3.1 Victor Schauberger and the Logarithmic Spiral 

Victor Schauberger's work was as a civil engineer studying waterways. He discovered unusual characteristics of the supposed meandering of streams and the spiral form. Here are some excerpts from Davidson's book:

Schauberger found:

That "the three dimensional vortex called the logarithmic spiral is the shape of water going down a drain, a tornado, a hurricane, a rams horn which, when played as an instrument, has two basic notes separated by a fifth musical note, atomic centers and galactic nebulas, possibly the entire universe".

"Atoms are nothing more than vortical patterns of energy, where a vortex is a three dimensional spiral. Growth patterns of shells and horns are nearly always spiral or vortical in form, possibly growing along some natural energy pattern".

(Note: The Fibonacci Series of Natural Growth).

"Synchrotron radiation occurs when electrons spiral into a magnetic field. Neuroglia (connective tissue of the central nervous system) are actually tightly wound spirals, helixes and vortices",

(Note: as is the brain).

"Our inner ear is designed in the form of a logarithmic spiral with specific points along the curve actually proved to be resonant to specific frequencies".

That "the logarithmic spiral is based on a cycloid curve and is the exact opposite of the pressure screw used on airplanes and ships".

He believed that there is one universal energy which manifests as dual forces; depending on its polarity-

  1. Pressure or Radiation- this leads to centrifugal motion (from the center, explosive), heat, friction and gravity.

(Note: B. Fuller indicates gravity is the opposite of radiative polarity).

  1. Attraction or Suction- leads to centripital motion (toward the center, implosive), cooling and levitation.

"The term diamagnetism was applied by the Austrian to the attractive or centripital force".

In Schauberger's centripital turbine, "if the diamagnetic energy was not drained off, the experimental turbine would begin levitating ever so slightly".

"The brush collector (for diamagnetic energy) was hooked to a series of light bulbs to load the energy. The bulbs were cold as they glowed. It was producing cold light".

(Note: this is called Luciferian light).

..."energy set in motion in a vortex pattern is self-sustaining once it achieves its critical velocity, which may mean the same thing as becoming resonant with some current of force such as gravity".

"Implosion of the water stream (in the turbine) occurred for the same reason; namely, the added energy current being drawn into the water vortex along its path was sufficient to 'push' the water away from the wall of the water guide and cause the pressure on the walls to drop to zero. Why the water refused to rise in the flow return pipe after it became highly charged with etheric energy (diamagnetism) is still a mystery. It is possible that once the water atoms became purified and completely saturated with etheric energy they no longer offered any resistance to the flow of etheric energy through them. Thus, there was nothing for the polar flow to 'push' against and sustain the water flow. When the charged energy was drawn off by the collectors, the charge on the atoms remained below a certain threshold and they still offered sufficient resistance to the polar flow to sustain the vortex implosion motion".

(Note: This flow with no resistance is exactly the behavior of a superconductor. Notice diamagnetism acts exactly opposite of ferromagnetism or paramagnetism. Also compare diamagnetism to the Magnecrystallic force which is neither positive or negative).

(See File, "7 Magnetism", Section, "Magnecrystallic Force").

"One possible explanation of the levitation phenomena is that the influx"

(Note: attraction of negative current, i.e. Keely)

"of the energy currents into the atoms caused levitation in the same way that Keely's airships functioned; namely, increasing the attractive (diamagnetic) flow into the atomic structure of the water caused levitation. The difference being that Keely tuned to the polar stream using sound force while Schauberger used a mechanical shape-power device".

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