0.1 Big Bang

It was a bang of consciousness from unconsciousness. Consciousness here pertains to the extremely tenuous matter, far more tenuous than that of the 'primordial substance' and monadic substances of the first 3 planes of the fall of Spirit into matter on the Involutionary side, which, compared to the dreamless sleep of unconscious 0-dimension, is conscious.

Books: Origins of Man and the Universe, Quartum Organum.

Big Bang Conjecture by Tom Van Flandern,Scroll 5 clicks Posted 14 Feb, 2000. Cosmology. Distance scale new geometric method. Nature 399, 539-541 (1999)& Sky&Tel. 98 (Oct.), 20 (1999).

"NGC 4258 galaxy has a disk of gas surrounding its nucleus a water maser. Direct measurement of its orbital motion by combining radial velocity and proper motion yields the most accurate extragalactic distance yet measured 23.5 million light-years. It should be reliable because, much like trigonometric parallaxes, only geometry is involved. Hubble estimates the Cepheid distance for comparison as 28.5 million light-years. This in turn implies an expansion age of the universe of about 10 billion years younger than some of its globular clusters. This result is thus considered a setback for the extragalactic distance scale project". [tvf: "This technique holds promise for producing another observational falsification of the big bang. As with earlier ones, we can confidently predict that some new swidget will be invented to explain why globular clusters are not as old as stellar evolution theory now says they must be".

This fact that Tom comments on, that this universe's expansion age we 'see' is 10 billion years younger than cluster in it, is probably correct. And, as he predicts, someone will invent a theory to cover this difference. But, the point is this: If these measurements are accurate, and I trust Toms annoyance at it, then we can 'see' there is a beginning of expansion, to today's expansion called 10 billion years. Within this time period, are clusters that are older by 10 billion years at least. Does this make sense to you? What I see is our observational distance of sciences estimated 20 billion years back to the beginning of an event, which cannot been seen or detected. 10 billion of those years are now 'seen' to be only half of the 20 billion years of clusters, at least. Now lets find the missing half, the 10 billion years. The 'unseen' 10 billion years is called the Involutionary 3 pre-material Levels of the 7 Level World, perhaps 4 Levels including times creation as Chronos. As I noted elsewhere, there is a point through which all universal information blasts at 20 billion years back. This point cannot be seen because it produced no matter at that no-time. It scattered nothing but information for 10 billion years as noted here, 'unseen'. This information was unconscious, now conscious, relatively speaking. It is still extremely tenuous and basic...far more simple than hydrogen or monadic substance or primordial substance...There is a big bang of information here, but nothing can be seen. My Meta-Diagram shows you what it looks like blasting through the apex of an octahedron. Ask this question. Why cant we see the empty hole in space from which this supposed matter exited? Because there is no empty space...it doesn't exist, cant be seen now, or ever will be detected. Not that we cant see that far into space, which we cannot, but there was nothing material to big bang outward...at that no-time. After trillions of years of 4 Levels and their effects in space finally, time arrives, far before any matter was manifesting (seen, detected) at 10 billion years after the bang of information. Now the universe begins to bloom like seeds. All things are produced from seeds..all things. We begin to "see" the universe as suns only as first visible matter on Level 3 of the 7 Level World.

Copyright. Robert Grace.1999

0.2 Crop Circles

At This site crop circles are said to be pictures of diatonic ratios.

0.3 The Real Mediator

It is found that Newton's prism 'gap' experiment seems to represent the 'Mediator' between "This Side" and the "Other Side" of universe or the Dorian scale raised 2/3.

0.4 External Universe

It exists because the Internal Universe existed first. Barry also speaks of the reflective and re-reflective processes of the human brain. Book: Origins of Man and the Universe by Barry Long.

0.5 Entropy

For every entropic condition, there is an equal and opposite negaentropy.

0.6 Aether

Aether only exists around the earth as etheric, astral and mental matter, refined by radiation over millions of years. Space has no.thing in it that can be called anything other than primordial substance, or as Bruce L. Cathie states, "the primeval matrix of space".

Aether has 13 other names: Aether has 13 other names:

1 collisionless shock waves  2 plasma;  3 soliton* waves;  4 radiant matter; a product of radiation.  5 od;  6 prana;  7 etheric energy; a product of radiation.  8 orgone;  9 The 4th state of matter;  10 neutrino sea;  11 graviton;  12 Tachyon Field;  13 Feinberg field.

*Soliton [MATH]: A solution of a nonlinear differential equation that propagates with a characteristic constant shape. Thomas L. Navarro

*How to make a soliton wave.

0.7 God

This creator god seems to be dynamic neutrality, nothing or hidden power and order of balanced harmonics, space, 0 point, chaos or hidden order. Creator god is not a he, 3 or 1 but 0 or center. To understand the mechanism of this so called God (See File, "7 Magnetism").

There is a future god only IF we decide there will be. The future god may be external to our being or internal, the choice is yours.

0.8 Lambda

The Lambdoma Mandalas, 16 x 16, found at the bottom of the page, at Barbara Hero's website has interesting patterns similar to the Galaxy Pattern called the Periodic Table as Concentric Rings of 16 of the following site: Periodic Table 

The Periodic Table as Concentric Rings of 16, having 10 levels, also seem to be connected to the 10D Theory of the following site called 10 Dimensional Torque and Consciousness: Virtual Chaos 

(Note: The Periodic Table shows 10 vertical levels wherein elements are placed. These levels are to be evaluated as to why there are 10 corresponding to 10d Theory. Also, the red elements shown in the Concentric Rings Theory are the monoatomic elements, superconducting, in this linear sequence: Co, Rh, Ir, Pt, Pd, Ni, Cu, Ag, Au and Hg......This pattern matches the pattern of growth of the Concentric Rings Theory. Who can foresee the benefits of a superconducting, levitating, monoatomic metal?

Since the Lamdoma, Galaxy Pattern, and the above 10D Torus shape represent spherical systems, here is the site of the

Periodic Table of Elements in circular format  By Sean D. Birkel.

0.9 Mind

When the mind defends itself here, it looses there, on the "Other Side".

0.10 "7 Level World" of a Possible 13 or 26 

In Origins of Man and the Universe by Barry Long, it is shown that there are 6 inner levels of a 7 level world:

  1. Is looking out of your eyes, which is the lowest ("This Side", hell) of a Inner World . This level is ethical and moral, conscious and sensate and this pertains only to this level. The next levels are inner, namely:

  2. Psyche (as in Psychology), from whence babies, autistics and Neanderthal's reside / resided, because the pineal gland has / had not let these creatures "look out" of their eyes but they can / could only see "inward".

    David John Oates discovered baby babble, when recorded backwards, was intelligible speech, indicating that the psyche may be a higher, backward world in which babies live before being "coaxed outward" into level 1. This implies a sequence from the highest 8 to lowest 1 as being a decent concerning consciousness, only if we see consciousness as being pushed outward from inward. But, when we get to the other side of matter, namely, past the sun communication, level 6-8, I hesitate to ascribe consciousness to them. The potential was and is there, but the whole purpose of evolution manifesting in level 1 is the plan or ordering.

    Also, a man named Lethbridge, author of A Step in the Dark, found that there is a spiral associated with animate objects (ex. an aspirin, 20) and inanimate concepts (ex. life / death, 40), occupying their place in a circle of 40 only. He also found this circle extends beyond death (40) and has a life rate at 60 or 20 (life) plus 40 (death). From these two studies we can safely conclude that life after life is higher and backwards from this life here.

    Thirdly, Constantin Raudive, in book Breakthrough, showed that there were voices of the so called dead, which were live relatives speaking through a tape recorder and circuit described in the book. Two transmissions can be heard here  (wav format), although these voices are forward speech and much like our own. The voices Raudive heard was said to be operating at twice the speed of speech on earth, implying a higher dimension.

    But... if "the kingdom of heaven is within you" as postulated by the writings of an alleged sage, or his creators, then this psyche, being within us, may be this heaven, and if it is reversed also, then this heavenly psyche, in which babies exist when young, is higher and "forward" and looking out of the eyes is what is "backward", hence, the encouragement to prayer and meditation inward to contact this world. Therefore anyone speaking of the psychic impressions and dreams from a higher world, as if they understand them are implying that they understand backward speech at twice the speed.

  3. Earth Mind as mapped by the Mayan Tzolkin. This is cause then effect or time which is really what we call past. This pertains only to levels 3, and 2. These levels are insensate or unfeeling, unconscious compared to human consciousness and have no morals or ethics. Remember there is an evolution from level 8-1, from insensate, unconscious No.thing (hidden order) to feeling, reasoning human. These 7 Levels are the Hindu's 1 / 2 Grand Cycle called Involution. This list does not include the ascending Evolutionary side. There are sub-cycles and sub-sub-cycles within this called Ages.

  4. Sun Mind or the Sun of God or NOW, This is cause = effect.

  5. Stellar Mind where suns communicate instantly: Cause = effect or no time, NOW. The word "Mind" only applies to that which is matter, namely, sun, earth and mankind, hence, the change from Universal Space to Stellar Mind.

  6. Universal Space, levels 6, 7 and 8 are totally unfeeling, non- moral and unconscious, devoid of any radiated substance called Aether.

  7. Absolute(?) Space (There are no absolutes) and

  8. Infinite Space. Effect then cause or reversed time, if you can conceive it).
  9. Level 13. This is the number of notes in an Octave.
  10. Level 26. Double octave.

    Jualt's link 000711 act two Firepig01 ~ FOR4SEASON a forum with no name, includes a scientific experiment that shows the "effect before cause" phenomena.

    Selectcorp: "I have been saying for a long time that all time exists at once. To me it is so obvious. Reality is just a spin-cycle, but if you speed it up (or slow it down), a different picture emerges".

    June 4, 2000 ~ UNITED STATES
    Eureka! Scientists break speed of light: Jonathan Leake, Science Editor

    SCIENTISTS claim they have broken the ultimate speed barrier: the speed of light. In research carried out in the United States, particle physicists have shown that light pulses can be accelerated to up to 300 times their normal velocity of 186,000 miles per second.

    The implications, like the speed, are mind-boggling. On one interpretation it means that light will arrive at its destination almost before it has started its journey. In effect, it is leaping forward in time. [Only as long as we measure time in terms of light?]

    Exact details of the findings remain confidential because they have been submitted to Nature, the international scientific journal, for review prior to possible publication.

    The work was carried out by Dr. Lijun Wang, of the NEC research institute in Princeton, who transmitted a pulse of light towards a chamber filled with specially treated caesium gas. Before the pulse had fully entered the chamber it had gone right through it and travelled a further 60-feet across the laboratory. In effect it existed in two places at once, a phenomenon that Wang explains by saying it travelled 300 times faster than light.

    The research is already causing controversy among physicists. What bothers them is that if light could travel forward in time it could carry information. This would breach one of the basic principles in physics : causality, which says that a cause must come before an effect [in sequence if not in time measured by light?]. It would also shatter Einsteins theory of relativity since it depends in part on the speed of light being unbreachable. Wang said: "Our light pulses did indeed travel faster than the accepted speed of light. I hope it will give us a much better understanding of the nature of light and how it behaves."

    (Note: Michio Kaku notes that information packets cannot exceed the speed of light but I believe that consciousness can, as shown by Buckminster Fuller. Does this mean that consciousness can be transfered? That is called the EPR effect. This is the next logical step science will take in this experiment.).

    (Note: Michio Kaku also noted that universities are calculating in 11 dimensions now to consolidate the 5 p-brane's of M-theory into 1 theory. I believe the extra, mysterious 2 dimensions will be added to restore symmetry to their calculations, for a total of 13, which is 1 / 2 of the 26 dimensions of Oeric. Mainstream science will never admit that the basic 'particle' is assymetric. It is blind to the extra 13 dimensions between 13 and 26 being the next octave of the 'hidden' Other Side. It will also, not admit, at this time, that the 13 dimensions correspond to the 13 notes of the full octave. Mainstream science will also, never depart from the paradox producing material based theories and adhere to the harmonic, geometric theories. If they do, they will find themselves out of work or have to admit that they were completely off-base. This is the real Law of Science: "Never find the real answers" and "Don't talk about physical reality, namely because, in the course of calculations for example, of household members, one may come upon a figure of 2.13 people on average, before arriving at the completed calculation. And, always remember why they are getting paid, and from whom).

    Table format of Theories by Wu Chi Kay (14 Tables). A commentator states, Wu seems to be the first fool to remark, "If Nature only has one reality, then, it is simply geometrical rather than material". Wu Chi Kay commentary (6 full page scrolls). Plato, another 'fool', also said the same, many years before.

    Toni Smith's geometries corresponding to I-Ching, Sefirot, Torah, Tarot and Kaballah.

    Toni Smith's Homepage

(Note: This 7 Level World (potential of 13 and 26) does not imply a past God of any kind as source. The source did not exist in a sense that 0 did not exist as we might hope. What does exist as hope is a god or goddess we wish to create ourselves, for the future. Hopefully we will not create one outside of ourselves if we are intelligent.

What is called source was extremely simple harmonics building existence extremely slowly by musical order. Existence is consciousness; in matter (sun, earth, psyche and outer looking human), and no other, hence, the human consciousness is the highest "manifested" consciousness of Universe, not the backward religious interpretation of a omnipotent creator God. Until human consciousness manifested through the pineal gland, the Universe was unconscious and asleep, in potential consciousness only. We can see a difference between "manifested" pushed-outward consciousness of humans and the universes much higher "potential" consciousness.

Furthermore, be it inner seeing Man (psychic Neanderthal as the last "gods" from the "higher world"- Surprise!, babies and autistics) or outer seeing Man of whom we are, the Unconscious Existence awakens, in spiraling superconducting form which,

said best by David Hudson Paragraph 47 concerning superconductivity and the body, spirals down through the 7 level World, into Conscious Sun, earth and finally human DNA, to keep all in operating shape. The reason I call the Sun conscious is that I suspect that all spheric balls of light, be it sun, earthquake lights, hovering lights, crop circle lights, ghost lights or electrons or any other kind of lights, are probably what consciousness looks like....spheric balls of light. If you wish to know what consciousness looks like just look at the sun.

From the human, after death, human consciousness returns back up the spiral of the Meta-Diagram, returning qualified matter from human organs, to the Transmitter of all Universal information.

Moreover, as we evolve inward again, after so long, being extended "out of our minds", and separated from the inner World , we will leave this retrogressive age (Jose Arguelles, The Mayan Factor), and connect to the inner progressive cycle (a small 5th dimension cycle, a preview of the 5th Major Plane Golden Age) ahead of us, many having done so already. This so called 'inner' is more layers of consciousness layed upon our present consciousness as we evolve to our purpose. It is 'inner' because the human form is the limit of creation as far as form goes, but the human form will be endowed with greater inner power and ability in the future).

Copyright. Robert Grace. 2000

4 of 7- Quartum Organum by Krypton (pseudo.), Pageant Press, 1959, 113. K949 sub 2.

Other 7's:

7 Days of Creation  7 Divisions of the Cell  7 Involutionary Periods  7 Divisions of the Organs  7 Evolutionary Periods  7 Openings in the Head  7 Divisions of Chemical Elements  7 "Sacred Planets"  7 Divisions of the Light Spectrum  7 Arts  7 Notes of the Musical Scale  7 Deadly Sins (Cath.)  7 Vowels of the Alphabet  7 Cardinal Virtues (Cath.)  7 Days of the Week  7 Sacraments (Cath.)  7 Divisions of the Embryo  7 Periods of Human Life: 7, 14, 21... etc.  7 Divisions of Electromagnetic Spectrum

Quartum Organum by Krypton (pseudo.),
Pageant Press, 1959,
113. K949 sub 2

0.11 NOW

Past time travel to NOW (The Present) is the objective of enlightenment and sleep. (Book, "Origins of Man and the Universe").

0.12 Phi

A critique of the Mayan dates by John Major Jenkins and other writings. Hopefully he will post these other links soon.

The Mayan Venus Calendar Round and the Golden Proportion 

Phi and 64 (the binary exponential duplication) 

0.13 Purpose

If a baby is coaxed to come from within to look outward, is looking inward again our purpose in life?

If "This Side"(something) of the "Other Side"(nothing) is postulated by religion to be nothing compared to something on the other side, then religion is fooling you into thinking backward. The way to overcome this religious programming is to be successful, rich in love and life now, not later. This does not mean giving place to our atavistic, greed of material possession as many animal psyches have done so far for "me and my family". Believe me this is true, I have worked for 45 of these predators in my life, most of them highly religious. This means raise our consciousness to higher goal and purpose as in "consider (balance) our communities material needs first then acting to encourage love, trust and those things that atavistic greed kills". As Alchemy states, "to find the Philosopher's Stone, we must have it first". This seems to mean if we wish to obtain our Heaven "there" we must first bring it into existence "here".

From Quartum Organum: "Love on this primative plane seems impossible, we can, however, employ goodwill".

Copyright. Robert Grace. 2000

0.14 Quanta

"Quanta is the clocking frequency of computers". Reality Revealed by Vogt.

0.15 Relativity

Universe has a anisotropic direction.

R. Hoagland 

University of Rochester 

0.16 Spiral

The Life Force opens to suggestion.

0.17 Spacetime

The total radical distortion of the implicate order of 'This Side" by the intrinsic toroidal curve of space not caused by gravity.

0.18 Spherical Fields

The galaxy was noted to have filaments shooting, generally perpendicular, from the center of the plane of the milky way, as noted by one of three first radio astronomers, a Farhad Yusef-Zadeh of Columbia University. Joseph Newman, a scientist in his own right, and experimenter in overunity coils and motors, drew plainly, in his book "The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman", the magnetic lines spiraling out from galaxy and sun, and I would expect that all spherical bodies, even electrons, have these magnetic spiraling fields.

(Note: I saw, as that author noted, that the pattern emerged when a path of an electron is plotted on a spinning disk, when the disk is also traveling at (2 times) the rate of its spin. The electron repeats the same orbital every 2 revolutions, not 1.

0.19 String Theory

String Theory postulates 6-7 hidden dimensions in outward space, outward meaning what we see outside our eyes. Since outer is a reflection of the inner space of the Platonic 7 Level World, I suggest the 6-7 outward dimensions of String Theory are real(ly) the 6 inner levels of the 7 Level World created "before" this 1st level we live in.

0.20 Superconductivity and Alchemy's Philosophers Stone

From David Hudson's site  we read:

..."superconductivity is not electricity, superconductivity is like a world of its own. A material that is a superconductor literally, a superconductor contains one vibrational frequency within the superconductor. One vibrational frequency, a lot like a laser. That this light flows perpetually within the system. That no where in the system is there any voltage. So you can't hook up a wire here and a wire here to the superconductor and get current to flow in and out of the superconductor, because to get current to get off of the wire, you've got to have a voltage to get current on the wire, you got to have a little voltage and yet by definition a superconductor won't allow any voltage. So the material's a perfect insulator not a superconductor.

But if you resonance frequency tune the wire so that the electrons vibrate at the same frequency as the superconductor, then the electrons will flow on as light, as electron pairs. They will pair up and flow on, because they're seeking the path of least resistance which is the superconductor. Okay?

So, it is different than an ordinary conductor and shouldn't be thought of as electricity, it's light. All right, now, the amazing thing is, if you resonance frequency tune this conductor to the frequency of the superconductor then energy starts flowing on, but it's flowing on as light. Any amount of light can exist in the same space-time. There's only so much electricity can flow on the conductor, but light can flow on forever. And so it just flows on and flows on and flows on and flows on, but you don't have to take it off... Now around the superconductor it forms a Meissner field. The Meissner field has no north or south pole, it's just a field, but it's unique in that it has no north or south pole. The largeness of that magnetic field is proportional to the amount of light that is flowing within the superconductor.

David Hudson.

0.21 Time

Time on "This Side" is cause then effect. At Sun time it is cause = effect or NOW. On the "Other Side" it is effect then cause or backward time.

Book: Origins of Man and the Universe

0.22 The 7 / 5 Ratio

7 sunspot cycles equals 5 Mayan Calendar cycles at David Wilcock's notes  Paragraph 36 and is connected to the pyramid angle of a Giza pyramid shape.

Planetary Mysteries 

We find ratio 5 and ratio 7 at Ray Tomes site: "In summary then, there are three groups of cycles with many ratios of 2 and 3 between them and these three groups are related by a ratio of 5 between the long cycles and the medium ones and a ratio of 7 between the medium ones and the shorter ones.

In my estimation more than 95% of all commonly reported cycles from every branch of knowledge fit this pattern in the range of one week through to several hundred years".

Ray Tomes 

We find the 5 and 7 at Carl P. Munck's site: Concerning a crop circle, the author of the site says, "The researchers viewed the circles coming out of the 'spring' as 'time- rings' of a calendar of 12 months. The different ring is not included in the first analysis. The gaps between circles divides the 12 circles into groups of 7 and 5. Such divisions are found in mythological literature, with a positive and negative valuation: 7 good or bright periods of time opposite 5 bad or dark ones, caused by astrological associations".

Dee Finney Section, "The "Comet's Tail Crop Formation".

7 / 5 is also found at Primasounds  Paraphrased from the site: "It is fractal music, able to contact the essence or chaos or strange attractor within. It is based on the 7th harmonic, and reflects the 7 chakric vibrations with 5 notes fundamentally tuned to 12 Hz, a lower harmonic of 144 (light) and 288 (double light).

See also, Leedskalnin's Secret Solved.  A discussion of Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida and the ratio 7/5 involved there. A quote from the discussion:

"Additionally it has been determined that there are certain sound frequencies that are light resonant. This information was held by the Priesthoods of various religions and groups and were called the "Sacred Sounds" and also known as the "Lost Sacred Chord" (See PrimaSounds site above). These sounds form a "sacred scale" of octaves that, as Bruce L. Cathie, in his book put it so eloquently "A very strict ordered system of mathematical progressions is necessary to create the smallest speck of matter from the primeval matrix of space." This mathematical fractal progression utilizes the mathematical equation relating the three "Sacred Ratio's" in the form

PHI = 7 / 5 PI / e.

PHI - the ratio that controls the formation of life.

PI - the ratio that controls the formation of circles.

e - the ratio that controls the formation of logarithmic spirals.

"The 7, and the 5 form the range of notes in the sacred scales that are equivalent in the Indian and Chinese systems.

The Sacred chord is composed of the first three Prime Numbers and just happen to intersect the first three numbers in the Fibonacci Series: 2, 3 and 5.

Both are considered to be "Sacred Number Series". These then are in an octave resonantly tuned correspondence system tied to the Platonic solids delimiting the range of Three Space. The Triune nature of this system sets the stage for building of the Universe on a basis of a static and dynamic Aether."

(Note: Aether here is used incorrectly. There is no Aether of space except around the earth to a limit).

The Universal Triune Ratios rediscovered by Hoagland and Torun,  among many others.

The Searl effect tells us that an object contained in a sufficiently strong magnetic bubble could be levitated, hence Leedskalnin singing to his stones induced resonantly an amplified diamagnetic field in his chakras body of sufficient strength to which then by touching the stone enveloped it and levitated the stones on the Earth grid magnetic field lines".

By R. E. Cathey.

Copyright. Robert Grace.1999

Versions of this solve the Tibetan Hurling Stones Problem.

0.23 The Tibetan Hurling Stones

From Spiritweb  An excerpt-

"Swedish engineer Olaf Alexanderson wrote about this phenomenon in the publication, Implosion No. 13. The following report is based on observations which were made only 20 years ago in Tibet. I have this report from civil engineer and flight manager, Henry Kjelson, a friend of mine. He later on included this report in his book The Lost Techniques.

This is his report: A Swedish doctor, Dr Jarl, a friend of Kjelsons, studied at Oxford. During those times he became friends with a young Tibetan student. A couple of years later, it was 1939, Dr Jarl made a journey to Egypt for the English Scientific Society. There he was seen by a messenger of his Tibetan friend, and urgently requested to come to Tibet to treat a high Lama. After Dr. Jarl got the leave he followed the messenger and arrived after a long journey by plane and Yak caravans, at the monastery, where the old Lama and his friend who was now holding a high position were now living.

Dr. Jarl stayed there for some time, and because of his friendship with the Tibetans he learned a lot of things that other foreigners had no chance to hear about, or observe.

One day his friend took him to a place in the neighborhood of the monastery and showed him a sloping meadow which was surrounded in the north west by high cliffs. In one of the rock walls, at a height of about 250 metres was a big hole which looked like the entrance to a cave. In front of this hole there was a platform on which the monks were building a rock wall. The only access to this platform was from the top of the cliff and the monks lowered themselves down with the help of ropes.

In the middle of the meadow, about 250 metres from the cliff, was a polished slab of rock with a bowl like cavity in the centre. The bowl had a diameter of one metre and a depth of 15 centimeters. A block of stone was maneuvered into this cavity by Yak oxen. The block was one metre wide and one and one-half metres long. Then 19 musical instruments were set in an arc of 90 degrees at a distance of 63 metres from the stone slab. The radius of 63 metres was measured out accurately. The musical instruments consisted of 13 drums and six trumpets. (Ragdons). Eight drums had a cross-section of one metre, and a length of one and one- half metres. Four drums were medium size with a cross-section of 0.7 metre and a length of one metre. The only small drum had a cross-section of 0.2 metres and a length of 0.3 metres. All the trumpets were the same size. They had a length of 3.12 metres and an opening of 0.3 metres. The big drums and all the trumpets were fixed on mounts which could be adjusted with staffs in the direction of the slab of stone. The big drums were made of 3mm thick sheet iron, and had a weight of 150 kg. They were built in five sections. All the drums were open at one end, while the other end had a bottom of metal, on which the monks beat with big leather clubs. Behind each instrument was a row of monks. When the stone was in position the monk behind the small drum gave a signal to start the concert. The small drum had a very sharp sound, and could be heard even with the other instruments making a terrible din. All the monks were singing and chanting a prayer, slowly increasing the tempo of this unbelievable noise. During the first four minutes nothing happened, then as the speed of the drumming, and the noise, increased, the big stone block started to rock and sway, and suddenly it took off into the air with an increasing speed in the direction of the platform in front of the cave hole 250 metres high. After three minutes of ascent it landed on the platform.

Continuously they brought new blocks to the meadow, and the monks using this method, transported 5 to 6 blocks per hour on a parabolic flight track approximately 500 metres long and 250 metres high. From time to time a stone split, and the monks moved the split stones away. Quite an unbelievable task. Dr. Jarl knew about the hurling of the stones. Tibetan experts like Linaver, Spalding and Huc had spoken about it, but they had never seen it. So Dr. Jarl was the first foreigner who had the opportunity to see this remarkable spectacle. Because he had the opinion in the beginning that he was the victim of mass-psychosis he made two films of the incident. The films showed exactly the same things that he had witnessed".

0.24 Diagram. Levitating Disc Extrapolated from Tibetan Hurling Stones

It should also be noted that the numbers 13 and 6 manifest in the following quote:

"...The 3 level I-Ching structure (Fig 19, pg. 148, The Invisible Landscape)... is analogous to a hexagram. Such a hierarchy requires 26 levels (2 x 13) to describe the totality of temporal existence". 2 x 26 = 52 of the Mayans. The number 6 manifests if one superimposes 13, eccentric circles ever widening from one point, drawn upon the Metagalaxy shape, then counting the 7 notes from A-G, we find there is 6 remaining... 6 + 7 =13 in the following Diagram:

0.25 Diagram. Metagalaxy and Its 13 Eccentric Levels of Existence


6 (6.5) and 13 also show up in the famous progression:

2 x Phi = 3.25, 4 x Phi = 6.5, 8 x Phi = 13, 16 x Phi = 26, 32 x Phi = 52, 64 x Phi = 104.

This is The Golden Ratio Phi (1.618) x The I-Ching binary progressions (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64) = The Mayan Venus Round Calendar Numbers 

Copyright. Robert Grace.1999

0.26 Space and Gravity

It will be found, that space is ever neutral (a definition of god), or 0 ultimately, only if the observer or measuring instrument is neutral or 0. Any other reading of what space is will merely be a reflection of the observer or instrument.

Gravity will be found to be the perfect transfer mechanism that does not move or transfer anything, is neutral and is instantaneous. Gravity is based upon Phi, the perfectly nested frequency ratio. The below questions were asked at the following page:

The Speed of Gravity - What the Experiments Say- Tom Van Flandern 

What is the speed of gravity? My answer: Instant

This is said best by Alistair Couper on his Marko Rodin Commentary,

(Note: this is the implosion of Victor Schauberger).

Is gravity a propagating force? My answer: It is a connective effect, not a force.

Is gravity caused by a curvature of space and time? My answer: No, curved space is following the intrinsic-nested-toroidal-shape of micro and macro universe and gravity has nothing to do with space or space curvature, for all present intents and purposes. We might say that gravity, if it were totally free of the toroidal warpage, is the very opposite of warped space. It exists in perfect space, that which matter has no effect on. Gravity is perfect space without matter, and it "does nothing" except communicate. What gravity is trying to do to matter, is to perfect it, to make it communicative and totally connected; nested). (See File, "91 Notes", Section, "Hyperdimensional Physics" below).

Steven E. Kaufman (1997-2000)

"Although Einstein in his relativity theory treated the effect of gravitation upon space-time as an actual geometric curvature of the spatial structure, this subsection is intended to point out that the effect of gravitation is to create a functional, rather than actual, curvature of the spatial structure. That is, the consistent radial distribution of the gravitational distortion around matter, through its consistent effect upon the direction of propagation of the electromagnetic components of primary distortion processes, causes space to function as if it were curved in the area of a gravitational field, and thus creates the appearance that gravitation causes an actual bending or curvature of the spatial structure".

Does a gravitational field continuously regenerate or is it frozen? My answer: It has no time arrow, it is frozen and static meaning no moving parts, no need of propagation. Does not transfer anything except perfect living system information.

If gravity is frozen, what is the mechanism for updating them as the source moves, even linearily? My answer: Gravity is the only nonlinear effect of the common 3 (electromagnetism, the weak force and the color force. Toni Smith). Gravity does not move, it is associated with every mass (energy has mass) in universe. Gravity is total connectedness, totally nested and tuned to all mass. Gravity is unity, complete togetherness, totally communicative.

How does each field of two blackholes continually update and know what it is supposed to do if it is no longer (in) communication with its source mass hidden behind an event horizon? My answer: Gravity communicates with itself even in a blackhole. A blackhole does not violate gravity's connectedness, but the hole is a singularity and a photon-3-surface torus which bubbles up gravity's information in another part of universe.

What is the speed of gravity if it is not frozen, but continuously regenerates like a flowing waterfall, consisting of propagating entities? [Tom vf: Speed of gravity: 2 x 10 sub 10 c]. My answer: The speed of gravity is 0 or instant. The frequency of gravity is 0 in the sense that it is straight line communicative effect, action without reaction (this is called neutrality) . The prime note governing gravity is Phi, and I believe this is the "Phi Sound", wav. file of gravity's phi-based-harmonic-centerseeking-implosive-voice speaking to matter. Also Phi Harmonics, wav.file. From an unknown Scientific American magazine I remember this quote, "A gravity harmonic or beat frequency was found to be 1,661 Hz". Can you see the correspondence between Phi-gravity (1.618) and this 1,661 Hz frequency?

Buckminster Fuller says gravity is a fraction more than dissipative radiation which is 700 million mph plus the fraction = gravity speed. I would say, since I found the previous information, that gravity is perfect, nested Phi based communication and its communicative ability is 700 million miles in no time at all, the speed of the Intellect. Intellect of who or what? The answer to this is the intellect of the observing, measuring intelligence. Did you think it was the intellect of an invisible god? Does in.visible mean something is there that can't be seen or does it really mean that its not there at all?

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0.27 Number 9

At Marko Rodin's site, last Diagram, "The 24 steps of the cycle...", a commentator describes a circuit of 9 numbers: two doubling circuits and a gap circuit. The gap circuit is admitted to be unknown in function. I submit the gaps are akin to Buckminster Fullers "bowtie 9' in book, Synergetics, and to Gurdjieff's Scale Structures.

9, 1, 1*, 2, 3, 5, 8*, 4, 3, 7, 1*, 8,
9, 8, 8*, 7, 6, 4, 1*, 5, 6, 2, 8*, 1
* = gap being the Rodin sequence, which, when superimposed with my sequence:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

meaning 1 and 9 of the latter, could be 0 or a center around which oscillates a 'bowtie' of 4 numbers on each side c/o B. Fuller. Gurdjieff adds his Scale Structure by saying that "the 3 and the 7 gaps (implying musical note) are filled in by new octaves of other orders".

My conclusion is that Marko Rodin's sequence of numbers is simply:

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 or
-4, -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3, +4...... the back and forth oscillation around a neutral point. This is called 0-point energy.

Copyright. Robert Grace. 1999

0.28 Ray Tomes "Harmonics Theory: Cycles & Clues to Unification"

Ray Tomes 

"Assuming that the universe is nothing but a non-linear medium leads to the conclusion that all standing and moving waves must develop harmonics. Recognition that these harmonics also do the same allows the prediction of a unique pattern of energy distribution which is found to closely match observation. Distances and cycle periods are found to favour harmonic relationships which are often the product of 2s and 3s, just as in music. At larger scale ratios proportions of 12, 24 and 34560 are predicted to be especially important. Beginning from the size of the observable universe, the relative spacings of galaxies, stars, planets and moons are predicted and the Bohr atomic radius (0.5A) and nucleon radius (1.4 fm) are accurately predicted. No other theory produces dimensionless constants without them first being put in. Twelve tests in several different disciplines are passed at confidence intervals of up to p=10^18 and include the prediction of a new particle in 1994 which was reported in 1995. Further new predictions are made.

(Note: Is there a correspondence between this series 3456 and the ratios 4:5:6:7:8 found in File "34 Scale Divisions"?). Also,

Ray Tomes 

Dee Finney on 3:4:5:6:0 (24 full page scrolls).

0.29 Hyperdimensional Physics

"Non-linear process of hyperspace is gravity. The other 3 forces of electromagnetism, the weak force and the color force are linear".

So says Toni Smith:

Homepage and

Toni Smith's Music and the Universe 

Toni has the hyperphysics right, concerning Maxwell's poem at Richard Hoagland's site near the bottom of the page:

concerning the "twenty and seven" hyperspatial dimensions. What is necessary next, is to relate hyperphysics with music. Toni has read work on music inversions of the 7 / 5 ratio (the triad c-g-c^2 is such a ratio) from the work of Onar Aam.

From Toni Smith again:

"However, if you FIRST use the superpositions of linear quantum fields of the first 3 forces to produce atoms, molecules, etc., and THEN apply gravity to the atoms, molecules etc., you see that the atoms, molecules etc., combine to form stars and planets and galaxies, AND the flat spacetime is curved by the gravity so that the stars, planets and galaxies move in orbits as we see them do".


Some Toni Smith conclusions concerning the D4-D5-E6 model:

    1. Accounts for time evolution by using octonian structure.

    2. Identifies time with the real axis so that it could do that with any of the real, complex, quaternion or octonian numbers.

    3. For physical time evolution you need both a time axis and something i.e., a spinor fermion such as a quark or electron that experiences evolutionary change as it moves from the present point in spacetime to another point in its future lightcone.

    4. The fundamental picture is that spacetime is a lattice of points that are connected by links. Spinor fermions are located at the points of the lattice.

    5. Spinor fermions move from point to point.

    6. Evolutionary change comes when the fermions move from point to point.

    7. It evolved by meeting other gauge bosons such as photons, gluons, gravitons, etc.

    8. For the interaction to produce an evolution that gives what I call the passage of time, it must be able to do three things:

    a. Carry energy from spinor fermion to spinor fermion...
    b. Change the character of the spinor fermion (such as from up electron to neutrino; and ...
    c. Carry energy from the spinor fermion to the spacetime lattice (so that a massive fermion can curve spacetime).

    9. The way gauge bosons interact with the spinor fermions and with each other is determined by the Lie algebra of their gauge group.

    10. The real, complex, quaternion and octonian numbers each determine a Lie algebra.

    11. The real numbers have no imaginary part...only a time axis but nothing to evolve on it. Real = trivial static stasis.

    12. The complex numbers have only a 1-dimensional imaginary part...Their Lie algebra is 1-dimensional U(1) = Spin (2)...its basis is [i], and...the Lie algebra product is [i,i] = ii - ii = 0....such gauge bosons are photons...can carry energy (dissipate it) but cannot change a fermion or curve spacetime...Complex = dissipative.

    13. The quaternions have a 3-dimensional part...their Lie algebra is 3-dimensional SU (2) = Spin (3)...its basis is [i,j,k]...the Lie algebra product is [i,j] = ij - ji = 2k etc. here, the Lie algebra product does not vanish, but takes the set [i,j,k] into itself....such gauge bosons can be weak bosons...they could also be a subset of the gluons of the gravitons. As weak bosons they can carry energy..they can change electrons to neutrinos..but they cannot curve spacetime. Quaternions = dynamic stasis.

    14. The octonians have a 7-dimensional part...they do not form a Lie algebra but expand into the 28-dimensional Lie algebra Spin (8) = S7xS7xG2. Here, the Lie algebra product not only does not vanish, but expands from 7 to 7+7+14 = 28 dimensions.

    15. the 28 gauge bosons are:

    a. photons (1)
    b. weak bosons (3)
    c. gluons (8) and
    d. gravitons (15) plus
    e. a complex quantum phase (1).

    With octonians there are enough gauge bosons to:

    a. carry energy
    b. change fermions
    c. curve spacetime plus
    d. have a quantum phase for interference experiments which is a complex number. Octonians = evolutionary passage of time.

    Toni has sited Onar Aam and his work on the structure of music relating it to octonians. Onar states that:

    1. The 7 notes are related to the 7 imaginaries.
    2. The Tonika-Sub dominant-Dominant is related to the quaternion triple.
    3. The octave repeats itself and is cyclic.
    4. The octonian is embedded in a larger geometrical structure- the 24-cell.

(Note: Not only must octonians be related to music but music must be related, in the future, to the spectroscopic frequencies of elemental atoms. Can anyone with the right kind of mind, specify which musical notes represent the hypernumber "particles"?).

Here are four sites to help you with this "simple" endeavor ; ):

Phi-Music Tunings (left frame) 

Barbara Hero's Lambdoma.  and

Ray Tome's Harmonic Universe

The Musical Octave,

Part 1, Thomas Hightower

Part II, Thomas Hightower

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