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25.14 Gravity is the 4th Dimension 

The Great Debate began, about Gravity, not Time, as the 4th dimension, on The Enterprise Mission BBS.

This debate generated cartoons from Gravitywell, where you will see the distorted caricature of the thesis / antithesis, upon which the cartoons capitalize. It's amusing to say the least. I want to thank Gravitywell for the "well" done cartoons. Remember, I also, can draw "well".

Gravitywell Cartoon

Gravitywell Cartoon

Being as opposed to the crystal mumbo jumbo as anyone else, I was surprised upon reading of the planes of crystals of all efficient metals and their conducting power. It seems that gold, silver, platinum, copper and many other metals all have octahedral crystal planes that have the exact side slope angle as the Pyramid of Giza. 51 degrees, 51 minutes and 14.3 seconds, no more, no less. This in itself gives credence to "mere crystals". In Theory 21 below, we find NASA itself, attempting to grow perfect crystals in space.

Perhaps some aspiring artist can submit a cartoon: Imagine two University mathematicians in the background / left, ones arm over the others shoulder, faces turned slightly away, consulting each others opinion, with the camera catching my suspicious eye turned toward them as it shoots over my right shoulder.

Caption: Meta knows about our "complicated BS math defense."

Or another cartoon showing Einstein with his back to a large clock, hands clasped behind his back, with one extended finger keeping the minute hand from advancing.

Caption: Of course the Theory works...if you tamper with the measuring devices~

Flaws in the Logic of Einstein's Special Theory, Ilya Stavinsky  (Note: It is not so much the relativity theory that is in error, it seems much moreso, to be our clouded view of what he was saying.)
Disproving Relativity, Pawal Kolasa.  Be tolerant of his misspellings.
Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics 


A Quote from Arto Heino

"The foundation of quantum arithmetic will seem trivial to a lot of mathematicians, alas it is just as well, as nature doesn't use calculus or trigonometry with all our man made rules and exceptions. Its main feature is that it is built from Prime number Law and Whole Integer units, with no imaginary square root of -1, any negative numbers and no decimals. To even simplify this, you have only addition, subtraction, multiplication with only division that is viewed as a ratio of 2 whole numbers. The need for some algebra and geometry are used to clarify how it actually operates and is used. I will only gloss over these points as not to make it too labored. The outcome, for those who don't understand Quanternions, will reveal its essence."

Gravity, Antigravity and 3 x 3 Magic Squares 
Quantum Arithmetic- John Worrell Keely, Dale Pond, Ben Iverson.  Home Index 


The serious subject is this:

I promise to do my best to show how analogy and intuition and the process of elimination can present gravity in its correct frame. I was challenged to only use mathematics and declined because, as you may know, mathematics can prove any theory even if the math is wrong. Even today, we really don't have many clues as to the elusive nature of gravity. I decided that I would find a new way to demonstrate gravitys' proper place. If you will offer your timely support, it will be appreciated. If you think it is worth the effort to pursue the truth about gravity and all other phenomena with an intuitive, rational and analogous attempt, your interest will not be wasted.


Premise 1: If science says that gravity is a pulling force inside earth or any matter, you may safely presume that gravity is a pushing force, "Push Gravity Theory". But, gravity is not merely a push, it is much more.

Here is an excellent mathematical example of Einstein's Relativity claims being "opposite", in result, from that claim. You may skip to the last few sentences if need be.

Relativitys' Paradox

Premise 2: After you have put years of thought into an idea and it is almost violently resisted or ignored completely, know that idea has something about it that is correct.

Premise 3: It is impossible to assemble a jigsaw puzzle incorrectly. Once you get all the other pieces fitting properly, you know exactly where the last unknown piece (gravity) fits.

Premise 4: When the University grades you Grade C Beef and removes your hope of being part of it, begin to learn of all those things that the University refuses to learn about. You will return, as I did, to teach them, but they will never learn because their University is not a place of Higher Learning, it is merely a job to be defended. Of course, this applies to some, not all.

Premise 5: The beauty of Harmonic and Geometric Theories is this: You can immediately see where the dissonance is.


A List of Carefully Selected Gravity Definitions.


1st Theory

What Gravity is Not " is not a force generated by matter."
What Gravity Is... "Gravity is therefore nothing but the result of the general expansion of the universe."


2nd Theory

Gravity Shadowing "a resultant force or radiant "pressure" toward Earth appears on the free body. This force is normally called gravity or " mass attraction. "


3rd Theory

Faster Than Light Speed Graviton Bundles "Photons Are A "Carrier" of Gravity Waves." (Note: Others say neutrinos are carriers of gravity)


4th Theory

Reverse gravity (anti-gravity) arrives before it leaves.
Jaegu Kim "He determines that there is a region of space around a charged spinning mass in which the gravitational force is negative."


5th Theory

Einstein's Alleged Gravity Space Warping "Einstein further challenged conventional wisdom by describing gravity as the warping of spacetime, not a force acting at a distance."


6th Theory

Newton's Gravity Theories "a force which acts at a distance, resulting in their acceleration toward each other."


7th Theory

Newton's Gravity Theories "In popular usage the word gravity is often used to describe the force of attraction itself, but technically gravitation is the force and gravity is the observed effect of this force."


8th Theory

Dictionary Information: Definition Gravity "The tendency of a mass of matter toward a center of attraction."


9th Theory

"Gravity is a flow not a force. Space consists of pure energy, the distortion of which engenders the created world." --That Is Science, B. DePalma, 1995.


10th Theory- From My Files

Einstein's theory:

1. It assumes that everything that happens from (the) reaction E = mc^2 happens in this dimension.
2. It does not take into account... that matter has unique frequencies associated with it, and that these frequencies result from its information.
3. It does not explain why the speed of light is a constant in the universe, it merely recognizes that it is.

1. In attempting to explain gravity, Einstein tried to incorporate the phenomena of inertia and attraction in one theory. One of the first premises he made was "electrostatic, magnostatic and gravitational fields are all different character, they do not mix. Each preserves its own individuality, regardless of the others". He came to this erroneous conclusion because he thought that Maxwell had explained what magnetism was and what caused a magnetic field...Maxwell did nothing of the sort. His equations attempted only to describe the effects of a magnetic field on the other objects. If it does not make any sense to you that acceleration causes gravity, you aren't alone".

"Gravity is caused by the information",

(Note: From the sun and ultimately from the Diehold, 0-dimension, as Vogt calls it).
"(to) the physical (earth) being modulated and directed 360 degrees around a point in space",
(Note: This is the center of the earth. 360 may have to be doubled to account for the hidden half of existence concerning the toroidal earth). Any object that is within the vicinity of this planet will be "pushed",

(Note: This is the mechanism of "push gravity" theory, or more properly called "harmonic gravity".)
"toward the center of this modulation point. The force of attraction will observe the Inverse Square law developed by Newton. The actual gravitational force or field",

(Note: the Life Force, full of living information).

"does not really happen in this dimension".

"To test our theory against Einstein's, we had to see if gravity was affected by the velocity of the object around the axis of the earth, or was gravity due to our theory".

Vogt describes using two submarine expeditions carrying gravity meters which measurements produced the conclusion that the location on the earth (equator and pole locations) had more to do with gravity measurements than did the (slow) velocity of the (submarines).

Next we compared the gravity values for 3 different observational points on the earth (2 poles and 1 on the equator). If Einstein's theory is correct...The difference in gravity values between the (poles) should be due to their velocity around the axis or their velocity around its neighboring space. Using Einstein's formula, we found that these velocities caused a negligible difference in their weights...even if we considered the combined velocity of the object around the earth and its velocity around the sun, the results would still be negligible.

The biggest deciding factor (concerning gravity) was the amount of mass under the gravity meters and the distance from the magnetic poles. The gravity difference between the equator and the poles is about 5 dynes...with a daily fluctuation of .35 dynes, due to the modulation intensity of the information...the reason gravity is stronger at the poles is that more information is being directed there...causing the harmonic group wave layers, D, E, F sub 1 and F sub 2 of the ionosphere plus the Van Allen belt at 90 degrees to the poles".

(Note: Remember that the Van Allen Belt is another name for the Mind of the Earth, the Psy field, Psi field of Arguelles, World Soul of Plato and The Sensorium of Harold, etc).


The "spheric shape of gravity's "push".
The Hyper-D Platonic shapes are also within perfect spheres.
That universe "may be" expanding in a spheric shape.
That the basic building blocks of matter seem to be spheric.
Notice that what is called god, seems to be a perfect sphere with no angles (angels).

Is gravity a sphere of influence or not? If it is not, then is it a lesser shape, i.e., tetra, double tet, cubic, octa, etc? If yes, then gravity is akin to perfection of the perfect sphere. Does elusive not-in-this-dimension-gravity give you the same impressions as does the concept of god?

Again, let's consider the words, "sphere of influence". Have you ever heard scientists, in all of history, ever talk about a Tetra of influence? Or an Octahedron of influence or any other lesser shapes of influence? No we have not. So a "sphere of influence" seems to be the one we can safely use to describe physics phenomena, including gravity. And what is this sphere of gravity influence around? Is it not matter, the only candidate that is associated with gravity? Yes. Now we can begin to see that gravity is spheric developing into a spiral in Theory 20. There is no other choice.

We can reason from "rotation" also. Let's assume you understand the 0point, 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D rotations of dimension. These rotations have to have a real meaning, such as a 90 degree rotation about a plane (2D). This we can understand. Now, about a 90 degree rotation about a solid (3D). This is a little harder to understand. The thing to watch is the corners of the plane and solid here. What do these corners represent? If the basic building blocks of universe are groups of overlapping spheres, and other files here show that valid possibility, then the centers of those spheres are what form the corners of the planes and solids. Now we can see that solids are made from spheres, and dimensions are movements or rotations from sphere / sphere centers. Are there any other possibilities? No. Now we understand that 4D-gravity has something to do with a rotation from sphere to sphere centers.


11th Theory


This is probably the impelling / repelling force...

(Note: ...or the cosmological constant / Lambda of Einstein's gravity. 12 spheres around a 13th sphere is also the shape of the famous Bucky Fuller Vector Equilibrium. This in itself should set off alarms in the intelligent mind. What other candidate is there? There seems to be none.)

(Of) "precisely" this composite, three-fold pattern:

1. Twelve sheathes of energy beyond the physical,
2. The 6-directional beams, and
3. The pulsating 13 sets of double alternating spokes of energy

"A further surprise was the discovery that underlying these 6-directional energy lines are thirteen energy lines of a different character that pass through the center of the stones equidistant from each other, forming 26 "spokes", as in a wheel. Whereas the 6-directional lines remain steady and immobile, the 26 spokes (26 possible dimensions of Oeric's Temporal Existance) seem to pulsate, the energy swooping in alternate fashion from one side of the wheel to the opposite. That is, there seem to be thirteen sets of double beams the energy of which alternate in pulsating manner. Precisely the same process is taking place at the Chamber as with these stones, with the center of the radiating spoked wheel being the place that Joseph choose for the central alter and where he made the cornmeal offering."

"Yet in the Orbital Calendar testing , however, I also discovered a 4th signature: a phenomenon that I had previously noted in early 1993 while dowsing mysterious powerful rays coming into and emanating from Mt Mitchell. Within each of the 12 "sheaths" was included an uncountable number of "striations" or impulses of energy each running in the opposite direction from the other. That is, as I walked inward toward the calendar or outward away from it, the impulses (indicated by pointing of the dowsing rods) alternated between left and right, or clockwise and counter-clockwise. I was reminded of an alternating electrical current. "

"Further dowsing however, indicated that what I was sensing was not electromagnetic at all - nor was it geomagnetic - but something akin to Yin and Yang that was flowing in both directions simultaneously. According to pre-quantum physics Western logic this is impossible. Moreover, the impulses really had no "direction" and were not even flowing: they just "were". I thought: "Alpha and Omega, the simultaneous "is-ness" of the eternal and paradoxical "now" composed of past and future". In other words, the "striations" energy was not polarized into positive and negative but was whole, like the "One" of Buddhism. Upon rechecking I have found that this paradoxical un-polarized yes-and-no phenomenon is a 4th typical characteristic of the composite energy fields I have found associated with all the objects and locations thus far mentioned."

"Since making this final connection, I have come to call this four-fold signature pattern, "Alpha-Omega-13" because it seems to be associated only with Sacredness, with some great force beyond us. It does not register through dowsing as being of Earth origin. In fact, dowsing rods indicate unequivacably a direction in the heavens from where the energy is coming, depending on the position of the Earth in relation to the Sun and where the Sun is in the galaxy. This composite energy is at once streaming in from "out there" (implying direction and flow in Time) as well as simply is, with no relation to Time. I should note that two years earlier, dowsing had indicated that the lung mei, rather than being an "Earth" energy, is also of a celestial source - the same one."

"I can only conclude that Alpha-Omega 13 is divine energy. Dowsing rods do not confirm the word, "cosmic" or "celestial" - only "divine" and "Love". And further, if one dowses such concepts as the "Transfiguration", "Death and Ascension of Jesus", "the vision of Black Elk", "the Great Brotherhood of Light", "Buddha", "the Bird Tribes", "the Ancient Ones" (the Grandfathers) of the Native Americans, "the Galactic Stream" of The Mayan Factor, "Viracocha", "Quetzalcoatl", etc., the results are the same: Alpha-Omega 13, the same energy associated with the Orbital Calendar."

(Note: So this energy is divine and love. What have we called "pure" love in our history? Was it "god"? Alpha-Omega 13 is also "Transfiguration", "Death and Ascension of Jesus", "the vision of Black Elk", "the Great Brotherhood of Light", "Buddha", "the Bird Tribes", "the Ancient Ones" (the Grandfathers) of the Native Americans, "the Galactic Stream" of The Mayan Factor, "Viracocha", "Quetzalcoatl"...

What does "ascension" mean in the foregoing? Does it mean ascension to another higher dimension, plane or frequency? Yes. Could that higher "Heaven" be time, gravity or some other unknown name? What other possibilities are there? There are none. Is Alpha-Omega 13 a group of 12 spheres around a 13th center sphere, manifesting gravity in the center sphere? This is one of the reasons I call it 4D-gravity-phi-love.)


12th Theory

The choice between gravity and time...

TIME IS GRAVITY- John Worrell Keely


13th Theory

From Tom Bearden:

Time is a funny "dimension". In a given frame the entire universe, every piece of it, exists simultaneously at one single "time point." In other words, at any time point, every spatial point in the entire universe is "connected".

(Note: If Keely's time is gravity and Bearden's time is completely connected, then gravity must be called whole or complete unity.)


14th Theory

Michael Allen Gelman "I attribute neutrinos with delivering to matter the linear momentum they have stolen from nuclear fission and nuclear fusion, in the form of gravity."

(Note: Carriers of gravity)


15th Theory

Morton F. Spears "Gravity is electrostatic."

(Note: From Reality Revealed by Vogt, we find that the 1st dimension electrostatic controls 2D magnetism which controls 3D electric which controls 4D outer gravity which, when rotated into 5D, becomes 4D inner gravity and returns back through 3D, 2D and 1D again, infinitely breathing in and out as if it were living information. For all intents and purposes it is life and is living. It may be called Heaven by western religion or Chi by eastern philosophy and has many more names.)


16th Theory

Joseh Hasslberger "There may be an inflow of background field towards large bodies, causing a movement of background field relative to the surface of such large bodies, which is felt as gravitation."

(Note: Push gravity)


17th Theory

CEEE. "omnidirectionally focused by gravity on Earth's exact center."

(Note: This is, in effect, 4D spherical gravity)


18th Theory

US Patent 5,377,936 "Gravity is a Push."


19th Theory

James E. Tracy, Omicron Project "What is Gravity?" (pdf docs)


20th Theory

Found at Kent Benjamin Robertson's Index The Reinstatement Of Einstein's Presently Abandoned Unified Field (Steady State) Theory In 20,000 Words: Without Mathematics by K. B. Robertson, Copyright c December 1999 THE BIG BANG THEORY IS WRONG Gravity Is The 4th Dimension, Electricity Is The 5th Dimension, Magnetism Is The 6th Dimension. (In 20,000 Words Without Mathematics) Copyright c December 1999 (Previous copyrights 1959, 60, 66, 70, 79 & 85.)

By Kent Benjamin Robertson

(Note: The Steady State Theory is the other half of the Big Bang Theory and are completely compatible and necessary to describe the totality. Of course, the Big Bang was only a bang of information, not any matter.)


21st Theory

Walter Wright's Push Gravity 


22nd Theory

Einstein Said... "Einstein said that molecular attraction IS REALLY NO DIFFERENT from the gravity pull of the planets and stars. He theorized that this attraction works on the same principle as electromagnetism."

"A molecule, a planet or a star all have gravitational fields just as magnets or electromagnets have their magnetic fields. To illustrate the similarity, Einstein said that a gravitational field would attract and bend light rays JUST AS A MAGNETIC FIELD BENDS CATHODE RAYS in your TV picture tube."

(Note: We can now extrapolate, as Einstein did: As magnetic 6D (2D) fields bend 5D (3D) electric cathode rays and as gravitational 4D outer (4D inner) fields bend light, so does magnetic 6D (2D) fields of the galaxy, bend is the galaxy's magnetic 6D (2D) field, bent by the central core of universe, in Sagittarius..etc.

Robertson called magnetism 6D
Vogt called magnetism 2D

These are the same from opposite directions of calculation, with 4D gravity in between, from either direction.

6D (2D) magnetic bends 5D (3D) electric fields (90 degree rotation).
5D (3D) electric fields bends 4D outer (4D inner) gravitic fields (90 degree rotation).

or conversely,

1D (7D) electrostatic fields bend 2D (6D) magnetism (22.5 degree rotation?).
2D (6D) magnetic fields bend 3D (5D) electricity (45 degree rotation?).
3D (5D) electricity bend 4D outer (4D inner) gravity (90 degree rotation).

This halving (22.5 and 45 degrees), implies a halving distortion (spin 2?) in this dimension or a doubling of this dimension (spin 1/2?) to account for higher dimension rotation.

Source: File 51 Gnosis and Dimensions, The 4th Dimension, Consciousness Units.) More research is needed here.


23rd Theory

Steve Kaufman 

"What we observe as gravitational attraction is simply the consistent alteration of the direction of propagation of electromagnetic radiation in the direction of increasing gravitational distortion."

(Note: Here we begin to see that the gravity spheric turns into a spiral. Even though Steve depicts gravity as separating spirals of matter particles as it itself spirals, he may not realize that gravity may not be a function of matter but the higher force of 4D that sandwiches between matter particles to keep them moving "forward" and spiraling in the customary helix.)


24th Theory

The Epitome of Theories. I found it on 1/6/00. A simplified analogy. It incorporates my reversed time, mirror image concepts and lightspeed as the mediator between "This Side" and the "Other Side".

Upgrade Time 4.0 Now A journey above lightspeed.


"...the theory of relativity does not say that man cannot travel faster than the speed of light, it merely says that no one on earth will be able to see him do it."

Concerning Electrogravity.

"T. Townsend Brown states it this way: there is between electricity and gravity a relationship parallel and/or similar to that which exists between electricity and magnetism. As the coil is the coupling link in the case of electromagnetism, so is the condenser in the case of electrogravitics."

The Infinite Mass / Infinite Energy error.

"In our discussion of non-linearity of physical law, it was pointed out that the energy inherent in a gram, or any other quantity of matter is precisely the quantity of energy necessary to accelerate its mass to a velocity equal to the quantity C by energy conversion. This statement may be hotly disputed by some students who have not yet learned to distinguish between matter and mass. Their argument is to the effect that no mass can ever be accelerated to the velocity of light since the mass would then be 'infinite' and consequently the energy required to produce the velocity would also be 'infinite'. The incorrectness of this assumption can be demonstrated simply by pressing the button of a pocket flashlight. A beam of light will be produced which any physicist will agree has mass and which, by its very definition, is moving at the velocity of light. Yet all the energy required is released by a small amount of chemical change taking place within the cells of a battery."


25th Theory

Theories of John K Harms: Main Page 

"Gravity is the "long-range" Casimir force."

Cosmic Long-Wavelength Photons And A Fundamental Understanding Of Gravitation A Quantum Gravitational Proposal By J. K. Harms 

"I see the cause of gravity to be a disturbance (or unbalance) of the photonic energy of the vacuum. In particular, ordinary (not virtual) long-wavelength photons are responsible for this imbalance of radiation pressure due to the presence of matter. Such long-wavelength photons have a cosmic origin (created by the Big Bang) and are reflected by all matter particles. Since matter does not allow long-wavelength quanta within, a force is created by the differences in radiation pressure. Since, according to Stephen Hawking, forces warp (or bend) space-time, this force created by a difference in vacuum energy causes the attraction due to gravity. General relativity is the correct theory of gravity, but it has as its very foundation "a force" caused by the energy differences of the vacuum. Thus a force causes the warpage (or curvature) of space-time. This idea also unifies gravity with electromagnetism in an "already unified" type approach, but this is not the focus of the paper or my actual intent. I am more interested in the cause of gravity which I feel has always been a mystery."

Color, The Wave Theory Of Matter And Particle Spin By J. K. Harms 


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