79.1 EPR Consciousness 

The following is Jack Sarfatti's theories:

79.2 Instant Information Transfer 

EPR, Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effects between spatially separate systems.

(Note: There are no spatially separate universal systems. Its an illusion).

"There is no violation of Relativity- Information transfer does not require propagation of energy signals. Quantum information 'jumps' utilize energy already present".

"Relativity indicates a rotating ring can act as a time machine to the past as in the curved space of a rotating mini-blackhole". (A torus).

79.3 Diagram. 3 Motions of a Toroidal Vortex  Mishlove

(Note: This diagram shows the correspondence between the light cone of Sarfatti's toroid and the "bowtie 9" of B. Fuller, imposed upon the toroid. B. Fuller's bowtie 9 would represent the energy paths on the surface of the toroid which, in some cases, is 45 degrees to counter wound wire on the toroidal surface, as it is in some over-unity motors).

"General Relativity allows time travel to the past, present and future"... and (a time traveler)...." can meet himself at an earlier period". Kurt Godel.

(Note: As indicated in File, "91 Notes", Section, "0.11, NOW", time travel to the Present is the objective of enlightenment and sleep. We time travel every night. Every morning we wake up, we have time traveled to the past again and live every day in the past and try hard to catch up to the Present Presence of NOW. But trying is not the answer here. In order to see the real world, we must real.ize the "real.eye" or I Am of being. Its the center).

"Experiments at Stanford, Brookhaven and the National Accelerator Laboratory have shown "charmed" particles:

  1. Live 1000 times longer than expected.

  2. Display Einstein red shift where gravity can act very strongly.

  3. Connect with "hadrons" which rotate in proportion to the square of their mass. This is what is expected if the "particles" are tiny rotating blackholes".

(Note: This "particle" (frequencies) has a torus topology. Isn't a blackhole 1/2 of a torus. Isn't "This Side", the visible 1/2 of the "Other Side"?

  1. "Hadrons" always increase their size by gravitational distortion of space when measured close up".

79.4 Gravity 

  1. Tips the Minkowsky light diagram,

    (Note: into a ring or torus. Light diagrams are not reality. If gravity is associated with mass only, there is no gravity in space. If space is devoid of gravity, it cannot warp space. Gravity is a function of matter and it is perfect life information to matter (Correction: 12/22/04 I have since concluded that gravity is what space does. Space spirals and controls matter). Matter warps space (Correction: 12/22/04 This is precisely backwards like Einstein. It is space that controls matter). Perfect information, gravity based upon Phi, the Golden Ratio, does no warping. Space is also warped by the larger magnetic fields of the Mega-universe and the even larger Meta-universe. The micro-world is toroidal, perfectly nested within the macro-world's toroidal shapes. Gravity is perfect life information instantly communicative and if we could live in this perfect information, we would see that space and time is not warped at all. On "This Side", curved space and time has us thinking backward.).

  2. Is closely related to Heisenberg's "uncertainty".

79.5 Mass 

"Mass is an illusion of pure curvature".

79.6 Electric Charge 

"Electric charge is an illusion of chargeless electrical lines trapped in the "wormholes multiply-connected topology of 3-dimensional space, i.e., a mini-blackhole",

(Note: 1/2-tori for shape sake but there is no such thing as 1/2-tori. We are talking Dan Winter here and their shapes),

"The mini-blackhole tips the Minkowski light diagram, and spacetime collapses to a singularity and transcends to pre-geometry"...and,

(Note: The hole implodes and then explodes).

"The gravitational collapse induces information to 'jump' to a different part of space, which is the same kind of EPR information transfer found in psychic phenomena".

(Note: The information doesn't really 'jump' since the two jump points are really connected and whole, it just looks that way).

"Pre-geometry is identified with the collective conscious",

(Note: the Mayan Psy Bank, World Soul of Plato, Akashic Record),

"All scientific facts are created by those who participate. Accept responsibility and create the facts of psychic phenomena".

  1. Causality (not casualty) does not work in your individual experience.

  2. Classical causality does work on the statistical level.

  3. Psychic information is transmitted over space-like separate events and is not subject to time delay.

  4. Information is more fundamental than space, time or energy.

  5. Psychic information (pre-geometry) creates space, time and matter. We can know the laws regulating psi information.

  6. Classical causality is violated for individual atomic events.

  7. Physical "reality" is either not subject to local causation, or

  8. Physical "reality" does not objectively exist independent of the observers who participate in its creation.

  9. Acts of consciousness are individual quantum events.

  10. The quantum physics of EPR is the physics of your own personal and direct experience".

(Note: Synchronized, timed, certain, decidable, mind-over-matter cause).

  1. "You can directly communicate with all parts of the universe", and,

(Note: ...you can communicate "outside" of universe too but if you are "inside" looking at the "outside", you are not communicating. What you have to do is get "outside" of the "outside", making it the "inside" to the "outside" that your "outside" of. See?). I think I hurt my brain on that one.

  1. "Seeing that the universes microwave background past light cones, coming from different directions do not overlap. Thus the microwaves cannot causally (not casually) influence each other, yet, the fact that they are the same all over suggests that they have been in communication.

79.7 Sarfatti's Dilemma 

The way out of this dilemma (Note: should we?) is to suppose that information is transmitted outside the light cones as it is in the EPR effect.

The new physics transcends reproducibility and control. The statistical average of Beetoven's Sonatas is not music. The statistical average of your experience is not experience but non-experience. Your life will not work if you do not distinguish quantum reality from its statistical average which is classical reality.

Godel's proof is a map of self consciousness, self-reference is accomplished by statements of the meta-language (map-numbers, Godel numbers) in the course of the proof.

A super intelligence would extend self-reference to the principle of universal self-creation, wiring past, present and future together, not allowing the universe to exist unless and until the "accidents" of evolution insure the creation in its future, of consciousness, and consciousness of consciousness and communicating community that provides final meaning from beginning to end, evolving because of its interference in its own DNA code and its time travel to its own past to create itself".


"The requirement is self-consistency, self-referencing, pre- geometry, collective conscious, super-conscious, indescribable undecidability, choosing to create, communicating knowledge which alters reality according to thermodynamic information (free energy) theory:

79.9 The Theory: 

  1. Information measured in bits, i.e., binary "choices" between 2 alternatives, costs free energy.

  2. If knowledge in the form of (delta) I(eye) bits of information is gained from a system, S, in any measurement or observation, then a minimum amount of free energy, (delta) F, is lost from S as given by the psycho-energetic formula:

    -(delta)F = KT(delta)I ".

(Correspondences, Muses, Power of W, Book: Consciousness and Reality by Muses and Young, 154. M9725c).c

  1. "A gain in information in the consciousness of the observer is balanced by a loss in the free energy of the system that has been observed.

  2. Since psychokinesis works by information quantum jumping out of the participator and reemerging as an ordering of random energy already existing at the site of the PK action, there is an inherent "confusion factor" or "catch-22 effect" = uncertainty = undecidablity of Godel's self-reference. Choice and consciousness are one and the same. One must be conscious in order to choose, and one must choose in order to be conscious. (The opposites are certainty, decidability).

(Note: I am certain, I decide, I order?... In general terms it seems, to me, that psychic information gains, constructive ordering, destructive ordering, conscious choosing, measuring and observing all create, within 186,000 miles radius, a psychic "confusion factor". This is a wild guess here).

Roots of Consciousness
By Jeffery Mishlove
133. M6895r

79.10 Arthur M. Young's Cosmology. The Geometry of Meaning 

"The formula for the volume of the Einstein-Eddington universe, boundary region, 4-d, hypersphere = 2 ^2r^3 (volume of a torus, 3-d).

Torus hole = inner consciousness.

(Correspondences, Keelynet file, clark1.asc 

"Sphere 4 / 3 r^2 = structure in the universe. A "cycle of action" divides a sphere from a torus. Torus is universal "process".

79.11 Number 7 

"7 colors are necessary to map a torus surface, therefore Young deduced that "process" has 7 stages, and 4 divisions to "structure".

(Correspondences, Book: Quartum Organum).

The quantum of action, "purpose" is Young's keynote:

2 h = The quantum of "uncertainty". Thus, a fundamental relationship between "purpose" and "uncertainty".
Action = mass x length^2 / time = ML^2 / T = Always an integral multiple of "h" (Planck's unit of action).

"h" contains angle 2 which is a "phase dimension". Eddington.

(Correspondences, "83 Fuller Paraphrased", Section, "Phase and Topology").

2 = "choice" or "free will". Arthur Young.

T^3 (The 3rd derivative of "position") is assigned to "self control" = rate of change of acceleration.

Using Cartesian co-ordinates, Young plots pendulum motions over time. The "cycle of action" is A - A':

-1 C<---- B<----A<---- +1

which can also be plotted as 3 sine-waves:

79.12 Diagram. 3-Phased Sine-waves  

+1 "position velocity".
0 "control".
-1 "acceleration".

Also plotted as,

79.13 Diagram. Circle  

Left axis (0) degrees = acceleration = d^2 L / dT^2
Bottom axis (90) degrees = velocity = dL / dT
Right axis (180) degrees = position = L
Top axis (270) degrees = control = d^3L / dT^3

79.14 Diagram. 4 Types of Experience plotted as a Circle 

Left axis (0) degrees = Spontaneous act, feeling (1).
Bottom axis (90) degrees = Computation, reaction (2).
Right axis (180) degrees = Observation (3).
Top axis (270) degrees = Control (4). 3/4 of 360 degrees.

Young states, "The "distance" (d) from "spontaneous action' to conscious "control" is 3 / 4 of 360 degrees or 3 / 4 x 2, 3 / 2.

"In the common view of universe (infinite sphere):

4 r^3 / 3 x Young's formula for the cycle leading to consciousness will = 2 ^2r^3 (the volume of a torus) which is the same as the Einstein-Eddington calculations.

"Having established a torus paradigm that explains inside/outside, macro/micro, part/whole topology of universe, Young moves on:

79.15 Expanding the Geometry of Meaning 

79.16 Diagram. The 12 Total "Measure Formulas" and the 12 Part Zodiac  





Zodiac Period

Group I












dL / T





d^2L / T^2





d^3L / T^3



x M =





Group II












dML /T





d^2ML / T^2





d^3ML / T^3

mass control


x L =





Group III








moment of




dML^2 / T





d^2ML^2 / T^2





d^3ML^2 / T^3



Young's logic determined L (position) and its three derivatives, divided the circle into four quadrants giving T (Time) an angular value 90 degrees, M (Mass) was assumed to value 120 degrees, L the value of 30 degrees thus, the measure formula could be spread in a 12 position circle. No proof was given for this assumption.

See Virtual Chaos Theory and the connection of subatomics and cosmic through Astrology.

Roots of Consciousness
By Jeffery Mishlove
133. M6895r

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