36.1 Lets get a little closer and see what is inside the Very, Very Big Picture 

36.2 Diagram. Inside the Very Very Big Picture

We see the Actuality rotating in the middle. It rotates because all we ever have seen is moving in a circuit. The 2 little dots on the far right are the earth and sun and the galactic center. Toward the center slightly, is the Megagalaxy wherein all we know and can possibly see rotate around it. And in the center of centers is the Metagalaxy wherein all else rotates around it. As diagramed, sinewave magnetic lines emanate from the poles of Metagalaxy crossing at the nodes of Megagalaxy, our galaxy, our sun and earth. This arrangement is actually an unfathomable disk of matter rotating around an octahedral shape within and without other shapes. The magnetic fields (curved arrows) of the larger galaxies, influences and distorts the magnetic fields of the smaller galaxies. Our known Universe is merely a very small part of this structure. The small straight arrows indicate all of Universes matter is expanding at the exact rate that the octahedron sides expand, from apex to base, if measured and correlated. Einstein's "cosmological constant" (a repulsive force that is the property of the vacuum in space and time) is the only other way science has to explain this exponential expansion. I propose this expansion of universe is following the side angles of an Octahedron exactly like two Pyramids of Giza, base to base.

The spiral, from the apex of the top octahedron, is the 7 levels of what is called Reality. Qualified matter returns back to Universe, from Mankind back to the source, or the central light of the Metagalaxy, then 'up' the spiral, from level 1 to 8, OR, qualified matter from human thought returns directly to the spiral levels 1-8, through psyche, earth mind, Solar Mind, Stellar Mind, Universal No.thing, Absolute No.thing (no absolutes) and finally Infinite No.thing or Chaos or hidden order.

Note that Time is an arrow from the apex of the top octahedron 'down' to the Metagalaxy in the center after the prescribed billions of years of existence. If level 1 of this octahedron represents the lowest level, matter, then the whole mass is rotating near or at the bases of the octahedron. Also note that when the whole mass of rotating matter reaches the bases of the octahedron, our universe and all else will begin contracting.

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36.3 The Exponential Expansion 

"The A and B planes cutting horizontally through 2 levels of the octahedron is where a young Universe used to be billions of years ago. We can see the expansion from A to B described the Inverse Square Law.

Vogt, the author of Reality Revealed, calculate the age of the Universe at 19.55843 billion and the atomic way of dating confirms the age to be 20 billion".

Reality Revealed
By Vogt

36.4 Age of Universe and the Octahedral Timeline 

If we apply 20 billion years to the following, it may show us knowledge that we have never seen or considered before:

  1. The Zodiac of Constellations
  2. The Octahedron, the very very big picture.
  3. The cosmological coincidences of ratios 10^40.

Can we possibly know when the rotating matter will cross the baseline of the octahedron?

Can you sense that this process of symmetry has something to do with a torus, the 1/2 twist of a mobius strip, the isomeric reversal of "outer" vs. "inner" (Tertium Organum, pgs. 138-139), the isomeric reversal of earth, the inversion of music symmetry and the harmonic mean reciprocal: In Scientific American Magazine, Nov. 1967, pg.88, titled, Collapse (of Stars), Penrose's theorem is applied to perfectly spherical matter which is crushed to zero volume.

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36.5 Matter Entering a Singularity 

A very interesting alternative scenario for matter entering a singularity is quoted from the same article:

"There is one way in which matter might escape being crushed. There might be a topological hole inside the photon-3-surface, through which the matter of the star could flow without being crushed to zero volume. The matter might then emerge, bubbling upward, like a spring...in some other region of our universe or in some other universe. Indeed, Igor D. Novikov of The institute of Applied Mathematics in Moscow and James M. Bardeen of The University of Washington have independently presented a mathematical example of gravitational collapse in which precisely this happens".

I am aware of the fact that mathematics can be used in such a way as to prove any theorem but the point here is to mention that there is more evidence which encourages the possibility that not only large macro-objects are toroidal but micro-objects also, such as electrons and neutrons which are spherical toroidal shapes of organized harmonics. These micro-objects are not particles as Science calls them.

Evidence that micro-objects are toroidal, and behave as stated above, concerning suns, can be summized by observing the work of Hemet.

Copyright. Robert Grace. 1999

36.6 The 1/2 Twist of the Mobius Strip 

The mobius strip, I found, acts like the phase shift of neutron spin rotation labeled The Fiber-Bundle Model in Scientific American,
July 1981, pgs. 128-129,
Fiber-Bundles and Quantum Theory.

36.7 Diagram. The Philippine Wine Dance Model

If you have ever seen it, it shows how a path is traced by rotations of the glass, down then up to the beginning again, two times around. It is explaining the mobius strip in dance.

36.8 Diagram. The Looped Mobius Strip

This diagram, I believe, only shows the neutron axis precession as it follows a mobius-like path. The axis must trace twice around to equal 360 degrees and four time around to equal 720 degrees. This mysterious "doubling" is a most interesting phenomena.


It is no mere coincidence that we count in base 10 decimal while the Mayan Calendar is base 2 (20) vigesimal, or the number 20 of Buckminster Fuller, or the 4-dimensions in our visible universe which requires 8-dimensions to describe the "Other Side", or the insideness / outsideness of gravitation / radiation, or the 20 billion year age of the universe which is the half-way mark of the evolving, or the 10^40 cosmological coincidences....

The base 2 twist (1 / 20, 1 / 2, 2, 20, 200...) of the mobius-spheric- blackhole-electron cloud is extrapolated from Scientific American which pictures a spiraling electron in the shape of a torus, emitting synchrotron radiation. The following diagram shows only two energy paths around a spheric section and through a blackhole-singularity, providing the mechanism for quantum information jumps (the EPR effect of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen).

36.10 Diagram. Vector Angles on Spherical Toroidal Surfaces

Obviously, the vector arrow of a surface path around the spherical section changes its phase by 90 degrees, once around. It is unknown to me how many times the vector angle changes direction through the singularity, but it should be a base 2 sum, difference, product or dividend depending upon the operation of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.


36.12 The Isomeric Reversal of "inside vs. outside" 

Isomeric reversal leads me to believe that "something" is backwards but I don't mean human values, etc. Have you ever been impressed by "looking out" into the world, that the images received by the senses is "somehow" a reflection of an "inner something". Why, you might ask? This happens every time we look out into the mirror. The answer is "looking inward" as in prayer and meditation.

The theory behind this viewpoint is this:

A. Mankind (humankind) has supposedly evolved (and evolved here means a pushing outward and becoming more complex) through 4 ages so named:

  1. The Golden Age,
  2. The Silver Age,
  3. The Bronze Age and
  4. The Iron Age.

B. By evolving, "Man" has "somehow" found itself in the above mentioned condition- backwards, reversed, inverted, pushed outward as if living in a reflection. These ages are also called the Fall of Spirit into matter or the 7 planes of existance on the Involutionary side before the garden story.

A conclusion can be drawn upon the two above statements:

After much research I found there may be 4 or 5 ages depending upon who's cosmology one studies but nevertheless, in each case the last age becomes the first age again eventually, and we seem to be on the edge of the first Golden Age (a 5th dimension preview) if you wish to use that cosmology. And, according to the Zodiac of Constellations, not the Zodiac of common signs, and all the information written about the new Age of Aquarius, that Age of Aquarius (actually Leo directly across from Aquarius), must be the preview of the Golden Age preceded by the backwards, reversed, inverted mirror images of the Iron Age. At this time we are in the 4th Major plane, 5th sub-sub plane of the 4th sub-plane on the Evolutionary side, the Rise of matter to Spirit. This can be confirmed by studying the arrow of future to past of the next baktun of the Mayan Tzolkin, seeing that we are in the very last baktun of the Tzolkin, past to future, in Jose Arguelles book, The Mayan Factor, although the Dreamspell Count of Arguelles is hotly contested by others as being slightly off and dissonant to the True Mayan Count.

In Quartum Organum, Preface pg vii, "...To some this (Kryptons statement) will seem a contradiction of fact, since they believe we are entering a cycle of peace and enlightenment- the Aquarian Age. This, however, is a minor cycle in a major, and even this is misunderstood. Elsewhere we said that modern man does not know how to read this cosmic clock and this well illustrates the point; he has, in fact, been reading the wrong hand. The precessional hand is about to enter Aquarius, but for 12,000 years this hand makes no contact with the lower half, the part we are in today. Therefore it is an indicator only oppositively and inferentially. Now consider the lower hand, the one that tells the hour, not the minute, It entered the shadow at Scorpio 6,000 years ago as the lower half began. Since then it has progressed through Libra and Virgo. Today it stands near the cusp of Virgo-Leo (1959), the nadir (lowest point) of the material cycle, our present locale. Thus, contrary to all opinion, the lower hand is the true "significator' of both Age and condition. This being so, we are not entering the Aquarian Age but the Leonine Age, neither peaceful nor utopian but tumultuous as the sun, more mental, however, than military".

36.13 Diagram. Zodiac of Constellations Book: Quartum Organum by Krypton, pg.367

36.14 Diagram. The Zodiac Showing the Planetary Day and Night Book: Quartum Organum by Krypton, pg. 309

It is established then, that generally:

  1. We are entering a preview of the Golden (progressive) Age and,
  2. We are exiting the Iron (retrogressive) Age.

But this, I think, is not exactly correct because in the long 311 trillion year cosmic cycle, Cali Yuga (Correction: A Day of Brahma),

(See Tertium Organum, pg. 44).

of the Hindus, each 7 planes down the Involutionary side, and up the Evolutionary side of the Diagram of The Cycle of Creation, has to be divided by 7 again twice equaling (7 / 7 / 7) sub-divisions, so that just 1 plane, as an example, would be divided like a ruler as follows to give us a repeat, fractally, every so many years, an impression of each level:

36.15 Diagram. One Major Plane Divided and Sub-divided

It is estimated, in Tertium Organum, that Man (humankind) has evolved (or simply progressed) to the 4th sub-plane of the 4th Major Plane (mineral, plant, animal, human) but we have been, over the years, experiencing some 5th dimensional phenomena (a preview of the future 5th Major Plane) such as ufo's, crop circles, cattle mutilations, ghosts and in 1998, in Copenhagen, Denmark, a green cat. So the progression will be:

The 5th sub-sub-plane within the 4th sub-plane within the 4th Major Plane (7 divided by 7 divided by 7) on the upward evolutionary side of the complete cycle of 311 trillion years. In the future we advance to the 6th, 7th sub-sub plane, then the 5th, 6th and 7th sub-plane to repeat the 7 sub-sub planes within each of these, then advance to the 5th Major Plane thousands of years in the future, (Golden Age- the 5th Major Plane estimated to be 3 x 2,160 yrs of 3 signs from present Leo / Virgo cusp to the Planetary Day beginning of Quartum Organum).

At this point two postulates should be forwarded:

  1. If the Iron Age, which seems to be dominated by consciousness, or a 'looking out' into the mirror world, then the next 5th, 6th and 7th sub-sub planes should be a manifestation of the contents of the unconscious which is why the very real world of ufo's, crop circles, beings etc., 'come to life' to bless us or terrorize us, according to karmic 'works', as religion generally puts it. Its a karmic thing.

  2. The next question is not the problem of 'why does the world seem backwards', which is answered in Origins of Man and the Universe, but there remains one important question and that is- Which world is really....... more real? The conscious or the unconscious? In the yin / yang of life, I believe both are real, but one is manifest while the other is not manifest. We suspect that when light is manifest then its assumed opposite, darkness, is not manifest. And who is to say something more complicated like " The conscious is light and the unconscious is equated to darkness"? In fact, it seems the opposite is more correct.

The unconscious, subconscious psyche, (Origins of Man and the Universe, pg. 2), the Mind behind the human brain / receiver mind, is a higher and more vast mind than the human brain mind. This discovery showed me that the normal 4-dimensional consciousness is that which is in darkness, is backwards and is relatively more unreal than the manifesting 5th-dimensional unconsciousness.

And so, the isomeric reversal of (conscious outside) / in, and (unconscious inside) / out is the same as saying what Yang said of symmetry, "If one performs a mirror reflection "and" converts all matter into anti-matter, then physical laws remain unchanged". This implies that the next higher consciousness we perceive and become is an anti-matter world, which is another way of saying it is spheres of light, or the world of light, be it suns or electrons or points of light quanta. And who is prepared for this when we know the 5th dimension is a mere point after a 4th dimensional point is rotated in higher space.

The mirror reflection (See Origins of Man and the Universe, pg. 2A), is a perfectly lined up fractal, not holographic image, to give us an 'inside becomes outside / outside becomes inside, matter becomes anti-matter' (spiritual photon energy) preview of the far future. Where are these beings from, the far future moving backwards in time?

Laws of Wisdom, Chpt. 6, Section, "The Constitutional Laws are Fractal") 

36.16 The Isomeric reversal of the Earth 

Those who love justice would want it served by people or an earth that has real discernment or some such mechanism of karma, a concept of eastern religions. Will such justice occur? There are indications of such justice as follows:

  1. Mankind becomes enlightened through knowledge and acquires the wisdom to know "what not to do". Not very likely. Human war is made for these kinds of people, unfortunately. I would still suggest not polarizing (extreme thought and action) ones life and opinions which automatically generates an equal and opposite ready to make war against the polarizations as we see happening in the world today.

  2. The psychic world manifests, as it seems to be doing, to deal blessings or cursings to the appropriate persons. All world religions speak of this Psyche World, although in very obscure narrative. The psyche is supposed to record all thought and action. After concluding that the psyche world is manifesting on the earth, and new dimensions and change are the objective of natural process, and the purpose of change is to evolve, then, we can say that this new dimensional psychic change is to evolve and add a higher consciousness to an outdated system.

  3. The earth is a living organism and an organization of elements. According to Jose Arguelles of The Mayan Factor and Earth Ascending, the earth has a mind, a psychic mind, which is coming alive and is adjusting the earth to a new dimension. The prophets such as Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus and other visionaries give us worst-case scenarios. These scenarios don't have to be. World-lines can be changed by human will and human thought. Besides the human factors of will and thought, the complete cycle of the I-Ching six- wave-group as demonstrated by Terrance McKenna, shows divergences (anti-nodes) at kua 53 (1997) and 59 (2005) but, at these times there is also ever tightening transitions of forward moving (64-1) and backward moving (1-64) kua, from kua 52 to kua 64 (Dec 21, 2012). Will and thought can be applied to this 'saving mechanism' to affect oneself according to the rules of quantum psychic phenomena. The closer one approaches kua 64, the more 'miracles' will manifest exponentially, only by those who are in tune with the life force. The 'saving mechanism' is also described by Vogt in Reality Revealed, as high voltage / frequency potential to infinity which the earth produces as the magnetic field collapses to zero. Yes, you too can have your very own Bermuda-Triangle-disappearing-experience at the exact time the field collapses.

36.17 The Isomeric Reversal of Elements 

This can be called "The Non-religious Mythology of Transubstantiation".

36.18 The Inversion of Music Symmetry 

Correspondences, File, "57 Mirrored Numbers"

36.19 The Inversion of the Harmonic Mean Reciprocal 

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