G.A.P.7 - WHAT IS G.A.P.7 ???????

This is a work in Progress

At this time, we only have a general feel for the program that ZORA wants to present to the world from the spirit world she lives in.

We feel that there is a connection between this and the dream I had in 1997 about Joe having a page called "Beyond The Elysian Fields".

Elysian Fields is defined at a place where souls go after death which is blissful, happy, or complete happiness.

ZORA will be returning in dreams and visions to give more information as we go along. We feel confident that G.A.P.7 is a plan for the United States of America called "GREAT AMERICAN PLAN" as she has stated, and that this information is to be used by the citizens of this great land of ours to become possibly "The New JerUSAlem" as written in the Book of Revelations, and written about by Dr. J.J. Hurtak in the book called, "The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch". He was told that America will become the New JerUSAlem by Metatron and Enoch who are in the spirit world.  Enoch was one of the Patriarchs written about in the book of Genesis who ascended into heaven without dying in his physical body. Metatron is the visible manifestation of the deity as "Garment" of the Father. Almighty, Eternal Lord and "Divine Voice" of the Father.

This is J.J. Hurtak's explanation of the New Jerusalem.



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