You are a flower, a very lovely flower. The sun is bright and warm and glowing and you are blooming. Because you are a flower, you exist in the natural world of abundance and glory. And the sun glows upon you and you open your petals.

Now, what would happen, if, in the middle of a bright sunny afternoon, our flower began to think, and it said, "What am I doing that the sun should shine down upon me? I am a poor worthless little flower. The great world goes beyond me and I do nothing. Hardly anyone notices me and I am very lonely. How is it that this great sun should shine down upon me?

And so, the flower, following it's own thoughts, now begins to droop, and it wiggles its little stem over, til it hangs it's head beneath a giant oak tree, where the sun cannot fall upon it in the shade. And, say our little flower begins to reason further and says, "If the sun fell upon me, what would I have to do to deserve this great benediction? I must think of things to do to rationalize my existence."

And as it thinks, it grows gloomier and darker, and huddles up against the great tree, so that the sun cannot reach it.

Now, any flower has better sense than that, and so should you. Abundance is all around you. It is the sun. It is the rain. Those things are natural and good. Wealth, in whatever terms you happen to translate it, is also a part of your natural world, and so for you to feel free, and to accept one portion of nature and not the other is not a good belief.

You ARE. Your being IS.  You are a portion of All That Is. Therefore, you have right to abundance as the flower has to the sun. In human terms there are many kinds of abundance, and they are all yours. You must realize that you do not have to rationalize your existence. Because you ARE. You have a right to the abundance of nature in whatever way it is transformed or translated for you.  

You have to realize that your experience begins from within. Your joyful thoughts bring joy, your abundance thoughts bring abundance, and your thoughts of limitation bring limitation.

When you are basking in your own being, and glowing in your Sun, then you are enjoying abundance - your own abundance. There is in the universe unlimited energy and joy and abundance that belongs to you.