2-1-99 - DREAM - I found myself at the end of the driveway at my Father's lake cottage. I had three pair of shoes in front of me on the ground, of which I had to choose in order to walk up the path to the house because it was stony and rough. While I stood there, deciding which pair of shoes to put on, my son came running out of the house, saw me there, then ran back in to tell my Father that I was there.

What was troubling me though, was that I had no memory of how I had gotten there. I knew my way there like I know my own hand because I had made the trip hundreds of times before, and I thought back along the route in my mind and couldn't remember having actually driving there. It was like I had walked out the door at home and appeared here at the end of the driveway of my Father's house. I didn't even remember that much. What was worse, was that someone was following me out there to my Father's house. How could they follow me if they didn't know how I got there, nor which way to go on their own?


2-1-99 - DREAM - I was in an office with another girl on the second floor. She got the bright idea to hang her computer up on the wall which freed up her desk for just her keyboard and the papers she was working on. I thought that was a great idea and wondered if I could do that myself.

I made a phone call to a man to tell him a prophecy I had for him, however a different man picked up the phone and heard my prophecy and thought it was for him. I had said that the guy was going to make $6.50 an hour. The guy hung up. I realized after I hung up that the wrong man had heard the prophecy, but it was a good prophecy so I just didn't bother calling him back to correct the error.

My boss came and asked me to type something for him which I did and then went downstairs to my 1st floor office. On the 1st floor I worked in a huge office with two other girls. One was a girl who was considered my enemy. It wasn't that we ever said anything bad to each other, we just didn't like each other on general principles and avoided each other.

The girl had a copy of the letter I had typed upstairs for the boss and complimented me on t he spacing on the letter. I thanked her for the compliment, thinking she was just trying to get on my good side so she could ask me a favor. Sure enough, when I went over to her table along the wall, I thought I saw a pack of cigarettes in a red package, half hidden behind a piece of paper and she asked if she could have one.

I said, "Sure!" But when I reached for the pack of cigarettes, it turned out to be a red globe candle holder. Instead of a candle in it though, there was a twisted piece of red yarn standing in the center of it.

I new I had cigarettes on my own desk so she and I walked over towards my desk with the other girl tagging along. While we were walking there, I waved my hand in the air towards the other girl and she fell over on the floor. I didn't want anyone to think I had special magical powers so I quickly picked her up again.

As we were heading for my desk, I could see a red square shaped ash tray on my desk and there was one cigarette in it. As I looked, a strong wind came past us in the office and blew the cigarette out of the ash tray and then continued to blow on the ash tray until there were no ashes left and it was perfectly clean.

The girls went back to their own desks and I then noticed I had a huge cabinet full of supplies behind my right shoulder. It was really 7 or 8 feet long and 6 feet tall. The cabinet was closed but when I pushed against it with my right shoulder, the cabinet moved easily on wheels and I saw the doors all wiggle and I knew it would open easily.

I then thought about the man who heard me say that he was going to get $6.50 on his pay check which was not true. It was the other guy, not him. I needed to correct his misunderstanding because when he didn't see that amount on his paycheck in the morning, he would raise all kinds of ruckus with the payroll office. I looked at the clock and it was 5:05 p.m.  I knew he shut off his computer at 4:45 p.m. so even if he was still there in his office, I couldn't IM him or send him  an e-mail to solve the problem. It was too late to undo the prophecy I had made to the wrong man.


2-2-99 - DREAM - I had three dreams of web pages about earthchanges. The first one was a plain listing of the different kinds of earthchanges.

The second one was the same list of words, but each one had a specific placement on the page, some were side by side on a row, and the were all etched in stone (concrete?)

The third one again was a list of earthchanges on a brown page. It appeared to be an answer to a letter written by Joe Mason.  He had written:  "My name is Joe Mason. Zeus is my home county."

After the dreams were over, I had a brief dream where I was standing by the stairway of  a large basement. It seemed we had all been gone on a vacation. Someone had painted all the walls deep blue with white daisies all over it. The floor was painted brown and the maintenance man named "Joe" said he was going to paint the walls and then pour a new concrete floor. It appeared there was room for 6 to 9 inches of concrete on the floor up to where the paint started. Joe said he was ready then to pour the concrete. I asked him if he decided not to paint first so he wouldn't drip pain on the new concrete, but since it was all newly painted, he decided he would just go ahead and pour the concrete.

I had a vision after this. I was seeing the end of a letter. Again it was brown and seemed to be a web page.

It ended:  




2-3-99 - DREAM - I spent a long time making lines on a piece of paper so that it ended up looking like a calendar, with no numbers in the spaces. I extended it one space at a time. (I have no idea why)


2-3-99 - DREAM - I was with my extended family. They were creating a garden on their livingroom floor in little square pots. I helped to make it look nice and put them all in order and made sure there was a path one could ride a bicycle through.

My oldest grandson was there. B.B. It seemed he was about age 3 and he was misbehaving and kicking and stiffening out his legs stubbornly so he didn't have to do something, so he was kicking the trees over in the garden.

I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and hauled him to his feet and asked him what was the matter with him. He proceeded to complain that I didn't give his parents any money so he could go to the dentist.

I was astounded by this. I grabbed him by the shirt and told him that the boys in my family didn't need to go to the dentist until they were 16 years old because their teeth were so good and besides that I couldn't afford to go to the dentist myself.

I was so angry, I shoved him into the arms of Michael...Joe's take care of...after I punched him in the face numerous times so his teeth really did hurt.

I walked out of the apartment really angry, planning to walk home, but then realized I didn't have a key to get in when I got there. So I stopped at my friend Pat's apartment where three people were painting the outside of the building. They had actually driven their blue van up the side of the building and it hung off the outside of their scaffolding on the 2nd floor.

When I finally did walk home, there was a huge intersection to cross with huge dirty black snowbanks in the middle where snowplows had left the snow right in traffic where busses and cars and trucks were going by. I tried climbing the dirty black snowbank and it was so steep and so high, I couldn't do it, so I walked around where everyone else was crossing the snowbank where it wasn't quite so high. Each time someone managed to cross over, their name was called out loud for all to hear.


2-5-99 - DREAM - My father was very ill and my mother was taking care of him. However, when I went to visit, my mother wouldn't let me see him. She said he was upstairs taking a nap. This went on for several days and I was getting more and more upset that I couldn't see my Father.

Finally, I met my mother away from the house and my Father wasn't with her. My sister was with my mother. I demanded that I be allowed to see my Father. I was afraid that my mother had either killed him or starved him to death. But, my sister insisted that he was alive and she was a witness to it. (My sister is a Jehovah's Witness) I was screaming at her that they had better let me see my Father, that I was going to show up at the house and if I couldn't see him, there was going to be trouble because I would call the cops and demand visitation. My sister insisted that my FAther was okay and showed me his food which was stored in the basement.  The shelves and bins were full of green grain. I looked pretty awful to me, but my sister said that if my Father didn't want the grain (cereal) they gave him whatever fruit (of the vine) that he wanted.

I went in the house upstairs and my sister showed me my Father's bed. It was like a cot with mosquito netting over it. It looked and felt like a jail. My sister said the only thing my Father insisted on during the day was to make sure the window was open so he could get fresh air and light.

I wasn't satisfied. It felt claustrophobic in the bed and I still hadn't seen my Father.

I seemed to be in charge of the building my Mother and Father lived in and I heard a complaint out in the hallway that there was rock n roll music coming from the attic. I kinda thought to myself, "Oops!" I had forgotten that a music troop was rehearsing up there for a pageant and I had forgotten to tell them what hours to play or not play. I planned to go right up there to tell them to quit practicing but time rather slipped away and I forgot about it.

I went through this little exercise outside where my three sons slid down off a ladder by a black car and I carried them around on my back. That was kinda fun. I didn't want to be left out of the fun part of life.

However, then we went back into the building and there was a rehearsal going on on a stage. I was rather in the back-stage kind of area, looking through a small window from the side of the stage. I saw a girl doing a modern acrobatic type dance in front of the window. She made herself into the shape A.  Then I saw the guys from the attic. There were 38 of them. They played music while pretending to be a 38 man caterpillar. I saw them all linked together and standing on one another, balanced like a dna chain. I was happy because they had come down out of the attic and it was quiet up there now.


2-5-99 - DREAM - I met a woman and her daughter who were giving a demonstration in public for awareness of a disease which they both had. They both looked like they had a face full of small pimples. I remembered seeing a book in the library about their disease. So, I gave her the book and she was able to cure the disease.

I went with her to her house, and in that house was a man who was being held captive by his mother, but he kept himself captive actually by attaching his thumbnail to the bedpost at night with a thin chain. He could have broken that chain, or refused to attach it at any time but mentally he couldn't achieve that because he didn't believe in himself.

I thought I could help him like I helped the woman, by moving in with him, but I didn't discover how really mentally bad off he as until it was too late and I felt like a captive myself. His appearance became like _________(the comedian, all screwed up)

I had to go to the bathroom really bad but the man decided to go to the bathroom himself. It turned out that there were three bathrooms in this house, the mother's, the Father's and the sons.

The mother had suddenly left the house or died and the man was running back and forth from bathroom to bathroom, using them all himself. I was so desperate, I ran into the Father's bathroom and sat on the toilet. Too late I noticed that there wasn't any toilet paper. However, the man, the other woman and her daughter were there, so I asked them for toilet paper. The man had a roll of brown paper toweling but I wanted regular white toilet paper. They were all standing in the bathroom in front of me. I told him to go into the other bathrooms and look under the sink and find a new roll of toilet paper. He came back in a moment with a long tangled stretch of toilet paper wound around his left wrist. I didn't want to be too choosy, but I noticed as I unwound the toilet paper from his wrist, that it had typed words on it and lipstick lip prints all over it. At that point I didn't care. I used most of it to wipe myself, leaving a small piece left over in case someone else got stuck in the same predicament.

At that point the man left the house and went next door to get something from a neighbor. The woman, the little girl and myself were going to stay with the man. He had a king-sized bed and I began to make a place on the bed for the three of us women/girls on the bed on the opposite side. I saw the man's face out the window at the neighbor's house and it was all grotesque.

I instantly had a change of heart and decided that I would help the woman and her daughter escape from the house and his influence.

 I hurried her along out of the house. At first I thought the daughter was asleep upstairs and I'd have to go rescue her, but she managed to get ahead of us and ran free out into the sunshine on the broad green lawn outside.

The woman, however, was very reluctant to leave, saying, "But I like it here because I'm on the basketball team." I assured her that she could still play basketball if she wanted to and we ran out into freedom and I woke up.


2-5-99 - DREAM - This dream began and ended in a heavy fog and it took tremendous searching of my memory to bring back what was inbetween the two fog banks.

All I could see in the beginning was a heavy gray fog. When the fog began to clear, I found myself in a car with an old boyfriend (looking the way he would at my current age, not like he did when we were young)  We were discussing going to the drug store to purchase something and there was a limited time to do it in before we had to go back to work.

He was wearing a heavy black long winter coat, and I recall being dressed in a light summery flowered dress and having come outside without my shoes. I wanted to run back into the building and get my shoes first because we were going to walk to the drug store, not drive. He didn't want to wait for me because it would take too much time so he got out of the car and walked away down the street as fast as he could without me.

I went into my work building in search of my shoes. I knew I was already half an hour late and it was a huge building and I had to walk the full length of it. I went to the 4th floor where I worked and I had to quickly search every area I had ever worked in to see if my shoes had been left there.

I wasn't finding my shoes and kept running into other people I had worked with who were busy working in their little office cubicles, trying to look non-plussed and that what I was doing was part of job. When I got down to my own office space there were other women there working, who looked up as I came by. I kept my head held high, not acknowledging that anything was wrong in their presence but feeling VERY guilty for being late and being without shoes.

Inside my office, the scene turned symbolic. Here there were no people. Here, I faced a golden ladder of a sort with 4 legs with criss-crossed rungs between them, not a ladder one would climb personally. Inside the ladder, colored balls of green, blue, and brown were moving back and forth from rung to rung, from side to side, rising along inside this ladder like it was measuring the height of each 'sin' or 'event' of my life which determined the color of the ball and the height the ball reached.

I believe this to be symbolic of the Tree of Life.

As I watched these colored balls rising inside this golden ladder, the dream again faded to the heavy fog bank and I woke up.

I opened my eyes and saw that it was foggy outside too, so much so that I couldn't see the trees on the other side of the driveway. I closed my eyes quickly to search my memory for the dream and finally managed to pull it back bit by bit, and put it back together in it's proper sequence.


2-6-99 - DREAM - I don't recall how this dream started,  but I found myself in an upstairs room with a dark-haired woman who wanted to watch what a close male friend was doing without him knowing it, so she constructed a mirror on the wall out of golden mirror tiles with a hole through the wall behind it, so she could look out through the mirror in the center, so nobody could see anything but themselves if they looked at the mirror, but she could see everything that was going on.

I had a small boy infant there. He was infant size, but was obviously more mature than his size would portray. He talked like a very mature person for his size. We were going to go downstairs. He didn't want to be carried, nor would he walk down like a normal person. He spoke as an adult would, he stiffened his body out and slid down the stairs like it was a slide. We reached the platform where the half-way point was the the stairway continued on in a different direction.

He got up, walked to the next stairway, again stiffened  himself out and slid down to the 1st floor. He explained that he wanted to make it fun.

When I got down to the first floor, I heard a baby screech from the other room. I ran to the kitchen and found a girl baby who seemed to be mine in a silver grocery cart. She was covered over by stored Christmas decorations. I moved the Christmas decorations over and picked her up. This baby too spoke with a maturity that was way beyond her infant size also.

I don't recall exactly what I did with her, perhaps get her  dressed for the day. The boy baby was not in evidence at this time.

Then we were going outside and went past a bunch of old ladies as we went out the door. The girl baby walked outside ahead of me and said to the old ladies, what sounded like "I'm 'S_____ K______ " I said to the old ladies, laughing, She named herself that. (I recall that it was two one syllable words like one would say "Sweet Sue" but it was an unusual name... like a well known cliche...about a city or a state I thought when I woke up.

As soon as she said it, the girl turned into a puzzle...not like a jigsaw, but like a colored map of the southern United States with the Mississippi River in the center. Florida was on the right and Mexico country on the left, but not the whole states, only half of them. It was very close up. Only about 2 states showed south to north. Not much of the Gulf of Mexico showed.


Later in the day, after I determined that the K word was actually QUAKE, and that the map was indicating something about the New Madrid Fault Quake, I did not figure out what the S word is yet:

I got extremely tired and closed my eyes. I immediately had vision of the little girl. She said one word starting with the letter M - like Monsoon. It was a two syllable word.

After I thought about it a second, I got that it would be during Monsoon season. I did a web search and found that the Monsoon season is July 1st to September 15th, in the southern U.S.

So much for that so far.


2-6-99 - DREAM - This might be stretching things a bit, but to me, this seems to fit the same scenario in more symbolic terms which I haven't all figured out yet.

2-6-99 - DREAM - I was sitting out in the yard writing in a book. When I had written all I had to say, I went upstairs into the house.

I walked into the livingroom. My children were all sitting there. They were so quiet, I knew something had to be going on, so I stopped and looked around me. The boys had painted the livingroom. but they hadn't painted the whole livingroom, they had painted only a wide strip around all the doors and windows so wide expanses of old wood and darker painted all still showed. My son Michael pointed out a spot along the baseboard. He said, "My Father accused me of dribbling paint on the floor, so I proved to him that I didn't." He pulled up on the wall several feet, showing a striated bare piece of wood about a foot and a half high, and then about an inch of the 'bedrock' below it.  I was rather shocked that the wall had raised up so far.

We all then went upstairs to the bedrooms. My intention was to put my book away and to either sew or knit something in the Master bedroom.  My son Michael carried my girl child into the children's bedroom and I walked into the Master bedroom. By having both doors open, a great wind blew through the house and slammed the Master bedroom shut behind me.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and told my son Ken who was sitting at the sewing machine that I needed needle and thread. He handed me a round woven basket in which I saw some pins in the center and a spool of thread on which there several colors of thread around it.

In order to sew anything, I had to have a single piece of thread and a needle, however when I pulled on the colored thread on the spool, I pulled a tremendous amount of blue rubber band that was wound around like a hank of yarn. It was followed by a smaller piece of red rubber band which I decided to wind around the  blue rubber band. There was a shorter amount of red rubber band but as I wound the red rubber band around the blue rubber band, white yarn, black yarn, and green yarn appeared and this yarn lead to entire ...almost completed sweaters and afghans which I rolled up like paper toweling. I had 3 colors of yarn coming down from the roll to the spool below so it looked like :

(Look on the map of the U.S. Mississippi River Tributaries   Drainage Map of the Mississippi River, Ohio River, Arkansas River, Tennessee River, Missouri River, and Tributaries

Just the Missouri, Mississippi, and Ohio were in the dream. as the yarn coming down. (That's the direction of the three strands of yarn.

I got it that far and I said to my son Ken,"I still can't find a needle and shook the basket, trying to find one. I could still only see pins in the basket. If there was a needle there, it was still hidden by the part of the reed of the basket that went in the bottom circle inside of it.

Like I said, this might be a little far fetched, but when I saw the three strands of yarn coming down in the shape of the 3 rivers, plus the wall being pulled up to show the 'bedrock' and the basket shaking, and the great wind blowing, it all rather fit.


2-7-99 - DREAM - This is an important dream from last night! I was given this dream three times. In the dream, I was working on a web page. I was instructed by the spirit realm to increase in size all the words within the table box twice, then highlight them and make them light blue. Then they lit up from behind to show they were true.

The box said:

NOVIIAA: War is deferred, delayed, postponed. Bitterness is averted, retarded, halted, hindered, put off, adjourned, suspended, staved off, waived, remanded, temporized, pigeonholed, shelved, tabled, stalled, appended, restrained, dissolved, restrained, paused, demurred, impeded, obstructed, prevented, blocked, thwarted, barred, counteracted, encumbered, resisted, foiled, hampered.

End of Dream

When it was all over and I had written it all down, the message came into my head. "This does not mean it's cancelled!"


2-7-99 - DREAM - It seemed I was at North Division High School where I went to high school, but I know the school has been torn down and there were some stairway and elevator differences.

There were a lot of people there who looked like kids I went to school with, but they were look-alikes or look-similars, not the same people. At the same time, people were staring at me like I looked like someone they knew from long ago, but I wasn't the same person. One kid said I looked like his brother who was a doctor giving an ear exam in public. There was a family similarity, but not real close and I continued walking.

The school was laid out in a square so one could walk in any direction inside and they were. I walked down a simple metal stairway from the 4th floor to the 1st floor and then took the elevator back up to the 4th floor along with some kids. I was carrying books just like I was a student. It seemed though that two of my hand-written papers disappeared on the way up the elevator. I'm not sure about that. There were all ages of people in the school, from 1st graders all the way to older adults. Nobody was studying, just walking around looking at all the other people.


2-8-99 - DREAM - This is one of those counting that make me think the brain doesn't know what to do with the information so it makes up stuff that don't make sense.

I had 16 statements to make about UFOs. They had to be counted but not put into English words. So they were enumerated by counting stones on walls outside along a sidewalk, then by piling them on top of one another, and by putting them into a grid by lining them up.

Made no sense at all.


2-8-99 - PARTIAL DREAM - A telephone call woke me up from the dream.  I was in a city living in a house with other people. I went out on the front porch and saw Joe's son Michael sitting in a car with two other guys. The car was a convertible. They were teenaged. Then many other teenagers came along like school had just let out and they were walking by.  However, they all lined up in the street to sing to the old people sitting on the porch.


2-9-99 - DREAM - (This was almost like a play re-enacting Bible scenes.)  

It started in the yard in New Berlin. There was some building going on and the outline of a building was laid out, but then someone stole the cornerstone which was a triangle piece of stone. Some growly voiced man told our female teacher that I had been accused once before for stealing the cornerstone so I probably did it again.

I was all embarrassed by the accusation, but I went over to the teacher with a cornerstone just like it to show her that it was there.

We were going to have a lecture and many girls of high school age were gathering. They put down white quilts to sit on, but I was afraid to sit down because I had my period really bad and I made excuses so I did not have to sit down.

All of us girls were moving to a dormitory type building and were all assigned rooms in various floors. My room was on the 3rd floor, but we didn't need elevators because the dormitory was built into a hill.

My roommate was just like me, but complained and complained about everything. She didn't even want to go to the 3rd flor because there was no elevator, but I pointed out to her that we were already on the 3rd floor level, and our apartment was within our arms reach.

I opened up our door and our apartment was huge. We divided it in half on the diagonal by hanging up our robes on washline to divide our halves. Mine was blue and hers was white.

I made note that al the other girls were noisy and there was a boom box playing rock n roll music down the hall. My roommate and I were quiet types.

I wanted to take a shower right away and our shower was in the corner and was rather triangular with a rounded outside edge. I didn't want to take the robe room divider down, but I had a light weight pink summer robe to use to cover myself with.

There was going to be a lecture and the lecture hall was like in the round with seats made out of long loose benches on the 4 quarters with 4 aisles going outward going towards the 4 corners.

However, the front seat which was where I was supposed to sit was missing. A male teacher was there as overseer and I assured him the seat had to be there somewhere and I made a quick search of the entire dormitory and saw all kinds of flat boards like ironing boards folded up, but none were the right exact fit for where I was supposed to it. I assured the teacher we'd find it before the concert or lecture started.

However, I heard the piano player rehearsing and all the while he played, I could hear clicking noises on the keys and it was really distracting . I knew I could play better than that myself.

I looked at the piano players hands close up. His nails were really long, so much so they were filed to a point and upturned on the ends so they dragged on the keys as he played. I also noticed that his thumbs were splayed out and abnormally large and rounded.

Another girl was having a problem with her car. It was driving in a tight circle and she couldn't get in to stop it. but some three mechanics came along and were able to take the door off and we discovered the car easily came apart and then it automatically stopped.

It seemed as though all the problem could be easily solved if we just knew how.


2-9-99 - DREAM - I was working in an office and talking to a girlfriend of mine who worked on the second floor. While I was talking to her my old girlfriend Diane came along and had a bright idea she wanted to show to me, so I hung up the phone. Diane wanted to put on a little act to make money with. She would be a female boxer and men would call out the names of different kinds of weather, and she would have a specific type of boxing punch to go with that term, so they would call out a weather type and she would swing.  What was so funny was that she couldn't box and she would swing wildly and always miss the target. I tried not to laugh but it was hard not to.

I got another phone call from a woman who used to be my boss so-to-speak. I used to type for her and several other people. Her name was Evelyn. She also worked on the second floor. She said her boss had given her a job to duplicate a typed project that was about 2" thick.  She made it sound like it was an impossible task and the longer she talked about it, the harder she made it sound. She said she was going to come downstairs and tell me about it. She arrived in my office in mere seconds. I was a little shocked to see her. She had a really small head...what we would call a pinhead or something. VERY small. About the size of a baseball.  But, I kept my cool, and she began to explain the duplicating project again. She didn't bring it with her, but was describing the thickness of the package of paper. I was trying to get her to tell me how her boss wanted it duplicated, whether it should be Xeroxed, or retyped, or what. She didn't seem to know. She said everytime she thought about it the package of paper seemed to be thicker. We walked into an outer hallway while we talked, then into another room.

There in the other room was my friend Diane telling a guy name Max (from One Life to Live) about her weather/boxing scheme. She was even funnier telling it to him. Each time she'd describe a boxing punch and compare it to a type of weather, she'd swing wildly and miss. Again I could hardly keep from laughing. It was so funny to watch and I knew she was serious about this.

While I was watching her, I noticed that we were in a bar-like room and there was a large counter there, sort of square shaped where the bartender would be in the center with the liquor underneath the counters around him. Usually more than one bartender worked in a place like that.  I was on the outside of the counter and I saw that there was water over on the other end from where I was.  I found a rag quickly which was blue and white checked and walked over to where the water was. The water was bluish green like pool water looks with chlorine in it. It seemed the more I wiped the deeper the water was getting.  Meanwhile my friend Diane was swinging wilder and wilder, trying to prove what a good boxer she was. And kept missing the target.

2-10-99 - DREAM - It seems this dream was longer than what I remember. It was award time like the Oscars. I was with a TV crew or something and the gist of the premise was that when the awards were given they would be given 'on the job' whenever possible. The dream ended with Johnny Carson standing in front of an orchestra directing it.


2-10-99 = DREAM (I think this was two dreams)   I was looking at a baby who looked like me. I was feeling so tired,  I just didn't have the energy to do anything...nothing! I looked at the baby again and she had 3 grown adult female breasts side by side. She pressed her arms together against her breasts and it gave ME the energy to go upstairs and get some work done.

After working upstairs for a time, I looked at myself in the mirror and I had 4 adult sized breasts side by side. I pressed my arms sideways against my breasts and went back downstairs again to continue my work.

The other dream seemed to be about power and control. I was with a man I think was my husband. We were busy doing something but the kids were off on the next block playing and every so often running in the street. I told the man this and it didn't worry him so he just let them play there without saying anything. It made my very upset because it was not my place to tell them to come home where it was safe. So, I went upstairs to get some work done.

There was a scene where there was a huge tree in a garden that was a whole city block. I wanted this tree to grow straight. I was really worried about the tree because right now it looked like a cactus and I was worried that it's arms/branches weren't going to grow straight and even all around the tree.

I looked at the garden and all the rest of the trees, bushes and flowers looked green and healthy.They also were growing in this desert-like garden.

I was then in a kitchen cleaning up after all the kids who were playing. I got all the toys picked up and then stacked the newspapers against the kitchen table. The paper stack was pretty top heavy and a little girl came to play and the paper stack toppled over because she climbed on it and she fell over and cracked her head on the wall on top of the newspapers. She looked very dazed.

Then a girl who lived with us and looked like T.J.s wife Sabrina came into the kitchen. She said she had to go outside because she was allergic to 'steel'.

For some reason I had called the government for assistance of some kind. I was talking to the woman on the phone. She said she needed me to tell her my Social Security number to verify who I was. I couldn't remember my number. I told her  I had my Social Security card in my purse. While I was hunting for the card, she rattled off some numbers I didn't recognize and told me all I needed to give her was the last three numbers. I finally found my blue Social Security card which was in my huge brown purse. I told her the last three numbers were 006. (This is NOT my number) She put the number in the computer and said, "Oh! It says here you had a black husband and a black baby."  I was in shock and I blurted out, "Oh! Well, my husband had left me and I was with him for only a short time and then he left me too." She accepted that explanation as factual and said he would be out to the house to visit in a few days.

Now I was in a panic because I would have to show her my Social Security card when she come to the house and it wouldn't be the same number as previously and they would probably jail me for fraud and I'd have to pay all that money back.

I was panic stricken. I didn't know what to do. I had to ask for help so I turned to a man for advice. (It seems he was my husband but I don't know for sure. I'm sure I wasn't telling him the whole story either or I'd be in trouble with him too.)

Anyway...then it was nighttime and pitch black out and this man and I were driving black cars down the road. He was ahead of me. He pulled over on the left side of the road and I assumed he wanted to drive side by side, but I saw a car coming the other way towards us with its lights on.

There was going to be a horrendous accident unless something was done, so the man/husband pulled his car across the road in front of me and pulled into a driveway and stopped. My car was still moving forward so I continued on down the road in my own car knowing I was going to figure out this dilemma out for myself without his help.


 2-10-99 - EXPERIENCE/VOICE/DREAM - I listened to the Garnet Frequency Healing tape at 2:10 p.m.  At the point in the tape, one of the healers named Dan pulls a pink taffy substance away from a meridian doorway in the Immune System triangle on the spine. As soon as he did that, I began to feel tremendous chills as though a doorway had been opened in myself and spirit had entered into myself.  These tremendous chills lasted at least 5 minutes while the tape continued.

When the tape went off, I continued to pull in God's white light from the Universe and continued the breathing technique of breathing in the white light through the nose and breathing out the negative energies through the mouth.

While I was doing the breathing, I heard a voice say, "I will serve your name!  I will serve! I will serve!"  I thanked the spirit and continued the breathing. The chills were still continuing and I knew there was work going on in my body so I continued the breathing. At this point, the sun was streaming in the window right into my face and it felt warm and wonderful.

I slipped into a dream in which my Father took me shopping. The store was in a tall building. I don't know what floor we went to but when I got up there, I met a woman and her little son who was about 4 years old or so. She wanted to do some shopping but the little boy was so anxious to get a Christmas tree and take it home, he didn't want to wait. My Father had gone off somewhere and the woman, who was tall and heavy set like me was standing there with her silver grocery cart.  She was wearing a beige dress and had a veil over her head.

The boy was in such a hurry, he grabbed ahold of the tree and it started toppling over because it was too big for him to handle alone. This tree was already decorated with colored balls and lights. I didn't want anything to fall off the tree, so the woman gave us her veil to wrap around the tree. I don't know why she didn't scold her son or help him, she just stood there and looked on while we struggled with the tree. I took the beige veil and wrapped it around the tree to hold the decorations and lights in place and helped the boy pull the Christmas tree to the elevator.

There were two elevators. A crowd of people got on one elevator and there was no room for the boy, the tree and me, so we let them go ahead. The other elevator door opened and another woman was on the elevator. She was also wearing a beige dress. She saw the boy and the tree and me, struggling to get the tree over to the elevator in time before the door closed, so she pushed a button on a plaque on the wall she said was the 'hold' button. I had never seen a 'hold' button on the elevator earlier. It was on a round plaque that was scalloped around the edges. In the scallops were white buttons that were the size of pearls and the same color.

As soon as I saw her push the 'hold' button, I ran back to get a better grip on the tree with the veil over it and almost fell into the elevator which was slowly descending despite the 'hold' button. It seemed like the elevator was in a hurry to get the Christmas tree where everyone could see it too.

While we were standing there waiting for the woman to undo the 'hold' button, we overheard an announcement over the loudspeaker. The people on the other elevator never made it to the ground level...they were gone!

NOTE: This is an interpretation from a friend:

Of your dream, I see the little boy represents the Pope and all worldly  leaders of Christianity, with the Divine Mother watching. Mary is for now only a watcher. The leaders are portrayed by a very young boy because they have fallen in awareness, along with all Christianity, fallen so far that they can't see the Beauty of the Divine Mother, and now it is thought that the trimmings on the tree and the size of it are of spiritual importance.

The Cross is leaning over, as is the tree. Elevators downward signify further losses of spirituality, upward the reverse. The "hold" button means that a reprieve of some time has been granted.

Few will understand what is occurring if awareness of the mass consciousness is given the message from your dream. If the dream reoccurs, focus on speaking with the mother of the boy, for there are many answers to be had in seeking Her out.


I don't necessarily agree in totality with this interpretation. I think the boy is the second coming of Christ and my struggle to help the spirit of the Christ to return to the physical realm.  I think the people on the other elevator ... ascended.


2-11-99 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment with my husband and some other people. We were moving up north and all the furniture was already packed. There was nothing left in the apartment but the washing machine.

Today was Friday. My husband planned to drive north on Friday, unpack over the weekend in the new house, and then drive back south on Monday and turn in his rental car.

He had one last job to do and that was to change the plumbing pipes to the apartment building. We were sitting on the livingroom floor watching the washing machine fill with water. I could see it from the perspective that I was looking straight into it. It was a perfect circle and gorgeous blue water was filling it up. As we sat and watched, the water rose higher and higher and it didn't stop. It continued to rise until it began to overflow the machine. It was 3 inches above the machine like stacked up by then.

Then the water overran the machine and fell to the floor. It did not spread out like one would expect. When it hit the floor, it formed a long square log like a piece of wood like an 8 foot long 6" x 6" beam.

My husband sat there stunned and so did I until I finally came to my senses and told him to run outside and shut the water valve off. He finally ran to to shut off the valve outside.

The water remained stacked in this long 8 foot 6" x 6" beam on the floor. The washing machine was stacked high with blue water. (I saw no clothing in it)

Now my husband was angry. Because there was water in the pipes and in the washing machine, he couldn't change the pipes before we moved. I could see the dilemma. They were full of water.

He paced the floor, angry, fuming about not being able to move on time, and not being able to return his car on Monday on time. The timeline had to be changed.

We still had to deal with the water situation and discussed whether to all a plumber who knew how to deal with pipes full of water. It was about 9:30 a.m. by now and we were supposed to be on the road by now. He still didn't make the phone call and the landlord came to make the final inspection. It was bad. There were two huge mattresses out in the yard with the whole entire centers cut of them in huge rectangles.

Inside the apartment, the closet doors which were like folding stiff drapes were horribly stained. One particularly bad wide closet drape had a mark on it like a huge black rainbow. I knew we hadn't done that ourselves but by other people who had lived there before us, but we still probably would have to pay for all the damage because we were the ones living in it now.

While the landlord did his inspection, I went to another bedroom that the children had used. T.J. (Joe's son) was in the closet and the light was on. We had forgotten to pack the toys. The closet was full of Teddy Bears, sitting on shelves, some as large as humans. The floor was littered with red and yellow toy building blocks. T.J. was upset that we hadn't packed the toys. I told him not to worry, they were all going with us.


2-11-99 - DREAM - I was in a school-like place that was also home with separate rooms for home and school. People walked back and forth between them. There were no doors it seemed.

I was determined to change my image and decided to perm my hair. Today also was Friday (like the dream above) I was going to make the major change and surprise everyone on Monday when I came back to class. They wouldn't know who I was at first.

The women I was in class with were all adults like me, not children, and not teens. We all knew each other very well.

I looked in the mirror and saw that my hair was very long in the back. I thought it would perm better if it was shorter, so I decided to cut it. I intended to cut it to the exact length of my friend Bonnie's fringe on her dress bodice.

As I began to cut, Bonnie appeared in front of me and while I cut my hair, I was also trimming the fringe off of Bonnie's dress, including shortening the top of her dress at the waistline so it met the waistband perfectly and didn't overlap.

Bonnie was complaining that she had been raped and while she described her remaining bad memories of the event, I could feel the energies of the guy who had done it and I knew who it was. (A famous Jewish Comedian) (Name withheld) I could even see his face in my mind's eye as she described her ordeal.

I knew that when the fringe was cut off her dress, her bad memories would be gone too and I continued to cut both her dress fringe and my hair.

I was in the schoolroom and several other women were there. My friend June was sitting toward the back of the room. I hadn't wanted anyone to know I was making this major change and as I cut some stray ends off my hair that was getting shorter and shorter, I saw a large green vine up on a shelf, I trimmed it back, leaving just one large green leaf so that it could branch out anew. It was beautiful.

While I did that I told June to question me when I came to class on Monday. I told her, "When I come to class on Monday, say this, "Eve? Eve? Is that you?" I chuckled to myself that no one would know who I was because I would be so different.

I looked in the mirror and saw that my hair was cut to just below my ears and it was ute and I knew that perming it into curls would be really cute.

However, there was one nasty mouthed girl sitting in front of the class and she said, "What are you trying to do, get married?"


2-11-99 - DREAM - I remember being in a hospital. I thought I was there to get some kind of treatment for my dog, but the nurse, who was very close to me, was demonstrating how to measure little plugs of brown medicine substance and put it into the eyes.

She said, "As long as you are right here, I may as well do it for you and she immediately put 5 of these brown plugs into my left eye under the lids. She said, "This is going to make your eyes swell shut so you can't see." I started to get scared as my eye started to close immediately and wondered how I would be able to get along without being able to see. She said, "It isn't going to hurt."

By now my left eye was completely shut and I could only see out of my right eye.  She wanted to put the medicine in my right eye too and managed to get one brown medicine plug under the upper lid. The eye started to swell shut immediately. But I didn't want to be totally blind, so I started to resist. I was placed on a huge bed and I was afraid they were going to tie my hands down and force the medicine in my right eye too. But the bed was so large, the nurse couldn't reach me no matter how hard she tried and I knew I'd at least be able to see out of my right eye.  

I woke up and both eyes were burning but the left one burned the worst.

NOTE: I believe that this was from the wide contrails that planes are leaving in the sky. My left eye burned for 3 days, and my right eye burned for 5 days.  However, within a week, my left eye was okay, but my right eye kept getting gummy stuff in it for 3 months, and still oozes gummy stuff today (8-14-99)


2-12-99 - DREAM - I was in a house that had three bathrooms. I knew other people would be jealous of that fact.

My sister and her family were staying with us. Someone went into the corner bathroom which was on the left and didn't turn on the light.  I thought it was my sister. As it turned out it was her and her baby daughter.

I went into the center bathroom which was right next to it. It was a huge bathroom with blue flowered wallpaper. (It matched the basement walls of a previous dream) I couldn't remember cleaning this bathroom. My sister had baby clothes laying all over the floor.

I sat down on the toilet and peed. I wondered why my sister didn't use this bathroom. Then I noticed that the toilet paper was gone. There was no roll of paper on the hangar. Then I knew that was the reason. I bounced on the toilet seat and shook off any drops of pee left on my body, stood up and pulled up my pants.

I went out into the other room where a radio was playing. It was playing a fast song. The announcer said that was for Italians. Then he played a Gene Autry waltz and played it real slow in three-quarter time. He said that kind of music was for slow thinking people. He listed some other types of music for other types of people...can't remember them.

My sister and her husband Ralph and I and their doctor were out in a hangar-like area next. My brother-in-law Ralph had to fly to Florida on a Texas-Southwest Airline plane and he had overheard the pilot and a mechanic or someone who would know said that some repair hadn't been done and were leery to fly that flight to Florida. It was the 1st flight of the morning on a Friday.

I told him I wouldn't take that plane then. I told him my famous Boeing story from 1985 when I lived in Washington State. A tenant of mine worked for Boeing in their repair department.She said that she wouldn't fly in Boeing planes herself because Boeing postponed way too many repairs on their planes that were requested from the field.

I refused to fly on any Boeing planes myself after that.

Anyway, the doctor gave some pills to Ralph and Ralph disappeared while he was talking to me. My sister and the doctor did not know the pills had that kind of effect. While I was standing there, passengers were getting off a plane asking me where they could find certain people by name. I can't remember any of the names. I just gave them the hitchhiker thumb and pointed to the left around the corner.


2-12-99 - VISION - I had been working on web pages about the newly discovered Miami Circle and when I sat down to meditate, I had a vision of the Miami Circle as it was when it was built all those many thousand years ago. There was a singular circular hut with a stick roof in a circular pattern like a star * , however, behind the singular circle hut, there were 3 rows of smaller huts ... approx. 18 of them where the people lived.  (If the archaeologists would be able to excavate further away from the river, they would find much more evidence about the site.

The voice said, "The Sanctuary of Kazalan"


2-12-99 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. My daughter told me to call the fire department because the trash box was on fire. I saw the fire and promptly forgot about it. I did some other things then noticed the fire again and remembered I hadn't called the fire department yet.

The black telephone seemed to be a radio as well with channel buttons around the phone key pad. I picked up the receiver and heard a conversation so I hit another button to get a different line, but there was a conversation going on there too. I ran out of phone lines and decided I'd try to phone out on  a radio channel. So, I pressed a radio channel button and dialed 911. It worked. A female operator answered. I attempted to tell her about the trash fire, meanwhile I was seeing flashing red lights in the sky and hearing beeping sounds like a big truck was backing up. Then I saw a HUGE steam shovel in the next block moving earth and swinging back and forth and figured that was making all the noise.

A male firefighter butted into my conversation with the operator. He didn't want to come to the fire because the same trash box had been on fire the week before he said. I hadn't been aware of that but figured he should fight a fire wherever and whenever there was one and they DID finally agree to come to the fire.

I was now outside and going into a different house.We were going up the front stairs. A woman opened the door. A man with me gave her my name and she looked puzzled. I said, "I was married to Edward. He's in Alaska now and I stayed here." She said, "Oh! I thought you were Barbara!"

NOTE: On 2-15, I signed up for HERBALIFE with a woman named Barbara. That was quite a coincidence since spirit told me to sign up with HERBALIFE. However, this turned out to be a mistake since Barbara did not follow thru on my order and I decided not to follow through either. It was very frustrating. I had thought since the word came from spirit it would be a good event. It turned out to be like a test instead.

I chose to ignore the woman's remark and went on into the house. From somewhere I had picked up an old fashioned toy wooden rifle. I was carrying it in my hands when I went to the 2nd floor where the old woman's dormitory was. I opened the door and spotted an old man who didn't belong there. I pointed the wooden rifle at him and pretended to arrest him. Everyone shrieked and I laughed.Then another man showed up and I aimed the pretend rifle at him too. Again I laughed when the women shrieked. I was laughing so hard I had to lean against the door jam. Then everyone else started to laugh and we were clearly playacting.

Then the women gathered around a piano and invited me to rehearse with their little singing group. The lead woman said they were practicing singing the scales using the sounds ooo-eee-ooo-wee-ooo-eee-ooo!   I guess I wasn't pronouncing it good enough so she corrected me, saying, "No! It's ooo-wee-ooo-wee-ooo! So we tried again and it seemed to be okay.

This might be a separate dream but I was helping some men hide from someone evil who was coming after us. They were hiding behind doors and pretending to be coats hanging on hangars on coat racks. I helped the men hide and then there was nowhere for me to hide. As I was waiting for the evil man to come into the room...I began to hear some strange music and saw a wall or doorway with  4 pillars. Behind the pillars, on the wall, moving behind the pillars, it said, "3 SINS."


2-13-99 - DREAM - (I will swear this was a REAL astral experience)  I was in a large mansion. We had already had dinner and the dishes had been washed. They still needed to be put away. I went to help with that chore. These pieces were all large pieces of ovenware for banking . My son Ken was also helping.

Before the job was done, I noticed that there were a couple drawers where pens, pencils, crayons, and colored chalks and paint tubes were kept. One of these drawers were strictly men and I moved all the paint tubes into my drawer.

I was told that my cousin Shirley had arrived for a visit. I hadn't seen Shirley since 1984 and she never answered my Christmas letters so I didn't know how she would react to seeing me.

The livingroom was 3 steps down from the hallway. She was as beautiful as ever, just older like I knew I was too.

The first thing I asked her was if she had any news, wondering if she was getting married. She just looked puzzled at my question. Then I told her that I had dreamed about her last week that she had had a baby. (That was a true statement)

She got up and we went outside to walk. I was washing I had dressed up more. I was wearing work-like clothes and she was dressed up. I was wishing I was wearing high heeled shoes. I looked down at my feet and saw that I was wearing white socks.

the sunshine was warm and the air felt heavy but it was really nice. I asked her if she wanted to see the ape house and we walked over to an area that was all glass, black enameled wrought iron cages, and shelves for plants. As soon as we entered the door, everything turned black and white.

I wanted to show Shirley our house ape but when we walked  in all I saw was our collection  plants. This had a surrealistic appearance.The walls were white and all the plants were black. They were beautiful and seemed more alive than normal. We went past the firs stack of shelves with the plants and I didn't look too closely because I was looking for the ape cage.

There, in the aisle, between the rows of plant shelves stood an orangutan size creature. He was also black. He did not have an ape's face. He looked like the drawings I have seen of Chupacabras.

It made me very nervous to see him standing there and not in a cage. However, we moved quickly on to a record keeping room. Shirley was shown her lifetime record. There wasn't much to it. Just name and a short list of deeds. I could read them in the dream but cannot remember them. I felt kind of embarrassed for her that the list wasn't longer.


2-14-99 - DREAM - This was a web page discussion trying to prove the existence of (aauu.auceti) . This was an acronym for something extraterrestrial in Australia and the acronym was shaped like a snake or dragon rising up in the air.

NOTE: I got my book out by Stan Deyo who lives in Australia and whose e-mail address ends in au. (The Cosmic Conspiracy)


2-15-99 - DREAM ?  On a web page discussion, I was told that there are not 210 theories, there are only 209 because one of the 210 theories is a truth.

I was shown that I had the ticket. It was white with red and blue printing on it. It was one inch high by 6" or so wide.


2-15-99 - VISION - I was laying on the couch in my 66th St. house. All of a sudden, I heard people at the door. Joe opened the door and let a little boy named David in and he said, "Dee, are you there?" At the same time, my son Tom came through where the front window was with two little boys and walked through the room. I got up off the couch and saw out the window that someone was trying to park a car in a line of cars, so close like the others that once parked, you can't get out. (They were all facing south on the west side of the street) But Joe had arrived in a white Cadillac that was facing the other way, (North) on the east side of the street and was waiting for me at the door.


2-16-99 - DREAM - I was watching an animated discussion on a web page that is what was left of a human discussion of "what you look like or decorate yourself with is who you are."

This page ended up with drum-like music and I figured I was one of 3 women n a royal family and just as I was waking up, I inserted either my hand or my foot into a jewel studded necklace that was immense with pearls and gemstones and I was as such going to tell the world I was royalty.


2-16-99 - DREAM - This was a web page about disasters. There was one line link to a page of each type of disasters. There were 7 of them.


2-16-99 - VISION - I saw the hand of the guy with the ring that had the triangle/pyramid on top. There were three rings...all silver on the same finger. The center one used to have a blue stone in it when I saw it the last there was just a hole there. It was obvious something used to be dangling there and is now missing. The silver was all worn and black in that spot.


2-16-99 - DREAM - I was in a restaurant that seemed to be for old and poor people. People sat at long tables. I had come there because they had a piano I was going to take. It was MY piano. My husband (Jim) came to move the piano for me. While he was getting the car, I was worried that all these people would mob us and not let us take the piano, but suddenly they all got up and left. When they were gone, I got the opportunity to look around more. There were baskets and boxes of food everywhere that anyone could have if they were needy. Two young women came in and they said they were hungry. I saw many bananas hanging on racks on top of the refrigerator. None were in hands. These were the leftover...going soft bananas. The girls were thrilled to have anything at all to eat.

My husband came back and walked around in the livingroom-like area. We were supposed to take this stuff with us. He looked at it and kicked some stuff over and walked out. I was dismayed at his attitude. I saw that he had kicked over a small electric heater and some other small items one would need to plug in. I thought, "Oh well! Maybe he knows something I dont." I accepted it. But then, I saw a gorgeous guitar standing there. I couldn't leave that behind, so I picked it up and slung it over my shoulder and headed outside. To my dismay the car was gone. I stood out on the street alone, feeling such loss that my husband would take all the stuff and leave me behind. So I started walking down the street with the guitar.

Then, down at the far end of the block, I saw the car slowly backing into view  from behind a building. The car was a huge white airplane with many windows. My husband slid a door open sideways like on a van so I could see inside. All my stuff was there including the piano and so was my whole family including my mother, father, sister, and brothers. I was thrilled to tears. We were all going to fly off together.


2-16-99 - DREAM - I was in a house with a scraggly reddish kitten. I knew it belonged to someone else and it kept hiding so we couldn't find it. Finally it appeared in the middle of the kitchen floor, laying on a white pillow. It was all dry and pretty. The woman who owned it appeared and said that we should keep it. It was now ours.


2-16-99 - EXPERIENCE - I was laying on the bed and it felt like a small cat jumped on the bed, walked across it and jumped off on the other side. I couldn't see anything...just felt it and somehow knew it was a white cat. I called Joe but he was sleeping. I slipped into a vision and saw 7 or 8 cats running around. Maybe they all used to live here.


2-16-99 - VISION - I saw an e-mail with technical information about Miami Circle.


2-16-99 - VISION - I saw the date "Jan. 30, 1991"


2-17-99 - VISIONS - I was feeling desperate to earn some money at home and after months of trying various things and nothing working, I went into meditation and BEGGED spirit to tell me what to do.

Immediately, the visions began to flow in. First I saw an Indian, dressed in full length pants and fringed jacket made of pale beige deerskin. He had his back to me and was standing at an outdoor garden center type stand. One the counter in front of him were numerous little plants in square pots. I recognized a purple pansy in one, but the rest were all green.

Then a heavy set woman appeared on the other side of the counter. I thought  I recognized her, but her face kept fading in and out and changing, so I don't think she was meant to represent a specific person, but symbolized 'fat woman' in general.

I puzzled over that because it didn't fit anything I was familiar, I asked several more times for spirit to tell me what to do. I began to see a series of visions, all about web pages of advertising and the word herbalism. Finally, the word HERBALIFE came in very, very clearly in RED.

I got up and went to the computer and did some searching and like what I saw and decided to become an HERBALIFE distributor. The opportunity to make lots of money looks fantastic.

I then went to do some household things and went outside to feed the cats. Right on the doorstep was a hawk feather. I was absolutely thrilled. I looked up in the sky to see if ROV had painted any clouds in the sky and right overhead a pair of hawks were circling in the sky. They went around and around and around as I greeted them.  I actually had tears in my eyes as I praised them.

Then they gradually drifted off to the west and disappeared from view. As I lowered my gaze, I immediately saw a tiny blue hummingbird, another one of my totems.  What a thrilling day.



It seems that I was married to my Father OR that my husband and Father were as one. There were some humiliating episodes where my husband demanded something I had and I told him I would hide it in my womb. He said he would take it from me right in front of my friends if I didn't give it to him willingly,so I did. My friends were humiliated for me too.

Then there was a scene where my husband took me to a two story building. He left me in the car while he went inside to do something. I had a mystery novel in the car with me plus another book. I told him he acted like his life was a mystery novel.

I followed him upstairs where he had gone into an upper room. I couldn't see in there and he didn't see me, but he knew I was a witness to him killing another man in the upper room. There were two other men with me in the hallway who were witnesses to this also.

He took me home then to our 16th St. house. He left me with my mother while he went out to the garage to do something.

I knew that if I didn't leave, I'd end up like the man in the upper room. So, I quietly got my two books. One was an address book. I was trying to find where my friend Pat lived because I knew it wouldn't be fair to ask my cousin Shirley to take me in. She had two little children to worry about.

I looked through the address book to find Pat's address. I knew it was somewhere between 81st and 89th Sts. somewhere. I decided to worry about that later.

As I gathered my things together to leave before my Father came in from the garage, I overheard some girls say there was an Indian man down at the farmer's market who painted portraits and they were hoping he would choose them to model for them. I remembered my vision of the Indian man from yesterday and knew he was my guide. I knew I needed to see the Indian man if I could before I went to find Pat and ask her to take me in.

I sneaked upstairs to find my clothes and saw my traveling bags and a laundry basket on the landing by the stained glass window. They were still more or less still packed from the last time I had run away from home in another humiliating episode.

I knew I couldn't linger because it would mean my death. My sweater coat was laying there, my Joseph's coat of many colors so I slipped that on, picked up my two suitcases, slung a third large bag over my shoulder, shoulder , put my two books under my arm and started tip-toeing down the stairs.

I got down to the 1st floor and my mother was in the kitchen area watching the yellow labrador dog miscarry her puppies. My mother was crying. I didn't want my mother to have to watch that happen so I grabbed a cup that was dripping yellow stuff which was the puppies melting. I took it away from her and took it with me.

My mother realized too late what I was doing...that I was leaving for the last time and she'd never see me again.

I ran out the door with the dripping yellow puppies which left a trail I knew my Father could follow, but I had to do this or die.

I could hear my mother screaming after me,"Dolores!  Nooooooo!" her 'o' echoing in my ears as I watched the trail of yellow puppy goo drip out of the cup as I ran across the street and between two trees standing tall in the yard of the house on the other side of the road.

As I ran up a red brick stairway which was supposed to be the alley heading east, I was counting the steps, and hearing music at the same time. I was hearing the song Kyrie Eleison by Mr. Mister over and over in my ears, and me, the dripping puppy cup and my stuff went upward. It was a tough climb and I was getting out of breath. I counted the steps up to 110 and there was 1 more step to go...knowing the top step was 111.  I woke up as I made the last step.



2-18-99 - END OF DREAM - The electric bill on my apartment hadn't been paid in 4 months. The electrician was there to cut it off. I told him I had enough money to pay the bill because I had just been paid. He said he didn't want to take the check but if I had a checkbook that made a carbon copy, he'd take the carbon copy while I mailed the check in. I didn't really want to do that because then I wouldn't have a record of having paid the bill, but I didn't have much choice in the matter.

NOTE: When I went on line, a friend of mine was very upset that she had written a check for a bill for $20.50 and the bank had entered the amount as $90.50.  If she didn't have her own records, the bank wouldn't have made good on it and put the money back in the account plus make good on the bounced checks and charges.


2-19-99 - DREAM - This was all about web pages about Florida and Miami. Seems to be about the same thing I write about on a daily basis. I tried to save it lucidly but the page wouldn't let me, it kept squiggling out of reach when I tried to move the cursor up to the SAVE link.

See:  Miami Circle


2-20-99 - DREAM - This was a dream yet seemed very real. It was VERY bizarre.

I don't know where this house was but my husband (whom I didn't recognize as anyone I know) invited some people over to our house to watch TV. (We used to do that when TV was new and not everyone had it)  We watched a weird show with a black man that told the future and some stupid mice that put on little acts on stage, just really dumb stuff. The house was so full of people, some sitting on the furniture, and some on the floor, that I could hardly walk through the livingroom. In the corner on a chair was the Father and I had to walk within arm's reach of him to get to my own chair in the other corner, and for some reason I dreaded it. Sure enough, as I walked carefully by while stepping over and around the people sitting on the floor, the Father reached out to grab my hand and I cringed.  I didn't know what he wanted and didn't want to know what he wanted.

When the TV show was over, most of the people left but a few stayed. One guy wanted to borrow a book and I think it was about King Arthur. I didn't know where the book was and a lot of my books were still in boxes. (This is true)  But the man insisted on staying and helping to look for the book.

Their wives also stayed. There were 3 men and 3 woman. While I was looking for the book I came to a room that was huge and completely empty, except there were 3 tall skinny wooden cages spinning around in circles and around each other. There was a small mouse in each one. Finally, the spinning slowed down and the three cages fell over on the floor. My husband walked by and said I had been watching his 'penis-dolls'.

I walked to another room that again was crowded with people...all sitting on the floor looking at a stage-like area that was low to the floor. On the stage-like area, there was a large turntable that slowly turned to show various scenes. The one coming around into view was a black man with what looked like a huge goiter on his neck that was throbbing or moving as he talked. This was the same black man from the TV show. His voice was very low and growly sounding as he began to make some big pronouncement. I just wanted to get through the room and get out of there.

On the other side of the room, my husband grabbed my arm and asked me about his friends. I assured him they were all there yet somewhere, entertaining themselves.


2-20-99 - DREAM - I was manager of a large apartment building ina big city. I was told that the railroad was going to come through our yard with tracks for a switching station. I was standing outside when the work began. There were no people doing the work. It was done automatically. As I stood there three rails came shooting out of my building, across the alley, and through the next building. I was trying to figure out how that was done when three more rails came shooting through the space where I was standing and I saw then that wires went out ahead, leading the way, with rails following. MOre and more rails went across, always in sets of 3 wires/rails. Every set went through my apartment and I could see this was going to be a major switching yard. I saw that one set was only three feet off the ground so no cars would be able to go through anymore. Then too, I wondered how these rails could carry any weight and thought perhaps a trestle of some kind would have to be built under each set of rails.

Another woman came through trying to figure out what was going on and I walked with her explaining what was happening.

When we went into the building, we went up to the 2nd floor where new construction had been done while I was outside. The framework was all put in and I told the woman that cable television and telephone was being put in as well, though I knew that cable television was already in the building, perhaps it was being upgraded.

The woman said, "Maybe I'll have to move!" I laughed and said, "I could move to any apartment in the building, the entire railway switching station is going to go right through my apartment."  (I lived in the right front corner of the building on the 1st floor.) As I walked back to my apartment, I saw white paint chips everywhere where the work had already been done. It was pretty exciting.


2-20-99 - 3 THEATRE DREAMS

21 Theatres - by Heyerdahl

200 Theatres by Three Sisters

There were two huge bright orange threshing machines which almost ran us down. we nearly ran over a small boy on a tricycle making a quick U turn. My son Bob was there walking up a path on a high hill. I wanted to take him with us in the car so he wouldn't get hit by something, but my husband said, "No!" He's going to play baseball with the other boys and I agreed but just then he turned around to come back down the hill and I wanted him to come with us.

200 Theatres were going to be built in a square in a park where there were only two right now.

2-21-99 - DREAM - I and a whole bunch of people and kids were taking a small open train from one part of town to another. It was like the train had to be held together by sheer will. There was a whole bunch of kids who had no parents and my own small daughter was sleeping and then I discovered she had smeared grape jelly everywhere. The train was about to start and a friend volunteered to help get my daughter ready while I cleaned up the grape jelly from a kitchen galley area.

The train was about ready to leave and my daughter still did have her shoes on. I told her to carry her shoes which were brown combat boots. We all had to run to use the bathroom before we left too and it took some time for each of us to find a bathroom in time.

I scrambled to help some other kids to get into the train cars who didn't have parents and we all seat belted ourselves in. Even the seat belts were rickety and you had to hold them together with your hands.

Bear, from One Life to Live and some other kids were fooling around and climbing under the seats on the train cars. I noticed that under the seats were webbing like spider web dream catchers. They were very fragile.

The train started off and went around a huge bend to the right. We had to hang on for dear life as we went around the curve. We were not outside, but inside a building. I noticed that many of the kids didn't have shoes on. Some were sticking their feet down to the floor and I had to tell them to keep their feet up. There were only silver bars under the train floor.

Finally, we went into another room and the whole train started falling apart. A lot of the cargo cars separated from the front of the train. I was hanging onto the car ahead of me and I finally let go and let the front of the train go on without me and stayed behind with all the other people and a car load of canned peaches and pears which all fell to the floor and rolled towards me. I noticed too that many of the young girls had broken radios and stereos along and all had been left behind.

A guy nodded to me that I might like to keep a particular nice looking gold boombox for myself, but I declined, already feeling guilt for even considering it.

My old friend Meera came along then and handed me a little compact case with a tape in it. She said, "I think you should have this. It's a seminar by Babaji."  It was playing when she handed it to me. It was a love song playing. I began to see the words on a piece of brown paper. I couldn't read all the words because I had a hard time focusing on a whole sentence at once, but the gist of the song was, "You know that I Love You.!  I thanked her and we all pitched in to get ready for the next train run.

The last thing I saw was my piano and my son wanted to place a train rail section on top of the piano bench to sit on. It didn't look very comfortable but we let him have it.


2-21-99 VISION - This seemed to be related to the Pacific Island project I'm working on.

I saw a person with a long neck. A page said, "The Sacred of A____". I couldn't get what the place was though I was trying to focus on it.

I then saw a child's pullover sweater. It was white and was inside out it seemed. It had scenes of mountains volcanoes spewing smoke and other features of landscape and pyramids, etc. The voice said, "Should I rip up this purchase?"


2-21-99 - DREAM - I was in an old house and planning to move a dresser from my bedroom on the second floor to the attic. I didn't know if it would fit up the stairs to start with and it was in the bedroom where my Great Aunt Cora was using the bedroom.

She came out of the room and asked for something which I can't remember and I told her what we were about to do.

I then went outside to get our green coaster wagon to help haul the dresser up the stairs. My Father was outside hauling stuff in the wagon. He said we could dump the leaves into the garden which we did. Then the coaster wagon started rolling downhill and rolled under the car and on down the hill. It kept on going all the way to the street.

I saw our dachshund puppy go running out into the road after it. A car went by and just missed both of them. I began walking down the hill to retrieve the wagon when my grandson Brian came up to me and asked me if I could bring a game for him down from the attic. I said, "Yes!" Then I asked him if he would retrieve the wagon from the road which was now stuck down in a hole in the street. At the same time, another little kid came up to Brian and asked him for something. Brian answered the kid in a really nasty voice, so I grabbed Brian by his hair, and yanked his head back and yelled into his face that I wasn't going to get the game down from the attic then either.

I continued on down the hill to get the wagon myself and saw the puppy bounding around out in the street, so I put a long red leash on him. He could still run around plenty but couldn't get too far out of hand.

When I got out in the street, a huge old antique truck full of young teenage boys and a woman came lumbering by and a car followed it. These were the people who were going to help move my dresser up to the attic for me. I knew they would make short work of it since they were young and strong and there were so many of them. One of the boys asked what had happened to the hill that used to be there and I told him that the state decided to put a freeway through and needed the gravel. He just shook his head in dismay and disbelief. (That was a true life story that really happened)

I needed to get the coaster wagon out of the hole. The truck had parked right in front of the hole. As I walked around the truck, I saw a museum type display window in the truck side. Inside was a picture of a couple sitting on a swing or bench kissing each other. A sign over it said, "The Leaking Story! It is a story of a couple in Love." I knew he was a world traveler and that I'd have to do a page on him too on my website.

We all went up to the house then, me with the green wagon and the dog on the red leash which he continued to run out to the end of the leash, get caught up short until I caught up to it, then he'd run out ahead again. He was cute but totally out of control. As we all went up into the house, I was planning to put the handle of the leash over the doorknob to control the dog. The boys were bantering about who owed what to whom. One kid asked me if I heard the story of his shelf bracket collection which he had in his pocket. I told him I hadn't heard the story and he was about to tell the story to me when I woke up.


2-21-99 - VISION - I was working on a past life regression on a male.

I saw an all grey IM from AOL:  It said, "Member name:  FATE.  I asked, "could you tell me just one more thing?  It said, "Name!  Dan Aldar!"  I was then shown the magazine, "Atlantis Rising and New Times"  magazine.  I again saw an IM. It said, "Blessed Lord Jesus" upsidedown.


2-21-99 - DREAM- I was in a house and I wanted to do a past life reading and was having trouble. I was in the kitchen taking names down off a wall that were on with sticky tape. I was doing it from long distance. I asked myself, "Why don't you go you to it closer?"  I walked over closer and there was a shiny blackboard over the space that could be written on with white chalk.

A woman came in to ask questions I can't remember.

I went to the door and looked outside where there was a board, but I couldn't see it because I couldn't get the right perspective.   I saw on the table by the door that a little grey and white kitten was looking for water to drink in a tall reddish flower pot holder so I went to get him water and poured it in.  It was then I noticed that the pot was full of decorative holes and water flooded all over the table. Instead of getting upset, I just went to get a towel to wipe up the water from the table top. I saw a board there too which was also dirty. It had a brilliant sunset on it so I wiped that clean too.

My little daughter was there and needed her undies changed because she had peed in them, as I took her over to the bedroom. I was carrying her and patting her bare butt. She didn't appreciate it very much because I did it too hard.  I set her down on the floor to look for clean undies for her.  In the bottom drawer I only found unopened new undies and stockings for myself.  

While I was doing that, she said, "I went into my neighbors pool!"  I understood her, but wanted to question the statement and said, "What?"  She repeated it. "I went into my neighbor's pool!"  I looked at her and her lips were pure white colored and woke up.


2-23-99 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house.  My mother, I, and a couple women friends were there alone. My father and three of my sons had gone to a seminar somewhere though I thought my father was ill.  We just sat around chatting.

We went upstairs at one point when I thought it was bedtime. I remarked to my mother that the beds were empty and she reminded me that my father and my three sons had gone to the seminar. I had forgotten. I was laying on a bed diagonally. It was a king size bed. It was a motel bed. It felt so good. I thought, "We should go to a motel just to use the beds, if for no other reason."  

We went back downstairs to the livingroom. My father called on the phone and asked if we women would like to come up to the bar on 53rd St. because they were having such a good time.  I was bagging up all the candy at that point to put it in the freezer. I ran short of plastic bags, so used a bean bag that had chocolate covered peanuts in it or something. I knew that would all wash out later and stuffed it full of candy.  

My mother asked if I was ready to go. I didn't want to go alone, because 53rd St. was a dark neighborhood. I told her that a friend of mine had told me that if  I ever wanted to go out that I should call her. She only lived in the next block, but I didnt't have her phone number.

So, my mother, I, a friend named Diane who was visiting and my daughter were going to go. My mother and the three of us women. My mother asked if I was ready. I had to run upstairs and put on stockings and shoes, comb my hair and put on lipstick. I noted that Diane was wearing a long brown dress. I was going to go to the bathroom was using it.

I was almost ready to go. I knew it was very late already and there wasn't much time left to party before the bar closed at 2 a.m. but it was worth going, even so.


2-24-99 - DREAM - I was working in a very large company. The boss came in and said he had noticed that the hallway wasn't clean and that things were dusty. I told him I had noticed that too. I asked him if we had a cleaning lady because all the tables and desks were dusty. The leaves of the plants were falling onto the tables and hadn't been watered.

I began to do the work myself and told the boss it would have to be done at least every other day. I left to go to the store and they were so busy, I went out into my own garden to get the food which was fresh anyway.

Judy D. came to visit and I asked her if she would like a cup of coffee. She said, "Yes!" so I went to the kitchen to get some only to discover that I had two kitchens and no clean coffee cups in either one. I also discovered  had two glass pitchers with milk in them on the counter and one had dust balls hanging off the front end so I couldn't use it.

I then some famous guests, Richard Hoagland, and another guy who does radio shows with Art Bell. I can't remember his name. I began to tell them secrets I knew about the timing of events but Joe's alarm clock went off and woke me up.

I can't say this predicted what happened, but it is a mighty big coincidence nevertheless.

NOTE:  POSTED 3/8/99: On Saturday morning, March 6th, Richard C. Hoagland, the founder of The Enterprise Mission, suffered a major heart attack in Miami, FL. He was with friends at the time and was rushed immediately to a Miami hospital. Richard was then moved to a Miami area cardiac critical care facility and continues to be in critical condition and is being helped with life support devices. Richard will most likely be undergoing some kind of heart surgery shortly, in an effort to improve his condition.

UPDATE 3/11/99 2:00 PM PAST: Mark Diamond got to visit Richard today He writes: "He had just taken a walk around the room! So he is obviously in his words "on the fast track". One of his monitoring devices gave him a glowing middle finger (oops) and I told him it was too reminiscent of ET for us not to have a laugh about it, and he replied "of course not this is part of the documentation". Always the empiricist. I know that he appreciates the prayers and good wishes as he recovers, and knowing Richard it will be hard to get him to take it easy."


2-24-99 - VISION - I saw a typed sentence. "We wish we could tell you who we really are!"


2-24-99 - DREAM - I went through a series of what seemed like dumb events, including my ex-husband Edward and some other girl who looked like robots with over-developed muscles. It looked pretty disgusting to me. It seemed like each day of the week had a 'gate to go through", a test of some kind.

When I got through the last gate and was standing in a classroom, I was told they were going to show me the symbol of the lessor light as my reward. It was a spiral with the pound sign after it.



I was at work. We had just got there and my children were with me. My boss came in and said, that he had a big project for me to do. We were waiting for it to be delivered. Meanwhile I was feeling an ominous ache in my chest. It felt like gas stuck in my esophagus but no matter what I did, it didn't go away. I asked my daughter to go get me a drink of water. She left and didnt' come back. My boss, not knowing my problems said,"You just can't count on girls in sweaters can you!"  I agreed!  My son was there also. We heard a bird chirp loudly right outside the window. We both commented, "Wow! A bird in the crowded city!" My boss said, "That kind of awareness can really help you go far."  We kind of laughed. I was down on my knees on the floor pretending to be looking for something, trying to relieve the pressure in my chest but nothing was helping. I was beginning to think about calling an ambulance, knowing I didn't have insurance and where  I would end up I didn't care. I wasn't ready to die. I finally got up and went over to the sink and got my own drink of water. I didn't belch and the pressure remained steady.

An Engineer came in and he and my boss were discussing the need for a symbol for the engineering symbol. I said, "I know of one.  An Engineer dreamed it many years ago. He called it the sign of God. So I drew it for him in green chalk on a white board just like the dream symbol.

They were impressed. My boss was still waiting for the project to be delivered. I put a huge white platter in the sink to be washed. Otherwise there was no work left to be done and I woke up.

NOTE:  Awake I still had the same pressure in my chest and it was very uncomfortable. But awake, I rolled over on my left side and belched and belched and belched and the ache began to go away.  What a trial!


2-24-99 - DREAM - I was the same boss from the previous dream (Reich) He was with a pretty woman dressed in yellow. I was feeling some jealousy. I knew she wasn't his wife.

We were supposed to be working on that project he had been waiting for, but it turned out to be some kind of board game. I saw the same woman in yellow  on the other side of the table.

I lost my inhibitions and sat down next to the boss, put my arm around his waist and snuggled my head up on his shoulder. I admit it did feel strang like I had never done this before.

He turned around and put his arms around me and said, "My divorce just went through. Will you marry me?"  I thought to myself, "I'll never have to work again, and I'll have all his money and I'll have all kinds of jewels," and woke up.


2-25-99 - DREAM - I was looking at a web page of links. On the top of the page was the name of my friend Nadia. the page flipped over to show me the html side and where her name was typed, instead was a series of numbers, one number in place of each letter. II knew that the number meaning of her name was more important than the name itself was.

I then went to find a link where I could learn more about this, but I didn't know what it was called and I had to find out.

NOTE:  Obviously, this is numerology, and I'll have to study this.


2-25-99 - DREAM - I was in the house with Joe, in the kitchen. Joe sat by the window, and I saw with him writing out checks for the bills. I wrote out a check for something in the amount of $24.50.

We went outside then and Joe said to me, "When we get ahead $400 a month, we'll get a house because I want to drain the transmission of the car. We were out on the driveway at that point and Joe dug a square hole in the driveway with a pitchfork. He handed the pitchfork to me and I pried what looked like an old fashioned radio out of the hole and I could see there was more in the hole to get out.

Joe was walking to a barn which was ours but in the distance, where some men were. I thought to myself, "Why don't we just go to Joe's mother's house" which  was in the country. (Obviously we were living on a farm ourselves, so I don't understand this) A car pulled up on the road near where the barn was and some men go tout. Joe hollered at them, "Hey! What are you guys doing there?" They hollered back an answer but I couldn't understand what they said and I woke up.

What was strange about the voices was that they echoed like this whole scene was inside a big empty room. I saw no trees anywhere either. It was just all empty and in the distance.


2-25-99 - DREAM - Someone asked me to babysit for them. I agreed.

I can't remember doing anything with the baby. Michelle called and said she needed to buy some string.   I told her they had it at the hardware store. She didn't think so, but I had bought some there. I actually took the phone with me all the way over to the store. I got there and Michelle was in the store with another girl, looking for the string. The hardware store was kind of dark and small. I didn't see the string and I still had the phone in my hand so I quickly went back home.

I was at my 16th St. house and head that some black people had been burned out of their house. What was good was some wonderful people gave them all new furniture because of the tragedy. I saw some people moving furniture out of the house across the street where the fire had been.A black man moved a table out of the house and set it on the lawn. It was an old fashioned table, a small one but it looked like it was the right size to put my sewing machine on upstairs. However, this table had glass sides and top. It seemed way too delicate to hold a heavy sewing machine. It had lovely black cast iron decorated sides and legs.

I was standing on the sidewalk with Cary Loose, another friend. I saw movement along the dark sides and legs all moving downward. Suddenly something darker flew off and I knew it wasn't a bird. It was a flying cockroach. One would jump and fly off, then all the rest would move down, another jump and fly off in a different direction. It was kind of cool watching them until I figured out what it was. I told Cary, I'd never advise someone to buy used furniture. It was pretty risky, because cockroaches might come with it.

Whoever I was babysitting for came back to pay me. I asked her if I could write a check out of her checkbook. She said, "Yes!"  I wrote a check for $5.__. She also gave me a $15.00 but the remembered that she owed me for babysitting so we were probably even.


2-26-99 - DREAM - I was working on a web page, about aliens which isn't unusual at all, but this page had Nadia's e-mail name on top of each page SLIPTHALOS -

hahaha, ROV at work?

From there I went to a woman's apartment who was like Nadia. I didn't really see her, but we were out on a balcony commenting about mental stability and the railing on the balcony were like piano or accordion keys standing on end. I made sure they were all even before we left.

Then I met a guy for a date. He looked familiar at first. I think it was Richard Kind, the actor comedian. When we met, we were walking fast in an underground parking garage. He was going to take me to a theatre to see a play, but when I looked in the mirror, I had two zits on my face and I told him I had to stop in the bathroom and put makeup on my face.

When I came out of the bathroom, then I had too much white makeup on my face. When I looked in the next mirror, I tried to wipe some of it off but knew I'd have to wash it off. There was too much.

We decided to go through another section of basement. The door opened and all the people inside were doctors and nurses and had super white faces more so than my own makeup. We laughed and continued on looking for a bathroom. Half way through this area, a doctor grabbed ahold of Richard's hand and asked him if we'd be willing to participate in a connsensual sex test. Richard said, "Yes!"   I couldn't imagine what this was. The doctor opened a big door and there was a room beyond with a blue glowing light in it.  I could hear guys laughing in the room like it was a bar.

Then they separated Richard and I. They took him in the room and kept me outside. I said, "What's he supposed to do, do himself?"  They said, "don't worry" and closed the door. On the outside, on the wall, 4 names came up, a movie star, my own name, and two other women's names.  These names started rearranging themselves until finally they stopped with the movie star name on top in black, my name second in white, and the other two names under mine. So, I felt good that I was the 1st real person preferenced.

Richard came back out of the room then and we hurried on through this area, then came outside where it was cool and raining a little in the nighttime air. We were right by my own office building and I thought we could cut through my own office building to use a bathroom in there and not get wet, but I reached down to my pocket.  I was wearing blue jeans. I didn't have my office key with me. I still had to get the excess makeup off my face so we decided to head for Richard's apartment which was up a block on the other side of my office building and I woke up.




2-26-99 - NOTE: We've been experiencing knocking under the floor at night, sometimes right under my foot or where my hand was hanging off the bed. Joe and I have been talking about it, trying to figure out what it is.The cats sleep down there but there is not light. A person could probably squeeze under the house but why bother knocking?  Some of the knockings have been in strange rhythms like a song.  This morning I was dreaming that I was explaining the existence of aliens to my 4 year old son Bill (He's actually 36) and the moment I woke up there were 3 knocks on the wall at the head of my bed.

I talked to Michelle on an IM and when I told her that she said ROV started singing 3 knocks on the ceiling and all the rest of Tony Orlando and dawn's songs.  He so funny!  :-)


2-26-99 - MEDITATION - ROV was making fun and teasing me. I started mediating and found myself telling an alien story for kids.

I decided to go to sleep instead because I obviously was not going to do anything serious.

In the dream I was doing household tasks. I must have fallen asleep for a moment. I woke up and it was dark out. but it was supposed to be mid-afternoon. I got panicky because the kids were outside playing. I could hardly see though. My eyes were all blurry. I ran outside anyway. The sky was so dark. I could hear band music playing. I looked down towards Clark St. and there was a parade going by. It got light suddenly and my eyesight cleared. My kids came back home from the parade. I asked them about it and they said that girls standing on the floats were throwing samples of grass (marijuana) off of it to the people.

We were going back into the house. People were trying to push the door inward when it was supposed to open outward. I got that straightened out and we all went inside. There was obviously a party going on. The young men who were the cooks were all upset because everyone was outside too long and the food was half burned. I told them most of it could be saved.

I went back outside. There was a girl down the street on roller skates. she couldn't keep her balance. I held her hand and she still had problems and I kept picking her up. We got down toward the house. My sons were making something on the floor.  Some bad kid came through and took something. Two kids on the end could have stopped him from stealing the thing but didn't bother to look up from what they were doing. I got mad because they didn't try to help and took a swift kick at the stuff they were working on.

I went in the house farther and Michelle was there with her fat baby boy which we were taking care of for her while she was busy. She noticed what a happy baby he was. He was so adorable. A little chubby, laughing baby boy.


2-28-99 - DREAM - (Many dreams didn't bother to remember. The last one was the most memorable)

I experienced a personal change from a person who let everyone walk all over her, to one who was in charge of her own life. It was an exhilarating feeling to feel so positive about my own life.

At the end of the dream, I was at a concert, and four little girls from foreign countries came over to perform for the Americans.

I went over to hug a little blond girl who was like a crotchety old woman in her behavior and attitude.She even had an attitude about being hugged that was negative and she expressed this negativity. So, in public, I went over to her and asked her if I could give her another hug but she didn't want to.  So, I told her if I could hug her, I'd give the other children hugs too. She didn't want to deny her friends the hugs, so I gave her a big hug, then went over and hugged the next girl, whispered to her to be a good girl and told her to give my good wishes to her family and brothers and sisters.

The next girl looked very Italian with dark hair and brilliant white teeth and when I told her to give my good wishes to her family, she said, "I'm an only child, I dont have any brothers or sisters, so I asked her about her extended family and if she had cousins and aunts and uncles, so I told her to pass my good wishes to them also.  The last little girl was totally thrilled to be in America and when I hugged her and expressed my good wishes to her family she said she hoped that her whole family could come to America one day and see what a wonderful place it is.

I woke up feeling really good with a whole new feeling about life.


2-28-99 - VOICES -  "big"  -  "beautiful woman" - "Wallace Creed"


2-28-99 - DREAM - I was working on a web page about nothing in particular, just links to things I can't remember. It was Friday night and I wanted to go out and have a good time but my friends were sleeping. I decided I'd go anyway just to see what was going on and took boxes with a telephone to each woman who was sleeping so I could check up on them to see if they were waking up. There was also dressup clothes for myself and for them in each box too, so  I was as ready as I could be until they woke up.

So, I drove to our favorite bar out on Teutonia Ave. and took the boxes along inside with me and sat in the lobby of the bar waiting for them to walk up. I was really bored, so I thought I'd go check out the dancehall was behind two closed doors with recessed white knobs. I had to use my long fingernails to pull the knobs out to pull open the doors. When I opened the 2nd door, the ballroom was dark and empty. There was nobody there. I was surprised because it was Friday night.

I went over to the bar to ask the female bartender what their scheduled hours were. She was real busy talking on the phone to someone and said she would be right with me. I waited and waited but she didn't get off the phone. I decided to go back out to the lobby where the boxes were and that I would call ahead next time. I went back out to the lobby and discovered that the boxes with my friends stuff was gone. They had woke up, got dressed up and left, taking their telephones with them. I couldn't figure out how they did that, but was angry that they hadn't told me that they were leaving after all the time I had waited.

Now I was going to have to get dressed and drive myself somewhere to have a good time and it was dark outside and it wasn't safe to go places alone in the dark.

I sat down on the bench and pulled some panty hose out of my purse to put on so I could drive my car and while I was preparing to put my foot in the 1st leg, a big drunken guy came walking out of the bar. Thankfully he left without saying anything to me and  I continued to put my panty hose on. I got up to go outside then and saw a door I hadn't seen before. I pressed the button to open the door. Over on the side I heard an elevator door open up and this door opened and inside a female doctor was laying on a couch sleeping. Her face looked kinda yellowish. She slept there while she waited for patients to show up. She got up on one elbow and asked me what I needed. I told her I needed tranquilizers for depression. She said, "You'll have to see a psychiatrist for that."  I told her, "Nevermind!" and closed the door.  I opened the other door to the outside and woke up.


2-28-99 - DREAM - I was manager of a large apartment building. On one of the upper floor we were placing the statue of a big blue bull inside of a container. I can't remember why we did this but there was a big high platform built up around this thing so one could look down into it from above. The hole was so large, it was on the floor below and we had to secure it so it couldn't move, but we weren't burying it, we still wanted to be able to see it. I spent some time opening up and cutting the threads of sofa cushions to use the insides to fill in the empty space below next to the statue. To do this, I had to climb up on the platform around the hole which was 4 ft high. I recall that I had long beautiful legs with pantyhose on and that the boss was watching me do this and I knew it.

After it was done, the boss had my picture published in the paper as the heroine. I overheard the newspaper guy ask the boss why he had made me the heroine and he said, "I saw those sweet lips in a big 'O' and I just couldn't do less." It had big sexual connotations. I saw his picture as well, a big man reminding me of the patriarch of "One Life to Live" TV show.

I went out in front of the building and locked myself out because I forgot to bring my keys with me. So I knocked on the door of a 1st floor apartment to let me back in. He opened the door but it wasn't as easy as it seemed. The back side of the door was all rough shelves which had to be emptied and I had to climb in over those shelves to get inside. Again I noted that I had long beautiful legs and that I was well balanced and graceful.


2-28-99 - VISION -

The gist of it was that the wires were stretching and communication would end when the wires came off in the center.

NOTE:  I had several problems with the computer which kept me off line for several days.


2-28-99 - (I was feeling lost and goalless)

DREAM - I was on a green bicycle in the city, far away from home. I knew which way I wanted to go, but the intersection was so wide, I was afraid that if I went directly toward the road I knew I had to take that I'd get hit by a car in the middle of an intersection.

So I took a side street to work my way over to where I wanted to go. Here the street numbers were like 150 - 5- 155 and so narrow I had to ride my bike with my feet on the floor. I ended up inside narrow shops that were the streets. I was very upset that I didn't which way to go.

Another scene was at 43rd St. I and and some other people were discussing some men who might have been spies. I told them that you could tell who they were because they would only go so far towards 43rd St. but would never cross it. I said, "If you want to know what they're really after, watch them, from either side you see where they stop and then whatever is in the middle, divide it in half, and that's what they're really after.

One of the people said, "Look up there!" In the sky looked like clouds piled high but above it was an American flag blowing in the wind, a ring that I thought was a full moon but turned out to be a crop circle and some other vague object we could hardly see. The whole thing was rather like a vision we weren't supposed to be able to see.

A big heavy set woman was there with a yellow jeep. She couldn't get it started. I tried too but I couldn't do it either. It was actually too small for either one of us. she aid she'd get someone to come and take a look at it.

I went inside my house where this same woman and some other woman came to buy all my baby equipment I didn't need anymore. I said it was stored in the addition to the house. I asked them if they knew their way over to it and they said, "No!" so I had to take them there.

The door to the addition was at the back of the house. I opened the door and the addition was all bright and sunny but I hadn't been in here for quite awhile. My husband who was doing the building hadn't done any work on it recently either. As we walked through the 1st hallway, a motor came on under the floor and the whole room shook. It really worried me but the motor went off again. I was thinking it might be the furnace and knew I'd have to tell my husband about it.

We walked further over and a whole divider section of wall tilted over a whole inch. I jumped when it did and so did everyone else. I could see it wasn't attached to the ceiling and I made a mental note to tell my husband to nail that wall in place permanently, or I'd have to do it myself.

A little farther over a puff of air blew the lid off of a wooden box built on the floor. I was beginning to feel scared to be even in here.

In other rooms and halls though were colorful pieces of various kinds of fabric and carpeting and it looked like someone was working towards decorating the interior of these rooms.

I still hadn't found the baby furniture. Then we came to an apartment sandwiched in between my house proper and my new addition. The woman living in here was a single mother with two sons and they were grown past the baby stage.

One of the women gave her $100 and took away the baby furniture. It left a huge space in the room. I was thinking I should have received the $100 because it was my baby furniture but ton second though I have have made some kind of deal with the woman using the furniture and let the matter slide.

The woman's son was about 10 came over to confront us. His hair was hanging half over his eyes and he started making hand signals like a Star War's warrior and talking an ET language. I wasn't about to be intimidated by someone living in my own house and I repeated the gestures back to him. They seemed kind of like Italian hand signals like when they swear at people.

The boy calmed down then and became friendly. Her other son was handsome and seemed to be about 14. He said a few worlds I can't remember. Then we left and went back outside.

The heavy set woman was still with her yellow jeep and still couldn't start it. It seemed that my ex-husband was in the back seat of this jeep giving instructions on what kind of booze everyone needed to drink to make the trip and I assisted in removing the empty glass bottles but nobody could start the jeep. I and the others moved on leaving them sit there in the street and left them there and woke up.