0.30 IR (Infrared or Internal Radiation?) of the Planets 

Richard Hoagland at his

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HyperPhysics discussions asks,

Why do the outer planets show that there is more IR heat being radiated from these bodies than they are taking in from the Sun and other sources? The conventional debate responded with three possibilities:

  • Left-over "primordial heat" from the literal formation of the planet;
  • Heating caused by eventual separation of light elements in so-called "gas giant" planets...and
  • Anomalous energy release due to excess radioactive decay of heavy element concentrations located within gas giant rocky cores.

    Number 1 is applied to Jupiter,
    Number 2 is applied to Saturn and
    Number 3 is applied to Neptune and Uranus, by Richard, and he finds discrepancies with all three theories as I do. Enter hyperdimensional theory of Richard:

    After he reviews Sir William Thompson, Hathaway (1897), Maxwell's quaternions, Tom Bearden evoking Whittaker, Georg Bernard Reimann, Lord Kelvin, Theodor Kaluza, Albert Einstein, Oskar Klein, Max Planck, Nikola Tesla, and a more modern Michiu Kaku, Richard concludes that planets are blown up by hyperdimensional physics dynamics and states "that seems also to be responsible now for not only the "anomalous infrared excesses" observed in the so- called "giant outer planets" of this solar system",

    Hubble's New "Runaway Planet", Part II, Page 1, and Richard adds, "It is this same source of energy (in the Hyperdimensional Physics Model) that, according to our analysis, must now be primarily responsible for the radiated energies of stars... including the Sun itself".

    Richard further points out that, "increasing entropy-- "stress energy" of the aether (vacuum) released inside a material object, even if it initially appears in a coherent form...will eventually degrade to simple, random heat... ultimately radiated away as "excess infrared emissions" into space".

    He then concludes that "these radiating planets all have one thing in common, "total system angular momentum", which outer planets show, when graphed on Part 2, Page 2", and hence, the summation that "an object's internal luminosity (is dependent) on its total system angular momentum, but, there is one glaring exception to this, the Sun itself". To correct this Sun discrepancy, another highly eccentric planet is added to balance the discrepancy of the Hyperdimensional Model".

    What he has discovered here is the hyperdimensional dynamics of stars and their eventual dynamics as hot planets. What, moreover, needs to be realized is, that planets have another thing in common- they all used to be stars- radiating their previous Sun energy, and all Moons used to be planets.

    There is one small problem with connecting heat to hyperdimensional planet heat. In all overunity machines, all ghost phenomena, Moray's device and Schauberger's Water Vortex Machine, only "cold light" was produced. Hyperdimensional machines, including the universe and solar system, produces cold, not heat. So, we see knowledge being applied to planets and Suns, but not quite enough insight to come to the correct conclusions, thus setting us on a path to accept another "not quite right" answer. I assure you, ignorance will be misled time and time again, and I'm not trying to be insulting. I'm trying to tell you, we must study hard, very, very hard, to see the big picture or it will mislead us. When we see another religion building its foundations upon Nibiruian's on a planet trillions of miles from any warm Sun, in 273 degrees below zero deep space, or, worse yet, being a flamed out Sun super-hot and totally uninhabitable, expecting them to be alive upon it and having migrated to Mars then earth to mate with earth humans, they being interiorized and psychic and totally blind to an 'outside' world, with their planet exploded, begin to ask hard questions. I assure you, that, as stated on the Homepage, erroneous theories have a way of being deliberately promoted to the top of the heap.

    Even more strange is to realize that the last interiorized, psychic (gods) who operated on Level 2, higher than our 'looking out' world we exist in on Level 1, were the Neanderthal who existed before Sumerians. These psychic beings are well described by Barry Long in book, Origins of Man and the Universe.

    0.30.1 Note : Before you consider the 'blindness' statement as completely outrageous, consider this common-sense answer that (the gods) were blind. Lets show that:

      Edgar Cayce existed.
      He was a psychic extrordinaire.
      He proved he knew of health problems and cures of people he never met.
      He was called 'the sleeping prophet'.
      He was receiving information only while his eyes were shut.
      Since he was sleeping, he did not need to use his eyes to look outward.
      Since he saw nothing outward at these times we can say he was, in effect, blind to the outward world.

    Why is it difficult to consider a psychic being that you can see (Cayce), as blind in a sense, and cannot accept the fact that other previous beings, that you cannot see (Neanderthal), were also blind and could not see outward? And moreover, if you need more proof of blind beings, study the blindness of autistics and just born babies..They are both blind to this outer world. Consider this information when you read this discourse (1 full page scroll click) of space brothers, Annunaki, Atlantians, Lemurians and Ancient Astronauts.

    There may be a planet so far out beyond Pluto, that will, when coming closer in its high eccentricity, will affect the hyperdimensional energies with hyperdimensional astrology configurations. There is no argument as to whether such far out planets can exist...Why? Suns flame out occasionally and wander off as a planet, to be attracted by another Sun..ours, and contribute its influence to our system.

    Richard goes on to connect Hyperdimensional Physics as the real astrology of planet angle (angel- Greek or Hebrew angelo or angleo?) dynamics affecting the Sun, which is valid. Don't forget to study the possibilities of Hyperdimensional Astrology concerning the occult meanings of Venus (lucifer, love) and Mercury (intelligence) when they, billions of years ago, were in the orbit of where earth is now, and were life bearing planets. And be advised, this is the Zodiac of Constellations, not the Zodiac of Signs applied to human problems. It was made to preserve creation cosmogony.

    The answer to this problem is this: The outer planets were Suns at one time and are cooling from their Sun period, hence, still radiate IR heat. All planets ingress in toward our Sun, and over time, cool enough to become a life bearing planet. We can see from this, that Mars is as close to being a life bearing planet as it ever was in its past. As for Pluto's eccentric orbit, it is not because it was placed there by a race of previous aliens, nor was Phoebe. Pluto is eccentric because it is a 'wandering prodigal planet' just beginning to settle into the ecliptic orbit of all other planets over time. And phoebe is on its way outward from its parent body (egressing at 5cm. per century as is all other moons). Therefore its alleged sub-ice oceans are dying to extinction. As for the IR output of these outer planets, if the output slowly diminishes, it is from the cooling of the planets that used to be Suns. If the IR is variable, then it is from the hyperdimensional dynamics of planet configurations. My hypothesis will be confirmed by fact that the planets IR will slowly diminish, showing that they were Suns in their cooling stage. The planets IR will also display a variableness occasionally showing that planet, inter-galaxy, Sirius / Sun and universal configurations are affecting them.

    0.31 Ratios Between Sirius and Sun 

    At title, "This is Getting Sirius",date 01/26/00, near the bottom of the page (38 scroll clicks) Richard is beginning to write of correspondence ratios put forth by Robert Temple (1997) such as Phi, the Fibonacci Series, the "discrepancy" of mass ratio 1.053 between our sun and Sirius, the Pythagorean comma ratio 256 / 243 and also decimal 1.0136 = the fine constant of physics, (last paragraph), also 137 relating to numbers 262,144 and 531,441. And moreover Robert Temple relates this Particle of Pythagoras (the numerical coefficient of the comma) to the 136 degrees freedom of the electron by Sir Arthur Eddington.

    My webpages deal with these correspondences and more. Doczi has made a Diagram, which I have, which shows the "discrepancy" between Phi ("Other side", .618) and musical interval (.666 or 2 : 3, diapente, 5th) equaling 0.048. Could it be, that we are missing connecting with the "Other side" by a mere .048 decimal or its musical ratio equivalent, probably connected to light? And what is that ratio? Divide 2 by 3 in ratio 2 : 3 and you get .666. What ratio or its fractally harmonic ratio equivalent, is equal to .048? Would such a ratio have to be raised to power 2 / 3 as Newton plainly shows us?

    After trying many ratios, I came up with two that may help you get started thinking. Of course these may be modified to align with other constants and ratios: (5 / 2)^2 / 128 = .0488281 and (6 / 5)^10 / 128 = .0483729. 128 is the number of magic squares in the 'highest' 7 level World.

    Or consider these ratios and numbers of Thomas Hightower, Part II (56 full page scrolls):

    Pythagoras' Comma

    "Comma means in Greek, incision. It alludes to the little rest that arises from the 7 octaves and the 12 fifths in the acoustic, mathematical calculation of the 12 chromatic notes in an octave. In the 7 octaves span the 12 fifth's does not fit completely, they are about 23.5 cents bigger. (Cents are a logarithmic unit common used in acoustic, see part I) The ratios in vibrations are stated in dictionaries as 524288 : 531441 or approximately 80 : 81".

    "We can quickly see how these numbers are made: 7 octaves are (2 : 1) 7 = 128. 12 fifth's are (3 : 2) 12 = 129.74634 ; 128 < 312 : 212 ; 212 = 4096; by multiplying with 4096 on both sides of the < we have: 128 x 4096 = 524288 < 312 = 531441".

    I show in Helmholtz's Complete Tone Table this same "discrepancy" within his detailed octave breakdown, as a separation of two musical notes listed. The "discrepancy", between the "Other side" (Phi, real world, .618) and "This side" (Fibonacci Series, reflected world, .666<<< interesting) is, in my files, called

    the "Gap",  "Real Mediator" and the "Dorian Scale of Newton raised to power 2/3"

    In its elegant simplicity but little understanding, religion calls it light.

    As for Robert Temple's statement concerning our sun and Sirius having a mass ratio of 1.053, decimal equivalent of ratio 256 / 243, he states, "Binary stars may only be able to coexist according to specific harmonic relations, just as certain musical notes when struck "together" are consonant when they are in specific proportions such as the musical fifth or forth". You will find this 5th and the Chordiness of

    "The Star" of music in File, "Spherical Music"

    Ray Tomes, in his Harmonics Theory of Universe, not only shows the universal macro / micro harmonic cycles but the effects of the planets on the sun based upon harmonics and plainly names the star to star harmonic of 8.9 light years, close to the Sirius / sun distance referred to in Robert Temple's work (8.7 ly).

    And finally, quoting Robert Temple, or the commentator of his work (I cannot tell which), ..."how is it that two stars 8.7 light-years apart can have a mass ratio which is not random but which expresses a universal harmonic value which is precise to three decimal points? It can only be because the astrophysics of stars and their evolutionary development (such as in the formation of a white dwarf) follow certain harmonic laws which we have not yet suspected, much less expressed"...

    It seems Ray Tomes has been expressing these harmonics for some time now in his Graphics Index, Harmonics Section, Subject: Distance Scales in the Universe and 3 : 4 : 5 : 6 : 0. Please return to his Homepage Index for a complete overview of the harmonics of Universe.

    0.32 Jovian-type new Planet 

    With all due respect to Dr. Susan Tereby's "Jovian-type new planet", it seems to still be a Sun as it is visible, therefore it is on the 6th plane of 7 as Suns develop. If it were a planet, it could not be seen, as planets are 'dead' suns with no light of their own.

    The Time Spans of the Following Discussion: The Time Spans of the Following Discussion:

    An East Indian Cali Yuga seems to be the life cycle of Brahma -(12/8/02 Correction: Four yugas (108) made up a mahayuga of 4.32 million years: a thousand mahayugas formed a kalpa, two kalpas constituted a day of Brahma; the life cycle of Brahma was one hundred years of Brahma, or 311,040,000,000 years....... Ref. The Mind of God" by Paul Davies, page 40.) ). Imagine a pyramid shape, or a circle or, more properly, a spiral: It seems there are 7 Levels of Involutionary Creation, from chaos (the fall of Spirit into matter), a period (lets say 1 plane of Devolution) and 7 rising Levels back to chaos. Lets now divide 311,000,000,000,000 by say, 15 Levels = 20,733,333,333,333 (trillion) years on each Level. Subtract 600 million from C. D. Clausen: (the oldest radioactive dated material where abundant well-defined fossils occur) and we get the Level at which science can fossil date by radioactivity = 20,733,333,333,333 minus 600,000,000 = the time period of sciences reach is less than one sub-level (7) of one Plane (14 total) of the Grand Cycle.

    This means the last Level to which this radioactive dating applies is the Level 4 (animal / instinct) sub-level 3 of Level 4 of 7 in Evolution. In Evolution (the rise) we have the familiar mineral / plant /animal / human kingdoms. The animal kingdom time periods (sub-level 3 of Level 4 of 7) is what Clausen can reach to, only. No more.

    At present we are atsub-level 3 1/2, just above the animal as shown- Human kingdom (4) divided into 7 sub-levels: (1)mineral, (2)plant, (3)animal, (4)human so far on the 4th Plane with 3 more to go 5, 6 and 7 in the near future. Clausen's dating method reaches back into the animal sub-level.

    Now..moving backward through the Levels we have to multiply 20,733,333,333,333 x 5 (ignoring the sub-levels of Level 4, Human Plane): We count backward (3rd Plane, Evolution) animal, (2nd Plane, Evolution) plant, (1st Plane, Evolution) mineral, (0 Plane) devolution, (7th Plane, Involution) Deucalion- earth (actually a sun at this time, Egypt of Myth, matter, solid) is Level 7 of Involution = 103,366,666,666,665 (trillion) years.

    At this immense time into the past the sun was larger and almost invisible. The earth was hot and expanded, hence, the flood and catastrophe myths misinterpreted by the semi-Ancients as Plato and Pythagoras and the rest who received these from older civilizations, and the moon was as our earth is today.

    So now you can see how easy it was to attribute a flood to a very unnatural act of a moon swinging by to disrupt things. The Sun of today and then, keeps all bodies tightly within the parameters of their respective harmonic standing wave. Nothing comes in nor goes out without the permission of the Suns magnetic parameters, all obviously evident as very locked-in systems interacting. As it is above so it is below. As it is now so it was then.

    The only way the interlocked system could have possibly deviated from its locked synchronicities and orbits is when the Sun changed its polarity from positive to a negative planet when it became a planet. This should have been an extremely slow natural process because we don't see any suns, planets or moons changing temperature quickly today, nor did they change quickly then. In my mind this is a very good possibility of disruptive readjustments though. This could have happened, being far, far beyond the semi-Ancient hand me downs of true Ancient phenomena. More cosmic wisdom-knowledge is needed here.

    0.33 Exploding Planet Hypothesis 

    With all due respect to Dr. Tom Van Flandern's "exploding planet hypothesis" I would ask questions.

    If these so-called large planets, between Jupiter and Mars, Tom's (Planet X), and (Planet T), producing the Kupier Belt of asteroids beyond Neptune, had exploded, why is the material only uniformly scattered about these orbits? There should be asteroids all over the solar system.

    Tom states also, Posted by Tom Van Flandern, Extended Meta-notes by E-mail (electronic news notes), Post 25 January, 1999, Trans-Neptunian Objects. Origin. "The Resonant Dynamics in the Solar System --- "But if they (TNO's) are from an exploded planet, low eccentricity orbits can only be entered at the semi- major axis of the explosion, but not generally at other solar distances. And high eccentricities and inclinations will occur whenever they are stable".

    And why, if these explosions had occurred, aren't the bits of the planet, at high velocity, still in a highly eccentric orbits as the momentum should order it to be, even after the outer planets had time to settle into ecliptic orbits? Planets and captured fragments ingress in order. As the ingression takes place, the orbits become aligned to the ecliptic more and more. Moreover, these asteroid belts, which should correctly be called lunoids, are the remnants of moons and moons and lunoids are on their way out of the solar system, moving away from our Sun. Also, if there was a large planet between Jupiter and Mars, it would have been a Sun, as negative planets (the moons of today) are attracted to a positive Sun. And if these asteroid (lunoid) belts were Suns, then they (the exploded planets) are extremely more hot than the rest of the planets. Also, if these exploded planets had orbiting planets, it was a Sun and repulsive to our present positive Sun, hence would have moved off into farther reaches of space, two Suns being repulsed. Even in the invisible 6 levels before Suns become visible, they are positive in sign and repulsive to each other, according to Quartum Organum. And, conversely, two negative planets are repulsive also, having lost their positive Sun sign, therefore two planets are not likely to collide either. In fact, have you ever tried to push two similar magnet poles together? They more strongly resist the closer the poles get....a hint and natural analogy as to why planets do not collide with planets and Suns do not collide with Suns.

    These questions cannot be answered properly. The answer is this: The asteroid (lunoid) belt that exists between Mars and Jupiter and the Kupier Belt beyond Neptune has been captured from the foundations of the solar system, as planets (ingressing body), then moon (egressing body) then lunoid (egressing body). Both moons and lunoids are on their way out of the solar system to eventually become nebula, which science places trillions of years out of order as the substance that creates worlds and galaxies. Worlds and galaxies have their own very unique successional evolution needing no nebula for their forming. . Both hold their orbits near the ecliptic plane because they have been there a very, very long time, without disturbance. See below, (Disappearance of Planets Water and Magnetic Field), for why a planet can capture a Moon. Our Sun will capture anything within a few light years distance, be it a flamed out spherical body or fragments as long as it is negative in sign.

    What did they used to be before capture? A Sun then a hot planet (like Pluto through the sequence to Mercury) then a Moon, comet then lunoids in that order. Our Sun only captures planets, Moons or fragments not other Suns.

    Can we say the moons of the past possibly exploded? This is not likely because when we compare any moon to the moon-like mercury, we see Mercury is highly unstable in its orbit, as predicted by Tom Van Flandern himself, and at its end of its planetary life whereas all other moons are no where near the Sun for the Sun to break them up. Only our Sun nova or a Moon which broke up, can cause the planet anomalies we see as intense heat and tectonic land shifts as if something blasted the surface. Therefore the theory of exploded planets should be found to become the "exploded Moon hypothesis" or more reasonably, "the Sun nova hypothesis" eventually.

    The reason only a Moon can fragment, be it by explosion, asteroid (lunoid) hits or more reasonably, by common radiation is that universe, in its occasional resynchronizing of all matter (the 12,000 yr Sun cycle), sends corrective frequencies into matter to stabilize and tune it until a Moon is ready to become the next sequential body that all Moons become, asteroids (lunoids). The question now is, what mechanism causes Moons to become fragmented into asteroids: explosion, asteroid hits or radiation? All three. And planets do not blow up for no good reason, at some wild time no one expects them to, because they are evolving as universe's hidden order has .. ummm ordered. This is harmonic order, not god's voice here. Therefore, a planet is resynchronized by our Sun occasionally, as the earth is doing today, as are all the other planets, until all earths minerals are radiated away leaving a Moon while all the other planets are evolving as they should sequentially from Pluto to Mercury. A Moon has the possibility of destructing violently into asteroids (at Mercury's position) or by bombardment by asteroids, but I would favor a very slow, long- term change of bombardment by asteroid and by longer term radiation. The Babylonians called their Moon goddess Sin, and this is where a badly psychized Moon environment goes... to dissolution, not hell. Universe does not evolve its solar system to destroy a planet in the middle of its evolution. Of course there are fast moving bodies in space that have a chance of colliding with other fast moving bodies but the earth is protected to a very great extent from these and even from large solar flares. Suns are repulsed by other suns and planets by other planets and all planets stay in their respective standing wave of the sun, called a Solar Ideo-ring by Barry Long, Origins of Man and the Universe.

    0.34 Pairs of Planets 

    Posted by Tom Van Flandern , (Scroll 19 clicks), Extended Meta-notes by E-mail (electronic news notes).

    As for the pairs of planets that are seen, Tom says the following: "six pairs of "twin planets": Venus / Earth, V / K, A / B1, Jupiter / Saturn, Uranus / Neptune, T / X. Or is it possible that A / Jupiter was a pair and B2 / Saturn was another..."

    These pairs are in their respective Solar Ideo-rings (Life Force, resonance) of the Sun. The Sun has an Idea. These Ideas keep the pairs within their respective, relatively concentric orbits around the Sun. As the planets move inward, the stationary Idea of the Sun changes them.

    One of the changes is expansion and contraction in their planetary sequence. This theory is the correct one in describing only the expansion half of a planets ingressing evolution. This author goes off on an improper tangent concerning the Moon being a blasted chunk of earth.

    Concerning the pairs, they still obey the respective laws of the Idea of the Sun in which they reside. It is not that the Sun produces pairs, as if something blasts a planet off the surface of a Sun or a Moon off the surface of a planet. The pairs are near each other in their natural planet ingression cosmogony and as such, display similar characteristics. In the far future, Pluto will look like Neptune, Neptune like Uranus, Uranus like Saturn, Saturn like Jupiter, Jupiter like Mars, Mar like Earth, Earth like Venus and Venus like Mercury.

    0.35 Disappearance of Planets Water and Magnetic Field 

    Linda Molton Howe, on the radio show of Art Bell asks, as she puts it, the $64,000 question: Why did the planets loose their water and magnetic fields 3.9 billion years ago?

    The $64,000 answer is this: If Linda was referring to Mars and especially the outer planets, all planets ingress toward the Sun and were Suns at one time and are cooling. Planets from Pluto to Jupiter have to be wrapped in icy-cold oceans of water and gases to cool them. It is the internal solar heat of these planets that destroy the magnetic fields and evaporate the volatiles of these planets (at Mars position). Magnetism and volatiles are destroyed (changed) by heat. The other source of internal heat is the vectored information called Life Force, directed toward the center of these used-to-be Suns. This Life information that keeps the planets operating, is dealt with in my files. As Pluto comes closer it expands its volatiles (not necessarily water) like Neptune and Uranus (diamagnetic in nature therefore aligns perpendicular to the Sun's magnetic field- Joseph Newman), expands more like Saturn and Jupiter, contracts like Mars and looses their visible volatiles (not necessarily water) but potentially maintain the possibility of life and finally begin to produce signs of life like Mars seems to indicate, then becomes a life bearing planet like Earth, expands and heats up again like Venus and finally looses volatiles totally like Mercury and becomes barren. At this point, Quartum Organum indicates that the Sun throws off the planet from the solar system with a mechanism I do not understand. Perhaps here is where the proper "cast off theory" is applicable.

    The following may explain the cast off mechanism:

    0.36 Mercury. Evolution of orbit 

    Posted 20 October, 1997 by Tom Van Flandern, Extended Meta- notes by E-mail (electronic news notes), J. Laskar, "Large- scale chaos in the solar system", Astron.&Astrophys. 287, L9-L12 (1994). "The large planets always remain very regular over 10 Gyr spans. Venus and Earth have a very moderate chaotic zone. Mars has a large chaotic zone, and its eccentricity can exceed 0.2. "The chaotic diffusion of Mercury is so large that its eccentricity can potentially reach values very close to 1, and ejection of the planet out of the solar system resulting from close encounter with Venus is possible in less than 3.5 Gyr." "(forward or backward)".

    If a planet like Mercury is ejected from the solar system by the Sun, there is a chance here, that another planet will capture it in its field, but this is not analogous to other lunoid belt characteristics. The asteroid (lunoid) belts are what Mercury will look like after the Sun breaks the planet up and sends it back out of the solar system when Mercury's time comes. Thus, another source of study of Moon orbit around parent bodies.

    Another explanation as to how Moons and planets operate is a little more difficult to explain. We have to go back to a time in the far past when these Moons were life bearing planets themselves. Earth was a very hot planet and the Sun was barely visible. The possibilities for earth's Moon are these.

    1. The Moon was orbiting earth, a very hot earth, as a source of heat, as all other Moons do, from the beginning, but the light came from a young Sun.
    2. The Moon ingressed as an earth does, like all planet, and became eccentric in its orbit, finally settling into an orbit around its parent body, earth, as did all other Moons around their parent planets.
    3. The Moon was far into outer space, having not been captured yet by the outer solar system, but somehow, was eccentrically orbiting in its own solar orbit until it fell into earth orbit.

      Once a planet is captured by the solar Sun, it cannot be a Moon, it is called a planet. And where is the proof that a large Moon changed orbit? #3 seems implausible.

      If the Moon ingressed as all other planets do, and lost its orbit in the past, where is the evidence of it. And why didn't all the other Moons have a similar past? #2 seems implausible.

      The natural process of creation is Chaos (hidden order), Sun (invisible during 6 levels of creation), earth inside a sun, Moon inside an earth, comet, asteroid (lunoid), galactic nebula, atoms electrons and Chaos.

      The sequence is Sun (youngest), earth or planet (middle), Moon (oldest).

      A quote from a Mr. Jim Ostrowski

      "Over 99 percent of the moon rocks brought back turned out upon analysis to be older than 90 percent of the rocks that can be found on the earth. The first rock that Neil Armstrong picked up after landing on the Sea of Tranquility turned out to be 3.6 billion years old. Other rocks turned out to be even older, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6 and one alleged to be even 5.3 billion years old. The oldest rocks found on earth are only 3.7 billion years old, and the area that the moon rocks came from was thought by scientists to be one of the youngest areas on the moon! Scientists have generally offered three major theories to account for the moon`s orbit around our planet. All of these are in serious trouble.

      One theory was that the earth might have been born alongside the earth from the same cloud of gas and dust about 4.6 billion years ago. This theory had to be junked after the lunar rock and soil samples were analyzed for their ages, as outlined above. Another theory that the moon had somehow been ripped out of the earth, from the pacific basin, perhaps. This explanation fails for the same reason. The third theory, that the moon had somehow been captured by the earth's gravitational field is interesting, but still not satisfactory, that is if it is assumed that the moon is a "natural" object maneuvered about by random gravitational processes. However, this theory is the most favored by scientists today.

      There are enormous objections to overcome in this last theory because of the extremely difficult celestial mechanics involved. For one thing, any object entering the vicinity of the earth from elsewhere in the solar system has an initial velocity imparted by the sun's gravitational influence. The only confirmation that could possibly result in a rendezvous with the earth would appear to be one where the moon had originated somewhere within the orbit of the earth around the sun.

      The possibility of this occurring as a result of some random natural process is staggeringly minuscule. The moon would have to have been "launched" from another planet (Venus or Mercury) or even from the Sun itself. If that were the case, then the lunar rocks and soil samples would be younger, not older than rocks found on earth. However, the probability that the moon came from elsewhere in the solar system outside the orbit of the earth is even more remote, if not totally impossible. This is because that as the moon approaches the earth from outside earth orbit it would be gaining speed, and as it got near the earth, a braking maneuver would be required to put it into the orbit that it has.

      A braking maneuver can only be accomplished with thrusting systems under intelligent control of some kind. (Can you see the metaphysical knowledge of Western man now?) As NASA scientist Robin Brett aptly summarized, "It seems easier to explain the non-existence of the moon than it's existence." But of course, the moon exists. Why or how it exists remains a mystery". end part 2 of 2.

      This age of the sun, earth and moon implies that all three were in place together and for as long as the Moons were orbiting planets. The Moon seems to have an extremely stable orbit, hinting that it has been undisturbed for a very long time. It is also in a resonance lock with earth so stable that it appears to reveal the harmony of an eclipse with its perfect distance from the Sun. The Moon also is so stabilized that it gives us the impression that only one face is toward us at all times, although Richard Hoagland presents to us the facts that the Moon actually does rotate, but the synchronizing of its orbit is so fine tuned that the illusion is there. This is only possible with a Moon that has been so long in its synchronicity. It is a very old world, indeed. It had the possibility of being a life bearing planet before the earth was a life bearing planet since they probably traveled together in their ingression just as Moons of Mars travel together or the other planets Moons travel with their respective parent bodies.

      As far as previous civilizations go, I would guess there was more possibility of life bearing on our Moon than assume there was more on Mars in the past. And I have seen the Moon and Mars pictures and I know the Moons mineral layer has been radiated off the surface and the "strange anomalies" on its surface is what is left after the top mineral layer is removed. And how deep was a Moon's mineral layer? 1 mile? 2 miles? 30 miles? 10 feet? There is a natural 'strange structure' sticking 30 miles up, out of the moons surface. Could the minerals 30 miles deep have already been radiated away over the ancient life of the moon? Any moon-surface upon which moon-beings lived, if you wish to go that far, living millions of yrs. ago on the moon, is not there anymore, its radiated away. And if their constructions were made of the same minerals and elements, the constructions are radiated away also to at least 30 miles as the 'strange structure' left over indicates. This 'strange structure' is actually a mineral that radiation has not had a chance to radiate away yet. In time, it too will be gone.

      This Moon, when life bearing, had a short day, the sky was like earth's, the Sun didn't shine too bright nor was it too visible. It was like a mirage, just coming into full visibility and the possible inhabitants could not see (blind to the outer world) a large hot body in the sky as they sensed the hot earth, their source of heat but may have known it was there and wondered if it had beings like themselves on it, but they probably knew it was too hot. Paraphrased from Origins of Man and the Universe: "And being interorized non-seeing beings", we can wonder how they could see the planets to study them yet these very animalistic human forms communicated their wisdom-knowledge to subsequent civilizations. "They were a mix of brute, violent animal who killed for food but were the perfectly integrated ecologists. They knew the secrets we can't imagine yet they couldn't see the outer sun because the pineal gland was not activated. They did not understand the concept of 'tomorrow', death, greed or commercialism but could feel pain as if the whole world was their pain and not their own experience of it. They were in the 'higher' psychic world but walked upon material surface. They may have been able to disappear into the psychic world and reappear on the planet" (our moon when it was a planet). This insight may explain why a 3D object (a block of stone), when taken out of the 3rd dimension, is rotated in higher space, the 4th dimension, then returned, could possibly be moved in time and space, hence, pyramid construction.

      Please remember Leonardo Di Vinci was drawing human beings when the victims were still alive and being dissected by religious decree, for the study of human anatomy. It was not too long ago that humans seemed to lack basic emotions that we take for granted today. By understanding this one insight, we can see that only we have something that no other previous civilization had, namely a sense of greed and aravice, high morals and ethics that no others within one cycle (25,920 years) had, yet, these previous forms had a inner psychic sense that eclipses any sense we can conjure. Its as if the inner world had turned inside out, over time.

      Again: Mercury was a large very hot gaseous planet in the position of Venus, Venus as most life bearing in the position of earth, Mars as a large, hot, gaseous planet in the position of Jupiter and Saturn, Jupiter and Saturn as small gaseous planets in the position of Neptune and Uranus, Neptune and Uranus as small hard barren planets in eccentric orbits in the position of Pluto and Pluto was still far, far out into space, in a wild eccentric orbit, just feeling the pull of our tenuous Sun. #1 seem more plausible, yet reads like a science fiction novel.

    Copyright. Robert Grace. 1999

    0.37 Galaxies Farthest Out Produce Brightest 

    Posted by Tom Van Flandern, 06 Sept., 1999. Scroll 12 clicks.

    Galaxies. Farthest. Sci.News 155, ? (1999). "Ground-based and Hubble data combined to find two new galaxies with redshifts of 8 and 10, breaking the record-holder with redshift 6.68. They are all unexpectedly bright and making stars at a prodigious rate (a few dozen stars per year). These characteristics are at odds with the standard theory of galaxy formation, which holds that the most distant galaxies should be faint and make few stars".

    Elsewhere in my files I have eluded to the correspondence of these bright galaxies farthest out in connection with our state of consciousness here on earth. The intuition is that the more we raise consciousness the farther 'out' we can see and also the brighter the galaxies become, being an outward reflection of the state of our consciousness. I do not know what to call this other than psychic reciprocity. Somehow I feel a connection between what happens inside the head and the reflection outside of it. This theory implies an immediate connection with the farthest reach of universe, which any good scientist will immediately know in.tuitively. It also challenges the idea that to look farther out into universe is looking farther back in time. As usual, this is exactly backwards from what we are used to thinking...We should know better than to look 'out' of our eyes and expect a correct perception. Let me ask you a very simple question here: If space is curved, and I theorize it is curved because it is intrinsically toroidal , then connect, in a big loop, your observing position of galaxies to the farthest galaxies known. Now how far are you from the farthest galaxy? The answer is: You and the farthest galaxy are right next to one another on the connected loop of space. Now we see there is no space between you and the farthest galaxy, and the galaxy may be reflecting the latest enlightened consciousness of the human brain.

    More backwards thinking (looking in, in.tuition) to find the 'real' answers.

    I used to, for some strange reason, read books backwards to find answers. I was applying a reversed intuitive process to a rational, linear string of words. Of course the real intuitive process is to train to read linear strings backwards letter by letter or number by number as in, possibly, remote viewing or the languages that are naturally written backwards from right to left, but to read it properly one should start at the end and read to the beginning.

    As for Bible Codes, one can arrange a string of characters associated with planetary astrological positions, as Alex Chiu shows here As Alex mentions, the first Bible makers were not stupid people.


    zabcdefgh I jklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefg
    stuvwxyz A bcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
    .defghijkl M nopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijkl
    .zabcdefg H ijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdef
    .ghijklmn O pqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklm
    .cdefghijk L mnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghij
    ..rstuvwx Y zabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwx

    Or we can look at the computer-like code,only, as follows without jumping to conclusions as to its connections with beings and a new religion. I have not made that jump yet and may not:

    From The Raelian Magazine

    How It Works

    "The computer program developed by Dr. Eliyahu Rips to find the code took the 304,805 letters of the five Books of Moses (the Torah) and divided the letters into 64 rows of 4772 letters to form a huge square matrix of contiguous letters".

    (Note: When multiplying 64 x 4772 we find it equals 305,408 which is a difference of 603 from the above 304,805).

    "This format was actually the same form that the Torah was originally presented in. According to tradition, Moses received The Torah from the Elohim in a form that was described as "contiguous, without break of words." In all extant Hebrew versions of the Torah from the Dead Sea Scrolls (2000 + years old) to the Leningrad Codex (1000 years old), all are letter for letter the same. The ancient Jewish Talmud clearly states several times that if a copy of the Torah has even one wrong letter, it cannot be used and must be buried. The idea is that if a book is encoded on multi-levels to be deciphered by computer in a future age, it must be preserved letter for letter, otherwise the code won't show up correctly to give its inherent message. Rips explains that each coded word is formed, for example, by adding every fourth, twelfth, or fiftieth letter to form a word. Skip X spaces and Y spaces and the hidden message is spelled out either on an x or y axis, forming a two-dimensional array like a crossword puzzle. The computer searches the letters forming the matrix for names, words, and phrases hidden by the skip code. It starts at the first letter of the Torah and looks for every possible skip sequence words spelled out with skips of 1, 2, 3, all the way up to several thousand. The search is then repeated from the second letter of the Torah, and the computer does this process over and over again until it reaches the last letter of the Torah. The hidden messages also form new and related messages in context with the actual surface text of the Torah. For example, where the word 'Hiroshima' in the code is spelled out with a skip sequence of 1945 (the same as the year that the bomb was dropped), the plain or 'surface text' of Genesis states, "And it repented the Lord that he had made man upon the Earth and it grieved him at his heart."

    This Torah Code is refuted by Brendan McKay.

    "The Bible code itself describes the Torah as "the ancient computer program." In Hebrew, the root of the word that means 'computer' also means 'thought.' The word 'computer' appears six times in the plain text of the Bible, hidden within the Hebrew word for 'thought.' Four of the six anachronistic appearances of 'computer' are in the verses of Exodus that describe the building of the Ark of the Covenant that carried the Ten Commandments. The code reveals, "The writing of Elohim engraved on the tablets. It was made by computer."
    The Raelian Magazine

    Compare this computer coding to the Computer Universe thoughts of Rhodes

    Is this a message from beyond? Is it a revelation from the divine side? I think not. By the way, the word Eloheim played backwards on a tape says "I'm holy". And what is a plurality of gods, which is what the word conveys, saying "I'm holy' as if it were 1? And the argument of 3 in 1 is not valid because the 3 is only the 3 pre-material planes of creation. And, moreover 1 is not a number, it is the measure of number so 0 is the creator-beginning and can 0 no.thing speak? Its all absurd. If holo is the root word of whole, holistic and holy, then holy conveys the holiness of the whole of universe, not ascribed to any Eloheim. And books make Eloheim, Eloheim do not make books.

    (Note: Of course you can see me get on my war-horse occasionally and depart from neutrality, to rant against a bad idea. This I justify with the saying I made up that seems to make sense to me: "Kill bad ideas, not people". Sometimes ranting against ignorance is necessary).

    And the more I recall David John Oates and his recordings of babies speaking backwards from the psyche world, I want to begin thinking backwards for answers. Religious prayer is also an attempt to contact this psyche world wherein the religious phrase "speaking in tongues" is probably a phrasing of backward word strings to mimic the psyche, and of course this never works because each letter needs to be reversed. And none of us understands how to speak backwards but some can intuitively think backward. If only the pray.ers would "turn around" and start "doing" things backwards (repent), we might get past "war in gods name". Psychology should be the study of this aberration.

    Farthest galaxies should burn brighter because the consciousness of humans has "risen" to see beyond the darkness, and if you still think its not at all possible, study the EPR consciousness of Young and Mishlove. Also realize the electron has no time dimension and all electrons in universe are the same electron making them all 1. This means that 'all' is in intimate, instant communication with 'all' else. Barry Long, in Origins of Man and the Universe tells us that, "suns pull intelligence from matter". Are the farthest galaxies made of suns? Are those galaxies in communication with us and are pulling intelligence from us and manifesting it as brightness? Is our sun getting whiter and brighter because it's evolving or is it going to "act up" and destroy us, or, is it pulling our intelligence from us and reciprocally reflecting it because we are acting "up"ward in consciousness? When will we truly believe we and universe are nothing less than whole and completely integrated? The last thought should be kept from any naming or religious doctrine. This is the Whole.

    Again, this backward, intuitive reasoning reads like a science fiction novel, but then, it has been said, reality may be stranger than fiction.

    Copyright. Robert Grace. 1999

    0.38 Consciousness Units (Universal Intelligence)

    David Wilcock and others speak of these units, discussed as Title #14 of a David Wilcock commentary page

    I will outline the striking points of the author or authors of the Wilcock page.

    This Author begins discussing David Wilcock and finally his findings. The main point I will make here is to show that planetary fixtures (pyramidal and face shapes, proximity and location) do not necessarily mean human or alien creation.

    1. Dismiss all presuppositions about aliens creating monuments for a moment.

    2. Note, that if these monuments are existing, they would have been created by some kind of consciousness. Remember that the Consciousness Units of David Wilcock are....well...conscious.

    3. Note human beings propensity to assign human values to all we see, including the assumption that any land form that looks human-made has to be created by humans or beings of some kind.

    4. Note that geometric measurements and ratios, valid and seemingly impregnable, are attached, again, to human or alien creation.

    5. Note also the NY site of Bruce Cornet, who has calculated correctly, that this NY site has the same mathematical coding as Mars' Cydonia, and again, ascribed as human or being-made.

    6. Note the connection to the "Ra" material which speaks of Ancient civilizations. There is no proof, only assumptions of the connection of past civilizations and created structures.

    7. Note the discovery of "geometric shapes" at "geometric angles" at "geometric locations". In fact, all of universe is based upon the geometric, harmonic and arithmetical means.

    8. Notice the following quote from this author: "It was, for all intents and purposes, a stunning looking glass into a mysterious and unknown past, on a planet in our Solar System that was not "supposed" to have life on it". Considering that the fundamental Consciousness Unit IS life and the planet Mars is a copy of this Consciousness Unit and moreover, every atom of the planet is also a Consciousness Unit in miniature, is this statement of no life, a little short-sighted?

    9. Note the highly technical methods employed to validate the geometric shapes which is valid. I concede that they exist as do the measurements, ratios and placements.

      As Richard was noted to have said, "the fabric of Reality" - how Matter, Time and Energy are woven into the tapestry of Everything from stars to planets to atoms to living systems to Intelligence itself".

      "Cydonia" turns out to be "nothing less than an architectural affirmation of the fundamental physics of the Universe - the ultimate embodiment of a grand, "universal Architecture" at the most archetypal level."

      (Note: I think not 'ultimate").

      Returning to the text: "The reason behind Hoagland's sweeping statements is the following": (Author unknown at this time)

      "the Cydonia Investigation has now found multiple examples of The Message of Cydonia - identically "coded" elsewhere in the Solar System including, here on Earth!" (Earth meaning Bruce Cornet's site).

      "What the "Message of Cydonia" reveals, is the fundamental, multidimensional nature of - you guessed it - the Consciousness Unit".

    10. Note that this Consciousness Unit (tetrahedron) is identified with the element "fire", by Plato. This is the conscious sun creating a planets surface within the sun, by fire.

    11. Note the Consciousness Units connection to a certain crop circle describing a tetrahedron within a sphere which extrapolated into what is called a Consciousness Unit.

    12. Lastly note this ending quote, "So what we see is an outside force drawing us a geometrically precise map of an energy field that covers everything from protons to planets. Fascinating, yes. True, yes. Real, yes. The author hopes that at this point, the truth behind this law of the Universe is becoming more and more crystal clear. There are many different sources coming together, and they are all trying to tell us the same thing. This is, plain and simple, "the way it is."

    (Note: In the very words of this author, we see the creation of these phenomena as by and "outside force". He does not say, aliens and he does not say beings or humans or space brothers or any such thing. (Correction from David Wilcock: "...although I didn't explicitly define the term "forces" when referring to the construction of the Face and Pyramids, it is my understanding that these were constructed by intelligent beings from the 6th density working in concert with 3rd density beings". Well, back to the drawing board~). As noted, this Consciousness Unit is conscious. Can this be more obvious? If this is correct, then its conscious creation of surface phenomena may not be so difficult to conceive. In other files on my site, we find that all spheres of light are a form of consciousness. They could be called Consciousness Units. They are also called a sun, desert lights, earthquake lights, ghost lights, ufo lights, planets and electrons, All spheres, some light and some not so light. So we see these units, the author says as "an outside force drawing us a geometrically precise map of an energy field that covers everything from protons to planets". The question to ask now is, What is this "outside force"? There are several possibilities I have found:

      God: Notice that god is defined as universal dynamics and other musical, harmonic descriptors.

      Sun: Notice that the sun is defined as a creation of universal dynamics, from within.

      Earth: Notice that the earth is a creation of the sun, from within.

      Psyche: Notice that the psyche is a creation of the Earth, from within.

      Human consciousness: Notice that human consciousness is a creation of the psyche, from within.

      Alien: Notice that aliens are a creation of human consciousness, from within.

    Are you ready for the conclusion?

    Lets believe that the Universe is able to construct a sun, planet, psyche and human all with bilateral symmetry with all the internal geometric shapes and organs and external manifestations in the correct places and in the correct ratio and proportion. This is quite evident when we look at the human body, a very skillful and conscious work. If this original Consciousness Unit can make a human body with precise proportion and ratio, ask yourself, can this same original Consciousness Unit not make pyramidal structures and faces upon the round surface of planets as easily as it can make a face upon your round head? This original Consciousness Unit is not alien to cosmology nor cosmogony, it is the Idea from which all constructs originate. If we do not assign proportionate structures to any human or being creation, we can now see clearly what this original Consciousness Unit has the 'potential' to do.

    These images of Moon and Mars are probably what the planet surface formed, by way of the Life-Force-Consciousness-Units, after being baked within a sun when they were suns, plus the effects of the ingressing expansion / contraction of planets as planets moved from Pluto's position to Mercury. This is a wholly natural process.

    Section: Geometric (Golden Spiral) Observations of Cydonia, Mars.

    Mars Connections

    Other Intelligence Correspondence

    Mr. Crew's  Cydonia angle and distance hypothesis ends in alien beings, but his use of the factors of 10Pi, 1,000Pi and 1,000,000Pi are strikingly similar to D. G. Leahy's: The Physical Constants  use of 10, 100, 1,000 etc., in the mathematics of Universe, File 93 Over All View. My hypothesis, again, is not that an intellignt race made these alignments, angles and positions, rather, it was the Intelligence of the Life Force Consciousness Units, defined elsewhere, thus showing that Mr. Crew's findings of angles and distance on a planets surface, in the quantum world and at the planetary distance scale, all are fractally similar constructions of this Intelligence. The Life Force repeats itself at various scale.

    Copyright. David Wilcock. The word Consciousness Unit.
    Copyright. Robert Grace. 1999

    0.39 Monolith Graveyard Image of Mars 

    9/25/00 At the BBS of Enterprise Mission there was an image of monoliths scattered about an uneven elevation of Mars surface. Each monolith is oriented exactly as most of the others with a few exceptions. All monoliths are equally exposed above ground level no matter what the surface elevation. A BBS patron, TexasJames posted the image with work on it by others to develop a grid, listed.

    Upon superimposing a logarithmic spiral (Author: Doczi found in the Bibliography) over the gridded image I found at least 6 spiral patterns of monolith alignment. I also overlaid the basic Pythagorean musical ratios of the series 6 : 8 : 9 : 12 : 18 : 24 (Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library found in the Bibliography) and a line called The Harmonic Nodal Points and Overtone Series on the Monochord (Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library) over this gridded image. The alignment of monoliths corresponded in several ways with these harmonic lines and series ratios.

    Impossible Correspondence Index

    Copyright. Robert Grace. 2000