty. That was no help at all.

I saw that there was a goldfish in a jar on the sink drainer and moved it into a safer spot so it wouldn't get knocked over.

I decided I wanted to go to the mall and go shopping so I grabbed my ring of keys and my purse and went out the door. The can was parked in front. Both doors were open, and there was two steering wheels in front - one on the left and one on the right.

I got into the right side, intending to drive, but my friend Sue got in on the left and started the car and we took off with her driving. She said she wanted to stay at the little mall on the corner and get some birdseed. (We went past a lake)

We got out and went up to the door but it was closed. The whole place was dark, dingy and unkempt and I didn't like being here. It had a feeling of somewhere where criminals and robbers would be or could jump out at you at any second.

So I said we should just go to the mall. So we started to leave and go across the parking lot to our car.

Here again,we met old comedians, who offered to help me pack my car. For some reason there was a nightgown and bathrobe laid out on the ground behind my car and I carefully lay it into the back seat of my car. I started to close the door on the car. I felt like I was closing a suitcase, but it looked more like shutting the lid on a coffin and it had pink satin on top as well as on the bottom.

I closed the top down and two comedians walked up to me and offered to put the latches on permanently and I said, "No thanks!" We just want to go shop, shop, shop, shop, shop shop! " and sue aI took off to go to the mall.

The comedians in the parking lot were John Goodman and Don Rickles.  In the nursing home, I remember the faces, but not the names of the comedians - seems like they were all old Jewish comedians.


2-11-03 - DREAM - I was coming up the front steps at 20th St. school in Milwaukee, WI, where I went to grade school.  Posted on the inside of the doors, facing inside, were signs about a foot long, reminding people that there was going to be a special speaker the next day.

I entered the front door and could feel that the paint was still wet or someone had spilled glue on the door while affixing the posers to the door.

I started climbing the steps as I was going to the 4th floor. From the 1st floor up, the carpet on the steps was red. (It was always worn brown wood. The school was so old, even my father went to school there in the early 1900's. The school is still being used today.)

At the 2nd floor, I met a woman going down. I think her name was Ruth. We greeted each other and kept going.

At the 3rd floor, a man in his 50's was coming towards me from down the hall. (I can't remember his name. He either was a high-school teacher or someone I worked with) (The name Gee comes to me)  I don't know his first name.

He said to me, "I have to hurry, she was supposed to have been here 30 minutes ago."

I wanted to say, "You don't have to hurry, there are a dozen people down on the 1st floor, but I didn't get a change to say it, and woke up.


2-12-03 - DREAM - The dream started out by someone showing me a map that depicted the train route from Phoenix to Memphis - they wanted to have a straight route. It was impossible because the river look like a crawling snake pattern  /\/\/\/\/\/\  and there was no way to run the train in a straight line.

The dream switched so that I was giving my husband a toy train for Christmas and I bought his friend Ray (RA?) a radio.

I was so excited about these gifts, when Ray arrived to visit a day early - Christmas Eve.

I wanted to give him the train so I could get it out and show it to him.

(He actually looked like Dr. Ben Davidson from One Life to Live TV show)

His wife called on the phone for advice on what to buy him for Christmas and I had to hide behind a blanket and whispered, "a black leather jacket, black leather hat, and black leather boots, with silver rivets on them".

She said she didn't have the nerve to buy that for him.

By the Ray was going through my kids toy box and pulling out characters and animals to go with the train set and we picked out all kinds of horses and animals and people that were of the correct size. I asked him if a couple dinosaurs were okay. He approved of that.

Meanwhile I set aside musical instruments on the side so we could have a band to play for Christmas.


2-13-03 - DREAM - I was in my 66th in West Allis, WI.  My husband had been away for awhile and when he came home, he brought me flowers and gifts.

He gave me three glasses of some kind of liquor that was already in the glasses. The glasses were shaped like cognac glasses and were full to the top with the liquor, which had a piece of leather sealing it with a leather thong around the outside.

I was going to open one and take a sip to see what it was and I couldn't find anything appropriate . I thought I would use a letter opener and I went to the desk to get one and there I found five different kinds of knives - the kind you flip open to fight with.

While I was looking for the knife, or opener, I saw some other containers below the counter with some odd containers with other kinds of fluid. I rather lost my appetite and decided I would go into the basement and do my husband's laundry which he had piled on the bed. I looked at it and it all looked clean, mostly dark green work clothes. There were some other containers with other kinds of fluid. I rather lost my appetite and decided I would go into the basement and do my husband's laundry which he had piled on the bed.

I looked at his clothing and it all looked clean, mostly dark green work clothes. There were a couple pieces of dark blue work clothes that looked a little wrinkled from being packed, so I decided to wash those.

I picked up the clothes to wash them and headed for the back door to go to the basement. On the way, I saw my husband sitting on a chair, hunched over doing something to his left arm. I saw that he was wearing a red-brown leather outfit of clothes. He reminded me of Dr.Hannibal Lector from the movie  'Silence of the Lambs'  where they imprisoned him with a mask over his face.

He had a tourniquet around his arm and a glass of blood beneath his arm where he was draining his own blood into.  I didn't know why he was doing this, s I asked if i could help, thinking he might have some kind of medical condition.

He just snarled at me and told me to get away from him.

So I grabbed the work clothes more tightly and scurried away from him and headed down the back stairs to the basement.

The basement itself was larger than normal - about 4 to 6 times larger.

It was dimly lit. I was looking for my washing machine, which was one of those round - free-standing washers with a wringer attached.  But there were several washing machine tubs in the basement with no wringers attached and they looked pretty dirty.

Then I started to notice what else was down there. I started to see body parts - legs and arms laying on the floor - all men's.

There was one of those wood horses with the bottom half of a man's torso with the legs attached, tied with yellow rope on the top of it.

Farther over in the corner, under a bright spotlight was a blonde man doing something to a body. I could tell what he was doing, but standing behind him was a man who was only the upper half of a torso with arms and a head and he was alive and talking to the blonde man. I could only assume he was a doctor and experimenting with men's bodies for some reason.

I was so sickened by the sight of this, I had to leave and go back upstairs.

I got to the stairway and almost ran into a young blonde woman - the kind you would call 'tough'. She had that kind of look about her.

All I said was, "I've got to get back upstairs to my husband. He gave me some gifts this morning."


2-15-03 - DREAM - I don't know where this took place, but the people were from Milwaukee.

In the beginning, I was with my friend Sue. We weren't wearing normal clothes. Both of us were wearing tight blue exercise or dance type clothes - not street clothes. We were very good friends and did everything together.  (Sue means 'lily')

Then I met a good-looking man who wanted to date me. Sue acted all jealous. From that moment, we were enemies, because she wanted all the men for herself.

I was willing to let her have all the men, but that wasn't good enough for her. She started hunting me down, trying to kill me. I was a skillful a fighter as she was. We did hand to hand combat over and over again, until she decided she really had to get serious about killing me and I woke up to find her trying to saw me in half. I had a kind of awl in my hand and held it against her neck and was going to push it through her neck, so she backed off enough so I could run away.

I saw myself in a mirror and saw that I was wearing this blue costume backwards as I ran away.

It was very difficult, but I ended up running down the street to get away from her. I ended up in a building where some black people lived. The helped me g out a window on the opposite side of the house and I ran down the street.

I decided I had to leave town, but I didn't have any money or I.D. - nothing.

I saw a bus coming and I knew I didn't have any money to ride it, but there was a man there who gave a beggar a quarter to ride the bus. So I begged for another quarter as well. He gave one to me so I got on the bus. The bus driver gave me a dime in change which I gave back to the original man. Then a woman gave me a nickel which I kept.

I decided I would ride the bus to the end of the line. I could have probably lived in that neighborhood because it was nice, but I decided I would hitchhike west so I wouldn't have to worry about Sue anymore.


2-15-03 - The dream starts in my own New Berlin house, but none of the following scenes resembled that house.

I was out in the yard where my husband grew grapevines that attached themselves to the garage wall. It seemed to be Spring and I was observing what was going to come back and what wasn't. At first glance, it appeared that the grapes on the west end of the wall were gone for good because there were no vines attached to the wall, but the plant on the east end of that same wall looked sturdy and firm and ready to come back. I looked closer at them though and I decided that the vine on the west end still had a chance to grow if it could grow new vines this year.

I turned to go back to the house and saw that weeds were growing strongly between the flagstones and along the stone wall alongside the house. I decided to pull out the weeds as long as I was there. A couple only broke off the tops as I didn't get the whole root - a couple others, I got the whole root too. But I knew just from looking at the soil left between the stones that weed seeds could easily blow in and take root again, I would have to come back and scrape out and clean the stones too to prevent the weeds from growing there.

But first I had to make dinner for the royal couple who lived in this house.

I entered the house and saw that the kitchen was clean, but before I could cook dinner, I had to go upstairs and put on my cook's uniform.

I was already dressed in a white uniform that looked like a nurse, but to cook, I had to put a bright yellow boustierre type cover over the white uniform.

I went upstairs to the bathroom and saw that it was clean and I wouldn't need to do any work here. I only had to put on my boustierre.

I was followed into the bathroom by a chubby black woman who was also dressed in a white nurse-type uniform.

I had a secret desire and that was to steal the royal couple's crystal bowls that I knew they would never use and never miss. They were stored in the basement storage room.

I wanted to tell someone about my plan because it was hard to keep this kind of secret, but I had wanted to share it with a friend who also worked for the royal couple who was also a young, thinner black woman. That particular woman also followed me into the bathroom, and she came in with a man - I don't know if was a butler or her husband - he was also black. But because she didn't come in alone, I didn't want to share my secret with her any long. She made a comment about the Lord and Lady not being home yet.

I made a big production of standing in front of the mirror and putting on my yellow boustierre over my nurses uniform.

So, I invited the chubby black woman to come downstairs to the kitchen with me.

As we were descending the stairs, the woman was complaining about her knees hurting and how much she hated stairs.

I commiserated about her pain and when we arrived in the kitchen which was also brown wood, but perfectly clean, I saw on the clock that it was exactly 4 p.m. and I didn't have to start dinner quite yet. We had time to play a game of cards before starting dinner.

So I decided to share my secret with the black woman and give her the opportunity to steal the other set of crystal bowls that was in the basement. I knew she would hate walking down these stairs so only by enduring more pain in her knees could she share in the secret of the crystal bowls.

So she followed me down the stairs to the basement, not knowing what I was going to show her.

On the basement floor, in front of a large refrigerator, was the parings of a cut carrot top and a cut radish top. I picked these up to dispose of them properly and there was no rubbish bin there to throw them in, but there was a watermelon rind there, so I put the vegetable tops into the watermelon rind and slid it out into the alley like a boat for the garbage men to pick up.

To my right, was another set of stairs that went up into a separate store room and I could see there were two complete sets of matching crystal bowls there that the royal couple would never miss nor ever use. The crystal bowls were not upright, but laying over on their sides, and were set on a matching set of tables that had three shelves with these crystal bowls on each shelf.  The table appeared to be metal and painted yellow-gold.

I was going to share these and offer the black woman one of the sets, but to see them close up , she would have to climb yet another set of stairs with her painful knees.

I was just about to tell her about the crystal bowls when a man with a booming voice said, "What you are doing is illegal", and I didn't know if he meant that putting the garbage into the alley was illegal, which it probably was, or if he somehow knew I wanted to steal the royal couple's crystal bowls.


2-16-03 - DREAM - I was working on a computer, planning to print out a series of e-mail about eagles.

I was also going to align these paragraphs on a long sheet of paper and attach real feathers to the paper next to each paragraph.

I knew there would be a lot of cutting and pasting to do it this way, so I contemplated resending the eagle statements back to myself in groups of 4 instead of individually to make less cutting and pasting of paper.

I could do this by copying and paste back into new e-mails.


2-16-03 - DREAM - I don't know where I was but seemed to be a dance hall or something like that.

Joe's son Michael was there with a pair of drums and his sister was there too. (Neither one has a sister)

Michael got mad at Joe for calling his drum by the wrong name. The drum he had was a Mukawuka drum. The other drum had a very similar name - like Mukawanda.

Michael was driving me home in a red convertible car and was driving wildly. He went through an alley, then out into a parking lot where he slew the car around back and forth. On e the way down the hill, I got thrown out into a large bush full of white blooming flowers just as Michael said that I had mail addressed to 205 South greatdreams.

He got thrown out onto a lawn next to the bush and I then saw that the bush was in an area that had two fences coming down the hill. One one side was two large dogs slowly walking down the hill. One was a brown German Shepherd. The other looked similar but his head looked more like a bear or lion - his head was larger.

There was also a skunk walking between the two fences. The other dog was scary to me so I told Michael to shoot it.

Meanwhile the car was still slewing around by itself with his sister in it. I had no idea what we were going to do about the car.

Michael said n one would blame him for shooting the dog, but they might take his gun away and he had paid $45 for it.

I woke up with my heart beating weirdly, but it slowed down to normal in a few seconds.


2-16-03 - VISION - A little boy dressed in white got into the back seat of a white vehicle and said, "Couldn't kiss the driver in Rapid City."


2-16-03 - DREAM - I was at 20th St. school - walking south on the 4th floor with my husband. Our son was with us. We were going to check in with some people on the other side of some double doors who knew about some information we needed to know.

We told our son to go home to our 16th St. house and we would meet him there.

There were some classrooms with kids lining the wall because they were so crowded.

There were also adult teachers, principles, etc. in the hallway, going the other direction to go home, because it was the end of the schoolday. We greeted those people and kept going.

In a lobby-like area, just before the double doors, there were two girls and a boy, selling Christmas decorations. There were quite a few empty boxes, but they still had some bright blue and bright green things to sell.

I asked one little girl if they had made any money and she admitted that they had, but we didn't attempt to buy anything.

All of a sudden, one of the girls gave me a small Christmas tree, along with a tiny gift. I took it form her and thanked her.

Then at the last second, her sister also offered me a small Christmas tree and a tiny gift and I knew that the gift was a tiny bottle of expensive perfume.

I knew that those gifts equaled all the profit they had just made.

Then my husband and I went through the double doors and into a classroom on the right. There, from a computer, we received two printouts that had white roses in the background of the paper.

The print was in blue color but some of the words that were important were highlighted in brilliant gold. The one word I noticed in particular was COVENANT.

I then decided I would call my friend Marge because she belonged to that group. (She was Lutheran) I decided we should go see her on the way home.

When I got her on the phone, she was arguing with her mother about going to the dentist on Saturday. She didn't have any money to go and her mother wouldn't pay for it. She argued that she could earn the money and pay it back on Monday, so I said I would loan her the money from my credit card.

NOTE: credit cards symbolize karma


2-17-03 - DREAM - I was working as an apartment manager for Ralph. (the Jewish Judge) He was selling our building because he was getting old and ill.

I would be out of a job shortly unless the new owner wanted to keep me on. (I've been in this position more than once before)

While I was in the office cleaning up and dusting, I found a magazine which told his life story. He had been named Ih Jahr and as an infant he had been near a fire and his legs had become unsolidified (melted) which left him a cripple. The story went on to t tell about his life. It used a lot of Jewish words I can't remember now and it left me feeling rather sorry for him even though he had become a tyrant to work for.

Just then, another real estate man came to view the building to see if he wanted to buy it. This was Dan. (I used to work for him too and he was another tough Jewish guy to work for)

He wanted to know why I was working for Ralph, intimating that he knew I wasn't making much money. (Ralph was actually fair when it came to paying me, but we all had to work extra hard for that money)

Dan showed me his paycheck. He said "I make $640,000 a year".

I was amazed. So I brazenly said, "Well, can I come and work for you in your office?", figuring if he made that much money, he would pay me well too.

He said, "Well, I just hired a part-time secretary, but come and see me anyway."

I knew he was tough to work for, and swore and cussed in the office (not really) but I figured I could handle that if I got paid well.

So he went into an apartment to look around and I went back into the office to clean and picked up a pile of sticks I can only describe as olive toothpicks. They were toothpicks with little tiny black pieces of cellophane on the ends.

I started to arrange them in a little shot glass on the desk.

At the same time, I noticed that Dan had left his schedule planner o the desk with the folding briefcase wide open and I could just look inside and see what his future plans were, if I looked before he came back.

But just then, another real estate man came to look at the building. This man's name was Harold (Herald?) and I had worked for him previously before also.

He said, "I understand that you are going to work for Dan!"

I gulped and said, "I was only thinking about it because I might be able to make more money." I then showed him the tragic story of Ih Jahr and why he was now a tyrant to work for.

While I was standing in the hallway with him, so hopefully nobody could hear us, I thought I heard a kitten meow. We didn't allow kittens in the building and i knew I would have to make the girl in the apartment get rid of her kitten. I could all of a sudden see her sitting in a caged area with her kitten, laughing and playing with it. I knew I had to make her get rid of it.

Harold left and I went back to the office to look at Dan's schedule book, but he had come out of the apartment, where there was a party going on, and he had taken the book with him, so I couldn't look at it.


2-18-03 - DREAM SNIPPETS:  I was out riding in a car with someone. We made a right turn at an intersection where the road crossed some railroad tracks. There was no warning signals at this crossing, but we could clearly see a yellow train engine coming. We could easily have crossed the track before the terrain got there, but we decided to stop and wait for the train to go past anyway.

After we stopped, 4 vehicles passed us and two of them stopped right on the tracks. One was a farmer on a green tractor with yellow wheel hubs. Another almost looked like a black hearse.

We could see there was going to be a crash, so we backed up to get out of the way of the train wreck.

Fortunately, at the last second, the other vehicles backed up and the train wreck was averted.

Afterward, we were talking to an old man who was watching this fiasco and asked him what possess people to drive onto a train track when they can clearly see the train coming.


I was at a large party, wearing a gorgeous pink sequined dress. I was going to put on a wig over my hair but when I walked into the party, everyone started cheering, so I just fluffed up my own curls and presented myself just as I was.

There was a motherless boy there about 4 years old and he was dressed in raggedy clothes. So, I started to help him rebutton his shirt. As soon as I did this, I knew someone was going to accuse me of doing something with the child because he wasn't my own child.


2-19-03 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house.

I was talking to a young woman. She was in tears because she hadn't seen some people from her school in a long time and she missed them.

She showed me her report card and pointed to the names of the teachers and principal listed on the far right side.

I told her she should go find them.

I then saw my son Bill's report card and under the subject of PATRIOTISM, it was written in black ink - SKIPS OUT.

I had no idea he did that.

My brother-in-law Ralph was spending the night because he and my sister had broken up, and he went upstairs on the third floor and slept in the master bedroom.

I slept on the 2nd floor on a cot in the library.

Wen I woke up in the morning, my talking woke him up and he came downstairs with two blankets and a bedspread to wash them. He said he was going to give the yellow blanket to one of my sons.

Ralph headed for the basement and I saw that he was wearing cowboy clothes - a red, white, and black plaid shirt and bluejeans.

He went down a few stairs and looked very sad and stood there and I rubbed his head to comfort him.

Then my sister appeared, looking even sadder. Then she changed into a dove, and she had a sharp pointed scissors in her right wing, and plunged it deep into her heart.



2-19-03 - DREAM - I was in Wisconsin - up north, supposedly with the women who were my in-laws. Carol said they were planning to go to church that evening.

It seemed that there were also characters from One Life to Live TV show as some of my relatives. (After 30 years of watching this show, they ARE like family)

It seems that some kind of energy exchange went on. It was like there of them were duplicated and then pulled back through themselves. I don't know how to describe what I saw happen.

Carole then drove me all the way home down the freeway that cross the U.S. It was highway 316. (I've seen this highway on maps before.) The highways listed on the internet, are not the one I saw on the map in my dream.  My dream highway 316, cut across the U.S. on a diagonal from northeast to southwest, and jogged around a huge lake that does not really exist in real life.

When we got to Milwaukee, we did something on a computer and then went all the way back up north again.

I knew the women were going to some church, but I went to a different church.

Nobody was in the church itself, but everyone stood in the Narthex and in the side entrances while magnificent music played - like an entrance song. I wanted to look inside the church, but I didn't dare, because I was standing there with a plate with a big slice of pizza on it and I didn't want to be seen that way on TV, as the service was being televised.

The music ended and everyone filed into church at the same time. From what I could see - the ceiling of the church was vaulted, had green walls, and had a series of pillars down each side and had seats behind the pillars on the sides as well.  The church would have had to be cross-shaped to do this.


I woke up and as I lay there thinking about the dream, I had a vision of Viki from One Life to Live TV show standing in front of me. She said, "If everyone has been trained, the meeting is tonight."  She had a two page booklet that looked like it was made of gel-like plastic. The list of participants and the schedule was printed on this two pages like a hierarchy - with the leaders listed at the top, with two to four lists of participants at the bottom of the page who would do the actual work.


2-20-03 - DREAM - I was sewing the seams and hems on a bright green wrap-around skirt.


2-20-03 - VISION -  I saw the words   JA or GA YEAR


2-20-03 - DREAM - I was seemingly at AC.  I was in an upstairs office. The time was noon. I wanted to go out to the store and get some food and pick up a prescription for one of the other secretaries. I couldn't find my wallet for a few seconds, but then I saw it on my desk and grabbed it.

I then discovered I already had been to the store. I had a huge stalk of celery in a bag. I decided to eat some, but it was too mushy to eat so I threw it away.

I headed down the concrete steps with some other people. One man had a steel artificial leg  with a shoe at the end and it was really difficult for him to manage the stairs and when we got down to the bottom of the stairs, the condition of the concrete was so terrible, I decided I needed to get some people together in a meeting to petition the company to fix the floor.

I mentioned this to a large black woman who was standing there and she agreed with me.

I asked her where we could meet and she pointed out that there was a large meeting room right next to where we were standing. We went into the room and turned on the light. The room was a mess and a heavy breeze was blowing through it.  I wanted to fix up the room and clean it and send out invitations to the other employees to hear about the petition.  She just wanted to run across the hall and grab all the people ho were working nearby and didn't even care who they were or whether they were interested or not.


2-20-03 - VISION - I was standing on the NE corner of National and 172nd St. There was a line of vehicles going East with their lights on. One vehicle turned south - down 172nd St towards where I lived.  A voice said, "These events have been staged just for you."


2-21-03 - DREAM - I don't know where this was. It seemed that I was managing an apartment building. My children were young - from infant to about 6 yrs. old.

There was a lot going on in this building, all the apartment doors were open. There was a variety of types of people living here as well, though it seemed that most, if not all were single mothers.

There seemed to be a relatively low level of discipline here. The women spent a lot of time chatting with each other rather than watching their children.

One of the women was a beautiful blonde, but very large and had a loud personality to match.

Then she and her children left to go shopping. The whole building quieted down. When she left, I went to check on my own children and discovered colored crayon graffiti on all the walls. All of the drawings on the wall were like 4 year olds or less. I was so upset because I knew the landlord would hold me responsible and all these walls would have to be cleaned and repainted. There were so many drawings on the walls, it almost felt like I was inside a crayon box.

I went into a room then that was like a highschool lecture hall.

The young man next to me asked his young girlfriend to go get him a cigarette and without question, she ran out of the room to go find him one.

Then another young girl, who looked to be about 14 or 15 waked in with an unlit cigarette in her hand.

She was walking directly behind me so I asked her if she was 16 - the age limit for smoking. She said that was none of my business and that started a loud discussion of whether one had a civic duty to uphold the laws and to help discipline other people's children. NObody seemed to agree with me and one teen even pulled a snub-nosed revolver out of his belt and stuck it right tin my face.

There were other mothers standing and sitting right behind the girl and nobody lifted a finger to stop that young girl from smoking the cigarette in this public lecture hall.

I went to another classroom then where my son Michael was working on a project. He had a number of light green objects on the table in front of him. He was making something with them. They were round but I can't describe now what he was making.

I then got up from there and followed a tall, thin, back man into a lounge-type area, and someone on a loudspeaker introduce us as ________ and Chanteuse. A spotlight hit me in the face and I smiled and sat down on a stood to sing and nodded my head to the loud applause that greeted me and woke up.


2-21-03 - VISION - I heard a telephone ring in my right ear, so I mentally said I was ready for a message.

I then heard a black man say, "Oh Baby! Get this! and a bright blue printed message appeared and the title of it was , "PUT A PATCH ON YOUR SCREENS!"

2-21-03 - VISION - ???\

2-21-03 - VISION - something yellow and green - I think it was two women in historical gowns.

2-21-03 - VISION - I was in an arena in a round cage with a long whip in my hand, training two young female lions.

2-21-03 - VISION - A woman in a dark Victorian fashion gown with a huge pink hat with feathers on.


2-21-03 - DREAM - I was in a car and drove to an exercise place on Layton Ave. in Milwaukee.  (I don't' think it actually exists there)

Several women were at the counter by the entrance, so I sat down on a small couch and went to sleep for a few minutes.

I started to wake up and felt really groggy. One of the women at the counter asked me if I wanted to sign in. I said, "I signed up with the one in Hales Corners, but I don't suppose they pass those lists around."

I had no interest in exercising so I don't know why I even stopped there.

Another woman wanted to explain a program she was presenting and asked me, "Do you want to participate?"

She and I said simultaneously, "You don't look like you can think right now!"

                                               "I don't think I can think right now!"

and woke up for real.

(I am so tired today - I really can hardly stay awake for some reason)





2-21-03 - VISION - I saw a series of women standing in a row - there were 5 of them.


2-22-03  -DREAM - Joe and I were having a new house built. The first thing the carpenters installed was the front windows to have a clear view (there were no walls) and then they ran the telephone lines around the perimeter of the outline of the house, so we would have good communication right from the start.

The next step was to dig the basement. I said I wanted a full basement and Joe said he wanted one as small as possible. I was visualizing extra rooms in the basement for the laundry, a recreation room, side rooms for storage of jars of food for the future.  All Joe wanted was  small space to put the furnace in.

I said, "I guess I don't need a large basement as long as I have a full extra house on the side with rooms to store extra furniture people give us. Then I remembered that the side house I was thinking of was attached to my old house in Wisconsin.

So we went to the library and I picked out two large books on architecture of building houses for our future.

We then went home and it was late in the evening. My friends Linda C and Kimber were visiting with their kids. It was 9 p.m. on the clock. There was also a woman there who was the leader of a book discussion group.

I was trying to find one of the books from the library so we could talk about it, but all the books on the TV set were kid's books and maps of the U.S. I noticed then that the kids had knocked a lot of books behind the TV set when they were playing, so I started pulling them out, hoping to find the library book before we ran out of time.

I found some engineering books and kids books, but when I found a library book, it was about history. I opened the book up and the inside cover was all marked up with ''CONDEMNED' and 'DISCARDED' stamps, and even worse - half of the book was missing large chunks that were deliberately cut out of the book. Half of our history was gone and we couldn't even read about it.

So I thought maybe we could discuss an old book I had in my own library that we had all read in the past, so I went over to the bookcase and pulled out the #2 Nancy Drew Mystery.

NOTE:  The Nancy Drew Mystery #2 was THE HIDDEN STAIRCASE.


2-23-03 - DREAM - I was in an apartment with Becky (my daughter-in-law). She had just told me she was changing jobs. I was happy for her. After I thought about it for a few minutes, I thought to myself, I'm over 50 years old, I can change jobs if I want to also.

NOTE:  Becky called me and told me she had a job offer and wanted to know if she should take it.  Duh!!!!!


2-23-03 - DREAM - I was in an apartment somewhere. I started thinking about crystal and then about learning how to do lapidary work. I decided I would go to the library and get some books on lapidary work.

I did some housework and changed clothes, then my husband a friend of mine (female) headed down to the library. We ended up in a New Age shop where they sold Jewelry made of gemstones. After looking at some samples of peach colored and turquoise pieces that were pretty, I decided that what I really wanted was pure quartz crystals that I could buy my supplier cheaper on than in a store.

NOTE: I looked at lapidary equipment on and it was over $100.00  - ouch!


2-23-03 - DREAM - I was standing on the stairs of my 16th St. house, looking up on the porch. It looked like my Dad was sitting on the porch swing wearing a blue shirt with pink pin stripes.

NOTE:  Had my Dad lived longer, tomorrow would be his 100th birthday.


2-23-03 - VISION - I was laying on my bed on my back with my eyes closed. I was seeing the sun shining in the east window of the bedroom. It was just like real.

NOTE:  There is no east window in the bedroom.


2-24-03 - MY DAD'S 100TH birthday.

DREAM - A blonde woman tortures her friend once a year to see if they are loyal to her. I tried to protect them.

The blonde woman was about 5 ft. tall with curly hair - maybe a little taller.

First she installed a metal tank to her water system in her house and filled it with bright red Kool Aid. Then she watched with glee as her friends turned on the water to get a drink or wash their hands and the water turned bright red.

Then she demanded that her best friend (who had dark hair) clean the public bathroom. The toilet had a ton of pubic hair in it because it hadn't been cleaned in a year. I went to the kitchen and got a fork to dredge out the hair and cleaned the toilet myself.

I then went into another room where my own furniture was, and she had removed some of it and hid it. There were 4 vines growing tenuously on a lamp hanging from the ceiling and I attempted to separate them and get them into water to save them. I was gong to put them in a vase on a quarter moon shaped table, which she had stacked in a corner on top of some other odd-shaped tables, but she refused to allow us to do that.

There was a man there who looked like the actor George Hamilton - dressed like a butler. He said he would take them upstairs to his own room to save them for me.

There were 8 floors in this building. I walked up 5 floors without getting out of breath - then I was allowed to take the elevator the rest of the way.

There were other people working in offices who watched me make the climb and they applauded my efforts for getting so far on my own.


2-25-03 - DREAM - I was in a large city. I was crossing a wide street like a boulevard. There was traffic going both ways.

I saw an American plane coming in low. It had white wings and had a dark circle with a white star in the center on the end of the wings. It slammed down into the street and ended up underneath the center boulevard, lucky not hitting any cars. The plane itself was in deep water under the boulevard and I could see the pilots' arm stick out from the fuselage, so I pulled his body out of the water. He was a thin, smallish man, waring a dark green pilot's uniform, like in the airforce. He wasn't dead.

I asked him his name but he couldn't speak. I quickly dialed 911 on my cell phone to get him some help.


I was going to go square dancing with some woman. I wasn't dressed for square dancing, I was wearing a suit one would wear to an office in bright red and fushia. There was a beaded black dress hanging in my closet door, but that turned out to be a skimpy nightie, so I couldn't wear that. I pulled off my jacket so I was just wearing a sleeveless fashion dress. I figured I might have to just wear that, because the women didn't want to wait much longer. I had told them it would only take me two minutes to change clothes.


I was going to give some kids a bath. They had nasty poop smeared all over their legs, so I made them get into the bathtub in deep water and found them some large soft clothes and stiff brushes to scrub with.

I then went around asking to check my other female relatives ankles to see if they were clean. One woman had a huge scar on her ankle with blue veins sticking out which she was concerned out. I pronounced her okay and clean.

My granddaughter Jennifer was wearing socks. I told her to pull them off so I could check her ankles to see if they were clean. Her feet actually looked bluish and her toes were really strange. There were three toes on the bottom, one toe above them, and two or three toes on top of them. It was the strangest looking foot I've ever seen.


2-26-03 - As I closed my eyes, I had two visions in a row - SEWELL MOUNTAIN, and another mountain name- both of which were used for radar tracking for incoming missiles or planes.

DREAM- seemed to be related to the vision. I was pregnant and showing already. teh baby was growing so fast, I knew I would be delivery the baby early so I had to be extra careful not to overextend myself physically.

I was asked to babysit a war dog. I agreed to do this and all I had to do was sit in a chair in the livingroom and watch the dog sleep on the floor.

However, the feeding of the dog and its turds, etc. got overwhelming and the food got nasty grey bugs and I could no longer just sit there.

I tossed a brown pillow toward the dog to wake it up and then finally was forced to get off the chair and retrieve an upright vacuum cleaner that looked like a short silver bomb to clean up the mess.


2-27-03 - VISION - I saw two sheets of paper with the names of two men -  both with the last name of Mendez.

Below the names was some writing about them, so I moved the sentences up to make them shorter.

NOTE: I hope this isn't the killer Mendez brothers.


2-27-03 - DREAM - I was working in an office with my friend Alyse. My desk was right up against my bosses desk. He had a phone on his desk which was a single line and I had a phone that was multiple lines, which also included his line.

I thought about whether to answer his phone on his desk because I could reach it easily, or if I should turn around and answer his phone on my desk which meant I'd have to actually turn to my right to do it.

For some reason, our answering machine wasn't working so the boss gave me a large box full of pads of "When Your Were Out." slips in it. There were hundreds of them.

I laughed and said to Alyse, "I'll answer is phone, take a message and put it on his desk - he won't have time to call the person back, so he'll give me the papers back and say, 'blah, blah, blah,' which I could have done in the first place."

Alyse then made a comment about the lack of rain, and said, "I wonder where the rain is!"  

So, I mentally put a picture up in front of her that showed  stand of topless tree poles, pouring rain and a bright shining sun behind the rain, and said, "There it is!"

Then I had to stop and wonder shy the trees were topless and where that was.

Joe was driving me home then. We were going along the street and some kids were crossing the street  aways. They stopped in the middle of the road to pick up a dressmaker's manikin to drag it across the street.

The kids were right where we needed to make a right turn so we stopped and waited for the boys to finish crossing the street. But the boys just stood there with the manikin now standing upright on the street.

So Joe mentally shrunk the manikin down in size and moved it with his mind all the way down the street to the next intersection and up on the sidewalk in the front of the corner drug store.

I was amazed at the power of Joe's mind - but the boys were scared at that and ran across the street away from us.


2-28-03 - DREAM - There was nothing realistic about this dream. The people mostly were in my own family for the most part, but when people were all like 1/2 human and 1/2 birds with feather like parrots or with bright blue feathers coming out of their head like in Egyptian pictures.

I went into a dining hall where there were older women. One woman said she was over 50 and had what looked like white oval gemstones pasted all over her face like a mask. She sat at the table and removed them one by one while she talked tome.

Then I was at home with my 1st husband jim. It was around noon and we had been laying around all morning with our robes on.

He said he wanted to go for a ride so I agreed and we took our robes off just before we went outside. It was summer time and we both were dressed in a shirt and shorts.

We went to a relatives house, where everyone wa sitting around along table for dinner and talking.

I noticed it was starting to get dark and a loud rumbling storm sound was coming from the northwest. (Storms don't normally come from that direction in that area of Wisconsin)

I wanted to leave before the storm hit and get all my kids together, but everyone said it was too late and I saw that it was already raining outside.

My son Mike appeared in the livingroom and said that he and his wife were going to start to go to church every Sunday. (They are Lutheran) I asked what he expected to get from that. He said, "Well, my wife has been drinking a lot and I hoped it would help."


THIS IS IMPORTANT:  3-1-03 - I dreamed the bird hierarchy in a series of visions. There were 7 birds horizontally, then 5 birds of 5 different colors vertically, then a group of birds that were 1/2 humand 1/2 bird.