50.1 Evolution of Matter into Mind 

The reason I selected Murchie here, is that he demonstrates an understanding of dimensions and their progressions seemingly. Here is a quote from his book:

"Evidently no one had demonstrated the existence of any clear seam or shifting of gears in the progressive emergence of Mind through the kingdoms, although evolution includes all known changes of molecular combination, crystallization, fermentation, germinization and flowering. So, to my way of thinking, it is almost certainly an unfolding of dimensions:"

(Note: Dimensions of the Potential. This process is from simplicity to complexity, therefore negating an original Omnipotent, All knowing creator-god as we would wish. That god will be in the future and of our own making. Goddesses are also included here. If you wish to know who these gods and goddesses will be, you don't have to look any farther than yourself).

Continuing from Murchie: "A process mathematicians think of as moving into higher derivatives, such as the shift from position to movement (at constant velocity)

to acceleration (at constantly increasing velocity)

to hyper-acceleration (at constantly increasing acceleration)

to hyper-hyper-acceleration (at acceleratingly increasing acceleration), etc.

Something similar must also occur whenever a single (phase) wave becomes part of a group wave...when a circle takes on the motion relative to its surroundings and becomes a spiral, when a musical note is blended simultaneously with others to become a chord and when the chord is combined sequentially with others to create a melody. So does matter become more than matter, through the addition of the time dimension, which brings on atomic movement or metabolism, turning the particle into a wave, the material structure into a flow (inevitably into a changing flow) of energy-

Which again, is like existence awakening into motion, motion spreading into growth, growth fermenting into awareness, awareness germinating into consciousness and consciousness flowering into Mind and Spirit".


..."from very simple beginnings",

(Note: Here we see that this so-called creator-god is more simple than hydrogen. In other words, god is the very smallest building blocks of Universe...

Correction 02/29/04 the Anu tori of space).

"the Universe is organizing into line, surface, circle, spiral, geometric solids, attractors, mandelbrot and julia sets of circling, spiraling line, surface and solid. Higher derivatives of consciousness, phased by sets and supersets accelerated at constant velocity, constantly increasing velocity, constantly increasing acceleration and acceleratingly increasing acceleration, propelling man and Universe from awakening existence into motion, growth, awareness, consciousness, Mind and Spirit, a cycle from quantified unconsciousness to qualified superconsciousness, overcoming the "maximum acceleration and dissonant entropy of materialism in 1992" (Arguelles) with "ever-widening circles of synchronization", (Arguelles).

Unknown Author

(Note: The god of the future will be the god that one creates within the individual mind through prayer. As the Greeks prayed fervently for wise people, so did the body eventually create wise people. So it is with any thought you earnestly manufacture. It will come true eventually. Therefore your creation will be a god, goddess, a demon or devil or anything else you dream up...Be careful what you pray for, you not only "may" get it, you will get it).

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