88.1 Afterlife 

"We know the law of conservation of energy that energy is indestructible, cannot be created from nothing and cannot disintegrate into nothing (space is not nothing); it (energy) does, on the other hand, change its state..." Constantin Raudive.

The reason I began with a quote from Raudive is this: Of all the stories I've read about and heard told of experience of the worlds that we cannot see, Raudive was one who constructed a circuit and tape player to actually record and document voices from wherever the voices come from. The book is called Breakthrough, and gives an account of the circuit, tape player and conversations with relatives who he notes, are dead but now alive somewhere. That somewhere, I would suspect, is higher than here, as the voice rate is claimed by Raudive to be 2 times the rate here.
The next study that lends credence to afterlife is from author Lethbridge. This author is paraphrased under,

File, "77 Lethbridge's Pendulum".

Lethbridge used pendulums to ascribe rates to adamate objects / inadamate concepts which ordered itself into a 40 degree circle, later discovered to be an open-ended spiral, never ending seemingly. 40 was found to represent death but it spiraled beyond 40. A very intriguing study.

Lets ask some questions. The question now should be, after death, is the change of state lower or higher than our present state here on earth?

The Lethbridge and Raudive study teaches me that it is higher. Tertium Organum and Quartum Organum teaches us,

  1. The purpose of "man" (humankind) is to evolve, not to devolve.

  2. "man" is here to qualify the quantity of invisible matter called Aether.

  3. "mans" energy state is changeable during life. This state may remain the same or be raised but it cannot be lowered for we all start from the darkness. In other words, this world here on the face of the earth is the lowest compared to other worlds (states of being).

The conclusion concerning "before and after" death:

  1. The indestructible energy making up your organism may either return to earth (hell) to repeat the lessons or,

  2. Evolve to a higher world and occupy a higher state (of mind) which depends upon where you will yourself to exist here on earth. How is this proven? I have found no valid evidence, in my mind, of a returning to this earth to repeat the lessons in as short a time frame as claimed. The cases that claim a return as another person who is able to recall the life names and experiences of their former self, are much too short in cycle. In other studies and information I tend to believe, it is stated that the cycle of life energy takes something like 1800 years to ascend and descend again. If Raudive and Lethbridge are accurate, it would suggest that there is a higher world after we pass on. Indestructable energy implies it and the 7 Level World seems to tell us that there are higher levels at which energy patterns (us) can exist in. It seems to me that all thought and action find the proper place to exist in according to the level of thought and action, therefore another earth level existance for some, seems plausible.

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