Synthetic Philosophy

(Note: R.M. Manley in 1931, published information that is useful today).

84.1 Light Velocity 

..."Light velocity in space is the critical velocity which separate intension (dynamic matter) from extension (kinetic space),... which differentiates matter from space. Maintenance of the universal light-velocity by the primordial elements produces space; lesser velocities produce matter".

"Light reflection should not be considered a right-about-face of a wave of light...(it) should be considered as an action",

(Note: Actually an interaction with no movement).

"of the impinging wave (pulsation) of the light wave upon the reflecting surface, causing a definite increase in nuclear mass of the surface atom, with an accompanying rise of the electron to a higher (larger) orbit, followed by the electromagnetic pulsation",

(Note: Include also, the antiphoton effect of T. Bearden).

"which consists of a diminution of mass in the nucleus, accompanied by a "jump" of the electron to a lower (smaller) orbit, at which latter instant, the kinetic ray of space",

(Note: This is zero-point scalar. Also see File, "80 Shining Stranger" on the nature of light).

"coming from the direction opposite to that of the original light-ray, conveys (reflects) the light-wave back whence it came".

84.2 Space 

"Spatial extension or kinetic space",

(Note: Nicola Tesla proposed only kinetic space).

"is contemplated to consist of universal units of number"...number is the universal attribute which space imposes upon matter".

(Correspondences, Mayan Factor, Shining Stranger 3/2 x 2/3 =1, Mayan Tzolkin and Origins of Man and the Universe).

..."electromagnetic fields do not require carriers". ..."force fields are their own carriers". "Laotze (of two and one-half millenniums ago) described kinetic space; he called it "tao"...translated to modern language, means cosmic urge, creative impulse or vital impulse. It is a changeable impulse". ..."empty space is full to the brim with power". ..."kinetic space...consists of discrete elements which are not point- instants but rectilinear motions",

(Note: The key is motions. The modern zero-point energy is simply the natural, never-diminishing oscillating motions of the basic units of matter. Also note, that Laotze, like all proper world teachers, taught how to live, not how to worship. Prayer, morals and ethics are valid and should be used to influence one's own psyche).

"tending to move uniformly in straight lines in every direction with the velocity of light. Pure, kinetic space is not to be imagined as chaotic, unless we use for the definition of chaos- That which is not yet manifest to the mind. Pure space, (virgin: the root and origin of the virgin Mary), should be considered the ideal of symmetry, not to be experienced...because",

Correspondences, B. Fuller's Symmetry and Tertium Organum's Chaos).

"everywhere in the known universe the symmetry of space is distorted by contamination and interference of matter. Consciousness itself is a response to these distortions. The lack of symmetry is energy, exemplified in fields of force, gravitation, electromagnetic radiant energy and even matter itself".

"Distance in kinetic space is considered a mode of motion...the motion is Bergson's motion which is prior to that which moves, not objects which move from place to place".

"Elements of space:

    1. Are perfectly symmetrical which
    2. take the place of Aristotle's "chaos".
    3. Are filled with power (Will power).
    4. Are identical.
    5. Move in every direction.
    6. Are linear motion.
    7. Sustain their own motion.
    8. Are messengers of events".

(Correspondences, Book: Origins of Man and the Universe).

"Radiation is carried on by kinetic space, the elements of space are the carriers, the messengers, the lines of force which collectively produce fields of force".

(Note: From Book: Origins of Man and the Universe and many others over many years, I began to learn that the universe formed curved lines (the magic carpet myth of Persia) from straight line force (Life Force, living information), spiraling 'down' into matter.

The spiraling downward fall here is the same "Fall" of religion. Unfortunately for religion, this fall was billions of years before the earth or human ever evolved, therefore the Fall was not Humankinds problem, other than falling into binding Promethean matter, and our subsequent worshipping of it.

But, these "lines of force" which Manley speaks of are the Power Lines (in Origins) forming from the yin / yang polarities of universe, upon which forms, stars. If you think universe has no poles, please study the "Anisotropic Direction of Space" found at the site of Richard Hoagland  (3 full scroll clicks), wherein the whole of universe has Aquila and Sextans star systems indicated as poles or north and south, one might say).

"there is no light or velocity in ideal, perfect space"... "time borrows number from space, and borrows direction from matter, then it appears to flow in becomes an event".

(Note: Consider the reformed man who said he represented light).

"passes on without friction simply because it is a part of space, somewhat distorted...but systematically distorted in such a manner that light produces similar phenomena wherever it occurs",

(Note: distorted space interacting with matter).

"throughout the universe".

"Kinetic space requires that light-rays travel against resistance (inertia)".

84.3 Spacetime 

..."spacetime continuum may be useful mathematically, but it does not define reality".

"Time is relation, Space is motion"...

"the flow of time is only an appearance; changing relations are the reality- Bergson's "relational world".

"Time does not flow; changing relations give the appearance of flow"

(Note: It is space which may flow or the earth flowing through space, not time).

(Correspondences, The Mayan Tzolkin, the map of flowing, changing, permutating space- Book: The Mayan Factor, Jose Arguelles).

"When time is impressed upon space...the spatial elements..move in curved orbits".

(Note: Manley is saying here that time's information is curving space but I think that space is curved by the intrinsic toroidal shape created by the Meta-galaxy and the Mega-galaxy. Time is not the first dimension, it is the information from the 1st dimension, space is the messenger or carrier of that information. Time originated with the so-called god Cronos, which was the 4th level of 7 levels of Involution 'down', therefore there is no time in the first 3 Major levels of universe, therefore time could not have warped those trillions of years of those planes. Those 3 first levels had nothing there except information. Suns began manifesting on the 6th of 7 levels.

84.4 Gravity 

"Gravitation, caused by the "gravitational shadows" of Brush, would follow the law of mass and (the) inverse square of distance". "Gravitation is the "shadow" (Brush) disturbance cast into surrounding space by matter. Gravity is propagated at the speed of light, not instantaneously".

(Note: B. Fuller indicates that gravity is instantaneous).

"The gravitational field of force continuously moves away from the causal mass with the velocity of light which is the velocity of spatial elements carrying the force and the force field".

(Note: Is this the velocity of space?)

"Gravity is not electromagnetic".

"Gravity has no depletion of mass because no nuclear pulsation occurs".

"Gravitational energy is not material energy of motion. One is spatial (gravity) and the other is material (matter)". "Thus is gravitational force established, not a law pronounced by Deity, rather as a natural consequence of the kinetic pattern of the universe which is sustained by the macrocosmic absolute(?) tension".

(Note: This is what is called Will Power of the absolute(?), Mega-Universe and of the microcosmic tension of the atomic sub-universe, which becomes relative tension (Note: (tensor) in our universe).

(Correspondences, Book: Origins of Man and the Universe and See "Meta-Diagram").

"Radiation of gravitational energy is attained by means of the spatial elements which move in every direction with light velocity. Thus carrying away the disturbance produced by the central mass".

..."it (gravity) seems to be a property of space, caused by the presence of matter...matter being causal insofar as interference is concerned, the power to gravitate resting in the directional variations of power of the spatial elements. This directional balance of power is known as gravitational force".

"Gravitational "shadow"- One body casts a (gs) into surrounding space in every direction. One mass partially shields another from the action of the spatial elements coming from the direction of least resistance which is toward the shielding effect of the other interfering mass...demonstrated by Le Sage". spatial elements

---> o.............o gravitational shadow


File, tachyon2.txt 

File, grav3.asc, Tachyon Field, Neiper and

File, grav3.txt, Tachyon Field, Neiper 

(Note: File, "25 Gravity", will show argument as to why gravity is instantaneous).

" may be seen that there is a difference in the gravitational influence of two equal masses upon each other if they are moving tandem-fashion along a common path or orbit (See the Diagram of two spherical bodies as they move toward orbiting bodies from right to left).

The anterior body (moving right to left is on the left), gravitates the posterior body more, (moving right to left is on the right), due to...gravity propagating at the speed of light...not instantaneously...thus accelerating the procession...

File, grav3.txt Tachyon Field, Neiper .

(Note: File, "25 Gravity", will show argument as to why gravity is instantaneous).

84.5 Diagram. Gravity Acceleration of Mass 

Gravitational force results from interference or mass resistance, the ABC-half of the orbit (Diagram) has greater mass (by moving away from A') or maintains greater gravitational force relative to A' than does the DEF-half".

84.6 Energy 

"Energy is...the presence of matter (interference) distortion of pure space. Energy is an effect of cause".

(Correspondences, Origins of Man and the Universe).

"Matter and energy are not identical. All matter is energy but not all energy is matter. Matter is considered the interference factor, measured by its energy of motion. As a result of this interference of motion of spatial elements, the disturbance flows outward (gravity). The interfering mass absorbs power from kinetic space (retarding and diverting). This disturbance is gravitational energy".

84.7 Life 

"Life is a double intension process of inorganic impressed upon the other".

84.8 Original Impulse 

"Orbital velocity d' / (1 /v^2) is constant for any of the planets (the distance divided by the inverse square of the planets velocity is the same for all the solar systems planets).

But d' / (1 /v^2) is equal to d'v^2 which is the energy required to make a complete orbital revolution, provided the factor of mass is neglected. In as much as the field of force acts upon all the mass therein, we may neglect the mass for our present purpose which is:

1. To show that the total energetic field of force, completely encircling the sun in its plane of rotation, tending to revolve the planets in their orbits, is the same for distant planets as it is for nearby planets...

If there is a constant force (the above mentioned total energetic field of force), other than gravitation, perhaps due to the sun's rotation as suggested by Kepler, which causes the centrifical motion of the planets in orbits, then we should expect regular, systematic action of such a force.

Newton's guess was that space ought to be static and empty, also that gravitation ought to be propagated instantaneously...but Newton had to do the same thing that many authorities resort to when their mathematics do not agree with reality. He was forced to introduce a privileged case...

What is the answer then? The fact that the square velocities (energy intensities) of planets in orbit vary inversely with the distances traveled within one revolution indicates that the central centrifugal force producing revolution is not merely gravitational, but that one factor varies inversely as the first power of the distance from the central, centrifugal force. If nuclear rotation causes planetary revolution, by becoming a property of space, each successive orbit contains the same quantity of centrifugal energy, but intensities vary inversely as the orbital radii.

When bodies follow definite paths, in accordance with the laws of energy, it may be presumed that a quite definite causal force is behind the constancy of action",

(Note: Hint- psi currents).

"rather than a chance "original impulse" which is ever different but always required to give the equation a semblance of reality. Let us supply the centrifugal factor in planetary revolution in the form of a "constant impulse", that is, a varying impulse constantly present, derived from kinetic space, and produced by the rotation of the sun, a movement of matter, just as all other forces are caused. This works as well inside the atom as it does outside; it is universal in action"...

(See File, "39 Cosmic Consciousness", Section, "Cosmic Consciousness and Serpent Currents").

(Note: We can now add psy current to "field energies" (or energy intensities or "psi currents"))...

"forcing electrons or planets along different orbits, (which) vary inversely as the linear measurements of the different orbital paths. The total revolving power at one orbit is the same as that at another having the same nucleus and having the same relation to the plane of rotation".

84.9 Entropy / Negaentropy 

..."Instead of a trend towards greater disorganization, animated space forecasts even greater organization, a right-about-face of entropy. (It is) not a world running down, but a universe beginning to wind up".

Synthetic Philosophy
By R.M. Manley (1931)
530.1 M314

(Note: "Animated space" is kinetic space.. "greater organization" is the human qualifying of the quantity received by the organs (organizations). The "universe" refers here to the hidden Mind World. "Winding up" refers to matter returning to what religion calls Spirit).

(Correspondences, Book: Quartum Organum, Noogenesis, Christ Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness).

The inside / outness of these two worlds have some strange evolutions. At a certain time in the near future, possibly from the Aug 11, 1999 date, the conscious world called Actuality is acted upon by the unconscious world of Reality. The contents of the Inner World is manifesting in this dimension).

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