2-1-04 - DREAM - I was working in an office somewhere. I was doing some kind of word processing. The people in the office praised me a lot for the work I did. I was really happy there.

My boss wasn't in the office, but his phone rang so I answered it. It was my boss Ralph (The Jewish Judge)

I said, " ______ and cigarettes."  I had answered it like that 3 separate times and I couldn't stop myself from saying the word 'cigarettes' at the end. I thought he was going to yell at me for saying that, but he didn't.  Maybe I worked for a cigarette company and didn't realize it?"

He said the he had heard that I was happy in my job and that people were saying good things about me. I said that was true. He sounded really happy himself and was happy for me too.

After the phone call, the head secretary came in and sat down. She was holding a letter she was working on. It had come from some legal form and the letter was full of legalese language.

I saw a whole list of words that were similar in spelling like 'illicit' But the one that sticks out in my mind is 'civilities.'  All the words in that sentence had 'I' and 'l' in it like that. I handed her letter back to her and was glad I didn't have her job. I really liked mine.

I got another phone call (I think I was half awake and asked for the message)  Back in the dream, the male voice said I could have the gold car and should move it from space #6 to space #9 I the front of the car. He said the inside of the car was a mess but the outside was pretty. 

Afterward, my husband Edward was there and I told him about the car and our living arrangements. We were going to sublet a section of a man's apartment who owned the gold car.

So, I opened the back end of the car. It was like a station wagon. Inside I saw 3 sky-blue bathrobes, so I asked for them and an attendance handed them to me one by one and the 3rd one turned pink, but I said I would take it anyway.

I then went to hang the bathrobes up and found myself standing in a pressboard type dressing room of this other guy's apartment which had closets and rack and racks of ladies dresses hanging up. I figure we could make that work somehow. 

I then had to go to the bathroom and there was no private bathroom. Everything was out in the open. The men didn't seem to care, but  I did. I said I was going to go down the street to the hotel or restaurant and use their bathroom and woke as I went out the door.


2-2-04 - DREAM - I was out at the lake in a cottage. I had bought some toys for the kids at the nearby school and was contemplating what else I could buy to give to the kids for Christmas.

Then my husband Ed showed up - home from prison. He came close and hugged me and I could smell cigarettes on his breath so I knew he still smoke them. That was okay as long as I didn't smell booze on his breath, because that I wouldn't tolerate. 

Then he said that he had found a great place nearby that sold spices and they had reasonable prices. He was acting all excited and happy about that. He asked me if he could go by some.

I knew what that meant - he had no money - no job, and he'd stay off the booze as long as he could have his "spices" (which meant marijuana)

But that meant to me, since I only had $35 in my purse, that the kids wouldn't get any more gifts for Christmas.

I agreed to go with him to buy "spices" to keep the peace.

But I had to change clothes to do that and for some reason I had to do this outside, so I ran naked around the outside of the house and heard some buy cheering me on as I ran. On the other side of the house was my underwear and clothes which I put on as fast as possible and then went into the house through the front door - ready to go buy spices. But I told my husband we had to be careful outside because there were robbers out there.




to guess what the second ward was and they came up with all kinds of things that could be chronic.

Another girl there got two books off the shelf in the main room and she tried to give it to me to read instead. It was a book with cartoon drawn Teddy Bear pictures in it - a kids book. I told her politely, "No thanks". I had to think what I had that was chronic and find a cure for it. 

I woke up and had a terrible headache, but my nose was clogged shut - as soon as my nose cleared and I could breathe, the pain went away instantly. 


NOTE: The radio was on

2-4-04 - DREAM - I was living in the country and the place was old and in bad shape. Some men came by and showed me how to strengthen the foundation and put new brick in the walls. When they were done, it was really beautiful - blue and white brick over a white foundation. 

Unfortunately, when I saw it complete, it reverted back to normal and when my husband came, I could only explain it to him -he would have to do the work himself. 

He was getting ready to go somewhere up the street for a conference of some kind. I delayed him a bit, telling him about fixing the foundation of the building and then by telling him we needed to decide whether we wanted to live in the city or the country. 

He left then and I went to the front door and unlocked the screens because I was expecting my friend Alyse to come visit. 

I opened the door and she was sitting on the front porch by herself. She hadn't knocked because she was about 1/2 hour early. It wasn't even 8 a.m. yet. 

So I welcomed her to come in, even though she was early and I wasn't ready for guests.

As soon as I did that, her husband got out of the car that was packed for traveling a long distance.

Then her daughter got out of the car and started heading up the stairs towards me as well. The short person turned out not to be her daughter, but her mother - a tiny little wrinkled old lady. I welcomed her and gave her a hug, and as soon as I did my neighbors came over and they were all squealing with delight to see each other again. Then they ALL went into the house which wasn't ready for guests. 

But they all made themselves at home and found food to eat and just helped themselves. When they were done eating, Alyse took it upon herself to help clean the kitchen and wiped the table clean. I was truly grateful for the help. 

Then some little boys were eating some cereal and it was like dry shredded wheat, so I found some little fruit pieces to go on it, like sugared peach chunks and bits. It looked pretty good. 

Then I saw a handsome, thin man at the back of the kitchen. I noted his shadow was bigger than he was. He suddenly shape-shifted into the 7 foot tall Hulk-looking guy for an instant and it scared me. But he shape-shifted quickly back to normal. I relaxed and was going to greet him when he shape-shifted back to the Hulk-looking guy and I got scared again. He shape-shifted back to a normal guy again, but now I was wary that he could change again at any moment.

Then he picked up a butcher knife and held it up like a sword. That was it and I turned and ran from the room and slammed the wooden door between us, in case he would throw the knife towards me. 

Back in the living room, the guests all left and then my husband came home from his conference, carrying all kinds of food. I stuck my finger into one dish of something to taste it. It was smart like brown sugar. He laughed and said, "It's chicken."  This was a conference to see how many different ways someone can make chicken."  

Gag! It reminded me of soybeans and aliens - how they can make plant food into anything - including a meat looking product and sweet things - ugh! It's still soy. 


2-5-04 - DREAM - I was looking at a black and white computer screen that had a fire on it labeled Alrin A. I wanted to open up the file and look at it, but didn't get around it. 


2-5-04 - DREAM - Same  but these files were B thru some other letter way up the alphabet - maybe 15 files. I didn't want to open these until I opened A first because I wanted to see what the Alrin really looked like first. This was like a series of lessons.


2-5-04 - DREAM - I was trying to do laundry and the washer had some glass objects in it  -like a dishwasher would have - like a tall, hollow spindle and a huge glass container - not exactly a ball - but on that order - like an octagon.  I packed it with clothes to wash that all looked like they had already been washed. It had an afghan that was still folded. Any my husband brought me more laundry to wash before I even had the first load started. 

Then too, my kids were supposed to be taking a nap and my youngest son Bill was cranky, so I told him to go upstairs to his room and he wouldn't, so I took him upstairs and suggested he take a nap in my bed - and sleep face down -  and then thought better of the idea and decided to put him in a big child's crib, but there were valuable things around like photos in picture frames.

While I was trying to make up my mind, the telephone rang downstairs - it was someone asking me to do something and at the same time Kimber and another woman came to visit to work on a project for the day.

They came upstairs and Bill was still wandering around. I said to the women - "Did you ever try to get a cranky kid to go to sleep? I've been working on this for over an hour."

We all went back downstairs and I had the women sit at the dining table to work on the project. I asked them if they anted coffee or tea. Kimber said she would like an extra lump of sugar. I said, "Sure!" I was sure I had some lump sugar around somewhere. I got a ceramic pot and put water on to heat - but the problem was, I didn't have any matching cups.  I found a tiny tea cup for Kimber. It hadn't been used in so long, it had old spider legs and plant roots hanging off the handle which I had to clean off. There was so much of this stuff hanging off the tea cup, I hoped I could get it clean enough to drink out of. 

then I looked at the white coffee cup and that was so clean - it glistened. But while I was looking at the coffee cup, I caught Kimber's daughter pulling on the roots hanging from my potted tree and I was afraid she was going to pull it over, so I had to ask her to stop. 

I then thought to myself, "if I could just clean up the kitchen and keep it clean, we could all be in the same room at the same time. 


2-6-04 - DREAM - I was in a small town somewhere. It had snowed and the kids were playing outside, having fun. Then they all came in and took off their wet mittens.

I threw all the mittens into the dryer so they could go back outside and play again as soon as they dried.

Then one of the teen boys said hew as driving into town and I said I would rid with him.

It was several miles into town and the road was straight and covered with sand as the town trucks had spread sand on the road after the snow.

Then the kid took his hands off the wheel to do something and told ME to steer. Since the road was straight, it wasn't too hard to stay on the road. But we were going downhill faster and faster.

I asked him how fast we were going and he said he didn't know. He had his heel pressed hard onto the pedal, so I knew we were going as fast as the car could go. Finally the front wheels came off the road and we were virtually flying.  I knew there was no stopping until we hit something. 

The kid grabbed a hold of the dashboard which came loose like a brown shield and we held the dashboard over our faces so the breaking windshield wouldn't cut us.

As we came into town, I heard a couple thump-thumps and I knew we had hit someone.

Finally the car scraped along a wall and came to a stop without crashing.

I got out of the car and some people came running up to the car yelling, "You killed her, you killed her."

I looked over at the sidewalk and there was a black woman laying there dead with her legs and arms askew so she look like the letter 'K'. 

(It was probably Kali)

I was cold outside, so I went into the little restaurant there to keep warm to wait for the cops to arrest us and take us to jail. 

But I woke up instead.


2-7-04 - VISION 

Perfect baby 1737/1738

with teeth

NOTE: I looked up the date 1737 and the first person mentioned was Thomas Paine.


This website contains these complete works of Thomas Paine, pamphleteer, patriot, dreamer (1737–1809)

Paine's call to arms for America.

"These are the times that try men's souls."

Paine's reply to an attack on the French Revolution by Edmund Burke.

(1794, 1796)
Paine's biting criticism of the Bible and religion.

Thomas Paine "These are the times that try men's souls." This simple quotation from Thomas Paine's The Crisis not only describes the beginnings of the American Revolution, but also the life of Paine himself. Throughout most of his life, he was a failure, living off the gratitude and generosity of others, but his writings helped inspire a nation. He communicated the ideas of the Revolution to common farmers as easily as to intellectuals, creating prose that stirred the hearts of the fledgling United States. He had a grand vision for society: he was staunchly anti-slavery, and he was one of the first to advocate a world peace organization and social security for the poor and elderly. But his radical views on religion would destroy his success, and by the end of his life, only a handful of people attended his funeral.



2-8-04 - DREAM - I and another woman were walking through the building where we worked and we came to a room where some men were pushing a huge dumpster-like cart full of books.

We rushed into the room and I said to the nearest man, "You aren't throwing those books away are you?"

He said, "Yes! We are."

I asked him if we could have some of them, and he agreed that would be okay. so my friend and I started picking out books to take with us. They apparently were all children's books with slick shiny covers with pictures on. We could only carry a limited few books so I put mine on a counter nearby because I was already carrying books and papers.

The young man who I had first spoken to was standing close to me. He turned his head away as if to be listening to someone speaking to him on the left. He turned back then and said to me, "My guide said I shouldn't get friendly with you because you are just going to turn and walk away from me."

I thought to myself," I hadn't planned to get friendly with you anyway - feeling suddenly angry that a spirit was going to decide in advance what I was going to do.

So I gave the guy a kiss on the cheek and turned and walked away, completely forgetting to take the books with me.

I and my friend decided to stop off at the bathroom. We went to the bathroom which was very public. I sat down and as soon as I did, I started having visions of books about the things that Thomas Paine had said.

The first two books said simply, "Thomas Paine - Vol I and Vol II and were dark green. 

I saw others about him and they seemed to be about mind control and while I watched, the word "control' disappeared.

I found this so fascinating, I knew I was going to have to write about him and quote the words he said,

... Thomas Paine, born in England, praised his adopted homeland as an "asylum for mankind" — which gave him a forum to denounce regressive taxes and propose free ... - 101k - Cached - Similar pages

... Thomas Paine: "Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property ... ... - 101k - Cached - Similar pages

... it.". --Thomas Paine, Rights of Man ("Conclusion"). "All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.". --Marbury ...



2-8-04 - DREAM - I was in an apartment somewhere. The men in the apartment all took showers in the morning and left for the day. (I can't remember the conversations we had, if any.)

After they left, it was my turn to take a shower. The shower stall was full of various sizes wash cloths and towels, which all had big yellow stains on and I would have to wash them too.

When I came out of the shower area, I found a woman sitting on top of the bookcase. She was an invalid (no legs?) but she was a radio personality. She was thin and had short dark curly hair. I asked her if she needed any help. She assured me she had plenty of people to help her. It looked like she was surrounded by huge piles of bird seed.

She had a room off to the side of my room which I hadn't seen before. 

My husband and I then left the building and drove down the street. On the right side of the street, it was strewn with what looked like rise and raisins (cooked) and the cars were driving fast and slipping and sliding.

To avoid all that, we drove on the left side of the street and passed them all. 

When we passed them, as we came to a stop, a long cut off pine branch came up from behind us and I grabbed it.

At the same time, my husband went off to pick me some white roses from the bushes nearby.

He picked me the biggest rose I had ever seen - it was way over 6 feet tall - it was amazing to see. 

I also was doing something with some file names- 4 of  1 kind and one longer one. I wanted to know what the long file name said and it changed to numbers. I knew I wouldn't remember the whole number, but the middle number was 777 and the last two digits was 84. 


2-10-04 - DREAM - I met Joe's youngest brother. He had a nice western twang to his voice. He said his voice was different than Joe's voice because he was adopted. He said he lived near Darien and that's pretty much where he hung out.


2-10-04 - DREAM - I was working in a large office building. One of the other girls came up to me with a folder and a pattern card. She didn't know what to do with it.

I explained to her the procedure of how we kept track of the manufactured parts on the cards and that if you had a card, it listed the part number, and the manufacturer's name, and you knew from the number that there was a corresponding drawing with the same number to show what the part looked like.

She didn't want to hear the explanation and tried not to listen. I told her she didn't have to talk to me or to respond, but she had to 'hear' the explanation so she 'knew' the procedure we used.

I then went into another large room where there was a large-screen TV. There was a weatherman telling the bad news about a storm coming.

Over on the side was Oprah Winfrey commenting that it wasn't raining where she was (Chicago) but I could see a huge black cloud or rain behind the weatherman with the rain already falling. 

I opened the door to the building and it was starting to rain where I was.

I looked out the windows of the building and it was raining so hard, it was raining sideways and it was dizzying.

I started pulling screens over the windows so we didn't have to watch it rain. It was past 5 p.m. now and people were working late and having meetings all over the building. There was still a lot of work to do.

NOTE: Another scene was in a woodsy area. I and my husband were driving fast down a country road that curved through the woods in separate cars. I yelled back at him that there was a large obstacle in the road. I couldn't make out what it was. But I didn't want him to hit it or damage his car. Just then a vehicle going fast came the other direction. I didn't want him to hit that either but I didn't have time to warn him.


2-11-04 - DREAM - I was living in the country. It seemed like Wisconsin. Our neighbors had just moved. I went outside and looked at the landscape that was rolling hills. I saw no houses in any direction, just our own barn and a clothesline with empty clothes pins hanging on it here and there. It had a very lonely feeling, but I was glad that our neighbors had left for their own safety.

I went back into the house to help clear the breakfast table and do the breakfast dishes. The little girl, about 4, asked if she could go outside and play and I said, "Sure!" There was no real reason why a 4 year old couldn't enjoy such a nice day.

So I proceeded to wipe the crumbs of the table onto the floor where there was a pile of wood shavings. I was told that the tree branch that had been cut was a biblical tree - the Acacia - that had to be swept up next.

There were a couple of slices of coffee cake left. I buttered them liberally to save them for 'Joy' later. 

The man of the house was there and he was going to eat the coffeecake, but I told him we were saving them for 'Joy'.

I caught a gland out the window just then.

Coming over the hill from the northwest was a black cloud coming with 3 shiny tornados hanging out of it.

As the tornados touched down, I saw flames erupt at ground level from whatever they hit bursting into flames.

Just that quick, the wind and rain hit the house and rushed part, blowing the trees over almost sideways.

I knew the children were outside playing somewhere and that there was no way they could withstand that wind to get home safely. That win had to have been way over 200 miles an hour. The rain and wind was viscous.

I started screaming, "Oh, my God, oh my God, oh my God!" realizing I might not ever see the children alive again. and woke up with my heart pounding in fear.


See:  Hurricanes of 2004 


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2-12-04 - DREAM - I was working in a large office where people bought coffee to drink and they paid with pennies. So at this point there were thousands of pennies and it became my responsibility to get them to the bank. But banks don't take loose pennies so I had to go to the bank first to get penny wrappers.


2-13-04 - DREAM - I was in an apartment and the sofa was broken, the cushions were out of place and it all needed fixing. I made the best attempt to make it useful that I could. 

While I was doing this, a teen girl came up to me and handed me a long bridal veil, so I had to hang it up so it wouldn't get wrinkled. I wanted to get a hangar from the front hall, but there was a woman talking on the phone there and I didn't want to interrupt her.

I then went to the sewing machine to repair something and when I moved the fabric, everything else around it moved too because there was too much stuff around it. 

I then went to make coffee for the people and I had a small miniature beer bottle and I poured the water into the beer bottle instead of the coffee pot. I realized how stupid that was, so I dumped the water out of the beer bottle onto the hassock footstool - then I realized that was stupid too - that I should have poured it into the sink. 

I saw my daughter climb into her crib, and thought, "Oh no, she's too big, she'll break it," then realized that she slept in it every night, it wasn't going to break. 

Finally, we went down the street and when we parked the car - there was another broken sofa.

It seemed then that everyone's sofa was broken and they all needed fixing.


2-14-04 - DREAM - I was living in a house and was moving from the second floor to an attic apartment. The people who were moving into the house into my apartment were trying to move in before I was even out of it.

I tried to move as quickly as I could. I was getting help from my husband, but he had different things to move than I did. I grabbed my sewing boxes from the middle of the room and few stick pins fell on the floor,  so I had to pick them up before someone stepped on them. I carried my stuff upstairs, including the lettuce from the refrigerator.

When I got upstairs, I realized how many more steps I had to climb to live in the attic.

My husband had turned on a big fan because the weather was hot, but it was blowing everything around so I had to shut it off so I could put flower decorations on the kitchen table.

When I was done, I went downstairs and outside where my husband had moved some green plants and cut flowers into the bright sun. They looked great for a moment, but they quickly wilted from the hot sun. So I told him to move them into the shade so they could acclimatize themselves.

As I woke up, I saw the inside title page to a book and at the bottom of the page was a small picture of Benjamin Franklin.


2-14-04 - DREAM - I and several other teen children were playing and running alongside a narrow river or wide creek. I saw a black snake in the creek as I ran alongside.

At one point we had to jump across a little inlet so we didn't get our feet wet. But the last time I did it, I barely made it because the grass on the far side of the inlet was soaked with so much water, I sunk into the soft soil about 4 inches.

At that point, I looked down at my feet and saw that I was wearing black ankle-high boots buttoned up the side and tied with black string and long ankle-length skirts and bouffant slips underneath - just like they did in the days of Benjamin Franklin.


2-15-04 - DREAM (None of these details are accurate)

I was living in California. My cousin Shirley came to California to visit and stayed with my mother-in-law. She came to visit me and then left again. I don't recall any of our conversation.

Two locksmiths I worked with came to the house. They went into the closet whereupon a heavy metal stairway came down from the shelf. I asked them if they had known it was there and they said, "No!"

I decided it was safer to leave it down, even thought my children might try to use it. It was convenient to me that way too.

After the stairway came down, I started getting channeled messages for my kids. I had already received 3 messages and forgot them before I wrote them down.

Rather than get more messages that I would forget, I decided I would go upstairs and tell the kids that I got messages to clean up and get organized before I could get more messages.

I then went outside and sat on a grass hummock which I was told here "little people" lived under. But then, this so-called grass hummock turned out to be just a baby blanket and when it came loose, I didn't see anything under it but more grass.


2-16-04 - I had the dream - then wrote the dream out in longhand in dream 2 and retold the dream in dream 3. 

DREAM:  I as working for Ralph - He called a friend of mine 'Witchy Woo" and my son Bill, he called Pitchy Poo.

He handed me a miniature brown cowboy hat , trying to prevent me from leaving and I don't know what it called it - but it was a foreign language for 'hat' but not Sombrero.

In the last dream where I was retelling the dream, I noticed that my apartment had been remodeled and the sink had been moved down the counter so it was next to the window.

Right at the end, I had a large round glass bowl, fitted out to be a fish bowl. It had too much water in it, so I was pouring water out various sides without dumping out the fish or the creatures - it was like a clear pond and had many kinds of creatures a pond would have. When I was done, I looked through the bowl at my creatures and it was really cool. 

In dream #1, I had fled down the stairs to get away from Ralph so fast, I was actually screaming out loud and Joe asked me if I was awake.

In dream #2, I retold the whole thing, but without emotion, trying to retain the names and in dream #3, while telling the dream to my friends, we were laughing about the names.

What was scary in dream #1, was that their seemed to be a murder and a sexual scene with it which I came across with fresh blood and I wrote it all down in detail in dream #2 and my boss tried to get my notes and I escaped down the stairs with him trying to hand me the miniature hat to try to stall me. 

In dream #3, it was 5 p.m. at the end of the storytelling and I had to start my second job as locksmith dispatcher while Ward the locksmith was sitting at my dining room table laughing about 'Witchy Woo and Pitchy Poo'.


2-17-04 - DREAM - I was in my old apartment. It was 10 minutes to 1. I needed to get some lunch, eat, and go see my new apartment which was several blocks away, which I hadn't even seen yet. Apparently was the Manager and hadn't picked up the mail with the checks in and banked them yet either.  I needed to do all that in 10 minutes and knew that was impossible.

My friend Jerry Seinfeld who I called Ralph, agreed to take me and said he was parked behind the building, but I'd better hurry. 

So I grabbed a pair of shoes from about 20 pairs that were lined up on a rack, stuck my feet in them and ran down the back stairs 3 at a time. Jerry/Ralph was already pulling out of the parking lot, tired of waiting for me, but he spotted me and came back. His car was an old delapitated car with hay in the trunk like he was a farmer, and was bright blue. 

Because of the way he pulled into the parking lot, I got into the back seat like he was a taxi driver instead of walking around and getting into the front passenger seat. Anything to save time, I was thinking. 

While we were driving to my new apartment, I was trying to figure out how to get to work by bus for when I didn't have someone to drive me back and forth, I still didn't know where I lived - somewhere between 72 and 74th St. about 4 blocks away from where I was - thinking I was on 70th St. 

When I got to the new apartment, I don't remember seeing the front of the building - I was on the 2nd floor with my gold key in my hand. I opened the door and all my furniture was inside, but nothing was where it belonged because movers had brought it in and I didn't have any say over where they put it.

I walked down the hall towards my bedroom, grabbing about 8 sheets of paper which listed all the tenants in the building so I'd know who had paid rent when I got the checks out of the mailbox on my way out.

To my surprise, Irv R. was standing in the hallways, talking to one of my neighbors (an older male) and telling him that he had a heart problem and how to give him CPR if he fell down for any reason.  (He actually died of that 2 years ago)

Irv hadn't been to this apartment either and I pointed out his room by pushing open the door. The interior was a very large room, with shades pulled down and everything inside looked greyish brown - I didn't see any other color in it. It was obvious that Irv also lived in this apartment. 

I put on a red and white T-shirt to wear for the afternoon, made sure I had my mailbox key in my hand and got the tenant papers firmly in my hand, ready to go down the front stairs and get the mail. 

I woke up as I went out my apartment door - to go down the front steps knowing it was 1:30 p.m. already and thinking I would tell my boss he could dock my pay for 1/2 hr for being late for work. I never did get anything to eat for lunch. 


2-18-04 - DREAM - I had just moved back to Milwaukee and had a nice apartment. In the morning the apartment was clean, but as the day went along, it got messier and messier and I was finding dishes of food laying around with tuna, chicken, and french fries partially eaten. I gave all that to the cats outside.

I was supposed to have a dinner party that evening and I wasn't ready.

Edward (my ex) came home and I had to constantly watch him to see what he was doing.

All of a sudden, it was 5 p.m. and I was supposed to be dispatching locksmiths for my job. They had brought me the radio so I could hear them talking but they hadn't brought me the charger for it so I wasn't able to talk to them.

I got a phone call from Tom, the owner. He said he couldn't afford to pay me what I needed and he couldn't sell out of his house, and he didn't have his ad in the magazine anymore - that NASCAR was advertised there now. But they were going to get me the charger and the gizmo I needed to run credit cards through and then I'd be in business.

I went back to my dinner preparations. Ed had gone somewhere - I don't know where.

Then a Dept. of animal welfare guy came to the door and said he had been told that I had a tortoise and he was there to check on him.

I said, "Yes! I think he's a tortoise," and went to look for him, inside the apartment and outside the building. I didn't find it though and I thought that Ed may have stashed him somewhere.



I was in Wisconsin, near Eau Clair. I went to visit my mother-in-law Lucy B. at her farmhouse. We were having a nice chat and then she told me that 5 of her sons had spun themselves to death to commit suicide the week before. There were no funerals for them because it was a sin to commit suicide. I thought that was atrocious.

I went out for a walk and when I came back, the house was full of people who were all standing around crying.

I was really puzzled so I started asking people why everyone was crying. Nobody would tell me and it was making me angry.

Finally, I saw a priest standing in the midst of the crowd and he had tears in his eyes too. I asked, "Why is everyone standing around like somebody died?"

He didn't answer either, but more or less looked towards the other room.

So I looked in the other room and was my mother-in-law laying on her back with her eyes closed on the dining room table. People were sitting and standing around her seemingly dead body.

I asked, "Why didn't someone tell me?" I was more angry than sad at that point.

I went into the dining room to see her and she opened her eyes and started to sit up. She wasn't dead after all - just asleep. The people were stunned to see this. They stopped crying, but didn't know what to say.

My mother-in-law was now sitting up and starting singing and moving her hands strangely. I decided I would change the mood of the room by clapping for her and one by one the other people started clapping too because my mother-in-law was not only singing, she was dancing and changing shape and getting smaller. It looked like a vaudeville act. I didn't know what to make of it myself, but she was getting smaller and smaller and turning to an odd elf-like creature. She ended up about a foot tall, very slender and she looked like an elf.

I just kept up the clapping and cheering to keep the people in a happy mood, so they wouldn't think they were going crazy, seeing this weird thing happening. Finally, she just jumped off the table and ran outside.

So I followed her outside and I saw what a mess it was. The wind had blown sand around where it didn't belong and stuff was strewn everywhere.

I said to some people, "Someone should just come in here with a bulldozer and move this dirt." So someone went to get a bulldozer and meanwhile, I saw sprouts of roses and rhubarb and other plants coming up through the dir and decided to replant them in a safe place and started doing that.

The work wasn't done yet and I saw a huge grey crane move into the area. I knew this wasn't a good thing and started yelling to the people, "It's starting. It's starting." and started scrambling across the windblown sand to get out of there. I climbed up out of the dirt by a concrete wall and found a chunk of pure ice in the dirt. I was amazed by that and I rant down the street yelling, "Its starting! She went to the Baxter line in Africa."


2-22-04 - DREAM - I was working on a computer and making files that would describe my 'inner' house.


2-23-04 - DREAM - I as in a house somewhere and being followed by an animal that was knee high to me. I can't remember what it was - either an elephant or a gorilla or a bear.

I woke up and heard a bell ring in my right ear.  I asked for a message and fell asleep again.

Now the animal following me turned to a yellow crab-like creature. I managed to get the creature into a room where a man put the yellow crab into an iron press and melted it down.

Now I had a winter jacket about child-size which I took to a room where they steam-cleaned jackets. I found an empty hook to hang it on and the proprietor told me the price to steam clean the 4 winter jackets I had hanging in the room would be $26.

I said, "Okay" and left him to do the work.

The proprietor was Tom - the locksmith - key man.

I then had to go to work. I didn't think I was dressed appropriately - my skirt was too short, and I had high boots on. So I went to the store to see what they had.

In the store, there was only 1 dress hanging there. It was pink and it turned out to have 3 pieces including a nice pink jacket. I looked at the size. It was 26 to 28. So I was happy because it was a perfect fit and the clerk hollered after me, "You don't need your wallet, all you need is a credit card."

but I kept my credit cards in my wallet and my wallet was in my car, so I still had to go to my car, which was in a large parking lot.

My car was boxed in somehow by several men so I couldn't move it, but I managed to get in and get my wallet, so I could buy the pink dress.


2-24-04 - DREAM - I was working in an office and we got the job to move old prison records from one place to another. There were so many records they more than filled the back end of a wooden staved box-like truck.

The problem was, they weren't in sealed boxes - they were open to the wind, and the box didn't want to spend the money for a tarp to cover the load. One of the top records blew open and it clearly said KANSAS on the top.

At the same time, one of the accountants came in, looking for a purchase order to close it out for payment. She was looking for the girl who should have the old records - her name was Nancy. She was out for the 2nd day in a row.

I didn't know where Nancy kept the old records - they should have been in a file - like the prison records.

They were from 5 years earlier. Where were the accounting records.?


2-25-04 - DREAM - I was working in an office. The desks were lined up along one wall. My husband worked at a desk down on the far end of the row. They arrested him for drinking too much coffee. He looked like Jerry Seinfeld but I called him Ralph.

I was very upset that they arrested him.

We went downtown for the trial but I couldn't testify because I would have been a prejudiced witness.

So I went to buy us a new car instead. Ralph had picked out a sparkly pale blue sporty type car, but  I had wanted the medium blue car.

The sales guy didn't seem to be in any hurry to sell the car and I didn't have the down payment so I had to get a letter of credit from a judge to get the car. That was no problem but that would take time, so I went back to the office to wait.

Meanwhile, I got some water to drink. It was tasteless and blah, so I complained about it. Another guy down the way made a remark about my husband that he was lucky he didn't get arrested for drinking on the job.

That made me even more upset. But my friends Paul and Michelle were at the court testifying for Ralph and that made me feel better.

I went home then and was sitting on the sofa with two square pillows over me - one on the right side and one on the left.

I thought to myself, "I want to be Mark Spinen."

So I got up and went to the bedroom and saw my husband laying in bed under the sheets.

I looked in the closet and there were only a couple of white sheets hanging there and nothing I could wear. So I thought to myself, "I can't be Mark Spinen, if Mark Spinen doesn't let me be Mark Spinen."

NOTE:  I found only this: Chemist and Nu-Marks of spiders therefore a clearly structured net from Soul - and radio Samples, guitars, trumpets and transverse flutes, most diverse key board sounds and accented basses ("A Day RK The Races").


2-26-04 - DREAM - I was working on a computer, looking at detailed descriptions of 3 different kinds of aliens and trying to figure out how I could transfer them to my own computer.


2-26-04 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building. My husband was laying in bed, and his mother and grandmother were working in the kitchen in full view of the bedroom.

I went across the hall and began setting up a new apartment for myself. I was setting up the stove and aligning it so I could use it when the maintenance man walked in - it was James Von Praagh.



2-27-04 - NAP DREAM - I dreamed there were people who spoke 5 sacred languages. They were the languages of fire and light. The language of the triangle, the sun, the moon, and the fish.

Because these were symbolic languages, one had to be taught what the words meant. There were regular meanings, and secret meanings.

If you weren't taught the secret meanings, you could hear the words and never know what they really meant. You couldn't just guess what they meant. You would hear something different than what was being said.

There were dual, triple and seven-fold allegories to the words.

The dream was not about people. It was about the interaction of the symbols.

The point of these being a hidden secret language was that it was dangerous for common man to know. There is power in words and thought, so only controlled and thoughtful people can be the people to be trusted with the power.

Without being instructed in the secret sacred 5 languages, one could never achieve the great spiritual door to eternal LIGHT. All 5 languages were spoken at the same time and interacted with each other.

Once the languages are learned, certain spiritual centers open within the body to fully connect with the Divine Light and inspiration and fully activate the human form.

Each of these languages activates one of the 5 bodies within the human form.

Also, once these languages are learned and the 5 body centers activated, one can interact with all the time zones of the self - past, present and future, as past past, past present, past future, present past, present, present, present future, future past, future present, and future future.

One recognized that he/she is not just a mere mortal human body, but a son/daughter of Orion - also called Kesil in Hebrew.


Hebrew: Kesil; i.e., "the fool"

the name of a constellation (Job 9:9; 38:31; Amos 5:8) consisting of about eighty stars

The Vulgate renders thus, but the LXX. renders by Hesperus, i.e., "the evening-star," Venus. The Orientals "appear to have conceived of this constellation under the figure of an impious giant bound upon the sky." This giant was, according to tradition, Nimrod, the type of the folly that contends against God. In Isa. 13:10 the plural form of the Hebrew word is rendered "constellations."

The Structure of Symbolism:  The structure of symbolism is similar to that of sacred languages in which ideograms representing concrete objects express abstract concepts.  It is an external metaphor for internal processes.  In this sense, symbolism is a specific language, a science and an art.  It is based on the perception of visible signs, sounds, shapes, colors and motions assembled and interpreted by the educated mind into logical relationships and associations of images expressing feelings, ideas, qualities or duties.  For example, the Hebraic letter “guimel”, literally meaning “camel” and having the shape of a camel’s neck, is the symbol of long ordeals overcome, like those of the camel crossing the desert.  By extension, “guimel” has come to express access to spiritual life.  The letter “daleth”, meaning door, conveys the symbolic concept of prison or liberation, depending on whether one thinks of the door  being closed or open.  Therefore, the combination of “guimel” and “daleth” means either (a) introducing spiritual life into the prison of the body, that is “incarnation”, or (b) escaping out of the body through spiritual development, that is “transfiguration” or “spirituality”.  Profane languages, on the contrary, are expressed by abstract symbols, such as alphabets, to describe concrete objects or stereotyped concepts.  In profane terms, the above “guimel-daleth” combination  is the word “gad” simply meaning happiness.


2-28-04 - DREAM - I was in a large building. In the basement was a library where I got some books to read about children and teens in the revolutionary war.

I had to go upstairs and was followed up the stairs by a huge overweight woman who had to walk really slow, but I practically ran up the stairs with tiny baby steps, so even thought I was moving faster, she was close right behind me.

I then went back down to the library room again and read the books on the sofa in the basement.


2-28-04 - DREAM - I was in the basement of a large building going through old clothes and throwing away stained garments I could no longer wear. My husband I were moving to another place and leaving all the stained clothing and my favorite winter coats behind that we no longer needed.

I heard my mother call me from upstairs and I immediately felt guilty because I hadn't told her I was leaving. She was coming down the stairs and I was going to have to tell her goodbye.

On the shelf was a huge suitcase type container with a zipper on it that held our stereo equipment and our antennas I had to be sure to pack those next.


2-29-04 - DREAM - I was living in a large house with other family members. There was remodeling going on.

There was a large light fixture that was being changed from a B-271 to a W-271. I tried turning it on and it blew out. I immediately reported this to the maintenance man to fix it.

My daughter-in-law Lorna (means laurel) brought over 3 fish tanks that were stacked 3 high that were lighted inside. They were run by a computer. On the side of the top tank there was a metal plate that said "PLAN" and there was a schematic of how these tanks were supposed to light up, but something happened and all the lights went out. There were lots of goldfish in these tanks but when the lights went out, I couldn't see them at all.

I wanted to know what else she did with MY fish tanks when she brought hers in. I spotted them on the counter behind hers. My fish seemed to be swimming happily in the air with with no water or tank at all - just the apparent shape of one.

There was so much work to be done in this house, clothing and blankets to sort out and there was no chair to sit on. I went into another room where the family members were lounging around. There were plenty of objects to sit on, stools of various kinds, hassocks, large overstuffed chairs, folding chairs, but no normal chairs one could use at a desk. I was very upset about this.

I had to take my daughter somewhere. I was in a black car and all the other cars in the parking lot were black also. I drove this car from the right side like an English car. In the parking lot was a squashed and flattened longer car and I had to avoid driving over it. There were a lot of cars in this lot, all black and I had to drive carefully because I wasn't used to driving like the English do and didn't want to cause another accident. 

NOTE:  The last paragraph seems to be like Princess Diana and the car she died in, in Paris.